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Publication numberDE3522444 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19853522444
Publication date12 Jun 1986
Filing date22 Jun 1985
Priority date7 Dec 1984
Also published asDE3522444C2
Publication number19853522444, 853522444, DE 3522444 A1, DE 3522444A1, DE-A1-3522444, DE19853522444, DE3522444 A1, DE3522444A1, DE853522444
InventorsDes Erfinders Auf Nennung Verzicht
ApplicantMierswa Klaus Dipl Ing
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Plug-in short-circuiting element, such as a short-circuiting plug or short-circuiting plug socket
DE 3522444 A1
The invention relates to a plug-in short-circuiting element, such as a short-circuiting plug or short-circuiting plug socket, for detachable plugging-in with respect to a carrier having plug-in contact elements, such as a base having socket contacts or pin contacts, consisting of an electrically non-conductive plastic body which has at least two electrically conductive plug-in contact elements, like outwardly projecting pins or internally located sockets, with the contact elements being connected in an intracorporal and electrically conductive manner, and having a holder which projects in the opposite direction of the contact elements. The holder consists of a column-shaped attachment (3) which is formed integrally with the plastic body (2) and extends eccentrically on one of the narrow sides (11), the attachment (3) having a groove (5) on at least two opposite sides, forming a handle (4) above the groove. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationH01R31/08, H01R13/50
Cooperative ClassificationH01R31/08, H01R13/50
European ClassificationH01R31/08
Legal Events
12 Jun 1986OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
22 Mar 1990D2Grant after examination
20 Sep 19908364No opposition during term of opposition
9 Jun 19948339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee