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Publication numberCN1333674 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 99815483
PCT numberPCT/GB1999/003779
Publication date30 Jan 2002
Filing date12 Nov 1999
Priority date12 Nov 1998
Also published asCA2350450A1, EP1128800A1, US6169118, WO2000028952A1
Publication number99815483.0, CN 1333674 A, CN 1333674A, CN 99815483, CN-A-1333674, CN1333674 A, CN1333674A, CN99815483, CN99815483.0, PCT/1999/3779, PCT/GB/1999/003779, PCT/GB/1999/03779, PCT/GB/99/003779, PCT/GB/99/03779, PCT/GB1999/003779, PCT/GB1999/03779, PCT/GB1999003779, PCT/GB199903779, PCT/GB99/003779, PCT/GB99/03779, PCT/GB99003779, PCT/GB9903779
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Flavour blend for masking unpleasant taste of zinc compounds
CN 1333674 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
用于口服制剂的至少一种食用油质香精和月桂醇的协同矫味组合,其包含具有不合需要味道的可电离的锌化合物。 Synergistic flavoring combination of at least one formulation for oral administration of edible oil and lauryl alcohol flavor substance comprising a zinc compound having an undesirable taste ionizable. 所述矫味组合出乎意料地有效掩盖了锌的令人不愉快的味道或余味。 The flavoring combination effectively masks the zinc unexpectedly unpleasant taste or aftertaste.
Claims(20)  translated from Chinese
1.一种释放锌离子至人的口腔和口腔咽粘膜的口服制剂,其包括合适的载体和在所述制剂中均匀地含有:约0.1-25%(重量)的具有不合需要味道的可电离的锌化合物;用量足以掩盖所述可电离锌化合物的不合需要味道的至少一种食用油质香精和月桂醇的协同矫味组合。 A release of zinc ions into human oral and oral pharyngeal mucosa of oral formulation comprising a suitable carrier and uniformly contained in said formulation: about 0.1 to 25% (by weight) having an undesirable taste ionizable zinc compound; an amount sufficient to mask the undesirable taste of said ionisable zinc compound is at least one oil quality flavor and lauryl alcohol synergistic flavoring combination.
2.权利要求1的口服制剂,其中在协同的矫味组合中月桂醇的存在量为约0.5-20%(重量)。 2. The oral formulation of claim 1, wherein the synergistic flavoring combination of lauryl alcohol is present in an amount (by weight) about 0.5 to 20%.
3.权利要求1或权利要求2的口服制剂,其中所述的至少一种食用油质香精选自:薄荷油、绿薄荷油、香芹酮、茴香醇及其混合物。 3. A process according to claim 1 or claim 2 in oral formulation, wherein said at least one edible substance flavor is selected from: peppermint oil, spearmint oil, carvone, anise alcohol and mixtures thereof.
4.权利要求1-3中任一项的口服制剂,其中所述可电离的锌化合物选自:氧化锌、柠檬酸锌、氯化锌、乙酸锌、氢氧化锌、氟硅酸锌、氟锆酸锌、乙酸锌、葡萄糖酸锌及其混合物。 Oral preparation of any one of claims 1-3, wherein the ionizable zinc compound is selected from: zinc oxide, zinc citrate, zinc chloride, zinc acetate, zinc hydroxide, zinc fluosilicate, fluorine zirconium, zinc, zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and mixtures thereof.
5.权利要求4的口服制剂,其中所述可电离的锌化合物为柠檬酸锌。 Oral formulation of claim 4, wherein said ionizable zinc compound is zinc citrate.
6.权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其存在形式为牙粉。 Oral formulations 1-5 according to any one of claim 1, which exists in the form of a dentifrice.
7.权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其存在形式为栓剂。 Oral formulations 1-5 according to any one of claim 1, which exists in the form of a suppository.
8.权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其存在形式为漱口液。 Oral preparation of any one of claim 1-5, which exist in the form of a mouthwash.
