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Publication numberDE60002981 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2000602981
Publication date3 Jul 2003
Filing date24 Jan 2000
Priority date1 Feb 1999
Also published asCA2360922A1, CN1207150C, CN1338993A, DE60002981T2, EP1148994A1, EP1148994B1, US6619788, US20020071007, WO2000044565A1
Publication number00602981, 2000602981, DE 60002981 D1, DE 60002981D1, DE-D1-60002981, DE00602981, DE2000602981, DE60002981 D1, DE60002981D1
InventorsAngus Condie
ApplicantXaar Technology Ltd
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Tröpfchenaufzeichnungsgerät Droplets recorder translated from German
DE 60002981 D1
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International ClassificationH01L41/09, B41J2/14, B41J2/045, B41J2/015, B41J2/055
Cooperative ClassificationB41J2/14209
European ClassificationB41J2/14D1
Legal Events
24 Jun 20048364No opposition during term of opposition