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Publication numberCN1235752 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 02148252
Publication date11 Jan 2006
Filing date8 Oct 1997
Priority date10 Oct 1996
Also published asCA2268100A1, CA2268100C, CN1104340C, CN1233217A, CN1421322A, DE930979T1, DE69709142D1, DE69709142T2, DE69709142T3, DE69738115D1, DE69738115T2, DE69738115T3, EP0930979A1, EP0930979A4, EP0930979B1, EP0930979B2, EP1147912A2, EP1147912A3, EP1147912B1, EP1147912B2, US6062604, US6273473, US6467810, US6761377, US7040664, US20020008380, US20020185857, US20030193183, US20030193184, US20040245765, WO1998015418A1
Publication number02148252.7, CN 02148252, CN 1235752 C, CN 1235752C, CN-C-1235752, CN02148252, CN02148252.7, CN1235752 C, CN1235752C
InventorsJC泰勒, BA哈德威克, WK杰克逊, P齐恩特克, CR希伯特
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Anti-fake securency with detecting device
CN 1235752 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明提供了一种防伪票据,包括一由带标记的基底形成的片材,所述片材具有由透明塑料材料形成的一个部分,其中所述透明部分包含检验装置,该检验装置包括一滤光片或偏振过滤器,或者是一干涉特征,以便对另一不同片材上的一防伪装置进行检验。 The present invention provides a security paper, by a sheet comprising a substrate formed with a mark, said sheet having a portion formed of a transparent plastic material, wherein said transparent portion comprises test apparatus, the test apparatus comprises a filter ray or polarizing filter, or a interference feature for a security apparatus for a sheet on a different inspection. 除了用于检验或检查在另一不同片材上的防伪装置以外,所述自检装置还可以用来检验或检查在同一张片材的横向间隔位置上的防伪装置。 In addition to checking for verifying or on a different sheet of security means, said self-test means may also be used to test or check the same in laterally spaced positions on one sheet of the security device.
Claims(16)  translated from Chinese
1.一种防伪票据,包括一由带标记的基底形成的片材,所述片材具有一防伪装置和由透明塑料材料形成的一个部分,其中所述透明部分包含检验装置,以便对另一不同防伪票据上的一防伪装置进行检验。 1. A security paper comprising a sheet formed from the labeled substrate, said sheet having a security device, and a portion of a transparent plastic material, wherein said transparent portion comprises checking means, in order to further a security device on the different security instruments for testing.
2.如权利要求1所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述检验装置包括一滤光片,用于观察在另一不同防伪票据上的用条件配色油墨印刷的区域。 2. The security paper according to claim 1, characterized in that said test apparatus comprises a filter, an area for observation on a different security notes printed with metameric inks.
3.如权利要求1所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述检验装置是一滤光片,该滤光片是布置成可以生成一有限的或变化的波长环境。 Security ticket according to claim, characterized in that said test means is a filter, the filter is arranged to be able to generate a limited or variable wavelength environment.
4.如权利要求2或3所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述滤光片是有色滤光片。 The security paper according to claim 2 or claim 3, wherein said filter is a colored filter.
5.如权利要求4所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述滤光片是这样制造的,即,在生产塑料薄膜基底时在聚合物中混入颜料而使所述片材的所述透明部分着色。 5. The security paper according to claim 4, wherein said filter is manufactured, i.e., in the production of plastic film substrates when mixed with the pigment in the polymer leaving said transparent sheet partial shading.
6.如权利要求4所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述滤光片是通过对所述片材的所述透明部分涂覆一层着色的清漆或涂层来形成的。 6. The security paper according to claim 4, wherein said filter is coated by the transparent portion of the sheet layer of the colored varnish or coating to form.
7.如权利要求1所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述检验装置包括一第一透明偏振窗口,用于检验在另一不同防伪票据上的防伪装置。 7. The security paper according to claim 1, characterized in that said checking means comprises a first polarizing transparent window for verifying the security paper on a different security device.
8.如权利要求7所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述第一透明偏振窗口具有一第一平面偏振轴线,在所述另一不同防伪票据上的所述防伪装置包括一第二透明偏振窗口,所述第二透明偏振窗口具有一第二平面偏振轴线,这两个窗口是这样设置的,即,当它们相互对准时,透过窗口的光线强度降低。 8. The security paper according to claim 7, characterized in that the first transparent polarizing window has a first plane polarization axis, said means on said other anti-counterfeiting security ticket comprises a different second transparent polarizing windows, the second transparent polarizing window has a second plane polarization axis, both windows are arranged such that when they are aligned with each other, reducing the intensity of the light through the window.
9.如权利要求8所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述片材的包括第一偏振窗口的部分可以相对于第二偏振窗口扭转或旋转,以便使这两个偏振窗口相互对准时透过它们的光线强度降低。 9. A security paper according to claim 8, characterized in that it comprises a first polarizing window portion of the sheet relative to the second polarizing window twisted or rotated, so that the two polarizing transparent window aligned with each other through them the light intensity decreases.
10.如权利要求7至9中任一项所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,每个偏振窗口都是这样形成的,即,在生产过程中沿着某一个方向拉伸透明塑料基底。 10. 7 to 9 according to any one of the security paper according to claim, characterized in that each polarizing window is formed such that, in the production process stretching a transparent plastic substrate along a certain direction.
11.如权利要求7至9中任一项所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述透明塑料基底包括液晶,以便形成一个或多个偏振窗口。 11. 7 to 9 according to any one of the security instrument of claim, wherein said transparent plastic substrate comprising a liquid crystal, so as to form one or more polarizing windows.
12.如权利要求7至9中任一项所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,在所述片材的至少一个透明的、无标记的部分上涂覆了一含有液晶的涂层,以便形成一偏振窗口。 7 to 12. The security paper according to any one of claims 9, characterized in that at least one portion of said transparent sheet, label-free coating comprising a liquid crystal coating, so as to form a polarization window.
13.如权利要求1所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述检验装置包括一具有第一线组或点组的干涉特征,所述另一不同防伪票据上的防伪装置包括一第二线组或点组,当所述检验装置和防伪装置对准时,可产生一干涉效应。 13. The security paper according to claim 1, characterized in that said test apparatus comprises a first line having a set or interference feature point groups, the different security devices on security paper further comprises a second line of the group of or point group, when the test apparatus and the security apparatus on time, can produce an interference effect.
14.如权利要求1所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述检验装置包括一呈莫尔感应图案形式的干涉特征,以便对另一个不同防伪票据上的呈另一莫尔感应图案形式的防伪装置进行检验。 14. The security paper according to claim 1, characterized in that said test apparatus comprises a form of Moire interference feature sensing patterns form, in order to show the form of another Moire inducing pattern on a different security notes anti-counterfeiting device for testing.
15.如权利要求13或14所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述干涉特征是印制在所述片材的所述透明部分上的。 15. The security paper according to claim 13 or claim 14, wherein said interference feature is printed on the transparent portion of the sheet.
16.如权利要求13或14所述的防伪票据,其特征在于,所述干涉特征是借助压凸印或蚀刻而印制到所述片材的所述透明部分上的。 16. The security paper according to claim 13 or claim 14, wherein said interference feature is the use of embossing or etching printed onto the transparent portion of the sheet.
Description  translated from Chinese
含有检验装置的防伪票据 Counterfeit bills containing the test apparatus

本申请是申请号为97198717.3(PCT/AU97/00675)、申请日为1997年10月8日、题为“自检式防伪票据”的中国专利申请的分案申请。 This application is No. 97198717.3 (PCT / AU97 / 00675), filed on October 8, 1997, a divisional application entitled "Self-Test counterfeit bills," the Chinese patent applications.

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及例如钞票之类的防伪票据,特别是涉及这样一种防伪票据,它包括用于检验该防伪票据或其它票据的装置。 The present invention relates to security such as banknotes and the like notes, more particularly, to a security paper, comprising means for verifying the security paper or other instruments.


迄今为止已经有人建议了很多种可用于例如钞票、旅行支票等防伪票据的防伪装置或特征。 So far it has been proposed that can be used a variety of features such as anti-counterfeiting devices or banknotes, traveler's checks and other security instruments. 这些防伪装置或特征包括:光变设计,例如全息摄影和衍射光栅;防伪线条;缩微印品;细线或“金丝”图案;莫尔感应图案;以及荧光油墨、磷光油墨、珠光油墨或诸如条件配色油墨之类的光变油墨。 These security devices or features include: optical zoom design, such as holography and diffraction grating; security lines; thin or "gold" pattern;; Moire inducing pattern; and fluorescent inks, phosphorescent inks, pearlescent ink or printing products such as microform Conditions like the color of the ink optically variable ink.

条件配色现象(metamerism)被描述为“眼睛和大脑(在特定的光照条件下)从两个具有不同光谱能量分布的物体接收到相同颜色感觉的特性”。 Metameric phenomena (metamerism) is described as "eyes and brain (under specific lighting conditions) from two objects with different received spectral energy distribution of the same color perception characteristics." 条件配色油墨具有独特的显示特性,即,当在不同的光照条件下观察时,其颜色会发生变化。 Metameric inks have unique display characteristic, i.e., when viewed under different lighting conditions, which changes color. 例如,当在某一个特定的白色光即所谓日光环境下观察时,具有不同条件配色特性的两种油墨可能显现相同的颜色,但是当在不同的光照条件下(例如在白炽光或滤色光下)观察时,这两种油墨将显现不同的反射颜色,因而可以将两者区分开来。 For example, when in a particular white light environment, i.e., when a so-called daylight observation, two inks having different color characteristic conditions may appear the same color, but when under different lighting conditions (e.g., incandescent light or light in color time) was observed, these two inks would appear different reflective colors, so the two zones may be separate. 具有条件配色特性的油墨的光学效应被广泛地用于防伪装置,该防伪装置可以防止例如借助计算机扫描和彩色照相复制之类的伪造企图。 Optical effect with metameric properties is widely used in the ink of the security device, the security device may prevent, for example by means of computer scanning and color photocopying like forgery attempts. 当试图与原件的颜色匹配时,彩色的照相复制以及彩色的印刷通常被限制为四种不同的颜料(即黑色、蓝绿色、黄色和红色)。 When attempting to match the original color, color photocopying and color printing is typically restricted to four different pigments (i.e., black, cyan, yellow and red). 当需要复制条件配色时,与原始图象相比,在特定光照条件下显现不同颜色的图象的颜色分辨,在复制品上并不是非常明显。 When the need to copy metamerism compared to the original image, the color appearance of different colors of the image resolution in certain lighting conditions, the replica is not very obvious. 英国专利GB 1407065中也描述了采用条件配色油墨作为反伪造特征或防伪装置的情况。 British Patent GB 1407065 also describes the use of metameric inks as an anti-counterfeiting feature or security device in the case.

利用条件配色油墨作为防伪装置的一个不利之处是,它们需要光学滤光片或其它外界的帮助才能提供检验防伪装置所需的光照条件。 Use as an anti-counterfeiting device metameric inks One disadvantage is that they need optical filters or other outside help in order to provide the required security device testing lighting conditions. 其它一些防伪装置也需要外界的帮助才能进行检验。 Some other security devices also need outside help in order to be tested. 例如,荧光油墨需要一个紫外线光源来进行检验,而缩微印品、细线和金丝图案等则需要一个放大透镜来进行检验。 For example, an ultraviolet light fluorescent inks need to be tested, and microfilm prints, patterns and so thin and gold you need a zoom lens to be tested. 另外,迄今为止,当与一叠印的类似图案相互干扰时产生条纹或莫尔效应的莫尔感应图案只有在试图利用彩色照相复制来复制一防伪票据时才能有效地充当反伪造装置。 In addition, to date, streaks or moire effect when combined with a pattern similar to mutual interference overprint Moire patterns induced only in trying to use color photographic copy to copy in order to effectively act as anti-counterfeiting devices when a security bill. 还有,具有莫尔图案的防伪票据需要一个单独的观察装置来检验才行。 Also, anti-counterfeit bills have moire patterns observed the need for a separate device to test the job.

在澳大利亚专利AU-A-87665/82中,揭示了一种防伪票据和一种生产防伪票据的方法,其中将致不透明的油墨涂层涂覆于由透明塑料薄膜形成的片状基底的两侧表面。 In Australian Patent AU-A-87665/82, there is disclosed a method for producing security paper and security paper, wherein a coating is applied on both sides of the ink caused by the non-transparent sheet-form base is formed of a transparent plastic film surface. 防伪票据可以制成在某些区域内未将不透明涂层涂覆于透明塑料基底的两侧。 Counterfeit bill can not be made in some areas on both sides of the transparent plastic substrate is opaque coating is applied to. 这些透明的清晰区域称作“窗口”,尤其适用于包含防伪装置,例如衍射光栅、光变设计和凸纹图像,可以由防伪票据的两侧在透明区域或窗口对它们进行检查。 These transparent clear areas called "windows", the security device is particularly suitable for containing, for example diffraction gratings, optically variable design and relief images, may be formed on both sides of the security notes in the transparent region or window to check them.


本发明建议在防伪票据内采用一透明窗口来作为一种用于对位于该票据另外位置上的或位于另一个防伪票据上的防伪装置进行检验、加强或光学变化的装置。 The present invention proposes to use in the anti-counterfeiting paper with a transparent window as a means for additionally located in the instrument or security device located on the other security ticket inspection position, strengthen or optical change.

根据本发明的一个方面,提供了一种防伪票据,包括一由带标记的基底形成的片材,所述片材具有一防伪装置和由透明塑料材料形成的一个部分,其中所述透明部分包含检验装置,以便对另一不同防伪票据上的一防伪装置进行检验。 According to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a security paper, by a sheet comprising a substrate formed with a mark, said sheet having a security device, and a portion of a transparent plastic material, wherein said transparent portion comprises testing device for a security device on a different note on the security inspection.

除了用于检验或检查在另一不同片材上的防伪装置以外,所述自检装置还可以用来检验或检查在同一张片材的横向间隔位置上的防伪装置。 In addition to checking for verifying or on a different sheet of security means, said self-test means may also be used to test or check the same in laterally spaced positions on one sheet of the security device.

该防伪票据最好是由透明塑料材质的片状基底构成,在该基底的一侧或两侧上涂覆了至少一个不透明涂层,只是将希望在防伪票据内形成一个透明的、无标记的部分或“窗口”的那些区域排除在外。 The security paper is preferably made of a transparent plastic material constituting the sheet-like substrate, on one side or both sides of the substrate coated with at least one opaque coating, but will be desirable to form a transparent within the security paper, unmarked Those region portion or "window" excluded. 因此,至少一个不透明层只是部分地覆盖基底表面,至少留下一个第一部分是基本上无标记的。 Thus, at least one opaque layer only partially covers the surface of the substrate, leaving at least one first portion is substantially unmarked.

在塑料基底两侧或一侧上的至少一个不透明层可以包括一携带标记的纸层。 On a plastic substrate on both sides or one side of at least one opaque layer may comprise a paper layer carrying the tag. 或者,在一较佳实施例中,在片材的每一侧包括至少一个涂覆于透明塑料基底表面的不透明油墨涂层。 Alternatively, in a preferred embodiment, each side sheet comprises at least one coating on a transparent plastic substrate surface an opaque ink coating. 除了由透明塑料材料形成以提供一个或若干个窗口的一个或若干个区域以外,本发明的防伪票据可以几乎全部由不透明的纸张或层叠的基底构造而成。 In addition to providing one or several of the window one or several regions are formed of a transparent plastic material, security paper of the invention may constructed almost entirely from an opaque paper or laminated substrate made.

所述防伪票据可以采用任何适当的形状,但在钞票、支票等柔性片材情况下最好是矩形的。 The security paper may take any suitable shape, but in bank notes, checks and other flexible sheet is preferably rectangular case. 在方形或长方形片材的情况下,可以将第一和第二部分设置成这样,即,当沿着中线折叠片材时,会使第一和第二部分对准。 In the case of square or rectangular sheets, first and second portions may be arranged such that, when the sheet is folded along the center line, the first and second portions cause alignment. 对具有一沿长度方向的主轴线和一沿宽度方向的次轴线的长方形片材而言,第一和第二部分是这样设置的,即,当沿着重合或平行于主轴线或次轴线的一根直线折叠时,可使第一和第二部分相互对准。 On the main axis and a width direction of a rectangular sheet having a second axis along the longitudinal direction, the first and second portions are arranged such that, when viewed along an axis coincident or parallel to the main axis of the secondary or When a straight line is folded, allows the first and second portions are aligned. 或者,当沿着一相对于主、次轴线倾斜的轴线(例如长方形片材的对角线)折叠片材时,可使第一和第二部分相互对准。 Alternatively, when a relative along the major and minor axis of the tilt axis (e.g., rectangular sheet diagonal) folded sheet, allows the first and second portions are aligned.

除了可以折叠以外,还可以将柔性片材弯曲或弯折成一个圆筒而使第一和第二部分相互对准,以便通过第一部分上的自检装置来检查或验证第二部分上的防伪装置。 In addition can be folded, the flexible sheet may also be curved or bent into a cylinder leaving the first and second portions are aligned so as to check or verify the security of the second portion of the self-test means on the first portion devices.

在本发明的一个实施例中,自检装置可以包括一设置在透明的第一部分或窗口上的光学透镜,设置在第二部分上的防伪装置包括一个印刷或压凸印刷的特征,当透过防伪票据的光学透镜观察或透过类似防伪票据上的另一个光学透镜观察时,该特征可以被检查到。 In one embodiment of the present invention, the self-test means may comprise a disposed on the transparent first portion or window of the optical lens, the security device is disposed on the second portion comprises a printed or embossed printed feature, when through When counterfeit bills observation optical lens or optical lens similar observation by another bill on anti-counterfeiting, the feature can be checked.

在本发明防伪票据的窗口内设置的光学透镜可以是用于顶投影机类型的菲涅尔放大透镜。 In the present invention, the security paper window provided an optical lens may be a type used for the top of the projector Fresnel magnifying lens. 这种放大透镜可以这样形成,即,用压凸印、蚀刻或其它手段使透明的无标记塑料部分变形而带有同心圆线。 Such a magnifying lens may be formed, i.e., by embossing, etching, or other means to make the transparent portion of unmarked plastic deformation with concentric lines. 或者,可以这样来制造放大透镜,即,涂覆一种印制有所需结构的紫外线(UV)或其它可硬化清漆或涂层,随后通过固化工艺使该涂层具有耐久性。 Alternatively, the magnifying lens can be manufactured, i.e., printed with the desired structure coated with a ultraviolet (UV) or other hardenable varnish or coating, followed by curing process so that the coating has a durability. 设置在柔性防伪票据窗口内的放大透镜可以用来放大该防伪票据或另一张类似的防伪票据的另一个部分上的缩微印刷物、小图象或细线或金丝图案。 Set within a flexible window security bill magnifying lens can be used to amplify microfilm print another part of the security instrument or another similar security bill on the small picture or thin or gold pattern. 作为菲涅尔放大透镜的变型,也可以采用多重显微透镜阵列或双凸透镜阵列。 As a variation of the Fresnel magnifying lens, a microlens array or multiple lenticular lens array may be used.

自检装置可以包括另一种形式的光学透镜,例如扭变透镜。 Self-test means may comprise another form of optical lens, such as lens becomes twisted. 扭变透镜可以使防伪装置,即设置在防伪票据另一部分上的特征或图象扭曲,或者可以修正防伪票据另一部分上的扭变特征或图象。 Twist the lens can change the security apparatus, which set features or image distortion on another part of the security bill, or twisting can be corrected or changed features an image on another part of the security bill.

在本发明第一方面的另一个实施例中,防伪装置包括一用条件配色油墨印制的区域,而自检装置包括用于观察由条件配色油墨印制的区域的滤光片。 Another aspect of the present invention in a first embodiment, the security device comprises a printed area with metameric inks embodiment, while the self-test means comprises a filter for observation by metameric ink printed area. 滤光片最好是布置成这样,即,能限制入射到和/或从用条件配色油墨印制的区域反射而来的光线的波长分布。 Filter is preferably arranged such that, to limit incident to and / or from printed with metameric ink area from the reflected light of the wavelength distribution. 这可以通过在透明的、实质无标记的部分中设置着色的滤光片来实现。 This can be set in a transparent colored essence unmarked section filters to achieve. 一个着色的透明窗口可以产生波长为有限的或变化的环境,借以揭示用条件配色油墨印制的图象的颜色变化特性,从而可以检验钞票的真伪。 A colored transparent window can produce a limited wavelength or changing environment, in order to reveal the characteristic color change color ink printing with the conditions of the image, which can verify the authenticity of banknotes.

自检装置包括一有色滤光片,用于观察在同一防伪票据或不同防伪票据上的用条件配色油墨印制的区域。 Self-test means comprises a colored filter for viewing with metameric inks on the same or a different anti-counterfeiting security paper notes printed area.

透明窗口内的滤光片可以用各种方法生产。 Filter transparent window may be produced by various methods. 可生产着色滤光片的一种方法是,在生产塑料薄膜基底时在聚合物中混入适当颜料而使塑料薄膜具有一种总的颜色。 A method to produce colored filters, in the production of plastic film substrates when leaving the pigment mixed in a suitable plastic film having a total color in the polymer. 在另一种方法中,可以利用凹版或胶印工艺在透明塑料窗口上涂覆一层着色的清漆或涂层。 In another method, a gravure or offset printing process can be used coated with a varnish or pigmented coating on a transparent plastic window.

片材可以包括由透明塑料材料形成的实质无标记的窗口,该窗口包括具有偏振特性的自检装置,可以检验同一防伪票据或不同防伪票据上的另一个位置上的第二透明偏振窗口形式的防伪装置。 Sheet may comprise the substance of a transparent plastic material forming the unmarked window that includes self-test means having polarization characteristics, can be tested in the form of a second transparent polarizing window to another location in the same or a different security anti-counterfeit bills on the bill on the security devices.

偏振作用是可广泛应用于例如偏振光墨镜之类制品的一种光学效应。 Polarization effect is widely used such as an optical effect products like polarized sunglasses. 来自照明光源的光波不但是在垂直的或水平的平面上振动,而且可以在两者之间的所有平面上振动。 Light waves from the illumination light source is not only in the vertical or horizontal plane of vibration, and can vibrate in all planes between the two. 偏振作用就是使光波限制为只在一个方向上。 A polarization function is to make the light wave is limited to only one direction. 当让平面偏振光通过的第二偏振介质的偏振轴线垂直于第一偏振介质时,光线强度接近零。 When the polarization plane of polarized light perpendicular to the axis so that by the second polarized in a first polarization dielectric medium, the light intensity is close to zero.

在本发明中,通过例如聚合物钞票之类的防伪票据上的透明窗口来对这种偏振现象加以利用。 In the present invention, to be used for such polarization phenomena such as the transparent window through polymer banknote counterfeit bills like on. 将一个透明窗口叠置到一第二窗口上(这两个窗口都具有平面偏振特性),就可以观察到包括光线消失在内的偏振特性。 A transparent window to a second window stacked (the two windows having plane polarization characteristics), can be observed polarization characteristics including light disappears, including. 第二偏振窗口也可以出现在另一个不同的防伪票据上。 The second polarizing window may also appear on a different security ticket. 在每一种情况下,通过使透明偏振窗口相互组合就可以实现偏振效应。 In each case, by a combination of the transparent polarizing window mutual polarization effect can be achieved.

当偏振窗口处在同一张柔性防伪票据的不同位置上时,第一和第二偏振窗口最好是这样布置的,即,当柔性防伪票据被折叠而使两个偏振窗口相互对准时,第二偏振窗口的偏振轴线沿着与第一偏振窗口的轴线成一角度的方向延伸,从而使通过这两个窗口的光线强度减弱。 When the polarization with a flexible window in a different location on the security ticket, the first and second polarizing windows are preferably arranged such that, when the flexible security paper is folded leaving two polarization window aligned with each other, the second the polarization axis of the polarization of the window along the axis of the first polarizing window at an angle to the direction of extension, so that the intensity of light that passes through the two windows is weakened. 如果第一和第二偏振窗口的偏振轴线在折叠后的防伪票据内是基本上相互垂直的,则透过窗口的光线强度接近为零。 If the polarization axis of the first and second polarizing windows in the security paper is folded substantially perpendicular to each other, the light intensity through the window close to zero.

带有偏振窗口的钞票可以用各种方法来形成。 Banknote with polarizing windows may be formed by various methods. 在一个可能的实施例中,是在生产过程中沿着某一个方向对透明的塑料基底进行拉伸。 In one possible embodiment, the production process is in one direction along the transparent plastic substrate is stretched. 在另一些方法中,可以在用来形成基底或作为基底涂层的透明聚合薄膜内加入液晶。 In other methods, may be formed on the substrate used as a base coat or the transparent polymeric film to join the liquid crystal.

根据本发明另一实施例的自检装置包括一具有第一线组的特征,防伪装置包括一具有第二线组的特征,当防伪票据被弯曲或折叠而使自检装置和防伪装置对准时,可产生干涉效应。 According to the self-test device according to another embodiment of the invention includes a first line having a characteristic group, the security device comprises a feature having a second line group, when leaving the self-test means and security means security paper is bent or folded aligned, can produce interference effects. 较佳的是,自检装置和防伪装置是莫尔感应图案。 Preferably, the self-test means and the security device are Moire inducing patterns.

根据本发明的第四方面,提供了一种防伪票据,包括一由带标记的基底形成的柔性片材,所述片材具有由透明塑料材料制成的第一部分,该第一部分包括以莫尔感应图案的形式出现的自检装置,用以检验在同一张防伪票据的不同位置上或在不同防伪票据上的另一个莫尔感应图案。 According to a fourth aspect of the present invention, there is provided a security paper, comprising a flexible sheet formed from a substrate with a mark, said sheet having a first portion made of a transparent plastic material, the first portion comprises Mohr sensing device in the form of a self-test pattern appears to test in a different location on the same sheet of counterfeit bills or another Moire inducing pattern in different security instruments.

莫尔感应图案是由细线组构成,第一莫尔图案的细线组相对于第二莫尔图案的细线组倾斜成一个角度,当把第一和第二莫尔图案叠置时,所述细线组可产生光变效应。 Moire inducing pattern is constituted by a thin wire group, the first Moire pattern is inclined with respect to the second thread group's thread group Moire pattern into an angle, when the first and second Moire patterns stacked, The group can produce thin optical zoom effect. 透过相互叠置或重叠的倾斜线组的光线会产生被称作“塔尔波特条纹”的黑暗条带,它们可以形成一图象。 Generated is referred to as "Talbot fringes" dark bands of light through superimposed or overlapped with each other inclined line group, they can form an image.

以前已经有人提到过可在防伪票据中采用莫尔干涉图案作为防伪装置或反伪造特征,以防止利用照相复制来进行伪造。 It has been mentioned before moire pattern may adopt security bill as anti-counterfeiting devices or anti-counterfeiting features to prevent the use of photocopies for forgery. 然而,在这些票据中,莫尔效应或条纹只是在包括莫尔感应图案的防伪票据的反照相复制图象中才可以显现出来。 However, in these instruments, the Moire effect or fringes simply including anti Moire inducing pattern photographic paper copy of the security image can emerge. 在本发明中,一莫尔感应图象是结合在作为自检防伪装置的透明塑料窗口内,它与设置在同一张防伪票据的另一个位置上或者是另一张防伪票据上的另一个莫尔感应图案一起产生一个能可靠验证票据的莫尔效应。 In the present invention, a moire image sensor is incorporated in the self-test as a transparent plastic window security apparatus, it is provided another location on the same sheet of security paper or on another security notes another Mo Seoul sensing patterns together to produce a reliable verification notes Moire effect.

当把第一和第二莫尔感应图案设置在单张柔性防伪票据的沿横向间隔的两个不同位置上时,第一和第二莫尔感应图案最好是以这样一种方式布置,即,当柔性防伪票据被折叠而使两个莫尔感应图案对准时,第二莫尔感应图案的线组相对于第一莫尔感应图案的线组倾斜。 When the first and second Moire inducing pattern provided in a single flexible security instruments along two different positions when laterally spaced from the first and second Moire inducing patterns are preferably arranged in such a manner that when the flexible security bill is folded leaving two Moire inducing pattern aligned second Moire inducing pattern relative to the first line group Moire pattern line group tilt sensor.

设置在透明窗口内以形成一莫尔感应图案的线组可以用简单的印刷、压凸印或蚀刻技术来形成。 Provided in the transparent window to form a Moire inducing pattern line group can be a simple printing, embossing, or etching techniques to form.

根据本发明的又一个方面,提供了一种用于检验如前述任一方面的防伪票据的方法,该方法包括如下步骤:对柔性片材进行弯曲、折叠或扭曲而使包括自检装置的片材第一部分与设置在片材第二部分上的防伪装置相互对准。 According to still another aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method for verifying the security of any one of the preceding notes, the method comprising the steps of: bending the flexible sheet, folded or distorted, leading to self-test apparatus comprising sheet material disposed on the first portion and the second portion of the sheet of the security device aligned with each other.

附图说明 Brief Description

下面将结合附图来描述本发明的各个实施例。 Will now be described with reference to various embodiments of the invention.

图1是根据本发明第一实施例的一张钞票的平面图;图2是图1所示钞票折叠后的视图;图3是根据本发明第二实施例的一张钞票的平面图;图4是图3所示钞票折叠后的视图;图5是根据本发明第三实施例的一张钞票的平面图; Figure 1 is a plan view of one bill of the first embodiment of the present invention; FIG. 2 is a banknote of Figure 1 folded rear view; FIG. 3 is a plan view of a bill based on the second embodiment of the present invention; Figure 4 is a view of the folded banknote shown in Figure 3; Figure 5 is a plan view of a third embodiment of the present invention is a bill according to an embodiment;

图6是图5所示钞票折叠后的视图;图7是根据本发明第四实施例的一张钞票的平面图;图8是图7所示钞票折叠后的视图。 Figure 6 is a banknote of Figure 5 folded view; FIG. 7 is a plan view of a fourth embodiment of the present invention is a bill according to an embodiment; FIG. 8 is a rear view of the folded banknote shown in Figure 7.


图1和2所示的钞票1大致是矩形的,它具有基本平行的侧边6和7以及基本上平行的端部8和9,并且包括带标记3的、由透明塑料制成的柔性片状基底2。 Banknote 1 shown in Figures 1 and 2 is substantially rectangular in shape, having substantially parallel sides 6 and 7 and substantially parallel ends 8 and 9, and comprises a tagged 3, the flexible sheet made of a transparent plastic material like base 2. 基底2的上下表面的绝大部分都被不透明层覆盖。 Most of the upper and lower surfaces of the substrate 2 are covered by an opaque layer. 在本文中,术语“标记”涵盖了带有颜色的区域、图案、图象、形状、线组、字母、数字和符号等。 As used herein, the term "marker" encompasses a region, a pattern, picture, shape, line group, letters, numbers and symbols with colored. 为方便起见,除了防伪装置4,也就是由单词“VALID”重复数次而形成的一个缩微印刷区域10以外,面值“$99”是图1和图2中唯一示出的标记3。 For convenience, in addition to a micro-printing area security device 4, that is, by the word "VALID" repeated several times and 10 formed outside, face value "$ 99" in Figures 1 and 2 are only shown mark 3. 虽然单词“VALID”在图1中是明显的,但这种缩微印刷物的尺寸可以是不明显的,或者勉强可以用肉眼辨别。 Although the word "VALID" is apparent in Figure 1, but the size of such printed matter microfilm may be obvious, or can barely be distinguished with the naked eye.

如图1所示,带有标记的不透明层并未将片状基底2的全部表面占满,因而在基片上留出一透明部分5,此部位至少有部分未被不透明层复盖。 1, the opaque mark layer not having the entire surface of the sheet-like substrate 2 filled, thus leaving on the substrate a transparent portion 5, this part at least partially is not covered by the opaque layer. 此透明的、实质是无标记的部分5就构成钞票上的一个“窗口”,通过此窗口可透过光线。 This transparent, in essence, part of the five unmarked constitutes a "window" on the bill, by the light through the window.

透明塑料基底2最好是用透明的聚合材料制成,该聚合材料可以由至少一种双轴定向的聚合薄膜组成。 A transparent plastic substrate 2 is preferably made of a transparent polymeric material, the polymeric material may be made of at least one biaxially oriented polymeric film composition. 基底可以包括由聚合材料形成的单层薄膜。 The substrate may comprise a single layer film formed from a polymeric material. 或者,基底可由澳大利亚专利No.AU-A-87665/82中所述类型的两层或多层透明双轴定向聚合薄膜的层压物构成,该专利的内容援引在此仅供参考。 Laminate Alternatively, the substrate may be in Australian Patent No.AU-A-87665/82 in two or more layers of the type of transparent biaxially oriented polymeric film structure, the disclosure of which is incorporated herein for reference.

标记3的不透明油墨层可以由能够用于印刷钞票或其它防伪票据的各种致不透明油墨中的任何一种或多种油墨构成。 Tag opaque ink layer 3 may cause opaque ink of any one or more of the ink can be formed of various printing banknotes or for other security instruments. 例如,不透明油墨层可由有颜料的涂层构成,该涂层包括一种分散于粘合剂或如专利No.AU-A-87665/82中所描述的热激活可交联聚合材料的载体内的、诸如二氧化钛之类的颜料。 For example, an opaque ink layer may have a pigment coating layer, the coating comprises an adhesive or dispersed in Patent No.AU-A-87665/82 described thermally activated cross-linkable polymeric material within the carrier , such as pigmentary titanium dioxide and the like. 或者,可以将由透明塑料制成的基底2夹设在印刷或涂覆有标记的纸制不透明层之间。 Alternatively, the substrate may be made of transparent plastic by 2 interposed between the paper printed or coated with an opaque layer marked.

透明的、实质没有标记的部分或窗口5位于矩形钞票一端8的一个角落,防伪装置4位于钞票上同一侧边6但在另一相对端9上的一个角落。 Transparent portion or window 5 is located in the substance of the unmarked end of a corner of the rectangular banknote 8, the security device 4 is located on the same side of the banknote but in the opposite end 6 of a corner 9 on.

在图1和图2所示的实施例中,透明的、实质没有标记的部分或窗口5包括一光学放大透镜11形式的自检装置。 In the embodiment shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the transparent portion or window 5 includes an unmarked substance of an optical zoom lens 11 in the form of self-test means. 因此,当如图2所示的那样沿着横穿过钞票的中线12将钞票1折叠起来时,可以借助放大透镜11来观察构成防伪装置4的缩微印刷区域10,这时,该缩微印刷区域显现为放大的图象。 Thus, when as shown as along the center line when the banknote 12 across the banknote 1 is folded up, can be shown by means of zoom lens 11 to observe the microprint region 10 constituting the security device 4, then, the microprint region appears as an enlarged image. 因此,防伪票据1可通过钞票的某一部分进行自检,窗口5内的放大透镜11可以用来检查和验证防伪装置4,也就是设置在钞票1的另一部分上的缩微印刷区域10。 Therefore, an anti-counterfeit bills can be a part of the self-test by the banknote, the magnifying lens 11 within the window 5 can be used to check and verify the security device 4, which is provided on another part of the banknote 1 microtext printed area 10.

还应该理解,在窗口5内设有放大透镜11的钞票或其它防伪票据还可以用来检查、放大和检验另一张钞票或防伪票据上的缩微印刷物、细小图象或其它防伪装置。 It should also be understood in the window 5 bill features a zoom lens, or other security instruments 11 can also be used to check, zoom in and examine the other banknotes or microfilm print counterfeit bills on small images or other security devices.

放大透镜可以包括菲涅尔放大透镜,该透镜可以这样形成,即,对透明窗口5进行压凸印、蚀刻或使之变形而产生一系列同心圆线。 Magnifying lens may comprise a Fresnel magnifying lens, the lens may be formed, i.e., the transparent window 5 of the embossing, etching, or to deform and produce a series of concentric lines.

菲涅尔透镜可以借助印刷工艺中的压凸印技术来形成。 Fresnel lens can make use of the printing process in the formation of the embossing technique. 为了实现所需的光折射作用,必须只在薄膜的一个侧面上进行压凸印。 In order to achieve the desired refraction of light, must be carried out only on the embossing one side of the film. 如果在压凸印过程中对基底的两个侧面进行相同的压凸印刷,则可以在一个压凸印的表面上填入一涂层,以便产生所需的光学透镜。 If the embossing process on both sides of the substrate subjected to the same emboss printing, it can fill a coating on the surface of an embossing in order to produce the desired optical lens. 通常采用凹印工艺来进行压凸印,并将特殊的油墨转印到钞票或其它防伪票据上。 Usually gravure process for embossing, and special ink is transferred onto the banknote or other security instruments. 在凹印工艺中,可以在高温高压下将菲涅尔透镜的蚀刻式样压凸印到窗口内。 In the gravure printing process, can be etched under high temperature and pressure to the embossing pattern of the Fresnel lens into the window.

或者,可以采用热压技术,即通常用来将光变装置(OVD)转印到钞票上的技术,将一菲涅尔放大透镜压凸印制到窗口5内。 Alternatively, you can use hot technology, which is commonly used to optically variable device (OVD) is transferred to the technical notes on the amplification of a Fresnel lens embossed printed into the window 5. 放大透镜还可以这样制成,即,涂覆一种可通过紫外线(UV)或其它能量固化的清漆或涂层,该涂层是以所需的结构进行印刷或压凸,随后借助固化工艺达成固久性。 Zoom lens also can be made, i.e., by coating an ultraviolet (UV) or other energy curable varnish or coating, the coating is required to be printed or embossed structure, and then by means of the curing process to reach solid durability.

参见图3和图4,其中示出了根据本发明第二实施例的一张钞票。 Referring to Figures 3 and 4, there is shown a second embodiment of the present invention is a bill. 该钞票20类似于图1和2中所示的钞票1,其中相应的部分被赋予相应的标号。 The banknote 20 is similar to Figure 1 and 2 shown in a banknote, wherein the corresponding parts are given corresponding reference numerals. 钞票20是大致成矩形的,并包括一带有标记3的柔性片状基底2。 Banknote 20 is substantially rectangular and includes a flexible sheet with a mark 3 of base 2. 钞票20与钞票1的区别在于防伪装置4是由用条件配色油墨印刷的条件配色图象22的区域构成,而基底2的透明、实质无标记部分或“窗口”5包括由着色窗口或“条件配色滤色器”21构成的自检装置。 The difference between 20 and notes banknote 1 in that the security device 4 is a region printed with metameric inks constituting the metameric image 22, and the transparent substrate 2, the substance of the unmarked portion or "window" 5 comprises a colored window or "conditions color color filter "comprising self-test device 21.

防伪装置4包括字母“NPA”,通过用不同的条件配色油墨来印刷这些字母的不同部分,就可以形成条件配色图象22。 Security device 4 includes the letters "NPA", by using different color inks to the printing condition different parts of the letters, the image can be formed metamerism 22. 如图3所示,形成条件配色图象22的字母NPA在白色光下显示出完全相同的颜色。 As shown in Figure 3, the color image forming conditions of the letters NPA 22 under the white light shows the same colors. 然而,当把票据20沿折叠线12折叠起来时,如图4所示的那样透过条件配色滤光片21来观察,斜穿字母22、用与字母的其余部分不同的条件配色油墨印刷而成的对角区域23显示不同的颜色,或者至少是显示同一种颜色的不同色调,由条件配色油墨印刷的防伪装置4可以用标准的印刷技术来进行。 However, when the ticket 20 is folded along fold lines 12, as shown through the metameric filter 21 as viewed in Fig.4, the letters cut through 22, with the rest of the letters with different metameric inks and a diagonal region 23 display different colors, or at least show different shades of the same color, the color of the ink printed by the condition of the security device 4 using standard printing techniques. 透明窗口5内的光学或条件配色滤光片21可以这样来设置,即,它可以包括生产聚合基底2时的一种或若干种合适的颜料,因此,印刷而成的钞票中的透明、实质无标记的窗口5是着色的。 The optical or metameric filter 21 may be set such that the transparent window 5 inside, i.e., it may include the production of a polymerized substrate of 2:00 or several suitable pigments, therefore, the printing of banknotes made transparent, the substance unmarked window 5 is colored. 或者,可以通过凹印或胶印工艺在透明、清晰并且实质无标记的塑料窗口内涂覆一层有色清漆。 Alternatively, gravure or offset printing process by coating a layer of colored varnish in a transparent, clear and substantive unmarked plastic window.

在图3和图4所示的实施例中,在透明塑料窗口5内设置了一个光学或条件配色滤光片21,该滤光片可以用来揭示钞票上的条件配色图象22的颜色变化特性。 In the embodiment shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, in a transparent plastic window 5 is provided an optical or metameric filter 21, the filter can be used to reveal the color of the metameric image 22 on the banknote change characteristics. 这样就提供了一种无需外界辅助装置(例如滤光片或不同光的光源)来检查条件配色图象而验证钞票的自检式钞票。 This provides a no external auxiliary devices (such as filters or different light sources) to check and verify the condition of the color image of the self-test type banknote banknotes.

还应该理解,例如图3所示的、在一透明窗口内包括一光学或条件配色滤光片的钞票还可以作为一防伪装置来检查和验证包括条件配色印品或条件配色图象的另一张钞票。 It should also be understood that, for example, shown in Figure 3, in a transparent window includes an optical or metameric filter bank notes can also be used as a security device to check and validate the other including a metameric printing or a metameric image banknotes.

图5和图6所示的本发明第三实施例的钞票30的形状大体类似于图1和2所示的钞票1,并且其中相应的部分也采用了相应的标号。 Shape of the banknote to the third embodiment of the present invention shown in Figures 5 and 6 is substantially similar to Figure 30 of the banknote 1 and 2 shown in Table 1, and wherein corresponding parts have corresponding reference numerals are used. 钞票30与钞票1的区别在于,基底2的透明、实质无标记的部分或窗口5包括以第一偏振窗口31形式出现的自检装置,防伪装置4包括以第二偏振窗口32的形式出现的另一个透明的、实质无标记的部分。 Banknote 30 differs from the banknote 1 in that the transparent substrate 2, part of the substance or window 5 includes self-test unmarked means appearing in the form of a first polarizing window 31, the security device 4 comprises in the form of a second polarizing window 32 Another transparent unmarked part of the essence.

第一偏振窗口31具有一例如平行于钞票30纵轴线的第一平面偏振轴线,第二偏振窗口32最好是布置成具有一基本垂直于第一偏振窗口31(例如沿着垂直于钞票纵轴线的方向)的第一偏振轴线。 A first polarizing window 31 has a, for example parallel to the longitudinal axis of the banknote 30 a first plane polarization axis, the second polarizing window 32 is preferably arranged to have a polarization substantially perpendicular to the first window 31 (e.g., along a longitudinal axis perpendicular to the banknote direction) of the first polarization axis. 当沿着折叠线12将钞票30折叠起来而使第一和第二偏振窗口31和32对准时,透过偏振窗口31和32的光线强度基本等于零,如图6中的阴影区域33所示。 When folded along the fold line 12 of the banknote 30 leaving the first and second polarizing windows 31 and 32 are aligned, the intensity of light transmitted through the polarizing windows 31 and 32 is substantially zero, as shown in Figure 6 in the shadow area 33.

然而,应该理解,第一和第二平面偏振轴线的取向是可以变化的。 However, it should be understood that the orientation of the first and second plane polarization axes may vary. 例如,如果图5所示的第一偏振窗口31具有一沿椭圆形窗口31的主轴线延伸的斜角第一平面偏振轴线,当钞票处于如图5所示的未折叠状态时,第二偏振窗口32可以具有一基本平行于第一偏振轴线的第二偏振轴线,但是当钞票如图6所示处于折叠状态时,第一和第二偏振轴线基本相互垂直。 For example, if the first polarizing window shown in Figure 5 31 having a major axis along the oval window extending angle at a first plane polarization axis 31, when the banknote is not shown in Figure 5 the folded state, the second polarization Window 32 may have a polarization substantially parallel to the first axis of the second polarization axis, but when the banknote as shown in Figure 6 in a folded state, substantially perpendicular to each of the first and second polarization axes. 还可能使偏振窗口31和32的不同部分具有不同的偏振轴线,因而当两个偏振窗口对准时,可以产生更有趣的光学图案或效应。 31 and also make the different parts of the polarizing windows 32 having different polarization axes, so that when the two polarization window aligned, can produce a more interesting optical patterns or effects.

因此,在图5和图6所示的实施例中,第一和第二偏振窗口一起形成了一个自检式防伪装置,它无需外加的光学装置或设备即可检验防伪装置的真伪。 Thus, in FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 in the embodiment shown, the first and second polarization window together forming a self-test type security means, the authenticity of which no external optical device or apparatus to verify the security device. 虽然该实施例中是利用具有第一偏振窗口的钞票来检验该钞票另一部分上的另一个偏振窗口,但也可以用它来检验另一个类似票据上的偏振窗口。 Although this example is the use of money having a first polarization window to test another polarizing window on another part of the bill, but you can also use it to test the polarizing window on another similar bill.

透明的偏振窗口可以用各种方法来制造。 Transparent polarizing windows may be produced by various methods. 在一种可能的方法中,可以在制造过程中沿着某一个方向对由透明塑料制成的基膜进行拉伸,从而使该塑料薄膜内的晶体或分子的对正和方向产生差异。 In one possible approach, along a certain direction of the base film made of a transparent plastic material is stretched in the manufacturing process, so that the plastic film or inside the crystal molecules and a difference of the positive direction. 在另一种方法中,可采用一种聚合物弥散液晶(PDLC)薄膜来形成一个透明的、实质无标记的部分或偏振窗口。 In another method, a polymer dispersed liquid crystal may be used (PDLC) film to form a transparent, essentially non-labeled portion or polarizing window. PDLC薄膜的主要特征是:它是一个通常为10至25微米的聚合物材料的薄膜,含有微米级的向列相液晶液滴。 Main features PDLC film: it is a generally thin film 10-25 microns polymeric material, to contain the nematic liquid crystal micron droplets.

这种薄膜可以这样来产生,即,使聚合物、水和液晶的混合物乳化,从而产生一种所谓的向列曲线对准相(NCAP)薄膜。 Such films can be to produce, i.e., the mixture was emulsified polymer, water and the liquid crystal, resulting in a so-called curve aligned nematic phase (NCAP) film. 生产PDLC薄膜的其它方法包括:使液晶和预聚合物的均质溶液聚合。 Other methods of producing PDLC films include: the liquid crystal and prepolymer homogeneous solution polymerization. 当最终的聚合物形成时,会使液晶“相分离”,理想的是成为离散液滴形式。 When the final polymer is formed, the liquid crystal will "phase separation", the ideal is to become discrete droplets. 这种技术通常被称为“聚合引发的相分离”(PIPS),并用来产生PDLC薄膜。 This technique is commonly referred to as "polymerization induced phase separation" (PIPS), and used to produce PDLC films. 聚合作用可以通过加热(例如在环氧树脂或其它硬化剂)时或紫外(UV)光线(例如采用丙烯酸酯或硫醇-烯(thiol-ene)系统。PDLC薄膜可以用作被涂覆不透明标记层以形成钞票的透明基底,或者可以作为涂层涂覆到钞票的透明的、实质无标记部分而形成一个偏振窗口。 Polymerization by heating (e.g., in an epoxy resin or other curing agent) or ultraviolet (UV) light (e.g. using an acrylate or thiol - ene (thiol-ene) system .PDLC film may be coated with opaque markers used layer to form a transparent substrate banknotes, or may be formed as a polarizing window transparent coating is applied to the notes, the essence unmarked section.

参见图7和图8,其中示出了根据本发明第四实施例的钞票40。 Referring to Figures 7 and 8, which shows a fourth embodiment of the present invention banknote 40. 钞票40类似于图5和图6的钞票30,并且其中相应的部分用相应的标号表示。 Banknote 40 is similar to Figure 5 and 6 the banknote 30, and wherein corresponding parts are indicated by corresponding reference numerals. 钞票40与钞票30的不同之处在于将偏振窗口的替换,透明的、实质无标记的第一部分或窗口5包括由一组紧密间隔的细线组成的第一莫尔感应图案41形式的自检装置,同时,透明的实质无标记的第二部分或窗口4包括也是由一组紧密间隔的细线组成的莫尔感应图案42形成的防伪装置。 Banknote 40 differs from the banknote 30 in that the polarization window replacement, the transparent first portion or window 5 includes essentially non-labeled first Moire inducing pattern consists of a set of closely spaced thin lines 41 in the form of self-test consisting of means, at the same time, the security device of the second transparent portion or window 4 includes a substance of unmarked Moire inducing pattern is composed of a set of closely spaced thin lines 42 is formed of the composition.

如图7所示,第一莫尔感应图案41的细线沿着横穿钞票40的方向基本相互平行的延伸,而第二莫尔感应图案42的细线则沿着钞票42的纵轴线方向基本相互平行的延伸。 As shown, the first Moire inducing pattern 41, a thin line along a direction across the banknote 40, 7 extending substantially parallel to each other, while the second Moire inducing pattern 42 of the thin line along the direction of the longitudinal axis of the banknote 42 extending substantially parallel to each other. 因此,当沿着折叠线12将钞票40折叠起来而使第一和第二窗口4和5相互对准,并且在透射光下对叠置的莫尔感应图案41和42进行观察时,会发现产生一系列被称为塔尔波特(Talbot)条纹的黑暗条带44,这些条纹在图8所示的折叠后的钞票上是斜向延伸的。 Thus, when the banknote 12 along fold line 40 is folded up leaving the first and second windows 4 and 5 are aligned and stacked in the transmitted light of Moire inducing patterns 41 and 42 were observed, will find generating a series of dark bars are called Talbot (Talbot) with 44 stripes, the stripes on the folded banknote shown in Figure 8 is a rear extending obliquely. 这些条纹44可使第一和第二模尔感应图案41和42难以区分。 These stripes 44 allow the first and second sensing patterns 41 and mold 42 Seoul indistinguishable. 或者,当莫尔感应图案重叠时,所述条纹可以加强所述图案,产生一个加强的光学效应。 Alternatively, when the Moire inducing pattern superimposing, the stripes of the pattern can be enhanced to produce an enhanced optical effect.