9权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其存在形式为可咀嚼的片剂。 Oral preparation of any one of claims 1-5 9, which exists in the form of a chewable tablet.
10.权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其存在形式为糖浆。 1-5 10. The oral preparation of any one of claims, which exists in the form of a syrup.
11.权利要求1-5中任一项的口服制剂,其选自食品、药物及其混合物。 Oral preparation of any one of claim 1-5, selected from foods, drugs, and mixtures thereof.
12.改进口服制剂味道的方法,该制剂包括约0.1-25%(重量)的具有不合需要味道的可电离锌化合物,所述方法包括:混合用量足以掩盖所述可电离锌的不合需要味道的至少一种食用油质香精和月桂醇的协同矫味组合。 12. A method for improving the taste of an oral formulation, the formulation comprises about 0.1 to 25% (by weight) having an undesirable taste ionizable zinc compound, the method comprising: mixing an amount sufficient to mask the undesirable taste of said ionisable zinc at least one edible quality flavors and lauryl alcohol flavoring synergistic combinations.
13.权利要求12的方法,其中在协同矫味组合中月桂醇的存在量为约0.5-20%(重量)。 13. The method of claim 12, wherein the flavoring is present in the synergistic combination of lauryl alcohol (by weight) about 0.5 to 20%.
14.权利要求12或权利要求13的方法,其中所述食用油质香精选自:薄荷油、绿薄荷油、香芹酮、茴香醇及其混合物。 14. The method of claim 12 or claim 13, wherein the flavor oil substance is selected from: peppermint oil, spearmint oil, carvone, anise alcohol and mixtures thereof.
15.权利要求12-14中任一项的方法,其中所述可电离的锌化合物选自:氧化锌、柠檬酸锌、氯化锌、乙酸锌、氢氧化锌、氟硅酸锌、氟锆酸锌、乙酸锌、葡萄糖酸锌及其混合物。 The method of any one of claims 12-14, wherein the ionizable zinc compound is selected from: zinc oxide, zinc citrate, zinc chloride, zinc acetate, zinc hydroxide, zinc fluosilicate, fluorozirconate zinc, zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and mixtures thereof.
16.权利要求12-15中任一项的方法,其中所述口服制剂选自食品、药物及其混合物。 A method according to any of claim 12-15, wherein said oral preparation is selected from foods, drugs, and mixtures thereof.
17.一种主要含有约80-99.5%(重量)的至少一种食用油质香精和约0.5-20%(重量)的月桂醇的预制制剂,其中所述预制制剂与含有约0.1-25%(重量)的可电离锌化合物的口服制剂均匀混合时,掩盖所述可电离锌化合物的不合需要味道。 17. A method consisting essentially of from about 80 to 99.5% (by weight) of from about 0.1 to 25 mass% of at least one flavor oil and about 0.5 to 20% (by weight) of lauryl alcohol prefabricated formulation, wherein the pre-formulation containing ( oral formulation weight) of the ionizable zinc compound when mixed uniformly, the taste masking undesirable ionizable zinc compound.
18.权利要求17的预制制剂,其中所述食用油质香精选自:薄荷油、绿薄荷油、香芹酮、茴香醇及其混合物。 Prefabricated formulation of claim 17, wherein the edible oil quality flavor is selected from: peppermint oil, spearmint oil, carvone, anise alcohol and mixtures thereof.
19.权利要求17或权利要求18的预制制剂,其中所述口服制剂选自:食品、药物及其混合物。 19. The process according to claim 17 or claim 18 prefabricated formulation, wherein the oral preparation is selected from: foods, drugs, and mixtures thereof.
20.权利要求17-19中任一项的预制制剂,其中所述可电离的锌化合物选自:氧化锌、柠檬酸锌、氯化锌、乙酸锌、氢氧化锌、氟硅酸锌、氟锆酸锌、乙酸锌、葡萄糖酸锌及其混合物。 17-19 20. The formulation according to any one of claim preform, wherein the ionizable zinc compound is selected from: zinc oxide, zinc citrate, zinc chloride, zinc acetate, zinc hydroxide, zinc fluosilicate, fluorine zirconium, zinc, zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and mixtures thereof.
Description  translated from Chinese
掩盖锌化合物不愉快味道的矫味混合物 Masking the unpleasant taste of zinc compounds flavoring mixture

本发明背景1.发明领域本发明涉及一种矫味方法和矫味组合物,用于掩盖含有锌化合物的用于口腔吸收和给予人类的组合物的气味和味道。 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of flavoring and flavoring compositions containing a zinc compound for covering for buccal absorption and compositions for administration to humans smell and taste.

2.总的背景元素锌的价值已为人熟知。 2. The total value of the background elements of zinc has been well known. 锌在许多药物制剂中扮演着重要的角色。 Zinc plays an important role in many pharmaceutical preparations. 缺锌是许多特征为延迟生长和性腺机能减退的镰刀状细胞贫血症状的重要特征,并且锌具有抗镰刀状贫血症的效果。 Zinc deficiency is an important feature of many of the features of delayed growth and hypogonadal symptoms of sickle cell anemia, and zinc has anti-sickle anemia results. 锌也有助于减轻涉及类风湿性关节炎的急性炎症。 Zinc also helps alleviate acute inflammation involving rheumatoid arthritis. 使用葡萄糖酸锌和乙酸锌已被描述为一种减少普通感冒症状持续时间的方法。 The use of zinc gluconate and zinc acetate have been described as a way to reduce the duration of symptoms of the common cold approach. 氧化锌用于许多牙用产品如牙粉、假牙胶粘剂、牙用填料、牙用粘合剂和牙用压模材料。 Zinc oxide is used in many dental products such as dentifrices, denture adhesives, dental filling, dental adhesive and dental stamper material. 锌盐被广泛报导有助于提高牙粉和漱口液中三氯苯氧氯酚和阳离子抗菌剂的活性。 Zinc salts are widely reported and contribute to enhance the activity of a dentifrice mouthwash trichloro triclosan and a cationic antibacterial agent. 人们已经认识到氯化锌在口腔健康护理品中具有去异味的性质。 It has been recognized that nature has to smell of zinc in oral health care products. 柠檬酸锌有助于减少牙钙垢的形成。 Zinc citrate, calcium helps reduce the formation of dental scale.

近年来,用于口服和/或吸收的制剂如片剂、粉末、栓剂、糖浆、气雾剂、牙粉、漱口液等已被配制成含锌组分的制剂。 In recent years, for oral and / or absorption preparations such as tablets, powders, suppositories, syrups, aerosols, dentifrice, mouthwash, etc., have been formulated into a preparation containing zinc component. 将锌化合物加入各种口腔吸收或给药的产品的一个主要缺点是:锌化合物释放和在进入口腔中破碎时锌的特征苦味。 A major disadvantage of the addition of various zinc compounds in oral absorption or administered products are: zinc compound is released into the oral cavity and in the crushing characteristic bitterness of zinc. 人们已经开发了许多制剂和方法来减轻或完全掩盖锌化合物的苦味和余味。 Many formulations have been developed and methods to reduce or completely mask the bitter taste and aftertaste of zinc compounds.

美国专利第4,684,528号和第4,758,439号公开了具有甘氨酸和某些其他氨基酸的锌化合物制剂以减少前述锌制剂的差味道和不合需要的余味。 U.S. Patent No. 4,684,528 and No. 4,758,439 discloses a zinc compound formulations with glycine and certain other amino acids to reduce the difference between the taste of the zinc formulation and the aforementioned undesirable aftertaste. 美国专利第5,095,035号指出含有添加了多余柠檬酸的乙酸锌的掩盖组合物。 U.S. Patent No. 5,095,035 noted that excess of citric acid with added zinc acetate masking composition. 美国专利第5,002,970号公开了可以用茴香脑掩盖可电离锌化合物以消除或减少锌的味道和余味。 U.S. Patent No. 5,002,970 discloses a can anethole mask the ionizable zinc compound to eliminate or reduce the taste and aftertaste of zinc. 美国专利第5,766,622指出在口腔用品中使用磷酰化氨基酸以抑制来自药物活性组分的苦味和/或金属味。 U.S. Patent No. 5,766,622 noted that the use of phosphoryl amino acids in dentifrices to inhibit bitter taste and / or metallic taste from a pharmaceutical active ingredient. 美国专利第5,817,295号公开了薄荷油的三重混合物以提供具有令人愉快味道的漱口液并且掩盖用于漱口液的抗菌效用的精油的苦味。 U.S. Patent No. 5,817,295 discloses a triple mixture of peppermint oil to provide a mouthwash with a pleasant taste and mask the bitter taste of essential oils used for antimicrobial mouthwash utility.

但仍需要一种通过采用新技术来消除锌化合物的不能接受的味道和余味的新方法。 But still a need for a new technology to eliminate by using zinc compound unacceptable taste and aftertaste of the new method.

本发明综述本发明涉及一种口服制剂,其包括约0.1至25%(重量)的具有不合需要味道的可电离锌化合物、用量足以掩盖所述可电离锌化合物的不含需要的味道的至少一种食用油质香精和月桂醇的协同矫味组合。 Summary of the Invention The present invention relates to an oral formulation comprising from about 0.1 to 25% (by weight) of the ionizable zinc compound having an undesirable taste, the amount sufficient to mask the taste of the required ionization can not contain at least one zinc compound kinds of edible quality flavors and lauryl alcohol flavoring synergistic combinations.

本发明也提供一种方法以改进含有约0.1至25%(重量)的具有不合需要味道的可电离锌化合物的口服制剂的味道,所述方法为:将用量足以掩盖所述可电离锌的不含需要的味道的至少一种食用油质香精和月桂醇的协同矫味组合掺混至所述制剂。 The present invention also provides a method for improving the flavor comprises from about 0.1 to 25% (by weight) having an undesirable taste ionizable zinc compound of an oral preparation, the methods are: an amount sufficient to mask the non-ionizable zinc at least one oil quality flavor and lauryl alcohol containing a synergistic flavoring combination of blending desired taste to the formulation.

本发明的描述本发明提供含有具有不合需要味道的可电离锌化合物的口服制剂,但它没有锌的令人不愉快的金属味道。 Description of the Invention The present invention provides an oral preparation having an undesirable taste ionizable zinc compound, but it does not have zinc unpleasant metallic taste. 所述制剂可以食品、药物、化妆品等形式存在。 The formulations may be food, drugs, cosmetics and other forms. 所述制剂含有一种可电离的锌化合物和一种补充余量的载体介质。 The formulation contains an ionizable zinc compound and a carrier medium supplemented balance. 锌化合物根据用途口服给药制剂可以含有一种或多种可电离的锌化合物。 Use according zinc compound orally administered agent may contain one or more ionizable zinc compound. 锌化合物包括无机和有机锌盐(具体为如卤化物、硝酸盐、硫酸盐、铬酸盐、硅酸盐的盐),以及含有此处所指无机盐的这些材料的络合物的化合物。 Zinc compounds include inorganic and organic zinc salts (specifically, such as a halide, nitrate, sulfate, chromate, silicate salts) complex compound of these inorganic materials referred to herein, as well as comprising. 锌的有机盐包括但不限于葡萄糖酸锌、甲酸锌、丁二酸锌、天冬氨酸锌等。 Organic salts of zinc include but not limited to zinc gluconate, zinc formate, zinc succinate, zinc aspartate and the like. 具体的卤化锌包括氯化锌、溴化锌、氟化锌及其混合物。 Specific zinc halides include zinc chloride, zinc bromide, zinc fluoride, and mixtures thereof.

在特定的应用中,用于牙用制剂的典型锌化合物包括如氧化锌这种材料以抑制牙粉中细菌的进攻。 Typical zinc compound in certain applications, for dental formulations include such materials as zinc oxide to inhibit bacterial attack in dentifrices. 氧化锌也用作假牙粘合剂中的粘合材料。 Zinc oxide is also used as a denture adhesive in the adhesive material. 氯化锌和柠檬酸锌用作牙用制剂中的去味组分。 Zinc chloride and zinc citrate is used as dentifrice formulations to taste components. 使用乙酸锌和氢氧化锌的抗血小板的性质。 Using zinc acetate and zinc hydroxide antiplatelet properties. 柠檬酸锌、多磷酸盐如乙烷-1-羟基-1,1-二膦酸(EHDP)二钠、焦磷酸锌、四偏磷酸锌、偏磷酸锌和正磷酸锌在牙粉中用于去除牙垢。 Zinc citrate, polyphosphates such as ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonic acid (EHDP) disodium, zinc pyrophosphate, zinc metaphosphate four, zinc metaphosphate and zinc orthophosphate for removing tartar dentifrice . 已知可应用甘油磷酸锌、苯磺酸锌、氟硅酸锌、氟锆酸锌的收敛和去味性能。 Glycerol is known to apply a zinc phosphate, zinc acid, zinc fluosilicate, convergence and deodorizing properties fluorozirconic zinc. 优选柠檬酸锌用于牙用制剂。 Preferred zinc citrate for dental preparations. 乙酸锌和葡萄糖酸锌适用于治疗普通感冒的组合物。 Zinc acetate and zinc gluconate for the treatment of the common cold composition.

总体而言,口服制剂中的锌化合物的浓度为约0.1-15%(重量)。 In general, the concentration of zinc in oral formulations compound is from about 0.1 to 15% (by weight). 根据加入锌化合物的具体制剂,所述浓度范围可以高达25%。 Adding zinc compound according to the specific formulation, the concentration may range up to 25%. 更优选量为约0.2-2%(重量)。 More preferably an amount of about 0.2 to 2% (by weight). 最优选量为约0.5-2%(重量)。 Most preferably an amount of about 0.5-2% (by weight). 矫味/掩盖组分:本发明的味道掩盖/矫味组合包括食用油质香精和月桂醇的混合物。 Flavoring / masking components: The taste masking of the present invention / flavoring composition comprising a mixture of edible quality flavors and lauryl alcohol.

对于本发明的目的而言,用于此处的食用油质香精是指全精油和由精油组成的芳族化学品。 For the purposes of this invention, the edible oil flavor quality used herein refers to the whole composition of essential oils and essential oils from aromatic chemicals. 精油为来自植物源的主要为挥发性的物质。 Essential oils from vegetable origin mainly volatile substances. 虽然也可采用干馏和溶剂萃取,但最常用于分离精油的方法是植物的水蒸汽蒸馏。 Although it can be dry distillation and solvent extraction, but the method most commonly used for the separation of essential oil is steam distillation plants. 精油通常被认为是属于可消化物质的安全组分。 Oil is generally considered to be safe component digestible substances. 芳族化学品是指可以为合成或天然,源于精油(即源于通过蒸馏、榨取或萃取植物)的化学品,并且通常带有它们的来源植物的香味。 Aromatic chemical means may be synthetic or natural, derived from essential oils (i.e., derived by distillation, or extraction of plant extract) of chemicals, and are generally scented their source plants.

尽管本发明不限于在本说明书中分别列出的具体精油,但许多重要的精油包括绿薄荷油;薄荷油;冬青油;薰衣草油;黄樟油;姜油;丁子香油;鼠尾草油;罗勒油;桉树油;月桂油;mayonaraoil;肉桂油;春黄菊油;百里食用油质香精;各种柑桔油、如柠檬油、橙油、圆柚油、橘油;茴香油;樟脑油等。 Although the present invention is not limited to the specific essential oils are listed separately in the present specification, but many important oils include spearmint oil; peppermint oil; holly oil; lavender oil; sassafras oil; ginger oil; clove oil; sage oil; basil oil; eucalyptus oil; lauric oils; mayonaraoil; cinnamon oil; chamomile oil; Barry edible quality flavor; various citrus oils such as lemon oil, orange oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil; anise oil; camphor oil and so on.

芳族化学品包括但不限于大茴香脑、香芹酮、香茅醛(cintronellal)、樟脑、沉香醇、薄荷醇、薄荷酮、百里酚等。 Aromatic chemicals, including but not limited to, anethole, carvone, citronellal (cintronellal), camphor, linalool, menthol, menthol, thymol, etc.

我们已经发现在要求保护的本发明的口服制剂中,结合作为矫味组分的食用油质香精混合物的其它月桂醇改进了传入感觉的性质,赋予口腔清新感并掩盖制剂中锌化合物的令人不愉快的味道和余味。 We have found that the oral formulations of the claimed invention, in combination with other lauryl alcohol as a flavor component is a mixture of flavor oil quality improved afferent sensory properties, imparting a sense of freshness and masked oral formulation zinc compound Order People unpleasant taste and aftertaste. 食用油质香精可以与月桂醇协同组合的形式出现,或者由于食用油质香精自身各种组分的性能来抑制涉及生物利用率的不同生物途径。 Quality oils can collaborate with lauryl alcohol flavor combination of form, or due to performance quality fragrance oils to suppress their various components of different biological pathways involved in bioavailability.

可以在口服组合物中混合各种食用油质香精并按需要提供所需要的香味。 Can be mixed in a variety of edible quality flavor oral composition as needed to provide the desired fragrance. 因此各个组分的浓度可以广泛地变化。 Therefore, the concentration of each component may vary widely. 但优选总的食用油质香精占协同的味道掩盖/矫味组合的约80-99.5%(重量),最优选为约95-99%。 But preferably the total mass of oil accounting for synergistic taste masking flavor about 80-99.5% (wt) / flavoring combination, and most preferably about 95-99%. 月桂醇占掩盖/矫味组合的剩余部分。 Lauryl alcohol accounts for the remainder of the masking / flavoring combination.

总体而言,协同的味道掩盖/矫味组合在口服制剂中的存在量为约0.1-5%(重量)。 In general, the synergistic taste masking / flavoring combination is present in the oral formulations is from about 0.1 to 5% (by weight). 优选量为约0.1-3%(重量)。 Preferably an amount of about 0.1 to 3% (by weight). 最优选量为约0.1-2%(重量)。 Most preferably an amount of about 0.1-2% (by weight). 载体和其它组分根据应用变化各种载体。 Carriers and other components a variety of carriers changes depending on the application. 在牙膏中需要采用增稠剂如羟乙基纤维素和纤维素醚的水溶性盐,这些水溶性盐包括羧甲基纤维素钠和羧甲基羟乙基纤维素钠;或者天然树胶,包括刺梧桐树胶、阿拉伯树胶和黄蓍树胶。 Need to use a thickener in toothpastes such as hydroxyethyl cellulose and water soluble salts of cellulose ethers, water-soluble salts include sodium carboxymethylcellulose and sodium carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose; or natural gums, including karaya, gum arabic and tragacanth. 胶体硅酸铝镁或细碎的二氧化硅也可以作为增稠剂的组成部分以改进产品的结构。 Colloidal magnesium aluminum silicate or finely divided silica can be used as part of a thickener to improve the structure of the product. 增稠剂以0.1%-5.0%的水平用于牙膏组合物中。 Thickener 0.1% to 5.0% level for dentifrice compositions. 牙膏中也需要包括湿润剂材料。 Toothpaste also need to include a humectant material. 用于这个目的的合适材料包括甘油、山梨醇和其它可食用的多元醇或其混合物。 Suitable materials for this purpose include glycerol, sorbitol, and other edible polyhydric alcohols or mixtures thereof. 在牙膏组合物中可以含有约1-50%的这些材料。 In the dentifrice composition may contain from about 1-50% of these materials. 牙粉通常还含有甜味剂。 Dentifrice typically also contain sweetening. 适用于牙粉的甜味剂包括如糖精、葡萄糖和果糖。 Suitable for dentifrice sweeteners include e.g. saccharin, glucose and fructose. 所用甜味剂的水平为约0.05-2%。 The levels of sweetener used is about 0.05 to 2%. 除了上述用于牙膏的典型组分外,牙膏中通常包括余量的水,并且通常存在量高达约50%。 A typical group used in addition to the above particularly toothpaste, toothpaste typically comprises the balance of water, and typically present in an amount up to about 50%.

漱口液通常包括水/乙醇溶液以及任选的其它组分如上述用于牙粉的那些甜味剂以及湿润剂。 Mouthwash typically include water / ethanol solution and optionally other components such as those described above, sweeteners and wetting agents for dentifrice. 醇提供抗菌效果并且有助于食用油质香精的溶解性。 Alcohol antibacterial effect and helps provide quality edible oil soluble flavors. 漱口液还任选含有发泡剂。 Mouthwash also optionally containing a blowing agent. 湿润剂如甘油和山梨醇在口腔中提供湿润和甜味并且也希望存在其中。 Humectants such as glycerin and sorbitol provide moist and sweet in the mouth, and also hope the presence of them. 虽然这些材料并不总是必不可少的,但它们有助于溶解和改进食用油质香精,并且有助于生产出甜的、更平滑的产品并将这些性质赋予人体。 Although these materials are not always essential, they help dissolve the oil quality and improve flavor, and helps to produce a sweet, smoother and imparting body products such properties. 有时将抗菌剂以约0.01-2.0%的水平加入漱口液或牙粉中。 Sometimes the antimicrobial agent at about 0.01 to 2.0% level was added a rinse or dentifrice. 通常适合用作此处载体的漱口液包括:5%-40%的乙醇;0%-20%,优选5%-20%的甘油或其它湿润剂;0%-12%,优选0.1%-12%的发泡剂,0%-0.5%,优选0.05%-0.5%的甜味剂如糖精;以及0%-0.3%,优选0.05%-2%的本发明矫味/掩盖组分;以及余量的水和颜料或染料(如果需要的话)。 Generally suitable for use as a carrier herein mouthwashes comprising: 5% -40% ethanol; 0% to 20%, preferably 5% to 20% of glycerol or other humectants; 0% -12%, preferably 0.1% - 12% of foaming agent, 0% to 0.5%, preferably from 0.05% to 0.5% sweetener such as saccharin; and from 0% to 0.3%, preferably from 0.05% to 2% of flavoring present invention / masking component; and water and a pigment or dye the remainder (if needed).

适合用作此处载体的口香糖包括树胶基质和香味材料如用于牙粉的上述物质。 Suitable for use herein include chewing gum base vectors and fragrance materials such as these substances for dentifrice. 香味材料在最终的口香糖组合物中的存在水平为0.01%至约2.0%。 Fragrance material is present at the level of the final chewing gum composition in an amount of 0.01% to about 2.0%. 所述树胶基质为可咀嚼的塑性树胶材料如天然橡胶、糖胶树胶、聚乙酸乙烯酯、酯胶、苯并呋喃树脂以及石蜡。 The gum base is a chewable plastic gum material such as natural rubber, chicle, polyvinyl acetate, ester gum, coumarone resin, and paraffin. 所述树胶基质通常由两种或多种塑性树胶材料的混合物来制备以获得用于咀嚼的优选的可塑度。 The gum base usually consists of mixtures of two or more plastic gum materials to be prepared in order to obtain the preferred chewing plasticity. 任选将玉米糖浆作为口香糖的柔软剂和粘合剂加入,并任选将蔗糖作为甜味剂加入并增加香味的细微差别。 Optionally, corn syrup as a softener and gum binder is added, and optionally sucrose as a sweetening agent is added and the increase in flavor nuances. 适合用作此处载体的典型口香糖包括:15%-30%的树胶基质、15-20%的玉米糖浆、50%-65%的蔗糖、1%的三水合葡萄糖酸锌,以及0.05%-1.5%的本发明矫味/掩盖组合物。 A typical chewing gum suitable as a carrier herein comprises: 15% -30% of the gum base, 15-20% corn syrup, 50% -65% sucrose, 1% of zinc gluconate trihydrate, and 0.05% -1.5 % of the present invention flavoring / masking composition.

适合用作此处载体的栓剂包括硬糖基和一种或多种食用油质香精。 Suitable for use as carriers herein comprise a hard sugar-based suppository and one or more edible flavor quality. 栓剂可任选含有各种其它材料。 Suppositories may optionally contain various other materials. 适合用作本发明载体的典型栓剂为硬糖基质组成的硬糖,所述硬糖基质包含:0.05%-1.5%(重量)的矫味/掩盖组分和约1%(重量)的二水乙酸锌。 Typical suppository suitable for use as vectors of the present invention is a hard candy hard candy matrix composition, wherein the hard candy matrix comprising: 0.05% -1.5% (wt) of a flavoring / masking components and about 1% (by weight) of acetic acid dihydrate zinc. 硬糖基质是一种无定形糖的固化溶液,它通常通过在高温下蒸煮以基本去除所有水分的糖溶液来形成。 Hard candy matrix is an amorphous sugar curing solution, which is usually by cooking at a high temperature to remove substantially all of the water to form a sugar solution. 在去除水分之前将味道掩盖/矫味材料加入。 Prior to removal of water will taste masking / flavoring material is added.

本发明的口服组合物也可任选含有其它的治疗材料,包括如水溶性氟化物如氟化钠和氟化亚锡。 Oral compositions of the invention may also optionally contain other therapeutic materials, including water-soluble fluorides such as sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride. 制备:没有金属锌味道的本发明的口服组合物可以通过任意常规方法来制备。 Preparation: no metal taste of zinc oral compositions of this invention may be prepared by any conventional method. 可以将协同的掩盖/矫味组合物中的各个组分分别以单独组分加入口服组合物,但通常优选单独制备掩盖/矫味组合物,然后将其与口服组合物混合。 Can be synergistic masking / flavoring composition of the individual components are added as separate components of oral composition, but it is usually preferably prepared separately masking / flavoring composition, and then mixed with an oral composition.

本发明的口服组合物可以固体形式如片剂、栓剂和粉末;可咀嚼形式如口香糖和软糖;膏和胶的形式如牙粉;液体如糖浆、漱口液以及气雾剂的形式存在。 Oral compositions of the invention may be in solid form such as tablets, suppositories, and powders; chewable forms such as chewing gum and candy; paste and gel forms such as dentifrices; liquid forms such as syrups, mouthwashes, and the presence of an aerosol. 含有锌化合物的香味栓剂可以通过混合本发明的掩盖组分和载体以及其它组分,然后将所述组分直接压制来制备。 Fragrance suppositories containing a zinc compound may be prepared by masking component and carrier are mixed and the other components of the present invention, the components are then prepared by direct compression.

当将所述组合物施用于人的口腔和口腔咽膜或与人的口腔和口腔咽膜相接触时,它们的味道是不错的并且没有锌化合物的不合需要的味道或令人不愉快的金属味道。 When the composition is applied to the human mouth and oral pharyngeal membranes used or when in contact with the human mouth and oral pharyngeal membranes, they taste good and is not a zinc compound of undesirable taste or unpleasant metallic taste . 产生的香味比本发明的不含掩盖/矫味组分的制剂要更真实、更平滑和更好。 Aroma produced / flavoring ingredients to the formulation containing no more real than obscure the present invention, smoother and better. 为了进一步说明本发明,实施例将描述如下。 To further illustrate the present invention, embodiments will be described below. 除非另有说明,否则所有份数和百分率均为重量计,并且所有温度均为摄氏度。 Unless otherwise indicated, all parts and percentages are by weight, and all temperatures are in degrees Celsius.

通过混合如下表1所述的组分(重量%)来制备各种矫味组合物。 To prepare a variety of flavoring compositions by mixing the following ingredients in Table 1 (% by weight).

表1 Table 1

将所述矫味组合物加入含有如下表2所示组分的牙粉组合物中。 The flavoring composition is added to the components shown in the following Table 2 contains the dentifrice composition.

表2 Table 2

在遮掩的味道测试中,我们发现本实施例的掩盖/矫味组合物的牙粉组合物具有“良好味道”的性质,并且没有任何痕量的锌化合物的令人不愉快的金属味道。 In the cover taste tests, we found that masking / flavoring composition dentifrice composition of the present embodiment having the nature of a "good taste", and does not cause any traces of zinc compound unpleasant metallic taste.

在不违背本发明精神和范围的条件下,可以在本发明的产品中进行各种改变和调整。 Without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention the conditions, changes and modifications may be made in the products of the present invention. 在此公开的各种实施方案用于进一步说明本发明的目的,并不打算限制它。 Is used herein to further illustrate various embodiments of the object of the present invention is disclosed, not intended to limit it.

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