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Publication numberDE1114605 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1960B0059798
Publication date5 Oct 1961
Filing date8 Mar 1960
Priority date8 Mar 1960
Publication numberDE 1114605 B, DE 1114605B, DE-B-1114605, DE1114605 B, DE1114605B, DE1960B0059798
InventorsDr Ernst Goette, Dr Alfred Kirstahler
ApplicantBoehme Fettchemie Gmbh
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Alkalische Reiniger alkaline cleaners translated from German
DE 1114605 B
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE1261977B *1 Apr 196129 Feb 1968Gen Aniline & Film CorpStabile, in der Waerme nicht verfaerbende Reinigungs- und Netzmittel
EP0120533A2 *16 Mar 19843 Oct 1984Unilever N.V.Aqueous alkaline liquid detergent composition
EP0120533A3 *16 Mar 19848 Apr 1987Unilever NvAqueous alkaline liquid detergent composition
International ClassificationC11D1/722
Cooperative ClassificationC11D1/722
European ClassificationC11D1/722