然而,应该理解,第一和第二莫尔感应图案的线组的取向是可以变化的。 However, it should be understood that the orientation of the first line group and the second Moire inducing pattern may be varied. 例如,如果图7中的莫尔感应图案41,42内的线组平行于椭圆形窗口4和5的主轴线斜向延伸,则在图8所示的折叠后钞票内,第一和第二莫尔感应图案41和42的线组将基本上是垂直的,并且产生一个类似的塔尔波特条纹。 For example, if in Figure 7 within the Moire inducing patterns 41 and 42 parallel to the line group oval window of the main axis 4 and 5 extend obliquely, in the folded banknote shown in Figure 8, the first and second Moire inducing pattern line groups 41 and 42 will be substantially vertical, and generates a similar Talbot fringes.

每个莫尔感应图案41,42的不同部分可以具有沿不同方向延伸的不同线组,因而当窗口4和5在对折的钞票上对准时,可能产生更有趣的莫尔效应,使塔尔波特条纹形成预定的形状或图象。 Each Moire inducing pattern 41, 42 of the different parts may have different line group extending in different directions, so that when the window 4 and 5 of the folded bill in aligned, may produce a more interesting Moire effects, so 塔尔波Laid stripes forming a predetermined shape or image.

在透明窗口5和4内形成莫尔感应图案41和42的线组可以通过在基底2的透明无标记部分上压凸或印刷各条线来形成,例如以凹版印刷工艺或以照相凹版或胶印工艺。 Moire inducing pattern forming line groups 41 and 42 in the transparent windows 5 and 4 may be on the transparent substrate 2 without marking portion emboss or print the lines formed, for example intaglio printing process or in a gravure or offset printing processes.

在图7和8所示的实施例中,透明窗口5和4内的第一和第二莫尔感应图案41和42一起构成了一种无需外界检验用光学装置或设备的自检式防伪装置。 In the embodiment shown in FIG. 7 and 8, the transparent window of the first and second Moire inducing patterns 4 and 5 within 41 and 42 together constitute a test without external optical device or apparatus of the self-test type of security device . 此外,虽然可以利用在一透明窗口内具有第一感应图案的钞票来检验同一张钞票的另一个部分上的透明窗口中的另一个莫尔感应图案,但也可以用它来检验设置在另一张类似钞票上的透明窗口内的莫尔感应图案。 Additionally, although having a first sensing patterns can be used in a bill to test the transparent window portion with a transparent window to another bill on another Moire inducing patterns, but can also be used to test a provided at the other Zhang Mohr similar induction pattern transparent window on the inside of the bill.

本发明的至少一些实施例,特别是第三和第四实施例以及第一实施例提供了一种可透过窗口的观察来检验一防伪装置的能力,所述窗口内包括自检装置,该装置可以在例如钞票之类的柔性防伪票据内以不同的角度来取向,例如使票据扭转而产生动态变化的观察效果,而不是仅在一个方向上产生的静态效果。 At least some embodiments of the present invention, in particular by providing third and fourth embodiments and the first embodiment of an observation window permeable to test the ability of a security device, said window comprising a self-test device, which for example, the flexible means may be in the counterfeit banknote paper or the like to be oriented at different angles, for example, so that the observed effect is generated bill twisting dynamic, rather than a static effect produced in one direction only. 例如,由偏振窗口透射的光线量可以随着票据的扭转或旋转而变化。 For example, the amount of light transmitted by the polarization window can be reversed or rotated with bills and change. 当自检装置是一光学透镜的情况下,防伪票据的扭转可能使形成防伪装置的图象扭曲,在莫尔感应图案的情况下,由于图案重叠而产生的莫尔效应可能会随着两个莫尔感应图案彼此相对的扭转或旋转而发生偏移或频率变化。 When the self-test means is an optical lens, the torsional security instruments may distort an image forming the security device, in the case of Moire inducing patterns, the Moire effect due to the overlap pattern may be generated with the two Moire patterns induced relative twisting or rotating shift or frequency change occurs each other.

在本发明的又一个实施例中(未在附图中表示),设置了一张柔性钞票或其它防伪票据,其中的透明的、实质无标记的部分或“窗口”带有自检装置,该装置包括一图象的第一部分和一以该图象第二部分形成的防伪装置,当把柔性钞票或其它防伪票据折叠而使图象的第一和第二部分对准时,这两个部分会形成一个完整的图象。 In still another embodiment of the present invention (not shown in the drawings), is provided a flexible banknote or other security instrument, wherein the transparent, essentially non-labeled portion or "window" with a self-test device, which device comprises a first portion of an image and a security device to the second part of the image formation, when the first and second part of the flexible banknote or other security bill folded leaving the image of the time, these two sections will forming a complete image. 图象的第一部分可以被印刷或压凸印刷到窗口内,图象的第二部分可以设置在另一个透明的、实质无标记的窗口内或者是由不透明涂层覆盖的基底的一部分上。 A first portion of the image may be printed or embossed into the window printed, the second portion of the image may be provided on a portion of the other transparent window within the spirit or unmarked substrate covered by the opaque coating. 较佳的是,图象的第二部分在反射光情况下隐藏在一个不透明的涂层内,但它在透射光情况下是可见的,当把钞票折叠起来而使图象的第一和第二部分对准时,整个图象在透射光情况下是可见的。 Preferably, the second portion of the image in the reflected light hidden within an opaque coating, but it is in the case of transmitted light is visible, when the first and second folded up leaving the image of the banknote Second part of the time, the entire image in the case of transmitted light is visible.

上述自检式防伪票据的各实施例的优点在于,它们能借助一个或两个步骤的制造工艺以相对较低的成本来形成。 Advantage of embodiments of the above-described embodiment a self-test type of security notes is that they can by means of one or two step manufacturing process to be formed at relatively low cost. 在很多情况下,这种自检装置和防伪装置能在单次的印刷和/或压凸印过程中形成,例如凹版印刷过程。 In many cases, such a self-test means and the security device can be in a single printing and / or embossing process of the formation, such as a gravure process. 还有,由透明塑料材料的柔性基底形成的防伪票据是比较坚韧和耐久的,可以在多次弯曲、扭曲和折叠之后仍没有显著的磨损。 Further, security notes from a flexible substrate formed of a transparent plastic material is relatively tough and durable, can after multiple bending, twisting and folding without significant wear still.

应该理解,在不偏离本发明范围或精神的情况下,可以对上述的各实施例作出种种变化和改动。 It should be understood, without departing from the scope or spirit of the present invention, may be made the above-described embodiments that various changes and modifications. 例如,在一张防伪票据的不同位置上可以设置包括相同或不同类型自检装置的两个或更多个透明窗口,用以检验位于该防伪票据的横向间隔位置上的多个防伪装置。 For example, a security ticket in the different positions can be set include the same or different types of self-test means of two or more transparent windows, a plurality of security devices for inspection is located laterally spaced positions on the security ticket.

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