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Publication numberCN1568162 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 02820345
PCT numberPCT/US2002/026572
Publication date19 Jan 2005
Filing date20 Aug 2002
Priority date20 Aug 2001
Also published asCA2457130A1, CA2457130C, CN100522089C, DE60229650D1, EP1424945A2, EP1424945A4, EP1424945B1, US6793660, US20030036762, WO2003015845A2, WO2003015845A3
Publication number02820345.3, CN 02820345, CN 1568162 A, CN 1568162A, CN-A-1568162, CN02820345, CN02820345.3, CN1568162 A, CN1568162A, PCT/2002/26572, PCT/US/2/026572, PCT/US/2/26572, PCT/US/2002/026572, PCT/US/2002/26572, PCT/US2/026572, PCT/US2/26572, PCT/US2002/026572, PCT/US2002/26572, PCT/US2002026572, PCT/US200226572, PCT/US2026572, PCT/US226572
InventorsSH凯尔, MT福尔默
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Threaded syringe
CN 1568162 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明涉及一种可输入骨替代材料的注射器(10)。 The present invention relates to a bone substitute material can enter the syringe (10). 注射器(10)包括容纳材料的圆筒(12),位于圆筒(12)中带有螺纹部分的活塞(14),和设有与圆筒(12)同轴的螺纹通孔(50)的接合件(13)。 Syringe (10) comprises a cylindrical holding material (12), located within the cylinder (12) having a piston (14) of the threaded portion, and is provided with the cylinder (12) coaxial with the threaded through hole (50) engagement member (13). 通过沿轴向推动活塞(14)和使活塞(14)转动,活塞(14)的螺纹部分可在圆筒(12)的螺纹通孔(50)中移动。 By pushing in the axial direction of the piston (14) and the piston (14) is rotated, the piston (14) movable in the cylindrical threaded portion (12) threaded through hole (50). 本发明还涉及从注射器(10)挤出材料的方法。 The present invention also relates to a method of extruding material from the syringe (10).
Claims(17)  translated from Chinese
1.一种可输入骨替代材料的注射器,其包括:容纳材料的圆筒,具有从中延伸的纵轴线;位于所述圆筒中带有螺纹部分的活塞,和同轴地位于所述圆筒的接合件,所述接合件包括带螺纹的通孔,所述螺纹可与所述活塞的螺纹部分相连接;其中通过沿轴向推动所述活塞和使所述活塞转动,可使所述活塞的螺纹部分在所述螺纹通孔中移动。 A syringe can enter the bone substitute material, comprising: a cylindrical receiving material, having a longitudinal axis extending therefrom; a piston located in the cylindrical threaded portion, and said cylinder coaxially located engagement member, said engagement member comprises a threaded through hole, the threads can be connected to the threaded portion of the piston; wherein by axially pushing the piston and the piston is rotated, the piston can threaded portion moves in the threaded through hole.
2.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述接合件具有C形状并包括径向延伸的槽。 2. The syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that said engaging member having a C shape and includes a slot extending radially.
3.根据权利要求2所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述接合件可沿径向膨胀。 3. The syringe as claimed in claim 2, characterized in that the engagement member is radially expandable.
4.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述通孔的截面可变化。 Syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that the cross section of the through-holes may vary.
5.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述通孔包括内表面,当所述活塞通过时,可与所述活塞完全接触。 5. A syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that said through hole includes an inner surface, when said piston through contact with the piston fully.
6.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,当向远端推动所述活塞时,材料在第一压力下从所述圆筒挤出;当旋转所述活塞前进时,材料在第二压力下从所述圆筒挤出。 Syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that, when distally pushes the piston material at a first pressure extruded from the cylinder; when the rotation of the piston forward, the material in the first Two out under pressure from the cylinder.
7.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,当沿轴向推动所述活塞时,所述活塞的螺纹部分通过所述接合件时产生可听到的声响。 7. A syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that, when pushing the piston axially, the threaded portion of the piston when the engaging member by generating an audible sound.
8.根据权利要求7所述的注射器,其特征在于,每次伴随可听到的声响从所述圆筒挤出预定数量的材料。 8. A syringe according to claim 7, characterized in that the sound can be heard each time accompanied by a predetermined amount of material extruded from the cylinder.
9.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,当所述活塞随每次转动前进时,从所述圆筒挤出预定数量的材料。 Syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that when the piston is advancing with each rotation, the cylindrical extruded from a predetermined amount of material.
10.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,所述注射器还包括连接件,其结构可容纳包装部件,所述包装部件容纳材料,可帮助材料从所述包装部件传送到所述圆筒。 10. A syringe according to claim 1, wherein the syringe further comprises a connecting member, the structure can accommodate packing member, the packing member receiving material, material can be transferred from the package helps to said cylindrical member.
11.根据权利要求10所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述连接件包括漏斗件,可将材料漏入所述圆筒。 11. A syringe according to claim 10, characterized in that said connecting member comprises a funnel member, the material may leak into the cylinder.
12.根据权利要求1所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述注射器还包括指压件,其连接到所述圆筒的近端,所述接合件位于所述指压件之中。 12. A syringe according to claim 1, characterized in that said syringe further comprises acupressure member, which is connected to the proximal end of said cylinder, said engaging member being located in said finger pressing member.
13.根据权利要求12所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述指压件包括两个半壳体。 13. A syringe according to claim 12, characterized in that said finger pressure member comprises two half-shells.
14.根据权利要求12所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述接合件可在所述指压件中的第一位置和第二位置之间移动,在第一位置通过沿轴向推动所述活塞可使所述活塞前进,在第二位置通过转动所述活塞可使所述活塞前进。 14. A syringe according to claim 12, characterized in that said engaging member movable between a first press member and a second position in the finger, in a first position by pushing the axially Piston The piston can move forward in the second position by the rotation of the piston allows the piston to move forward.
15.根据权利要求14所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述接合件包括延伸臂,当所述接合件位于第一位置时,可与所述指压件的内壁接触。 15. A syringe as claimed in claim 14, wherein said engaging member includes an extension arm, when the engaging member in the first position, with the finger contacts the inner wall of the pressure member.
16.根据权利要求14所述的注射器,其特征在于,所述接合件与座部件接合,当所述接合件位于第二位置时,可防止所述接合件膨胀。 16. A syringe according to claim 14, characterized in that said engagement member engages with the seat member, when the engaging member in the second position, the engaging member prevents expansion.
17.一种从注射器中挤出材料的方法,所述注射器包括设有接合件的圆筒和活塞,所述方法包括步骤:推动所述活塞通过所述接合件,使所述活塞在所述圆筒中移动;和转动所述活塞通过所述接合件,使所述活塞在所述圆筒中移动。 17. A material extruded from the syringe, said syringe comprising engaging member provided with a piston and cylinder, the method comprising the steps of: pushing the plunger through the engagement member, the piston in the moving cylinder; and rotating said piston through said engaging member to move the piston in the cylinder.
Description  translated from Chinese
一种带螺纹的注射器 A syringe threaded

发明领域本发明涉及一种带螺纹的注射器,具体地,本发明涉及用于输入骨替代材料的注射器。 Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a threaded syringe, in particular, the present invention relates to a syringe is used to enter a bone substitute material.

背景技术 Background

可注射输入的骨替代材料用于修理和增强整形裂纹和缺陷。 Injectable bone substitute material input for the repair and enhanced plastic cracks and defects. 骨替代材料还可用于某些要求在骨质上形成空穴的诊断或治疗方法。 Bone substitute materials can also be used for the diagnosis or treatment of certain requirements of the hole formed in the bone. 这些诊断或治疗方法可用于处理任何骨问题,如骨质疏松症、骨无血坏死、骨癌或骨损伤等造成的裂纹、压裂或破裂。 These methods can be used for diagnostic or therapeutic treatment of any bone problems, such as osteoporosis, bone necrosis without blood, bone or bone damage caused by crack, fracture or rupture. 这些问题如果未成功处理,会导致畸形、慢性并发症和形成对生活质量的负面冲击。 These problems, if not successfully treated, can lead to deformities, chronic complications, and the formation of a negative impact on quality of life.

另外,已经知道在一些手术过程中,需要在较低压力下注入大量的骨替代材料,然后在较高压力下基本不加力地注入少量的材料。 In addition, it is known in some surgical procedures, we need to inject a large amount of bone substitute materials at a lower pressure, and substantially no urging to inject a small amount of material at high pressure. 然而,尤其在高粘性或连续不断但柔软的粘固剂成分的情况下,采用标准推动型注射器通过沿轴向施加压力到注射器活塞,难以产生足以使材料通过注射器出口的压力。 However, especially in a highly viscous or in case of continuous but soft cement composition, the use of standard syringe driven by applying pressure to the syringe plunger in the axial direction, it is difficult to produce enough of the material through a syringe outlet pressure. 另外的严重问题是一旦向活塞施加足够的压力,就难以精确地控制通过圆筒出口挤出的材料数量,导致过多的流出(如流到骨空穴外)。 Another serious problem is that once sufficient pressure is applied to the piston, it is difficult to precisely control the amount of material extruded through the outlet cylinder, resulting in excessive flows (e.g., flows outside the bone hole).

已经采用了各种类型器具来输送如骨粘固剂这样的骨替代材料,例如带有扳机机构的注射枪,其中使用了具有杆形式的扳机机构。 Various types of instruments have been used to deliver bone cement such as bone substitute material, such as injection gun with a trigger mechanism, wherein the trigger mechanism has a rod form. 为此目的也可使用标准的包括圆筒和活塞的推动型注射器。 Can also be used for this purpose include standard cylinder and push the syringe piston.

美国专利No.5,638,997公开了一种具有扳机机构的骨粘固剂注射枪,扳机机构具有对应于触发行程的第一和第二机械利益。 U.S. Patent No.5,638,997 discloses a bone cement injection gun having a trigger mechanism, a trigger mechanism having a trigger stroke corresponds to the first and second mechanical advantage. 在专利No.4,338,925中第一机械利益有助于产生高压,所介绍的带扳机机构的注射枪使用具有恒定机械利益的扳机机构。 Patent No.4,338,925 first mechanical advantage to help generate high pressure injection gun with a trigger mechanism described using a trigger mechanism with a constant mechanical advantage.

带扳机机构的注射枪通常缺少改善的触觉反馈,而这是注射器所具有的。 Injection gun with a trigger mechanism generally lack the improved tactile feedback, which is possessed by the syringe. 这种改善的触觉反馈很重要,当存在阻塞或其它障碍阻止材料从输送机构挤出时,其能够引起手术医生的注意;而且对于敏感的手术,如修理脊椎骨手术,的效果也是很重要的。 This improved tactile feedback is very important, when there is a blockage or other barriers prevent material extruded from the delivery mechanism when it can cause the surgeon's attention; and for sensitive operation, such as repairs spine surgery, the effect is very important.

欧洲专利B1-006430介绍了一种注入器或注射器,可将骨粘固剂注入手术准备的骨空穴。 European patent describes a B1-006430 injector or syringe, the bone cement can be injected into the bone hole surgery to prepare. 骨粘固剂注入器包括活塞和圆柱形管,带有小截面喷嘴管的喷嘴连接到圆柱形管。 Bone cement injector comprises a piston and a cylindrical tube with a small cross-section of the nozzle pipe connected to the cylindrical tube nozzle. 这种结构的注入器能够以简单方式使糊状骨粘固剂混合和挤出。 Injector this structure can in a simple manner so that the bone cement paste mixing and extrusion. 为此,喷嘴管制成具有较小截面的两段构件。 To this end, the nozzle control into two components having a smaller cross-section.

美国专利No.4,576,152公开了另一种骨粘固剂注射器。 U.S. Patent No.4,576,152 discloses another bone cement syringe. 这种注射器在圆柱形管的底部设置了注入喷嘴,用于低压操作输送大量骨粘固剂。 This syringe at the bottom of a cylindrical tube injection nozzle is provided for transporting a large number of low-voltage operation of the bone cement. 用于高压注入的喷嘴可释放地固定到圆柱形管,该喷嘴件可取下以便进行低压注入,当安装上时进行高压注入。 For high-pressure injection nozzle is releasably secured to the cylindrical tube, the nozzle assembly can be removed for a low pressure injection, high pressure injection when installed on time.


本发明涉及一种可输送骨替代材料的注射器。 The present invention relates to a bone substitute material delivery syringe. 该注射器包括容纳材料的圆筒,位于所述圆筒中的带有螺纹部分的活塞,和与圆筒同轴的带有螺纹通孔的接合件。 The injector comprises a material receiving barrel, a piston in said cylinder, and a cylinder coaxial with the threaded portion of the engaging member with a threaded through hole. 通过沿轴向推动所述活塞和使所述活塞转动,可使活塞的螺纹部分在螺纹通孔中移动。 By axially pushing the piston and the piston is rotated, the threaded portion of the piston can move in a threaded through hole.

优选的接合件具有C形状并包括径向延伸的槽。 The engaging member preferably has a C shape and includes a slot extending radially. 另外,优选的接合件可沿径向膨胀。 Further, the engaging member is preferably radially expandable. 在一实施例中,通孔的截面可变化。 In one embodiment, the cross section of the through-holes may vary. 在另一实施例中,通孔的内表面,当所述活塞通过时,可与活塞完全接触。 In another embodiment, the inner surface of the through hole when the piston passes, be in full contact with the piston.

在另一优选实施例中,向远端推动活塞时,材料在第一压力下从圆筒挤出;当旋转活塞前进时,材料在第二压力下从圆筒挤出。 In another preferred embodiment, when the distal end pushes the piston, the material is extruded from the cylinder at a first pressure; when the rotary piston forward, the material is extruded from the pressure in the second cylinder. 当沿轴向推动活塞时,活塞的螺纹部分通过接合件时最好产生可听到的声响。 When push the piston in the axial direction, the threaded portion of the piston through the engaging member preferably generates an audible sound. 每次伴随可听到的声响最好有预定数量的材料从圆筒挤出。 Every sound can be heard along with the best with a predetermined amount of material extruded from the cylinder. 此外当所述活塞随着每次转动前进时,预定数量的材料从圆筒挤出。 In addition, when the piston is rotated forward as each time, a predetermined amount of material extruded from the cylinder.

注射器最好还包括连接件,其结构可容纳部分的容纳材料的包装部件,连接件有助于使材料从所述包装部件输送到圆筒。 Syringe preferably also includes a connector member, the structure can accommodate accommodate materials of the packaging component portion, the connector helps the material is conveyed from the packaging components into the cylinder. 优选的连接件包括漏斗件,可使材料漏入圆筒。 Preferably the connector includes a funnel member, make material leaking into the cylinder.

注射器最好还包括连接到圆筒近端的指压件,所述接合件位于所述指压件中。 Preferably further comprising a syringe connected to the proximal end of the cylindrical acupressure member, the engaging member located at the acupressure member. 在一实施例中,所述指压件包括两个半壳体。 In one embodiment, the acupressure member comprises two half-shells. 在优选实施例中,所述接合件可在指压件中的第一位置和第二位置之间移动,在第一位置沿轴向推动所述活塞使所述活塞前进,在第二位置转动活塞可使所述活塞前进。 In a preferred embodiment, the engaging member can be finger pressure member movable between a first position and a second position, the first position of the piston axially pushing the piston forward in the second rotational position piston allows the piston to move forward. 优选的接合件包括延伸臂,当所述接合件位于第一位置时,可与所述指压件的内壁接触。 The preferred engagement member includes an extension arm, when the engaging member in the first position, the finger in contact with the inner wall of the pressure member. 接合件最好与座部件接合,当所述接合件位于第二位置时,可防止接合件膨胀。 The engaging member is preferably engaged with the holder member, when the engaging member in the second position, the engaging member prevents expansion.

本发明还涉及从注射器挤出材料的方法,注射器包括设有接合件的圆筒和活塞,优选的方法包括下列步骤:推动活塞通过接合件使活塞在圆筒中移动;转动活塞通过接合件使活塞在圆筒中移动。 The present invention also relates to a method of extruded material from the syringe, the syringe comprising a cylindrical member and engaging with the piston, the preferred method comprises the steps of: engaging member by pushing the piston to move the piston in the cylinder; rotation of the piston by the piston engaging member movement in the cylinder.

附图说明 Brief Description

图1是根据本发明的注射器的透视图;图2是图1注射器的前视图,显示了指压件的截面;图3是图1注射器的接合件的透视图;图4是图1带螺纹活塞的透视图;图5是图1带螺纹活塞的螺纹的部分纵向截面图;图6是显示材料管连接到图1注射器的分解透视图;图7是图6连接件的透视图;图8是显示材料输送到图1注射器的截面图;图9是与图1注射器分开的图6的管的透视图;图10是显示图4活塞插入图1圆筒的透视图;和图11A和11B是图1指压件的部分截面图,分别显示了位于第一和第二位置的接合件。 Figure 1 is a perspective view of a syringe according to the invention; Figure 2 is a front view of a syringe, showing the cross section of acupressure member; Figure 3 is a perspective view of the fastener of Figure 1 injector; Figure 4 is a threaded 1 a perspective view of the piston; FIG. 5 is a partial longitudinal sectional view of a screw threaded piston; FIG. 6 is a graph showing the tube material is connected to the exploded perspective view of the syringe of FIG. 1; FIG. 7 is a perspective view of the connector of FIG. 6; FIG. 8 display material is supplied to a cross-sectional view of a syringe; Fig. 9 is a perspective view of the syringe tube to separate FIG. 6; FIG. 10 is a perspective view of the piston cylinder shown in Figure 4 inset; and FIGS. 11A and 11B Figure 1 is a partial sectional view of the acupressure member, respectively, show the position of the first and second engagement member.


参考图1和图2,根据本发明的注射器10的第一实施例包括圆柱体或圆筒12、接合件13、和带螺纹的活塞14。 Referring to Figures 1 and 2, a first embodiment of the syringe according to the present invention includes a cylindrical body or cylinder 10 12, the engaging member 13, and a threaded plunger 14. 注射器可用于输送药物,最好用于输送促进受伤或患病骨头恢复的材料。 Syringe can be used to deliver drugs, it is best for transporting injured or diseased bone to promote the recovery of material. 这些用于医治骨头的适合材料示例包括聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯(PMMA),磷酸钙粘固剂,如可从加利福尼亚州的Norian Corporation of Cupertino公司购买的Norian磷酸钙骨粘固剂;硫酸钙粘固剂;脱除有机质的骨混悬液,或其他骨充填材料或骨替代材料。 These examples are suitable for the treatment of bone material include polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), calcium phosphate cements, as may be purchased from the company of Cupertino, California, Norian Corporation Norian calcium phosphate bone cement; calcium sulfate sticky fixing agent; removing organic bone suspension, or other bone filling material or bone substitute material. 在优选实施例中,注射器10可输送较高粘性或连续不断,但柔软的材料,或具有较低液固比的材料,如糊状材料。 In a preferred embodiment, the syringe 10 can deliver a higher viscosity or continuous, but flexible material, or having a lower ratio of liquid to solid materials, such as pastes.

圆筒12包括沿圆筒12的纵轴线18从近端20延伸到远端22的中心通道或孔16。 12 comprises a cylinder 12 along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder 18 extends from the proximal end 20 to distal end 22 of the central passageway or bore 16. 孔16内部基本为圆柱形,其直径D最好为大约0.625英寸。 A substantially cylindrical interior bore 16 having a diameter D is preferably about 0.625 inches. 出口通道24在孔16远端与孔16流体连通,其直径小于孔16的直径。 The outlet passage 24 in communication with the distal end of the bore 16 in fluid bore 16, the diameter of the hole 16 having a diameter of less than. 当使用注射器10时,可通过出口通道挤出圆筒12容纳物。 When using a syringe 10, extrusion cylinder 12 can accommodate material through the outlet channel. 孔16内壁在远端形成锥度,带有收缩角26,以过渡到较小直径的出口通道24。 The inner wall of the hole 16 is formed in the distal taper angle 26 with a contraction in the transition to the smaller diameter of the outlet channel 24. 在优选实施例中,收缩角26大约为90度,以帮助离开孔16的材料传输和进入出口通道32。 In a preferred embodiment, the converging angle 26 is about 90 degrees to help leave the material transport holes 16 and into the outlet channel 32. 圆筒12一般具有圆柱形外表面28,在近端20最好设有至少一个环状法兰30,法兰沿径向延伸超过外表面28。 Cylinder 12 having a generally cylindrical outer surface 28, at the proximal end 20 is preferably provided with at least one annular flange 30, the flange extends radially beyond the outer surface 28. 两个平面的指压件的固定件33从圆筒12的近端20径向向外延伸,并纵向延伸超过圆筒12近端20,以支撑指压件34。 Two planes finger pressing member 33 fixed member extending from the proximal end 20 radially outwardly cylinder 12 and cylinder 12 longitudinally extending beyond the proximal end 20 to support the acupressure member 34.

针头连接部分36在注射器10的远端22形成。 Needle connecting portion 36 is formed at the distal end 22 of syringe 10. 针头连接部分36包括从圆筒12远端向远端方向延伸的中心圆柱体38,其内部形成出口通道32。 Needle connecting portion 36 includes a central cylinder 12 that extends from the distal end of the cylinder 38 in the distal direction, the outlet passage 32 formed therein. 两个翼片40从圆筒12远端延伸到注射器10的远端22。 Two flaps 40 extending from the distal end of the cylinder 12 to the distal end 22 of the syringe 10. 至少一个法兰42位于针头连接部分36的远端,以帮助针头或类似器件连接到注射器10的远端22。 At least one flange connecting portion 42 located on the distal end 36 of the needle, the needle or the like to help connect to the distal end 22 of the syringe 10.

指压件34在注射器10的近端20连接到指压件固定件33,其形状适合使用者使用注射器时用手指按压。 It refers to press with your fingers pressing member 34 at the proximal end 20 of the syringe 10 is connected to the acupressure member mount 33, the shape for the user to use a syringe. 在优选实施例中,指压件34包括两个半壳体44,其与固定件33配合并可通过超声波焊接连接到一起。 In a preferred embodiment, the acupressure member 34 comprises two half-shells 44, which can be connected with the fixed member 33 fit together by ultrasonic welding. 指压件34的远端部分最好对接环形法兰30,这样,当使用注射器时,沿近端方向施加到指压件34上的力可传递到圆筒12,反之亦然。 Shiatsu distal end portion 34 of the best butt annular flange 30, so that when using a syringe, in the proximal direction of that force applied to the pressing member 34 can be transmitted to the cylinder 12, and vice versa. 指压件34内一部分与固定件33对接或接触,因此,任何传递到指压件34的转动力可传递到圆筒12,反之亦然。 Shiatsu docking member 33 or inner part 34 in contact with the fixing member, and therefore, no pressure is transmitted to the finger member 34 may be a rotational force is transmitted to the cylinder 12, and vice versa. 指压件34的外部包括中心圆柱部分46,其直径稍大于圆筒12的直径;和两个平行圆筒12纵轴线18的指状部分48。 Acupressure member 34 includes a central outer cylindrical portion 46 having a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the cylinder 12; 12 and two parallel cylindrical longitudinal portions 18 of the fingers 48. 指压件34内部至少部分是中空的,可容纳接合件13。 34 Internal Shiatsu is at least partially hollow, can accommodate fasteners 13. 在优选实施例中,接合件13在中心圆柱部分46内部可沿径向自由膨胀和沿轴向自由移动。 In a preferred embodiment, the engaging member 13 inside the central cylindrical portion 46 can freely radially expand and axially free to move along. 另一实施例中,接合件13可容纳于圆筒12,或与圆筒整体形成。 Another embodiment, the engaging member 13 accommodated in the cylinder 12 may be, or integrally formed with the cylinder.

参考图2和图3,接合件13位于相邻的圆筒12近端20,包括内表面54上带有螺纹52的通孔50。 With reference to FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, the engaging member 13 adjacent the proximal end 20 of the cylinder 12, the inner surface 54 comprises a threaded through hole 52 50. 接合件13的螺纹52与法兰14的螺纹互补。 A threaded fastener 13 with the flange 52 of the thread 14 complementary. 在优选实施例中,接合件13具有C形状,其外径一般对应于上面介绍的环形法兰30的直径。 In a preferred embodiment, the engaging member 13 has a C shape, having an outside diameter generally corresponding to the diameter of the annular flange 30 described above. 槽56沿径向从通孔50延伸到接合件13外表面58,使得接合件13可沿径向膨胀,如图3中的箭头60所示。 Grooves 56 extending radially from the through hole 50 to the outer surface 13 engaging member 58, so that the engagement member 13 can be radially expanded, as shown by an arrow 60 in FIG. 在优选实施例中,接合件13和螺纹通孔50位于指压件34中,与圆筒12的中心孔16轴向对准。 In a preferred embodiment, the engagement member 13 and the threaded through holes 50 located in the finger pressing member 34, and the center hole 12 of the cylinder 16 axially aligned. 槽56与一个指压件固定件33对准并与之接合,接合件13的外表面58的一部分与另外的指压件固定件33对接。 Groove 56 and a shiatsu member mount 33 are aligned and engaged therewith, the outer surface of the part 13 with another 58 acupressure fixing member 33 abutting engagement. 接合件13可沿轴向在指压件34内部的第一位置和第二位置之间移动。 The engaging member 13 is axially movable between a first position acupressure member 34 and a second position inside. 第一位置离开指压件34,接合件在第一位置与圆筒12对接或接触,如图11A所示。 Acupressure member away from the first position 34, the engaging member in the first position in contact with the cylinder 12 or docking, shown in Figure 11A. 第二位置接近指压件34,接合件在第二位置与指压件的内壁对接或接触,如图11B所示。 A second position close to the acupressure member 34, the engaging member in a second position with finger pressure member inner wall or butt contacts, shown in Figure 11B. 槽56通过与指压件固定件33接合可防止接合件13转动。 Slot 56 by finger pressure fixing member 33 engages the engaging member 13 prevents rotation. 接合件13包括延伸臂62,当接合件位于第一位置时,可以与指压件34的内壁接触,延伸臂使接合件具有容易辨认的特征,可帮助注射器10正确安装。 Engaging member 13 includes an extension arm 62, when the engaging member in the first position, may be in contact with the inner wall of the finger 34 of the pressing member, the engaging member extending arm having a readily identifiable feature helps syringe 10 is properly installed.

参考图4,活塞14具有近端72,远端74,螺纹杆76,没有螺纹的顶端78,和整体形成的把手状的端部80。 Referring to Figure 4, the piston 14 has a proximal end 72, a distal end 74, the threaded rod 76, there is no thread to the top 78, and a handle-shaped end portion 80 integrally formed. 螺纹杆76的外螺纹82与接合件13的内螺纹52互补可互相连接。 Threaded rods 82 and 76 externally threaded member 13 engaging a complementary internal thread 52 can be connected to each other. 螺纹杆76的螺纹82的外径近似相同于圆筒12中心孔16的内径D,但稍小,可使螺纹杆76在紧密公差下在中心孔16中移动。 The outer diameter of the thread 82 of the threaded rod 76 in the cylinder 12 is approximately the same as the inner diameter D 16 of the central bore, but slightly smaller, the threaded rod 76 can move in a tight tolerance hole 16 at the center. 在一优选实施例中,螺纹杆76螺纹82的螺距大约为0.10英寸,或每英寸有大约10个螺纹。 In a preferred embodiment, the thread pitch of the threaded rod 76 is about 0.10 inches 82, or about 10 inches per thread. 螺纹82的侧角84,86最好不对称。 Side angle of the thread 82 of the best 84, 86 asymmetry. 如图5所示,螺纹杆76的各螺纹82的前侧表面88具有前侧角84。 As shown in Figure 5, the front side surface 76 of the respective screw threaded rod 88 having a front side 82 of the horn 84. 在优选实施例中,前侧角大约为60度,前侧角84最好在大约45到大约75度之间。 In a preferred embodiment, the front side angle of about 60 degrees, the front horn 84 is preferably between about 45 to about 75 degrees. 后侧表面90具有大约0度到10度之间的后侧角86,该角度最好为0度。 Rear surface 90 having a rear angle 86 of about 0 degrees to 10 degrees, preferably the angle is 0 degrees. 采用推动方式时优选的侧角可帮助注射器10输送材料,防止使用时的活塞14受到近端方向的推动或受力。 Preferred side angle helps push mode when using the syringe 10 transporting material to prevent proximal direction 14 driven by the force of the piston or use. 可清楚地看出上面介绍的螺纹形状是从英制梯形螺纹(Acme)改进得到,但又明显不同。 Apparent thread form described above is from acme screw thread (Acme) improved to give, but significantly different. 对于介绍螺纹和其构成部分所使用术语的更详细说明,读者可参考纽约,IndustrialPress Incorporated公司出版的机械加工手册的24版。 For introduction thread and its components are explained in more detail the terms used, the reader is referred 24 edition of New York, IndustrialPress Incorporated publishes machining manual. 其中许多介绍螺纹部分的定义在本文中参考引用。 Many of the threaded portion of the definition described herein by reference.

为了防止螺纹杆76的螺纹之间的材料在进入圆筒时向上回流,无螺纹顶部78的外直径近似相同于中心孔16的内径,但稍小,使无螺纹顶部78以非常小公差在中心孔16滑动。 In order to prevent the material between the threaded rod 76 threaded into the cylinder at reflux upward, the top 78 of the outer diameter of the unthreaded approximately the same as the inner diameter of the central bore 16, but slightly smaller, so that the top non-threaded 78 at the center in very small tolerances hole 16 slide. 无螺纹顶端78还设有环形凹槽,可容纳适当尺寸的○形圈(未显示),提供相对中心孔16内表面的有效密封。 Top 78 also has a non-threaded annular groove can accommodate appropriately sized ○-ring (not shown), to provide an effective seal relative to the center hole 16 of the inner surface. 无螺纹顶端78的远端74具有倾斜的顶表面92,可帮助注射器10排出最多数量的材料。 The distal end 78 of unthreaded tip 74 has an inclined top surface 92, syringe 10 can help the largest number of discharged material. 在优选实施例中,顶部78的远端设有角度在大约95到145度之间的活塞角94,角度在大约105到135度之间更好,最好是大约120度。 In a preferred embodiment, the distal end of the top 78 is provided at an angle of between about 95 to 145 degrees angle of a piston 94, an angle preferably between about 105 to 135 degrees, preferably about 120 degrees. 已经明确,不希望活塞角94与收缩角26相等。 We have made it clear, do not want to shrink piston 94 and the angle equal to the angle 26. 活塞角94最好大于收缩角26,这样注射器可排出最大数量的材料。 Piston 94 is preferably greater than the contraction angle corner 26, so that the syringe can be discharged maximum amount of material.

活塞14可进行轴向推动或转动通过接合件13在圆筒12内前进。 Piston 14 can be pushed axially or rotated by the engaging member 13 forward in the cylinder 12. 通过沿轴向推动活塞14,活塞14可沿圆筒12的纵轴线18移动通过接合件13的螺纹通孔50。 By pushing the threaded axial through-hole of the piston 14, the piston 14 is movable along the longitudinal axis 18 of the cylinder 12 to move the engaging member 13 by 50. 也可通过转动活塞使活塞14的螺纹杆76的螺纹82与螺纹通孔50的螺纹啮合,使活塞14沿圆筒12的纵轴线移动。 Also by rotating the threaded piston rod 76 of the piston 14 threads 82 threadedly engaged with the threaded through-hole 50, the piston 14 along the longitudinal axis 12 of the cylinder to move.

参考图6到9,在优选实施例中,连接件110可连接到活塞12的近端20,以使材料输入圆筒12。 With reference to Figure 6-9, in the preferred embodiment, the connecting member 110 may be connected to the proximal end 20 of the piston 12, the cylinder 12 so that the input material. 连接件110可安装到带有连接器98的包装部件或管96,以帮助管96中容纳的材料输入注射器。 Connecting member 110 may be mounted to 98 with a connector tube 96 of packaging components or to help accommodate the material input injector tube 96.

如图7所示,优选连接件110包括反转的中心漏斗件112,其具有从位于底部的较大的开口部116向上延伸的较窄的圆柱形顶部114。 As shown in Figure 7, the connecting member 110 preferably includes a central inverted funnel member 112, 116 having the narrow cylindrical top portion extending upwardly from a larger opening at the bottom portion 114. 螺纹接合指状件118与开口部116间隔开,可与接合件13的接合螺纹52连接。 Threaded engagement with the fingers 118 spaced from the opening portion 116, the engaging member 13 can engage with a threaded connection 52. 两个释放臂120从顶部114的端部径向向外延伸,可帮助连接件110相对圆筒12的近端20插入和取出。 Two release arm 120 extends radially outwardly from the top end 114, can help the connecting member 110 relative to the proximal end 20 is inserted into the cylinder 12 and removed. 如图8所示,一旦连接件110插入圆筒12的近端20,管96的连接器98与连接件110接合,顶部114延伸进入连接件98。 8, when the connecting member 110 is inserted proximal end 12 of the cylinder 20, the connector 96 of the tube 98 and the connecting member 110 engages the top 114 into the connecting member 98 extends. 当管96与圆筒12接合,管96中的材料可通过按压管96容易地输出。 When the tube 96 engaged with the cylinder 12, the tube 96 in the tube 96 material can be easily output by pressing. 当材料进入圆筒12,连接件110的反转漏斗112有利地使材料转向通过接合件13,保护接合件13在进行传输时免于接触材料。 When material enters the cylinder 12, the connecting member 110 is inverted funnel 112 advantageously turning the material by the engaging member 13, protection from exposure to material engagement member 13 during transmission. 希望接合件保持着没有材料,使接合件在操作注射器时可自由移动。 Engaging member does not want to keep the material so that the engaging member can move freely when operating the syringe. 参考图9,一旦有足够的材料传输到圆筒12中,通过向释放臂120接近使指状件118与螺纹52脱离,连接件110和管96可容易地从注射器10取下。 Referring to Figure 9, once sufficient material transferred to the cylinder 12 by the release arm 120 to close so that the fingers 52 from the threaded member 118, the connecting member 110 and the tube 96 can be easily removed from the syringe 10.

现在参考图10,一旦材料位于圆筒12中,活塞14可通过接合件13插入圆筒12的近端20,并延伸进入圆筒12的中心孔16,可根据需要在低压和高压下进行材料挤出。 Referring now to Figure 10, once the material is located in the cylinder 12, the piston 14 by the engaging member 13 is inserted into the proximal end 12 of the cylinder 20, and extends into the central bore 12 of the cylinder 16, the material can be carried out at low pressure and high pressure as required extrusion. 例如,低压适合排出大量材料,而高压适合当需要材料流入封闭空腔的情况,或需要进入松质骨的情况。 For example, emit large amounts of material suitable for low pressure, high-pressure suit when circumstances require material into the cavity of the case closed, or need to go to cancellous bone. 在一些实施例中,必须产生大约100Psi和大约500Psi之间的压力才能以足够速率将治疗材料注入。 In some embodiments, the pressure must be generated about 100Psi and about 500Psi sufficient rate to between therapeutic material is injected. 应当注意到,使用者希望能在输入材料时有触觉反馈,这样才能根据所采用的程序在最佳压力下进行材料输入。 It should be noted that, when the user wants to be able to enter the material tactile feedback, so that material can be entered at the optimum pressure according to the procedure used.

可沿轴向推动活塞14在低压下进行材料挤出。 It can push the piston 14 at low pressure material extruded axially. 如上面所作解释,螺纹82的侧角84,86不是对称的,而是前表面88带有前侧角84。 As described above the explanations, the side angle of the thread 82 of 84 and 86 is not symmetrical, but the front surface 88 with front side corner 84. 这样,当活塞沿轴向前进或推动时,该前侧角84引导接合件13进入指压件34中某区域,在这里沿径向弹性膨胀,如图3中箭头60所示。 Thus, when the piston axially advancing or pushing, the front side of the horn member 84 engaging the guide means 13 into the pressing member 34 in a region where a radial elastic expansion, as shown by arrow 60 in FIG. 因此,当活塞的各螺纹82通过时,通孔50的截面积随接合件13的膨胀和收缩而变化。 Accordingly, when each piston 82 by threads, the cross-sectional area of the through hole 50 with the expansion and contraction of the engagement member 13 varies. 通过这种模式,当活塞沿远端方向前进时,接合件13的行为如同阻力很小的棘齿。 In this mode, when the piston in the distal direction, the engaging member 13 acts as ratchet little resistance. 在后侧角大约为0度的优选实施例中,一旦螺纹82已经沿远端方向前进通过接合件,可防止螺纹沿近端方向向后移动通过接合件,并不会沿逆时针方向转动活塞,即脱开活塞。 In the rear angle of about 0 degrees to a preferred embodiment, once thread 82 has been advanced in the distal direction by the rearward movement of the engaging member in the proximal direction is prevented by engaging the threaded member and the piston does not rotate in the counterclockwise direction that the disengagement of the piston. 在优选实施例中,通孔50的内表面54围绕活塞14,且最好当活塞移动通过时,与活塞14完全接触。 In a preferred embodiment, the inner surface 54 around the through hole 50 of the piston 14, and preferably when the piston is moved by the piston 14 in full contact. 最好随每次整个螺纹82通过接合件12能发出可听到的声响。 Preferably with each whole threaded fastener 82 through 12 can be an audible sound. 通过相对圆筒12的截面积调整螺纹82的螺距,该声响表示不连续的材料量从注射器中挤出。 Adjust the pitch of the thread 82 by a relatively cylindrical cross-sectional area 12, which does not sound indicates the amount of material extruded continuously from the syringe. 在优选实施例中,直径为0.625英寸和螺距为0.10英寸时,一次声响表示0.5cc的材料从注射器中排出。 In the preferred embodiment, a diameter of 0.625 inches and a pitch of 0.10 inches, a sound indicates 0.5cc material discharged from the syringe. 这样就为使用者提供了确定输入量的方法。 This provides the user with a method to determine the amount of input.

通过相对圆筒12沿顺时针方向转动活塞14端部80,材料可在高压下挤出。 By relative rotation of the cylindrical end 12 of the piston 14 in the clockwise direction 80, the material can be extruded at high pressure. 当端部80转动时,活塞14的远端74可逐渐前进到圆筒12的中心孔16。 When the end portion 80 is rotated, the distal end 74 of the piston 14 gradually advances to the central bore 12 of the cylinder 16. 螺纹通孔70和螺纹杆76配合将施加到端部80的外转动力转变为纵向作用力,通过活塞16的远端74作用到圆筒12中的骨粘固剂材料上。 Threaded through holes 70 and threaded rod 76 with the rotational force is applied to the outer end portion 80 into a longitudinal force piston 74 through the distal end of the cylinder 16 to the bone cement material 12. 所述领域的技术人员应当认识到,使用带螺纹的活塞,使用者更容易在圆筒12中产生需要的力,在较高的压力下将材料挤出圆筒12的远端22。 The person skilled in the art will be appreciated that the use of a threaded piston, a user is more likely to generate the force required in the cylinder 12, at a relatively high pressure cylinder 12 of the material out of the distal end 22. 应当注意到,端部80的形状还允许使用者以最小的手和腕转动量来有效地转动活塞16。 It should be noted that the shape of the end portion 80 also allows the user to minimize the amount of rotation of the hand and wrist rotation of the piston 16 effectively. 扩大的端部80形状使使用者更容易把握和操纵。 Expand the shape of the end 80 to make it easier for the user to grasp and manipulate. 所属领域的技术人员应认识到,当相对圆筒12转动活塞16,活塞16前进进入圆筒12,圆筒12内可产生很高的压力,特别是在高粘性或连续不断,但柔软的骨粘固剂成分置于圆筒12内时。 Those skilled in the art will recognize that, when the cylinder 12 is rotated relative to the piston 16, the piston 16 into the cylinder 12 advances, a high pressure can be generated within the cylinder 12, particularly in a highly viscous or continuous, but the soft bone cement ingredients are placed in a cylinder at 12. 这样在优选实施例中,通过采用螺纹活塞所提供的机械利益最好大约为5比1。 Thus in the preferred embodiment, by employing the mechanical advantage provided by the thread of the piston is preferably about 5 to 1. 此外,活塞14相对圆筒12的旋转数(或其分数)提供了从注射器10远端22排出材料数量的测定方法。 In addition, 14 of the piston relative to the cylinder rotation number (or fraction thereof) 12 provides a discharge from the distal end of the syringe 10 22 material amount of determination. 在一个优选实施例中,采用了0.10英寸的螺距,端部80的完整一圈(即360度)使活塞纵向前进足够的距离,使0.5cc的材料从圆筒12的远端22挤出。 In a preferred embodiment, with a pitch of 0.10 inches, a complete end of the 80 lap (ie 360 degrees) so that the piston lengthwise forward a sufficient distance 0.5cc of the material is extruded from the distal end of the cylinder 22 12.

参考图11B,在一优选实施例中,一旦活塞顺时针方向转动,促使接合件13沿近端方向移动,在指压件34近端内与座部件126接合。 With reference to FIG. 11B, in a preferred embodiment, when the piston is rotated clockwise, moving the engaging member 13 urge the proximal direction, the engaging member 126 and the base member 34 in the proximal end of finger pressure. 座部件126最好围绕或包围至少一部分接合件13外部,防止接合件沿径向膨胀。 Seat member 126 preferably surrounds or encloses at least a portion of the engaging member 13 outside, to prevent the engaging member radially expandable. 这样可提供接合件的刚性支撑,使接合件的作用如同螺母,将活塞14的转动转换为轴向移动。 This provides a rigid support for the engagement member, the engagement member acts as a nut, the rotation of the piston 14 to convert axial movement.

所属领域的普通技术人员可对本发明进行许多的改进和变化。 Of ordinary skill in the art of the present invention may be many modifications and changes. 所有这些改进都属于所附权利要求的精神和其限定的范围。 All of these improvements are the spirit of the appended claims and its limited scope.

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