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Publication numberDE502004008404 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200450008404
Publication date18 Dec 2008
Filing date14 Jan 2004
Priority date17 Jan 2003
Also published asCA2498387A1, CA2498387C, CN1738581A, CN100479788C, EP1438932A1, EP1587459A1, EP1587459B1, US7914585, US20060004464, WO2004064689A1
Publication number0450008404, 200450008404, DE 2004/50008404 D1, DE 502004008404 D1, DE 502004008404D1, DE-D1-502004008404, DE0450008404, DE2004/50008404D1, DE200450008404, DE502004008404 D1, DE502004008404D1
InventorsArnold Keller
ApplicantLink Waldemar Gmbh Co
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Hüftprothese mit einem in den oberschenkelknochen einzusetzenden schaft Hip prosthesis with the femur shaft employed translated from German
DE 502004008404 D1
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Legal Events
26 Nov 20098364No opposition during term of opposition