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Publication numberDE60007960 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2000607960
Publication date21 Oct 2004
Filing date27 Apr 2000
Priority date30 Apr 1999
Also published asCA2372150A1, CA2372150C, DE60007960D1, DE60042425D1, EP1143946A2, EP1143946A3, EP1143946B1, EP1398033A2, EP1398033A3, EP1398033B1, EP2062583A2, EP2062583A3, EP2062583B1, EP2359831A2, EP2359831A3, US7125866, US7220739, US8809323, US20010016583, US20070036854, US20090012065, US20140038947, WO2000066106A2, WO2000066106A3, WO2000066106A9
Publication number00607960, 2000607960, DE 60007960 T2, DE 60007960T2, DE-T2-60007960, DE00607960, DE2000607960, DE60007960 T2, DE60007960T2
InventorsD Glick, W Opipari
ApplicantUniv Michigan Ann Arbor
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Therapeutische Anwendungen von pro-apoptotischen Benzodiazepinen Therapeutic applications of proapoptotic benzodiazepines translated from German
DE 60007960 T2
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International ClassificationA61P19/02, A61P37/02, C07D413/12, A61K31/551, A61P21/04, A61P11/06, A61P1/00, A61P19/04, A61P9/10, A61P17/06, A61P31/12, A61P31/22, A61P31/18, C07D403/12, A61P15/00, C07D243/14, A61P37/06, C07D243/24, A61P29/00, A61P35/00, C07D401/12, A61K31/5513, A61K45/00, A61P37/00
Cooperative ClassificationC07D243/14, C07D413/12, C07D403/12, C07D401/12, A61K31/55, A61K31/5513, A61K31/551, C07D243/24
European ClassificationC07D243/14, A61K31/5513, C07D243/24, A61K31/551, A61K31/55, C07D403/12, C07D413/12, C07D401/12