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Publication numberCN1088168 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 97122457
Publication date24 Jul 2002
Filing date30 Oct 1997
Priority date30 Oct 1996
Also published asCN1182695A, EP0840055A2, EP0840055A3
Publication number97122457.9, CN 1088168 C, CN 1088168C, CN 97122457, CN-C-1088168, CN1088168 C, CN1088168C, CN97122457, CN97122457.9
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Eutectic plate
CN 1088168 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
一种安装在圆柱形储藏容器的外壁上的低共熔片(1),其包含相互分隔开的第一表皮(3)和第二表皮(4),所述第一和第二表皮由多个部件(5)和中间片部件(6)互连以便确定多个隔室(8),其中,某些隔室包含低共熔材料(10),而其余隔室确定一种流体的的通道(12)。 A eutectic sheet mounted on the outer wall of the cylindrical storage container (1), comprising spaced apart first skin (3) and a second skin (4), said first and second skin by a plurality of members (5) and the intermediate sheet member (6) in order to determine a plurality of interconnected compartments (8), wherein some of the compartments containing the eutectic material (10), and the remaining compartment a fluid to determine the channel (12).
Claims(3)  translated from Chinese
1.一种采取圆弧形构形而可便利地直接安装在圆柱形储藏容器的外壁上的低共熔片(1),其特征在于,包含相互分隔开的第一表皮(3)和第二表皮(4),所述第一和第二表皮由多个连接部件(5)和中间片部件(6)互连以便确定多个隔室(8),其中,某些隔室填充以低共熔材料(10),而其余隔室确定供一种流体通过的通道(12)。 An arc-shaped configuration and taken may conveniently be mounted directly on the outer wall of the cylindrical containment vessel eutectic sheet (1), characterized in that the skin comprises spaced apart first (3) and a second skin (4), said first and second skin by a plurality of connecting members (5) and the intermediate sheet member (6) in order to determine a plurality of interconnected compartments (8), wherein some of the compartments filled with eutectic material (10), and the remaining compartment determined by the channel for a fluid (12).
2.如权利要求1所述的低共熔片,其特征在于,在所述第一表皮和所述第二表皮之间设置以多片所述连接部件(5)和所述中间片部件(6),以便使所述低共熔片(1)具有多个呈蜂窝状的隔室。 2. The eutectic sheet according to claim 1, characterized in that the setting of the connection to the multi-piece member (5) and the intermediate sheet member between the first skin and the second skin ( 6), so that the eutectic sheet (1) having a plurality of honeycomb compartments.
3.如权利要求2所述的低共熔片,其特征在于,每一个所述隔室具有正方形的横截面。 2 eutectic sheet according to claim, characterized in that each of said compartments having a square cross-section.
Description  translated from Chinese
低共熔片 Eutectic piece

本发明一般地说涉及低共熔片,而具体地说涉及适宜于安装在圆柱形储藏容器如冷藏容器的外表面的低共熔片。 The present invention generally relates to eutectic sheet, and particularly to suitable for installation in the cylindrical containment vessel such as a eutectic sheet outer surface of the refrigerated container.

通向支撑在建造成符合国际标准的框架内的冷藏容器的通道是限制在该容器的侧边,而用以进入该容器中的喷嘴通常设置在沿该容器顶部的中心线上。 Leads supported within the frame constructed in accordance with international standards of the refrigerated container of the channel is limited to the sides of the container, and to enter the container at the center line of the nozzle generally disposed along the top of the container. 此类容器通常是用隔热层隔热的,然后用保护该隔热层的材料来覆盖。 Such containers are usually insulated with a heat insulating layer, and the insulating layer with a protective material to cover.

本发明的目的在于提供低共熔片,该低共熔片适宜于直接夹持在容器的圆柱形外壁上,并可使之起到加热或冷却片的作用。 Object of the present invention to provide a eutectic plate a eutectic sheet suitable for direct clamping of the cylindrical outer wall of the container, and it can function as a heating or cooling fins.

按照本发明的采取圆弧形构形而可便利地直接安装在圆柱形储藏容器的外壁上的低共熔片包含相互分隔开的第一和第二表皮,该第一和第二表皮由多个部件互连以便确定多个隔室,其中,某些隔室包含低共熔材料,而其余的隔室确定一种流体的的通道。 Eutectic sheet according to take circular arc-shaped configuration of the present invention and may conveniently be mounted directly on the outer wall of the cylindrical containment vessel comprises spaced apart first and second skin, the epidermis by the first and second a plurality of members interconnected so as to determine a plurality of compartments, in which some compartments contain eutectic material, while the rest of the compartment to define a fluid passage.

在第一和第二表皮之间配置的部件最好能确定呈蜂窝状的隔室,而每一个隔室的横截面通常取正方形的形状。 Preferably between the first and second skin member can determine the configuration of the honeycomb compartment, while the cross-section of each compartment is usually taken square shape.

现参照附图作为实例对本发明的一个实施例进行叙述。 Referring now to the drawings as an example of an embodiment of the present invention will be described.

图1为本发明的两块低共熔片的透视图;图2为图1中示出的两块低共熔片之一的想象剖面图、请参照图1,所示为本发明的两块低共熔片1,每一块低共熔片通常采取圆弧形构形而可便利地直接安装在圆柱形储藏容器的外壁上,该储藏容器可如未示出的圆柱形冷藏容器。 Figure 2 is a two shown in FIG. 1 two eutectic imaginary cross-sectional view of one sheet, refer to FIG. 1, as shown in the present invention; FIG. 1 of the present invention two eutectic sheet perspective block eutectic plate 1, each piece of sheet eutectic usually take circular arc-shaped configuration and may conveniently be mounted directly on the outer wall of the cylindrical storage container, the storage container may be cylindrical if not shown in the refrigerated container. 也请参照图2,该低共熔片1固定在该容器的传统隔热层2之下,当该容器用以盛装冷冻制品时,通常用该隔热层环绕在该容器上。 Refer also to Figure 2, the eutectic sheet 1 is fixed below the conventional heat-insulating layer of the container 2, when container for containing the frozen products, usually the insulating layer surrounds the container.

所示的每一块低共熔片1包含内部表皮或第一表皮3和外部表皮或第二表皮4,该内部表皮3和外部表皮4由横向部件5和一层薄的中间片部件6互连,该横向部件和该中间片部件6与该内部表皮3和外部表皮4确定多个隔室8,该隔室8的横截面通常取正方形的形状。 Each piece eutectic sheet 1 shown comprises a first internal skin or the external skin or epidermis 3 and 4 a second skin, the inner skin and the outer skin 3 4 5 6 interconnected by a transverse member and a thin layer of the intermediate sheet member The transverse member and the intermediate member 6 and the inner sheet 3 and the outer skin to determine epidermal 4 8 a plurality of compartments, the compartment 8 is a cross-sectional view taken generally square shape. 某些隔室8中填充以低共熔材料10;而其余隔室8,特别是毗邻该内部表皮3的隔室8用作一种流体的的通道12。 Some compartments 8 are filled with eutectic material 10; and the remaining compartment 8, particularly adjacent the inner skin 3 of the compartment 8 is used as a fluid channel 12.

所示的该低共熔片1只具有一片中间片部件6,但可以设想,本发明的低共熔片1可具有多个薄的中间片部件6和多个垂直于该薄的中间片部件6与内部表皮3和外部表皮4的薄的部件,从而可形成一种蜂窝状型式的结构。 The eutectic sheet shown in an intermediate sheet member having a 6, it is contemplated that eutectic sheet 1 of the invention may have a plurality of 6 and a plurality of vertical thin intermediate sheet member to the intermediate sheet member to the thin 6 with the internal thin skin member 3 and the outer skin 4, thereby forming a honeycomb type structure.

各个隔室能极其容易地制成彼此间相互密封,在实际应用上,该低共熔片1上形成的通道12最好设置在毗邻该内部表皮3处。 Each compartment can be made very easily sealed with each other to each other, on the practical application, the eutectic is formed on a sheet passage 12 is preferably disposed adjacent the inner skin 3. 将集管连接到该通道12,以便于例如让液态氮通过该些通道12,从而冷却该低共熔材料10。 Connecting the manifold to the channels 12, so as to allow for example, liquid nitrogen through the passageway 12 of these, thereby cooling the eutectic material 10. 这是一种快速冷却在数分钟内便可达到完全冷却程度,而传统的方法则需数小时才能达到。 This is a rapid cooling within a few minutes to reach full cooling degree, while traditional methods need several hours to reach. 由于该通道12直接毗邻该容器表面,冷却作用会迅速传递到该容器内的包含物,从而更有利冷却过程的进行。 Since the passage 12 immediately adjacent the surface of the container, the cooling effect will be rapidly transmitted to the inclusions within the container, thereby performing a more favorable cooling process. 此外,由于冷却过程进行的时间非常短,一旦该低共熔片1冷冻之后,实质上所有的冷却作用对该容器内的包含物也是有效的。 Further, since the cooling process time is very short, once the eutectic freeze sheet 1, substantially all of the cooling effect of the inclusion of the container is also effective.

也可将该低共熔片1用以加热容器,只要在该通道12中贯通以蒸汽,便可将该容器内的包含物加热。 The eutectic may be used to slice a heating vessel through the steam passage 12 as long as, the inclusions can be within the container is heated. 在此种情况下,该低共熔材料10将熔融并起到传导媒介的作用,通过对流和传导而将热能传递给其所围绕的该容器的周界。 In this case, the eutectic material 10 will melt and act as an intermediary for the conduction, by convection and conduction to heat transfer to it around the perimeter of the container.

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