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Publication numberDE3855866 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19883855866
Publication date15 May 1997
Filing date8 Sep 1988
Priority date11 Sep 1987
Also published asDE3855866T2, EP0382764A1, EP0382764A4, EP0382764B1, EP0752767A2, EP0752767A3, US4965825, US5109414, US5233654, US5335277, US5887243, US7734251, US7747217, US7752649, US7752650, US7761890, US7764685, US7769170, US7793332, US7856649, US7856650, US7860131, US7860249, US7861263, US7861278, US7864248, US7864956, US7865920, US7870581, US7889865, US7908638, US7926084, US7940931, US7953223, US7958527, US7966640, US7992169, US8046791, US8060903, US8112782, US8191091, US8395707, US8555310, US8558950, US8559635, US8566868, US8572671, US8584162, US8587720, US8601528, US8607296, US8613034, US8621547, US8635644, US8640184, US8646001, US8675775, US8683539, US8711885, US8713624, US8739241, US8752088, US8804727, US8839293, US8843988, US8869228, US8869229, US8893177, US8914825, US8973034, US9038124, US9043859, US9210370, US9294205, US9674560, WO1989002682A1
Publication number19883855866, 883855866, DE 3855866 D1, DE 3855866D1, DE-D1-3855866, DE19883855866, DE3855866 D1, DE3855866D1, DE883855866
InventorsJohn Harvey, James Cuddihy
ApplicantPersonalized Media Communicati
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Signalbehandlungsvorrichtung und verfahren Signal processing apparatus and method translated from German
DE 3855866 D1
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Legal Events
2 Apr 19988363Opposition against the patent