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Publication numberCN1409818 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 00817134
PCT numberPCT/US2000/031775
Publication date9 Apr 2003
Filing date17 Nov 2000
Priority date19 Nov 1999
Also published asCA2392228A1, EP1232387A1, EP1232387A4, US6441892, US20010028458, WO2001036948A1
Publication number00817134.3, CN 00817134, CN 1409818 A, CN 1409818A, CN-A-1409818, CN00817134, CN00817134.3, CN1409818 A, CN1409818A, PCT/2000/31775, PCT/US/0/031775, PCT/US/0/31775, PCT/US/2000/031775, PCT/US/2000/31775, PCT/US0/031775, PCT/US0/31775, PCT/US0031775, PCT/US031775, PCT/US2000/031775, PCT/US2000/31775, PCT/US2000031775, PCT/US200031775
Inventors安东尼H汉代尔, 肖明
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Compact spectrofluorometer
CN 1409818 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
公开了一种光谱荧光计(10),采用一对线性可变的光谱滤波器(14,18)产生三维数据输出。 Discloses a spectra fluorometer (10), using a pair of linear variable spectral filter (14, 18) generating three-dimensional data output. 使用一准直的白光光源(36),首先该白光通过第一个线性可变光谱滤波器(14),然后通过一样品(16),在样品处产生荧光,然后所产生的光通过第二个线性可变光谱滤波器(18),第二线性可变光谱滤波器相对第一光谱滤波器成90取向。 Using a collimated white light source (36), the first white light through a first linear variable spectral filter (14), and (16), to produce fluorescence at the sample through a sample, and then the light generated by the second a linear variable spectral filter (18), a second linear variable spectral filter relative to the first spectral filter oriented at 90 . 然后由一CCD探测器(20)探测光,将光转换成数据。 Then by a CCD detector (20) detecting the light, the light is converted into data. 这种设置提供一种非常简单、坚固耐用和小型的仪器,几乎可以用于任何地方,如用在污染事故现场。 This arrangement provides a very simple, rugged and compact instrument can be used almost anywhere, such as the scene of the accident with the pollution.
Claims(24)  translated from Chinese
1.一种用于测量来自材料的输出光的波长特性随输入光而改变的仪器,其特征在于包括:(a)一用于产生输入光的光源;(b)一第一滤波器,所述第一滤波器限定一第一活性区域,将所述第一滤波器设置成接收来自所述光源的所述输入光,所述第一滤波器具有沿所述第一活性区域逐个位置改变的性质,所述第一滤波器透过一部分作为第一滤波光通过所述第一滤波器的所述输入光;(c)一第二滤波器,所述第二滤波器限定一第二活性区域,将所述第二滤波器设置成接收来自所述第一滤波器的所述第一滤波光,将所述第二滤波器以面对所述第一滤波器隔开的关系进行分开设置,以限定一用于放置待分析样品的空间,所述第二滤波器具有沿所述第二活性区域逐个位置改变的性质,所述第二滤波器透过一部分作为第二滤波光通过所述第二滤波器的所述输入的第一滤波光,至少所述第二滤波器与所述第一滤波器面对的某些部分具有不同于所述第一滤波器该面对部分的透过特性;以及(d)一用于探测所述第二滤波光的探测器。 1. An apparatus for measuring the output light from the material with the input light wavelength characteristic changing apparatus, comprising: (a) a light source for generating an input; (b) a first filter, the said first filter defining a first active region, the first filter is arranged to receive said input light from said light source, said first filter having a first active region individually along the change of position nature, the first filter input light through the light through the first filter as a first filter part; (c) a second filter, the second filter defines a second active region , the second filter configured to receive said first filtered light from said first filter, said second filter so as to face the first filter set separately spaced relationship, is used to define a spatial analysis of the sample to be placed, said second filter having properties in the second active region-by position change, the second filter as a second filter for transmitting a portion of light through the first a first input of said second filtered light filter, at least some portion of said second filter with the first filter facing the first filter has a different transmission property of the face portion ; and (d) a filter for detecting said second light detector.
2.如权利要求1所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器具有逐个位置改变的带通特性,允许对发射光谱进行测量。 2. The apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that said first and second band-pass filter having a characteristic-by position is changed, allowing for emission spectrum was measured.
3.如权利要求2所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器均包括具有不同带通特性的一系列带,并且彼此成一定角度设置。 3. The apparatus as claimed in claim 2, characterized in that said first and second filters each comprise a series of belt having different band-pass characteristics, and disposed at an angle to each other.
4.如权利要求1,2或3所述的仪器,其特征在于所述探测器为一二维阵列。 1, 2 or 3, wherein the instrument as claimed in claim, wherein said sensor is a two-dimensional array.
5.如权利要求4所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器彼此基本上成直角设置。 5. The apparatus according to claim 4, wherein said first and second filter disposed substantially at right angles to each other.
6.如权利要求4所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器其活性表面彼此面对设置。 6. The apparatus according to claim 4, characterized in that said first and second active surfaces facing each other their filter settings.
7.如权利要求6所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器彼此以可改变的距离设置。 7. The apparatus according to claim 6, wherein said first and second filter to each other can change the distance setting.
8.如权利要求4所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器彼此以可改变的距离设置。 8. The apparatus according to claim 4, wherein said first and second filter to each other can change the distance setting.
9.如权利要求4所述的仪器,进一步包括一第三滤波器,所述第三滤波器限定一第三活性区域,将所述第三滤波器设置成接收来自所述第二滤波器的所述第二滤波光,所述第三滤波器具有基本上与所述第一滤波器的带通特性类似的带阻特性,所述第三滤波器阻挡所述第一滤波光,并透过至少一部分作为第三滤波光通过所述第三滤波器的所述输入的第二滤波光,所述第三滤波光入射在所述探测器上,从而激发波长不会使探测器过载,并且不会妨碍荧光发射的探测。 9. The apparatus of claim 4, further comprising a third filter, the third filter defining a third active region, the third filter configured to receive from the second filter said second optical filter, the third filter having a band pass characteristic substantially similar to the first band rejection filter characteristic, the third filter of said first filter blocking light, and through at least a part of said third filtering light input through the third optical filter of the second filter, the third filtering light incident on the detector, whereby the excitation wavelength does not overload the detector, and does not hinder detection of fluorescence emission.
10.如权利要求9所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器彼此大体上成直角设置。 10. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein said first and second filter disposed substantially at right angles to each other.
11.如权利要求9所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器以其活性表面彼此相对设置。 11. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein said first and second filter with its active surface opposite to each other.
12.如权利要求1,2或3所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一滤波器具有的第一部分具有与所述第二滤波器的面对的部分相同的带通特性,以允许对吸收光谱进行测量,并且其特征在于所述探测器测量荧光光谱。 12. Apparatus as claimed in claim 2 or claim 3, wherein the same parts as the bandpass characteristic of said first filter having a first portion and the second filter having a face, to allow Absorption spectra were measured, and wherein said detector measures the fluorescence spectrum.
13.如权利要求12所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一和第二滤波器均包括具有不同带通特性的一系列带。 13. The apparatus of claim 12, wherein said first and second filters each comprise a series of belt having different band-pass characteristics.
14.如权利要求13所述的仪器,其特征在于所述探测器为一二维阵列。 14. The apparatus of claim 13, wherein said sensor is a two-dimensional array.
15.一种用于样品荧光光谱分析的仪器,其特征在于所述仪器包括:一光源,沿照明光路发射光;一所述照明光路中的第一光谱滤波器,用于接收所述光源的输出,并透过选定波长范围内的光;一第二光谱滤波器,所述第二光谱滤波器与所述第一光谱滤波器间隔设置,且在第一光谱滤波器与第二光谱滤波器之间形成一样品容器,所述照明光路通过所述第一光谱滤波器、所述样品容器和所述第二光谱滤波器,而且所述第二光谱滤波器相对所述第一光谱滤波器成一定角度设置;以及一在所述产生的光路中的探测元件,用于测量吸收光谱和荧光。 15. A method for sample fluorescence spectrometry instrumentation, characterized in that said apparatus comprising: a light source emitting light along the illumination light path; one of the illumination light path of the first spectral filter, for receiving said light source output, and the light in the wavelength range selected through; a second spectral filter, the spectral filter and the second spectral filter of said first intervals, and the first spectral filter and the second spectral filter is formed between the sample receptacle, the illumination light path by the first spectral filter, the sample container and the second spectral filter, and said second spectral filter relative to said first spectral filter disposed at an angle; and an optical path of the generated sensing element, for measuring absorption and fluorescence.
16.根据权利要求15所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第一光谱滤波器和所述第二光谱滤波器包括沿其轴可改变的性质。 16. The apparatus of claim 15, wherein said first spectral filter and the second spectral filter comprises along its axis altered properties.
17.根据权利要求16所述的仪器,其特征在于所述可改变的性质包括跨过所述轴的不同带通区域。 17. The instrument of claim 16, wherein said altered properties include different band-pass regions across the shaft.
18.根据权利要求15,16或17所述的仪器,其特征在于所述第二光谱滤波器以大体上垂直的角度倾斜设置。 18. The instrument of claim 15, 16 or 17, wherein said second spectral filter is substantially perpendicular to the inclined angle.
19.根据权利要求15所述的仪器,其特征在于所述产生的光路中一第三光谱滤波器的特征在于,其基本上与所述第一光谱滤波器的取向相同,且其为阻挡滤波器,具有防止通过所述样品容器的照明光通过所述第三光谱滤波器的波长特性。 19. The apparatus of claim 15, wherein said generated optical path a third spectral filter is characterized in that it is substantially the same as the orientation of the first spectral filter, and the filter for blocking device, preventing the sample container by the illumination light through the third wavelength spectral filter characteristic.
20.根据权利要求15所述的仪器,其特征在于所述探测元件为CCD。 20. The apparatus of claim 15, wherein said detecting element is a CCD.
21.一种用于样品光谱分析的仪器,所述仪器的特征在于包括:一准直的白光光源;一垂直线性可变的光谱滤波器;一水平线性可变的光谱滤波器;一探测元件;和一支撑结构,用于沿光路支撑所述准直的白光光源、所述垂直线性可变的光谱滤波器、所述水平可变的光谱滤波器和所述探测元件,从而,当所述准直白光光源被通电时,光将通过所述垂直可变的光谱滤波器部分,然后通过所述水平可变光谱滤波器,并进入所述探测元件,产生所述准直白光光源的分布。 21. An apparatus for spectroscopic analysis of a sample, characterized in that said instrument comprising: a collimated white light source; a vertical linear variable spectral filter; a horizontal linear variable spectral filter; a detection element ; and a support structure for the support along the optical path of the collimated white light source, the vertical linear variable spectral filter, the spectral level of the variable filter and the detecting element, whereby, when the collimated white light source is energized, the light spectrum through the vertical variable filter part, the variable spectral filter and then through the horizontal, and into the detection element, generating said collimated white light source distribution.
22.一种荧光成像装置,用于测量由于照明辐射激发样品产生荧光而由被检测样品发出的辐射,其特征在于所述装置包括:一产生光辐射的照明源;一第一光学滤波器,其具有一用于透过选定波长范围内的所述光辐射的活性滤波区域;一第二光学滤波器,其与所述第一光学滤波器间隔设置,而在第一光学滤波器与第二光学滤波器之间形成一样品容纳空间,所述第二光学滤波器包括阻挡在其活性滤波区域部分选定的波长范围内所述样品容器中产生的荧光;以及一用于接收光谱辐射和荧光辐射的探测元件。 22. A fluorescence imaging apparatus, for measuring the sample due to the excitation illumination radiation produced by fluorescence emitted by the sample is detected radiation, characterized in that said apparatus comprises: a light source generating optical radiation; a first optical filter, having an active filter region for transmitting said selected wavelength range of the optical radiation; a second optical filter provided with the first interval of the optical filter, and the first optical filter and the first formed between the second optical filter a sample receiving space, said second optical filter comprises a filter barrier in the region of the active portion of a selected wavelength range of the fluorescence generated in the sample vessel; and a means for receiving radiation spectrum and fluorescence radiation detector elements.
23.一种用于测量来自材料的输出光的波长特性随输入光而改变的仪器,其特征在于包括:(a)一用于产生输入光的光源;(b)一第一活性滤波区域,所述第一活性滤波区域限定一第一活性区域,所述第一活性滤波区域被设置成接收来自所述光源的所述输入光,所述第一活性滤波区域具有沿所述第一活性区域逐个位置改变的特性,所述第一活性滤波区域透过一部分作为第一活性滤波区域的光通过所述第一活性滤波区域的所述输入光;(c)一第二活性滤波区域,所述第二活性滤波区域限定一第二活性区域,所述第二活性滤波区域被设置成接收来自所述第一活性滤波区域的所述第一滤波光,所述第二活性滤波区域相对所述第一活性滤波区域间隔设置,以限定一用于放置被分析样品的空间,所述第二活性滤波区域具有沿所述第二活性区域逐个位置改变的特性,所述第二活性滤波区域透过一部分所述第一输入滤波光,其作为第二滤波光通过所述第二活性滤波区域,至少所述第二活性滤波区域面对所述第一活性滤波区域的某些面对部分具有不同于所述第一活性滤波区域的该面对部分的透射特性;以及(d)一探测器,具有一用于探测所述第二滤波光的活性表面,所述第二活性滤波区域设置成固定到所述CCD的所述活性表面上,或者设置在所述第一活性滤波区域与所述第二活性滤波区域之间的样品载体上。 23. An apparatus for measuring the wavelength characteristic of the output light from the material with the input light changes, characterized by comprising: (a) a light source for generating an input; (b) a first active filter region, The first active filter region defining a first active region, the first active filter region is arranged to receive said input light from the light source, the first active filter region having a first active region along the characteristic change in position one by one, the first part of the active filter region through a first active filter as the light passes through the first region of the active filter regions of the optical input; (c) a second active filter region, the a second active filter region defining a second active region, the second active filter region is arranged to receive said first filtered light from the first active filter region, the second active filter region relative to said first an active filter region spaced apart to define a space for placing a sample to be analyzed, the second active filter region has a characteristic in the second active region-by position change, the second part of the active filter region through filtering said first input light, as the light passes through a second filter filtering said second active region, at least said second active filter region facing portion of said first face of some active filter region has a different from the transmission characteristics of said first active filter area of the face portion; and (d) a detector having an active surface for detecting light of the second filter, the second active filter region provided to be secured to the on the active surface of said CCD, or provided on the sample carrier the first active filter region and the second active filter region.
24.一种荧光成像装置,用于测量由于照明辐射激发样品形成荧光而由被检测样品发出的辐射,其特征在于所述装置包括:一产生光辐射的照明源;一第一光学滤波器,其具有一用于透过选定波长范围内的所述光辐射的活性滤波区域;一第二光学滤波器,其与所述第一光学滤波器间隔设置,而在所述第一光学滤波器与所述第二光学滤波器之间形成一样品容纳空间,所述第二光学滤波器包括在其活性滤波区域一部分的带阻特性,以阻挡所述样品容器内产生的选定波长范围内的荧光;以及一探测元件,用于接收光谱辐射和荧光辐射。 24. A fluorescence imaging apparatus, for measuring the illumination radiation to excite the sample due to the formation of fluorescence emitted by the sample is detected radiation, characterized in that said apparatus comprises: a light source generating optical radiation; a first optical filter, having an active filter region for transmitting said selected wavelength range of the optical radiation; a second optical filter provided with the first interval of the optical filter, and the first optical filter between said second optical filter is formed with a sample receiving space, said second optical filter comprises a bandstop characteristic at a part of the active filter region to block a selected wavelength range generated in the sample container fluorescence; and a detecting element for receiving the spectral radiation and fluorescence radiation.
Description  translated from Chinese
小型光谱荧光计 Small spectra fluorometer

发明背景多年来,一直使用荧光仪器来识别未知的材料。 Background of the Invention For many years, been using fluorescence instruments to identify unknown materials. 通常,所包含的原理是特定波长的光所激发的材料将以发射光谱的形式发射光能,发射光谱在所发射波长范围上的幅值分布构成了可给出该未知材料本性和性质的“标记”。 Typically, the principles involved are excited by a specific wavelength of light emission material will emit light energy in the form of spectra, emission spectra in the wavelength range of the emission amplitude distribution can be given on the form the nature of the unknown material and the nature of the " mark. "

在大多数所要求的应用中,用单波长的光激发样品,并记录荧光发射谱。 In most applications, the desired, using a single wavelength to excite the sample, and recording fluorescence emission spectra. 然后沿着感兴趣的激发波长范围逐渐增加激发源的波长,并且重复这个过程,记录逐渐增加的波长处的荧光发射谱。 Then gradually increase along the excitation wavelength range of interest wavelength excitation source, and repeat the process, increasing the recording wavelength of the fluorescence emission spectrum. 持续这个过程,直到仪器覆盖了全部感兴趣的激发波长为止。 This process continues until the instrument covering all the excitation wavelength of interest so far. 结果是非常精确的,所谓的三维荧光发射光谱,表示出激发波长、相应的发射波长和其幅值。 The result is very accurate, so-called three-dimensional fluorescence emission spectrum, showing the excitation wavelength, emission wavelength, and the corresponding amplitude. 这种仪器在科学研究中尤为重要,其中光谱特性的微小变化可能包含用于理解系统中相当细微的改变的效果的有用信息。 This instrument is especially important in scientific research, in which small changes in the spectral characteristics may include the effect of the system is quite useful for understanding the subtle changes of useful information. 一般,这类仪器具有0.1到0.5nm之间量级的分辨率。 In general, such instruments have the order of between 0.1 to 0.5nm resolution.

不过,许多应用具有少得多的要求。 However, many applications with much less requirements. 例如,如果仅对特定材料样品本性的识别感兴趣,小得多的分辨率将足以满足需要。 For example, if only for a specific material of interest to identify the nature of the sample, a much smaller resolution will be sufficient to meet the needs. 因此,具有5到10纳米量级分辨率的一类仪器已经广泛应用于工业中。 Thus, a 5-10 nanometer resolution of a class instrument has been widely used in industry. 典型的应用包括诸如血液、油、污染物等材料样品的识别。 Typical applications include identification, such as blood, oil, contaminants and other materials of the sample. 这些仪器与其它荧光仪器不同,因为将它们设计成通过同时测量波长范围上材料的荧光而更快地执行测量。 These instruments and other instruments of different fluorescence, because they are designed to simultaneously measure the fluorescence over the wavelength range of materials and perform measurements quickly.

图1说明了这种现有技术的系统。 Figure 1 illustrates this prior art system. 通过包括一激发光谱仪1的系统实现荧光光谱的测量,激发光谱仪用于激发样品2,而样品2通常包含在一细长的小池3内。 By including an excitation spectrometer system-implemented measuring fluorescence spectra, excitation spectroscopy is used to excite the sample 2, and sample 2 is typically contained within an elongated pond 3. 用从低波长到高波长延伸的细长的光谱图像激发该细长的小池3。 With slender spectral image from low to high wavelength excitation wavelength extend the slender Koike 3.

这导致小池3中样品2发射荧光。 This leads to the sample cuvette 3 2 emission fluorescence. 用准直凹面镜4接收和准直发射,将荧光发射向聚焦凹面镜5反射,而聚焦凹面镜5反过来,将所发射的荧光在狭缝6处聚焦,包括荧光发射的光通过狭缝,入射在平面镜7上。 4 collimator concave mirror for receiving and collimating emission, the fluorescent emission to the focus of the concave mirror reflector 5, and the focus of the concave mirror 5, in turn, the emitted fluorescence is focused slit 6, comprising the fluorescent light emitted through the slit , is incident on the plane mirror 7. 平面镜7将光朝向光谱仪8反射,光谱仪8由凹面像差校正衍射光栅构成。 The plane mirror 7 towards the light reflectance spectrometer 8, the spectrometer 8 by the aberration correcting concave diffraction grating. 光谱仪8将光谱分散到CCD探测器9上,其中在一行象素中可以产生被激发材料的完整发射光谱。 8 spectrometer to spectral dispersion CCD detector 9, wherein in a row of pixels to produce a full emission spectrum can be excited material.

在这种类型的典型的仪器中,将沿垂直方向设置在小池上方的氙源成像为一条亮线。 In a typical instrument of this type, the vertical direction is set at the top of the xenon source imaging Koike for a bright line. 因此,全光谱将对设置在小池样品中的任何同类样品进行激发。 Therefore, the full spectrum of the same sample will be set up in any pond samples were fired. 所产生的荧光发射被正交分散在矩形CCD或电荷耦合器件的有效区域上,而电荷耦合器件实质上是二维光电探测器阵列。 Fluorescence emission generated is orthogonally dispersed on the effective area of the rectangular CCD or charge-coupled device, which is essentially a two-dimensional charge-coupled device array of photodetectors. CCD的水平轴记录沿纵轴不同激发波长处的发射光谱,并给出对于每个波长的强度。 CCD recording along the longitudinal horizontal axis of the excitation emission spectra of different wavelengths, and the intensity is given for each wavelength. 因此,该仪器将对于激发波长范围内的每个波长,产生发射波长的光谱。 Thus, the instrument for each wavelength within the excitation wavelength range, produce emission wavelength spectra. 例如,如果系统的分辨率为5nm,并且覆盖100nm的范围,可以看见20个不同的光谱输出。 For example, if the system has a resolution of 5nm, and the coverage of 100nm, can be seen 20 different spectral output.

同时完成发射光谱读出的能力有可能发展增强的性能。 The ability to simultaneously read out the emission spectrum may develop enhanced performance. 例如,可以通过高压液体色谱柱填充小池,允许在被色谱柱分析的样品中很容易地实时产生各种材料的荧光发射光谱。 For example, by high pressure liquid chromatographic column filled Koike, allowing easily generated in real time fluorescence emission spectra of various materials in the sample being analyzed the column.

该系统与一次一个波长地测量荧光光谱的现有技术的系统相比具有许多优点,不过该系统仍然存在若干不足之处。 The system is measured with a fluorescence spectrum of a wavelength of the prior art systems have many advantages, but the system is still a number of deficiencies exist. 首先,系统所需要的体积相当大,使该系统不能用于小型系统。 First, the required volume of the system is quite large, so that the system can not be used for small-scale systems. 而且,该系统包括许多昂贵的部件,对于多种应用而言成本过高。 Furthermore, the system includes a plurality of expensive components, the cost is too high for many applications. 此外,系统的组装极其昂贵,需要对部件进行仔细地对准,以保证系统的正常操作,同样,该系统不像其它系统那样坚固耐用,在使用过程中因为冲击和振动而易于发生非对准。 In addition, the assembled system is extremely expensive, the need for components carefully aligned in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the same system unlike other systems as durable in use since the shock and vibration prone to non-aligned . 最后,该系统仅限于产生荧光光谱。 Finally, the system is limited to produce fluorescence spectra.

发明概述如权利要求所述,本发明意在提供一种解决方法。 Summary of the invention according to claim, the present invention is intended to provide a solution. 它通过提供可用于小型设计的简单的仪器,解决了大尺寸、缺少坚固耐用性和成本的问题。 It does this by providing for simple compact instrument designed to solve the large size, the lack of robust and cost issues. 根据本发明,一激发光源在用于照射样品的波长或光谱范围上提供光辐射。 According to the present invention, an excitation light source providing optical radiation in the wavelength or spectral range for illuminating the sample. 本发明仪器执行样品的荧光分析,并包括一将光发射到照明光路中的光源,和一处于照明光路中的用于透过选定波长范围内的光的第一光谱滤波器。 Fluorescence instrument to perform a sample analysis of the present invention, and comprises a light emitted to the optical path of the illumination light source, and the illumination optical path in a first spectral filter for transmitting light in a wavelength range of a selected one in. 限定一样品照明光路。 Define a sample illumination optical path. 第二光谱滤波器与第一光谱滤波器分开设置,而在第一与第二光谱滤波器之间形成一样品容纳空间。 Second spectral filter is provided separately from the first spectral filter, and between the first and second spectral filter forming a sample receiving space.

照明光路通过第一光谱滤波器。 The illumination optical path through the first spectral filter. 样品容器和第二光谱滤波器处于光路中,并且第二光谱滤波器相对第一光谱滤波器成一定角度设置。 The sample container and the second spectral filter in the optical path, and the second spectral filter relative to the first spectral filter disposed at an angle. 所产生的光路中的探测器元件测量吸收光谱和荧光。 Optical path generated by the detector element absorption and fluorescence measurements. 第一光谱滤波器和第二光谱滤波器具有沿其轴改变的特性。 A first spectral filter and the second spectral filter having along its axis altered properties. 根据本发明的最佳实施例,此可改变的特性是光谱滤波器的多个滤波区域中可变的带通波长。 According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, this can change the filtering characteristics of a plurality of variable regions of the spectrum filter bandpass wavelength. 并且根据最佳实施例,第二光谱滤波器基本上呈直角倾斜设置。 And according to the preferred embodiment, the second spectral filter substantially at right angles inclined.

上述的本发明实施例具有沿CCD的对角区域提供被分析材料样品的吸收光谱的优点。 Diagonal area provides advantages analyte absorption spectrum of the material samples of the above-described embodiments of the present invention along with the CCD.

根据本发明另一实施例,在所产生的光路中将第三光谱滤波器取向成一定方向,并设置在与第一光谱滤波器的方向和位置相同的位置。 According to another embodiment of the present invention, in the optical path generated by a spectral filter in the third orientation to a certain direction, and disposed in the direction of the first spectral filter and the same location. 该第三光谱滤波器起到阻挡滤波器的作用,从而防止通过样品容器的激发光能通过探测元件或CCD阵列。 The third spectral filter plays the role of a barrier filter, thereby preventing the sample vessel through the excitation light detecting element or by a CCD array.

附图简述下面将参照附图详细描述实现本发明的一种方法,附图说明了本发明的一个或更多的特殊实施例,并且在附图中相同符号表示相同元件。 Brief Description of the drawings will now be described in detail with reference to a method of the present invention are achieved, the drawings illustrate the present invention, or a more particular embodiment, and the same symbols in the drawings denote like elements.

图1为典型的现有技术装置的示意图;图2为本发明的示意图,表示部件的紧凑性;图3为本发明装置的部件分解图,表示一对线性可变的光谱滤波器和一CCD型探测元件;图4为与图3类似的部件分解示意图,包括一包含被检测样品的盒;图5为CCD探测元件的示意图,用于图4和5所示的实施例中;图6为CCD探测元件的示意图,用于图4和5所示的实施例中,说明当本发明的系统中滤波器元件不匹配时,吸收光谱的位置; Figure 1 is a schematic view of a typical prior art apparatus; Figure 2 is a schematic view of the invention showing compactness member; Figure 3 is an exploded view of apparatus of the invention, showing a pair of linear variable filter and a CCD spectroscopic type detecting element; FIG. 3 is similar to the member 4 is an exploded schematic view of Fig, comprising a cartridge containing a sample to be detected; Fig. 5 is a schematic view of CCD detecting element, used in Examples 4 and 5 shown in FIG.; FIG. 6 is CCD detection element is a schematic diagram for Fig. 4 and 5 shown in the embodiment, the description does not match the filter element when the system of the present invention, the position of the absorption spectrum;

图7为本发明另一实施例的透视图;图8为包括进一步改进的本发明光谱荧光计的另一实施例的透视图;图9为与图4类似的本发明另一实施例的视图,包括一激发光阻挡滤波器;以及图10为与图9所示实施例相似,并体现最小化光路的本发明一实施例的透视图。 A perspective view of another embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 7; FIG. 8 is another further improvement comprising the present invention spectra fluorometer a perspective view of an embodiment; view of another embodiment of FIG. 9 is similar to Figure 4 of the present invention , comprising a excitation light blocking filter; and Figure 10 is shown an embodiment similar to FIG. 9, and reflect a perspective view of an embodiment of the light path is minimized according to the invention.

最佳实施例的详细说明现在参见图2和3,表示出光谱荧光计10的主要部件。 Detailed description of the preferred embodiment Referring now to Figures 2 and 3, there is shown the major components spectra fluorometer 10. 沿激发光路12传播的光辐射进入线性可变的光谱滤波器14中。 Along the excitation light spectrum of radiation into the linear variable filter 14 of the optical path 12 in the spread.

光谱滤波器是一种带通波长特性可沿其长度改变的装置。 Is a wavelength characteristic of a band-pass spectral filter may change along its length means. 更确切地说,在滤波器14的底部,一个波长将通过由虚线限定的区域。 More specifically, in the bottom of the filter 14, a wavelength of the region defined by the dashed lines. 在该滤波区域上面,下一个滤波器区域中将通过不同的波长,可能是比通过底部的滤波区域的波长长5nm的波长。 In the region above the filter, the filter will be the next area through the different wavelengths, may be longer than the wavelength filtering through the bottom region of the wavelength of 5nm. 通过在前面设置具有图中所示的一个区域宽度的掩模来制造这类装置,从一个分离的位置到下一个分离的位置,在每个位置施加不同的多层结构,产生相应的具有所需光学带通特性的带通材料条。 By having a mask disposed in front of an area width shown in FIG producing such devices, the position from a separated position to the next separation, applying a multi-layer structure at each different position to produce the corresponding having the for an optical band-pass characteristics of the band-pass of the material strip.

这种滤波器的制造方法在本领域中是已知的,不构成本发明的一部分。 Method of manufacturing such a filter is known in the art, and form no part of the present invention. 可以从市场上购得这种滤波器,例如可以从Reynard公司(商品目录No.4610)得到。 Such filters are commercially available from the market, for example, can be obtained from the Reynard Corporation (Catalog No.4610). 这种滤波器具有400至700nm的光谱范围。 Such a filter having spectral range of 400 to 700nm. 它相当小并且紧凑,为60mm长,25mm宽,5mm厚。 It is quite small and compact, 60mm long, 25mm wide, 5mm thick. 典型的光谱长度为44mm。 Typical spectra length 44mm. 色散在0.12到0.17mm/nm之间变化。 Dispersion varies between 0.12 to 0.17mm / nm in.

该公司所售的线性可变光谱滤波器试图改变它们的性质,光谱长度从37mm变化到51mm,与图2实施例中所使用的滤波器匹配的滤波器是合乎需要的。 Sold by the company Linear Variable spectral filter trying to change their properties, spectral length from 37mm to a second embodiment of a filter change matched filter used in the examples of 51mm, and it is desirable to FIG. 或者读出系统输出的计算机可以相对已知光与对软件进行校准。 Computer or readout system output can be relatively light with a known calibration software.

样品容器16位于第一光谱滤波器14与第二线性可变光谱滤波器18之间。 The sample container 16 is located between a first spectral filter 18 and the second 14 linear variable spectral filter. 样品容器16是一个限定用于容纳被分析样品的空间的小池。 Sample container 16 is a limited space for accommodating the analyzed samples of Koike. 可以由玻璃,塑料或任何适当材料制成的矩形固体。 May be a rectangular solid made of glass, plastic or any suitable material. 还可以简单地为涂有样品的玻璃片,或者甚至是样品材料的固体薄膜,样品材料诸如组织,来自其操作受到监控的造纸厂的纸张,等等。 Also may simply be coated with a glass sample, or even a solid film sample material, the sample material such as tissue, from its operation by the paper mill to monitor, and so on.

该样品可以是从被检测材料,血液,HPLC液体色谱柱的输出等的溶液。 The sample may be a solution to be detected from the material, blood, HPLC liquid column output or the like. 如果对HPLC柱的输出进行监测,容器16必须具有一进液口和一出液口,并且容器的尺寸应该使得毛细作用保证样品材料存在于通过容器16的被激发区域。 If the output of the HPLC column is monitored, the container 16 must have a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet, and the size of the container should be such that capillary action to ensure the material is present in the sample is excited by the area of the container 16. 一紧密耦合的放电(CCD)探测元件20,测量沿所形成的光路12传播的光线的相对位置和强度。 A tightly-coupled discharge (CCD) detection element 20, measuring the relative position and intensity of the light path 12 formed by the light propagating along. 参见图3。 Referring to Figure 3.

探测元件20最好为CCD型探测器,尽管取决于所使用的激发光类型和被检测的样品,可以使用其它类型的探测器。 Detecting element 20 is preferably a CCD type detector, although depending on the type of light used and a test sample excitation, possible to use other types of detectors. 在图3和5中,探测器20被表示为36个元件的矩阵探测器。 In Figures 3 and 5, the detector 20 is expressed as 36 elements of the matrix detector. 小数量的元件或象素仅为了便于说明和解释本发明的原理。 Small number of elements or pixels only for the convenience of description and explanation of the principles of the present invention. 在实际装置中,探测器的数量可以很容易地达到数十万个元件,并且取决于所需的性能和用于从探测器读出信号的软件的性质,探测器20中的元件数量可以达到百万个象素。 In an actual application, the number of detectors can easily reach hundreds of thousands of components, and depending on the nature of the desired properties and for reading out the signal from the detector software, the number of elements in the detector 20 can be achieved one million pixels.

原则上,甚至可以用薄膜来代替探测器20。 In principle, even a thin film can be used instead of the detector 20. 在图5中用对角线56表示吸收光谱和(没有样品时的)灯分布。 56 by diagonal lines in FIG. 5 shows the absorption spectrum and (without sample) light distribution. 结合本发明的最佳实施例,一种适合的探测元件为Instruments SA出售的Spectrum One系列CCD。 Connection with the preferred embodiments of the present invention, a suitable element for detecting Instruments SA series sold by Spectrum One CCD. 下面将对这些元件中的每一个进行详细说明。 Below each of these elements will be described in detail a.

再次参考图3,用虚线表示出限定第一和第二光学滤波器14和18中具有不同光谱特性的滤波区域的边界。 Referring again to Figure 3, bounded by a dotted line shows the first and second optical filters 14 and 18 having different spectral characteristics of the filter area. 第一滤波器14是一种线性可变光谱滤波器,沿长度或滤波器的平面轴15改变其带通波长。 The first filter 14 is a linear variable spectral filter, or filter length along the transverse axis 15 to change its bandpass wavelength. 所需透过区域以外的波长被各个滤波区域阻挡。 Desired transmission wavelength outside the region of each filter region is blocked.

在最佳实施例中,垂直排列从400至700nm的光谱范围,例如,最短波长滤波区域24位于底部,然后是较长的波长滤波区域26,然后是更长波长滤波区域28,通过滤波区域30的波长比通过滤波区域28的波长更长,通过滤波区域32的波长比通过滤波区域30的波长更长,最长波长带通滤波区域34位于顶部。 In the preferred embodiment, are arranged vertically from the spectral range 400 to 700nm, for example, the shortest wavelength filter region 24 at the bottom, then the longer wavelength region of the filter 26, then the longer wavelength region of the filter 28, through the filter region 30 wavelength region than the wavelength of the filter 28 through a longer wavelength through the filter region 32 than through the filter region 30 of a longer wavelength, the longest wavelength region of the band-pass filter 34 at the top. 虽然本发明采用了具有上述波长特性的光谱滤波器,不过取决于所检测样品的性质,可以使用其它可见光和非可见光带通特性。 Although the present invention employs a spectral filter having the above wavelength characteristics, but the nature of the sample depends on the detection, other visible and non-visible band pass characteristic.

第二光学滤波器18除了以一种其分级与第一滤波器14不成一条直线的方式进行排列以外,基本上与第一光学滤波器14相同。 The second optical filter 18 in addition to a first filter 14 with a rating not arranged in a straight line manner, substantially the same as the first optical filter 14. 限定滤波器18上带通滤波区域的带最好与滤波器14的带成90度。 Define the filter bandpass filter 18 with the best area of the filter with 14 to 90 degrees. 现在将结合本发明系统的操作,来说明这种关系的优点。 The present invention will now be operating system, to illustrate the advantages of this relationship.

光源36产生一激发白光光束38,光源36可能包含其输出被透镜或反射镜准直的氙灯,或者任何其它适合的光学元件,白光光束38有时被称作照明光,沿激发光路12传播,具有很宽的波长范围,入射在滤波器14的表面上。 Light source 36 generates an excitation white light beam 38, light source 36 may include its output is a lens or mirror collimator xenon lamp, or any other suitable optical elements, white light beam 38 is sometimes referred to as the illumination light, along the excitation 12 propagation light path, having wide wavelength range, is incident on the surface of filter 14 in. 当白光光束38通过滤波器14时,选定的波长通过每个滤波区域,使得产生从短到长的波长“梯度”。 When white light beam 38 through the filter 14, the selected wavelength through each filter region so as to generate from short to long wavelengths, "gradient." 此处称之为样品激发光42。 42 samples referred to herein as the excitation light.

当样品激发光42通过第二滤波器18时,仅那些未被阻挡的光波长完全通过滤波器18。 When the sample excitation light 42 through the second filter 18, only those wavelengths of light are not completely blocked by the filter 18. 由于滤波器18的取向与滤波器14的取向成直角,大多数样品激发光42被阻挡。 Since the orientation and the orientation of the filter 14 of the filter 18 at right angles, most of the samples of the excitation light 42 is blocked. 例如,λ1通过滤波器14和滤波器18,而λ2通过滤波器14,但被滤波器18阻挡。 For example, λ1 through filter 14 and filter 18, and λ2 through the filter 14, but the filter 18 is blocked. 以这种方式,对角光谱线56透射到探测元件20上。 In this manner, the diagonal line 56 the spectral transmittance to the sensing element 20. 图5中用虚线56表示该线的理论中心。 Dashed line 56 in Figure 5 represents the theoretical center of the line. 两个线性可变光谱滤波器之间的这种内在的关系,提供了本发明光谱荧光计10设计的简单化,坚固耐用性和小型尺寸。 This inherent two linear relationship between the variable spectral filter, the present invention provides a fluorescence spectra simplification of meter 10 is designed, rugged and compact size.

现在参照图4,样品容器16位于滤波器14与滤波器18之间。 Referring now to Figure 4, the sample container 16 is positioned between filter 14 and filter 18. 样品容器16可以是任何的传统样品保存类型或技术。 The sample container 16 may be any conventional type or sample preservation techniques. 当样品激发光通过样品44时,某些光能被转变成荧光发射。 When the sample excitation light through the sample 44, some light can be converted into a fluorescent emission. 这种转变的物理过程是众所周知的,一般包含将受激原子中电子的能级升高到更高的能级或层的激发辐射光子。 This transformation is well known physical process, generally comprises the excited atoms in the electron energy level is raised to a higher energy level or layer excitation radiation photons. 当电子迅速地回到未激发状态时,它发射能级比激发光子低的光子,从而产生波长比激发波长更长的荧光。 When not excited electron quickly return to state, it emits photons of low energy level than the excitation photons, resulting in a longer wavelength than the excitation wavelength of the fluorescence.

某些样品激发光被样品44“吸收”,对于发射没有贡献。 Some samples of the excitation light by the sample 44 "absorbent", for the emission does not contribute. 最终的结果是增大了样品原子的动能,从而使样品的温度升高。 The end result is to increase the kinetic energy of the atoms of the sample, so that the temperature of the sample increases.

所产生的从样品容器16发射的光束50,包括从滤波器射出的光线和来自被从滤波器14射出的光线激发的分子的荧光发射。 Light beam 16 emitted from the sample container 50 produced, including the light emitted from the filter and from the filter 14 is emitted from the excitation light emitted fluorescent molecules. 然后所产生的光束50进入滤波器18,沿光谱梯度方向选定波长的光谱光和荧光被有选择地阻挡。 Then the resulting beam 50 into filter 18, the selected wavelength of light and fluorescence spectra are selectively blocking gradient along the spectral direction. 通过并到达探测元件20的光线束50部分,构成了被分析材料的吸收光谱52,并沿图5中的虚线方向显示。 Pass through to the light detecting element 20 of the beam portion 50, the material constituting the absorption spectrum is analyzed 52, and displayed along the direction of the dotted line in FIG. 5. 可以用于识别样品44。 44 can be used to identify the sample.

如参照图4可理解的那样,滤波器14和18基本上相同,不过将其带通滤波带滤波区域24-34和35-44设置成彼此成直角。 As can be appreciated with reference to FIG. 4, the filter 14 and 18 are substantially the same, but it is band pass filtered with filter regions 24-34 and 35-44 arranged at right angles to each other. 根据本发明的最佳实施例,滤波区域24具有与滤波区域34相同的带通特性。 According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the filter region 24 has a region 34 with the same filter band-pass characteristic. 根据本发明的最佳实施例,滤波区域26具有与滤波区域42相同的带通特性。 According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the filter region 26 has the same filtering area 42 bandpass characteristic. 滤波区域28具有与滤波区域40相同的带通特性。 Filter region 28 has the same area 40 of the filter band-pass characteristic. 滤波区域30具有与滤波区域37相同的带通特性。 Filter region 30 has the same filtering area 37 band pass characteristic. 滤波区域32具有与滤波区域36相同的带通特性。 Filter region 32 has a region 36 with the same filter band-pass characteristic. 滤波区域34具有与滤波区域35相同的带通特性。 Filter region 34 has the same filtering area 35 band pass characteristic.

因此,沿图5中线56设置的CCD元件70,是将被来自激发源的白光束38照射的唯一的元件。 Thus, FIG. 5 along the center line 56 CCD element set 70, is the only element to be white light beams from the excitation source 38 is irradiated. 而且,由于荧光光谱仅由波长比激发波长长的波长构成,滤波器18将阻挡这些光束到达元件70。 Further, since the wavelength of the fluorescence spectrum of only longer wavelength than the excitation wavelength constituted, filter 18 will block the light beam reaches the element 70. 因此,仅可以沿虚线56看见吸收光谱,提供样品的第一次识别。 Therefore, you can only see the absorption spectrum along the dotted line 56, to provide a sample for the first time identified.

类似地,因为荧光光谱仅由波长比激发波长更长的波长构成,这些较长的波长将通过滤波器18,到达CCD的位于图5中线56下面的那些元件58。 Similarly, because the wavelength of the fluorescence spectrum consists of only a longer wavelength than the excitation wavelength, these longer wavelengths will pass through the filter 18, to reach the CCD 56 is positioned below the center line in Figure 5 of those elements 58. 因此,位于图5中线56下面的CCD的元件58,产生了被分析样品的荧光发射谱。 Thus, element 56 in FIG. 5 below the center line of CCD 58 is located, the sample to be analyzed to produce a fluorescent emission spectrum. 使用所产生的荧光发射来识别样品44。 Using fluorescence emission generated to identify the sample 44.

再次参照图4,可以更好地理解本发明系统的操作。 Referring again to FIG. 4, may be better understood the present invention is the operating system. 确切地说,使构成宽带发射的将被准直成白光束38的氙灯36的输出入射在滤波器14上,滤波器14输出多个不同波长的光能带。 Specifically, constituting the broadband emission will be collimated into a beam of white light output of the xenon lamp 38 is incident on the filter 14 at 36, the filter 14 outputs a plurality of different wavelengths of the light band. 因为如同样品容器16那样滤波器14和18非常薄,故滤波器14的输出被有效地“成像”在样品容器16中的样品上。 Because, as the sample container 16 as the filter 14 and 18 is very thin, so the output of the filter 14 effectively "imaging" the sample in the sample container 16 is. 样品容器16的输出同样被有效地“成像”在滤波器18上。 The output of the sample container 16 is likewise effectively "imaging" in the filter 18 on. 最后,反过来,滤波器18的输出被有效地“成像”在CCD元件58的表面上。 Finally, in turn, the output of filter 18 is effectively "imaging" in the surface 58 of the CCD element. 因为前面的所有薄元件彼此接触而与CCD20形成图2中所示的三明治结构,该系统可以起作用。 Because all of the thinning member contact with each other in front of the sandwich structure shown in Fig. 2 and CCD20 formed, the system can function.

如上所述,白光束38中的一条光线72,由于其处于滤波器14上滤波区域34的带通范围内,并且自然处于光学上相似的滤波区域35的带通范围内,如果没有被样品吸收,将通过两个滤波器,入射在CCD20上。 As described above, the white light beam 38 in a 72, 14 due to the filter in the band pass range of the filter 34, and is in the nature similar optical bandpass filter regions on the range 35, and if not absorbed by the sample , through two filters, is incident on the CCD20. 这对于处于滤波区域24和44带通范围内的光线74也成立。 This is in the light filtering region 24 74 44 bandpass range and also set up.

另一方面,在被限制为与面向滤波器14滤波区域不同的频带之后,光线76和78将被滤波器18阻挡。 On the other hand, is limited to the filter 14 and the filter region for a different frequency band after 76 and 78 of light filter 18 will be blocked. 而且,分别相应于光线76和78的任何荧光发射77和79,也将被滤波器18阻挡,因为它们的波长必然比它们所通过的滤波器14的滤波区域的带通更长,它们入射在由具有更短波长带通特性的滤波区域形成的滤波器18的滤波区域上。 Moreover, corresponding respectively to 76 and any fluorescent light emission 78 77 and 79, filter 18 will also be blocked, because their wavelengths by which they are necessarily larger than the filter area of the band-pass filter 14 is longer, which is incident on filter region by the filter region having a shorter wavelength band pass characteristic of the filter 18 is formed.

与此相比,光线80具有相当于滤波区域28的波长,从而比通过滤波区域36的能量要大。 Compared with this, the light 80 having a wavelength region equivalent to the filter 28, so that the energy region than through the filter 36 to be large. 因此,实际上样品可能发射具有较低能量的荧光,相应地较长波长的光线81将通过滤波器18的滤波区域36。 Therefore, in practice the sample may emit fluorescence having a lower energy, longer wavelength light corresponding to 81 of the filter 18 through the filter 36. 同样,通过滤波区域26和样品的最高能量的光线82可以发射低能量光子83,低能量光子通过滤波区域35并入射在CCD探测器上。 Similarly, the highest energy filter region 26 and the sample 82 can emit light of low energy photons 83, the low energy photons by filtering area 35 and is incident on the CCD detector.

相反,实际上样品不可能发射具有更高能量并且相当于较短波长的荧光。 On the contrary, in fact, the sample can not emit light having a higher energy and shorter wavelength corresponds to the fluorescence. 因此,通过滤波器18的滤波区域34的光子84的光能具有系统中最低的能量,并且样品不能发射更高能量的光子,从而,无论是透过样品还是从样品发射的任何光85,均被滤波区域38阻挡,滤波区域38具有比滤波区域34更短的带通波长。 Thus, through the filtering zone 18 of the filter 34 of the photon energy system 84 having the lowest energy, and the sample can not emit higher energy photons, thus, whether it is transmitted through the sample or any light emitted from the sample 85, both filter region 38 is blocked by filter region 38 have a shorter than the wavelength of the bandpass filter region 34. 因此,任何的这类光均不能到达CCD探测器。 Thus, any such light can not reach the CCD detector.

参照图6,可以看出,在滤波器14与滤波器18相同的的情形中,线56为简单的对角线。 Referring to Figure 6, it can be seen, in the case of the same filter 14 and the filter 18, line 56 for a simple diagonal. 不过,由于用于生产滤波器14和18的制造工艺的性质,所以多个带通滤波区域的布置变化相当大。 However, due to the nature of the manufacturing process of the production of the filter 14 and 18, so that a plurality of bandpass filters arranged variation region considerably. 因此,如果不能特意地试图非常仔细地匹配相同的滤波器,必须适应这种变化。 So, if not deliberately trying to be very careful to match the same filter, must adapt to these changes.

这种改变可能导致线56偏移到图6中标号56a所示的位置。 Such changes may result in line 56 is shifted to the position shown in Figure 6, reference numeral 56a is. 由于与滤波器14相比滤波器18中光谱滤波器系列分散得更大的椭圆形距离,所以发生这种变化。 Since the spectral filter compared to the filter 18 in series have greater dispersion distance with elliptical filter 14, so that the occurrence of this change.

在这种变化的情形中,仅需要按照CCD20上的图案对软件进行校准。 In the case of such a change, only need to follow the pattern CCD20 on the software calibration. 可以通过确定吸收光谱,然后由此数学地调节荧光光谱的位置来实现校准。 Can be determined by absorption spectroscopy, and then mathematically adjusted whereby the position of the fluorescence spectrum to achieve alignment. 可以在吸收光谱的相对端表示荧光光谱的水平和垂直限度的基础上进行校准。 Can be at opposite ends of absorption spectrum indicates calibration based on fluorescence spectra of the horizontal and vertical limits. 可以更容易地进行这种测定,不用将样品置于本发明的荧光仪器10中。 This can be more easily measured without placing the sample fluorescence apparatus 10 of the present invention.

如前面所提出的,通过将构成带通滤波器的材料带沉积在基板上来制造滤波器14和18。 As set forth above, by the material constituting the band-pass filter is deposited on a substrate to manufacture band filters 14 and 18. 前面还提出,仪器10厚度的最大化也将使性能达到最佳。 Front also proposed to maximize the thickness of the instrument 10 also enable optimum performance. 更确切地说,通过使滤波器14和18的活性滤波层之间的距离最小,并使滤波器18的活性层与探测器20的感光表面之间的距离最小,可以获得性能的改善。 More specifically, by making the distance between the filter 14 and the active filter layer 18 is minimized, and the photosensitive surface of the filter from the active layer 18 and the detector 20 is minimized, to improve the performance can be obtained. 因此,可以使用超薄基板,以使仪器的性能最优化。 Therefore, you can use the thin substrate to optimize the performance of the instrument.

图7说明了另一种方法。 Figure 7 illustrates another method. 在图7中,具有相同或相似功能的标记部件数字标号相差100。 In Figure 7, the same or functionally similar parts numbered difference of 100 marks.

在图7中,本发明的光谱荧光计110沿光路112由激发光138激发。 In Figure 7, the present invention spectra fluorometer 110 along the optical path 112 is excited by the excitation light 138. 激发光138首先入射在滤波器114上,使光通过滤波器114远侧的滤波器114的活性层115。 Excitation light 138 is incident on the first filter 114, so that light passes through filter 114 distally of the filter 114 of the active layer 115. 然后光138通过容器或载体116中的样品。 Then the light 138 or carrier 116 of the container by the sample. 随后光138通过滤波器116的活性层117。 Then the light 138 through the filter 116 of the active layer 117. 活性层115和117形成在其各自滤波器的基板上。 The active layer 115 and 117 formed on the respective filter substrates. 该基板可以是玻璃,塑料或其它任何适当的材料。 The substrate may be glass, plastic or any other suitable material. 在通过活性层117之后,光138通过滤波器116的基板,入射在探测器120的光敏表面上,并从探测器发送给计算机或其它适当的装置,用于译码和显示探测器的输出。 After passing through the active layer 117, the light 138 on a photosensitive surface of the detector 120, and sent through the filter substrate 116 is incident from the probe to a computer or other suitable means, for decoding and display output of the detector.

图8表示另一种方法。 Figure 8 shows another method. 此处沿路径212由激发光238激发光谱荧光计220。 Here along the path from the excitation light 212 238 220 Total fluorescence excitation spectra. 激发光238首先入射在滤波器214上,使光通过滤波器214远侧上的滤波器214的活性层215。 Excitation light 238 is incident on the first filter 214, the active layer 215 through the light filter 214 of filter 214 distally on. 然后光238通过容器或载体216中的样品。 Then the light 238 through the vessel 216 of the sample or carrier. 随后光238通过活性滤波层217,活性滤波层217沉积并形成在容器或载体216的输出表面上。 Then the light 238 through the active filter layer 217, the active filter layer 217 is deposited and formed on the output surface of the container or carrier 216. 或者,可以在探测器220的输入表面上沉积和形成活性滤波器层217。 Alternatively, the filter may be deposited and form an active layer 217 on the input surface of the detector 220. 在通过活性层217之后,光238入射在探测器220的感光表面上,且从探测器发送给计算机或其它适当的装置,用于译码和显示探测器的输出。 After passing through the active layer 217, the light 238 is incident on the photosensitive surface of the detector 220, and transmitted from the detector to a computer or other suitable means, for decoding and display output of the detector.

如从图8中显然可以看出的那样,在图8中,本发明系统220中射出滤波光的第一活性带通层与探测器220的感光表面之间的距离被最小化。 As is apparent from the above in Figure 8, in Figure 8, the present invention is an optical filtering system 220 emits a first band-pass active layer and the photosensitive surface of the detector 220 is minimized between. 因此,没有垂直于滤波器表面传播的光本身被发散,传播最小的路径长度,从而色散最小,因此不需要现有技术的系统中非常重要的会聚光学装置。 Therefore, no light propagating perpendicular to the surface of the filter itself is diverging, the minimum propagation path length, so that the dispersion is minimal, and therefore does not require the prior art systems is very important converging optical means.

参照图9,说明具有能够阻碍系统的激发波长特性的光谱荧光计310。 Referring to FIG. 9, spectra fluorometer 310 can disturb system having an excitation wavelength characteristics. 这是合乎需要的,因为激发波长的幅值通常将展宽,并使接收来自相邻滤波区域的光的探测器过载。 This is desirable because the amplitude of the excitation wavelength will typically be broadened, and the detector receives light from the region adjacent the filter overload. 除了该附加特征以外,图9所示的仪器以与图4中所示仪器相同的方式进行操作。 In addition to this additional feature, the instrument shown in FIG. 9 with the instrument shown in Figure 4 operates in the same manner.

确切地说,它具有滤波器314、样品载体316、滤波器318和探测器320。 Rather, it has a filter 314, sample carrier 316, filter 318 and detector 320. 系统的所有特性与图4所示的系统相同。 All feature the same system with the view of the system shown in. 不过,它还具有一光谱带阻滤波器354,带阻滤波器354基本上逐个滤波区域地与相对的滤波器314对准。 However, it also has a spectral band stop filter 354, band stop filter-by-filter region 354 substantially opposite the filter 314 with the alignment.

更确切地说,根据本发明的最佳实施例,滤波区域323所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域324的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 More specifically, according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the band rejection filter region 323 having the characteristics of, and the filter region having a wavelength range of the bandpass characteristic 324 the same wavelength range. 根据本发明的最佳实施例,滤波区域325所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域326的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the band rejection filter region 325 having the characteristics, the filter region having a wavelength range of the bandpass characteristic 326 of the same wavelength range. 滤波区域327所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域328的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 The band rejection filter characteristic having a region 327, having a wavelength range of the filter region 328 of the same band-pass characteristic wavelength range. 滤波区域329所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域330的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 Bandstop filter region 329 having the characteristics of, and the filter region having a wavelength range of the bandpass characteristic 330 the same wavelength range. 滤波区域331所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域332的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 Bandstop filter region 331 having the characteristics of, and the filter region having a wavelength range of the bandpass characteristic 332 the same wavelength range. 滤波区域333所具有的带阻特性,具有与滤波区域334的带通特性的波长范围相同的波长范围。 Bandstop filter region 333 having the characteristics of, and the filter region having a wavelength range of the bandpass characteristic 334 of the same wavelength range. 从而确保对激发波长的阻挡,增强对低幅值荧光信号的探测。 Thereby ensuring that the excitation wavelength of the barrier, enhance the low amplitude of the fluorescence signal is detected.

图10表示另一实施例,除了光谱荧光计410的活性滤波层415沉积在滤波器414更接近于被分析样品的一侧的滤波器414的基板上,并且活性滤波层417和455沉积在CCD420的感光表面上(更接近于被分析样品的滤波器414一侧)以外,该实施例与图9所示的实施例相同。 Figure 10 shows another embodiment, in addition spectra fluorometer 415 of the active filter layer 410 is deposited in the filter 414 is closer to the sample being analyzed on the side of the filter substrate 414, and the active filter layer 417 and 455 are deposited CCD420 on the photosensitive surface (closer to the sample to be analyzed filter 414 side) than, the same as the embodiment shown in this embodiment of FIG. 9. 为了使色散路径长度最小而进行这种设置,从而使色散最小,并使仪器的操作最优化。 In order to make the dispersion and the minimum path length for such settings, so that the dispersion is minimal, and to optimize the operation of the instrument. 活性滤波层455与图9中的滤波器354相似。 The filter 455 of FIG. 9 is similar to the active filter layer 354.

通过沿滤波器414的基板由一个区域到下一个区域推进一具有图中所示区域之一宽度的掩模,并在每个位置施加适当的多层结构,以给出具有所需光学带通特性的所需带通材料带,而制成活性滤波层415。 Along the filter substrate 414 by a propulsion zone to the next area in a mask pattern having the width of one of the regions shown, and applying an appropriate multi-layer structure at each location, to give the desired optical bandpass having material with the desired characteristics of the band-pass, and made active filter layer 415. 通过执行相同的过程来制作活性滤波层417,首先向CCD420的感光表面在其各个位置施加同样的不同多层结构系列,以产生具有所需光学带通特性的相应的滤波层417的带。 By performing the same procedure to produce the active filter layer 417, first applied to the surface of the photosensitive CCD420 same series of different multilayer structure in its various positions, so as to produce a corresponding filter layer belt having the desired optical bandpass characteristic 417. 然后将CCD420在其感光面的平面内旋转90。 Then CCD420 90 rotation in the plane of its photosensitive surface.

通过沿被旋转的CCD420的基板由一个区域到下一个区域推进一具有图10所示区域之一宽度的掩模,并在各个位置施加适当的多层结构,以产生具有所需光学带阻特性的所需的带阻材料带,而制作活性滤波层455。 CCD420 is rotated along the substrate from one area to the next area to promote a mask having a width of one region as shown in FIG. 10, and applying the appropriate multi-layer structure at various locations, to produce a desired optical band stop characteristic The desired band bandstop material, while making the active filter layer 455. 当完成这个过程后,结果是滤波层455为与带通滤波层415相似的带阻滤波层。 Upon completion of this process, the result is filter layer 455 is a band pass filter layer 415 similar to the band rejection filter layer.

根据本发明,为了容纳不同样品容器或载体416的插入,需要改变滤波层415与417之间的距离。 According to the present invention, in order to accommodate different sample container or carrier 416 is inserted, the filter needs to change the distance between the layer 415 and 417. 可以通过将滤波器414安装在水平可移动的平台491或其它机构上来实现。 Can be obtained by the filter 414 is mounted horizontally movable platform 491 or other mechanism up to achieve. 这就能够沿箭头492所示方向进行运动。 This movement can be performed along the direction indicated by arrow 492.

通过颠倒它们的沉积顺序,可以颠倒层417与455的位置。 By reversing the order of their deposition, layers 417 and 455 may be reversed in position. 同样,可以将活性滤波层沉积在样品容器或载体上,以提供具有滤波图案的样品载体,可以实现前面所述的任何系统的操作。 Similarly, the active filter layer may be deposited on the sample container or carrier, to provide a sample carrier having a filter pattern, any operating system can be implemented as previously described. 可以专门指定这种样品载体,使对某些分析任务的分析最优化,如血液分析工作,可能需要执行特殊的滤波,以阻挡、透过或研究光谱的某个部分。 Such samples can be specifically designated carrier to make an analysis of some of the optimization analysis tasks, such as blood analysis, you may need to perform a special filter to block, or research through a part of the spectrum. 可以将一个或多个滤波层设置在样品载体的任一侧或两侧。 One or more filter layers may be provided on either side or both sides of the sample carrier.

已经对本发明的实施例进行了说明,当然,在不偏离仅由所附权利要求限定的本发明的精神和范围的条件下,本领域普通技术人员可以对本发明进行多种变型。 Embodiments of the present invention have been described, of course, without departing from the spirit and scope only by the appended claims and the conditions of the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the present invention can be various modifications.

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