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Publication numberDE3789978 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19873789978
Publication date3 Nov 1994
Filing date26 Jan 1987
Priority date24 Jan 1986
Also published asCA1278889C, DE3789978D1, EP0234734A2, EP0234734A3, EP0234734B1, US4981339
Publication number19873789978, 873789978, DE 3789978 T2, DE 3789978T2, DE-T2-3789978, DE19873789978, DE3789978 T2, DE3789978T2, DE873789978
InventorsNishimura Toshio
ApplicantSharp Kk
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Steuerschaltung für eine Flüssigkristallanzeige. A control circuit for a liquid crystal display. translated from German
DE 3789978 T2
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International ClassificationG09G3/18, G02F1/133, G09G3/36
Cooperative ClassificationG09G3/18
European ClassificationG09G3/18