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Publication numberDE3163869 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19813163869
Publication date5 Jul 1984
Filing date29 Jun 1981
Priority date11 Jul 1980
Also published asCA1162357A, CA1162357A1, CA1163759A, CA1163759A1, DE3166021D1, DE3175341D1, EP0044160A1, EP0044160B1, EP0044161A2, EP0044161A3, EP0044161B1, EP0044178A2, EP0044178A3, EP0044178B1, US4421815, US4442164, US4472478, US4532176, US4543287
Publication number19813163869, 813163869, DE 3163869 D1, DE 3163869D1, DE-D1-3163869, DE19813163869, DE3163869 D1, DE3163869D1, DE813163869
InventorsPeter James Briggs, Kevin Mcaloon
ApplicantIci Plc
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Fibrous composite materials and the production and use thereof
DE 3163869 D1
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Legal Events
16 Jul 19928339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee