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Publication numberCN102372015 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 201110225352
Publication date11 Jun 2014
Filing date3 Aug 2011
Priority date3 Aug 2010
Also published asCN102372015A, EP2415856A1, EP2415856B1, US8921096, US20120031510
Publication number201110225352.3, CN 102372015 B, CN 102372015B, CN 201110225352, CN-B-102372015, CN102372015 B, CN102372015B, CN201110225352, CN201110225352.3
InventorsJ-L魏森巴赫, R兰比格勒, V比松, C阿布阿亚德埃尔伊德里西, S西鲁
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Pump cart for a biological liquid treatment installation
CN 102372015 B
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明涉及一种用于生物液体处理设备的泵推车,所述泵推车具有第一侧面(40),被配置成抵靠着所述设备的输送网络推车(1)并置的第二侧面(41),以及汇合侧面(40,41)的前表面(42),并且所述泵推车包括至少一个泵(414),所述泵(414)安装于其上的泵支撑体(50),以及导引构件,其致使所述泵(414)可平移移动并且所述泵支撑体(50)安装在其上面;所述泵支撑体(50)可在从第一侧面(40)朝向所述第二侧面(41)行进的方向上平移移动;根据所进行的处理的类型,所述泵(414)被置于所述泵推车(2)上的预定位置处。 The present invention relates to a method for biological fluid pump trolley processing apparatus, said cart having a first side pump (40), is configured to abut against the device transport networks trolleys (1) and the first set the front surface of second side (41), and converging sides (40, 41) of (42), and said pump trolley comprises at least one pump (414), said pump (414) is mounted on the pump support thereon ( 50), and a guide member, which causes the pump (414) to translational movement and the pump support member (50) mounted thereon; said pump support (50) from the first side (40) toward the second side surface (41) on the traveling direction of the translational movement; depending on the type of processing performed by said pump (414) is placed at a predetermined position (2) on the pump cart.
Claims(20)  translated from Chinese
1.一种用于生物液体处理设备的泵推车,所述设备还包括输送网络推车(I ;1001), 其特征在于,所述泵推车(2 ;1002)具有第一侧面(40),被配置成抵靠着所述输送网络推车(I ;1001)并置的第二侧面(41 ;1041),以及汇合两个所述侧面(40,41 ;1041)的前表面(42); 所述泵推车(2; 1002)还包括: -至少一个泵(414 ;1414); -上面安装着所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)的泵支撑体(50 ;1050);以及-导引构件,其致使所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)可平移移动并且所述泵支撑体(50 ;1050)安装在其上面; 所述泵支撑体(50 ; 1050)可在从所述泵推车(2 ; 1002)的所述第一侧面(40)朝向所述第二侧面(41 ;1041)行进的方向上平移移动; 根据所进行的处理的类型,所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)被设置于所述泵推车(2 ;1002)上的预定位置。 1. A pump for biological fluids trolley processing apparatus, the apparatus further comprises a transport network trolley (I; 1001), characterized in that the pump trolleys (2; 1002) having a first side (40 ), is configured to abut against the transport networks trolley (I; 1001) (41 juxtaposed the second side; 1041), and two side surfaces of the confluence (40, 41; a front surface 1041) of (42 ); said pump trolleys (2; 1002) further comprises: - at least one pump (414; 1414); - mounted thereon at least one pump (414; 1414) of the pump support body (50; 1050); and - the guide member, which causes at least one pump (414; 1414) and the translating movement of the pump support member (50; 1050) mounted thereon; said pump supporting body (50; 1050) available from the said pump cart; the (2 1002) first side (40) towards said second side surface (41; 1041) on the traveling direction of translational movement; according to the type of processing performed, at least one pump ( 414; predetermined position 1002) on; 1414) is set to the pump trolley (2 in.
2.根据权利要求1所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述导引构件包括被滑动杆(49)间隔开的两个臂(45),所述滑动杆(49)分别被进一步紧固至所述两个臂(45)的每一个上,并且可移动的泵支撑体(50 ;1050)包括滑动安装在所述滑动杆(49)上的竖直块(52 ;1052)。 2. The pump of claim 1, wherein the trolley, characterized in that said guide member comprises a slide bar (49) two spaced arms (45), said slide bar (49) were further tight Solid to the two arms (45) on each, and the movable pump support body (50; 1050) includes a slide mounted on the slide bar (49) on a vertical piece (52; 1052).
3.根据权利要求2所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述竖直块(52 ;1052)包括用于锁定所述竖直块(52 ;1052)使其不在所述滑动杆(49)上平移移动的系统。 Pump according to claim 2, wherein the trolley, wherein said vertical block (52; 1052) comprises means for locking the vertical block (52; 1052) so that it is not in the slide bar ( 49) on the translational movement of the system.
4.根据权利要求2或3所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵支撑体(50 ;1050)包括插槽(53 ;1053),其被安装在所述竖直块(52 ;1052)的面(54)上并且被配置成接收所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)。 4. The pump according to claim 2 or 3, wherein the cart, characterized in that the pump support member (50; 1050) comprises a slot (53; 1053), which is mounted in the vertical block (52; 1052) on the surface (54) and configured to receive the at least one pump (414; 1414).
5.根据权利要求4所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述竖直块(52 ;1052)的面(54)被设置有用于钩住至少一个所述插槽(53 ;1053)的钩装置,并且所述插槽(53 ;1053)被设置有用于将其安装在所述竖直块(52 ;1052)的面(54)上的互补钩装置(59)。 5. A pump according to claim 4, wherein the trolley, wherein said vertical block (52; 1052) of the surface (54) is provided with means for hooking at least one of said slots (53; 1053) of hook means, and said slot (53; 1053) is provided with means for its mounting on the vertical block (52; 1052) faces of complementary hook means (54) (59).
6.根据权利要求5所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述竖直块(52 ;1052)的面(54)被装备有若干个所述钩装置(57),它们被设置在其中每一个都与处理的类型相关联的预定位置。 6. The pump of claim 5, wherein the cart, wherein said vertical block (52; 1052) of the surface (54) is equipped with a plurality of said hook means (57), which are disposed therein Each type of treatment is associated with a predetermined position.
7.根据权利要求4所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述插槽(53 ;1053)在前面具有被配置成接收所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)的连接头的切除部(60)。 7. A pump according to claim 4, wherein the trolley, characterized in that said slot (53; 1053) having a front configured to receive the at least one pump (414; 1414) of the connector cutout ( 60).
8.根据权利要求2所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵支撑体(50 ; 1050)和所述两个臂(45)被置于所述泵推车(2 ;1002)的上表面(44)上。 8. The pump of claim 2, wherein the trolley, characterized in that the pump support member (50; 1050) and the two arms (45) is disposed in said pump trolleys (2; 1002) in (44) on the upper surface.
9.根据权利要求1所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵推车包括在抽回位置和伸出位置之间可移动的手柄(61),在所述伸出位置中,所述可移动的手柄(61)使得所述泵推车(2 ; 1002)被移动。 9. The pump of claim 1, wherein the trolley, wherein said trolley comprises a pump and an extended position between the withdrawn position of the movable handle (61), in the extended position, the a movable handle (61) such that the pump trolleys (2; 1002) is moved.
10.根据权利要求9所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述可移动的手柄(61)是可拆除的。 10. The pump of claim 9 wherein the trolley, characterized in that said movable handle (61) is removable.
11.根据权利要求1所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵推车包括位于所述上表面(44)下方以及两个所述侧面(40 ;41)之间的内部空间,所述空间被配置成至少部分地接收生物液体供给单元(3)。 11. The pump of claim 1, wherein the trolley, wherein said trolley comprises a pump and two of said side surfaces (44) located below said upper surface (40; 41) between the inner space, the said space is configured to at least partially received biological fluid supply means (3).
12.根据权利要求11所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵推车包括被配置成遮盖所述内部空间的所述第一侧面(40)上的可拆除的板(51)。 12. The pump of claim 11, wherein the cart, wherein said cart comprises a pump plate (51) of the removable cover configured to a first side of the internal space (40).
13.根据权利要求1所述的泵推车,其特征在于,所述泵推车包括若干个泵(413,414;1413,1414),它们被以叠置的配置安装在所述泵支撑体上。 13. The pump of claim 1, wherein the trolley, characterized in that the pump comprises several pump cart (413, 414; 1413,1414), which are mounted in an overlapping configuration of the pump supporting body on.
14.一种处理生物液体的设备,包括: -根据权利要求1至13中任一所述的泵推车(2 ;1002); -抵靠着所述泵推车(2 ;1002)的所述第二侧面(41 ;1041)并置的输送网络推车(I ;1001),所述输送网络推车(I ;1001)包括具有多个接头(11A-R ;1011A_N)和用于在所述接头(11A-R ;1011A-N)之间输送液体的输送网络(19 ;1019)的回路(16 ;1016)的一部分,所述输送网络(19 ;1019)通过多个导管(13A-Q ;1013A_K)形成,以及挤压器(17),其包括第一壳体(20 ;1020)和安装在所述第一壳体(20 ;1020)上的第二壳体(21 ;1021),所述第一壳体(20 ;1020)和所述第二壳体(21 ;1021)协作形成所述输送网络(19 ;1019)的导管(13A-Q ;1013A-K);以及-抵靠着所述泵推车(2 ;1002)的所述第一侧面(40)并置或安装在所述泵推车(2 ;1002)上的生物液体供给单元(3 ;1003),所述供给单元(3 ;1003)被配置成供给所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)生物液体; 所述至少一个泵(414 ;1414)被设置成面对着所述导管(13A ;1013C)的接头(11A ;1011C)并且被配置成使所述生物液体在所述导管(13A ;1013C)中流动。 14. An apparatus for processing a biological fluid, comprising: - 1 to 13 carts to any one pump according to claim (2; 1002); - against the pump trolleys (2; 1002) by said second side surface (41; 1041) juxtaposed transport networks trolley (I; 1001), the transport network trolley (I; 1001) comprises a plurality of joints (11A-R; 1011A_N) and used in the said connectors (11A-R; 1011A-N) of a portion of the distribution network between the network transmission fluid delivery (19;; 1019) of the circuit (1016 16) (19; 1019) through a plurality of conduits (13A-Q ; 1013A_K) is formed, and the extruder (17), comprising a first housing (20; 1020) and mounted in said first housing (20; 1020) on the second housing (21; 1021), said first housing (20; 1020) and said second housing (21; 1021) formed by cooperation of said transport network (19; 1019) of the conduits (13A-Q; 1013A-K); and - against the said pump cart; the (2 1002) a first side surface (40) and the pump set or mounted trolley; biological fluid supply means (2 1002) on the (3; 1003), said supply means (3; 1003) is configured to supply the at least one pump (414; 1414) a biological fluid; wherein the at least one pump (414; 1414) is arranged to face said conduit (13A; 1013C) linker ( 11A; 1011C) and is configured to cause the biological fluid in said conduit (13A; flow 1013C) in.
15.根据权利要求14所述的设备,其特征在于,所述输送网络推车(I ; 1001)和所述供给单元(3)的至少一个被配置成至少部分地嵌入所述泵推车(2 ;1002)内。 15. The apparatus according to claim 14, wherein said conveying network trolley (I; 1001) and said supply means (3) is configured to at least one of - at least partially embedded in the pump cart (2; 1002) inside.
16.根据权利要求14或15所述的设备,其特征在于,所述供给单元(1003)包括储罐(1083),其被配置成接收被提供用于包含所述生物液体的供给容器,用于测量所述储罐(1083)的重量的至少一个测量传感器(1093),当所述供给单元(1003)处于工作配置中时所述储罐(1083)坐落在所述至少一个测量传感器(1093)上,以及用于接收所述储罐(1083)重量的至少一个重量接收构件(1094),其被配置成当所述供给单元(1003)处于停靠配置中时使所述储罐(1083)不再坐落在所述至少一个测量传感器(1093)上。 16. The apparatus according to claim 14 or claim 15, characterized in that said supply means (1003) comprises a tank (1083), which is provided configured to receive the supply container for containing biological fluid, with measuring the weight of said tank (1083) of the at least one measurement sensor (1093), when said supply means (1003) is in the working configuration when said tank (1083) is located in said at least one measurement sensor (1093 so that when the tank), the said tank and means for receiving (1083) the weight of the weight of the at least one receiving member (1094), which is configured such that when said supply means (1003) is docked configuration (1083) no longer located in the at least one measurement sensor (1093) on.
17.根据权利要求16所述的设备,其特征在于,所述至少一个测量传感器(1093)被置于两个板(1081,1090)之间,其中一个板被紧固至所述储罐(1083)上并且另一个板被紧固至所述供给单元(1003)上,并且所述重量接收构件(1094)通过插入所述两个板(1081,1090)之间的凸轮(1096)和配置成移动所述凸轮(1096)从而使所述两个板(1081,1090)移开的曲柄(1095)形成。 17. The apparatus according to claim 16, wherein said at least one measurement between the two plates (1081,1090) sensor (1093) is placed, one of the plates is fastened to the tank ( 1083) and the other on the plate is fastened to said supply means (1003), and the weight receiving member (1094) by inserting the two cam plates (1081,1090) between the (1096) and Configuration to move the cam (1096) so that the two plates (1081,1090) removable crank (1095) is formed.
18.根据权利要求16所述的设备,其特征在于,所述供给单元(1003)包括与测量传感器(1093 )数目相同的重量接收构件(1094 )。 18. The apparatus according to claim 16, characterized in that said supply means (1003) comprises a measuring sensor (1093) the same number of the weight receiving member (1094).
19.根据权利要求14或15所述的设备,其特征在于,所述供给单元(3)具有设置有多个阀(717-726)的第一侧面(66)和作为所述第一侧面(66)的相反面并且面对着所述泵推车(2)的第二侧面(67)。 19. The apparatus according to 14 or claim 15, characterized in that the supply unit (3) having said first side is provided with a plurality of valves (717-726) of a first side surface (66) and as ( 66) and the opposite surface facing the pump trolleys (2) a second side surface (67).
20.根据权利要求14所述的设备,其特征在于,所述输送网络推车(I ;1001)包括具有前表面(14)的基部(10 ;1010),可移动或可拆除的门(22 ;1022),所述第一壳体(20)设置于所述基部(10;1010)的所述前表面(14)上并且所述第二壳体(21 ;1021)设置于所述门(22 ;1022)内,所述输送网络推车具有其中形成所述导管(13A-Q ;1013A_K)的门关闭位置,而且所述第二壳体(21 ;1021)是透明材料的并且所述门(22 ;1022)至少部分是透明材料的,因此所述输送网络(19 ;1019)的所述导管(13A-Q ;1013A_K)中的生物液体的输送从设备外部可见。 20. The apparatus according to claim 14, wherein said conveying network trolley (I; 1001) includes a base having a front surface (14) (10; 1010), a movable or removable door (22 ; 1022), said first housing (20) disposed on said base portion (10; 1010) of said front surface (14) and said second housing (21; 1021) disposed on said door ( 22; 1022), said transport network trolley having formed therein said conduit (13A-Q; 1013A_K) of the door in the closed position, and said second housing (21; 1021) is a transparent material and the door (22; 1022) is at least partially transparent material, and therefore the distribution network; said conduit (19 1019) of (13A-Q; 1013A_K) conveying the biological fluid can be seen from an external device.
Description  translated from Chinese

用于生物液体处理设备的泵推车及生物液体处理设备 Pump carts and biological fluid handling equipment for biological fluid handling equipment

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种用于生物液体处理设备的泵推车,所述生物液体处理设备尤其但不排外地用于纯化生物制药液体以获得诸如单克隆抗体、疫苗或重组蛋白的产物。 [0001] The present invention relates to a method for processing a biological fluid pump apparatus of the cart, the biological fluid processing apparatus particularly, but not exclusively for the purification of bio-pharmaceutical liquid to obtain a product such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines or recombinant proteins.

[0002] 本发明还涉及一种生物液体处理设备。 [0002] The present invention also relates to a biological fluid processing apparatus.


[0003] 已知生物制药液体通常通过生物反应器中的培养物而获得并且它们必须被进行处理以获得纯度、浓度、无病毒等的所需特征。 [0003] Biopharmaceutical liquids usually known by the bioreactor culture was obtained and they must be processed to obtain the desired characteristics of purity, concentration, virus and the like.

[0004] 纯化(purification借助于一连串处理进行,例如用于从生物反应器培养物中除去残余物的净化,以及有时后面紧跟着渗滤的过滤以及通过切向流过滤(TFF)的浓缩。存在与纯化有关的其它操作例如层析(ΧΜ0)。 [0004] Purification (purification by means of a series of processes, for example for removing cleaning residues, and sometimes followed by diafiltration of the filter and filtration (TFF) was concentrated by tangential flow from the bioreactor culture. other operations related to the existence and purification such as chromatography (ΧΜ0).

[0005] 实质上,纯化处理通过通向用于收集被处理液体的容器的回路中的过滤操作完成。 [0005] In essence, the purification treatment by the circuit leading to the completion of the processing for collecting the liquid container in the filtering operation.

[0006] 包含液体的许多类型的容器可以被连接至回路的入口,例如包含将被处理产物的源容器,以及包含清洗液例如氢氧化钠(NaOH)、冲洗液例如用于注射的纯净水或缓冲液例如盐溶液的容器。 [0006] Many types of container containing liquids can be connected to the inlet of the circuit, e.g., a source container containing the product to be processed, and containing a cleaning solution such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH), fluid such as purified water for injection or buffers such as containers of saline solution. 除用于收集被处理液体的容器之外,用于收集清洗液、冲洗液或缓冲液或用于收集残余物的各种其它容器可以被连接至回路的出口。 In addition to the container for collecting the liquid to be treated, for collecting cleaning solution, rinse solution or buffer solution or various other containers for collecting the residues may be connected to the outlet circuit.

[0007] 在生产的前后关系中,液体处理可以顺序进行,用于第一处理的收集容器可能成为源容器用于下面的处理,等等,直到进行最后的处理。 [0007] In the context of the production of the liquid treatment may be carried out sequentially, the collection container for the first process may be the source vessel used in the following processing, and so on, until the final processing.

[0008] 传统地,这些处理在专用的设备中进行,所述专用设备包括不锈钢管或其它零件例如储罐或过滤器壳体,它们需要在实际操作之前和之后工作,相对比较麻烦,尤其是使用后的清洗操作。 [0008] Conventionally, the processing is carried out in special equipment, the equipment comprises a stainless steel pipe or other components such as the tank or the filter housing, they need before and after the actual operation of the work, is relatively cumbersome, in particular cleaning operation after use.

[0009] 最近几年来,这些处理可替代地被在其中与液体接触的部件是只使用一次的部件的设备中进行。 [0009] In recent years, these processes may alternatively be in contact with the liquid component which is used only once piece of equipment is carried out.

[0010] 这些只使用一次的部件的优势是避免了清洗操作,但提供了所需的安全度,具有这种部件的设备的实施必须要进行相对复杂的选择、装配和验证操作。 [0010] The use of only one member of the advantages is to avoid the washing operation, but provides the required degree of security, the implementation of the device having such components must be relatively complex selection, assembly and verification operations.

[0011] 特别地,当管和其它回路部件(接头、阀等)的数目大和/或操作压力高时就是这种情况。 [0011] In particular, as is the case when the number of pipes and other circuit components (connectors, valves, etc.) of large and / or high operating pressures.


[0012] 根据第一方面,本发明意于提供一种能够使生物液体的处理的实施简单、经济和方便的泵推车。 [0012] According to a first aspect, the present invention is intended to provide a solution that provides the implementation of a biological fluid processing simple, economical and convenient pump carts.

[0013] 为此,本发明涉及一种用于生物液体处理设备的泵推车,所述设备还包括输送网络推车, [0013] To this end, the present invention relates to a method for processing a biological fluid pump stroller apparatus, the apparatus further includes a transport network carts,

[0014] 所述泵推车具有第一侧面,被配置成抵靠着所述输送网络推车并置的第二侧面,以及汇合两个所述侧面的前表面;[0015] 所述泵推车还包括: [0014] The pump trolley having a first side configured to transport networks trolley against the juxtaposed second side, and the front surface side of the confluence of the two; [0015] Push the pump car also includes:

[0016]-至少一个泵; [0016] - at least one pump;

[0017]-上面安装着所述至少一个泵的泵支撑体;以及 [0017] - above the at least one pump mounted in the pump support member; and

[0018]-导引构件,其致使所述至少一个泵可平移移动并且所述泵支撑体安装在其上面; [0018] - the guide member, which can cause the translational movement of the at least one pump and the pump support member mounted thereon;

[0019] 所述泵支撑体可在所述从第一侧面朝向所述泵推车的所述第二侧面行进的方向上平移移动; Translational movement on said second side surface [0019] The support member may be in the pump toward the pump from the first side in the direction of travel of the cart;

[0020] 根据所进行的处理的类型,所述至少一个泵被设置于所述泵推车上的预定位置。 [0020] The type of processing performed, at least one pump is arranged at a predetermined position on said trolley pump.

[0021] 根据本发明的泵推车可以获得的设备被提供为包括一次性元件,大部分是挠性的(“Flexware™”),其中有用于被处理液体的收集容器、回路的段及过滤元件,以及常设的或可再使用的元件(“硬件”),部分设置在根据本发明的泵推车上并且部分设置在抵靠着根据本发明的泵推车的第二容器面并置的输送网络推车上。 [0021] The present invention is to provide a pump trolleys can be obtained according to the apparatus comprises a disposable element, the majority of which is flexible ("Flexware ™"), which has a container for collecting the liquid to be treated, and the filter section circuit element, and an element ("hardware") permanent or reusable, partially disposed in the pump according to the present invention and the cart portion disposed against the face of the pump according to a second container of the present invention the cart juxtaposed trolley transportation network.

[0022] 通过对包括根据本发明的泵推车的硬件装备一次性元件,包括适于与泵协作的部件,设备的装配得以简单进行。 [0022] By including a pump according to the present invention the cart disposable element hardware equipment, including a member adapted to cooperate with the pump, the device assembly can be simply performed.

[0023] 泵推车上的这些常设元件的布置还被预先确定成特别方便和有效的。 [0023] These elements are arranged permanent pump carts are also pre-determined on a particularly convenient and effective.

[0024] 泵的位置通过与泵协作的并且被特别设置于输送网络推车上(或例如能够抵靠着泵推车并置的任何其它支撑体上)的设备的主要一次性元件(例如回路的段或过滤元件)来规定。 [0024] The position of the pump by cooperating with the pump and is particularly provided to the conveying trolley on a network (or a cart such as the pump can be juxtaposed against any other supporting body) of the main elements of the apparatus of the disposable (e.g., loop segment or filter element) to specify.

[0025] 首先,通过挠性导管的连接并且通过限制这些导管的交叉,这种布置保证了设备的快速安装(和拆卸)。 [0025] First, a flexible catheter is connected and by restricting the conduit cross, this arrangement ensures fast installation of equipment (and disassembly).

[0026] 另外,借助于本发明,将泵置于泵被连接至与其协作的元件上的第一配置,以及将泵置于用于实施处理操作的第二配置是很方便的。 [0026] Further, by means of the present invention, the pump in the pump is connected to its first configuration element on the collaboration, as well as the pump in the second embodiment is configured for the processing operation is very convenient.

[0027] 这种布置还可以大大减小将泵连接至输送网络推车上的一次性导管的长度。 [0027] Such an arrangement can also greatly reduce the pump connected to a disposable catheter delivery carts on the length of the network.

[0028] 特别地,提供了泵和输送网络推车之间的相对定位,以使将泵连接至泵推车上的挠性导管尽可能短并且尽可能直。 [0028] In particular, provides a relative positioning between the pump and the transport network carts so that the pump is connected to a flexible catheter pump trolley as short as possible and as straight as possible.

[0029] 此挠性导管还可以具有最小曲率半径,以避免在其不直的情况下的任何收缩的危险。 [0029] The flexible conduit may also have a minimum radius of curvature, in order to avoid any risk of shrinkage in the case that it does not direct the.

[0030] 一次性挠性导管长度的减小能够减小存在于导管内的生物液体的体积。 Reduced disposable flexible conduit length [0030] is possible to reduce the volume of a biological fluid present in the conduit. 在下面的情况中这可以例如实现更小的最终体积,其中流动发生在供给容器和过滤液被排空的过滤元件所属的环中时进行的处理(例如在通过切向过滤进行的处理中),因为在处理结束时供给容器是空的或几乎是空的并且液体主要存在于导管中。 Processing performed in the following cases, this can be implemented, for example a smaller final volume in which the flow occurs in the liquid supply container to be emptied and the filter belongs to the ring filter element (e.g., to the filter in the processing carried out by cutting in) , because at the end of the treatment supply container is empty or almost empty and the liquid is mainly present in the conduit. 最终体积的减小能够获得更高的浓度水平。 Final reduced volume can be obtained a higher concentration levels.

[0031] 另外,具有能够被移动的泵还使得对与挠性导管长度有关的公差的要求可以不太严格,例如将泵连接至输送网络推车的导管。 [0031] Further, with the pump also can be moved with such requirements related to the length of the flexible conduit may be less stringent tolerances, for example, a network connecting the pump to the conveying trolley catheter.

[0032] 而且,泵经由泵支撑体的运动性使得输送网络推车和泵之间的距离在回路的元件(例如气泡捕获器和/或用于通过层析法处理流量计)必须放置于泵和输送网络推车之间时能够被适应。 [0032] Moreover, the pump so that the movement of the pump support via distance delivery network in between the cart and the pump circuit elements (such as bubble traps and / or for processing by chromatography meter) must be placed on the pump and when transporting between networks can be adapted to the cart.

[0033] 从而,泵可以位于与泵推车的第二侧面相比更靠近第一侧面的第一预定位置,并且因此位于相对于输送网络推车的第一特殊距离处,或者位于与第一侧面相比更靠近第二侧面的第二预定位置,并且因此位于相对于输送网络推车的小于第一距离的第二特殊距离处。 [0033] Thus, the pump may be located closer to the first side surface as compared to a first predetermined position and the second side pump carts, and so they are located with respect to the first transport networks carts special distance, or at the first Compared to the side closer to the second side of a second predetermined position, and is therefore located with respect to the distribution network of a second special carts distance less than the first distance.

[0034] 因此,上述示出根据本发明的泵推车是非常方便的在于,由于其适应性,其被适于装备进行各种处理的设备。 [0034] Thus, according to the above-described pump shown carts present invention is very convenient in that, because of its adaptability, which is adapted to be equipped with various processing devices.

[0035] 根据根据本发明的泵推车的特别简单、方便和经济的特征: [0035] The pump according to the present invention the cart particularly simple, convenient and economical features:

[0036]-所述导引构件包括被滑动杆间隔开的两个臂,所述滑动杆分别被进一步紧固至所述两个臂的每一个上,并且可移动的泵支撑体包括滑动安装在所述滑动杆上的竖直块; [0036] - the guide member includes two sliding bars spaced apart arms, each of said slide bar is further secured to each of said two arms, and the movable support member comprises a pump slidably mounted In the vertical slide rod block;

[0037]-所述竖直块包括用于锁定所述竖直块使其不在所述滑动杆上平移移动的系统; [0037] - the vertical block includes a locking lever to slide the vertical block translational movement of the system is not described;

[0038]-所述可移动的泵支撑体包括插槽,其被安装在所述竖直块的面上并且被配置成接收所述至少一个泵; [0038] - the movable support member comprises a pump slot, which is mounted on the vertical surface of the block and configured to receive the at least one pump;

[0039]-所述竖直块的面被设置有用于钩住至少一个所述插槽的装置,并且所述插槽被设置有用于将其安装在所述块的面上的互补的钩装置; [0039] - the vertical surface of the block is provided with means for hooking at least one of said slot means, and said slots are provided with complementary hook means for its mounting on a surface of the block ;

[0040]-所述竖直块的面被装备有若干个所述钩装置,它们被设置在其中每一个都与处理的类型相关联的预定位置; [0040] - the surface of the vertical block is equipped with a plurality of said hook means, which are provided in each of which is associated with the type of processing and a predetermined position;

[0041]-所述插槽在前表面具有被配置成接收所述至少一个泵的连接头的切除部; [0041] - the slot having a front surface configured to receive the at least one pump connector cutout portion;

[0042]-所述可移动的泵支撑体和所述两个臂被置于所述推车的上表面上; [0042] - the movable support member and the pump two arms is placed on the upper surface of the trolley;

[0043]-所述泵推车包括在抽回位置和伸出位置之间可移动的手柄,在所述伸出位置中,所述可移动的手柄使得所述泵推车能够被移动; [0043] - said trolley comprises a pump between an extended position and a retracted position of the movable handle, in said extended position, said movable handle such that the pump trolley can be moved;

[0044]-所述可移动的手柄是可拆除的; [0044] - the movable handle is removable;

[0045]-所述泵推车包括位于所述上表面下方以及两个所述侧面之间的内部空间,所述空间被配置成至少部分地接收生物液体供给单元; [0045] - said trolley comprises a pump internal space and below the surface of both the side surfaces between said upper, said space being configured to at least partially received biological fluid supply means;

[0046]-所述泵推车包括被配置成遮盖所述内部空间的所述第一侧面上的可拆除的板;以及 [0046] - said trolley comprises a pump configured to cover the inner space of the first side of the removable plate; and

[0047]-所述泵推车包括若干个泵,它们被以叠置的配置安装在所述可移动的泵支撑体上。 [0047] - said trolley includes a plurality of pump pumps, which are in an overlapping configuration mounted on said movable pump support.

[0048] 根据第二方面,本发明还涉及一种生物液体处理设备,包括: [0048] According to a second aspect, the present invention also relates to a biological fluid processing apparatus, comprising:

[0049]-如前面描述的泵推车; [0049] - As previously described pump trolley;

[0050]-抵靠着所述泵推车的所述第二侧面并置的输送网络推车,所述输送网络推车包括具有多个接头和用于在所述接头之间输送液体的网络的回路的一部分,所述输送网络通过多个导管形成,并且夹具包括第一壳体和安装在所述第一壳体上的第二壳体,所述第一壳体和所述第二壳体协作形成所述输送网络的导管;以及 [0050] - against the second side of the pump cart juxtaposed distribution network trolley, the transportation trolley comprises a network having a plurality of joints and for joints between the liquid delivery network a part of the circuit, the distribution network is formed by a plurality of conduits, and the clamp includes a first housing and a second housing mounted on said first housing, said first housing and said second housing The delivery catheter body collaborative network formation; and

[0051]-抵靠着所述泵推车的所述第一侧面并置或安装在所述泵推车上的生物液体供给单元,所述供给单元被配置成供给所述至少一个泵生物液体; [0051] - against said first side of said pump juxtaposed cart or trolley mounted on the pump biological fluid supply means, said supply means is configured to supply the at least one biological fluid pump ;

[0052] 所述至少一个泵被定位成面对着所述导管的接头并且被配置成使所述生物液体在所述导管中流动。 [0052] The at least one pump is positioned to face the catheter connector and is configured to cause the biological fluid flow in the conduit.

[0053] 泵的出口点定位成面对着回路部分的导管的接头使得可以最优化将出口点连接至该接头上的一次性导管的长度。 [0053] The exit point of the pump is positioned facing the loop portion of the catheter fitting makes it possible to optimize the length of the outlet point is connected to the disposable conduit connector.

[0054] 另外,输送网络推车和供给单元能够便于根据本发明的设备的安装。 [0054] Further, network transport carts and supply unit capable of facilitating installation of the device according to the invention.

[0055] 具体地说,操作者将两个推车和供给单元放到一起以使设备的主要部件(供给单元、泵、输送网络的导管和过滤元件)相对于彼此最佳地定位即可。 [0055] Specifically, the operator will put two trolleys and supply unit together so that the device main part (supply means, pump, catheter and delivery network filter element) with respect to each other can be optimally positioned. 剩下的只是通过安装一次性元件来连接这些部件,即完成了设备的安装。 The rest is just by installing a disposable element to connect these parts to complete the installation of the equipment.

[0056] 最后,如同两个推车和供给单元内的主要部件的布置便于设备的制备一样,在可以进行的处理操作之后在设备上进行的操作的实施特别简单,因为这实质上只是扔掉装备在两个推车和供给单元上的一次性元件,拆除操作的进行与安装操作一样简单。 [0056] Finally, the preparation device is arranged as the two main components of the trolley and the supply unit within the same ease, can be performed after the processing operation performed on the operation of the device is particularly simple, since it is essentially just throw away equipment on two carts and supply unit disposable element, removal and installation operations were as easy.

[0057] 根据对设备的使用来说特别方便的优选特征,所述输送网络推车和所述供给单元的至少一个被配置成至少部分嵌入所述泵推车内。 [0057] The use of the device is particularly convenient preferred feature, the transport network and the trolley at least one supply unit is configured to push at least partially embedded in the interior of the pump.

[0058] 供给单元和两个推车中的至少两个可以被嵌套在一起,并且因此是可分开的,这便于设备的安装并且尤其便于回路的某些段的安装,因此设备是模块式的,其具有由两个推车和供给单元形成的模块。 [0058] At least two supply units can be nested and two carts together, and thus are separable, it is easy to install the equipment and particularly easy to install certain segment of the loop, so the device is modular , having a module consists of two trolleys and a supply unit formation.

[0059] 另外,至少部分嵌入能够最优化根据本发明的设备所需的地面上的占用面积。 [0059] Further, at least a portion of the insert can be optimized in accordance with the present invention, the equipment required floor area occupied.

[0060] 当设备被置于非常珍贵的空间中的被控制的环境区域中时,可以最优化占用面积是特别具有优势的,在用于生物制药液体的处理操作中这是很常见的情况。 [0060] When a very precious space environment area is controlled when the device is placed, you can optimize the footprint is particularly advantageous in the processing operations for biopharmaceutical liquids This is a very common situation.

[0061] 根据对设备尤其对其供给单元的运输来说特别方便的优选特征,所述供给单元包括储罐,其被配置成接收被提供用于包含所述生物液体的供给容器,用于测量所述储罐的重量的至少一个测量传感器,当所述供给单元处于工作配置中时所述储罐坐落在所述至少一个测量传感器上,以及用于接收所述储罐重量的至少一个构件,其被配置成当所述供给单元处于停靠配置中时使所述储罐不再坐落在所述至少一个测量传感器上。 [0061] In particular, the device according to the supply means for its transport is particularly convenient preferred feature, the supply unit comprises a tank, which is configured to receive a supply container is provided for containing the biological fluid, for measuring at least one measurement weight sensor of said tank, said supply means when in a working configuration, the storage tank is situated in the at least one measurement sensor, and means for receiving at least one member of the tank weight, which is configured so that when the supply unit is in the tank when docked configuration no longer located on the at least one measuring sensor.

[0062] 具有优势地,因为用于测量储罐重量的测量传感器在处理操作过程中是特别有用的,所以用于接收储罐重量的构件使得在不进行处理时并且例如在运输供给单元时能够解除(relieve)用于测量储罐重量的测量传感器,不管储罐是满的还是空的。 [0062] advantageous, since the weight of the measuring sensor measuring tank during the processing operation is particularly useful for, so the weight of the member for receiving the accumulator and for example can be such that when not handled during transport supply unit lift (relieve) is used to measure the weight of the tank measuring sensors, whether the tank is full or empty.

[0063] 根据对本发明的设备的使用的简易性和方便性有利的优选特征: [0063] According to the apparatus of the present invention is the ease of use and convenience advantageous preferred features:

[0064]-所述至少一个测量传感器被置于两个板之间,其中一个板被紧固至所述储罐上并且另一个板被紧固至所述供给单元上,并且所述重量接收构件被通过插入所述两个板之间的凸轮并且通过曲柄形成,所述曲柄被配置成移动所述凸轮,从而使所述两个板移开;并且 [0064] - at least one measurement sensor is placed between the two plates, one plate is fastened to the upper tank and the other plate is fastened to said supply means, and the reception weight said cam member is inserted through between the two plates and is formed by a crank, the crank being configured to move said cam such that said two plate removed; and

[0065]-所述供给单元包括与测量传感器数目相同的重量接收构件。 [0065] - said feeding means include the same number of sensors measuring the weight receiving member.

[0066] 根据设备的另一特别方便的优选特征,所述供给单元具有设置有多个阀的第一侧面和作为所述第一侧面的相反面并且面对着所述泵推车的第二侧面。 The second [0066] According to a further preferred device particularly convenient feature, the supply means is provided with a plurality of valves having a first side and an opposite surface of said first side and facing said pump carts sides.

[0067] 适当的时候,供给单元不包括提供有供给容器的储罐,但是具有以分配器的形式允许或阻止(借助于阀)来自不同容器,例如包含源液体的容器,的液体通过而流至泵的主要功能。 [0067] When appropriate, the supply unit does not include supply container provided with a storage tank, but having the form of a dispenser allowing or blocking (by means of the valve) from a different container, such as a container comprising a liquid source, the liquid flows through to the pump main function.

[0068] 根据设备的特别方便的优选特征,所述输送网络推车包括具有前表面的基部,可移动或可拆除的门,所述第一壳体设置于所述基部的所述前表面上并且所述第二壳体设置于所述门中,所述输送网络推车具有在其中形成有所述导管的门关闭位置,而且所述第二壳体是透明材料的并且所述门至少部分是透明材料的,因此所述输送网络的所述导管中的生物液体的输送从设备外部可见。 [0068] According to a preferred feature particularly convenient device, the network delivery cart includes a base having a front surface, a movable or removable door, the first housing disposed on the front surface of the base and said second housing disposed in said door, said trolley having a conveyor network formed therein said conduit door closed position, and said second housing is a transparent material and at least a portion of the door is a transparent material, and therefore the delivery conduit of the transport network in the biological fluid can be seen from an external device.

[0069] 具有优势地,操作者可以监视生物液体在输送网络推车的输送网络的导管内的输送,尽管设有必须分别具有足够厚度的门和第二壳体,并且特别是第二壳体,用于承受在夹具内施加的压力。 [0069] advantages, the operator can monitor the biological fluid in the conduit transport networks conveying carts transport networks, although features must each have a sufficient door thickness and a second housing, a second housing and in particular , to withstand the pressure exerted in the jig.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0070] 下面参考附图通过给出的示意性和非限制性示例描述实施例继续公开本发明,其中: [0070] Referring to the drawings by illustrative and non-limiting examples given describe embodiments continue to disclose the invention, wherein:

[0071] 图1是处于分开配置中的通过层析法处理液体的第一设备的透视图; [0071] FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the configuration of the treatment liquid separated by chromatography on a first device;

[0072] 图2和3是处于嵌套配置中的分别从第一设备的前面和后面看的透视图; [0072] Figures 2 and 3 is a perspective view, respectively from the front and the rear of the first device as seen in a nested configuration;

[0073] 图4是具有连接管的处于嵌套配置中的第一设备的正视图; [0073] FIG. 4 is a front view of the connecting tube is in a nested configuration of the first apparatus of Figure;

[0074] 图5和6分别是没有泵支撑零件和带有泵支撑零件的第一设备的泵推车的正视图; [0074] Figures 5 and 6 are not pump trolley pump support device having a first part and a pump support part of the front view;

[0075] 图7是处于分开配置中的通过切向过滤处理液体的第二设备的透视图; [0075] FIG. 7 is a perspective view of separate configuration by tangential filtration treatment liquid of the second device;

[0076] 图8和9是处于嵌套配置中的分别从第二设备的前面和后面看的透视图; [0076] Figures 8 and 9 is a perspective view, respectively from the front and rear of the second device to see the nested configuration;

[0077] 图10是具有连接管的处于嵌套配置中的第二设备的正视图; [0077] FIG. 10 is a front view of the connecting tube is in a nested configuration of the second apparatus of Figure;

[0078] 图11至13是用于第二设备的生物液体的供给单元的局部透视图,详细示出了接收储罐重量的构件; [0078] Figures 11 to 13 is a partial perspective view of a second biological fluid supplying device unit, receiving accumulator is shown in detail by weight member;

[0079] 图14是用于在图1至4中示出的通过层析法进行处理的第一设备的液体的回路的图解;以及 [0079] FIG. 14 is a illustration in the drawings 1 to 4, the liquid circuit shown is processed by chromatography a first device; and

[0080] 图15是用于在图7至10中示出的通过切向过滤进行处理的第二设备的液体的回路的图解。 [0080] In the illustration of FIG. 15 is a circuit diagram showing the liquid processing performed by a second tangential filtration apparatus in FIG. 7-10.


[0081] 参考图1,可以看到处于分开配置中的通过层析法处理生物液体的第一设备,其包括作为输送网络推车I的第一推车,作为泵推车2的第二推车以及生物液体供给单元3,也就是说,第一推车I远离第二推车2,并且供给单元3远离第二推车2,第二推车2位于第一推车I和供给单元3之间。 [0081] Referring to Figure 1, the processing can be seen in a first biological liquid separated configuration by chromatography, as a delivery network comprising a first trolley carts I, as the second pump pushes the cart 2 car and biological fluid supply unit 3, that is, away from the second I first trolley carts 2, and away from the second supply unit 3 carts 2, a second trolley is in the first trolley 2 I and supply unit 3 between.

[0082] 参考图2至4,可以看到处于嵌套配置中的具有两个推车I和2以及供给单元3的相同设备,也就是说,第二推车2通过其一个侧面与第一推车I并置,并且供给单元3部分嵌套于第二推车2的另一侧面中。 [0082] with reference to Figures 2 to 4, can be seen in a nested configuration with two carts I and 2 and the same apparatus supply unit 3, i.e., the second cart 2 via a side surface thereof with a first Stroller I juxtaposed, and supply three partial units nested in the other side of the second cart 2.

[0083] 参考图7,可以看到处于分开配置中的通过切向过滤处理生物液体的第二设备,其包括作为输送网络推车1001的第一推车,作为泵推车1002的第二推车以及用于生物液体供给的第三推车1003,也就是说,第一推车1001远离第二推车1002并且第三推车1003远离第二推车1002,第二推车1002位于另外两个推车1001和1003之间。 [0083] Referring to Figure 7, can be seen in a separate configuration by tangential filtration process of the second biological liquid, comprising a first transport networks trolley cart 1001, as the second pump pushes the cart 1002 and a third trolley car for a biological fluid supply 1003, that is, away from the second trolley first carts 1001 1002 1003 away from the second and third trolley carts 1002, 1002 located at the other two second trolleys carts between 1001 and 1003.

[0084] 参考图8至10,可以看到处于嵌套配置中的具有三个推车1001、1002和1003的相同设备,也就是说,第一推车1001靠着第二推车1002的一个侧面并置,并且第三推车1003部分嵌套于第二推车1002的另一个侧面中。 [0084] with reference to FIG. 8 to 10, can be seen in a nested configuration of the same device with three carts 1001, 1002 and 1003, that is, the first against the second trolley carts 1001 a 1002 side juxtaposition, and the third part of a nested carts 1003 in the other side of the second trolley in 1002.

[0085] 参考图14,首先描述在通过层析法进行处理的情况下用于处理使用安装在如上所述的推车1、2和3上的一次性零件生产的生物液体的回路。 [0085] Referring to Figure 14, described first in the case of processing for processing by chromatography as described above installed in the trolley 1, 2 and 3 on the disposable parts of the production of the biological fluid circuit.

[0086] 起初,将被处理的液体位于充满来自前面处理的液体的源袋417中。 [0086] Initially, the liquid to be treated is located is filled bag from the liquid source 417 previously processed. 此源袋417可通过公接头517连接至导管13A。 This source can be connected to a catheter bag 13A 417 by 517 male. 为此,公接头517被连接至母接头617,母接头617被通过导管13R连接至供给泵414。 To this end, the male joint 517 is connected to the female connector 617, female connector 617 is connected by pump 414 to the supply conduit 13R. 在母接头617和泵414之间具有产物检测器415和阀717。 Between the female connector 617 and pump 414 has a product detector 415 and valve 717. 在泵414的出口处,还设有流量计404和接头IlA0缓冲液418至421的容器可分别通过公接头518、519、520、521连接至导管13A。 At the pump outlet 414, 404 and also has a joint IlA0 meter buffer 418-421 containers can be connected to a catheter through the male 518,519,520,521 13A respectively. 这些相应的公接头可连接至通过相应阀718、719、720,721以及727连接至供给泵414上的相应母接头618、619、620和621。 The corresponding male connector can be connected to via a corresponding valve 718,719,720,721 and 727 to 414 in the corresponding supply pump 618,619,620 and 621 female connector.

[0087] 在不同容器和供给泵之间形成的段通过一次性挠性导管形成。 [0087] segments between different container and supply pump formed by forming a disposable flexible pipe.

[0088] 供给泵414 (这里是具有一次性压头(head)的泵)和相应阀717至721以及727使液体能够流至导管13A。 [0088] the feed pump 414 (here, the pump having a disposable head (head)), and the respective valves 717 to 721 and 727 allow liquid to flow to the conduit 13A.

[0089] 在本文中,术语“导管”必须理解成是指连接回路的两个元件的管道的一部分,对于此部分来说其可以同等地包括单一管或者相反包括若干个管,这些管可以具有不同的直径,通过简单的接头(在这里不起任何其它作用)或复杂的接头(例如用于压力传感器(或用于另一物理化学数值的传感器)的一次性接头)依次连接。 [0089] As used herein, the term "catheter" must be understood to mean a part of the loop connecting the two elements of the pipe, for this part of it which may equally comprise a single tube, or vice versa comprising a plurality of tubes, the tube may have a different diameter, by a simple linker (here has no other action) or complex linker (e.g., for a pressure sensor (or sensors for other physicochemical values) disposable linker) are sequentially connected.

[0090] 阀125A设置在导管13A上接头IlA附近以允许或阻止导管内的液体的流动。 [0090] Valve connector 125A disposed on the catheter near IlA 13A to allow or prevent the flow of fluid within the catheter.

[0091] 其它缓冲产物存在于相应的容器422至426中,它们可分别经由公接头522至526经由导管13S连接至导管13C。 [0091] Other buffer present in the product in the respective container 426 to 422, they may be respectively connected to the conduit 13C via the male joint 522 to 526 via conduit 13S.

[0092] 为此,相应的公接头522至526被连接至相应的母接头622至626,母接头622至626可经由导管13S并且通过相应阀722至726连接至供给泵413。 [0092] To this end, the corresponding male connector 522 to 526 are connected to the corresponding female connector 622 to 626, female connectors 622 to 626 via conduit 13S and connected to a supply pump via the respective valves 722 to 726 413.

[0093] 在泵413的出口处还设有流量计403和接头11C。 [0093] at the pump outlet 413 also has a flow meter 403 and connector 11C.

[0094] 阀125C设置在导管13C上接头IlC附近以允许或阻止导管内液体的流动。 [0094] Valve connector 125C provided on the catheter near IlC 13C to allow or block the flow of fluid within the conduit.

[0095] 处理液体通常是来自源袋417的产物。 [0095] treatment liquid from the source bag 417 is usually a product.

[0096] 产物检测器415能够检测液体是否正在通过导管13A。 [0096] The product detector 415 can detect whether a liquid is via conduit 13A.

[0097] 事实上,本检测器415能够检测生产的结束,也就是什么时候除了空气之外再没有产物流过了。 [0097] Indeed, the detector 415 can detect the end of production, that is, when no addition of air over the product stream.

[0098] 气泡捕获器402可以经由可连接至母接头IlD和IlE的公接头502和602被连接至导管13E。 [0098] bubble trap 402 may be connected to the female connector via IlD and IlE the male connector 502 and 602 are connected to the conduit 13E.

[0099] 阀12和125E能够提供或切断气气泡捕获器402的供给。 [0099] valve 12 and 125E to provide or cut off the supply of gas bubble trap 402.

[0100] 气泡捕获器402还包括位于导管13F上接头IlG和接头IlF之间的敞开于大气中的另外的阀702。 [0100] bubble trap 402 also includes a connector located in the atmosphere of another open valves and fittings IlF IlG between 702 catheter 13F.

[0101] 过滤器401可以经由可分别连接至母接头IlI和IlJ的公接头501和601而被连接至导管13E。 [0101] through the filter 401 may be connected to the female connector and IlJ IlI male connector 501 and 601, respectively, are connected to the conduit 13E.

[0102] 阀125J和125K能够允许或阻止液体通过过滤器401。 [0102] valve 125J and 125K to enable or prevent the liquid through the filter 401.

[0103] 通过关闭阀12、125E、125J和125K,阀125G、125H和1251能够使气泡捕获器402和过滤器401无效。 [0103] By closing the valve 12, 125E, 125J and 125K, valve 125G, 125H and 1251 can make a bubble trap 402 and filter 401 is invalid.

[0104] 阀125H还是压力控制阀,能够使液体一路流至气泡捕获器402并从其返回。 [0104] valve 125H or pressure control valve, enabling the liquid to flow along the bubble trap 402 and returned therefrom.

[0105] 压力传感器126设置在到导管13E上。 [0105] Pressure sensor 126 is provided on the conduit 13E.

[0106] 第一推车I包括仪器平台405,仪器平台405具体包括电导率传感器、温度传感器、气泡检测器和PH传感器,此平台被置于层析柱406前面。 [0106] The first instrument platform 405 includes I carts, instrument platform 405 specifically includes an electric conductivity sensor, temperature sensor, and a PH sensor bubble detector, the platform 406 is placed in front of the column.

[0107] 平台405可经由上游接头IlH和下游接头IlK连接。 [0107] platform 405 can be connected via a joint IlH upstream and downstream joint IlK.

[0108] 经由可连接至相应母接头IlL和IlM的公接头506和606,层析柱406可连接至导管13J和导管13K。 [0108] through the female connector can be connected to the appropriate IlL and IlM male connector 506 and 606, column 406 can be connected to the catheter and catheter 13J 13K. [0109] 阀125L、125M、125P、125N、125R和1250能够使将要在层析柱406中制成的液体的流动。 [0109] valve 125L, 125M, 125P, 125N, 125R, and flow of the liquid 1250 can be formed in the column 406.

[0110] 阀125Q能够使层析柱406无效。 [0110] valve 125Q enable column 406 is invalid.

[0111] 第一推车I包括仪器平台430,仪器平台430具体包括电导率传感器、温度传感器、PH传感器和UV传感器,此平台被置于收集容器407、408、410和411以及废液容器412前面。 [0111] I including a first instrument platform trolleys 430, 430 specifically includes instrument platform conductivity sensors, temperature sensors, PH sensors and UV sensors, the platform is placed in the collection container 411 and waste fluid container 407,408,410 and 412 front.

[0112] 这些收集容器407、408、410和411以及废液容器412分别经由可连接至相应公接头11N、110、11P、11Q 和IlR 的母接头507、508、510、511 和512 而连接至导管13K。 [0112] The collection container 407,408,410 and 411 and 412, respectively, through the waste container can be connected to a corresponding male 11N, 110,11P, 11Q and IlR 507,508,510,511 and 512 female connector is connected to the catheter 13K.

[0113] 阀125W、125S、125T、125U和125V能够允许或阻止液体流至相应收集容器和废液容器412。 [0113] valve 125W, 125S, 125T, 125U and 125V to allow or prevent fluid flow to the appropriate collection containers and waste container 412.

[0114] 下面描述此回路的操作。 [0114] The following description of the operation of this circuit.

[0115] 连接用于制备柱的缓冲液容器418,其缓冲液流入气泡捕获器402、进入过滤器401然后进入层析柱406,直到其被收集在废液容器412中。 [0115] connection for preparative column buffer reservoir 418, a buffer which flows into the bubble trap 402, a filter 401 and then enters into the column 406 until it is collected in a waste container 412.

[0116]为此,阀 718、727、125A、125D、702、125E、125H、125J、125K、125L、125M、1250、125N和125V打开,其它阀关闭。 [0116] To this end, the valve 718,727,125A, 125D, 702,125E, 125H, 125J, 125K, 125L, 125M, 1250,125N and 125V open, the other valve is closed.

[0117] 从而,缓冲液经过导管13A、13D、13E、13H、131,然后经过13E和13J(包括段13J1 ),直到到达层析柱406 (经由接头IlH和IlK穿过仪器平台405)。 [0117] Thus, the buffer through a conduit 13A, 13D, 13E, 13H, 131, and then through 13E and 13J (including section 13J1), until it reaches the column 406 (through 405 instrument platforms via a joint IlH and IlK). 缓冲液从柱406流出并且流进导管13K (包括段13K1),直到其到达导管13B而被收集在废液容器412中。 Buffer solution flows out of the column 406 and flows into the conduit 13K (including section 13K1), until it reaches the conduit 13B which is collected in a waste container 412.

[0118] 下一步,对来自容器417的源产物进行处理循环,所述产物既不经过气泡捕获器402也不经过过滤器401,而是经过层析柱406,并且(没有被保留在柱中的)一部分被收集在废液容器412中。 [0118] Next, the source of the product from the container 417 for processing cycle, neither the product nor through the bubble trap 402 through the filter 401, but through the column 406, and (not being retained in the column a) a part is collected in the waste container 412.

[0119]为此,阀 717、125A、125G、125H、1251、125L、125M、1250、125N 和125V 打开,其它阀关闭。 [0119] To this end, the valve 717,125A, 125G, 125H, 1251,125L, 125M, 1250,125N and 125V open, the other valve is closed.

[0120] 因此,源液体在导管13R、13A、13D、13E和13J (通过段13J1)经过,直到其进入层析柱406。 [0120] Thus, the source liquid in the conduit 13R, 13A, 13D, 13E and 13J (through section 13J1) through, until it enters the column 406. 液体从柱406离开经由导管13K (和段13K1)通过导管13B进入废液容器412。 Liquid from the left column 406 via conduit 13K (and section 13K1) 13B through the catheter into the waste container 412.

[0121] 产物检测器415 (通过导管13R内出现大气泡)检测何时容器417中不再有源产物并且然后停止泵414。 [0121] The product detector 415 (big bubbles through the inner conduit 13R) detects when the container 417 is no longer active product and then stop the pump 414.

[0122] 一旦已经在层析柱406内处理了源液体,继续进行清洗循环,其中,利用包含在被连接的容器419中的缓冲液推出所有源液体(以使所有的液体进入柱),所述液体经过气泡捕获器402、过滤器401、仪器平台405和层析柱406,直到其被收集在废液容器412中。 [0122] Once it has been processed in the column 406 of the source liquid, to continue the washing cycle, wherein use is contained in the container 419 is connected to a buffer in the introduction of all of the source liquid (so that all the liquid into the column), the said liquid through the bubble trap 402, a filter 401, 405 and instrument platform column 406 until it is collected in a waste container 412.

[0123]为此,阀 719、727、125A、125D、702、125E、125H、125J、125K、125L、125M、1250、125N和125V打开,其它阀关闭。 [0123] To this end, the valve 719,727,125A, 125D, 702,125E, 125H, 125J, 125K, 125L, 125M, 1250,125N and 125V open, the other valve is closed.

[0124] 从而,缓冲液在导管13A、13D、13E、13H、13I内经过,然后还经过13E和13J (包括段13J1),直到其进入层析柱406。 [0124] Thus, a buffer in the conduit 13A, 13D, 13E, 13H, 13I through inside, and then further through 13E and 13J (including sections 13J1), until it enters the column 406. 缓冲液从柱406离开并且经过导管13K (包括段13K1),直到其经由导管13B到达废液容器412。 Buffer and separated from the column 406 through conduit 13K (including section 13K1), until it reaches the waste liquid tank 412 via conduit 13B.

[0125] 下面进行洗脱循环(第一洗脱步骤),存在于容器421和422 (或容器423至426中的另一个)中的洗脱缓冲液经过气泡捕获器402,过滤器401,层析柱406和平台430,直到它们被收集在容器407中形成部分1,部分I对应于(synonymous)第一纯度水平的回收部分。 [0125] Next, elution was carried out cycle (first elution step), present in the containers 421 and 422 (or vessel 423 to 426 another) in the elution buffer through the bubble trap 402, a filter 401, layer analytical column 406 and platform 430, until they are collected in a container 407 forming part 1, part I corresponding to (synonymous) a first purity level recovery section. [0126] 为此,连接包含缓冲液的容器421和422并且借助于泵413和414进行液体的混合,阀721、727、722 和/ 或723 和/ 或724 和/ 或725 和/ 或726、125A、125C、125D、125E、125H、125J、125K、125L、125M、1250、125N 和125W 打开,其它阀关闭。 [0126] To this end, the container comprising a buffer connected to the pump 421 and 422 and 413 and 414 by means of the mixed liquid, valves 721,727,722, and / or 723 and / or 724 and / or 725 and / or 726, 125A, 125C, 125D, 125E, 125H, 125J, 125K, 125L, 125M, 1250,125N and 125W open, the other valve is closed.

[0127] 来自供给泵413的液体经过导管13C并且来自供给泵414的一种或几种液体在导管13A内经过,直到液体在导管13D内汇合,在那里发生混合。 [0127] Liquid from the charge pump 413 through conduit 13C and one or more liquid passes from the charge pump 414 in the conduit 13A, until the liquid in the conduit confluent 13D, where the mixing occurs.

[0128] 然后,混合物经过导管13D、13E、13H、13I和13J (包括段13J1 ),直到其到达层析柱406。 [0128] Then, the mixture through conduit 13D, 13E, 13H, 13I and 13J (including sections 13J1), until it reaches the column 406.

[0129] 液体带着剩余在柱中的源产物部分一起离开柱406,并且经过导管13K经由平台430到达容器407形成部分I。 [0129] The remaining liquid product with a part of the source in the left column along the column 406, and 13K through the catheter reaches the container via the platform 430 407 forming part I.

[0130] 下面,继续洗脱(第二步骤),其中,来自容器421和422 (和/或容器423至426的另一个)的缓冲液的相同混合物经过。 [0130] Next, Continued elution (second step), wherein the same buffer mixture from the container 421 and 422 (and / or the other of the container 423 to 426) through.

[0131] 为此,连接有关的容器并且借助于泵413和414进行液体的混合。 [0131] To this end, the relevant container is connected by means of a pump 413 and 414 and the mixing liquid.

[0132]阀 721、727、722 和/ 或723 和/ 或724 和/ 或725 和/ 或726 以及阀125C、125A、125D、125E、125H、125J、125K、125L、125M、1250、125N 和125S 打开,其它阀关闭。 [0132] valves 721,727,722, and / or 723 and / or 724 and / or 725 and / or 726 and valve 125C, 125A, 125D, 125E, 125H, 125J, 125K, 125L, 125M, 1250,125N and 125S open, the other valve is closed.

[0133] 因此,获得的混合物经过气泡捕获器402、过滤器401、仪器平台405,然后经过层析柱406和平台430,直到其被收集在容器408中形成部分2,部分2对应于高于第一纯度水平的第二纯度水平的回收部分。 [0133] Accordingly, the mixture obtained through the bubble trap 402, a filter 401, instrument platform 405, and then through the column 406 and the platform 430 until it is collected in a container 408 forming part 2, part 2 corresponds to the above recovering a first portion of the second level of purity levels of purity.

[0134] 来自供给泵413的液体经过导管13C并且来自供给泵414的一种或几种液体在导管13A中经过,直到液体在导管13D中汇合,在这里发生混合。 [0134] Liquid from the charge pump 413 through conduit 13C and one or more of the liquid from the supply pump 414 through the conduit 13A until confluence in the liquid conduit 13D, where mixing occurs.

[0135] 然后,混合物流经导管13D、13E、13H、13I和13J (包括段13J1 ),直到其到达层析柱406。 [0135] Then, the mixture flows through the conduit 13D, 13E, 13H, 13I and 13J (including sections 13J1), until it reaches the column 406.

[0136] 液体带着剩余在柱中的源产物的另一部分离开柱406,并且经过导管13K经由导管130到达容器408形成部分2。 [0136] with another portion of liquid remaining in the column of the source of the product leaving the column 406, and 13K reach the container via conduit 408 via conduit 130 forming part 2.

[0137] 可以对被收集的产物的此部分2进行其它步骤,例如调整pH。 [0137] This section can be collected for product 2 other steps, such as adjusting the pH.

[0138] 最后,在层析柱406的再生循环中,来自容器420的再生的缓冲产物进入气泡捕获器402,进入过滤器401,并且从底部进入层析柱406,直到其被收集在废液容器412中。 The product regeneration buffer [0138] Finally, in column 406 of the regeneration cycle, from the container 420 into the bubble trap 402 into the filter 401, and from the bottom into the column 406 until it is collected in the waste vessel 412.

[0139]为此,连接容器 420 并且打开阀720、727、125A、125D、125E、125H、125J、125K、125R、1250、125M、125P 和125V,其它阀关闭。 [0139] To do this, connect the container 420 and opens the valve 720,727,125A, 125D, 125E, 125H, 125J, 125K, 125R, 1250,125M, 125P and 125V, the other valve is closed.

[0140] 因此,此再生液体流经导管13A、13D、13E、13H、13I,接着还流经13E、13J、13M (液体不流经导管13J1)以及导管13K,直到在接头IlM处到达层析柱406 (液体不是从顶部流入层析柱),接着经过导管13J,直到其到达段13J1的端部13J2,到达13L,然后到达13K(液体不经过段13J1和13K1),直到其经由导管13B到达废液容器412。 [0140] Therefore, this regeneration fluid flow through the conduit 13A, 13D, 13E, 13H, 13I, then also flows through 13E, 13J, 13M (liquid does not flow through the catheter 13J1) and catheter 13K, until you reach the chromatography at the joint IlM column 406 (the liquid to flow from the top of the column is not), then through conduit 13J, until it reaches the end of the section 13J1 13J2, reach 13L, and then reaches 13K (liquid without segment 13J1 and 13K1), until it reaches via conduit 13B waste container 412.

[0141] 通过打开阀717至727以及阀125B,关闭其它阀,并且通过连接废液容器400的接头500和接头11B,可以排空阀717至727和泵413和414之间的回路(例如在改变源产物之前)。 [0141] By opening the valves 717 to 727 and a valve 125B, the other valves closed, and the waste container 400 by connecting connectors 500 and connector 11B, can drain valve circuits 717 to 727 and between the pump 413 and 414 (e.g. Before changing the source of the product).

[0142] 对于如上所述的每一步骤来说,通过打开阀125G并且通过关闭阀12和125E(液体不经过导管13D)以使液体流经导管13G,可以使气泡捕获器402无效。 [0142] For each step as described above is, by opening the valve and by closing the valve 12 125G and 125E (the liquid does not pass through conduit 13D) so that the liquid flows through the conduit 13G, the bubble trap 402 may be invalid.

[0143] 此外,还可以通过打开阀1251并且通过关闭阀125J和125K(液体不经过导管13H和131)而使过滤器401无效。 [0143] Further, by opening the valve by closing the valve 1251 and 125J and 125K (the liquid does not pass through the conduit 13H and 131) leaving the filter 401 is invalid. [0144] 现在参考图1至6描述使用如上所述的回路的设备。 [0144] Referring now to FIG. 1-6 describes the use of circuit device as described above.

[0145] 第一推车I通常是平行六面体形式。 [0145] The first stroller I usually parallelepiped form.

[0146] 第一推车I包括基部10,基部10具有第一侧面11,作为第一侧面11相反面的第二侧面12,汇合第一和第二侧面11和12的前表面14,以及作为前表面14的相反面并且汇合第一和第二侧面11和12的后表面15。 [0146] I first trolley comprises a base 10, a base 10 having a first side 11, as the first side of the second side surface 11 opposite surface 12, the convergence of first and second sides 11 and 12 of the front surface 14, as well as opposite surface and merging the first and second side surfaces 11 and 14 of the rear surface of the front surface 12 of 15.

[0147] 第一推车I还包括设有挤压器(press) 17和袋18的回路部分16,包括如上所述的用于液体的接头IlA至11R,和那些接头IlA-R之间的液体输送网络19,液体输送网络19的导管13A至13Q在上面至少部分地描述了。 [0147] I further comprising a trolley provided with a first extruder (press) 17 and the loop portion 18 of the bag 16, including the connector as described above for liquid IlA to 11R, and those between the joint IlA-R liquid transport network 19, the liquid conduit 19 of the distribution network 13A to 13Q in the above described at least in part. 某些导管被在袋18中整体形成并且对于其它导管来说只有一段或几段形成在袋18中,所述其它导管的其它段位于袋18外面。 Certain conduit is integrally formed in the bag 18 and for other conduits or passages for only one segment is formed in the bag 18, the other segments of the other conduit 18 is positioned outside the bag. 在这里这些段被称为导管延伸段。 These segments are referred to herein catheter extension.

[0148] 阀125A至125W设置在壳体20上,压力传感器126也设置在壳体20上。 [0148] Valve 125A to 125W provided on the housing 20, the pressure sensor 126 is also provided on the housing 20.

[0149] 挤压器17包括两个壳体20和21,每一个由刚性材料的实心块形成。 [0149] The extruder 17 comprises two housings 20 and 21, each formed from a rigid material, a solid block.

[0150] 这里,壳体20是聚甲醛(POM)的,也称为乙缩醛,并且厚度约175mm,并且壳体21是聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯或Plexiglas™ (PMMA)的,并且约50mm厚。 [0150] Here, the housing 20 is polyoxymethylene (POM), and also referred to as acetal, and a thickness of about 175mm, and the housing 21 is a polymethyl methacrylate or Plexiglas ™ (PMMA), and about 50mm thick. 它们分别是大致平行六面体形式。 They are substantially parallelepiped form.

[0151] 壳体20安装在基部10的前表面14上。 [0151] housing 20 is mounted on the front surface 14 of the base portion 10.

[0152] 第一推车I还包括铰接至基部10上的门22。 [0152] The first stroller I also comprises a hinged door 22 to 10 on the base.

[0153] 壳体21安装在门22中。 [0153] housing 21 is mounted in the door 22.

[0154] 第一推车I具有其中门22被关闭并且遮盖壳体20的门关闭位置,以及其中袋18只由壳体20承载着的另一位置。 [0154] I having a first trolley in which the door 22 is closed and the housing 20 of the covering door closed position, and wherein the carrying bag 18 by the housing 20 to another location.

[0155] 在此另一位置中,壳体21远离壳体20。 [0155] In this other position, the housing 21 away from the housing 20.

[0156] 在门关闭位置中,袋18插在两个壳体20和21之间。 [0156] In the door closed position, the bag 18 is interposed between the two housings 20 and 21.

[0157] 在第一推车I的底部设有用于接收适于接收过滤器401的一个或多个储罐的封闭凹部23。 [0157] In the bottom of the first trolley I provided for receiving the filter is adapted to receive one or more closed recess 401 tank 23.

[0158] 凹部23被设置于第一推车I的前表面14上的滑板封闭,所述板被构造成向下然后朝向第一推车I的后面平移移动(参考图1中的箭头),以插入和退出过滤器401。 [0158] concave portion 23 is provided on the first trolley on the front surface of the slide plate 14 I closed, the board is configured to downwardly and then back toward the first trolley I translational movement (refer to the arrow in FIG. 1), to insert and exit the filter 401.

[0159] 控制板24设置于第一推车I的前表面14的顶部上操作者能够使用它的高度处。 [0159] The first control board 24 is provided on top of the cart on the front surface 14 of the operator I is able to use its height.

[0160] 控制板24上设有能够使生物液体处理过程被控制和操作的图形触摸界面。 [0160] Dashboard features enable the biological fluid processing is controlled and operated on the graphical touch screen 24.

[0161] 为了使其更容易移动,第一推车I安装在四个轮子25上,其中位于第一推车的前表面14下方的两个轮子包括制动器26,并且推车I另外在前表面14的相应相反侧相应侧面11和12的附近具有两个手柄27。 [0161] In order to make it easier to move, I first trolley 25 is mounted on four wheels, two of the wheels of the front surface 14 located below the first trolley comprises a brake 26, and the front surface of the additional carts I respective opposite sides of the respective side surfaces 11 and 14 near the handle 12 has two 27.

[0162] 第一推车I在其前表面14上包括壳体20被通过L形钩爪钩在上面的倾斜的底架。 [0162] I comprises a first trolley 20 is inclined above the base chassis through the L-shaped finger hook housing 14 on its front surface.

[0163] 支撑板28在设置于底架上的两个固定头部29的位置处被紧固至基部10底架的右侧上。 [0163] In the two fixed support plate 28 is provided at the head position in the base frame 29 is secured to the base portion 10 on the right side of the chassis base.

[0164] 两个仪器平台405和430 (事实上在这里刚好形成单一整体平台)被紧固至支撑板28。 [0164] two instrument platforms 405 and 430 (in fact here just to form a single unitary platform) is fastened to the support plate 28.

[0165] 进行处理所必须的仪器(前面描述的)安装在此整体平台405、430上。 [0165] The apparatus necessary for processing (described earlier) installed on this overall platform 405,430. 这里表示的是电导率和温度两个传感器、与电导率和pH的相应控制界面关联的两个pH传感器,以及与界面关联的UV传感器。 Here shows two conductivity and temperature sensors, conductivity and pH with a corresponding control interface associated with two pH sensors, and the interface associated with the UV sensor. [0166] 第一推车I的基部10还包括用于将门22锁定在其门关闭位置上的三个装置30。 [0166] I first trolley 10 further comprises a base portion 22 for locking the door in its door closing means 30 in three positions. 这些装置30是作为气压千斤顶操作的球锁销(ball-lock pin)装置。 The ball detent device 30 is operated as a pneumatic jack (ball-lock pin) devices.

[0167] 门20包括具有大体矩形轮廓的不锈钢框架31,所述框架环绕着厚度约4mm的玻璃板32。 [0167] Door 20 comprises a stainless steel having a generally rectangular profile frame 31, the frame surrounding the glass plate 32 thickness of about 4mm.

[0168] 第一推车I还包括将门22铰接至基部10上的单一铰链33,所述铰链33包括紧固至门22的框架31右上角上的第一铰接部34,紧固至第一推车I的基部10的侧面11上的第二铰接部(图中未示出)。 [0168] I further includes a first trolley 22 is hinged to a single door hinge 10 on the base portion 33, the hinge 33 comprises a first hinge section secured to the frame 31 on the upper right corner of the door 22 34, secured to the first side of the second hinge portion 11 on the base 10 of the cart I (not shown).

[0169] 在门22的框架31中,提供了由铰链33供给动力的用于将壳体21锁定在门22中的系统(图中未不出)。 [0169] In the frame 31 of the door 22, is provided a system powered by a hinge 33 of the housing 21 for locking the door 22 (not not).

[0170] 在门关闭位置中,当壳体20和21将袋18夹紧在它们之间时,门22的第一铰接部34围绕着其枢转的回转轴线相对于形成在壳体20和21之间的分离面(parting surface)偏置。 [0170] In the door closed position, when the housing 20 and 21 to the bag 18 clamped therebetween, the first hinge portion 34 of the door 22 around the rotational axis of its pivot with respect to housing 20 and is formed separation surface (parting surface) between the bias 21.

[0171] 朝向第一推车I前面的轴向偏置能够在门22的外围在门22和基部10之间形成侧向间隙(图1),这有助于触及袋18的接头11A-R。 [0171] The first axial offset toward the front of the cart I can in the periphery 22 of the door between the door 22 and the base 10 is formed a lateral gap (FIG. 1), which helps the bag hit the joint 11A-R 18 .

[0172] 壳体20和21分别具有平面参考表面和相对于该参考表面凹入并且面对着相应成形通道的多个成形通道。 [0172] housing 20 and 21 each having a plurality of shaped passages plane reference surface and recessed with respect to the reference surface and facing a correspondingly shaped channel. 通常,这些表面具有相似的尺寸并且壳体20的成形通道的布置是壳体21的成形通道设置的镜像。 Typically, these surfaces have similar dimensions and the arrangement of the channel shaped housing 20 of the housing 21 is a mirror image forming channel settings. 这些成形通道具有半椭圆形截面,并且可以以通道彼此对齐以限定出其中每一个大致成管状的腔的网络的方式彼此抵靠着应用。 These shaped channel having a semi-elliptical cross section, and may be aligned with each other to define a channel in which each mode network substantially tubular lumen against each other applications.

[0173] 壳体21被设有定位袋18的定位孔(图中未示出),它们被布置成在门关闭位置中面对着袋18的定位孔(图中未示出)。 [0173] Housing 21 is provided with positioning holes 18 of the bag positioning (not shown), which are arranged in the door closed position facing the positioning hole 18 of the bag (not shown). 另外,壳体21上设有将门22定位于门关闭位置中的定位孔(图中未示出),它们被布置成在门关闭位置中面对着袋18的定位孔(图中未示出)。 Further, the housing 21 is provided with a door 22 positioned in the door closed position of the positioning holes (not shown), which are arranged in the door closed position facing the bag positioning hole 18 (not shown in FIG. ). 壳体21还包括用于将壳体20和21锁在一起的孔(图中未示出),它们位于用于形成导管13A-Q的多数通道所在的位置处,因为在处理过程中这些位置的压力最高,并且用于将壳体20和21锁在一起的孔被布置成在门关闭位置中面对着袋18的定位孔(图中未示出)。 Housing 21 further comprising means for locking together the housing 20 and a hole 21 (not shown), which are located at a position for forming conduits 13A-Q where the majority of the channel, since the positions in the process The highest pressure, and 21 and are used to lock together the housing hole 20 is arranged in the door closed position facing the bag positioning holes (not shown) 18.

[0174] 壳体20包括适于穿过袋18的定位孔的钩螺柱(图中未示出),因为袋18悬挂在壳体20上,并且在门关闭位置中钩螺柱被插入壳体21的定位孔中。 [0174] 20 includes a housing adapted to pass through the positioning hole 18 of the bag hook stud (not shown), because the bag 18 is suspended from the housing 20, and in the door closed position the hook is inserted into the stud housing body positioning hole 21. 壳体20包括定位门22的定位销(positioning dowel)(图中未示出),它们被适于穿过袋18的孔并且被插入壳体21的定位孔中。 Housing 20 includes a locating pin 22 of the locating gate (positioning dowel) (not shown in the figure), which are adapted to pass through the hole 18 of the bag and is inserted into the positioning hole of the housing 21. 壳体20还包括锁孔(图中未示出),它们位于用于形成导管13A-Q的多数沟槽的位置处,并且被布置成当袋18被置于壳体20上时面对着穿过袋18的锁孔,并且还被布置成在门关闭位置中面对着对应于壳体21的锁孔。 Housing 20 further includes a lock hole (not shown), which are located for forming conduits 13A-Q at a position most of the trench, and is arranged such that when the bag 18 is placed on the housing 20 when facing through the keyhole 18 of the bag, and is also arranged to face the door in the closed position corresponding to the lock hole 21 of the housing. 壳体20的这些锁孔被气动球锁销(图中未示出)(作为气动千斤顶操作)穿过,用于当门22处于其关闭位置时将壳体20和21锁在一起,并且用于将袋18夹紧在回路部分16中。 These keyhole housing 20 is pneumatically ball detent (not shown) (operating as a pneumatic jack) through, for when the door 22 is in its closed position 20 and the housing 21 are locked together, and treated with The bag 18 in the clamping portion 16 in the circuit.

[0175] 除壳体20和21之外,第一推车I包括此处设置于壳体20后面(图3)的处理生物液体(不可见)所必需的仪器,例如包括用于夹缩相应导管13A-Q以阻止或允许该导管13A-Q内液体通过的致动器的夹管阀125A至125W (图14)、压力传感器、气动分配器以及控制装置、操作装置(具体地电选择器),以及例如用于与第二推车2和生物液体供给单元3连通的连通装置(具体地网络插头(network plug))。 [0175] In addition to the housing 20 and 21, the first trolley I include here setting process in a biological fluid (Fig. 3) of the rear housing 20 (not visible) necessary instruments, including for example, the respective pinch conduits 13A-Q to block or allow the actuator pinch valves 13A-Q within the liquid conduit through the 125A to 125W (FIG. 14), a pressure sensor, the pneumatic dispenser and control means, operation means (in particular electrical selector ), as well as for example for communicating with the second trolley means 2 and 3 communicating biological liquid supply means (in particular a network plug (network plug)).

[0176] 因此,动力供给是电动(用于供电和控制)和气动。 [0176] Thus, the supply of electric power (for power and control) and pneumatic.

[0177] 袋18包括通过限定出封闭轮廓的密封件彼此连接的两个挠性膜(图中未示出),和输送网络19的接头11A-R。 [0177] Bag 18 comprises two flexible films by defining a closed contour seal connected to each other (not shown), and transport network 19 of connector 11A-R. 导管13A-Q被形成在液体的通道上。 Conduits 13A-Q is formed on the channel of the liquid.

[0178] 在这里,气泡捕获器402 (图4)被表述为“浮动的”,但实际上其被具有优势地安装在第一推车I上。 [0178] Here, the bubble trap 402 (FIG. 4) is described as "floating", but in fact it is an advantage mounted on the first trolley I.

[0179] 被称为第二推车的泵推车2为大体平行六面体的形式,其内部被挖空以允许嵌入生物液体供给单元3。 Stroller pump [0179] is called a second trolley 2 substantially parallel hexahedral form, which is internally hollowed to allow embedding a biological fluid supply unit 3.

[0180] 第二推车2具有第一侧面40,作为第一侧面40相反面的第二侧面41,汇合两个侧面40和41的前表面42,以及作为前表面42的相反面并且汇合两个侧面40和41的后表面43。 [0180] The second trolley 2 has a first side 40, a first side surface 40 opposite to a second side surface 41, the convergence of the front surface 40 of the two side surfaces 42 and 41, as well as the front surface and the opposite surface 42 of the confluence of two side surfaces 40 and 41 of the rear surface 43.

[0181] 前表面42和后表面43分别在面42和43的底部具有凹槽46,所述凹槽46被构造成适于接收另一推车的脚部(参考下面的实施例)。 [0181] 42 and the rear surface of the front surface 43, respectively, in the bottom surface 42 and 43 has a recess 46, the recess 46 is configured and adapted to receive the foot of another trolley (reference to the following Example).

[0182] 为了使其容易移动,第二推车2安装在四个轮子上,其中与第一侧面40相邻的两个还包括制动器48。 [0182] In order to make it easier to move, the second cart 2 is mounted on four wheels, wherein the first side 40 of two adjacent further comprises a brake 48.

[0183] 第二推车2在第一侧面40上包括第一可拆除板51以覆盖内部空间,并且还在第二侧面41上包括第二可拆除板(图中未示出)以覆盖所述内部空间。 [0183] The second trolley 2 on the first side 40 includes a first removable plate 51 so as to cover the internal space, and also includes a second removable second side plate (not shown) to cover the 41 said internal space.

[0184] 第二可拆除板的形状被构造成与第一推车I第一侧面11的板的底部形状一致,因为它们要被完美地并置(几乎嵌入)。 [0184] The shape of the second removable plate is configured to be consistent with the shape of the bottom of the first trolley I first side panel 11, since they are to be perfectly juxtaposed (almost embedded).

[0185] 第二推车2另外具有被表示为板形式的上表面44,上面紧固着向上并且朝向第二推车2的后表面延伸的两个臂45。 [0185] Further the second cart 2 is represented as a form of a plate having an upper surface 44, is fastened above the two arms upward and toward the rear surface 2 of the second trolley 45 extends.

[0186] 其中一个臂45设置于第一侧面40附近,而另一个臂45设置于第二侧面41附近,两个臂45彼此面对。 [0186] One of the arm 45 is provided near the first side 40, and the other arm 45 is provided near the second side 41, two arms 45 face each other.

[0187] 这两个臂45被两个滑动杆49 (图3至6)间隔开,它们分别被另外刚性附接至两个臂45中的每一个上。 [0187] The two arms 45 are two slide bars 49 (FIG. 3-6) spaced apart, which are respectively attached to the rigid addition each of the two arms 45.

[0188] 第二推车2还包括被可移动(滑动)地安装在滑动杆49上的泵支撑体50。 [0188] 2 further comprises a second trolley is movably (slidably) mounted on the slide bar 49 on the pump support body 50.

[0189] 因此,泵支撑体50可在从第一侧面40朝向第二推车2的第二侧面41行进的方向上并且具体地在两个臂45之间平移移动,从而形成用于泵支撑体50的抵接部。 [0189] Thus, the pump body 50 can support and in particular between the two arms 45 on the translational movement from the first side 40 toward the second side 2 of the second trolley 41 in the direction of travel, so as to form a support for the pump body contact portion (50).

[0190] 泵支撑体50包括安装在杆49上的竖直块52以及两个不锈钢插槽53,它们分别被构造成适于支撑泵413、414。 [0190] Pump 50 comprises a support member mounted on the rod 49 of the vertical block 52, and two stainless steel socket 53, which are configured and adapted to support the pump 413, 414, respectively.

[0191] 在后壁55上,竖直块52具有操作手柄56,用于锁定块52不会在杆49上平移移动,从而特别固定支撑体50用于进行处理。 [0191] On the rear wall 55, a vertical block 52 has an operation lever 56 for translational movement of the locking block 52 is not on the rod 49, thereby fixing the supporting body 50 for special processing.

[0192] 在前壁54上,竖直块52另外具有用于定位和钩在插槽53上的夹板销(dowel)57。 [0192] On the front wall 54, a vertical block 52 additionally has a positioning slot 53 and the hook on the splint pin (dowel) 57.

[0193] 设置在前壁54上预定高度位置处的三个夹板销57使得插槽53能够被钩上,并且在这里前壁54包括四个预定高度的位置,其中两个能够将相应泵413和414钩在两个插槽53上用于进行层析法处理。 Predetermined position height [0193] 54 is provided on the front wall of the three plywood pin 57 allows slot 53 can be on the hook, and where the front wall 54 includes four predetermined height positions, two of which can be appropriate pump 413 and 414 in the two slots 53 hooks used for chromatography treatment.

[0194] 在这里,预定高度的定位被叠置使得两个泵413和414能够以叠置的方式安装在第二推车2上。 [0194] Here, the predetermined height position are stacked so that two pumps 413 and 414 can be stacked mounted on the second cart 2.

[0195] 另外,竖直块50具有电力供给装置(图中未示出),泵413和414被连接于其上用于它们的致动。 [0195] Further, the vertical block 50 having a power supply device (not shown), the pump 413 and 414 connected thereto for their actuation.

[0196] 每个插槽53是具有四个侧面的储罐的形式,底侧58上设置有三个孔59,每一个被适于接收用于钩在插槽53上的夹板销57。 [0196] The tank is in the form of four sides each having a slot 53, disposed on the bottom side 58 has three holes 59, each of which is adapted to receive a hook 53 on the socket pin 57 of splint. [0197] 每个插槽53另外在前面具有切除部60,其通过位于侧面和前侧中每一个上的切口形成(图中未示出)。 [0197] Also in the front of each slot 53 has a cut portion 60, which cut-through is located on each side and the front side is formed (not shown).

[0198] 在前侧上还具有圆形切口,用于一次性的相应泵413、414的压头通过。 [0198] on the front side also has a circular cutout for a disposable pump head 413, 414 of the respective via.

[0199] 第二推车2还包括可在抽回位置(图5和6)和伸出位置(图中未示出)之间移动的手柄61,在伸出位置中,手柄61处于更好地适于移动第二推车2的位置。 [0199] 2 further comprises a second trolley can be withdrawn position (FIG. 5 and 6) and an extended position (not shown) to move between the handle 61, in the extended position, the handle 61 is in a better 2 is adapted to move the second position of the cart.

[0200] 为了将手柄61从其抽回位置移动至伸出位置,解开操作手柄62然后向上枢转手柄61到达大体水平位置即可,然后再次锁定手柄62,并且如果希望其从伸出位置移动至抽回位置则相反操作。 [0200] In order to move the handle 61 from its retracted position to the extended position, the operating handle 62 and then upwardly to unlock the pivotal handle 61 reaches a substantially horizontal position can then lock lever 62 again, and, if desired from the extended position thereof move to the withdrawn position is the opposite operation.

[0201] 另外,手柄61可通过完全解开操作手柄62进一步被移动,如图1至4中所示。 [0201] Further, the handle 61 may be moved through 62 is further completely unlock the operating handle, as shown in Figure 1 to 4.

[0202] 在图4中,可以看到流量计403和404,在这里它们被示出为“浮动的”,但实际上它们被具有优势地安装在第二推车2上。 [0202] In Figure 4, we can see the flow meter 403 and 404, where they are shown as "floating", but in fact they are advantageous mounted on the second cart 2.

[0203] 在其后表面43上,第二推车2还包括(图3)用于致动泵413和414的气动和电动动力供给装置,以及控制和操作装置(例如开关)(图中未示出)。 [0203] In the rear surface 43, a second trolley 2 further includes (FIG. 3) for actuating the pump 413 and the pneumatic and electric power supply means, and a control and operating means (e.g., switch) 414 (not shown).

[0204] 生物液体供给单元3包括适于被嵌入地安装在第二推车2的内部空间中的基部64,基部64抵靠在第二推车2的底壁(图中未不出)上。 [0204] Biological liquid supply means 3 comprises a base portion adapted to be embedded in a second trolley mounted in the internal space 2 of 64, the base portion 64 abuts against the bottom wall 2 of the second trolley (not not) on .

[0205] 单元3还包括安装在基部64上的平行六面体形式的分配器块65。 [0205] unit 3 further comprises a parallelepiped form of the distributor block 64 is mounted on the base portion 65.

[0206] 分配器65具有第一侧面66和作为第一侧面66相反面的第二侧面67,嵌入安装时所述第二侧面67面对着第二推车2。 [0206] dispenser 65 having a first side and a second side 66 as the first side surface 66 opposite surface 67, when embedded in the second mounting side 67 facing the second cart 2.

[0207] 单元3还具有汇合两个侧面66和67的前表面68,以及作为前表面68的相反面并且还汇合两个侧面66和67的后表面69。 [0207] merging unit 3 also has two side surfaces 66 and 67 of the front surface 68, as well as the front surface and the opposite surface 66 and also the convergence of the two sides of the rear surface 67 of 69 68.

[0208] 前面描述的阀717至726被提供于第一侧面66上,产物检测器415也一样。 [0208] the previously described valves 717 to 726 are provided on a first side surface 66, the product of the detector 415 is the same.

[0209] 在如表面68和后表面69中的每一个上,提供有两个手柄70,以能够升闻供给单兀3,并且在嵌入安装时(第二推车2的手柄61被拆除)移动由供给单元3和第二推车2形成的组件。 [0209] In each of the 69 and the rear surface, such as surface 68, provided with two handles 70, to be able to supply a single Wu Wen-liter 3, and when embedding the installation (the second trolley handle (2) 61 has been removed) assembly is moved by the feeding unit 3 and the second cart 2 is formed.

[0210] 在其后表面69上,分配器65还包括用于致动阀717至726的气动和电动动力供给装置,以及控制和操作装置(例如开关)(图中未示出)。 [0210] In the rear surface 69, the dispenser 65 further comprising means for actuating the valve pneumatic and electric power supply means 717 to 726, as well as control and operating means (e.g., switch) (not shown).

[0211] 参考图4,现在描述两个推车I和2和生物液体供给单元3以及用于层析法处理的设备的一些导管的组件。 [0211] 4, and I now describe two carts biological fluid supply unit 2 and 3 and a processing device chromatography some of the catheter assembly with reference to Fig.

[0212] 当然,组件可以以与下面描述的不同的顺序制成。 [0212] Of course, the component can be in a different order and described below is made.

[0213] 在第一阶段,至少一个操作者通过分配器65的手柄70人工(或借助于电动卷杨机)夹持住生物液体供给单元3,从而在已经拆除第二推车2的第一板51之后将其基部64嵌入第二推车2的内部空间中。 [0213] In the first stage, at least one operator's handle 70 by a dispenser 65 artificial (or by means of electric rolling machine Yang) clamped biological fluid supply unit 3, has been removed so that the first and second cart 2 After the plate 51 to the base 64 embedded in the inner space of the second cart 2.

[0214] 接着,操作者拆除第二推车2的第二板,在第二推车2和供给单元3之间建立电动和/或气动连接。 [0214] Next, a second trolley operator removal of the second plate 2, the second electric carts to establish and / or pneumatic connections between 2 and 3 supply unit.

[0215] 接着,操作者将泵413和414安装在泵支撑体50上预定高度位置处的相应插槽53上。 [0215] Next, the operator 413 and the pump 414 installed at a predetermined height position on the pump support member 50 on the corresponding slots 53. 这里泵413在泵414上方,泵被叠置放置。 Here the pump 413 in the top of the pump 414, the pump is placed stacked.

[0216] 操作者通过下述安装导管13R,经由相应阀717至721的其中一个将泵414的压头连接至容器417至421中的一个。 [0216] By following the installation operator conduit 13R, via the respective valves 717 to 721 wherein a pressure head pump 414 is connected to the container 417 to 421 a. 如果导管13R连接泵414和源产物容器417,那么导管13R还经过产物检测器415。 If the catheter connecting the pump 414 and source 13R product container 417, then further through the conduit 13R product detector 415. [0217] 操作者通过下述安装导管13S,首先将导管13S连接至泵压头413,接着经由相应阀722至727中的至少一个连接至容器422至426中的一个(在图4中不可见)。 [0217] By following the installation operator conduit 13S, 13S first conduit connected to the pump head 413, and then via one of the respective valves 722 to 727 is connected to the at least one container 422 to 426 in the (not visible in FIG. 4 ).

[0218] 下一步,操作者朝向第一推车I移动第二推车2,直到第二推车2的第二侧面41抵靠着第一推车的第一侧面11并置。 [0218] Next, the operator I move toward the first trolley carts 2 second until the second side 2 of 41 carts second against the first side of the first 11 carts juxtaposition.

[0219] 预先地,操作者已经安装了第一推车I的模块,也就是说他已经将壳体20放置在基部10上、将壳体21置于门22内并且将袋18置于壳体20上了,当然前述是在门22被置于不是门关闭位置的位置期间进行的,然后将门22置于门关闭位置22。 [0219] in advance, the operator has a first cart I of modules are installed in the housing 20 that is he has placed on the base 10, the housing 21 is disposed within the door 22 and the bag 18 placed in the housing body 20, of course, during the aforementioned gate 22 is placed in the position of the door in the closed position is not carried out, and then the door 22 placed in the closed position the door 22.

[0220] 下一步,操作者将流量计404连接至泵压头414,并且还通过对导管13A安装延伸段将其连接至袋18的接头11A。 [0220] Next, the operator 404 is connected to the meter pump head 414, and also through the mounting extension conduit 13A which is connected to the connector 18 of the bag 11A.

[0221] 应注意,泵支撑体50在竖直块52上预定高度的位置被设置成使泵414的压头面对着袋18的接头11A,并且因此导管13A的延伸段大体平直。 [0221] It should be noted, the pump support body 50 a predetermined height in the vertical position of the block 52 is arranged so that the pump 414 of the head facing the bag connector 11A 18, and thus the catheter extension 13A of substantially straight.

[0222] 下一步,操作者将流量计403连接至泵压头413,并且还通过对导管13C安装延伸段将其连接至袋18的接头11C。 [0222] Next, the operator 403 is connected to the meter pump head 413, and also through the mounting extension of conduit 13C which is connected to the connector 18 of the bag 11C.

[0223] 应注意,为了安装导管13A和13C,泵支撑体50可以位于滑动杆49上的任何点处,但优选被定位于预定的横向第一位置(相对于高度位置横向)以使其尽可能地远离第一推车I移动,从而具有足够的空间对导管13A和13C安装延伸段。 [0223] It should be noted, in order to install the conduit 13A and 13C, the pump support body 50 may be located at any point on a slide bar 49, but preferably is positioned at a first predetermined transverse location (relative to the height position of the lateral direction) so as to make I may be away from the first moving cart, so as to have enough space for mounting extension conduit 13A and 13C.

[0224] 然后,操作者使用锁定手柄56将泵支撑体50锁定在距第一推车I最远的预定的横向第一位置。 [0224] Then, the operator uses the locking lever (56) to lock the pump support body 50 furthest away from the first cart I first predetermined lateral position.

[0225] 因为泵413和414与第一推车I之间的空间足够,操作者安装设置于第二推车2和第一推车I之间的气泡捕获器402,并且通过对导管13F安装延伸段通过那些接头中的一个将气泡捕获器402连接至袋的接头11G,然后通过对导管13E安装第一延伸段通过那些接头中的另一个将气泡捕获器402连接至袋18的接头11E,并且通过对导管13D安装第一延伸段通过那些接头中的另一个将气泡捕获器402连接至袋18的接头11D。 [0225] Since the space of the first pump 413 and 414 between I carts enough, the operator is set to install a second bubble capture two carts and carts I first between 402 and installed by 13F catheter By extension of one of those joint bubble trap 402 is connected to the bag connector 11G, 13E and then through the conduit connector mounting the first extension by those in another bubble trap 402 is connected to the connector 18 of the bag 11E, and by mounting the first extension of the duct 13D through those joints another bubble trap 402 is connected to the connector 18 of the bag 11D.

[0226] 下一步,操作者通过下述连接仪器,具体地在袋18的接头IlH和仪器之间对导管13E安装第二延伸段,在袋18的接头IIK和仪器之间对导管13J安装第一延伸段,并且在袋18的接头IlM和仪器之间对导管13K安装第一延伸段。 [0226] Next, the operator connected by the following instruments, in particular between the joint IlH and equipment bags 18 13E install a second extension of the catheter between the joints IIK and equipment bags 18 mounted on a catheter 13J an extension, and between the joint IlM and equipment bags 18 13K install the first extension of the catheter.

[0227] 操作者还通过对相应导管13H和131安装延伸段而将过滤器401连接至袋18的接头IlI和11J。 [0227] The operator also by installing the appropriate conduit 13H and 131 extension and the filter 401 is connected to the connector 18 IlI and 11J bag.

[0228] 操作者另外通过下述连接通常放在地板上的层析柱406,在袋18的接头IlL和柱406的接头506之间对导管13J安装第二延伸段,在柱406的接头606和仪器之间对导管13K安装第二延伸段。 [0228] In addition the operator through the following connections are usually placed on the floor column 406, between the joint IlL bag 18 and the connector 406 of the catheter 506 column 13J install a second extension, in column 406 of the joint 606 between 13K and equipment to install the second extension of the catheter.

[0229] 其它导管(在图4中未示出)被操作者添加,并且具体地将导管添加至部分容器407、408、410和411以及废液容器412和400。 [0229] Other conduits (not shown in FIG. 4) is added an operator, and in particular to add the catheter portion of the vessel 407,408,410 and 411 and 412 and waste fluid container 400.

[0230] 这样,完成了前面描述的用于层析法处理的安装。 [0230] Thus, to complete the installation previously described for the chromatography process.

[0231] 参考图15,现在描述通过切向过滤进行处理的情况下的用于处理使用安装在上面简要描述的推车1001、1002和1003上的一次性零件生产的生物液体的回路。 [0231] Referring to Figure 15, now is used to deal with the case described by the filter processing using the installation under cut briefly described above in the cart 1001, 1002 and 1003 on the disposable parts of the production of the biological fluid circuit.

[0232] 通常,类似的零件使用被增加了1000的参考标记。 [0232] Typically, the use of similar parts is increased the 1000 reference numerals.

[0233] 起初,将被处理的液体位于充满来自前面处理的液体的源袋1417中。 [0233] Initially, the liquid to be treated is located in the source bag 1417 full of liquid from the previously processed. 此源袋1417可通过公接头1517连接至在母接头1011F和另一公接头1011E之间延伸的传输导管1013E,所述传输导管1013E可经由其公接头IOllE连接至传输段,传输段可连接至在公接头1011A至T形分支接头T1323 (通过导管1013B和1013A交叉形成)的第一孔1323a之间延伸的传输导管1013A。 This source can be connected via the bag 1417 1517 male to female transmission conduit between 1011F and another male connector extends 1011E 1013E, 1013E can be connected to the transmission conduit through which male IOllE to transmission segment, the transmission segment can be connected to In male 1011A to T-branch connector T1323 (via conduit 1013B and 1013A cross formation) 1013A transmission conduit extending between the first hole 1323a.

[0234] 此传输段包括一次性挠性导管、使液体循环的传输泵1413 (这里是具有一次性压头的泵)和两个阀1125A和11251。 [0234] The transmission section comprises a disposable flexible catheter, the transmission liquid circulation pump 1413 (here having the disposable pump head) and two valves 1125A and 11251.

[0235] 泵1413的一次性压头具有第一入口/出口点1703和第二入口/出口点1603以使液体穿过。 Disposable pressure head [0235] pump 1413 has a first entry / exit points 1703 and the second entry / exit points 1603 to allow liquid to pass through.

[0236] 阀1125A设置在导管1013A上分支接头1323附近以允许或阻止导管内液体的流动。 [0236] valve 1125A 1013A provided on the catheter near the branch connector 1323 to allow or block the flow of fluid within the conduit.

[0237] 传输段还包括用于压力传感器1126A的接头。 [0237] the transmission section further includes a pressure sensor 1126A for the connector.

[0238] 阀11251设置在导管1013E上靠近母接头1011F。 [0238] Valve 11 251 disposed on the catheter near the female connector 1013E 1011F.

[0239] 操作者可以经由可以连接至相应母接头1011G、1011H、1011I和1011D的相应公接头1523、1518、1519和1501将其它袋1423、1418、1419和过滤器1401连接至汇合了导管1013E的传输导管1013K。 [0239] The operator can be connected via a connector to the corresponding female 1011G, 1011H, corresponding male 1523,1518,1519 1011I and 1011D, and 1501 will be another bag filter 1423,1418,1419 and 1401 connected to the confluence of the catheter 1013E transmission conduit 1013K.

[0240] 这些袋1423、1418和1419分别包含缓冲液(盐溶液)、清洗液(氢氧化钠)和冲洗液(水)以控制回路的清洁度状态或者朝向执行处理操作的部件或朝向收集容器推动被处理的液体,并且过滤器1401是空气滤洗器。 [0240] These bags 1423,1418 and 1419, respectively, containing a buffer solution (salt solution), washing solution (sodium hydroxide) and flushing fluid (water) to control the state of cleanliness of the circuit or processing operation performed toward the member or towards a collection vessel push the liquid to be treated, and the air filter 1401 is a filter washer.

[0241] 导管1013B具有两段,其中一段用于充填(在接头1011B和导管1013B与导管1013A的交叉处之间)并且另一个用于过滤(在接头1011N和导管1013B与导管1013A的交叉处之间),这两段分别从第二孔1323b和从分支接头1323的第三孔1323c延伸。 [0241] conduit 1013B has two sections, one section for filling (conduit between the joint 1011B and 1013B and 1013A of the catheter at the intersection) and another for filtering (in the joint 1011N and conduit 1013B and 1013A of the catheter at the intersection room), these two are extended from the second hole 1323b and the third hole from the branch connector 1323 1323c.

[0242] 汇合接头1011B然后汇合供给容器1422的入口/出口孔1500的充填段包括设置在靠近分支接头1323处的阀1125B。 Entrance [0242] and the confluence of the confluence of the joint supply vessel 1011B 1422 / exit hole filling section 1500 includes setting near the branch connector valve 1323 1125B.

[0243] 供给容器1422通过一次性挠性袋形成。 [0243] 1422 supply container is formed by a flexible disposable bags.

[0244] 由电磁驱动器1425致动的搅拌棒1430设置在容器1422中,以使包含在其中的液体同质。 [0244] 1425 by the electromagnetic drive actuated stirring rod disposed in the container 1422 in 1430, so that the liquid contained therein homogeneity.

[0245] 导管1013C具有两段,一段形成联接T形分支接头1360的第一孔1360a的过滤段,并且导管1013C包括用于压力传感器1126C的接头、两个隔离阀112和1125E以及切向过滤器1406,另一段形成供给段。 [0245] catheter 1013C have two paragraphs to form a T-shaped branch connector connecting the first hole in the filter section 1360a of 1360, and includes a pressure sensor conduit 1013C 1126C connector, two isolation valves 112 and 1125E and tangential filtration 1406, another period of the formation of the supply segment.

[0246] 导管1013B经由接头1011N将分支接头1323的第三孔1323c连接至过滤器1406 [0246] The conduit 1013B via a branch connector fitting 1011N third bore 1323 1323c 1406 is connected to the filter

的第一入口/出口孔。 The first inlet / outlet orifice.

[0247] 导管1013C经由接头1011M将过滤器1406的第二入口/出口孔连接至分支接头1360 的第一孔1360a。 [0247] via a linker 1011M conduit 1013C to the second filter 1406 of the inlet / outlet orifice connected to the branch connector of the first bore 1360 1360a.

[0248] 通过压力传感器1126B进行的测量可以知晓切向过滤器1406的功能状态。 [0248] measured by the pressure sensor 1126B carried aware tangential filter 1406 function status.

[0249] 阀1125C设置在导管1013B上靠近分支接头1323处,而阀1125E设置在导管1013C上靠近分支接头1360处。 [0249] a valve is provided on the conduit 1013B 1125C near the branch connector 1323, and the valve provided on the conduit 1013C 1125E near the branch connector 1360.

[0250] 供给段和收集段分别从第二孔1360b和从分支接头1360的第三孔1360c延伸。 [0250] section and collect supply segment extending from the second hole 1360b, respectively, and the third hole from the branch connector 1360 1360c.

[0251] 供给段经由设置于流量泵1414和孔1600之间的导管1013L联接供给容器1422的出口孔1600。 [0251] supply section is disposed between the flow through the pump 1414 and 1600 bore conduit connecting the supply vessel outlet hole 1013L 1422 1600. 它包括一次性挠性导管、使液体流动的流量泵1414 (这里是具有一次性压头的泵)、设置于导管1013C上靠近分支接头1360的阀1125D,以及用于串联地插入导管1013C中的压力传感器1126C的接头。 It includes a disposable flexible catheter, so that the flow rate of liquid flow pump 1414 (here having a disposable pump head), provided close to the branch connector 1360 on the catheter valve 1125D 1013C, and 1013C for a catheter inserted in series in Pressure sensor 1126C linker.

[0252] 在这里,供给段通过表示泵1414的一次性压头的部分1704形成,所述压头具有入口点1504和出口点1604。 [0252] Here, the supply of a partial section through the disposable pump head 1414 is formed of 1704, the ram having an inlet point and an outlet point 1504 1604.

[0253] 供给段还包括位于阀112与连接到流量泵1414上的接头1011C之间的导管1013C的段。 [0253] segment also includes the supply duct of the valve 112 1013C and 1011C connection between the connector on the pump flow 1414.

[0254] 收集段联接母接头1011J。 [0254] female connector joins the collection section 1011J. 其只包括导管1013H和设置于导管1013H上靠近分支接头1360的隔离阀1125F。 It only includes a catheter 1013H and 1013H is set to close branch connector on the catheter 1360 isolation valve 1125F.

[0255] 根据所执行的操作,接头1011J可以被连接至废液容器1412的母接头1511或者连接至收集容器1408的母接头1510。 [0255] According to the operation performed, the joint 1011J can be connected to a waste container 1511 or 1412 of the female connector is connected to the collecting container 1408. female connector 1510.

[0256] 切向过滤处理回路还包括用于输送过滤液的两个导管1013J和10131,它们分别从过滤器1406的出口点经由相应接头10110和1011L延伸,导管1013J和10131被经由相应接头1011P和1011K连接至相应废液容器1400和1412的相应母接头1512和1511。 [0256] tangential filtration processing circuit further includes means for conveying filtrate two catheters 1013J and 10131, which extend through the respective connector 10110 and 1011L respectively exit point from the filter 1406, through a catheter 1013J and 10131 are appropriate and fitting 1011P 1011K is connected to the appropriate waste container 1400 and 1412 1512 and 1511 corresponding female connector. 可以插入流量计(图中未示出)以能够确定在过滤器1406出口处回收的过滤液的体积和流速。 Can be inserted into the meter (not shown) to be able to determine the volume and flow rate recovered at the outlet of the filter 1406 in the filtrate.

[0257] 阀1125N和1125M分别设置在相应导管1013J和10131中靠近过滤器1406处,并且用于压力传感器1126D的接头设置在导管1013J中阀1125N和过滤器1406之间。 [0257] Valve 1125N and 1125M, respectively, disposed in a respective conduit 1013J and 10,131 near the filter 1406, and for fitting the pressure sensor 1126D valve in the conduit 1013J between 1406 and filter 1125N.

[0258] 通过压力传感器1126D进行的测量,与通过压力传感器1126B进行的测量相结合,能够精确检查切向过滤器1406的功能状态。 [0258] measured by the pressure sensor 1126D carried out, and measurements made by the pressure sensor 1126B combination, can accurately check the functional state of the cut filter 1406.

[0259] 现在描述此回路的操作。 [0259] Now the operation of this circuit.

[0260] 关闭阀1125C、112和1125F以阻止过滤段和收集段中的液体的任何流动,其它阀打开。 [0260] Close valve 1125C, 112 and 1125F to prevent any flow filtration section and collecting section of the liquid, the other valve is opened.

[0261] 通过将公接头1517连接至母接头1011F并且通过将母接头1503连接至公接头1011E,源袋1417被联接至传输段。 [0261] by the male connector is connected to the female connector 1011F 1517 and 1503 by the female connector to connect catholic joint 1011E, 1417 is coupled to a source bag transmission segment.

[0262] 下一步,通过传输泵1413从源袋1417中抽吸将处理的液体并且经由传输段1013A和充填段1013B将液体输送到供给容器1422。 [0262] Next, the pump 1413 to draw the liquid through the transmission from the source to the processing bag via the transmission sections 1417 and 1013A and 1013B feeding liquid filled sections to the supply container 1422.

[0263] 进行传输之后,打开阀1125E和1125D,通过致动流量泵1414使将处理液体在由供给段形成的子回路流动。 [0263] After the transmission, open the valve 1125E and 1125D, 1414 through actuation flow pump so that the child will handle liquid flow loop formed by the supply segment in. 在液体进入切向过滤器1406内之后,滞留物回到供给容器1422而过滤液被排出经由导管1013J和10131而被收集在废液容器1400和1412中。 After the liquid enters the filter tangentially 1406, 1422 retentate back to the supply container and the filtered liquid is discharged via conduit 1013J and 10 131 and is collected in a waste container 1400 and 1412.

[0264] 继续使将处理的液体流入过滤器1406中的操作,直到液体达到第一理想浓度。 [0264] The liquid processing continues to flow into the filter operation in 1406, until the liquid reaches a first desired concentration.

[0265] 在此第一浓缩步骤之后,包含缓冲液的袋1423被经由接头1523连接至接头IOllG0然后由于传输泵1413的作用此缓冲液被引入传输段1013A以朝向导管1013B推出将处理液体,以使全部液体能够被过滤并且被回收。 [0265] After this first concentration step, the bag containing the buffer 1423 is connected to the connector 1523 via a linker IOllG0 then since the transmission 1413. This pumping action is introduced into the transmission buffer section 1013A 1013B Release catheter toward the treatment liquid, to so that all the liquid to be filtered and recycled. 下一步,通过关闭阀1125A使导管1013A与导管1013B隔尚。 Next, by closing the valve catheter 1013A 1125A and 1013B catheter across yet.

[0266] 进行传输之后,再次打开阀1125E和1125D,并且通过致动流量泵1414使将处理液体在由供给段形成的子回路中流动。 [0266] After the transmission, re-open the valve 1125E and 1125D, and 1414 through actuation flow pump so that the processing of liquid flow in the supply segment formed by the sub-circuit. 液体流入切向过滤器1406之后,滞留物回到供给容器1422而过滤液被排出经由导管1013J和10131而被收集在废液容器1400和1412中。 After the liquid into a tangential filter 1406, 1422 retentate back to the supply container and the filtered liquid is discharged via conduit 1013J and 10 131 and is collected in a waste container 1400 and 1412.

[0267] 继续使将处理液体流进过滤器1406中的操作,直到液体达到第二理想浓度。 [0267] continue to flow into the treatment liquid filter operation in 1406, until the liquid reaches the second desired concentration.

[0268] 然后在两个连续的子步骤中进行被过滤的液体的收集。 [0268] and then the filtered liquid is collected in two successive sub-steps.

[0269] 第一子步骤由回收包含在由导管1013B的一段形成的过滤段中以及过滤器1406中的被过滤液体组成。 [0269] The first sub-step by recovering the filter segment comprising a section formed by a conduit 1013B in 1406, and a filter composed of liquid to be filtered. [0270] 为此,阀1125B关闭而阀1125A打开以使传输和过滤段连通并且使它们与由导管1013B的另一段形成的充填段隔离开。 [0270] To this end, the valve is closed and the valve 1125A 1125B opened to allow the communication and the transmission and filter segment section by filling them with another section of the conduit 1013B formed isolate.

[0271] 并行地,阀112关闭而阀1125F和1125E打开以使由导管1013B的一段形成的过滤段和由导管1013H形成的收集段相连通并且使它们与供给段隔离开。 [0271] In parallel, the valve is closed and the valve 112 1125F and 1125E opened to the filter section 1013B of the period of the formation of the catheter and collecting duct 1013H segment formed by communicating with the supply segment and make them isolated.

[0272] 公接头1011J被连接至收集容器1408的母接头1510。 [0272] male connector is connected to the collection container 1011J female connector 1510 1408.

[0273] 然后借助于传输泵1413,缓冲液被输送至传输段(导管1013A)中以经由收集段(导管1013H)输送缓冲液,并且因此包含在过滤段(导管1013B的一部分和导管1013C)和过滤器1406中的被过滤液体的剩余物被输送至收集容器1408。 [0273] Then by means of a delivery pump 1413, a buffer solution is delivered to the transport section (duct 1013A) to convey the buffer via collecting section (catheter 1013H), and therefore included in the filter segments (a portion of the conduit and the conduit 1013B 1013C) and filter 1406 of the liquid to be filtered is fed to the residue collecting container 1408.

[0274] 第二子步骤由收集包含在充填段(导管1013B的一部分)和供给段(导管1013C)中以及供给容器1422中的被过滤液体组成。 [0274] The second sub-step is performed by filling the collection contained in paragraph (a portion of the conduit 1013B) and a supply section (conduit 1013C) and in 1422 the supply container consisting of liquid to be filtered.

[0275] 为此,阀1125C关闭而阀1125B打开以使传输段(导管1013A)和充填段(导管1013B的一部分)相连通,并且使它们与过滤段(导管1013B的一部分和导管1013C)隔离开。 [0275] To this end, the valve is closed and the valve 1125B 1125C open to the transmission segment (catheter 1013A) and filling in paragraph (a part of the conduit 1013B) is communicated, and that they and the filter segment (part of the catheter and catheter 1013B 1013C) isolate .

[0276] 并行地,阀1125E关闭而阀112打开以使供给段(导管1013C的一段)和收集段(导管1013H)连通,并且使它们与过滤段(导管1013B的另一段和导管1013C的另一段)隔离开。 [0276] In parallel, the valve is closed and the valve 112 1125E opened to the supply section (a section of the conduit 1013C) and collecting section (duct 1013H) communication, and make them with the filter segments (1013B of another section of the conduit and the other conduit 1013C section) isolated.

[0277] 下一步借助于传输泵1413缓冲液被输送至传输段(导管1013A)以将包含在充填段(导管1013B的另一段)中的被过滤液体传输到供给容器1422中。 [0277] The next step by means of a delivery pump 1413 is delivered to the transmission buffer section (duct 1013A) to be included in the filling section (1013B of another section of the catheter) and are transmitted to the filtered liquid supply container 1422.

[0278] 接着,流量泵1414使液体能够被从容器1422经由供给和收集段带至收集容器1408。 [0278] Next, the flow of the liquid pump 1414 can be supplied from the container through 1422 with a collection container and collect segment to 1408.

[0279] 下面参考图7至13描述使用如上所述的回路的设备。 [0279] Referring now to Figures 7-13 describe the circuit device described above is used.

[0280] 与输送网络推车I相比,也称为第一推车的输送网络推车1001包括回路部分1016,回路部分1016包括与袋18不同的袋1018,袋1018被提供有接头1011A至1011N并且被提供有用于在接头1011A至1011N之间输送液体的包括用于通过切向过滤进行处理的如上所述的导管1013A至1013K的网络1019。 [0280] Compared with the conveying network carts I, also known as the first trolley conveyor cart 1001 includes a network circuit portion 1016, 1016 comprises a loop portion of the bag 18 different bags 1018, 1018 are provided with a bag connector 1011A to 1011N and is provided with a connector for between 1011A to 1011N for transporting liquids include processed by tangential filtration as described above 1013K conduit 1013A to the network 1019.

[0281] 阀1125A至1125N设置在壳体1020内,压力传感器1126A至1126D也一样。 [0281] 1125A to 1125N valve disposed within the housing 1020, a pressure sensor 1126A to 1126D, too.

[0282] 从而,被紧固到第一推车1001的基部1010上的支撑板1028只经由平台1075支撑切向过滤器1406。 [0282] Thus, the support plate is secured to the first trolley on the base 1010 1001 1028 1406 tangential filter 1075 via platform support.

[0283] 与第一推车I相同,第一推车1001包括透明壳体1021,和具有玻璃板的可移动门1022,壳体1021安装于门1022内。 [0283] the same as the first trolley I, the cart 1001 includes a first transparent casing 1021, and having a movable door glass plate 1022, a housing 1021 attached to the door 1022.

[0284] 与泵推车2相比,也称为第二推车的泵推车1002具有两个泵1413和1414,它们被置于泵支撑体1050的竖直块1052上的预定高度的位置,此预定高度不同于在图1至4中示出的两个泵413和414在泵支撑体50上设置的预定高度。 Pump carts [0284] Compared with the pump carts 2, also called the second trolley has two pumps 1413 and 1002 1414, which are placed in a predetermined position of the vertical height of the support block 1052 pump 1050 on This differs from a predetermined height in Figures 1 to 4 show the two pumps 413 and 414 in the pump support member 50 provided on the predetermined height.

[0285] 更具体地,接收泵1413的插槽1053安装在竖直块1052上预定高度的最低位置,并且接收泵1414的插槽1053安装在竖直块1052上预定高度的中间位置,这样泵1414位于泵1413上方。 [0285] More specifically, the receiving slot 1053 pump 1413 mounted on a vertical block 1052 a predetermined height lowest position, the pump 1414 and receives a predetermined height mounting slots 1053 intermediate position in the vertical block 1052, so that the pump 1414 located at 1413 above the pump.

[0286] 与生物液体供给单元3相比,这里被称为第三推车的生物液体供给单元1003采用了大体平行六面体推车的形式。 Biological liquid supply means [0286] Compared with the biological fluid supply unit 3, referred to herein as the third trolley 1003 uses a substantially parallelepiped form of the cart.

[0287] 还应注意,第三推车1003在地面上方延伸的高度远远大于第二推车1002,并且大体接近第一推车1001的高度。 [0287] It should also be noted that the height above the ground in the third carts 1003 extends far greater than the second stroller 1002, and close to the height of the first trolley roughly 1001. [0288] 为了便于其在处理区域中移动,第三推车1003被安装在轮子1076上,其中两个具有制动器1077,并且第三推车1003具有从第一侧面1079突伸的两个手柄1078。 [0288] In order to facilitate its movement in the treated area, the third cart is mounted on wheels 1003 1076, which has two brake 1077, and the third from a first side having carts 1003 1079 1078 projecting two handles. 此推车是空心的以接收回路的一些零件,并且在其前表面1080并且在其侧面1079和1099部分敞开,以使连接操作简单化。 This trolley is hollow to receive a circuit with parts, and at its front surface 1080 and at its sides 1079 and 1099 partially open, so that the connecting operation can be simplified.

[0289] 此第三推车1003包括: [0289] The third carts 1003 include:

[0290]-被平面板1082部分遮盖的内部金属底架(chassis) 1081 (图11至13); [0290] - is the flat plate portion 1082 of the inner metal cover underframe (chassis) 1081 (FIG. 11 through 13);

[0291 ]-用于接收供给容器1422的塑料供给储罐1083 ; [0291] - 1422 for receiving a supply container plastic supply tank 1083;

[0292]-电磁驱动器1430 (图10); [0292] - electromagnetic driver 1430 (FIG. 10);

[0293]-红外线温度探头(图中未示出); [0293] - an infrared temperature probe (not shown);

[0294]-用于控制电磁驱动器1430的电机速度的命令装置1084 ;以及 [0294] - The command is used to control motor speed electromagnetic drive device 1430 1084; and

[0295]-用于显示在储罐1083内的回路中测量的数值(特别是供给容器1422内液体的温度和储罐1083的重量)的检验装置1085。 [0295] - is used to display values in the tank circuit 1083 is measured (in particular the temperature and the supply tank 1083 by weight of the liquid within the container 1422) test apparatus 1085.

[0296] 储罐1083包括圆柱形侧壁1086,其一端被延伸有截头圆锥形底壁1087,底壁1087被设置有用于挠性和一次性供给容器1422的管孔(aperture) 1500和1600穿过的长形开口(图中未示出),以及用于与电磁驱动器1430和温度探头(图中未示出)协作的两个其它圆形开口(图中未示出)。 [0296] 1083 includes a cylindrical side wall tank 1086, which is extended at one end has a frusto-conical bottom wall 1087, a bottom wall 1087 is provided with a flexible and disposable supply container 1422. hole (aperture) 1500 and 1600 through the elongated opening (not shown), as well as for the electromagnetic drive 1430 and a temperature probe (not shown) cooperating two other circular openings (not shown).

[0297] 在第一侧面1079位置处,圆柱形侧壁1086具有门形式的开口1088 (图9)用于将供给容器1422插入塑料储罐1083内。 [0297] In a first side surface 1079 positions, the door having a cylindrical sidewall 1086 forms an opening 1088 (FIG. 9) for the supply container 1422 is inserted into the plastic tank 1083.

[0298] 此开口1088为大体矩形形状,长度约250mm并且高度约350mm。 [0298] The opening 1088 is a generally rectangular shape, a length of about 250mm and a height of about 350mm.

[0299] 第三推车1003的内部金属底架1081的底部具有形成叉的两个脚部1089,脚部1089被构造成适于插入第二推车1002的凹槽1046内以使它们嵌入地安装。 [0299] The third metal 1003 inside the cart chassis 1081 is formed at the bottom of the fork having two legs 1089, the foot 1089 is configured so that they are adapted to be inserted snugly within the second groove 1046 of the cart 1002 installation.

[0300] 电磁驱动器1430直接紧固到塑料储罐1083上。 [0300] An electromagnetic actuator 1430 is secured directly onto the plastic tank 1083.

[0301] 在图9中可以看出,第三推车1003在第一侧面1079上还包括电力供给装置,以使第三推适于自动操作,例如,当其被从设备支架上拆开时,尤其适于搅动供给容器1422中的生物液体和/或适于进行温度测量。 [0301] As can be seen in Figure 9, the third carts 1003 on a first side surface 1079 further comprises power supply means, so that the third push operation is adapted to automatically, e.g., when it is detached from the equipment rack , particularly suitable agitation supply container 1422 in biological fluid and / or adapted to measure the temperature.

[0302] 储罐1083安装在具有三个突部1091的圆形框架1090上,每个突部包括用于例如使用电动卷杨机在第三推车1003内放置和拆除储罐1083的琐环1092。 [0302] 1083 tanks installed in 1090 on a 1091 circular frame with three protrusions, each protrusion includes, for example, the use of electric rolling machine placed in the third Young carts 1003 and 1083 the trivial ring tank removal 1092.

[0303] 经由插入支撑着储罐1083的圆形框架1090的每个突部1091与第三推车1003的内部金属框架1081之间的部分可见的重量计(weight gauge) 1093,此圆形框架被连接至内部金属底架1081,所述重量计1093能够精确确定储罐1083的质量。 [0303] inserted into the support via the circular frame portion 1091 of the tank 1083 and the third trolley inner metal frame 1081 1003 1090 between each projecting portion visible weight (weight gauge) 1093, this circular frame is connected to the internal metal chassis 1081, the weight of 1093 to accurately determine the quality of the tank 1083.

[0304] 储罐1083的重量接收构件1094被在每个重量计1093的位置置于圆形框架1090和内部底架1081之间。 Weight [0304] 1083 of the tank between the receiving member 1090 and the inner circular frame is placed in the base chassis 1081 1094 1093 each weight position.

[0305] 这些构件1094包括连接至凸轮1096的曲柄1095(图11至13),所述凸轮1096被构造成适于当曲柄1095处于停靠配置时处于水平位置,并且在这种情况下储罐1083坐落在重量计1093上,凸轮1096还适于在操作控制杆1095处于工作配置时处于其中框架1090与内部底架1081分开的竖直位置,并且在这种情况下框架1090以及因此储罐1083不坐落在重量计1093上。 [0305] The member 1094 includes a cam 1096 connected to the crank 1095 (FIG. 11 through 13), the cam 1096 is configured to be adapted when the crank 1095 is in a horizontal position when docked configuration, and in this case the tank 1083 Located on the weight of 1093, the cam 1096 is further adapted when the operating lever 1095 in a working configuration in which the frame 1090 and the base chassis 1081 separate internal vertical position, and in this case the frame 1090, and therefore does not tanks 1083 Situated on the weight of 1093.

[0306] 从停靠配置到工作配置,操作者必须压在锁定按钮1097上以枢转曲柄1095从而回转地驱动凸轮使其到达竖直位置。 [0306] From the docked configuration to the working configuration, the operator must press the lock button 1097 to 1095 so as to pivot the crank cam rotatably driving it reaches an upright position. [0307] 下面参考图10描述三个推车1001、1002和1003以及用于通过切向过滤进行处理 [0307] FIG. 10 is described below with reference to 1001, 1002 and 1003 as well as the three carts for processing by tangential filtration

的设备的一些导管的连接的组件。 Some of the components connected to the catheter device.

[0308] 当然,组件可以以与将要描述的不同的顺序制造。 [0308] Of course, the component may be manufactured in a different order will be described.

[0309] 在第一阶段,操作者将泵1413和1414安装在位于泵支撑体1050上的预定高度的位置处的相应插槽1053上。 [0309] In the first phase, the operator will pump 1413 and 1414 mounted on a respective slot 1053 is located at the position of a predetermined height on the pump support member 1050 of the. 这里泵1414位于泵1413上方,泵被叠置布置。 Here the pump 1414 is located above the pump 1413, the pump is stacked arrangement.

[0310] 下一步,操作者朝向第二推车1002的第二侧面1041充分滑动泵支撑体1050,直到其邻接臂1045。 [0310] Next, the operator toward the second side of the second trolley 1002 1041 1050 fully slide the pump supporting body, until its abutment arm 1045.

[0311] 下一步,操作者通过手柄1078夹持住第三推车1003以使其脚部1089嵌入第二推车1002的相应凹槽1046中。 [0311] Next, the operator lived through third trolley handle grip 1003 1078 1089 feet so embedded in corresponding recesses in 1002. 1046 second trolley.

[0312] 下一步,操作者朝向第一推车1001移动由第二推车1002和第三推车1003形成的组件,直到第二推车的第二侧面1041抵靠着第一推车的第一侧面1011并置。 [0312] Next, the operator moving toward the first stroller 1001 assembly by the second and third trolley carts 1002 1003 formation until the second side of the second trolley carts 1041 against the first section a side surface 1011 juxtaposed.

[0313] 预先地,操作者已经安装了第一推车1001的模块,也就是说,他已经将壳体1020放置在基部1010上、将壳体1021置于门1022中并且将袋1018置于壳体1020上,当然上述是在门1022处于不是门关闭位置的位置中执行的,之后操作者将门1022置于门关闭位置。 [0313] in advance, the operator has a first module 1001 installed in the cart, that is, he has placed on the base housing 1020 1010, 1021 into the housing 1022 and the gate 1018 into the bag upper case 1020, of course, the above is not in the door 1022 is in the closed position of the door position is performed, after which the operator 1022 will be placed in the door closed position of the door.

[0314] 应注意,泵支撑体1050的竖直块1052上的预定高度的位置被设置成使泵1414的压头面对着接头1011C,并且因此使导管1013C在第一推车1001的袋1018处在泵1414和导管1013C的剩余部分之间是平直的。 [0314] It should be noted, the position of a predetermined height of the vertical support block 1052 pump 1050 is arranged on the pump head 1414 facing the joint 1011C, 1013C and thus the catheter in the first trolley bag 1001 1018 between the pump 1414 and the remaining portion of the catheter at 1013C is straight.

[0315] 接着,操作者通过对导管1013A安装延伸段而将泵1413连接至袋1018的接头11A。 [0315] Subsequently, the operator via the conduit 1013A to the mounting extension and the pump 1413 is connected to the connector 1018 of the bag 11A.

[0316] 应注意,为了安装导管1013C和1013A,泵支撑体1050位于尽可能靠近第一推车1001的预定的横向位置,并且因此位于滑动杆1049上第二推车1002的第二侧面1041附近。 [0316] It should be noted, in order to install the conduit 1013C and 1013A, the pump is located in the first support member 1050 a predetermined lateral position of the cart 1001 as close as possible, and thus the slide bar 1049 is located on the second side of the second trolley near 1041 1002 .

[0317] 然后,操作者使用锁定手柄1056将泵支撑体1050锁定在最靠近第一推车1001的预定的横向位置。 [0317] Then, the operator uses the locking lever 1056 the pump closest to the support member 1050 is locked in a predetermined lateral position of the first cart 1001.

[0318] 操作者通过连接泵1413的压头和袋1018的接头IlE而安装导管1013K。 [0318] The operator installed by connecting conduit 1013K pump head and joints IlE 1413 1018 bags.

[0319] 操作者通过连接泵1414的压头和位于储罐1083内的供给容器1422而安装导管1013L。 [0319] The operator is mounted by connecting conduit 1013L pump head 1414 of the tank 1422 and 1083 supply container located within.

[0320] 之后,操作者在供给容器1422和袋1018的接头IlB之间安装导管1013B的延伸段。 After [0320], the operator between the supply container and the joint IlB bag 1422 1018 mounted catheter extending section 1013B.

[0321] 然后,操作者通过在袋1018的接头1011L和过滤器1406之间连接导管10131的延伸段,通过在袋1018的接头1011N和过滤器1406之间连接导管1013B的延伸段,通过在袋1018的接头1011M和过滤器1406之间连接导管1013C的延伸段,并且最后通过在接头10110和过滤器1406之间连接导管1013J的延伸段,通过其四个入口/出口而连接切向过滤器1406。 [0321] Then, the operator through the connecting conduit between 10131 1406 1018 linker 1011L and bag filters extension, by connecting the extension pipe 1013B 1018 joint between the bag filter 1011N and 1406, through the bag connection joint 1018 and the filter 1406 1011M conduit 1013C of extension, and finally by connecting the extension conduit 1013J joint between 10110 and filter 1406, through its four inlet / outlet connected tangential filter 1406 .

[0322] 其它导管(在图10中未示出)被操作者添加,并且具体地分别通向源容器、缓冲液容器、清洗液容器、冲洗液容器、收集容器和废液容器1417、1423、1418、1419、1408、1400和1412并且通向过滤器1401的导管。 [0322] Other conduits (not shown in FIG. 10) is added an operator, and in particular, each leading to the source container, a buffer container, the cleaning liquid container, flushing fluid container, the collection container and the waste container 1417,1423, 1418,1419,1408,1400 and 1412 and 1401 leading to the filter catheter.

[0323] 这样,可以使用设备进行前面描述的切向过滤了。 [0323] In this way, you can use the devices described above tangential filtering. [0324] 在未示意出的变异中: [0324] In the not illustrate a variation of:

[0325]-层析处理设备还包括泵和流量计之间的安全压力传感器; [0325] - chromatography apparatus further comprises a safety pressure sensor between the pump and the flowmeter;

[0326]-层析处理设备不包括任何流量计,和/或任何气泡捕获器,和/或任何过滤器; [0326] - chromatography apparatus includes no flow meter, and / or trap any air bubbles, and / or any filter;

[0327]-层析柱被离子交换柱或基于隔膜的吸附剂代替; [0327] - is an ion exchange column chromatography or membrane-based adsorbent instead;

[0328]-第一设备的供给单元是安装在轮子上的; [0328] - supply unit of the first device is installed on the wheel;

[0329]-第一设备的仪器平台被垂直于挤压器,并且因此垂直于第一推车的倾斜底架安装,而不是平行安装; [0329] - a first instrument platform device is perpendicular to the extruder, and thus perpendicular to the inclined installation of the base chassis of the first trolley, instead of being parallel installation;

[0330]-根据要处理的生物液体的体积,第二设备的第三推车的切向过滤器具有更大或更小的尺寸,在这种情况下,储罐具有适当的体积(具体地50升,100升,或200升); [0330] - based on the volume of the biological fluid to be processed, the second cutting device of the third trolley having a larger or smaller size to the filter, in this case, the tank having the appropriate volume (particularly 50 l, 100 l or 200 l);

[0331]-第二设备的第三推车的储罐具有双外壳,外面一个是不锈钢的并且内部一个是塑料的,或者反之,或者两个都是不锈钢的; [0331] - a third trolley second device having a double shell tank, the outside and the inside of a stainless steel of a plastic, or vice versa, or both are stainless steel;

[0332]-第二设备的第三推车的储罐被冷冻和/或被加热; [0332] - a second device of the third trolley tank is frozen and / or heating;

[0333]-储罐在用于引入袋的开口位置处包括玻璃门; [0333] - tanks, including the glass door at the position of the opening for the introduction of the bag;

[0334]-第二设备的第三推车的储罐的重量接收构件被通过气动、机械、液压或电动控制和操作装置以集中式方式控制; [0334] - the weight of the tank of the third trolley second device receiving member is controlled in a centralized manner by a pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic or electric control and operation means;

[0335]-储罐坐落在多于或少于三个重量计上;以及 [0335] - the tank is located in the more or less than the weight of the three; and

[0336]-重量计被用于检测储罐中液体的水平从而确定其内部体积的雷达探头所代替; [0336] - weight is used to detect the level of liquid in the tank to determine the internal volume of the radar probe is replaced;

[0337] 在未示意出的另一变异中,储罐被枢转地安装在位于平行于第三推车的侧面的平面中的U形支架上,其端部被紧固到内部金属底架上。 [0337] In another variation not shown schematically, the storage tank is pivotally mounted on the trolley is located parallel to the third side of the plane of U-shaped bracket, whose ends are fastened to the inside of the metal base chassis on. 被紧固至储罐的圆柱形侧壁的自由端上的手柄使其能够很容易地围绕着垂直于前表面的轴线在操作位置和安装位置之间枢转。 The handle is secured to the free end of the cylindrical sidewall of the tank makes it possible to easily around an axis perpendicular to the front surface of the pivot between an operative position and a mounting position. 设置于轴线附近支架直立部的每一个上的销被适于与固定在储罐的圆柱形侧壁上的两个圆盘协作,以将其锁定在理想的位置,或者相反,使其自由转动。 Disposed in the vicinity of the axis of each of the upright portion of the bracket being adapted to cooperate with a pin fixed to the cylindrical side wall of the tank of the two discs, to lock it in the desired position, and vice versa, so that it is free to rotate . 通过将位于每个销端部的金属杆插入到相应圆盘的孔内而实现此锁定。 By the end portion of the pin located in each metal rod inserted into the hole of the corresponding locking disc and implement this. 相反地,为了使储罐自由转动,拉动每个销以使杆脱出圆盘即可。 Conversely, in order to freely rotate the tank, pull the lever to each pin disc prolapse can be. 在其操作位置上,储罐是直立的,以使其截头圆锥形底壁朝向地面旋转;供给容器被置于储罐内,其管孔从底壁朝向地面突伸。 In its operative position, the tank is upright, so as frusto-conical bottom wall toward the surface of rotation; supply container is placed in a storage tank, from the bottom wall of its hole protruding toward the ground. 在此安装位置中,储罐躺倒放置,其圆柱形侧壁的自由端设置成面对着第三推车的侧面的开口。 In this mounting position, placing the tank lying, the free end of the cylindrical side wall disposed on the side of the cart facing the third opening. 此安装位置有助于操作者拆除被使用的供给容器并安装一个新的,在这种情况下,所述供给容器被通过储罐上方的开口安装,与包括通道门1088的储罐1083相反。 This assists the operator in mounting position dismantling supply container to be used and a new installation, in this case, the supply container is attached to the opening through the top of the tank, the tank 1083 and comprises opposite the access door 1088. 设备投入操作时并且储罐已经被置于其操作位置中之后,销被适于将储罐锁定在该位置上,持续过滤过程所持续的时间。 After the device is put into operation and the tank has been placed in its operative position, the pin being adapted to be locked in this position on the tank, the duration of the process of continuous filtration. 一旦过程结束,拆除销从而解锁储罐使其能够自由枢转。 Once the process is complete, removal of the pin so that unlocking the tank so that it can pivot freely.

[0338] 在未示意出的另一变异中,储罐被以前面描述的方式可枢转地安装,设有或不设有枢转辅助装置。 [0338] In another variation not shown schematically, the storage tank is pivotally mounted in the manner previously described, provided or not provided with pivoting support device. 枢转辅助装置通过基于支架的系统或者通过气体弹簧(gas spring)实现。 Pivoting assist device or stent-based system through a gas spring (gas spring).

[0339] 在未示意出的另一变异中,第一和第二推车和生物液体供给单元被构造成适于装备通过无流动过滤(dead-end filtration)进行处理的设备。 [0339] In another variation not shown schematically, the first and second trolleys and biological fluid supply means adapted for being equipped with a no-flow filtration through (dead-end filtration) for processing equipment.

[0340] 应注意,更一般地,本发明不被限制于所描述和表述的示例。 [0340] It should be noted, more generally, the present invention is not limited to the examples described and expressed.

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