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Publication numberDE3061686 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19803061686
Publication date24 Feb 1983
Filing date26 Aug 1980
Priority date13 Sep 1979
Also published asEP0025656A1, EP0025656B1, US4354541
Publication number19803061686, 803061686, DE 3061686 D1, DE 3061686D1, DE-D1-3061686, DE19803061686, DE3061686 D1, DE3061686D1, DE803061686
InventorsPaul Arthur Tilman
ApplicantRoeder Ind Holdings
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Profiled plastics bag closure strip and adhesive bonding method
DE 3061686 D1
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International ClassificationB31B19/90, B29C65/00, B29C65/40, B65D33/25, B29C65/48, B29C65/04, A45C13/10, B29C55/00, B29C65/42, A44B19/16
Cooperative ClassificationB29C66/723, B31B70/8131, Y10T24/4588, Y10T24/45168, Y10T428/24017, B29C66/43121, Y10S24/50, B29C66/1122, B29C65/42, B29C65/40, B29C66/4722, B65D33/2541, B29L2031/7128, A44B19/16, B29C66/43, B29C66/474, B29C65/4815, B29C65/48
European ClassificationB29C66/4722, B29C65/40, B29C66/43, B29C66/1122, B31B19/90, B65D33/25A3
Legal Events
10 Aug 19958339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee