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Publication numberDE1424379 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19601424379
Publication date20 Mar 1969
Filing date24 Jun 1960
Priority date25 Jun 1959
Also published asUS3121216
Publication number19601424379, 601424379, DE 1424379 A1, DE 1424379A1, DE-A1-1424379, DE1424379 A1, DE1424379A1, DE19601424379, DE601424379
InventorsWolfe John Edmond, Hughes William Chesley, Rieke Richard James, Lester Howard Leroy
ApplicantGen Electric
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Einrichtung zur Speicherung von Daten auf einem thermoplastischen Material Means for storing data on a thermoplastic material translated from German
DE 1424379 A1
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International ClassificationG11B27/32, G11C13/04
Cooperative ClassificationG11B27/322, G11C13/048
European ClassificationG11B27/32B, G11C13/04F