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Publication numberDE3340339 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19833340339
Publication date23 May 1985
Filing date8 Nov 1983
Priority date8 Nov 1983
Also published asDE3340339C2
Publication number19833340339, 833340339, DE 3340339 A1, DE 3340339A1, DE-A1-3340339, DE19833340339, DE3340339 A1, DE3340339A1, DE833340339
InventorsErich Eder
ApplicantKronseder Maschf Krones
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Labelling machine for receptacles
DE 3340339 A1
a labelling machine for the processing, as required, of body labels (3) of normal length or the like or extra-long all-round labels (2) or the like has a rotating turntable (7) with controllable rotary plates (8). A first labelling station (12) for the body labels with a rotating labelling cylinder (38) and a second labelling station (13) for the all-round labels with a stationary label container (45) placed tangentially in relation to the circulatory path of the receptacles (1) are arranged on the circumference of the turntable (7). Two independent gears are provided for control of the rotary plates, one of which regulates positioning and/or pivoting of the rotary plates in the region of the first labelling station and the other of which regulates the continuous autorotation of the rotary plates in the region of the second labelling station. The rotary plates can be connected to the first or the second gear, as desired. The handling sections of the two labelling stations and their common brushing-on station can be interwoven in such a way that a very short total handling section is rendered possible. In addition, simple conversion of the second gear for adaptation to different receptacle diameters is possible. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationB65C9/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65C9/045
European ClassificationB65C9/04B
Legal Events
23 May 1985OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
7 May 1986D2Grant after examination
30 Oct 19868364No opposition during term of opposition
27 May 19998327Change in the person/name/address of the patent owner
11 Sep 20038339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee