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Publication numberDE1181121 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1959B0055995
Publication date5 Nov 1964
Filing date22 Dec 1959
Priority date22 Dec 1959
Publication numberDE 1181121 B, DE 1181121B, DE-B-1181121, DE1181121 B, DE1181121B, DE1959B0055995
InventorsAlfred Boenecke
ApplicantAlfred Boenecke
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Kunststoffbehaelter mit aufsetzbarem Deckel Kunststoffbehaelter with attachable lid translated from German
DE 1181121 B
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International ClassificationB65D43/02, B65D8/08
Cooperative ClassificationB65D43/0212, B65D2543/00629, B65D2543/00842, B65D2543/00537, B65D2543/00805, B65D2543/00555, B65D2543/0074, B65D2543/00296, B65D2543/00509, B65D2543/00685
European ClassificationB65D43/02S3E