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Publication numberDE2342520 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19732342520
Publication date6 Mar 1975
Filing date23 Aug 1973
Priority date23 Aug 1973
Publication number19732342520, 732342520, DE 2342520 A1, DE 2342520A1, DE-A1-2342520, DE19732342520, DE2342520 A1, DE2342520A1, DE732342520
InventorsPaul Prof Dr Ing Dr Brueckner, Franz-Karl Dipl-Ing Grossmann
ApplicantCalor Emag Elektrizitaets Ag
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HV gas-blast cct. breaker - has pressure chamber connected to electrode forming nozzle and expansion chamber for arc quenching
DE 2342520 A1
The nozzle is rated with respect to high light arc currents to be quenched in such manner that the light arc upsetting pressure causes its temporary clogging. During this clogging the light arc is stabilised in the direction of the nozzle axis. The current is caused to flow through the electrodes in opposite direction to the surrounding current leads, the latter being in the form of a hollow conductor surrounding the electrodes and the gap between the same in concentric manner. The metal hollow conductor may form a part of the quenching chamber wall which is directly exposed to the light arc radiation. The hollow conductor may form a part of the outer jacket of the switching pole and may have cooling ribs in the direction of current flow.
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International ClassificationH01H33/985, H01H33/18, H01H33/98, H01H33/70
Cooperative ClassificationH01H33/7069, H01H33/18, H01H33/98
European ClassificationH01H33/18, H01H33/70C4, H01H33/98