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Publication numberDE2360612 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19732360612
Publication date12 Jun 1974
Filing date5 Dec 1973
Priority date8 Dec 1972
Also published asCA1011514A, CA1011514A1, DE2360612C2, US3945790
Publication number19732360612, 732360612, DE 2360612 A1, DE 2360612A1, DE-A1-2360612, DE19732360612, DE2360612 A1, DE2360612A1, DE732360612
InventorsClaude Puech
ApplicantThomson Csf
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Praegevorrichtung fuer die herstellung von traegern fuer die aufzeichnung von videofrequenzsignalen Praegevorrichtung for the preparation of supports for the recording of video frequency signals translated from German
DE 2360612 A1
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DE1111371B *8 Jan 195220 Jul 1961Maschf Augsburg Nuernberg AgVorrichtung zum Glaenzendmachen, Mustern oder Praegen der Oberflaeche von thermoplastischen Kunststoff-Folien
Referenced by
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International ClassificationB30B15/06, B29C33/00, B29C43/00, B29C43/18, B29C43/32, B29C59/02, B29C43/52, B29C61/00, G11B3/70, B29C43/12, B29C43/58, B29D17/00, B29C43/02, B29C43/36
Cooperative ClassificationY10S425/81, B29C43/02, B29L2017/003, B30B15/065, B30B15/061, B29C59/02
European ClassificationB29C43/02, B29C59/02, B30B15/06B, B30B15/06D
Legal Events
26 Feb 1981ODRequest for examination
18 Aug 1983D2Grant after examination
16 Feb 19848364No opposition during term of opposition
5 Dec 19858339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee