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Publication numberCN1692348 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200380100333
Publication date2 Nov 2005
Filing date17 Dec 2003
Priority date26 Feb 2003
Also published asCN1692667A, CN100367265C, CN100446614C, US7161483, US20050246408, WO2004077307A1, WO2004077307A8
Publication number200380100333.1, CN 1692348 A, CN 1692348A, CN 200380100333, CN-A-1692348, CN1692348 A, CN1692348A, CN200380100333, CN200380100333.1
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Integrated programmable system for controlling the operation of electrical and/or electronic appliances of a premises
CN 1692348 A
There is disclosed an integrated programmable system for controlling the operation of a number of electrical and/or electronic appliances of a premises, the application being controllable electrically, electronically, wirelessly, by infrared and/or by radio frequency, the system including a central data processing apparatus, e.g. a home server, or a central controller, connected with a common digital communication backbone, and the central data processing apparatus is connectable with the appliances via the digital communication backbone.
Claims(20)  translated from Chinese
1.一种集成可编程系统,用于控制房屋的多个电气和/或电子装置的操作,其中所述多个装置可通过红外和/或通过射频电气地、电子地、无线地控制,其中所述系统包括与数字通信中枢相连的中央数据处理装置,其中所述中央数据处理装置适合于通过所述数字通信中枢与所述装置相连。 An integrated programmable system, for controlling the operation of housing a plurality of electrical and / or electronic device, wherein said plurality of devices via infrared and / or via radiofrequency electrically, electronically, wirelessly controlled, wherein The system includes a central data processing means coupled with the digital communication hub, wherein said central data processing means is adapted to connected to the hub via the digital communication with the device.
2.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述系统包括连接到多个音频信号源的声音产生装置,用于在从至少一个所述接收音频信号后,有选择地输出声音或在从所述系统接收音频信号后,输出可听报警。 2. The system of claim 1, wherein said system comprises a plurality of audio sources connected to a sound generating means for receiving from at least one of said audio signal, selectively outputting sound or Upon receiving the audio signal from the system, output audible alarm.
3.如权利要求2所述的系统,其特征在于,来自所述系统的音频信号优先级在来自所述音频信号源的音频信号之上。 2 3. The system according to claim, characterized in that, in the audio signal from the audio source on the audio signal from the priority system.
4.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述数据处理装置包括计算机服务器。 4. The system of claim 1, wherein said data processing means comprises a computer server.
5.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述通信中枢包括至少一个网络集线器、交换机或路由器。 5. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that said hub comprises at least one communication network hub, switch, or router.
6.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,包括至少一个控制器,用于以预定方式控制所述多个电气和/或电子装置的操作。 6. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that it comprises at least one controller for controlling the plurality in a predetermined manner operation of electrical and / or electronic device.
7.如权利要求6所述的系统,其特征在于,包括彼此分开的多个所述控制器。 7. The system of claim 6, wherein said controller comprises a plurality of separated from each other.
8.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,适合于通过至少两个不同标准接口与所述电气和/或电子装置连接。 8. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that, adapted to be connected through at least two different standard interfaces with the electrical and / or electronic devices.
9.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述系统适合于通过家庭音频视频互通性标准将至少两个所述装置连接在一起。 9. The system of claim 1, wherein said system is adapted to at least two of said means are connected together by the home audio video interoperability standards.
10.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,适合于经通用即插即用体系结构与至少一个所述装置连接。 10. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that, those suitable for Universal Plug and Play architecture with at least one of said means is connected.
11.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,包含统一设备抽象层,具有至少一个转换器,用于将控制单个设备的专用装置转换成标准接口,从而允许所述系统以统一方式控制设备。 11. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that it comprises a unified device abstraction layer, having at least one converter, for converting a dedicated device control interface to a single device as a standard, thereby allowing the control system in a uniform manner equipment.
12.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述系统适合于通过标准串行总线接口,与至少一个所述装置连接。 12. The system of claim 1, wherein said system is adapted to interface through a standard serial bus, with at least one of said means is connected.
13.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,所述系统适合于通过至少一个电功率控制模块,与至少一个照明设备连接。 13. The system of claim 1, wherein said system is adapted to control electric power through at least one module, and connecting at least one lighting device.
14.如权利要求2所述的系统,其特征在于,所述声音产生构件包括扬声器。 14. The system according to claim 2, wherein said sound generating means comprises a speaker.
15.如权利要求2所述的系统,其特征在于,所述多个音频信号源包括所述中央数据处理装置、音频系统、音像系统和麦克风。 15. The system according to claim 2, wherein said plurality of audio signal sources including the central data processing device, an audio system, audio system and a microphone.
16.如权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于,适合于与安全系统连接。 16. The system according to claim 1, characterized in that the safety system is adapted to connect.
17.如权利要求16所述的系统,其特征在于,所述系统适合于通过所述公用通信中枢与所述安全系统的多个部件连接以及连接到所述公用通信中枢上。 17. The system of claim 16, wherein said system is adapted to be connected by a plurality of members of the public communication hub and the safety system and is connected to said common communication hub.
18.如权利要求16所述的系统,其特征在于,所述安全系统至少包括一个运动检测器。 18. The system of claim 16, wherein said security system comprises at least one motion detector.
19.如权利要求16所述的系统,其特征在于,所述安全系统至少包括一个扬声器。 19. The system of claim 16, wherein said security system comprises at least one speaker.
20.如权利要求16所述的系统,其特征在于,所述安全系统包括用于拨至少一个预定电话号码的装置。 20. The system of claim 16, wherein said security system comprises at least one predetermined telephone number dialing device.
Description  translated from Chinese
用于控制房屋电气和/或电子装置操作地集成可编程系统 Housing for controlling the electrical and / or electronic means operatively integrated programmable system

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及集成可编程系统,用于控制房屋,例如住宅、公寓或办公室的电气和/或电子装置的操作,特别地,这种系统允许终端用户按其意愿编程这些装置的操作的模式和方式。 The present invention relates to integrated programmable system for controlling housing, such as electric homes, apartments or office and / or operation of the electronic device, in particular, this system allows the end-user mode and manner of operation of these devices according to their wishes programming .


随着技术进步,家庭自动化是很久以来努力实现的目标。 With advances in technology, home automation is a long time to achieve the goal. 家庭自动化将为有残疾或年老的人提供更多自由和自动化。 Home automation for the elderly or people with disabilities to provide more freedom and automation. 家庭的其他成员将受益于由家庭自动化提供的舒适和便利。 Other members of the family will benefit from the comfort and convenience offered by home automation.

然而,现有的家庭自动化的方法实际上是私有的,并且是不能适应市场增长的不可扩展的方案。 However, the existing home automation method actually is private and is not scalable solutions can not meet the market growth. 每个公司或学校具有自己的系统或基本结构,与其他公司或学校的不可兼容。 Each company or school has its own system, or the basic structure, can not be compatible with other companies or schools. 简单地说,系统和基本协议均是厂商特定的。 Simply put, the system and the basic protocols are vendor specific.

另外,现有的家用电器和电子系统经受下述缺点和局限: In addition, the existing home appliances and electronic systems to withstand the following disadvantages and limitations:

a.装置大多数是独立的,因此功能上彼此分开。 a. means mostly independent, functionally separated from each other.

b.装置的所有功能和限制是由制造商/供货商预设的。 b. All the capabilities and limitations of the device by the manufacturer / supplier default.

c.非常少的装置是“交叉应用型”,例如连接到标准安全控制面板的运动检测器通常不能用于居住节能或居住报警目的。 c. a very small device is "crossover application type," such as the control panel is connected to the standard security motion detector is typically not available for live or live saving alarm purposes.

d.各种装置会具有一些共同的功能。 d. all kinds of devices will have some common features. 例如,响铃的闹钟、在某一预定时间调谐到广播电台的无线电时钟、定期开启的喷洒控制面板、在无活动的预定时间后关灯的居住节能器以及记录电视节目的录像机均包含内部时钟。 For example, the alarm rings at a predetermined time to tune to a radio clock radio, regular spraying open the Control Panel, after a predetermined time of inactivity lights of an economizer and VCR recording live television programs contain an internal clock . 从最小处来说,这是资源的不必要重复。 From the smallest point, it is unnecessary duplication of resources. 这些内部时钟也不是彼此同步,增加了多个装置彼此一致工作的难度。 These internal clocks are not synchronized with each other, increasing the difficulty of the work of multiple devices consistent with each other.

e.向装置增加原先不是由制造商/供货商设想的新功能非常困难,有时是不可能的。 e. the increase is not a new feature to the device by the original manufacturer / supplier of vision is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

f.在不安装更多导线的情况下,很难将音频和/或视频信号发送到房屋的不同位置。 f. Under no installation of additional wires, it is difficult to send audio and / or video signals to different locations housing. 通常,在任何可能的音频和/或视频源和目的地配对间布线是必要的,这导致全部安装需要大量导线。 Typically, between any possible audio and / or video source and destination pair cabling is necessary, which results in all of the installation requires a lot of wires.

g.大多数装置具有它们各自的遥控设备,导致在房屋四周散布大量遥控设备,造成混淆和不便。 remote control device g. Most devices have their own, resulting in a large number of remote control devices scattered around the house, causing confusion and inconvenience.

h.在一些情况下,需要几个设备的协作。 h. In some cases, several devices need to collaborate. 例如,为观看DVD影片,电视机必须切到AV模式,必须选择用于放大器的DVD视频输入和适当的数字音频模式,然后接通DVD播放器以便播放DVD盘,帘子必须放下并使光变暗。 For example, to watch a DVD movie, the TV must be cut to the AV mode, the amplifier must be selected for the DVD-Video input and appropriate digital audio mode, then turn on the DVD player in order to play a DVD disc, you must put aside the curtain and light dims . 因此,用户在他能坐下来欣赏DVD影片前,必须执行所有这些功能,以及当他结束观看DVD影片以及想再次观看电视时,又得反过来执行这些功能。 Therefore, the user before he can sit back and enjoy DVD movies, you must perform all of these functions, and when he finished watching a DVD movie and want to watch TV again, they have to turn to perform these functions.

由此,可以公正地说所有现有的电气和/或电子装置在独立基础上操作,如果有的话,也具有非常有限的用于协同操作的相互集成的能力。 Thus, it is fair to say that all existing electrical and / or electronic devices based on the independent operation, if any, also has a very limited ability to integrate with each other for collaborative action. 特别地,没有中央控制和操作这些装置的方法。 In particular, there is no central control apparatus and method for these operations. 即使在允许集成同一制造商的多个装置的情况下,这些也均是由制造商预先设计和预先确定的,因此是封闭的平台。 Even under conditions allowing the integration of multiple devices of the same manufacturer, these also are pre-designed and pre-determined by the manufacturer, and is therefore closed platform. 因此,这不能由终端用户负责根据他或她自己从实际环境考虑的需要,来将这些装置的功能集成。 Therefore, this can not be responsible for the end-user based on his or her own account of the needs of the actual environment to integrate the functionality of these devices.

此外,在传统的安全系统中,设置安全区以及通常是面向地理位置的,例如,每个房间一个区。 In addition, the traditional security system, set up security for the geographic area, and usually, for example, an area in each room. 在各个区中的传感器设备均连接到中心安全控制板。 The sensor device in each zone are connected to a central security control board. 每个特定区可以单独地武装或解除。 Each specific area can be individually armed or released. 在触发任何设备时,并且该区被武装时,执行预定动作,例如,发出警报。 When the trigger on any device, and when the area is armed, perform a predetermined action, such as an alarm. 然而,并没有该情形的估计,即相关传感器的每个触发器被视为安全事件请求动作。 However, there is no estimate of the situation, each trigger sensors that are considered relevant security events requested action. 不可能根据每个单独的传感器设备提供的报警信号的重要性指定相关的等级。 Impossible to specify the relevant class according to the importance of each individual sensor device provides an alarm signal. 例如,通常难以编程控制面板来触发报警信号,仅当检测器和传感器在彼此短期内同时激活时,并且甚至通过更高级的控制面板,也很少支持更多设备和复杂关系。 For example, it is often difficult programming control panel to trigger an alarm signal only when the detectors and sensors at each other while the short-term activation, and even by the more advanced control panel, and rarely support more devices and complex relationships. 因此,错误报警是很常见的。 Thus, false alarms are very common.

也难以从安全配置排除特定的一系列活动或特定设备,除非在其自己的区内布线该设备,在这种情况下,能单独地解除它。 It is difficult to exclude specific security configuration from a series of events or a specific device, unless the wiring of the device in its own area, in this case, it can be lifted individually. 因此,通常不可能将该系统设置成例如其忽略事件顺序,其中,打开卧室门,之后是楼梯上的运动以及厨房中的运动(共同表示有人起床喝水),但在一系列相反的事件中,声音报警,其共同表示窃贼从厨房闯入并进入卧室。 Thus, the system is generally not possible to set the sequence of events such as ignore, wherein the bedroom door open, followed by the movement and the movement in the kitchen on the stairs (collectively represent someone up water), but in the opposite series of events audible alarm, which together represent the thieves broke into the bedroom and into the kitchen. 因此,传统的系统使得用户要么接受一视同仁的均安全的情况,要么接受所有不安全的情况。 Therefore, the traditional system allows users to either accept the security situation are treated equally, either accept all unsafe situations.


因此,本发明的目的是提供用于控制房屋,例如住宅、办公室、工厂等等的电气和/或电子装置的操作的集成可编程系统,其中减小上述缺点,或至少向公众提供有用的备选方案 Accordingly, an object of the invention is to provide a control housing, such as an integrated programmable system operation homes, offices, factories and so electrical and / or electronic device, wherein reducing the above disadvantages, or at least provide a useful preparation to the public Alternatives

根据本发明,提供一种集成可编程系统,用于控制房屋的多个电气和/或电子装置的操作,其中所述多个装置可通过红外和/或通过射频电气地、电子地、无线地控制,其中所述系统包括与数字通信中枢相连的中央数据处理装置,其中所述中央数据处理装置适合于经所述数字通信中枢与所述装置相连,特征在于所述系统包括连接到多个音频信号源的声音产生装置,用于在从至少一个所述接收音频信号后,有选择地输出声音或在从所述系统接收音频信号后,输出可听报警。 According to the present invention, there is provided an integrated programmable system, for controlling the operation of housing a plurality of electrical and / or electronic device, wherein said plurality of devices via infrared and / or via radiofrequency electrically, electronically, wirelessly control, wherein the system comprises a central data processing means coupled with the digital communication hub, wherein said central data processing means is adapted via the digital communication apparatus is connected to said hub, characterized in that the system includes a connection to a plurality of audio sound source signal generating means for receiving from at least one of said audio signal, selectively outputting sound or upon receiving an audio signal from the system, the output of the audible alarm.

附图说明 Brief Description

现在,将仅通过举例,参考附图来描述本发明的实施例,其中: Now, by way of example only, with reference to the drawings will be described embodiments of the present invention, wherein:

图1是根据本发明,用于控制房屋的电气和/或电子装置的操作的集成可编程系统的双层分布式网络体系结构设计的第一示意图; 1 is according to the present invention, the double-layer distributed network architecture for the integrated system for controlling the operation of programmable houses electrical and / or electronic devices of a first schematic view of the design;

图2是图1所示的系统的第二示意图; Figure 2 is a second schematic view of the system shown in Figure 1;

图3是图1所示的系统的第三示意图; Figure 3 is a schematic view of a third system shown in Figure 1;

图4是表示图1所示的系统的物理体系结构的示意图; Figure 4 is a schematic diagram of the physical architecture of the system shown in Figure 1 represents;

图5是表示在图1所示的系统中,各种电气和/或电子装置的网络的示意图; FIG 5 is a diagram showing the system shown in FIG. 1, a schematic view of a network of various electrical and / or electronic means;

图6是表示在图1所示的系统中的音频信号的再现的示意图; FIG 6 is a diagram showing the system shown in Figure 1 the reproduction of the audio signal;

图7表示实现音频分布的已知方法; Figure 7 shows the distribution of the known method to realize the audio;

图8是形成图1所示的系统的一部分的集成安全系统的示意图; Figure 8 is a schematic view of the forming system shown in Figure 1 a portion of the integrated security system;

图9是形成图1所示的系统的一部分的集成较早的监视系统的示意图; Figure 9 is a schematic view of the forming system shown in Fig. 1 integrated earlier part of the monitoring system;

图10是形成图1所示的系统的一部分的集成居住节能系统的示意图; Figure 10 is a schematic view of a forming system shown in Fig integrated part of the live saving system;

图11是形成图1所示的系统的一部分的集成自动喷洒系统的示意图; Figure 11 is a schematic diagram of the system shown in FIG. 1 integrated automatic sprinkler systems forming part;

图12是图1所示的系统中的中央服务器的操作的流程图;以及 FIG 12 is a flowchart showing the operation of the system shown in Figure 1 in the central server; and

图13是图1所示的系统中的智能控制器的操作的流程图。 FIG 13 is a flowchart showing the operation of the system shown in Figure 1 the intelligent controller.


首先,参考图1,其表示根据本发明,在第一理解层面,用于控制房屋,例如住宅的电气和/或电子装置的集成可编程系统的示意图。 First, referring to FIG. 1, which represents the present invention, in a first understanding level for controlling the housing, such as housing a schematic electrical and / or integrated programmable system of the electronic device.

基本设计原理是: The basic design principle is:

1.建造房屋并且视为可编程平台,其中经写入平台体系结构的一个或多个程序,可控制由电气和/或电子装置提供服务的房屋的每个方面。 1. The construction of housing and regarded as programmable platform, which is written by one or more programs platform architecture can control every aspect of the housing is provided by the electrical and / or electronic equipment services.

2.到物理硬件的改线或重新布线连接不需要改变系统配置。 2. Go to the physical hardware rerouted or re-wiring connections need to change the system configuration.

3.尽可能最小化硬布线情况。 3. Minimize hardwired as possible.

4.系统由多个简化的(非智能的)部件组成,每个仅提供一个或几个简单的类属服务,以及在中央智能的指导和协调下,共同合作。 The system consists of multiple simplified (non-intelligent) components, each of which provides only one or a few simple generic services, as well as central intelligence under the guidance and coordination of joint cooperation.

5.部件自己最好不具备智能。 5. The components do not have their best intelligence.

6.通过混合和/或匹配由各个部件执行的不同服务,实现操作和所需特征。 6. mixing and / or match the different services performed by the various components, and to achieve the desired operating characteristics.

7.通过向中央智能公开标准接口的定制的转换器,控制和描述所有部件,以便中央智能不必知道特定服务/硬件提供者的详细情况。 7. Adoption of the custom converter open standard interface to the central intelligence, control and description of all parts, so central intelligence need not know the details of specific services / hardware providers.

8.该系统可通过多个不同用户接口控制,这些用户接口例如环球网浏览器、具有遥控装置的电视机、个人数字助理(PDA)、触摸屏、便携式电话等等。 8. The system can be controlled by a plurality of different user interfaces, the user interface such as the Web browser, the television remote control device having a personal digital assistant (PDA), a touch screen, a portable telephone and the like.

如能从图1所看到的,一般地说,用于控制房屋的电气和/或电子装置的操作的集成可编程系统(通常用100表示)由双层分布式网络体系结构设计组成,具有外部装置层102和内部控制层104。 As seen from Figure 1, in general, for controlling the electrical housing and / or integrated programmable electronic device operating system (generally designated 100) by a double layer composed of a distributed network architecture design, having external device layer 102 and internal control layer 104. 装置层102包括各种电气和/或电子装置和设备,包括但不限于安全传感器、监视设备、音频和/或可视装置、电话装置、照明装置、显示设备、控制设备、开关和机械设备等等。 Device layer 102 includes a variety of electrical and / or electronic devices and equipment, including but not limited to, security sensors, surveillance equipment, audio and / or visual equipment, telephone equipment, lighting devices, display devices, control devices, switches, and machinery and equipment and so on. 所有这些装置均经公用数字通信中枢直接或间接连接到控制层104中的中央家庭服务器106。 All of these devices are connected via the public digital communication hub directly or indirectly to the control layer 104 of the central home server 106. 家庭服务器106允许终端用户控制、调整和编程各个装置的操作的规则和方式。 Home Server 106 rules and mode of operation allows the end user to control, adjust and programming of each device. 公用数字通信中枢包括将所有装置与中央控制层104连接的中央电缆(总线)。 Utilities include a central hub for digital communications cable with all devices connected to the central control layer 104 (bus). 公用数字通信中枢可以是贯穿整个房屋的单个箔屏蔽的双绞线(FTP)CAT5e电缆。 Public digital communications hub throughout the house can be a single foil shielded twisted pair (FTP) CAT5e cable. 在控制层104中还包含多个智能控制器108,每个用于直接控制和监视装置层102中的各个电气和/或电子装置的一个或多个的操作。 In the control layer 104 also includes a plurality of intelligent controllers 108 each for direct control and monitoring means of respective electric layer 102 and / or one or more of the electronic device operation. 各个智能控制器108还经一个或多个网络集线器、交换机或路由器110与数字通信中枢连接以及彼此连接,以及经一个或多个网络集线器、交换机或路由器110,系统100还可以与互联网连接。 Each intelligent controller 108 also through one or more network hub, switch or router 110 and digital communications backbone connections and connected to each other, as well as through one or more network hub, switch or router 110, the system 100 can also connect to the Internet.

智能控制器108可以实现为书本型(book-sized)外形规格(form-factor)工控机(IPC)。 Intelligent controller 108 may be implemented as a book-type (book-sized) form factor (form-factor) IPC (IPC). 实际硬件是基于PC的,具有高速中央处理单元(CPU)、256M随机存取存储器(RAM)和小(假定20-40GB)的硬盘驱动器,以及在主板本身中实现的多个硬件设备(例如100Base-T网络、模拟音频输入/输出,以及3D图形)。 Hard drives actual hardware is a PC-based, high-speed central processing unit (CPU), 256M random access memory (RAM) and small (assuming 20-40GB), and a plurality of hardware devices implemented on the motherboard itself (e.g., 100Base -T network, an analog audio input / output, and 3D graphics). 每个智能控制器108运行MicrosoftEmbedded XP操作系统。 Each intelligent controller 108 runs MicrosoftEmbedded XP operating system. 在每个智能控制器108中,通常安装基于PCI的数字输入/输出(I/O)卡,具有24至84数字输入,尽管该系统还支持市场上的许多其他品牌的基于PCI、基于CPI、基于ISA或基于RS232/RS485的数字I/O模块。 In each of the intelligent controller 108, usually installed PCI-based digital input / output (I / O) card, with 24-84 digital input, although the system also supports many other brands on the market based on PCI, based on the CPI, Based on ISA or RS232 / RS485 digital I / O modules. 每个数字I/O模块卡能从通过标准电线连接到该卡上的光绝缘端的多个传感器设备接受开关输入。 Each digital I / O module card is connected to the light from the insulating side of the card on multiple sensor devices to accept the switch input via standard cable. 稳压电源经电线向这些设备和装置例如运动检测器、烟检测器、玻璃破裂检测器、门窗接点、煤气和水传感器等等提供12V和24V直流电源。 Power supply provided by the wire 12V and 24V DC power to the equipment and devices such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, glass break detectors, door contacts, gas and water sensors. 触点开关与12V直流电源一起串联布线在数字I/O卡的每个输入通道中,以便当设备触发(例如中继开关关闭)时,将12V的电力提供到特定的I/O通道。 Contact switch and 12V DC power supply wiring together in series at each input channel digital I / O card, so when the device triggers (such as a relay switch is turned off), the 12V power provided to a specific I / O channels.

用下述方式,各个设备和装置可以直接连接到智能控制器108: In the following manner, various equipment and devices can be connected directly to the intelligent controller 108:

-控制供暖、通风和空调(HVAC)系统的连通温度调节装置(支持串行协议)直接或经RS485转换器连接到智能控制器的RS232串行端口; - Control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems communicating thermostat (supports serial protocol), either directly or through RS485 converter connected to the intelligent controller's RS232 serial port;

-指纹扫描仪经USB端口或并行端口连接到智能控制器108; - Fingerprint scanner via USB port or parallel port connection to the intelligent controller 108;

-红外接收器和红外路由器/发射机连接到智能控制器108的RS232串行端口; - IR receiver and IR router / transmitter connected to the intelligent controller RS232 serial port 108;

-一些商业装置(例如等离子电视和气象站)还具有能连接到智能控制器108的RS232串行端口的内置串行通信端口; - Some commercial devices (such as plasma TVs and weather) also has the intelligent controller can be connected to the RS232 serial port 108 of the built-in serial communications port;

-麦克风连接到音频输入端口,以及硬件可用在声卡上以便将这些音频流压缩成数字格式(例如MP3),用于传输到其他智能控制器或家庭服务器106,用于重放或记录目的; - Microphone connected to the audio input port, and hardware available on the card in order to compress the audio stream into a digital format (eg MP3), for transfer to another intelligent controller or a home server 106 for playback or recording purposes;

-摇摄倾斜可变焦(pan-tilt-zoom)摄像机连接到智能控制器108的RS232串行端口以用于控制,以及它们的视频连接到USB端口或用于安装在智能控制器108中的一个或多个视频捕捉卡的复合视频输入端口。 - Pan tilt and zoom (pan-tilt-zoom) camera is connected to the intelligent controller RS232 serial ports 108 for controlling, and their video is connected to a USB port or for mounting on a smart controller 108 or composite video input port multiple video capture card. 这些视频捕捉卡可以包含将视频流压缩成数字格式(例如MPEG2)所需的硬件,用于传输,或可以用软件执行压缩。 The video capture card may contain the compressed video stream into a digital format (e.g., MPEG2) hardware required, for transmission, or compression may be performed by software.

到设备或装置的每个连接是唯一的,用地址来描述。 Each connection device or devices are only used to describe the address. 家庭服务器106中的中央数据库存储连接到系统100的设备或装置的所有地址。 The home server 106 is connected to a central database to store all the address of the device or devices of the system 100. 设备地址包含允许系统100连接到那个特定设备或装置以便与其通信的所有所需信息。 Device address contains information that allows the system 100 is connected to that particular device or means to communicate with all of the required information. 这些信息可以包括连接到该设备/装置的串行端口号、通信协议速度、装置型号、信号定时、数据格式等等。 This information may include a connection to the serial port number of the apparatus / device, the speed of communication protocols, device model, signal timing, data formats, and so on.

图2表示更详细程度的系统100的体系结构。 Architecture Figure 2 shows a more detailed level of the system 100. 系统100包括统一设备抽象层(Unified Devices Abstraction Layer,简称UDAL)112,其功能对应于图1所示和如上所述的家庭服务器106的一部分。 Part of the system 100 includes a unified device abstraction layer (Unified Devices Abstraction Layer, referred UDAL) 112, which functions correspond to those shown in Figure 1 and described above, the home server 106. 硬件装置可以经各种标准接口连接到UDAL 112。 Hardware devices can be made by a variety of standard interfaces to UDAL 112. 例如: For example:

a.传统和互联网电话装置可以经电话应用程序接口(TAPI)和个人计算机-专用交换机(PC-PBX)与UDAL 112连接; . a traditional and Internet telephone device can be made by telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI) and personal computers - connecting private branch exchange (PC-PBX) and UDAL 112;

b.音频和/或可视和/或游戏装置可以经DirectX或DirectShow与UDAL 112连接,其中DirectX是由Microsoft公司开发的一套应用程序接口(API); . b audio and / or visual and / or gaming devices can be connected via UDAL 112 DirectX or DirectShow, which developed by Microsoft DirectX is a set of application programming interfaces (API);

c.照明装置、各种电气和/或电子装置、控制装置等等可以经以下与UDAL 112连接: . c illumination device, various electrical and / or electronic devices, control devices, etc. can be connected via the following with UDAL 112:

1.由美国的X-10Inc.出售的X-10电力控制模块。 1. By the American X-10Inc. Sold by X-10 power control module. 这些模块是插入插座并允许用户遥控插入它们的灯或装置的电源的设备。 These modules are plugged into an outlet and allows users to remote control device into the power of their lights or devices. 还有代替墙式开关,安装以便控制灯的X-10模块,以及一些可以用来回拨温度调节装置; There are wall-mounted switch in place, the installation in order to control the lamp X-10 module, and some can be used to call back the temperature adjusting means;

2.通用即插即用(UPnP),一种在为通用即插即用论坛的一部分的各个供货商的网络化装置、软件和外围设备间提供兼容性的网络体系结构; 2. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), A network architecture to provide compatibility between the UPnP Forum for all suppliers as part of a network of devices, software and peripherals;

3.CEBus标准,基于由CEBus工业委员会制定的开放标准(EIA600)的非专用协议,允许每个CEBus HomePnPTM设备在电力线上与每个其他CEBus HomePnPTM通信,而不需要新线。 3.CEBus standards, based on open standards (EIA600) developed by the Industry Committee CEBus non-proprietary protocol that allows each CEBus HomePnPTM equipment in the power line to communicate with each other CEBus HomePnPTM, without the need for a new line. 这些CEBus HomePnPTM设备能通过中央控制器网络化,用于更大和更可扩展自动项目; These CEBus HomePnPTM networked devices through a central controller for the larger and more scalable automated project;

4.Jini,来自Sun Microsystems的软件; 4.Jini, from Sun Microsystems software;

5.由美国的emWare,Inc.提供的遥控设备管理接口; 5. by American emWare, Inc remote device management interface provides.;

6.家庭音频视频交互应用(HAVi),允许不同家庭娱乐和通信设备(诸如录像机、电视、立体声系统、安全系统、视频监视器)一起网络化以及受主设备,例如个人计算机控制的供货商中性音频视频标准。 6. home audio video interactive applications (HAVi), allowing different home entertainment and communication devices (such as VCRs, TVs, stereo systems, security systems, video monitors) along the network and by the master device, such as a personal computer-controlled supplier neutral audio video standard. 将IEEE 1394用作互连媒介,HAVi允许来自不同供货商的产品基于所制定的连接和通信协议以及API相互兼容。 The IEEE 1394 is used as the interconnect media, HAVi allow products from different vendors are compatible and based on the connection and communication protocol developed by API. HAVi的一个关键特征是容易将新的设备增加到网络上的能力。 A key feature of HAVi is easily added to the new device on the network capacity. 当安装新设备时,系统将重新配置自己以兼容它。 When installing a new device, the system will be reconfigured to be compatible with its own. 由分布式应用系统提供的其他服务包括:寻址方案和消息传送、查找发现资源、记入和接收本地或远程事件、流动和控制同步数据流; Other services provided by distributed applications include: addressing scheme and messaging, to find find resources to make and receive local or remote event, synchronous data flow and control flow;

7.专用接口; 7. special interface;

8.标准串行总线接口,例如RS232、422、485和FireWireTM。 8. serial bus interface standard, such as RS232,422,485 and FireWireTM. FireWireTM是由苹果电脑公司对支持IEEE1394标准的产品的命名,其是支持达400Mbps的数据传送率的非常快速的外部总线标准; FireWireTM by Apple Computer Inc. to support IEEE1394 standard product naming, which is to support data transfer rates up to 400Mbps very fast external bus standard;

9.中继和开关;以及 9. relay and switches; and

10.数字和模拟输入/输出接口。 10. The digital and analog input / output interfaces.

由于至少在理论上,有与它们通信或控制它们的无限多种设备或装置以及不同方法,对智能控制器系统软件来说,将用于各个设备或装置的通信协议和命令转化成易于配合到系统100中的统一方案。 Since at least theoretically, there is a communication with them or their unlimited variety of different equipment or apparatus and method for controlling the smart controller system software, communication protocols, and commands for each device or apparatus to be converted into easy-to-fit System 100 unified solution. 这些程序逻辑形成统一设备抽象层,并且均匀方案格式是统一设备空间。 The program logic device abstraction layer to form a unified and uniform program format is unified device space.

可能的统一设备空间格式可以是简单的设备名加上属性名,如表1中所示: Possible uniform format device space can be a simple device name with the property name, as shown in Table 1:

表一 Table I

该系统软件将实际设备状态和设定值转换成这一统一设备空间格式。 The system software will convert the actual device status and settings into the unified device space format. 例如,电视机可以是“传统设备”,即不具备内置数字通信功能的设备。 For example, the TV can be "legacy devices" that do not have built-in digital communication devices. 光传感器可以连接到数字I/O板以便检测电视机电源LED是否打开。 Light sensor can be connected to the digital I / O board to detect the TV power LED is turned on. 如果是,将“电视机”设备的“通电(PowerOn)”属性设置成真。 If yes, the "TV" device "Power (PowerOn)" property is set to true. 物理电流传感器可以连接到模拟电压计以便检测音量级。 Physical current sensor can be connected to an analog voltage meter to detect the volume level. 为打开/关闭电视机或改变频道/音量,可以呼叫红外发射设备发出相关的红外遥控码。 To turn on / turn off the TV or change the channel / volume, you can call the infrared emission devices emit infrared remote control code related. 空调可以受连通空气调节装置控制。 Communication may be conditioned by the air conditioner control. 在这种情况下,找出当前温度和功率状态等可以由通过其RS232端口连接到空气调节装置的串行电缆,以空调的通信协议规定的格式发送相关文字命令并等待响应来实现。 In this case, to identify the current temperature and the like may be connected by a power state via its RS232 serial cable port to the air conditioner device, a communication protocol format to a predetermined air-conditioning sends the relevant text commands and awaits a response to achieve. 在第一种情况下,即,具有“传统”电视机的情况下,系统软件将多个物理度量转换成在统一设备空间表示的逻辑值。 In the case where the first case, i.e., with "traditional" TV, the system software is converted into a logic value of a plurality of physical measurement space represented in a unified device. 在第二种情况下,系统软件将空调的通信协议转换成统一设备空间中的值。 In the second case, the system software is converted into a unified communication protocol air conditioning equipment space value.

统一设备空间的好处在于在本系统100中,所有其它系统模块能通过控制、测量和检测它们以及它们的状态和设定值的方式工作。 Benefit of a device space is 100 in the present system, by controlling all other system modules, their measurement and detection method, and their working conditions and the set value. 对系统定制脚本(见下文),用户只需简单地发布: For system customization script (see below), the user simply release:

SetDeviceProperty(″TV″,″PowerOn″,True) SetDeviceProperty ("TV", "PowerOn", True)

SetDeviceProperty(″A/C″,″PowerOn″,True) SetDeviceProperty ("A / C", "PowerOn", True)

以便同时开启电视机和空调。 Turn on the TV and air conditioning in order to simultaneously. 系统软件自动地将这些统一设备空间命令转换成由红外发射器向电视机发送的适当的红外码,以及经RS232向空调的温度调节装置发送的适当的文字命令。 System software automatically converts these unified command to the appropriate device space infrared codes sent by the infrared transmitter to the TV, as well as via RS232 to adjust the air conditioning unit suitable to send text commands.

关于公用数字通信中枢,这些可以是在100Base-T(快速Ethernet)标准(IEEE802.3u)下的电缆、无线局域网或光纤上的传输控制协议/网际协议(TCP/IP)或帧中继/异步传输模式(FR/ATM)或虚拟专用网(VPN)。 On public digital communication hub, which may be in the 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet) standard (IEEE802.3u) cable, transmission control protocol on a wireless LAN or fiber / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) or frame relay / asynchronous transmission mode (FR / ATM) or a virtual private network (VPN).

系统100可以经综合业务数字网(ISDN)标准、电缆、数字用户环路(DSL)等与互联网连接。 System 100 may (ISDN) standard, cable, digital subscriber loop (DSL) and other connection via integrated services digital network and the Internet. 系统100包括主用户接口,其允许终端用户与统一设备抽象层相互作用,包括系统100的家庭服务器106,以及经作为用于操作和显示三维对象的应用程序接口的Direct3D,用于编程、设置、重新设置和/或改变与系统100连接的各种部件和装置的操作的方式。 The system 100 includes a main user interface, which allows the end-user interaction with the device abstraction layer unified, system 100 comprises a home server 106, as well as for operation and display by the three-dimensional object Direct3D application program interface for programming, setting, reset and / or mode of operation changes and various components and devices of the system 100 is connected. 图2中出现的一些其他首字母缩写词具有下述意义: Figure 2 appearing in some of the first other acronyms have the following meanings:

-“WAP”代表无线应用协议,其是允许用户通过手持无线设备,诸如移动电话、寻呼机、双向无线电瞬时存取信息的安全规格。 - "WAP" on behalf of the Wireless Application Protocol, which is to allow the user via handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radio instantaneous access to information security specifications.

-“HTML”代表超文本标记语言,其是用于在环球网上创建文档的编辑语言。 - "HTML" on behalf of HTML, which is the language of the document editor for creating the World Wide Web. HTML通过使用各种标记和属性定义环球网文档的结构和布局。 By using the structure and layout of HTML tags and attributes define various Web documents.

-“XML”代表可扩展标记语言,其是专门为环球网文档设计的规格。 - "XML" representative Extensible Markup Language, which is designed for Web document design specifications. 其允许设计者创建他们自己的个性化标记、允许定义、传输、确认和解释应用程序间和组织间的数据。 Which allows designers to create their own personalized tags, allows the definition, transmission, validation and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations.

-“ASP”代表动态服务器主页,其是用于通过利用ActiveX脚本动态创建的带有.ASP扩展名的环球网页的规格。 - "ASP" on behalf of Active Server Pages, which is used to dynamically created through the use of ActiveX script with .ASP extension of the web page specifications. 当浏览器请求ASP页时,环球网服务器生成具有HTML码的页并将其发送回浏览者。 When a browser requests an ASP page, the web server generates an HTML page code and sends it back to the viewer.

-“ADO”代表ActiveX数据对象,其是用于数据对象的微软的高级接口。 - "ADO" on behalf of ActiveX Data Objects, which is Microsoft's high-level interface for data objects. ADO非常通用并能用于存取各种不同类型的数据,包括环球网页、电子表格以及其他类型的文档。 ADO very versatile and can be used to access a variety of different types of data, including web pages, spreadsheets, and other types of documents.

-“IIS”代表互联网信息服务,其是在Windows NT平台上运行的微软环球网服务器。 - "IIS" stands for Internet Information Services, which is Microsoft's web server running on a Windows NT platform.

-“VBScript”代表Visual Basic脚本编辑,一种脚本语言。 - "VBScript" on behalf of Visual Basic Script Editor, a scripting language. VBScript基于Visual Basic编程语言,但更简单。 VBScript based on Visual Basic programming language, but easier. 其允许环球网作者在他们的环球网页上包括交互式控制,诸如按钮和滚动条。 Which allows Web authors include interactive controls, such as buttons and scroll bars on their web page.

图3表示硬件协议,也表示公用通信中枢的统一设备抽象层、系统核心引擎以及控制接口的集成。 Figure 3 shows the hardware protocol, also said the integration of public communication hub unified device abstraction layer, the core engine and control system interfaces. 特别参考控制接口,可以看出系统100可以受在互联网、WAP电话、计算机、遥控设备、触摸屏或个人数字助理(PDA)等之上操作控制。 With particular reference to the control interface, it can be seen by the system 100 may be the Internet, WAP phone, a computer, on a remote control device, a touch screen, or a personal digital assistant (PDA) and other operation control. 随着技术进步,一些其他的协议和/或接口可以包含在现有系统中。 As technology advances, some of the other protocols and / or interfaces can be included in the existing system.

图4表示在另一不同程度的系统100的示意图。 Figure 4 shows a schematic view of a different degree of system 100. 系统100包括中央控制器120,其对应于图1所示的家庭服务器106。 The system 100 includes a central controller 120, which corresponds to the home server shown in Fig. 1 106. 中央控制器120经对应于公用数字通信中枢的高速数字中枢124,与多个智能控制器108连接。 The central controller 120 corresponds to the public through digital communications hub of high-speed digital hub 124, 108 is connected with a number of intelligent controller. 每个智能控制器108经各种类型的物理布线,与多个电气和/或电子装置,即硬件设备126连接。 Each smart controller 108 via various types of physical wiring, and a plurality of electrical and / or electronic devices, i.e. hardware device 126 is connected. 大多数这样的硬件设备126连接到物理上离它们最近的智能控制器108。 Most of these 126 hardware devices connected to the physically from their recent intelligent controller 108. 然而,这些硬件设备126可以直接连接到中央控制器120。 However, these hardware devices 126 can be connected directly to the central controller 120. 为本发明目的,智能控制器108具有处理能力、其自己的操作系统、应用软件、多个虚拟设备128、软件设备129以及其他转换器硬件以便与连接到其上的硬件设备126连接。 For purposes of this invention, the intelligent controller 108 has processing capability, its own operating system, application software, a plurality of virtual devices 128, 129, and other software equipment for the converter 126 is connected with the hardware connected to the hardware devices thereon.

软件设备是仅以软件存在并具有不必匹配的硬件的设备。 Software appliances are only software exists and has not necessarily match the hardware device. 这些可以包括仅以软件实现的速度发生器,其获得简单的文字并生成声音信号。 These may include only the software implemented speed generator that obtains a simple text and generates a sound signal. 这些声音信号然后输送到放大器以便产生声音。 These sound signals are then supplied to the amplifier to generate sound.

虚拟设备是自称具有实际硬件设备的装置,尽管实际上,它仅通过在另一硬件设备上执行适当的动作来模拟这一设备。 Virtual devices are claimed to have the actual hardware device, although in practice, it is only by performing an appropriate action on another hardware device to simulate the device. 虚拟设备用法的例子能在自动用户交换机(PABX)系统中找到。 Virtual Device Usage examples can be found in the user automatically switch (PABX) system. PABX硬件支持多个中心局电话线,加上多个扩展电话。 PABX hardware supports multiple central office telephone line, with multiple extension phone. 如果为这种PABX系统设计虚拟设备,其可以包括模拟常规简单电话线的虚拟电话设备,即使实际上其调用PABX系统来执行这些任务。 If the virtual device designed for this PABX system, which may include a conventional analog phone lines simple virtual telephone equipment, even though in fact it calls PABX system to perform these tasks. 这种虚拟电话设备的用户可以不需要知道电话不是常规的电话线,而是PABX系统的一部分。 Users of this virtual telephone equipment may not need to know the phone is not a conventional telephone line, but part of PABX systems.

中央家庭服务器106包括连接到数字通信中枢、具有160GB的硬件存储器和512MB的RAM的基于高速PC的系统。 106 includes a central home server to connect to the digital communication hub, with hardware-based system 160GB memory and 512MB of RAM for high-speed PC. 它运行MicrosoftServer2003操作系统,并且通过TCP/IP网络物理地连接到相同系统100中的所有其它智能控制器108。 It runs MicrosoftServer2003 operating system, and is connected to the same system through the TCP / IP network 100 physically in all other intelligent controller 108. 在家庭服务器106内,还运行微软数据引擎(MSDE),其是存储用于整个系统100的所有设备安装信息的关系数据库引擎。 In the home server 106, also run Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), which is used throughout the system to store all the equipment installation information 100 of the relational database engine. 家庭服务器106还经依次插入电源的RS232连接到X10自动化控制器。 Home Server 106 also been inserted in turn connected to the RS232 Power X10 automation controller. X10自动化控制器充当控制理解X10电力线载波协议的多个设备和装置的桥梁。 X10 X10 automation controller acts as a control to understand the power line carrier protocol bridge multiple devices and devices. 家庭服务器106还包含微软互联网信息服务器(IIS),以及允许用户经标准的环球网浏览器控制系统的ASP环球网应用程序。 Home Server 106 also includes Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and allows the user via a standard web browser to control the system ASP web application.

家庭服务器106还具有足够的硬盘空间来将数字化音频文件(用于整个房屋音频)、数字化视频文件(用于视频点播)、视频和音频记录(例如来自闭路电视照相机、电话应答消息等等),以及其它系统安装文件存储在网络共享文件夹中。 The home server 106 also has enough hard disk space to the digitized audio files (for whole house audio), digital video files (for video-on-demand), video and audio recording (for example from CCTV cameras, telephone answering message, etc.), and other system installation files stored on a network shared folder. 智能控制器108可以当它们在特定的房间或住宅区需要重放音频或视频时可以请求这些文件。 Intelligent controller 108 may play when they need audio or video in a particular room or residential areas may request these documents. 家庭服务器106也可以双重充当用于房屋的多个房间和区域的智能控制器。 Home server 106 may also act as the intelligent controller for a double house multiple rooms and areas.

家庭服务器106在启动时自动地运行执行下述功能的系统软件: The home server 106 runs automatically when you start the system software performs the following functions:

-检测和建立与网络中的每个智能控制器108的通信; - Detection and establish communication with the network each intelligent controller 108;

-维持将在特定系统事件时触发的用脚本语言(Visual Basic,VBScript或JavaScript)编写的定制脚本的集合(存储在数据库中); Set to maintain a scripting language that will be triggered when certain system events (Visual Basic, VBScript or JavaScript) to write custom scripts (stored in the database) -;

-维持系统100中所有设备和装置的快照以及每个设备或装置的所有状态和设定值的当前值。 - A snapshot of the current value of all equipment and apparatus 100 to maintain the system as well as all state and settings for each device or devices. 这些值均以统一设备空间格式保存,从而可以从数据库读出任何智能控制器或定制脚本,而不必了解设备或装置的实际详细资料; These values are based on a unified format to save space equipment, which can be read in any intelligent controller or custom scripts from the database, without having to know the actual details of the device or devices;

-等待直到由智能控制器108通知特定设备或装置的特定状态或设定值已经改变值为止; - Wait until notified by the intelligent controller 108 specific devices or device-specific state or setpoint value has changed so far;

-当通知改变时,识别由于那个改变是否需要运行任何定制脚本,如果是,执行该脚本; - When a notification change, identify whether the change because of the need to run any custom scripts, and if so, to execute the script;

-当脚本要求特定设备或装置执行特定动作,例如打开电源时,以统一设备空间格式向正在处理特定设备或装置的智能控制器发送请求; - When the script requires a specific device or devices to perform specific actions, such as when you turn on the power to unify the format device space to a particular device or devices being processed intelligent controller sends a request;

-将任何所需改变通知记录在数据库中,用于历史参考;以及 - Any change notification required records in the database for historical reference; and

-保存内部时钟定期唤醒以便校验是否应当运行(经定制脚本定义的)任何制订的事件。 - Save internal clock wakes up periodically to check whether it should be developed to run any event (defined by custom scripts).

例如,当房屋的所有者希望进入由门锁关闭的房屋时,他/她将他/她的手指放在连接到智能控制器108的指纹扫描仪上。 For example, when the house owner wants to enter the house by the door closed, he / she will be his / her finger on the intelligent controller 108 is connected to a fingerprint scanner. 然后,智能控制器108将定期地在指纹扫描仪轮询图像并检测新图像。 Then, the intelligent controller 108 will periodically polling the fingerprint scanner image and detects new images. 它推定这表示用于指纹扫描仪的特定状态的值的改变,即,在前图像为空白。 It is estimated that indicates the changing value used for the particular status of a fingerprint scanner, i.e., the first image is blank. 然后,其向家庭服务器106以统一设备空间格式发送通知,告知它设备“指纹(FingerPrint)”已经将属性“图像”改变成新图像。 Then, in order to unify its 106 device space format to send notifications to the home server, telling it to the device "fingerprint (FingerPrint)" has the attribute "image" to change into a new image. 在接收到这一通知后,家庭服务器106将详检其自己的数据库并发现用于设备“指纹”的“图像”属性已经改变时,那么应当运行定制脚本“检查指纹(CheckFingerprint)”。 Upon receiving this notification, the home server 106 detailed examination of its own database and found a device for "fingerprint" of the "Image" property has been changed, then you should run a custom script "check fingerprints (CheckFingerprint)". 然后,执行脚本“CheckFingerpring”,其首先通过存储在数据库中的指纹检查指纹,以便确定匹配。 Then, the execution of the script "CheckFingerpring", its first fingerprint check through fingerprint stored in a database in order to determine a match. 如果发现匹配,发送请求以便将设备“门锁(DoorLock)”的“打开”属性改变成“真”。 If a match is found, the device sends a request to "lock (DoorLock)" in the "Open" attribute is changed to "true." 处理门锁的智能控制器108在接收这一命令后,将该命令转换成适当的物理动作,其将接通数字I/O板上的数字输出通道以便给向电子门撞锁(electric door strike)发送12V的中继开关通电,打开门。 Handle locks intelligent controller 108 after receiving this command, the command into the appropriate physical action, it will turn on the digital output channels of digital I / O board in order to hit the electronic door locks (electric door strike ) send 12V relay switch is energized to open the door.

下述是适合于控制房屋的前门的打开或其它相关动作的样本脚本,包括用指纹扫描仪扫描指纹图像、从智能卡接收数据,或经键盘输入编码以及在打开前门后,系统的各种设备和装置的其它动作。 The following is adapted to control the front door of the house open or sample scripts other related actions, including the use of the fingerprint scanner fingerprint images, a variety of devices to receive data from a smart card, or via keyboard input encoding, and after opening the front door, and the system Other operation of the apparatus.

'校验个人的身份Dim Name As StringSelect Case TriggerSourceCase″FINGERPRINT″'扫描指纹Name=IntelliHome.LookupUser(UserID)If Not(Name Is Nothing)Then'跟踪位置IntelliHome.LocationTracking(″FRONTYARD″)=UserIDElse'指纹未找到IntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_Speakers″,″extToSpeech″)=″Fingerprint not recognized.Access denied.″RaturnEnd IfCase″CARD″Case″KEYPAD″'键盘码输入或访问卡Dim CanEnter As Boolean=False'该键码(或访问卡)允许打开前门? 'Verification of personal identity Dim Name As StringSelect Case TriggerSourceCase "FINGERPRINT"' scan fingerprint Name = IntelliHome.LookupUser (UserID) If Not (Name Is Nothing) Then 'track position IntelliHome.LocationTracking ("FRONTYARD") = UserIDElse' fingerprints are not find IntelliHome.Devices ("FRONTYARD_Speakers", "extToSpeech") = "Fingerprint not recognized.Access denied." RaturnEnd IfCase "CARD" Case "KEYPAD" 'keyboard input or access code card Dim CanEnter As Boolean = False' the key code ( or access card) allows to open the front door? If IntelliHome.CheckSecurity(KeyValue,″OPENFRONTGATE″)ThenDim contact as Integer=IntelliHome.LookupCode(KeyValue)If contact>=0 Then<!-- SIPO <DP n="12"> --><dp n="d12"/>Name=IntelliHome.LookupUser(contact)IntelliHome.Locat ionTracking(″FRONTYARD″)=contactElseName=″″End IfCanEnter=TrueEnd IfIf Not CanEnter ThenIf Trigger.TriggerProperty=″CARD″ThenIntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_Speakers″,″TextToSpeech″)=″Invalid access card.Access denied.″ElseIntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_Speakers″,″TextToSpeech″)=″Invalid entry code.Access denied.″End IfReturnEnd IfCase ElseReturnEnd Select'解除参数—但保持内部安全IntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD Speakers″,″TextToSpeech″)=″Welcome Home,″&amp;Name&amp;″.Perimeter is disarmed.Please enter.″IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity(″FRONTYARD″)IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity(″GARDEN″)IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity(″GARAGE″)'打开前门IntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_FrontGate″,″Open″)=True'如果下午6点后或太暗则打开灯Dim LightsOn As Boolean=False<!-- SIPO <DP n="13"> --><dp n="d13"/>If System.DateTime.Now.Hour<7 Or System.DateTime.Now.Hour>17Or IntelliHome.Devices(″LightSensor″,″Light″)>0.5 ThenIntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_FloodLights″,″On″)=TrueLightsOn=TrueEnd If'一分钟后关灯以及关闭门System.Threading.Thread.sleep(60000)If LightsOn ThenIntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_FloodLights″,″On″)=False'关前门IntelliHome.Devices(″FRONTYARD_FrontGate″,″Open″)=True If IntelliHome.CheckSecurity (KeyValue, "OPENFRONTGATE") ThenDim contact as Integer = IntelliHome.LookupCode (KeyValue) If contact> = 0 Then <-! SIPO <DP n = "12"> -> <dp n = "d12 "/>Name=IntelliHome.LookupUser(contact)IntelliHome.Locat ionTracking (" FRONTYARD ") = contactElseName =" "End IfCanEnter = TrueEnd IfIf Not CanEnter ThenIf Trigger.TriggerProperty =" CARD "ThenIntelliHome.Devices (" FRONTYARD_Speakers "," TextToSpeech .. ") =" Invalid access card.Access denied "ElseIntelliHome.Devices (" FRONTYARD_Speakers "," TextToSpeech ") =" Invalid entry code.Access denied "End IfReturnEnd IfCase ElseReturnEnd Select 'lift parameters - but keep the internal security IntelliHome.Devices ("FRONTYARD Speakers", "TextToSpeech") = "Welcome Home," & amp; Name & amp; ". Perimeter is disarmed.Please enter." IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity ("FRONTYARD") IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity ("GARDEN") IntelliHome.DisarmSecurity ( "GARAGE") 'Open the front door IntelliHome.Devices ("FRONTYARD_FrontGate", "Open") = True' if after 18:00 you turn on the light or too dark Dim LightsOn As Boolean = False <-! SIPO <DP n = " 13 "> -> <dp n =" d13 "/> If System.DateTime.Now.Hour <7 Or System.DateTime.Now.Hour> 17Or IntelliHome.Devices (" LightSensor "," Light ")> 0.5 ThenIntelliHome .Devices ("FRONTYARD_FloodLights", "On") = TrueLightsOn = TrueEnd If 'one minutes after the lights and close the door System.Threading.Thread.sleep (60000) If LightsOn ThenIntelliHome.Devices ("FRONTYARD_FloodLights", "On") = False 'shut the front door IntelliHome.Devices ("FRONTYARD_FrontGate", "Open") = True

图5表示处于另一不同程度的系统100的示意图。 Figure 5 shows a schematic view of a different degree of system 100 is in. 如所看到的,经具有家庭服务器106的中央数字公用通信中枢,经各种标准接口,例如HAVi、数字/模拟和输入/输出模块、X-10、电话线以及串行总线,例如232(RS232)接口连接各种电气和/或电子部件和设备。 As can be seen, with the home server via the central hub 106 of the digital public communication, via various standard interfaces, e.g. HAVi, a digital / analog input / output modules, X-10, a telephone line and the serial bus, for example, 232 ( RS232) interface connected to various electrical and / or electronic components and equipment.

图6表示形成系统100的一部分的数字分布式音频模块的示意图。 Figure 6 shows a schematic diagram of the digital portion 100 is formed of a distributed audio system modules. 对应于图1所示的家庭服务器106的中央控制器120包含以压缩数字格式,例如MP3、WMA、RA、SND、PCM、WAV、MIDI等预先记录的音频文件的档案。 Figure 1 corresponds to the home server 120 includes a central controller 106 in compressed digital format, such as file MP3, WMA, RA, SND, PCM, WAV, MIDI and other pre-recorded audio files. 中央控制器120经数字网络中枢124连接到每个智能控制器108。 The central controller 120 via digital network hub 124 is connected to each of the intelligent controller 108. 其他功能部件中的每个智能控制器108连接到用于从数字流中产生音频记录的声音发生硬件。 Other features of the intelligent controller 108 is connected to each of the sound from the digital audio recording for generating a stream of a hardware. 特别地,智能控制器108经放大器132连接到一个或多个扬声器130。 In particular, the intelligent controller 108 through the amplifier 132 is connected to one or more speakers 130. 为增强灵活性和/或音频质量,本地高保真系统134可以经中继开关136连接到扬声器130。 To enhance flexibility and / or audio quality, high-fidelity system 134 can be connected to the local relay through the switch 136 to the speaker 130. 将该系统设计成来自智能控制器108的音频信号将总是优先于来自本地高保真系统134的信号,特别地,因为必须听到来自智能控制器108的一些音频提示,诸如报警。 The system is designed to be an audio signal from the intelligent controller 108 will always take precedence over the signal from the local hi-fi system 134, in particular, because of the need to hear some audio prompts from the intelligent controller 108, such as the police.

扬声器连接到放大器,放大器然后连接到智能控制器108的数字音频输出端口。 Speakers connected to the amplifier, the amplifier is then connected to the intelligent controller 108 digital audio output port. 经扬声器放大和输出由智能控制器108产生的音频信号(例如音乐或系统报警消息)。 Audio signals (such as music or system alarm messages) through the speaker amplified and output generated by the intelligent controller 108. 如果智能控制器108控制不止一组扬声器,那么在智能控制器108内安装单独的数字声卡,每个声卡连接到与每组扬声器相连的单独放大器。 If the intelligent controller 108 controls more than one set of speakers, then install a separate sound card in the smart digital controller 108, each connected to a separate sound amplifier connected with each set of speakers. 在一些房间,例如娱乐室内可以有单独的本地高端高保真系统。 In some rooms, for example, may have a separate indoor recreation local high-end hi-fi systems. 在这种情况下,将来自连接到智能控制器108的放大器的扬声器线输出以及来自本地高保真系统的扬声器线输出均连接到中继开关的输入(本地系统到常闭输入,智能控制器108到常开输入),并将中继开关的输出连接到实际扬声器。 In this case, from the intelligent controller connected to the amplifier 108 and speaker line output line output from the local high-fidelity speaker systems are connected to the relay switch input (the local system to the normally closed input, the intelligent controller 108 to normally open input), and the output relay switch is connected to the real speaker. 通过连接到智能控制器108的模拟音频输出的音频信号传感器激活中继开关。 By connecting to the intelligent controller of the audio signal from the sensor 108 to activate the analog audio output of the relay switch.

通过这种配置,当智能控制器108不在播放音频信号时,中继开关将停留在常闭位置,其将本地高保真系统连接到扬声器。 With this arrangement, when the intelligent controller 108 not playing audio signal, the relay switch will remain in the normally closed position, which is connected to the local high-fidelity speaker system. 在由智能控制器108生成音频信号时,音频信号传感器将激活中继开关,然后其将切换到常开位置,断开本地高保真系统以及将智能控制器放大器与扬声器连接。 When the audio signal 108 is generated by the intelligent controller, the audio signal from the sensor will activate the relay switch, and then it will switch to the normally open position, disconnect the local hi-fi system and the intelligent controller amplifier and speaker connections. 因此,来自智能控制器108的任何音频输出将覆盖来自本地系统的音频输出。 Therefore, any audio output from the intelligent controller 108 will cover the audio output from the local system. 当必须听到某些系统生成的音频输出(例如报警消息、警告消息)并因此应当覆盖当前正在播放的任何其它音频流时,这是至关紧要的。 When it is necessary to hear the audio output of some system-generated (eg alarm messages, warning messages) and should therefore be covered by any other currently playing audio stream, which is crucial. 当智能控制器108停止输出音频信号时,音频信号传感器将断电,并且中断开关将返回到常闭位置,从而断开智能控制器108以及重新接本地高保真系统和扬声器。 When the intelligent controller 108 stops outputting audio signals, the audio signal from the sensor will be de-energized and the interruption switch returns to the normally closed position to disconnect and reconnect the intelligent controller 108 local hi-fi system and speakers.

这种配置的好处包括: This configuration benefits include:

-降低物理布线的数量,特别是当数字通信中枢用于传送几乎所有类型的程序和音频信号时; - Reducing the number of physical wires, especially when the digital communication hub when transferring almost all types of programs and audio signals;

-这允许将同组硬件用于所有音频生成目的; - This allows the same set of hardware for all audio generation purposes;

-在所有区中共享预先记录的音频片断; - Share of pre-recorded audio clips in all areas;

-可以在每个不同区中以其自己的各自速度播放不同音频片断; - You can play at their own pace each different audio clips in each of the different regions;

-可以在地理上彼此远离的不同区中播放相同音频片断;以及 - Different zones may be geographically remote from each other to play the same audio fragment; and

-将本地高保真系统无缝集成到这一配置中。 - The local hi-fi system is seamlessly integrated into the configuration.

比较起来,图7表示实现音频分发模块的已知方法的示意图,其昂贵且不太灵活。 By comparison, Figure 7 shows a schematic diagram of a known method of implementation of an audio distribution module, which is expensive and less flexible. 源设备,诸如DVD播放器140、CD转换器、无线电调谐器142、MD唱盘等均位于中央位置。 Source device, such as a DVD player 140, CD converter, a radio tuner 142, MD disc etc. is located centrally. 来自源设备的音频信号被输送到矩阵开关146,要么放大要么预放大。 Audio signal from the source device is supplied to the matrix switch 146, either amplification or pre-amplification. 将矩阵开关映射到多个区,每个区表示音频信号的房间或特定目的地。 The mapping matrix switch into multiple zones, each room represents an audio signal or a specific destination. 扬声器导线伸出矩阵开关146直接到每个区中的扬声器148,每个区一组。 Speaker wires protruding matrix switch 146 directly to each zone speaker 148, a group for each area. 矩阵开关146由不同控制设备控制,例如遥控、壁式面板(wall panel)等。 Matrix switch 146 by a different controlling device, such as remote control, wall panels (wall panel) and the like. 在任何一个时间,将特定程序源连接到(切换到)特定区,允许该区中的扬声器148接收程序源的输出。 At any one time, the source is connected to a specific program (switch to) a particular area, allowing the area of the speaker 148 outputs the received program source. 独立的路由技术必须用于控制独立的程序源设备,例如红外遥控设备使用红外辐射来将遥控信号传送到一个源设备,以及射频遥控装置可以用射频信号控制设备。 Separate routing techniques must be used to control independent of the source device, such as an infrared remote control device using infrared radiation to be transmitted to a remote-control signal source device, and a radio frequency remote control device may be a radio frequency signal control apparatus.

图8表示可编程安全功能部件的示意图,形成系统100的一部分。 Figure 8 shows a schematic diagram of a programmable safety feature, part of the system 100 is formed. 在这一安全系统中,用于检测运动的运动检测器150经公用数字通信中枢与集成可编程系统的中央服务器120连接,其然后与(a)扬声器连接,该扬声器可以是图6所示的数字分布式音频模块的扬声器130,用于再现预先记录的音频消息,(b)灯152连接,(c)电话154连接,直接用于拨预先确定的电话号码,和/或(d)经语音发生器158与电话156连接,用于再现合成音频消息以及通过电话156传送它。 In this security system, for detecting motion of the motion detector 150 via connection 120 and the common digital communication hub integrated programmable system central server, which is then connected to the speaker (a), the speaker may be shown in FIG. 6 Distributed digital audio speaker module 130 for reproducing pre-recorded audio message, (b) the lamp 152 is connected, (c) telephone 154 is connected directly to dial a predetermined telephone number, and / or (d) by the voice generator 158 is connected to telephone 156 for reproducing the synthesized audio message and transmitting it over the phone 156.

通过这种配置,安全功能部件可以由其它现有的系统的部件,例如安全系统的运动检测器、音像系统的扬声器、现有照明系统以及电话系统的电话等构成。 By this configuration, the security feature may be made part of other existing systems, such as security system motion detectors, speaker audio system, telephone system and the existing lighting system telephone or the like.

图9表示集成的较早的监视功能部件,形成图1所示的系统的一部分。 Figure 9 shows the integrated monitoring features of the earlier formed part of the system shown in Fig. 在这一较早的监视功能部件中,时钟160、运动检测器162以及麦克风164通过公用通信中枢连接到系统100的中央服务器120。 In this earlier monitoring feature, a clock 160, a motion detector 162 and a microphone 164 connected to the system 100 of the central server 120 via the communication hub. 中央服务器120包含已经预置的可编程逻辑166,以便如果在预定时间周期(如时钟160所计算的)内,未检测到运动或声音,将由扬声器168输出报警信号,扬声器168可以是图6所示的数字分布音频模块的扬声器130。 Central server 120 includes programmable logic 166 have been preset, so that if a predetermined time period (e.g., the calculated clock 160), the motion or sound is not detected, the alarm signal output by the speaker 168, the speaker 168 may be Figure 6 shows the distribution of digital audio module 130 speakers.

图10表示集成的居住节能功能部件,形成图1所示的系统的一部分,包含通过公用通信中枢连接到系统100的中央服务器120的时钟170和运动检测器172。 Figure 10 shows an integrated living saving features, forming part of the system shown in Figure 1, that are connected to a central server system 170 and 100. The clock 172 of the motion detector 120 via the communication hub. 中央服务器120包含已经预置的逻辑174,以便如果在预定时间周期内(如时钟170所计算的)未检测到运动或声音,将断开也与系统相连的灯176,以便节省功耗。 Central server 120 includes logic 174 have been preset, so that if within a predetermined time period (e.g., the calculated clock 170) does not detect motion or sound, will disconnect the lamp 176 is also connected to the system, in order to save power. 应理解到在这一居住节能系统中的时钟170可以与如上所述的集成的较早的监视功能部件中的时钟160相同。 Should be understood to be the same in this live saving system clock 170 and integrated earlier monitoring features described above, the clock 160.

图11表示集成自动喷洒系统,形成图1所示的系统的一部分。 Figure 11 shows an integrated automatic sprinkler systems, part of the system shown in Figure 1 is formed. 该喷洒器系统包括通过公用通信中枢连接到系统100的中央服务器120的时钟180和电子气象站182。 The sprinkler system includes a connection to the system 100 via the communication hub of the central server 120, 180 and electronic weather station clock 182. 中央服务器120包含已经预置的逻辑184,以便当预定时间(如由时钟180所计算的)达到时还没有下雨,将起动也连接到该系统的喷洒器186。 Central server 120 includes logic 184 have been preset, so that when a predetermined time (e.g., calculated by the clock 180) no rain Shihai reached, the starter is also connected to the sprinkler system 186.

图12是表示如上所述的中央服务器120的操作的流程图。 FIG 12 is a flowchart showing the operation of the central server 120 as described above. 当启动系统100时,首先初始化(步骤302)。 When you start the system 100, the first initialization (step 302). 加载设备数据库304(步骤306),然后加载触发器和脚本(步骤308)。 Loading device database 304 (step 306), then load the trigger and script (step 308). 然后,连接智能控制器108(步骤310)。 Then, connect the intelligent controller 108 (step 310). 然后系统100校验在UDAL中或到UDAL是否有改变(步骤312)。 Then the system check 100 in UDAL or whether there is a change to UDAL (step 312). 如果有,设备数据库304将更新(步骤314),以及如果历史要被存储(步骤316),将写档案(步骤318)。 If there is, the device database 304 is updated (step 314), and if the history is to be stored (step 316), the write file (step 318). 然后,系统100将校验触发器是否被触发(步骤320)。 Then, the system will check whether the trigger 100 is activated (step 320). 如果是,将产生脚本(步骤322),但如果不是,将校验其他模块(步骤324),以及如果检测到正结果,将执行特定模块动作(步骤326),例如通过发送适当的控制命令。 If so, the script will be generated (step 322), but if not, other modules will check (step 324), and if a positive result is detected, the module performs a specific operation (step 326), e.g., by sending appropriate control commands. 如果另一方面,在UDAL中没有改变或没有到UDAL的改变,系统将检验控制命令(步骤328)。 If on the other hand, there is no change in UDAL UDAL or not to change, the system will test the control command (step 328). 如果结果为正,UDAL值改变将发送到智能控制器108(步骤330)。 If the result is positive, UDAL value changes are sent to the smart controller 108 (step 330). 如果不是,系统中的时钟将检验现在是否为某些预定事件的时间(步骤332)。 If not, the system will test whether the current clock time for some predetermined event (step 332). 如果是,将产生适当的脚本(步骤322),但如果不是,系统100将恢复校验在UDAL中或到UDAL是否有改变(步骤312)。 If so, the appropriate script is generated (step 322), but if not, the system 100 will return to check whether there is a change in UDAL or to UDAL (step 312).

关于图13,是表示如上所述的智能控制器108的操作的流程图。 About 13, is a flowchart 108 of the intelligent controller as described above operations. 当启动系统100时,将初始化系统(步骤402),以及将从数据库406加载本地和设备UDAL(步骤404)。 When you start the system 100, the system is initialized (step 402), and 406 loaded from the database of local and equipment UDAL (step 404). 也将从数据库406加载设备设定值(步骤408)。 Also loaded from the database 406 machine settings (step 408). 然后,将智能控制器108连接到系统100(步骤410)。 Then, the intelligent controller 108 is connected to the system 100 (step 410). 然后,控制器108扫遍中央数据库以及识别连接到各个控制器108的所有设备和装置并获得它们的地址。 Then, the controller 108 sweep over the central database and identify all equipment and devices connected to each controller 108 and get their addresses. 还初始化所有相连的设备(步骤412)。 Also initializes all the devices (step 412) is connected. 通过由各自地址提供的信息,初始化每个设备/装置。 By providing the respective address information by initializing each device / devices. 这是通过为设备或装置的每个类型/品牌/模型而专门开发的单独程序逻辑来完成的。 This is done by each type of device or devices / brand / model specifically developed to complete a separate application logic. 一些设备或装置,例如用于声音生成的声卡安装在智能控制器108内。 Some equipment or devices, such as a sound card for sound generation is installed in the intelligent controller 108. 这些设备/装置用与其外部的设备/装置相同的方式被智能控制器108控制,尽管在设备/装置安装在智能控制器108内的情况下,它们不必经物理布线向智能控制器108发送信号,通信通常更可靠且瞬时。 These devices / device and its external equipment means the same way / are intelligent controller 108 controls, although in the case of equipment / device is mounted in the controller 108 of the intelligent, they are not necessarily physically wiring 108 sends a signal to the intelligent controller, Communication is generally more reliable and instantaneous. 然后更新所有设备状态(步骤414)。 Then update the status of all devices (step 414). 转换器存在以便调用特定控制协议来获得它们状态的状况(步骤416)。 Converter in order to invoke the presence of a specific control protocol to obtain the status of their state (step 416).

智能控制器108将维持与设备/装置通信。 Intelligent controller 108 will maintain / devices communicate with the device. 当状态或设定值已经改变,例如当温度有变化时温度调节装置的状态将改变,装置可以自动发送通知消息。 When the status has changed or a set value, e.g., when the temperature of the temperature adjusting means changes the state of the change, the device can automatically send a notification message. 装置,例如数字I/O模块另一方面可以要求定期轮询以便发现其当前状态和设定值,然后将它们与状态和设定值的系统内部副本进行比较以便发现它们中是否有任何改变。 Devices, such as digital I / O modules may be required to periodically poll the other hand in order to find its current status and settings, and then copy them to the internal system status and set values are compared to find out if there are any changes in them.

然后,系统100将连续地检验在各个设备和装置的状态中是否已经有任何改变(步骤418)。 Then, the system 100 continuously checks whether there has been any change in the status of each device and the device (step 418). 如果在设备和/或装置的状态或设定值中有改变,该设备/装置所连的智能控制器108将向家庭服务器106发送信息以便其他程序或其他智能控制器可以作用于该信息。 If there is a change in state or setpoint device and / or the apparatus, the apparatus / device are attached intelligent controller 108 will send information to the home server 106 to other programs or other intelligent controller can act on the information. 设备状态将映射成UDAL值(步骤420),且该UDAL值然后在服务器中更新(步骤422)。 Device status will be mapped into UDAL value (step 420), and then updates the UDAL value in the server (step 422). 这次更新(步骤420)之后,或如果在状态中没有任何变化,那么系统将校验是否有任何UDAL变化(步骤424)。 The update (step 420) after or if there is no change in the state, then the system will check if there are any UDAL change (step 424). 如果有任何UDAL变化,UDAL值将映射成设备状态(步骤426),以及相应地设置设备状态(步骤428)。 If there are any changes UDAL, UDAL value will be mapped into the device state (step 426), and accordingly set the device state (step 428). 然后,转换器将状态变化转换成特定控制协议(步骤430),用于操作与智能控制器108相连的装置或设备。 Then, the converter will convert into a specific state change control protocol (step 430), for the operation of the device or devices connected to the intelligent controller 108. 特别地,转换器能将控制各个设备的专用装置转换成标准接口,以便允许系统100经统一方式控制和兼容电气和/或电子设备。 Special apparatus Specifically, the converter can control the respective devices into a standard interface to allow the control system 100 via a unified manner and a compatible electrical and / or electronic devices. 当根据系统100指示时,智能控制器108将对这一请求起使用以便控制或启动设备/装置上的动作。 When the system 100 according to instructions from the intelligent controller 108 will request the use of the device in order to control or initiate action on the unit /. 实现这些动作的特定方式由装置的品牌和模型,以及由该装置所使用的通信协议而定。 Specific manner in which these actions by the brand and model of the device, and a communication protocol used by the device may be. 智能控制器108还由图形芯片建立用户接口,其输出直接连接到可视输出,例如电视机,以便允许用户使用电视机来控制系统100。 Intelligent controller 108 also established by the graphic user interface chip, whose output is directly connected to the visual output, such as a television, to allow the user to use the television control system 100.

通过本发明,可以构造和实现基于威胁的安全系统。 By the present invention, may be constructed and implemented security system based threats. 在这种系统中,将“事件”定义成输入服务(例如传感器)的状态中的变化;将“组”定义成看作形成相干集的类似事件的集合(例如在安全区中);“威胁”由事件代表的安全危险的量和性质作为参考来确定,给出先前事件的顺序和威胁级别;以及“动作”是当特定威胁超出预定阈值水平时执行的动作,其可以由先前检测的事件的顺序和性质来控制。 In this system, the "event" is defined as an input service (such as sensors) state changes; the "group" is defined as the formation of a coherent set of similar regarded as a collection of events (for example, in the security zone); "threat "The amount and nature of the security risks represented by the event as a reference to determine, in the order given, and threat level of previous events; and" action "is the action when a specific threat exceeds a predetermined threshold level when executed, which may consist of a previously detected event The order and properties to control.

在这种系统中,当已经改变输入服务/传感器的特定状态时,例如,窗户传感器从关改变成开时,检测事件。 In such a system, when the state has changed to enter specific service / sensor, for example, the window sensors changed from OFF to On, detection event. 如此检测的事件映射到包含特定事件类型的一组上,例如正打开窗户。 Thus detected events mapped to a specific type of event on a group, such as the windows are open. 每个映射组具有内在的优选级,以及然后根据优选级排序组列表,允许由更专用的组来覆盖更通用的组,例如允许除特定窗户外,监视所有窗户打开。 Each mapping class group is inherently preferable, and then sort the list according to the preferred level, allowing the more specialized groups to cover more general group, such as allowing a specific window in addition, the monitoring of all the windows open.

然后,将最高优先级的组映射到当激活组时将触发的一组威胁。 Then, the highest priority group is mapped to a set of threat when the activation group will trigger. 根据特定事件以及先前事件的顺序,如果有的话,每个威胁将产生相应的威胁等级数以及威胁类型。 According to the order of a particular event and the previous event, if any, each threat will produce a corresponding threat level number and types of threats. 例如,如果在由窗户附近的运动检测器检测到运动后,正打开窗户则特别可疑。 For example, if detected by the motion detector near a window to the sport, are opening the windows were particularly suspicious. 然而,如果在房间内的运动后打开窗户,可疑等级将较低,其可以表示房间内的某个人正打开窗户通风。 However, if you open the window after exercise room, suspicious grades will be lower, which may represent a person in the room are open the windows for ventilation.

最高威胁等级将当作这一特定事件的威胁等级,因为该事件可以表示用于不同区域/情形的不同威胁等级,以及仅考虑最高威胁等级。 The highest threat level as the threat level of this particular event, because the event may represent different areas / situations different threat levels, and consider only the highest threat level. 该系统将监视当前威胁等级,以及将当前事件的威胁等级增加到当前威胁等级上,在这种情况下,连续地监视和评估房屋的威胁度。 The system will monitor the current threat level, as well as the threat level increases to current events on the current threat level in this case, to continuously monitor and assess the threat of the housing. 如果在任何时间,结果的当前威胁等级超出预定水平,那么将采取一个或多个预定动作,例如触发报警和/或开启庭院内的灯。 If at any time, the result of the current threat level exceeds the predetermined level, then will take one or more predetermined actions, such as triggering an alarm lamp courtyard and / or open. 在事件间通过预定时间周期后,将按预定百分比降低当前威胁等级,以便在长时间期间发生的事件被视为比非常短时间期间发生的事件造成更小的威胁,即一个事件在另一个之后立即发生。 During a predetermined time period after the event by, will reduce the predetermined percentage of the current threat level, so that the event occurred during long been regarded as a very short time period than the event occurred, causing more small threat, i.e., after an event in another occur immediately.

例如,下述表2提供指定给由安全系统的传感器检测到的示例性事件的列表的假定威胁等级: For example, the following Table 2 provides a list of assigned by the security system sensor detects the event of an exemplary assumption Threat Level:

表2 Table 2

假定系统设置成: Assumes that the system is configured to:

a.如果在任何一点,当前威胁等级达到至少10,将响应报警; . a If at any point, the current threat level to at least 10, will respond to the alarm;

b.随着每过去5分钟,当前威胁等级将自动下降10%,其间该系统未检测到新事件。 b. As per the last five minutes, the current threat level will automatically drop 10 percent, during the system does not detect a new event.

在这一例子中,如果在庭院中检测到运动,威胁等级将为1。 In this example, if the motion is detected in the courtyard, the threat level will be 1. 如果5分钟后未检测到新事件,威胁等级将下降到0.9,以及如果对另一5分钟,仍然未检测到事件,随后将为0.81。 If not detected after 5 minutes a new event, the threat level will drop to 0.9, and another five minutes if the event is still not detected, then will be 0.81. 假定在庭院中运动的2分钟内,检测到厨房窗打开,威胁等级将为4(即1+3)。 Assumed in the courtyard moving within two minutes, detects the kitchen window open, the threat level will be 4 (or 1 + 3). 因此,如果在打开厨房窗的30秒内,检测到厨房中的运动,威胁等级将上升到8(即4+4)。 Thus, if in the open kitchen window 30 seconds, detected movement in the kitchen, the threat level will rise to 8 (i.e. 4 + 4). 如果在5分钟内,检测到主卧室或存放保险箱的书房内的运动,威胁等级将上升到10或12。 If, within five minutes, detects the master bedroom or den safe storage of movement within, the threat level will rise to 10 or 12. 在任何一种情况下,将响起报警。 In either case, the alarm will sound. 然后,如果在假定6分钟后,检测到主卧室中的运动,威胁等级将仅为9.2(即8*90%+2),因此不足以引起报警。 Then, if the assumed six minutes later, detects motion in the master bedroom, the threat level will be only 9.2 (ie 8 * 90% + 2), and therefore not enough to cause alarm. 另一方面,如果假定在10分钟后,在存放保险箱的书房内检测到运动,威胁等级将为10.48(即8*90%*90%+4)。 On the other hand, if it is assumed after 10 minutes, in a storage safe den motion is detected, threat level will be 10.48 (i.e., 8 * 90% * 90% + 4). 在这种情况下,将仍然引起报警。 In this case, will still cause an alarm.

采用另一例子,如果事件顺序不同,假定在存放保险箱的书房中检测到运动,其后是5分钟内的厨房中的运动,然后其后是5分钟内打开厨房窗,然后是5分钟内的庭院中的运动,威胁等级将仅为9,其不足以引起报警。 Uses another example, if the sequence of events is different, assuming that motion is detected in the storage safe den, the kitchen, followed within five minutes of exercise, and then followed by the open kitchen window within five minutes, then within 5 minutes courtyard motion, the threat level will be only 9, its not enough to cause alarm.

这种基于威胁的安全系统的优点和特征包括: Such threats based advantages and features of the safety system comprising:

a.代替仅注意在单个设备/传感器的触发,还注意到房屋的居住者更关心的实际事件; . a note instead of only a single device in the trigger / sensor, also noted that actual events are more concerned about the occupants of the housing;

b.事件由以特定预定顺序触发的多个设备组成; . b events from multiple devices in a specific predetermined sequence triggered composition;

c.设备触发以及这些触发的顺序都被考虑;以及 . c triggering device and the order of these triggers are considered; and

d.根据是否已经记录某些事件,以及如果是,当那个事件被记录时,连续地监视和评估威胁等级。 d. Depending on whether certain events have been recorded, and if it is, when the event is logged, to continuously monitor and evaluate the threat level.

通过这种配置,基于它具有的实际威胁度,每个单个事件可用更智能的方法被分类,。 With this configuration, based on the actual degree of threat it has every single event can be classified more intelligent way. 当然,这是某些事件比其他更重要的问题。 Of course, this is more important than some events other problems. 错误报警将被降低。 False alarms will be reduced. 能将安全破坏事件与单纯的警告分开,从而使安全注意力集中到真正重要的事件上。 Security breaches can simply warn separate events, so that the security focus on the really important events. 根据威胁度能触发不同的响应动作,从而保证响应相关事件,能采取适当的动作。 According to the degree of threat can trigger a different response actions to ensure the response-related events, to take appropriate action.

通过根据本发明的上述集成可编程系统的配置,能实现下述功能: By arranging the integrated programmable system according to the present invention, to achieve the following functions:

a.身份识别; . a identification;

b.用于温度、照明、音乐、音频和/或可视装置的个性化设置; . b for temperature, lighting, music, audio, and personalization / or visual device disposed;

c.婴儿和老人监视; . c monitored infants and the elderly;

d.例如通过音频信号通知重大事件; . d major events such as the notification by the audio signal;

e.危险检测和报警; . e hazard detection and alarm;

f.通过触控板、红外遥控装置、移动电话、计算机或通过互联网,灵活地控制和监视系统; . f through the touch panel, an infrared remote control device, a mobile phone, a computer via the Internet, and the flexibility to control or monitoring system;

g.与大众化的现有电气和/或电子装置接口,例如X10、emWare、UPnP/Home API、Jini、HAVi等集成; . g with popular existing electrical and / or electronic device interface, such as X10, emWare, UPnP / Home API, Jini, HAVi and other integration;

h.完全控制整个房屋的照明,包括预定景物照明以及遥控另一房间或区域的灯; . h complete control of the entire house lighting, landscape lighting including lamps and remote scheduled another room or area;

i.自动、有计划或点播视频和电视演出; . i automatic, planned or on-demand video and television performances;

j.一个通用定时装置,用于(1)保持家庭成员的日历和计划;(2)提示和事件跟踪;(3)基于环境情况自动定时/预定事件,例如仅当未下雨时进行喷洒;(4)在预定时间播放预定消息或执行预定动作;(5)智能报警时钟,例如将收音机转到预定台,用于报告天气和交通状况; . j a general timing means for (1) maintaining a calendar of family members and plans; (2) tips and event tracking; (3) based on the environmental situation automatic timer / scheduled events, for example, only when no rain sprayed; (4) playing a predetermined message at a predetermined time or perform a predetermined action; (5) smart alarm clock, for example, to a predetermined radio station to report the weather and traffic conditions;

k.通过启动的运动/烟检测器,视频监视和安全监视所有窗和门; . k by starting the movement / smoke detectors, video surveillance and security monitoring all windows and doors;

l.在突破安全界限、安全触发器或火灾威胁时的智能动作,例如声音报警,经电话或互联网通知居住者,或向警察或消防队报告; . l intelligent action to break the boundaries of safety, security or fire triggers threats, such as an audible alarm to notify occupants by telephone or the Internet, or to report to the police or fire department;

m.自动产生不重复的在家场景,用于阻止闯入人; . m not automatically generate a scene repeated at home, used to prevent the intrusion of people;

n.在经远程视频识别后,允许来访者、工人或送货员进入,以及全程视频监视他们在房屋中的动作; . n In after remote video recognition, allowing the visitors, workers or courier to enter, as well as full video surveillance of their movements in the house;

o.通知电话呼叫者的身份; . o notice of the identity of a telephone caller;

p.设计用于所识别的电话呼叫者的祝贺和消息框; . p is designed for the identification of the caller's telephone greetings and message box;

q.特定的封锁或转移特定的电话呼叫者; q specific blockade or transfer specific telephone callers.;

r.用于个人或事件重放的消息框; . r message box for personal or event playback;

s.通过WAP或普通电话访问的电话系统,用于遥控、消息中心访问和状态监视; . s accessed via WAP phone or regular phone system for remote control, message center access and status monitoring;

t.在整个房屋中插入互联网和环球网访问; t insert the Internet and World Wide Web access throughout the house.;

u.经互联网遥控、视频监视和状态监视;以及 . u remote control via the Internet, video surveillance, and status monitoring; and

v.房屋内的电子邮件服务。 v. e-mail service within the house.

可以看出由于使用现有的标准接口,各种现有的和未来的电气和/或电子装置可以集成到该系统中。 As can be seen due to the use of existing standard interface, the various existing and future electrical and / or electronic devices may be integrated into the system. 还可使终端用户根据他或她自己的需要,并考虑到房屋的实际环境,将新的装置并入该系统中。 Also allows the end user based on his or her own needs, taking into account the actual circumstances of housing, the new device will be incorporated into the system. 由于该系统能通过不同现有的标准接口与这些装置相连,因此能集成大量这些装置,从而大大地增加了系统适应不同制造商的不同种类的装置的能力。 As the system through a different existing standard interfaces connecting these devices, and therefore a large number of these devices can be integrated, thus greatly increasing the ability of the system to adapt to different types of devices of different manufacturers. 简单地说,根据本发明的系统是开放式平台,具有实际上无限的扩展和改进可能性。 Briefly, the system according to the present invention is an open platform with virtually unlimited possibilities of extended and improved.

应注意到上述仅示例说明本发明可以执行的例子,在不背离本发明的精神的情况下,可以做出各种改进和/或改变。 Should be noted that the above examples merely illustrate examples of the present invention can be performed, without departing from the spirit of the present invention may be made of various modifications and / or changes. 尽管用面向家庭的例子示例说明了上述例子,当然应理解到本发明同样适合于其他房屋,例如办公室、工厂、医院等等。 Although the use of family-oriented examples illustrate examples of the above examples, of course, it should be understood that the invention is equally applicable to other houses, such as offices, factories, hospitals and so on.

还应理解到为清楚起见,在各个独立实施例的情况下描述的本发明的某些特征可以在单个实施例中结合提供。 It should also be appreciated that, for clarity, certain features of the invention in the case where the individual embodiments described herein may be combined in a single embodiment provided. 相反,为简化起见,在单个实施例的情况下描述的本发明的不同特征也可以单独地或以任何适当的子组合提供。 Instead, for simplicity, the different features of the present invention under the conditions described in a single embodiment may also be provided separately or in any suitable subcombination.

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