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Publication numberDE3275408 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19823275408
Publication date12 Mar 1987
Filing date28 Oct 1982
Priority date5 Nov 1981
Also published asCA1189007A, CA1189007A1, EP0079502A1, EP0079502B1, US4418148
Publication number19823275408, 823275408, DE 3275408 D1, DE 3275408D1, DE-D1-3275408, DE19823275408, DE3275408 D1, DE3275408D1, DE823275408
InventorsBruce J Oberhardt
ApplicantMiles Lab
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Multilayer enzyme electrode membrane, method of making same and polarographic cell structure
DE 3275408 D1
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International ClassificationB32B37/00, C12N11/08, B32B23/04, G01N27/327, G01N27/30, B29C63/00, C12Q1/00
Cooperative ClassificationG01N27/3271, C12Q1/002
European ClassificationG01N27/30, C12Q1/00B2
Legal Events
3 Mar 19888364No opposition during term of opposition
7 Nov 19918339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee