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Publication numberCN1245119 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 01818280
PCT numberPCT/US2001/048017
Publication date15 Mar 2006
Filing date26 Oct 2001
Priority date31 Oct 2000
Also published asCN1510999A, EP1330169A2, EP1330169B1, US6756327, US20020059705, WO2002035957A2, WO2002035957A3
Publication number01818280.1, CN 01818280, CN 1245119 C, CN 1245119C, CN-C-1245119, CN01818280, CN01818280.1, CN1245119 C, CN1245119C, PCT/2001/48017, PCT/US/1/048017, PCT/US/1/48017, PCT/US/2001/048017, PCT/US/2001/48017, PCT/US1/048017, PCT/US1/48017, PCT/US1048017, PCT/US148017, PCT/US2001/048017, PCT/US2001/48017, PCT/US2001048017, PCT/US200148017
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Loop fastening component made from thermally retracted materials
CN 1245119 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
用纤维状热收缩材料制造的钩环搭扣的环部件。 Heat shrinkable material with fibrous hook and loop fastener ring member. 制造此环部件的方法包括加热纤维状可热收缩材料的一面至足够使材料收缩的温度,从而连接这一面上的纤维并同时使反面的纤维打皱形成环。 The method of manufacturing such a fibrous loop member includes a heating heat shrinkable material facing the material shrinkage to a sufficient temperature, so that the connection of the fiber surface and the reverse side of the fibers while wrinkled to form a ring.
Claims(15)  translated from Chinese
1.一种含有钩部件和环部件的钩环搭扣;钩部件包括钩衬背和多个突出于钩衬背的钩;环部件包括第一热收缩材料层,在此材料的第一面上带有多个环纤维,和第二热收缩材料层,在此材料第二面上有多个热稳定纤维,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料热连接在一起。 A hook and loop fastener comprising a hook member and a loop member; hook member including a hook backing and a plurality of hooks protruding from the hook backing; ring member comprises a first layer of heat-shrinkable material, the material of the first surface a plurality of loop fibers, and a second layer with a heat-shrinkable material, the second face of the material has a plurality of heat-stable fibers, wherein the first heat-shrinkable material and a second heat-shrinkable material joined together.
2.权利要求1的钩环搭扣,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料含有彼此不同的旦数。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 1, wherein the first heat-shrinkable material and a second heat-shrinkable material containing different denier each.
3.权利要求1的钩环搭扣,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料含有彼此不同的基重。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 1, wherein the first heat-shrinkable material and a second heat-shrinkable material containing mutually different basis weights.
4.权利要求1的钩环搭扣,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料含有彼此不同的树脂。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 1, wherein the first heat-shrinkable material and a second heat-shrinkable material comprises a resin different from each other.
5.权利要求1的钩环搭扣,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料各含有热收缩无纺网。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 1, wherein the first heat-shrinkable material and a second heat-shrinkable materials each containing a heat-shrinkable nonwoven web.
6.权利要求5的钩环搭扣,其中第一热收缩材料和第二热收缩材料的热收缩无纺网选自连接梳毛网、纺丝粘合网和熔吹网。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 5, wherein the first heat-shrinkable nonwoven web material and the heat-shrinkable material is selected from the second heat-shrinkable network connection carding, spun-bonded web and the melt blown web.
7.权利要求5的钩环搭扣,其中每个热收缩元纺网含有选自聚烯烃、聚酯、聚酰胺和热塑性弹性聚合物的聚合物。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 5, wherein each nonwoven web containing heat-shrinkable element selected from polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides and the thermoplastic elastomeric polymer is a polymer.
8.权利要求7的钩环搭扣,其中每个热收缩元纺网含有选自聚乙烯、聚丙烯、聚丁烯、乙烯共聚物、丙烯共聚物和丁烯共聚物中的一种或几种的聚烯烃。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 7, wherein each nonwoven web containing heat-shrinkable element selected from polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene, ethylene copolymers, propylene copolymers and butene copolymers of one or several kind of polyolefin.
9.权利要求5的钩环搭扣,其中该热收缩无纺网中的至少一种具有S-编织连接花纹。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 5, wherein the heat-shrinkable nonwoven web having at least one connection S- weave pattern.
10.权利要求5的钩环搭扣,其中该热收缩无纺网中的至少一种具有10~25%的连接区域。 Hook and loop fastener of claim 5, wherein the heat-shrinkable nonwoven web having at least one connection region 10 to 25%.
11.权利要求1的钩环搭扣,其中第一和第二热收缩材料中的至少一种在横向上收缩。 11. The hook and loop fastener of claim 1, wherein the at least one contraction in the transverse direction of the first and second heat-shrinkable material.
12.含有权利要求1-11任一项的钩环搭扣的吸收制品。 12. The claims comprising hook and loop fastener of the absorbent article according to any 1-11.
13.权利要求12的吸收制品,其中该制品为尿布、训练裤或失禁产品。 13. The absorbent article of claim 12, wherein the article is a diaper, training pants or incontinence products.
14.权利要求12的吸收制品,其中该制品为妇女卫生产品。 The absorbent article of claim 12, wherein the article is a feminine hygiene product.
15.含有权利要求1-11任一项的钩环搭扣的医用服装。 15. contains claims 1-11 shackle buckle any medical garments.
Description  translated from Chinese
用热收缩材料制造的环搭扣部件 Loop fastener member with the heat-shrinkable material

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及钩环搭扣的环部件,以及制造此环部件的方法。 The present invention relates to a hook and loop fastener of the ring member, and a method of manufacturing the ring member.


许多搭扣系统,如尿布搭扣系统,将钩和环系统合并以易于扣紧和放松。 Many closure system, such as a diaper closure system, the combined hook and loop system for easy fastening and relaxation. 钩部件典型地包括层压了许多凸起钩的平面塑料片,钩与环部件——第二片平面塑料片上突起的大量环——啮合。 Hook member typically includes a plurality of flat plastic sheet laminated hook projection, a hook and loop member - the second sheet of a large number of flat plastic sheet projecting ring - engagement. 各种类型的环部件可以由许多不同方法制造。 Various types of ring member can be made by many different methods. 为了在生产过程中和生产之后稳定环部件,制造环部件的方法典型地需要大量步骤。 In order to stabilize the production process and method of production after the ring member, the ring member manufacturing typically requires a lot of steps. 例如,包括有绉状环材料和机械收缩拉伸材料的方法就需要额外的稳定丝网的处理步骤。 For example, the loop material comprising a crepe-like contraction of the stretchable material and mechanical method requires additional processing steps stable mesh. 此外,有时为了改进环部件的制造工艺,就要舍弃环部件的柔软性。 Also, sometimes the ring members in order to improve the manufacturing process, we must abandon the softness ring member.

需要或期望可以高效制造并保持其柔软性的钩环搭扣的环部件。 Needed or desired can be efficiently manufactured and maintained its softness of the hook-loop fastener ring member.

发明简述本发明涉及用热收缩材料制造的钩环搭扣的环部件。 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a heat-shrinkable material of the hook and loop fastener of the ring member. 此环部件是通过在热收缩网的一面加热,使材料收缩而制备的。 This ring member is formed by one side of the heat-shrinkable web is heated, shrinkage of the material prepared. 更明确地说,是加热纤维,拉伸,并在拉伸状态下淬火,使得纤维趋于收缩。 More specifically, the fiber is heated, stretched, and quenched under tension, such that the fibers tend to shrink. 收缩使网的第二面打皱形成环。 Contraction of the second plane hit the crease to form a ring network. 通过将纤维热连接而在热收缩材料的受热面获得附加稳定性。 By connecting the fibers in the heating surface heat shrinkable materials for additional stability.

例如,S编织连接花纹纺丝粘合网可从有足以加热到使材料收缩的热风刀下通过。 For example, S pattern woven spun-bonded network connection has sufficient heat from the material to the sword by the contraction of hot air. 然后在处理过程中对编织丝控制真空,从而使网在收缩方向运动。 Then in the process of the knitting yarn control the vacuum, so that the net shrinkage in the direction of movement. 所得环部件保持了热收缩网的柔软性并在横向收缩。 The resulting ring member holding a heat-shrinkable net softness and transverse contraction.

了解了前述内容,本发明的特征和优点是提供钩环搭扣的环部件,它可以高效制造并保持原材料的柔软性。 Understanding of the foregoing, features and advantages of the present invention is to provide a hook and loop fastener ring member, it is possible to efficiently manufacture and maintain flexibility of raw materials. 本发明的另一个特征和优点是提供制备钩环搭扣环部件的高效方法。 Another feature and advantage of the present invention is to provide a highly efficient method for the preparation of a hook and loop fastener ring member.

附图简述图1是相互啮合前,钩部件和环部件的侧视图;图2是环部件的侧视图;图3是制备环部件的设备的俯视图;图4是设备俯视图,包括制备环部件的分区热风刀;和图5是具有S编织连接花纹的环部件的顶视图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS Figure 1 is a front engaged with each other, a side view of the hook and loop components; Figure 2 is a side view of the ring member; Fig. 3 is a plan view of an apparatus for preparing a ring member; Fig. 4 is a plan view of the device, including the preparation of ring member partitions hot air knife; and FIG. 5 is a top view of a ring member having S knitting pattern of connection.

定义在专利说明书的上下文中,下面每个术语或短语将包含下面的意义:“横向”指织物的宽度方向,通常正交于它的生产方向。 Defined in the context of a patent specification, each term or phrase below will include the following meaning: "transverse" refers to the width direction of the web, generally orthogonal to the direction of its production.

“纵向”指织物的长度方向,在它的生产方向上。 "Longitudinal" refers to the length direction of the web, in its production direction.

“聚合物”包括但不局限于,均聚物、共聚物,例如,嵌段、接枝、无规和交替共聚物、三元共聚物等,以及它们的混合和改性。 "Polymer" includes, but is not limited to, homopolymers, copolymers, for example, block, graft, random and alternating copolymers, terpolymers, etc., and mixtures and modified. 此外,除非有特别限定,术语“聚合物”应当包括材料所有可能的几何结构。 Furthermore, unless specifically limited, the term "polymer" shall include all possible geometrical structure of the material. 这些结构包括但不局限于,全同立构、间同立构和无规立构对称。 These structures include, but are not limited to, isotactic, syndiotactic and atactic symmetries.

“可释放粘贴”、“可释放啮合”和它们的变换说法指连接的或可连接的两个元件,在缺少施加于其中一个或两个元件的分离力时趋于保持连接,且两元件可以在不造成本质上永久变形或破裂的情况下被分离。 "Releasably attached," "releasably engaged" or both elements and their conversion, it is meant connection connectable, tend to remain connected in the absence of applied force of one or two separate elements, and the two elements can be is separated without causing permanent deformation or rupture nature. 所需分离外力典型地超过戴吸收套时遭遇的力。 Required separation force is typically worn over time absorb the force set encounter.

“可热收缩”指当暴露于某种阈值或热时会收缩,或拉回的材料。 "Heat-shrinkable" refers to when a certain threshold when exposed to heat or shrink, or back of the material.

这些术语可在专利说明书的余下部分用附加的语言来定义。 These terms may be defined with additional language in the remaining part of the patent specification.

优选实施方案的详述本发明涉及钩环搭扣的环部件以及制造此环部件的方法。 Detailed Description of preferred embodiments The present invention relates to a hook and loop fastener and a method of manufacturing a ring member of the ring member. 环部件由可热收缩的材料制备。 Ring member may be prepared from heat-shrinkable material.

环部件特别适合用于一次性使用的吸收制品的搭扣系统。 Ring member particularly suitable closure system for disposable absorbent articles. 合适的制品的例子包括尿布、训练裤、妇女卫生产品、失禁产品、其他个人护理或健康护理套,包括医用套等等。 Examples of suitable products include diapers, training pants, feminine hygiene products, incontinence products, other personal care or health care units, including medical cover and so on.

如图1所示,钩部件20和环部件22可以相互连接在一起形成可释放粘贴或可释放啮合。 1, the hook member 20 and the ring member 22 may be interconnected together to form a paste or releasable releasable engagement. 钩部件20具有许多独立钩24,通常垂直突出于有回弹力的钩衬背材料26。 Hook member 20 having a plurality of independent hook 24, projecting generally perpendicular to a resilient hook backing material 26. 类似的,环部件22具有许多独立环28,通常垂直突出于有回弹力的环衬背材料30。 Similarly, the ring member 22 having a plurality of independent ring 28, projecting generally perpendicular to the resilient backing material 30 of the ring. 独立钩24和独立环28,当相互接触时便相互啮合,钩24锁入环28中,直至强制分离,将钩24从环28中拉出。 Hook 24 independent and separate ring 28, when they engage with each other in contact with each other, the hook 24 locks into the ring 28 until forced separation, the hook 24 is pulled out from the ring 28.

许多不同的钩部件20适合于和本发明的环部件22一起使用。 Many different hook member and the ring member 20 is adapted to 22 for use with the present invention. 合适的钩部件20的某实例可以是Velcro,美国,曼彻斯特,新罕布什尔州,商业名称HTH-851。 Examples of a suitable hook member 20 can be Velcro, the United States, Manchester, New Hampshire, business name HTH-851. 其它合适的钩部件20也可以是Velcro,美国。 Other suitable hook member 20 may be Velcro, USA. 独立钩24典型地具有基本垂直突出于钩衬背材料26的基本部件和延伸自基本部件的自由端,自由端弯曲或成角以便于和环部件22上相应的环28啮合。 Independent hook 24 typically has a respective engagement ring 28 projecting substantially perpendicular to the hook backing material 26 of the base member and extending substantially since the free end of the member, the free end of the bent or angled so that the ring member 22 and on to. 钩24典型的是与钩衬背材料26一起成型的。 Typically, the hook 24 with the hook backing material 26 together with the molding.

合适的钩部件20通常每平方厘米上有约16~约620个钩,或每平方厘米上有约124~约388个钩,或每平方厘米上有约155~约310个钩,钩24合适地具有约0.00254厘米(cm)~约0.19cm高度,或约0.0381cm~约0.0762cm。 Suitable hook member 20 is generally about 16 per square centimeter to about 620 hooks, or from about 124 to about 388 hooks per square centimeter, or from about 155 to about 310 hooks per square centimeter, the hook 24 suitable has about 0.00254 centimeters (cm) ~ about 0.19cm height, or from about 0.0381cm ~ about 0.0762cm. 钩合适地由热塑性聚合物聚酰胺、聚酯、聚烯烃(例如聚丙烯或聚乙烯)或其他合适的材料模制或挤制而成。 Hook suitably made of a thermoplastic polymer polyamides, polyesters, polyolefins (e.g., polypropylene or polyethylene) or other suitable material is molded or extruded from the system. 同样地,钩衬背材料26可由任何这些或其它合适的材料制成。 Likewise, the hook backing material 26 may be made of any of these or other suitable materials. 钩衬背材料26通常厚度在约0.5毫米(mm)~约5mm范围内,合适的范围是约0.8~3mm,每平方米基重约20克~约70克。 Hook backing material 26 is typically a thickness of between about 0.5 millimeters (mm) ~ within the range of about 5mm, suitably in the range from about 0.8 ~ 3mm, a basis weight of about 20 grams per square meter to about 70 grams.

本发明的环部件22基本上是单层可热收缩纤维状材料,如图2所示。 The ring member 22 of the present invention is substantially a monolayer heat-shrinkable fibrous material, as shown in Fig. 选择性地,多层可热收缩纤维状材料可用于制备本发明的环部件22。 Alternatively, a multilayer heat-shrinkable fibrous material can be used for preparing the ring member 22 of the present invention. 材料纤维在材料的第一面32上形成了环28并热接合在材料第二面34上,从而稳定了纤维并在材料第二面34上产生了相对光滑的表面。 Fibrous material in the material of the first surface 32 of the ring 28 is formed and thermally bonded to the material of the second surface 34, thereby stabilizing the fiber and on the material of the second surface 34 produces a relatively smooth surface. 第一面32和第二面34间的纤维是连续地,使得单纤维可形成多个环28且每个环28通过材料第二面34上纤维的热接合部件36而相互分开。 A first surface 32 and second surface 34 of the fiber is continuous, so that a plurality of single fibers may be formed in each ring 28 and ring 28 by thermal engagement member 34 on the second side of the fiber material 36 and separated from each other.

环28不一定要是统一的高度,但优选地具有高度范围约0.00254cm~约0.19cm高度,或约0.0381cm~约0.0762cm。 Ring 28 need not necessarily be uniform height, but preferably has a height range from about 0.00254cm ~ about 0.19cm height, or from about 0.0381cm ~ about 0.0762cm. 环衬背30包括纤维材料的热接合部件36,因此厚度是材料第二面34上的热接合纤维的厚度。 Backing ring 30 includes a heat engagement member 36 of the fiber material, the thickness is the thickness of the thermal bonding fiber material on the second surface 34. 因而,环衬背30合适地不厚于0.04cm,更合适地不厚于0.01cm,甚至更合适地不厚于0.0025cm。 Thus, the backing ring 30 is suitably no thicker than 0.04cm, more suitably no thicker than 0.01cm, even more suitably no thicker than 0.0025cm. 环衬背30应具有的厚度至少为0.000254cm,合适地至少为0.000381cm。 Backing ring 30 should have a thickness of at least 0.000254cm, suitably at least 0.000381cm. 环部件22上环28的密度很大程度上依赖于所用可热收缩纤维状材料的类型,并可在每平方厘米约16~约620个环范围内,或每平方厘米上有约124~约388个环,或每平方厘米上有约155~约310个环。 The density of the ring member 28 of the ring is largely dependent on the type of heat-shrinkable fibrous material 22, and within about 16 per square centimeter to about 620 range rings, or about 124 per square centimeter to about 388 ring, about 155 to about 310 rings per square centimeter or.

如所提及的,本发明的环部件22是由可热收缩纤维状材料制造的。 As mentioned, the ring member 22 of the present invention is composed of heat-shrinkable fibrous material. 此材料合适地是连接梳毛网、纺丝粘合网或熔吹网形式的无纺网。 This material is suitably connected carding web, spunbonded web or meltblown web in the form of a nonwoven web. 如所提及的,此材料也可以是多层材料,具有例如,至少一层熔吹网和至少一层纺丝粘合网,或其它合适的无纺网的组合。 As mentioned, this material may be a multilayer material having, for example, at least one network and at least one meltblown spunbonded web, or a combination of other suitable non-woven web. 多层材料的多个层合适地是相互热连接的,并且在树脂、旦数、基重或其它材料特性或这些特性的组合方面有所不同。 A plurality of layers of the multilayer material suitably is thermally connected to each other, and in the resin, denier, basis weight, or a combination of material properties or other aspects of these features vary.

无纺网或纤网,合适地是聚合物或聚合物的组合,如聚烯烃、聚酯、聚酰胺和弹性热塑性聚合物。 Nonwoven web or webs, suitably a polymer or polymer composition, such as polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides, and elastic thermoplastic polymer. 合适的聚烯烃的实例包括聚乙烯、聚丙烯、聚丁烯、乙烯共聚物、丙烯共聚物和丁烯共聚物。 Suitable polyolefins include polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene, ethylene copolymers, propylene copolymers and butene copolymers.

用于本发明材料的合适的弹性热塑性聚合物包括由嵌段共聚物制得的聚合物,如聚氨酯、共聚醚酯、聚酰胺聚醚嵌段共聚物、聚酰胺聚酯嵌段共聚物、乙烯乙酸乙烯酯共聚物(EVA),具有通式AB-A'或AB的嵌段共聚物,如共聚(苯乙烯/乙烯-丁烯)、苯乙烯-聚(乙烯-丙烯)-苯乙烯、苯乙烯-聚(乙烯-丁烯)-苯乙烯、聚苯乙烯/聚(乙烯-丁烯)/聚苯乙烯、聚(苯乙烯/乙烯-丁烯/苯乙烯)等等。 Suitable elastic thermoplastic polymer material used in the present invention comprises a block copolymer obtained polymer, such as polyurethanes, copolyetheresters, polyamide polyether block copolymers, polyester block polyamide copolymer, an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), having the general formula AB-A 'or AB block copolymers, such as copoly (styrene / ethylene - butylene), styrene - poly (ethylene - propylene) - styrene, benzene ethylene - Poly (ethylene - butylene) - styrene, polystyrene / poly (ethylene - butylene) / polystyrene, poly (styrene / ethylene - butene / styrene) and the like.

合适的弹性共聚物的商业实例有,例如,被称为KRATON材料的那些弹性共聚物,由美国德克萨斯州的Shell化学品公司提供。 Commercial examples of suitable elastomeric copolymer, for example, is known to those elastomeric copolymer KRATON material provided by the United States, Texas, Shell Chemical Company. KRATON嵌段共聚物可有几种不同的配方,其中许多由美国专利4,663,220、4,323,534、4,834,738、5,093,422和5,304,599确认,在此引入作为参考。 KRATON block copolymers can be of several different formulations, many of the U.S. Patents 4,663,220,4,323,534,4,834,738,5,093,422 and 5,304,599 confirmation, incorporated herein by reference.

其它可以使用的实例性的弹性材料包括聚氨酯弹性材料,如BFGoodrich & Co.提供的商标为ESTANE的材料或Morton Thiokol Corp.提供的商标为MORTHANE的材料,聚酯弹性材料如,美国特拉华州的EIDupont De Nemous公司提供的商标为HYTREL的材料,和被称为是ARNITEL的那些材料,先前由荷兰的Akzo Plastics of Arnhem提供而现在由荷兰的DSM of Sittard提供。 Other exemplary elastomeric materials which may be used include polyurethane elastomeric materials such as BFGoodrich & amp; Co. trademark provided for ESTANE material or Morton Thiokol Corp. trademark provided for MORTHANE materials, polyester elastomeric materials such as, U.S. Patent Delaware's trademark EIDupont De Nemous provided for HYTREL material, and is known to be ARNITEL of those materials, previously of Arnhem by the Dutch Akzo Plastics of Sittard now provided by the Dutch DSM.

环部件22可通过加热可热收缩纤维状材料的第二面34来生产,如图3和图4中的设备38显示的那样。 The ring member 22 by heating the heat-shrinkable fibrous material to produce a second surface 34, 38 as shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 of the device. 加热可通过使用设备40如热风刀、红外热源或其它合适的方式来实施,如这里所用的,术语“热风刀”指一种装置,压力下的热空气流可以通过它发射和引导。 Heating may be implemented by using a device 40 such as a hot air knife, infrared heat or other suitable means, as used herein, the term "hot air knife" means an apparatus, a hot air stream at a pressure which can be transmitted and by the guide. 有了这样的设备,也可以控制热空气的合成喷射空气流。 With such a device, the hot air can be controlled synthetic jet air stream. 传统的热风刀描述于1986年2月4日公开的美国专利4,567,796中,在此引入作为参考。 U.S. Patent conventional hot air knife is described in February 4, 1986 published 4,567,796, herein incorporated by reference. 分区热风刀,其中热空气可应用于间隔分离区域,描述于2000年5月23日公开的美国专利6,066,221中,在此引入作为参考。 Partition hot air knife, wherein the hot air can be applied to spaced-apart regions, described in U.S. Patent No. 6,066,221 May 23, 2000 disclosed, herein incorporated by reference. 图3中的设备38显示了在可热收缩纤维状材料的整个宽度上方进行的连续加热。 Figure 3 shows a continuous heating device 38 over the entire width of the heat-shrinkable fibrous material is carried out. 图4中的设备38显示了热风刀40在可热收缩纤维状材料的宽度上方的间隔分离区域进行加热,从而得到了环部件22,它具有分布在没有环28的区域之间的环28间隔分离区域。 4 The apparatus of Figure 38 shows the hot air knife 40 in the space above the separation zone width heat-shrinkable fibrous material is heated, whereby the ring member 22, which area does not have a distribution ring 28 between the ring 28 spaced separation zone.

加热足以引起材料第二面(暴露的)34的收缩并使得材料第二面34上的纤维连接在一起或至少成为热稳定的。 A second heat-shrinkage sufficient to cause the material surface (exposed) 34 of the fiber 34 and such that the material on the second side are connected together, or at least become thermally stable. 更明确地,加热温度在材料熔点的5℃以内。 More specifically, the heating temperature in the material within the melting point 5 ℃. 当使用热风刀40时,材料以线速度约100~3000英尺/分从热风刀40下方通过,更普遍的是约500~2500英尺/分,希望达到约1000~2000英尺/分。 When using a hot air knife 40, the material at a line speed of about 100 to 3000 ft / min from the bottom 40 through the hot air knife, more generally from about 500 to 2500 ft / min, from about 1000 to 2000 the hope of achieving ft / min. 通常,从热风刀40出口的风速为约1,000~25,000英尺/分,优选约5,000~20,000英尺/分,更优选8,000~15,000英尺/分。 Typically, the knife 40 from the hot air outlet velocity is from about 1,000 to 25,000 ft / min, preferably from about 5,000 to 20,000 ft / min, more preferably from 8,000 to 15,000 ft / min. 材料在加热状态下拉伸并在拉伸状态下淬火,从而使材料收缩。 Tensile under heat and quenched in a stretched state, so that the material shrinks. 典型地,当暴露在热风刀的热量下时,材料趋于在横向上收缩。 Typically, when exposed to the heat of a hot air knife, the material tends to shrink in the transverse direction. 然而,材料可以在任何合适的方向上收缩。 However, the material can shrink in any appropriate direction. 在图3和图4中,横向由箭头48显示,纵向由箭头50显示。 In Figures 3 and 4, by arrows 48 show lateral, longitudinal by arrow 50 is displayed.

收缩量应为起始材料长度/或宽度的约10%~约40%,合适的是起始材料长度/或宽度的约15%~约35%,更合适的是起始材料长度/或宽度的约20%~约30%,当材料收缩时,材料第一面32上的纤维聚集,这样就形成了环28。 Amount of shrinkage as a starting material should be a length / or width of from about 10% to about 40%, the starting material is suitable length / or from about 15% to about 35% of the width, the starting material is more suitable length / width or from about 20% to about 30%, when the material shrinks, the first material on the surface of the fiber aggregate 32, thus forming a ring 28. 期望的是,无纺材料具有预存的内纤维连接花纹,如纺丝粘合网中的热连接花纹。 Desirably, the nonwoven material having a pattern stored within the fiber connection, such as a spun-bonded web in thermal connection pattern. 连接花纹42的合适实例为S-编织,如图5所示。 Suitable examples of the connection pattern 42 is S- weave, as shown in Fig. 另一个合适的内纤维连接花纹包括△连接。 Another suitable internal fiber connection patterns include △ connection. 具有预存的内纤维连接花纹的优点是更好地决定趋于在连接区域之间出现的环28的间隔和尺寸。 Advantage in the fiber connection with a pre-existing pattern is to better determine the connection area tends to occur between the spacing and size of the ring 28.

如图3和图4所示,当加热材料第二面34时,可以将材料放在有真空器46的成型丝网44上。 As shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, when the heating material of the second surface 34, the material can be placed with a vacuum device 46 of the forming wire 44. 可控制真空器的,即,加大力度、减小力度或关闭,使得加热的材料在收缩方向运动。 Vacuum device can be controlled, that is, greater efforts to reduce the intensity or off, making the heated material movement in the direction of the contraction. 成型丝网44可通过在其表面形成凹槽、孔、锯齿等等花纹而变换,以使得加热材料第二面34时,只有与有花纹的成型丝网44接触的材料部分发生热收缩。 Forming wire 44 may be formed by a groove on its surface, holes, etc. sawtooth pattern is transformed, so that the heating of the material of the second surface 34, only a pattern of the forming wire 44 of the contact material portion are thermally shrunk. 使用有花纹的成型丝网44得到有花纹的环部件22。 Using a pattern of the forming wire 44 to obtain a pattern of the ring member 22.

连接花纹,如图5所示的S-编织连接花纹42,可在热连接工艺中应用到材料上。 Connection pattern, shown in Figure 5 in connection S- weave pattern 42, can be used in the process is thermally connected to the material. S-编织连接花纹42和其它合适的连接花纹描述于1999年10月12日公开的美国专利5,964,742中,在此引入作为参考。 S- braid connection pattern 42, and other suitable connection pattern described in U.S. Patent No. 5,964,742 on October 12, 1999 disclosed, herein incorporated by reference. 期望的是,纺丝粘合网的约10~25%与S-编织花纹连接。 Desirably, from about 10 to about 25% spunbonded web weave pattern with S- connection.

本发明的环部件22保持了材料第一面32上的原材料的柔软性。 The ring member 22 of the present invention maintains the flexibility of raw material 32 on the first face. 环部件22由至少一层材料制造,不经过任何机械拉伸并且除加热外,未使用粘接剂或其它任何类型的连接机构。 The ring member 22 is made of at least one layer material, without any addition to mechanical stretching and heating, not using an adhesive, or any other type of attachment mechanism. 因此,本发明的方法是制造功能环部件22的高效、高经济的方法。 Accordingly, the present invention is a method of manufacturing a ring member 22 of the functional efficiency, high economical method.

应该认识到前述实施方案的细节是作为举例说明的目的给出的,并不解释为限定了本发明的范围。 It should be appreciated that the details of the foregoing embodiments are given as illustrative purposes, and not to be construed as limiting the scope of the invention. 尽管上面只详细描述了少数本发明的实用性的实施方案,但本领域技术人员应该易于理解,即对于本实用性实施方案的不从本质上脱离本发明的许多改进是可能的。 While the above is only described in detail practical embodiments of the present invention, a small number, but the skilled artisan will readily appreciated that many modifications are possible in the present invention for the usefulness of the present embodiment not departing from the essence. 因此,意味着所有这些改进都包括在本发明范围之内,它们在下面的权利要求中有定义并且所有的改进意义相同。 Accordingly, all such modifications means are included within the scope of the present invention, which is defined in the following claims and all such modifications same meaning. 此外,认识到可能认为许多实施方案都不具备某些实施方案所有的优点,尤其是优选实施方案的优点,然而缺少某个特定的优点不应该被理解为此实施方案超出了本发明范围。 In addition, recognizing that many of the embodiments may not have all of the advantages of some embodiments, particularly advantage of the preferred embodiment, however, the lack of a particular advantage should not be construed for this is beyond the scope of the embodiments of the invention.

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