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Publication numberDE3329176 C1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19833329176
Publication date22 Nov 1984
Filing date12 Aug 1983
Priority date12 Aug 1983
Publication number19833329176, 833329176, DE 3329176 C1, DE 3329176C1, DE-C1-3329176, DE19833329176, DE3329176 C1, DE3329176C1, DE833329176
InventorsBernhard Dr Kramann
ApplicantSterimed Gmbh
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Medical device with an insertion aid
DE 3329176 C1
The invention describes an elongate medical device for the examination or treatment of body cavities, especially endoscopes, having an insertion aid following the principle of an everting hose structure, which is characterised in that the insertion aid device 1 comprises a pipe 2 which is open at both ends and has lateral pressure-connecting nozzles 3 and a flexible, evertable hose structure 4 which extends through the pipe 2 and the two ends 5,6 of which are each connected to one end 7, 8 of the pipe 2, the medical device 9 extending through the pipe 2 inside the hose structure 4 and the hose structure 4 being folded in several double layers in the region 10 of the distal end 11 of the medical device 9. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationA61M25/01, A61B1/31, A61B1/233, A61B1/273
Cooperative ClassificationA61M25/0119, A61B1/273, A61B1/233, A61B1/31, A61B1/00151
European ClassificationA61B1/00P2, A61B1/31, A61M25/01C5, A61B1/273, A61B1/233
Legal Events
22 Nov 1984D1Grant (no unexamined application published) patent law 81
22 Nov 19848100Publication of the examined application without publication of unexamined application
23 May 19858364No opposition during term of opposition
9 Aug 19908339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee