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Publication numberDE3582759 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19853582759
Publication date13 Jun 1991
Filing date29 Jul 1985
Priority date31 Jul 1984
Also published asEP0170594A2, EP0170594A3, EP0170594B1, US5141695
Publication number19853582759, 853582759, DE 3582759 D1, DE 3582759D1, DE-D1-3582759, DE19853582759, DE3582759 D1, DE3582759D1, DE853582759
InventorsYoshinori Nakamura
ApplicantNissei Asb Machine Co Ltd
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Verfahren zum spritzgiessen einseitiggeschlossener mehrschichtiger vorformlinge. A method for injection molding of einseitiggeschlossener multilayer preforms. translated from German
DE 3582759 D1
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International ClassificationB29C49/00, B29C49/22, B29C45/16
Cooperative ClassificationB29B2911/1406, B29B2911/14066, B29B2911/1408, B29K2995/0069, B29B2911/14053, B29C49/221, B29B2911/14093, B29C45/164, B29C45/1643, B29B2911/14153, B29K2077/00, B29K2105/253, B29B2911/14126, B29C45/1607
European ClassificationB29C45/16F, B29C45/16G2, B29C45/16B4
Legal Events
7 May 19928363Opposition against the patent
5 Jan 19948331Complete revocation