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Publication numberDE2635614 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19762635614
Publication date9 Feb 1978
Filing date7 Aug 1976
Priority date7 Aug 1976
Publication number19762635614, 762635614, DE 2635614 A1, DE 2635614A1, DE-A1-2635614, DE19762635614, DE2635614 A1, DE2635614A1, DE762635614
InventorsGeorg Rudolf Sillner
ApplicantGeorg Rudolf Sillner
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Control potentiometer with external setting - has spiral groove in which contact driven by pressure element moves to change setting
DE 2635614 A1
The potentiometer comprises a ceramic disc body (1) with a spiral or part circular resistive track (2) on one of its plane surfaces, with two end terminals (4). There is a resistive layer (3) in the resistive tract (2) and an axis symmetrical contact (6) movable on the resistive track (2), whose shape corresponds to that of the track (groove). A metal pressure element (7) applies elastic pressure to the contact (6) transmitting to it the rotational movement and connecting it to the wiper terminal (5). There is a device (9) through which the rotational movement is applied to the pressure element (7); and a metal element (11) applying pressure to the pressure element (7) and supporting the wiper terminal (5).
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International ClassificationH01C10/32
Cooperative ClassificationH01C10/32
European ClassificationH01C10/32
Legal Events
7 Jun 1979OHJNon-payment of the annual fee