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Publication numberCN101655903 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200910165184
Publication date25 May 2016
Filing date1 Aug 2001
Priority date4 Aug 2000
Also published asCN1449542A, CN101655903A, DE60143750D1, EP1305717A2, EP1305717B1, US6824063, US7090124, US7350714, US20040256459, US20060202034, WO2002013021A2, WO2002013021A3, WO2002013021A9
Publication number200910165184.6, CN 101655903 B, CN 101655903B, CN 200910165184, CN-B-101655903, CN101655903 B, CN101655903B, CN200910165184, CN200910165184.6
Inventors罗伯特F.沃莱斯, 韦斯利G.布莱韦, 尤斯品托
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电子系统中对带有不同接口的小型电子电路卡的使用 Electronic systems are used for small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces of translated from Chinese
CN 101655903 B
Abstract  translated from Chinese
诸如汽车无线电设备、便携式和其它计算设备、全球定位系统接收器的电气系统通常需要在使该系统全部或部分地可操作之前,或者在可以接收某些数据之前从可移动地插入到该系统的卡插槽中的小容量存储器卡输入正确的安全代码。 Such as car radios, portable and other computing devices, global positioning system receivers electrical system usually requires to make the system fully or partially operable prior to, or may be received before the data can be moved from certain inserted into the system card slot small memory card to enter the correct security code. 相同类型的存储器卡还用于存储该系统在经该安全代码启动的功能中使用的数字数据,这些数据卡与含有该安全代码的卡一样可移动地插入到同一个卡插槽中。 The same type of memory card is also used to store digital data through the system in the security code to start the function used, the data containing the card and card security code as removably inserted into the same card slot. 替代地,可在单个卡中包含应用数据和安全代码二者。 Alternatively, the application may contain both data and security code in a single card. 一种应用的例子是汽车无线电设备,其中由第二卡提供的数据是通过该无线电设备的音频系统再现的音乐。 One application example is a car radio device, wherein the data card is provided by the second radio device through the audio system reproduced music.
Claims(9)  translated from Chinese
1.一种用来操纵电子设备的方法,包括以下步骤: 通过把其上存储着安全代码的第一非易失性存储器卡插入到所述设备的插座中对所述电子设备输入安全代码; 比较所输入的安全代码和在所述设备中以非易失性方式存储的安全代码,并且,若这些安全代码相配,则使能所述电子设备的操作; 在从所述第一非易失性存储器卡输入所述安全代码后,从所述插座中取出所述第一非易失性存储器卡; 此后,通过把其上存储着所述电子设备在操作中使用的数据的第二非易失性存储器卡插入到所述插座中向所述电子设备输入所述数据;以及此后,通过使用所述数据操作所述已使能的电子设备, 其中,所述第一非易失性存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状和接点排列,同时具有符合ISO/IEC 7816卡标准的通过接点的电气接口,所述第二非易失性存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状、接点排列和通过接点的电气接口,MMC卡或SD卡标准和ISO/IEC 7816卡标准规定不兼容的卡物理形状、接点排列和电气接口。 1. A method for operating an electronic device is used, comprising the steps of: the security code stored on the first non-volatile memory card is inserted into the socket of the device to the electronic equipment enter the security code; security code is entered and stored in non-volatile security code in the device, and, if these security codes match, then the operation can be the electronic device; from the first non- after the memory card input the security code, remove the first non-volatile memory card from the socket; Thereafter, the data stored on the electronic device used in the operation of the second non-volatile volatile memory card is inserted into the socket to the data input of the electronic device; and thereafter, by using the operation data of the electronic device is enabled, wherein said first non-volatile memory card physical shape and having contacts arranged in line with the MMC or SD card standard, both in line with ISO / IEC 7816 standard via the contact card electrical interface, the second non-volatile memory card has a line with MMC card or SD card standard physical shape, the contact arrangement through the contacts electrical interface, MMC card or SD card standard and ISO / IEC 7816 cards are not compatible with standard cards and physical shape, the contact arrangement and electrical interface.
2.依据权利要求1的方法,其中输入到所述电子设备的所述数据包括由所述设备使用的用来产生声音的音频数据。 2. A method according to claim 1, wherein the electronic device to input the data includes audio data for generating sound by the use of the equipment.
3.依据权利要求2的方法,其中所产生的声音包括音乐。 3. The method according to claim 2, wherein the generated sound, including music.
4.依据权利要求2的方法,其中所述电子设备包括安装在车辆中的音响系统。 4. The method according to claim 2, wherein the electronic device installed in a vehicle includes a sound system.
5.依据权利要求1的方法,其中所述电子设备包括全球定位系统,并且对所述电子设备输入的所述数据包括全球定位数据。 5. The method according to claim 1, wherein the electronic device comprises a global positioning system, and the data input to the electronic device comprises a global positioning data.
6.依据权利要求1的方法,其中所述电子设备包括便携式电子设备,并且对所述便携式电子设备输入的所述数据包括用于至少部分地操作所述便携式电子设备的程序。 6. The method according to claim 1, wherein the electronic device comprises a portable electronic device, and the data input of the portable electronic device comprises means for at least partially operating the portable electronic device program.
7.—种电子设备,包括: 至少实现一种指定功能的电子系统; 存储的安全代码; 至少一个插座,所述插座中能够可移动地插入至少一种类型的第一非易失性存储器卡和第二非易失性存储器卡; 与所述至少一个插座连接的电路,所述电路用于接收来自插入到所述至少一个插座中的所述第一非易失性存储器卡的安全代码并且用于当所接收的安全代码与所存储的安全代码匹配时使能所述电子系统以执行所述至少一种指定功能;以及另一个与所述至少一个插座连接的电路,所述另一个电路用于接收来自插入到所述至少一个插座中的所述第二非易失性存储器卡的数据并且用于把所述数据提供给已使能的所述电子系统以用于执行所述至少一种指定功能, 其中,所述第一非易失性存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状和接点排列,同时具有符合ISO/IEC 7816卡标准的通过接点的电气接口,所述第二非易失性存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状、接点排列和通过接点的电气接口,MMC卡或SD卡标准和ISO/IEC 7816卡标准规定不兼容的卡物理形状、接点排列和电气接口。 7.- kind of electronic device, comprising: implementing at least one of the specified function of the electronic system; stored security code; at least one socket, the socket can be inserted into at least one type of the first non-volatile memory card removably and a second non-volatile memory card; at least one receptacle connector to said circuit, said circuit for receiving a security code from said at least one socket is inserted into the first non-volatile memory of the card and for, when the security code received matches the security code stored in the electronic system enabling at least one designated to perform the function; and another said at least one receptacle connector circuit, the other circuit for receiving data from said at least one socket is inserted into the second non-volatile memory of the card and for providing said data to said electronic system is able to perform for the at least one designated function, wherein the first non-volatile memory card has the physical shape and arrangement of the contact line with the MMC or SD card standard, both in line with ISO / IEC 7816 standard via the contact card electrical interface, the second nonvolatile memory card has a physical shape in line with MMC card or SD card standard, the contact via the contact arrangement and electrical interface, MMC card or SD card standard and ISO / IEC 7816 standard card is not compatible with the physical shape of the card, the contact arrangement and electrical interfaces.
8.依据权利要求7的电子设备,还包括多个所述至少一种类型的第一和第二非易失性存储器卡,所述第一非易失性存储器卡包含有所述安全代码并且所述第二非易失性存储器卡包含有所述数据。 8. The electronic device according to claim 7, further comprising at least one type of said plurality of first and second non-volatile memory card, the first non-volatile memory card with the security code, and said second non-volatile memory card with the data.
9.一种首响设备,包括: 至少第一和第二存储器卡,它们各具有给定的物理格式,以及能从其上读出存储在卡中的数据的各电气接点的给定模式;以及用于安装在车辆内的音频单元,所述音频单元包括: 音频放大器; 插槽,所述插槽一次接受所述存储器卡中的一个的插入并和所插入的存储器卡的各电气接点的给定模式相接触; 响应无线电设备的专用安全代码使能所述音频单元的操作的安全电路;以及和所述插槽连接的卡接口电路,用于根据插入到所述插槽内的卡上所包含的数据把安全代码提给所述安全电路和把音频数据提供给所述音频放大器; 所述第一存储器卡包含所述安全电路所响应的安全代码数据,所述第二存储器卡包含所述音频放大器再现的音频数据, 其中,所述第一存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状和接点排列,同时具有符合ISO/IEC 7816卡标准的通过接点的电气接口,所述第二存储器卡具有符合MMC卡或SD卡标准的物理形状、接点排列和通过接点的电气接口,MMC卡或SD卡标准和ISO/IEC 7816卡标准规定不兼容的卡物理形状、接点排列和电气接口。 A first ring device, comprising: at least a first and a second memory card, each having a given physical format, as well as from its electrical contacts on each read-out of data stored in the card of a given mode; and means for mounting in a vehicle audio unit, said audio unit comprises: audio amplifier; slot, said slot receiving said first insert a memory card and a memory card is inserted and the respective electrical contacts contacting a given mode; in response to a special security code for radio equipment to enable the safe operation of the audio unit circuit; and an interface circuit card slot and the connection for the card is inserted into the slot according to the data contained in the security code refers to the safety circuit and the audio data to the audio amplifier; said first memory card containing the safety circuit responds security code data, said second memory card containing the audio data reproduction of the audio amplifier, wherein said first memory card has a physical shape and arrangement of the contact line with the MMC or SD card standard, both in line with ISO / IEC 7816 standard via the contact card electrical interface, the first second memory card has a physical shape in line with MMC card or SD card standard, the contact arrangement and through contacts electrical interface, MMC card or SD card standard and ISO / IEC 7816 cards standards incompatible card physical shape, the contact arrangement and electrical interface .
Description  translated from Chinese

电子系统中对带有不同接口的小型电子电路卡的使用 Electronic systems are used for small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces of

[0001 ]本申请是申请日为2001年8月I日、申请号为01814998.7、发明名称为“电子系统中对带有不同接口的小型电子电路卡的使用”的中国发明专利申请的分案申请。 Divisional application [0001] This application is a filing date of August 2001 I day, Application No. 01814998.7, entitled as "the use of electronic systems for small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces," the Chinese invention patent applications .


[0002]本发明一般地涉及带有不同机械和/或电子接口的可移动电子电路卡的使用及结构,并且更具体地,本发明涉及根据相关的多媒体卡(“MMC”)和安全数字(“SD”)存储器卡接口的非易失性存储器卡的使用,以及具有根据国际标准组织(“ISO”)和国际电工委员会(“IEC")的一种标准,例如IS0/IEC7816标准的接口的卡的使用。 [0002] The present invention generally relates to the use and structure of removable electronic circuit cards with different mechanical and / or electronic interface, and more particularly, the present invention relates to the relevant multimedia card ( "MMC") and Secure Digital ( nonvolatile memory card using the "SD") memory card interface, as well as having a standard ( "ISO") and the international Electrotechnical Commission ( "IEC") in accordance with ISO, such as IS0 / IEC7816 standard interfaces card use.

背景技术 Background technique

[0003]在由加州Cupertino的多媒体卡协会(“MMCA”)不时地更新和公布的“多媒体卡系统规范”中给出对于MMC的物理和电气规范要求。 [0003] For the MMC are given physical and electrical specifications update and publish from time to time by the Cupertino, California MultiMediaCard Association ( "MMCA") of "Multimedia Card System Specifications". 日期分别为1999年6月和2000年I月的该规范的2.11和2.2版本特地收录在此作为本文的参考文献。 Dates are June 1999 and in January 2000 I of the specification version 2.11 and 2.2 specifically included herein are incorporated herein by reference. 目前可以从本申请的受让人、加州Sunnyoale的SanDisk公司买到单个卡具有高达64兆字节的各种存储量的MMC产品。 Currently available from the assignee of the present application, SanDisk Corporation of California Sunnyoale buy a single card with up to 64 megabytes of storage capacity MMC various products. SanDisk公司于2000年4月公布的“多媒体卡产品手册”(版本2)中说明了这些产品,该手册特地收录在此作为本文的参考文献。 SanDisk Corporation in April 2000 released "Multimedia Card Product Guide" (version 2) is described in these products, which specifically included in this manual are incorporated herein by reference. MMC产品的电气操作的某些方面还在转让给SanDisk公司的皆于1998年11 月4 日由N.Toombs和Micky Holtzman提出的序号为09/185,649和09/186,064的待审专利申请中说明。 Certain aspects of the electrical operation of the MMC products also assigned to SanDisk's numbers are on November 4, 1998 by the N.Toombs and Micky Holtzman proposed 09 / 185,649 and 09 / 186,064 pending patent application instructions. 在转让给SanDi sk公司的美国6,040,622号专利中说明了卡的物理结构以及一种制造它的方法。 Assigned to the SanDi sk's US Patent No. 6,040,622 describes the physical card structure and a method of manufacturing it. 这些申请以及该专利也特地收录在此作为本文的参考文献。 These applications and patents are also specifically included herein by reference herein.

[0004]较新的SD卡类似于MMC卡,二者尺寸相同但SD卡厚度增加以容纳一块附加的存储器芯片。 [0004] The newer SD Card is similar to MMC card, SD card both the same size but increase in thickness to accommodate an additional memory chip. 它们之间的主要区别在于,SD卡含有附加的数据接点组以便能在卡和主机之间更快地传送数据。 The main difference between them is that, SD card containing the contact group so that additional data can transfer data faster between the card and the host. SD卡的其它接点和MMC卡的接点相同,以便使设计成接受SD卡的插口也接受MMC卡。 The same contacts and other contacts of the SD card, MMC card, so that is designed to accept the SD card socket also accepts MMC card. SD卡的电气接口还基本上做成向后和前面引用的该规范的2.11版本中所说明的MMC产品兼容,以便为了容纳这二种类型的卡只需要对主机操作做出很少的改变。 MMC products SD card electrical interface is also backwards and basically made the specification cited above as described in version 2.11 is compatible, so in order to accommodate these two types of cards only need to make a few changes in the host operating.

[0005] 根据IS0/IEC7816标准做成的卡与MMC卡以及SD卡形状不同,表面接点位于不同位置并且电气接口不同。 [0005] According to IS0 / IEC7816 standard made of card and MMC cards and SD cards of different shapes, the contact surface at different positions and different electrical interface. ISO/1EC 7816标准具有“识别卡-带有接点的集成电路(组)卡”的概括标题并且由分别带有从1994年到2000年的日期的1-10部分组成。 ISO / 1EC 7816 standard with the "Identification cards - Integrated circuit with contacts (group) Card" summarized by the title and composition respectively with Part 1-10 from 1994 to 2000 dates. 可以从端士日内瓦的IS0/IEC得到其拷贝的该标准特地收录在此作为本文的参考文献。 Guests from the end of the Geneva IS0 / IEC standard to obtain a copy of the specially included herein by reference herein. IS0/IEC 7816卡尤其在必须安全地存储数据从而在未经授权情况下极难或者不可能读出该数据的应用中是有用的。 IS0 / IEC 7816 cards are especially data must be securely stored so difficult in the case of unauthorized use or impossible to read this data is useful.

[0006]小型IS0/IEC 7816卡的一种通常使用是在电子系统中防止盗窃和/或未授权使用,在这种情况下该卡存储对用户或者对电子系统专用的安全代码。 A common use of [0006] Small IS0 / IEC 7816 card in an electronic system to prevent theft and / or unauthorized use, in which case the memory card to the user or the electronic system-specific security code. 例如,安装在车辆中的无线电设备是一种类型的电子系统,其中要使该设备工作时需要输入对该无线电设备专用的安全代码。 For example, the radio equipment installed in a vehicle is a type of electronic systems, which enable the device to work when you need to enter the radio device-specific security code. 在一种方案中,该无线电设备内设置一个电路,当断开电池时其使该无线电设备不能工作。 In one embodiment, a radio device disposed within the circuit, when its battery is disconnected so that the radio equipment is not working. 从而,为了再次使该无线电设备工作需要输入唯一的安全代码。 Accordingly, in order once again to make the work of radio equipment only need to enter the security code. 一种提供该安全代码的方法是把它存储在小型IS0/IEC 7816卡上并且在该无线电设备上设置一个其中可插入该卡的卡槽。 A method of providing the security code method is to store it in a small IS0 / IEC 7816 and set up a card which can be inserted into the card slot on the radio. 在该无线电设备中安装从该卡中读出代码的电路,该电路把该代码和该特定无线电设备的唯一代码进行比较,如果这二个代码匹配,则在再次连接电池后再次使该无线电设备能够运行。 In the radio equipment installed in the card is read out from the code circuit which the unique code of the code and the particular radio device are compared and if these two codes match, then again after connecting the battery again so that the radio equipment able to run.


[0007] 主电子系统的单个卡插座可以和一个或者多个遵照现有的一二种或更多种不同卡标准的可移动的插入卡交互作用,其中这些不同的卡标准由于卡的物理形状、外部接点的排列以及电信号接口的不同而彼此不兼容。 Single card socket [0007] the main electronic system and one or more may be in accordance with the existing twelve kinds or more different card standard removable plug-in card interactions among these different card standard due to the physical shape of the card different external contact arrangement and electrical interface and are not compatible with each other. 例如,一些数据,如唯一安全代码可以由遵照最适用于处理这种数据的IS0/IEC 7816的系统读出,而其它数据,如用户数据或操作程序可以由遵照为此目的设计的MMC或SD卡标准的系统读出。 For example, some data, such as a unique security code may be made in accordance with the most suitable for processing such data IS0 / IEC 7816 readout systems, and other data, such as user data or procedures may be designed for this purpose in accordance with the MMC or SD card standard system read out. 但是,本发明不受使用任何特殊的卡标准或者遵照现有卡标准存储的数据类型的限制。 However, the present invention is not to use any special card standard or follow the existing standard storage card data type restrictions.

[0008]在一具体实施例中,一种类型的卡的物理标准改变成和另一种类型的卡的物理标准一致,并且接着把每种类型的卡分别形成在一个具有其他类型卡的物理特征的组件中。 [0008] In one embodiment, the physical standards of one type of card and change into another type of physical standards consistent card, and then put each type of card are formed in a card having other types of physical feature component. 例如,把遵照IS0/IEC 7816标准的卡在物理上改变成具有由相关的MMC或SD卡标准所规定的相同的形状以及相同的引脚位置,使该电子系统的插座符合该卡标准。 For example, to comply with IS0 / IEC 7816 standard card has physically changed by the relevant standard MMC or SD card under the same shape and the same pin position so that the electronic system of the card socket in line with standards. 从而该电子系统的单个插座可接受二种或更多种的卡。 The electronic system whereby a single socket acceptable two or more cards.

[0009]在另一具体实施例中,在具有二个或更多卡标准中之一的物理尺寸和电气接点位置的单个卡上组合遵照这些卡标准的功能。 [0009] In another particular embodiment, the card has to follow these standard features on a single combination of two or more cards in one card standard physical dimensions and electrical contact position. 例如,可以把遵照相关的MMC或SD卡标准的卡修改成包含着遵照ISO/1EC7816标准的卡的电路,并且二个或更多不同标准的电气功能共享一组共用的卡接点。 For example, to comply with the relevant MMC or SD card standard card modified to comprise a circuit card in accordance with ISO / 1EC7816 standards, and two or more different standard electrical functions share a common set of card contacts.

[0010]这些实施例有许多应用。 [0010] These embodiments have many applications. 例如,在车辆无线电设备中,一个卡插座适应于接受含有安全代码的卡和接受含有音乐数据的存储器卡,当通过正确的安全代码启动后可以通过该车辆的音频系统再现该音乐。 For example, in a vehicle radio device, a card socket adapted to receive cards containing security codes and receive a memory card containing music data, when through the correct security code to start the music can be reproduced through the vehicle's audio system. 在另一个例子中,便携式电子设备,例如手持计算机、个人组织器、蜂窝电话等,具有一个卡插槽,该卡插槽接受含有应用程序的不时改变的一部分的卡或者含有供一应用程序使用的数据的卡,此外该卡插槽还接受一块含有能使该设备中的该应用程序操作的安全代码的卡。 In another example, the portable electronic devices, such as handheld computers, personal organizers, cellular phones, etc., with a card slot, the card slot accepts cards containing part of the application for change from time to time contain or use an application data card, in addition to the card slot also accepts one enables the device containing the application operation security code card. 在另一个例子中,GPS接收器卡插槽接受一块含有用户安全代码的卡以便启动该接收器的操作,以及接受含有该接收器操作中使用的数据的卡,以便确定位置等等。 In another example, GPS receivers card slot accepts a card containing user security code to start the operation of the receiver, and the receiver accepts the card containing the data used in the operation, in order to determine the position and so on. 在每种情况中,可以在同一卡上交替地含有应用数据和安全代码。 In each case, it may be alternately contain application data and security code on the same card.

[0011 ]在这些应用中,当使用独立的卡时,可以把安全代码存储在一块容量低且相对便宜的存储器卡上,该设备的拥有人通常应在一个可靠场所与该电子设备分开地保存该卡。 In these applications, when using a separate card, you can put on a low capacity and relatively inexpensive memory card, the owner of the equipment should normally be separately stored [0011] security code is stored in a secure place and the electronic device the card. 然后使用类型相同但存储量更大的一块或多块不同的存储器卡存储相关联的数据。 But then use the same type of one or more memory block of the memory card to store various data associated. 该电子设备内的电路在读插在槽中的卡时区分安全代码和关联数据并且相应地使用该数据。 The circuit of the electronic device at the time of reading the card inserted in the slot and the associated security code to distinguish between data and the corresponding use of the data.


[0012]从下面将结合各附图的说明,本发明的其它特征和优点会变得清楚。 [0012] from the following description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings Further features and advantages of the present invention will become clear.

[0013]图1示出安装在车辆的操纵板中的一个无线电设备,以作为应用本发明的电子设备的一个例子; [0013] FIG. 1 shows a radio device installed in the steering board of the vehicle, and as an example of the application of the electronic device of the present invention;

[0014]图2是图1的车辆无线电设备中使用的当被盗时使该无线电设备不能运行的安全系统的不意图; [0014] FIG. 2 is a view of a vehicle radio device 1 is not intended to make the radio device can not run when the stolen security systems used;

[0015]图3是图1的车辆无线电设备的改进型安全系统的示意图,其中该无线电设备还接收数字音频数据用于通过该设备再现; [0015] FIG. 3 is a schematic diagram of the improved vehicle safety system of a radio device, wherein the radio device also receives digital audio data for reproduction by the apparatus;

[0016]图4是作为使用具有不同接口标准的卡的系统的一部分的卡接口的示意图; [0016] FIG. 4 is a system using a card having a different interface standards of a portion of the schematic diagram of the interface card;

[0017]图5示出当图4的卡为遵照MMC或SD卡接口标准的闪速存储器卡时该卡的引脚连接; [0017] FIG. 5 shows the pin connections for the card when the card Figure 4 To comply with MMC or SD card interface standard flash memory card;

[0018]图6示出图4的卡为遵照IS0/IEC 7816接口标准时该卡的引脚连接; [0018] FIG. 6 shows the card 4-pin connector for the card when in compliance with IS0 / IEC 7816 interface standard;

[0019]图7是含有MMC或SD卡标准的功能并且含有ISO/IEC 7816标准的功能的单块卡的方框图;以及 [0019] FIG. 7 is a block diagram of a single block containing MMC card or SD card standard and contains functional ISO / IEC 7816 standard function; and

[0020]图8示出图7的组合卡的使用。 [0020] FIG. 8 illustrates the use of a combination card of FIG.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0021]为了示出上面概述的本发明的一种具体应用,下面给出汽车无线电设备例子的细节。 [0021] To illustrate a particular application of the present invention outlined above, the following examples are given details of the car radio equipment. 图1示出安装在机动车,例如客车的操纵板13中的无线电设备11。 Figure 1 shows an installation in a vehicle, such as passenger handling plate 13 radio device 11. 该无线电设备内的音频放大器驱动也安装在该车中的二个或更多的扬声器15和17。 Audio amplifier driving the radio equipment is also installed inside the car in two or more speakers 15 and 17. 该无线电设备内的调谐器向该放大器提供来自无线电台的信号。 The radio tuner to the amplifier within the device to provide a signal from a radio station. 该无线电设备中还可以包括音频盒带和/或光盘播放机以作为用于该放大器以及扬声器的其它音频信号源。 The radio apparatus may further include an audio cassette and / or CD player as the source for the other audio amplifiers and speakers.

[0022]无线电设备11具有常用的齐全控制和显示。 [0022] radio device 11 having a common complete control and display. 另外,在无线电设备的正面上包括一个容纳标准非易失性存储器卡的插槽19。 Further, on the front of the radio receiving apparatus comprises a standard non-volatile memory card slot 19. 示出了二个这样的卡21和23。 It shows two such cards 21 and 23. 插槽19内含有模式和这种存储器的接点相同的电气接点,从而一旦把卡全部插入到该插槽中就建立起该无线电设备和该存储器卡的内容之间的电连接。 Slot 19 contacts the same pattern and containing electrical contacts such a memory, so once the card is fully inserted into the slot to establish electrical connection to the content of the radio device and the memory card between. 当从该插槽中取出该卡时,这种连接断开。 When removing the card from the slot, the connection is disconnected.

[0023] 一种类型的适应于用作为卡21和23的存储器卡是市面上可买到的MCC卡。 [0023] One type adapted to be used as a memory card 21 and the card 23 is commercially available MCC card. 可以替代地使用是更新的相关的SD卡。 You can alternatively use an update related to the SD card. 备选地,可以使用较大的小型闪存卡。 Alternatively, you can use the larger Compact Flash card. 这些卡产品的每一种都包括一个半导体闪速EEPROM系统并且由数个厂家制造,其中包括作为本申请的受让人的位于加州Sunnyvale的SanDisk公司。 These card products, each of which comprises a semiconductor Flash EEPROM system and manufactured by a number of manufacturers, including the assignee of the present application SanDisk Corporation of Sunnyvale, California. 可以替代地采用其它类型的非易失存储器卡。 It may alternatively be other types of non-volatile memory card. 在插槽19中设置的机械和电气接口做成和所选类型卡的要求相符。 Consistent with the requirements in the slot 19 provided in the mechanical and electrical interface and make the selected card type.

[0024]图2中示出利用一个这样的卡25存储安全代码。 [0024] FIG. 2 shows the use of such a card 25 stores the security code. 当把卡25插入到无线电设备的插槽19中时,插槽19内的各接点和卡25上的电气端子连接。 When the card 25 is inserted into the slot of the radio device 19 when the contacts inside the slot 19 and the card terminal 25 on the electrical connection. 无线电设备11内的安全电路27接着从该卡接收代码数据并且把该代码和一个内部存储的对具体无线电设备为唯一的代码比较。 Radio equipment within the safety circuit 11 27 then receives the code data from the card and to compare the unique code of the code and an internal memory of specific radio equipment. 该内部代码可以存储在少量的非易失性存储器,例如只读存储器(ROM)中,其作为该无线电设备电路的一部分。 The inner code may be stored in a small amount of non-volatile memory, such as read only memory (ROM), which as part of the radio device circuit. 如果发现这些代码是相同的,接着安全电路27启动该无线电设备的剩余部分31,其中包括驱动扬声器15和17的音频放大器、调幅和调频无线电调谐器以及光盘和/或磁带放音装置的运行。 If you find that these codes are the same, then the safety circuit 27 to start the remaining part 31 of the radio equipment, which includes a drive speaker 15 and 17 of the audio amplifier, AM and FM radio tuner and an optical disk and / or tape playback operation of sound device. 一旦启动该无线电设备,则从插槽19中取出卡25。 Once you start the radio device, remove the card from the slot 19, 25.

[0025]图3中示出利用该卡设施输入除安全代码之外的音频数据,例如音乐。 [0025] FIG. 3 shows the use of the card facility input audio data in addition to security codes, such as music. 添加一个用于和插入到插槽19内的卡直接电气连接的卡接口电路33。 Adding a card into the slot and for direct electrical connection within 19 card interface circuit 33. 该接口电路33把插入卡的各个端子和安全电路27以及无线电部分31'两者连接,后二者中的每一个判定插入的卡是否含有用于它的数据。 The interface circuit 33 and the respective terminals of the card inserted into the safety circuit 27 and a radio portion 31 'connecting the two, the latter two each of judging whether the inserted card contains data for it. 例如,卡35含有由安全电路27使用的唯一安全代码,而卡37含有由无线电部分31'使用的音频数据。 For example, a card containing 35 unique security code by the use of safety circuit 27, and the card 37 containing the audio data from the radio portion 31 'use. 当把卡35插入到插槽19中时,安全电路27接着如上面参照图2说明那样操作。 When the card 35 is inserted into the slot 19, as the safety circuit 27 then operates as described above with reference to FIG. 2. 如果把卡37插入到插槽19中,无线电部分31'接收存储数据并且通过扬声器15和17播放音频内容。 If the card 37 into the slot 19, the radio section 31 'receives the storing data and play audio content through the speakers 15 and 17. 无线电部分317包括用于将来自卡37的数字音频数据转换成接着由该无线电部分31'内的放大器放大的音频信号的电路。 Radio section 317 includes a digital audio data from the card 37 is then converted into an amplifier circuit of the radio portion 31 'within the amplified audio signal.

[0026]存储器卡37上存储的音频数据通常大多数是音乐,并且实际上为了在单块卡上存储尽可能多的音乐,是以压缩形式进行存储,例如通过采用常见的MP3压缩算法存储。 Audio data [0026] stored on the memory card 37 is usually mostly music, and in fact, on a single card to store as many music stored in compressed form, for example, by the use of the common MP3 compression algorithm storage. 当被压缩时,该卡接口电路33还包括用来解压缩数字音频数据的信号处理器。 When compressed, the card interface circuit 33 also includes a signal processor for decompressing digital audio data. 无线电设备11中可以包括多于一个的用来接收多个各自含有音乐数据文件的存储器卡的插槽,以便在不必重复或不必更换卡的情况下进一步延长音乐的播放时间。 Radio device 11 may include more than one for receiving a plurality of music data files each containing a memory card slot, so that in case of having to replace the card need not be repeated or further extended music playback time.

[0027]音频数据卡37是也可以包含在无线电设备11中的光盘及磁带放音装置的一种替代。 [0027] Audio data card 37 is to be an alternative in a radio apparatus comprising the optical disk 11 and magnetic tape playback apparatus. 它的使用提供一种向汽车无线电设备11传送音乐的方便方法。 Its use provides a car radio device 11 to transfer music convenience method. 例如,通过用户从因特网下载数据或者从光盘或别的源转录,可以把数字音乐数据存储到卡37上。 For example, by the user or from the Internet to download data from an optical disc or other source of transcription, you can store digital music data to the card 37. 可以同时使用多个这样的卡,其中每个卡含有不同的音乐。 You can use a plurality of such cards, wherein each card comprises a different music. 可以通过擦掉它的数据并且在上面重写新数据反复地使用每个音频数据卡。 Its data can be erased and rewritten in the above new data repeatedly using each audio data card. 该音频数据卡最好具有可存储通常由光盘提供的音乐量的容量。 The audio data card preferably has a volume capacity of music that can be stored is usually provided by the disc. 例如,当把数据压缩到原始源数据量的10%时,可在具有64兆字节容量的一块卡上存储大约一小时长的音乐。 For example, when the compressed data 10% of the original amount of data to the source, may have about an hour long music storage capacity of 64 megabytes on one card. 但是,含有安全代码的卡35只需要具有非常小的容量,例如只有一千或几千字节。 However, the card contains a security code 35 is required to have a very small capacity, for example, only a thousand or a few thousand bytes. 这样安全代码卡就可以是非常便宜的。 Such security code card can be very cheap.

[0028]除汽车无线电设备之外的各种电子设备也可以带有具有这二种职能的存储器卡插槽。 [0028] In addition to the car radio equipment with various electronic devices may also have the functions of these two kinds of memory card slot. 在这样的其它设备中也包括与卡接口电路块33相似的部分以便和安全代码数据以及和由该电子设备使用的关联内容数据接口,以便由该安全代码启动完成某种功能。 In such an apparatus also includes other similar parts with a 33 card interface circuit block for security and code data and associated content and data interface used by the electronic device to be initiated by the security code to complete a certain function. 该安全代码被应用到安全电路,且该关联数据被应用到该电子设备的一个部分上,该部分执行通过接收正确安全代码而启动的功能或操作。 The security code is applied to the safety circuit, and the associated data is applied to a portion of the electronic device, which is part of the implementation by receiving the correct security code and start functions or operations.

[0029] 参照图4更详细地说明一个出于种种理由中的任何理由和遵循二种不同标准的卡接口的系统。 Described in more detail [0029] Referring to FIG. 4 a variety of reasons, for any reason and to follow two different standard system card interface. 物理上,卡51具有带有表面电气接点1-7的MMC卡的物理形式。 Physically, the card 51 has a physical form with the surface of the electrical contacts 1-7 MMC card. 可以替代使用在平面图中尺寸相同并具有相同接点1-7和附加的表面接点8、9的SD卡。 It may be used instead of the same size in plan view and have the same 1-7, and the contact surfaces of the contacts 8,9 additional SD card. 在这二种情况的任一种中,插座53包括用于只接受MMC卡的配合接点1-7,并且任选地具有附加接点8、9以便能和MMC卡或者SD卡一起运行。 In either of these two cases, the receptacle 53 comprises only accepts MMC card with contacts 1-7, and optionally with an additional 8,9 contacts in order to MMC card or SD card and run together. 电路55和57应用遵照所接受的二种不同卡标准的不同卡中的唯一电气内容。 Circuits 55 and 57 apply in accordance with accepted standards of two different cards of different card unique electrical content. 一种这样的卡是不必修改的MMC卡或SD卡,如图5中所示。 One such card is not necessary to modify the MMC or SD card, as shown in Fig. 另一种这样的卡是物理形状以及各接点位置与MMC卡或和SD卡相同的但几乎所有其它方面遵循IS0/IEC 7816标准的卡,如图6中所示。 Another such card is the physical shape and location of the contacts with the MMC card or SD card and the same, but almost all other respects follow IS0 / IEC 7816 standard card, as shown in FIG. 应用电路55和57可以分别专用于和一种卡类型运行,或者替代地可以通过单个微处理器或微控制器电路实现。 Application circuits 55 and 57, respectively, can be dedicated to running and one card type, or alternatively by a single microprocessor or microcontroller circuits.

[0030] 如图5中所示,MMC卡和SD卡包括闪速存储器59和存储器控制器61。 [0030] As shown in FIG. 5, MMC and SD cards include flash memory 59 and the memory controller 61. 图中还示出遵照MMC卡标准和SD卡标准的由外部卡接点传送给控制器件61的电信号,这些电信号如下: The figure also shows compliance with standard MMC card and SD card standard transmitted by the external control device 61 to the contact card of electrical signals as follows:

[0031] MMC/SD [0031] MMC / SD

[0032] 接点编号MMC信号 SD卡信号 [0032] Contact ID signal SD MMC card signal

[0033] I 当在SPI方式下运行 数据线(DAT3) [0033] run the data lines when in SPI mode (DAT3)

[0034] 时的片选(CS) Chip Select [0034] when (CS)

[0035] 2 命令/响应(CMD) 命令/响应(CMD) [0035] 2 command / response (CMD) command / response (CMD)

[0036] 3 低压电源(GND) 低压电源(GND) [0036] 3 low-voltage power supply (GND) low voltage power supply (GND)

[0037] 4 高压电源(Vdd) 高压电源(Vdd) [0037] 4 high voltage power supply (Vdd) high voltage power supply (Vdd)

[0038] 5 时钟(CLK) 时钟(CLK) [0038] 5 clock (CLK) clock (CLK)

[0039] 6 低压电源(GND) 低压电源(GND) [0039] 6 low voltage power supply (GND) low voltage power supply (GND)

[0040] 7 数据线(DAT) 数据线(DATO) [0040] 7 data line (DAT) data line (DATO)

[0041 ] 8 …… 数据线(DATl) [0041] 8 ...... data line (DATl)

[0042] 9 …… 数据线(DAT2) [0042] 9 ...... data line (DAT2)

[0043]对于MMC卡,在与7号接点连接的单根信号线上串行地传输卡和主机之间的数据,而四条数据线分别连接到SD卡的1、7、8和9号接点上。 [0043] For the MMC card, the contact between the No. 7 line connected to a single serial signal transmission card and host data, and four data lines are connected to the SD card of 7, 8 and 9 contacts on. 但是,为了与为MMC卡设计的系统或者在不需要高数据传输率的其他场合下兼容,SD卡也能在和它的7号接点连接的单条数据线上运行。 However, in order to be compatible with the MMC card or in the design of the system does not require high data transfer rate on other occasions, SD card and it can run at No. 7 contacts connected to a single data line. 和每个卡的2号接点连接的一条信号线传送来自主机的操作命令并且把卡的响应(状态)回送给主机。 A signal line and the second contact number for each card connected to the transfer operation command from the host and the card response (state) back to the host. 主机向每种卡的5号接点提供时钟信号,但各种卡的时钟频率可能不同。 Master clock signal to each of the contacts on the 5th card, but a variety of card clock frequency may vary. 剩余的3、4和6号接点接收来自主机的运行电压。 The remaining 3,4 and 6 contacts received from the host operating voltage.

[0044]如图6所示,遵照IS0/IEC7816标准的卡具有不同模式的表面接点,该接点中的一些执行与MMC或SD卡不同的功能。 [0044] As shown in Figure 6, in accordance with IS0 / IEC7816 standard cards with different modes of surface contacts, the contacts with some of the MMC or SD card to perform different functions. 该IS0/IEC7816卡遵照MMC或SD卡标准被再包装,包括使用与I SO/ IEC 7816标准接点连接的外部接点的MC或SD卡模式,这些接点如下所述: The IS0 / IEC7816 compliance MMC card or SD card standard was re-packaging, including the use of external contact and I SO / IEC 7816 standard contacts connected MC or SD card mode, these contacts are as follows:

[0045] MMC/SD IS0/IEC 7816 IS0/IEC 7816信号 [0045] MMC / SD IS0 / IEC 7816 IS0 / IEC 7816 signals

[0046]接点编号接点编号 [0046] Contact Number Contact Number

[0047] I C2 复位(RST) [0047] I C2 reset (RST)

[0048] 2 C7 输入输出(I/O) [0048] 2 C7 input-output (I / O)

[0049] 3 C5 低压电源(GND) [0049] 3 C5 low voltage power supply (GND)

[0050] 4 Cl 高压电源(Vcc) [0050] 4 Cl high voltage power supply (Vcc)

[0051 ] 5 C3 时钟(CLK) [0051] 5 C3 clock (CLK)

[0052] 6 C5 低压电源(GND) [0052] 6 C5 low voltage power supply (GND)

[0053] 7 …… …… [0053] 7 ...... ......

[0054] 8 …… …… [0054] 8 ...... ......

[0055] 9 …… …… [0055] 9 ...... ......

[0056] 请注意,图6中根据IS0/IEC 7816标准高、低压电源接点Cl、C5以及时钟信号C3连接到相同的MMC或SD卡外部接点3、4、5和6,因为它们用于图5的闪速存储器。 [0056] Note that in Figure 6 according to IS0 / IEC 7816 standard high and low voltage power contacts Cl, C5 and a clock signal C3 is connected to the same MMC or SD card external contacts 4, 5 and 6, because they are used in Fig. 5 of the flash memory. IS0/IEC 7816标准是修改的,从而含有图6的IS0/IEC 7816标准卡的卡51插入图4的插座53会提供适当的按照I SO/ IEC 7816标准的电源和时钟。 IS0 / IEC 7816 standard is modified, thereby containing the card 51 in FIG IS0 6 / IEC 7816 standard card is inserted into the socket 53 of FIG. 4 will be provided in accordance with the appropriate I SO / IEC 7816 standard power and clock. 在所示出的布局中,图6中的卡只读,从而没有编程电压与IS0/IEC 7816标准的接点C6连接。 In the arrangement illustrated in FIG. 6 card read-only, so that no programming voltage and IS0 / IEC 7816 standard contact C6 connection. 当然,图6中的接点C1-C8实际上不必在卡51的格式内形成,而是把由这些接点号标识的信号直接从操作电路连接到卡51的各外部接点上。 Of course, FIG. 6 contacts C1-C8 need not actually be in the format of the card 51 is formed, but the signals from these contacts is connected to its own digital ID card directly from the operating circuit 51 of the respective external contacts.

[0057]如图6中所示,IS0/IEC 7816标准的可操作的复位和输入/输入信号接点C2和07分别和MMC或SD卡的接点I和2连接。 [0057] As shown in FIG. 6, IS0 / IEC 7816 standard operable reset and input / output signal contacts C2 and 07 and MMC or SD card contacts I and 2 are connected, respectively. 这些卡接点以及时钟信号卡接点5通过图4的开关逻辑电路63与应用电路55连接。 These cards card contacts and a clock signal contacts 5 through FIG switching logic circuit 63 and the application circuit 4 55 is connected. 类似地,图5中的卡的片选、命令/响应、时钟和数据接点1、2、5和7通过开关逻辑电路65(图4)与应用电路57连接。 Similarly, Figure 5 chip select card command / response, clock and data contacts 1,2,5 7 via switching logic circuit 65 (FIG. 4) and 57 and the application circuit. 每个应用电路55和57提供它自己的时钟信号,从而它们的图6和图5中的卡可以分别在不同的时钟频率下运行。 Each application circuits 55 and 57 to provide its own clock signal, so that their Figures 6 and 5 respectively in the card can be run at different clock frequencies. 当然,如果图5和6中的卡可以最佳地在相同的时钟频率下运行,则卡接点5和一个公共的时钟源连接而不经过逻辑电路63和65。 Of course, if Figures 5 and 6 in the card may best be run at the same clock frequency, the card contacts 5 and a common clock source is connected without passing through the logic circuits 63 and 65. 当应用电路55或57识别插入到插座中的卡是该电路设计成操作的那种卡时,该电路使开关逻辑电路63或65中的适当的一个通过插座53的各接点和它连接。 When the application identification circuit 55 or 57 is inserted into the receptacle of the circuit card is a card that is designed to operate when the switch logic circuit 63 or 65 in a suitable receptacle 53 through each contact and its connections. 插座53的电源接点3、4和6与适当的Vdd和Vss (GND)源连接。 Power contacts 3, 4 and 6 of the socket 53 with the appropriate Vdd and Vss (GND) source.

[0058]当作为许多可能应用中的一种把图4的电路用于提供内容应用的安全控制时,应用电路55按照ISO/IEC 7826标准(图6)从插入插座53中的卡读出安全代码。 [0058] When as many possible applications in one of the circuit of Figure 4 is used to provide content application security controls, the application circuit 55 in accordance with ISO / IEC 7826 standard (Fig. 6) inserted into the socket 53 from the card reader security code. 该读出的安全代码接着和作为应用电路55—部分的一个存储的代码比较。 The security code is read out and then stored as a part of the application circuit 55- code comparison. 如果该比较结果是肯定的,则利用来自根据MMC或SD卡标准(图5)的非易失性存储器卡的数据启动应用电路57的操作。 If the comparison result is affirmative, then start the application using the data from the operation of the circuit 57 according to the MMC or SD card standard (Fig. 5) non-volatile memory card. 压缩的数字音频在由电路57应用的MMC或SD卡内容的多种选择之内。 Compressed digital audio in a variety of applications selected by the circuit 57 MMC or SD card's contents. 参照图1-3说明的实施例是图4-5的电路的这种具体应用的一个例子。 1-3 described embodiment is an example of this particular application of the circuit of Figure 4-5.

[0059]作为一种对使用遵照二种不同标准的单独卡的替代,可以如图7中所示那样的把图5和6的卡的功能组合成单个的遵照MMC或SD卡标准的物理结构中。 [0059] As an alternative to the use of two different standards in accordance with a separate card, may be 7 in the combination as shown in FIG. 5 and 6 card functions into a single SD card or the MMC in accordance with the physical structure as standard in. 非易失性存储器控制器61'和遵照IS0/IEC7816标准的电路62'被连接到与上面所说明的接点相同的图7的卡的外部接点1-7,其中的区别是二者都永久地和单块卡的这些接点连接。 Nonvolatile memory controller 61 'and in accordance with IS0 / IEC7816 standard circuit 62' is connected to the same contacts as described in Figure 7 above the external contacts of the card 1-7, wherein the difference is both permanently these contacts and monolithic card. 它的优点是用户不需要使用二个或更多的卡以便具有遵照二种或更多的不同卡标准的卡的能力。 Its advantage is that users do not need to use two or more cards in order to have the ability to comply with two or more different card standard card. 如图8示出的系统可以访问插入到插座53'中时的图7的二种标准卡的各个部分。 Figure 8 illustrates the system can be accessed when inserted into the receptacle of FIG. 53 parts of two kinds of standard card 7. 电路55'使用电气上和功能上满足IS0/IEC 7816标准条款的部分62',同时电路57'使用存储在非易失存储器5Y中的数据。 Circuit 55 'using electrically and functionally meet IS0 / IEC 7816 standard terms of section 62', while data circuits 57 stored in the nonvolatile memory 5Y. 这例如可以应用于通过IS0/IEC 7816标准提供安全代码并且通过MMC或SD卡提供压缩的音频数据,以便利用单块卡实现上面参照图1-3说明的各种技术。 This example can be applied to provide a security code through IS0 / IEC 7816 standard and provides audio data compression via MMC or SD card to use a single card to achieve the above with reference to block various techniques described in Figure 1-3. 可以替代地通过一台主计算机、通过一个专用于该用途的微型计算机或者通过适合该特定应用的其它设备来完成应用电路55'和57'的功能。 You can alternatively by a host computer through the use of a dedicated microcomputer or to complete the application circuit 55 'and 57' function for other devices by the particular application.

[0060]尽管已经参照一具体实施例说明了本发明,但应理解,本发明受到其权利要求所限定的全部范围的保护。 [0060] While a particular embodiment has been described with reference to the present invention, it is to be understood that the present invention is defined by the claims as the full scope of protection.

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