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Publication numberDE2844559 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19782844559
Publication date17 Apr 1980
Filing date12 Oct 1978
Priority date12 Oct 1978
Publication number19782844559, 782844559, DE 2844559 A1, DE 2844559A1, DE-A1-2844559, DE19782844559, DE2844559 A1, DE2844559A1, DE782844559
InventorsHelmut Dipl Ing Kropp
ApplicantElektromechanik Aach Gmbh
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Automatic dialling system for telex or telephone numbers - uses speech synthesiser to voice selected numbers or names of called parties
DE 2844559 A1
The automatic dialling system has a speech synthesiser reproducing the selected number as a voice signal for making audible to the user via a built-in or separate loudspeaker. The name of the called party may also be voiced. The speech synthesiser consists of an integrated micro-processor module with an integrated memory retaining the voice information in digital form. The voice signal is amplified in the amplifier that normally amplifies the signals incoming on the telephone line but is subject to different gain control and switch on.
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International ClassificationH04M1/56
Cooperative ClassificationH04M1/56
European ClassificationH04M1/56
Legal Events
17 Apr 1980OAPRequest for examination filed
22 May 1980ODRequest for examination
4 Sep 1980OHWRejection