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Publication numberDE60034040 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2000634040
Publication date3 May 2007
Filing date30 May 2000
Priority date31 May 1999
Also published asDE60034040T2, EP1190473A1, EP1190473B1, US6735830, WO2000074188A1
Publication number00634040, 2000634040, DE 60034040 D1, DE 60034040D1, DE-D1-60034040, DE00634040, DE2000634040, DE60034040 D1, DE60034040D1
InventorsJoel Mercier
ApplicantGenie Et Environnement
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Ionengeneratorvorrichtung Ion generator device translated from German
DE 60034040 D1
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International ClassificationB03C3/41, A47B71/00, B03C3/02, B03C3/40, A23B4/16, A23B7/144, A01K1/02, H01T19/04, F03H1/00, A23L3/3409, H01T23/00, B65B31/00
Cooperative ClassificationH01T23/00
European ClassificationH01T23/00
Legal Events
27 Dec 20078332No legal effect for de
26 Jun 20088370Indication of lapse of patent is to be deleted
24 Jul 20088364No opposition during term of opposition
24 Mar 20118339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee