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Publication numberDE2918197 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792918197
Publication date26 Jun 1980
Filing date5 May 1979
Priority date11 Dec 1978
Also published asCA1132452A, CA1132452A1, US4235290
Publication number19792918197, 792918197, DE 2918197 A1, DE 2918197A1, DE-A1-2918197, DE19792918197, DE2918197 A1, DE2918197A1, DE792918197
InventorsGeorge Kalfoglou
ApplicantTexaco Development Corp
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Verfahren zur gewinnung von erdoel aus einer untertaegigen lagerstaette A method for extraction of petroleum oils from a deposit untertaegigen translated from German
DE 2918197 A1
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International ClassificationC09K8/584, C09K8/60
Cooperative ClassificationC09K8/584, C09K8/602, C09K8/588, C09K8/607
European ClassificationC09K8/60K, C09K8/588, C09K8/60G, C09K8/584
Legal Events
1 Apr 19828110Request for examination paragraph 44
3 May 19848131Rejection