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Publication numberDE2813579 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19782813579
Publication date4 Oct 1979
Filing date29 Mar 1978
Priority date29 Mar 1978
Publication number19782813579, 782813579, DE 2813579 A1, DE 2813579A1, DE-A1-2813579, DE19782813579, DE2813579 A1, DE2813579A1, DE782813579
InventorsLeonhard Stroeber
ApplicantLeonhard Stroeber
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Fashionable men's or ladies clogs - have sole moulded from foamed polyurethane and surface facing foot sole moulded to corresp. to wearers foot
DE 2813579 A1
Men's or ladies' fashionable clogs sole is cast, moulded or injection moulded from foamed polyurethane to the desired external shape dictated by the prevailing trend whilst the surface facing the wearer's foot sole is shaped orthopaedically, i.e. made-to-measure. Sole may be provided with a liner which can be bonded adhesively or moulded or injection moulded with the sole. Clogs uppers can be sewn onto the liner before joining to the sole.
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Referenced by
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US4446633 *4 Jun 19828 May 1984Scheinhaus Myron G JBiomechanical footwear
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International ClassificationA43B13/14
Cooperative ClassificationA43B13/14
European ClassificationA43B13/14
Legal Events
28 Jan 19828110Request for examination paragraph 44
26 Apr 19848131Rejection