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Publication numberDE2843416 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19782843416
Publication date12 Apr 1979
Filing date5 Oct 1978
Priority date6 Oct 1977
Also published asCA1115648A, CA1115648A1, US4239507
Publication number19782843416, 782843416, DE 2843416 A1, DE 2843416A1, DE-A1-2843416, DE19782843416, DE2843416 A1, DE2843416A1, DE782843416
InventorsRobert Benoit, Jacques Machefer, Jacques Mauvisseau, Pierre Plurien
ApplicantCommissariat Energie Atomique
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Verfahren zur trennung eines gases von einem gasgemisch A process for separating a gas from a gas mixture translated from German
DE 2843416 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE19850557A1 *3 Nov 19984 May 2000Univ BremenVerfahren zur Abtrennung von kondensierbaren Substanzen aus Gasen oder Gasgemischen
US643617228 Oct 199920 Aug 2002Universitat BremenMethod for separating condensable substances from gases or gas mixtures
WO2000025895A1 *28 Oct 199911 May 2000Universitšt BremenMethod for separating condensable substances from gases or gas mixtures
International ClassificationB01D5/00, B01D59/14, B01D53/22, B01J20/28, B01D57/00, B01D53/00
Cooperative ClassificationB01D53/226, B01D57/00, B01D5/00, B01D53/002
European ClassificationB01D5/00, B01D53/22F2, B01D57/00, B01D53/00C
Legal Events
9 Jan 19868141Disposal/no request for examination