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Publication numberDE1544066 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19651544066
Publication date26 Feb 1970
Filing date19 Nov 1965
Priority date19 Nov 1965
Also published asUS3432995
Publication number19651544066, 651544066, DE 1544066 A1, DE 1544066A1, DE-A1-1544066, DE1544066 A1, DE1544066A1, DE19651544066, DE651544066
InventorsJaeger Dr-Ing Karl, Scheffel Dr-Ing Werner
ApplicantLinde Ag
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Adsorptionsvorrichtung Adsorption translated from German
DE 1544066 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US5800788 *3 Oct 19951 Sep 1998Sandvik AbReactor container, plant and process for the production of sulfuric acid
WO1996011876A1 *3 Oct 199525 Apr 1996Edmeston AbReactor container, plant and process for the production of sulfuric acid
WO1998032523A1 *24 Jan 199730 Jul 1998Kvaerner Pulping OyFlue gas scrubber
International ClassificationB01D53/04
Cooperative ClassificationB01D53/0438, B01D53/0423, B01D53/0446, B01D53/0431, B01D2253/102, B01D2259/40084, B01D2257/93
European ClassificationB01D53/04C4, B01D53/04C8, B01D53/04C10, B01D53/04C6