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Publication numberDE2410573 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19742410573
Publication date11 Sep 1975
Filing date6 Mar 1974
Priority date6 Mar 1974
Publication number19742410573, 742410573, DE 2410573 A1, DE 2410573A1, DE-A1-2410573, DE19742410573, DE2410573 A1, DE2410573A1, DE742410573
InventorsRudolf Dr Med Drumm
ApplicantRudolf Dr Med Drumm
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Dental care compsn. esp. tooth paste - contg. masticatory material admixed with solution castellani solutio gentiana violet or potassium permanganate
DE 2410573 A1
Dental care compsns., esp. toothpastes, consists of a standard fundamental carrier, e.g. a masticatory substance, admixed with at least one dye, e.g. solutio castellani or solutio gentiana violet and/or K permanganate, in addn. to added prepd. chalk, as abrasive, and taste- and flavour-improving additives. Intensified mechanical cleaning of teeth is accompanied by a thorough cleaning of the paradontium by chemical- pharmacological processes and pain is reduced. Inflammatory ailments of mucous membranes in oral cavity or palate are prevented.
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US4223003 *20 Apr 197916 Sep 1980Wurttembergische Parfumerie-Fabrik GmbhPaste and powder dentifrices
International ClassificationA61K8/33, A61K9/68, A61K8/97, A61K8/22, A61Q11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61Q11/00, A61K9/0058, A61K8/22, A61K8/97, A61K8/33
European ClassificationA61K8/22, A61K8/97, A61K9/00M18B2, A61K8/33, A61Q11/00
Legal Events
29 Jul 19828139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee
19 Aug 19828141Disposal/no request for examination