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Publication numberDE3345978 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19833345978
Publication date27 Jun 1985
Filing date20 Dec 1983
Priority date20 Dec 1983
Publication number19833345978, 833345978, DE 3345978 A1, DE 3345978A1, DE-A1-3345978, DE19833345978, DE3345978 A1, DE3345978A1, DE833345978
InventorsCorinna Rath
ApplicantCorinna Rath
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Multilingual talking doll
DE 3345978 A1
The present invention relates to a speech reproduction arrangement for a talking doll, which is able to record and reproduce any number of speech signals. For this purpose, an electronic microcomputer, for example of conventional design, is located inside the body or in the head of the talking doll, which generates the various speech signals and responds to predefined speech signals.
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International ClassificationA63H5/00, A63H3/28, G09B5/06
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/28, A63H5/00, G09B5/06
European ClassificationA63H3/28, G09B5/06, A63H5/00
Legal Events
7 May 19868110Request for examination paragraph 44
14 Jan 19888131Rejection