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Publication numberDE2402492 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19742402492
Publication date25 Jul 1974
Filing date19 Jan 1974
Priority date19 Jan 1973
Also published asCA1002205A, CA1002205A1, US3831006
Publication number19742402492, 742402492, DE 2402492 A1, DE 2402492A1, DE-A1-2402492, DE19742402492, DE2402492 A1, DE2402492A1, DE742402492
InventorsIii John H Chaffin, William D Ellis, Herbert E Heist, Wayne L Walters
ApplicantHoneywell Inf Systems
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Verfahren und anordnung zur zuordnung von analysenergebnissen zu einer anzahl von zu analysierenden stoffen, insbesondere fuer medizinische zwecke Method and device for assignment of substances analysis results to a number of to be analyzed, in particular for medical purposes translated from German
DE 2402492 A1
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International ClassificationG06F19/00, G01N33/48, G07C9/00, B01L3/14, G06K7/08, G01N35/02
Cooperative ClassificationY02A90/26, G16H15/00, G16H10/40, Y02A90/22, G07C9/00015, G06K7/089, B01L3/5453
European ClassificationG06F19/36C, G06F19/34P, B01L3/5453, G06K7/08D, G07C9/00B2
Legal Events
8 Jul 19828139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee
23 Sep 19828141Disposal/no request for examination
23 Sep 19828180Miscellaneous part 1
Free format text: IN HEFT 27/82 ABSCHNITT 1H IST ZU STREICHEN: G01N 1-00 2402492 25.07.74