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Publication numberCN101453697 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200810189733
Publication date10 Jun 2009
Filing date19 Sep 2003
Priority date20 Sep 2002
Also published asCA2499361A1, CA2499361C, CN1695364A, EP1540916A1, US7130282, US7869387, US20040057405, US20070127374, WO2004028113A1
Publication number200810189733.9, CN 101453697 A, CN 101453697A, CN 200810189733, CN-A-101453697, CN101453697 A, CN101453697A, CN200810189733, CN200810189733.9
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A communication device for providing multimedia in a group communication network
CN 101453697 A
The invention relates to a communication device for providing multimedia in a group communication network. A system and method for providing group communication services is disclosed. Each of a plurality of group communication devices coverts media, such as video, audio, image and/or data into data packets suitable for transmission over a data network, such as the Internet. The data packets are selectively transmitted through the data network to a communications manager. The communications manager acts as a configurable switch, allowing communications from any communication device to be selectively routed to the plurality of communication devices based on the types of the communication devices and/or the requests received from the corresponding users. The communications manager further allows users of other communication systems and devices to participate in group communications with each other.
Claims(20)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种在组通信网络内操作的用于进行多媒体通信的方法,其特征在于,所述方法包括:在通信管理器CM处,从通信设备CD接收类型;响应于所述CD发出的参与选定组的邀请请求,提供媒体话务和信令参数的描述;确认所述CD被授权参与选定组;以及根据提供给组参与者的所述CD的类型,选择性地传送媒体,其中,媒体话务通过将一个或多个表示媒体信息的数据帧组合在负载内而被封装,包括媒体负载格式描述符。 A method for multimedia communication in the group 1. An operation of the communication network, wherein said method comprises: at the communication manager CM, received from the communication device type CD; CD issued in response to the participation of Invite request the selected group, provides a description of the media traffic and signaling parameters; confirmation of the CD is authorized to participate in the selected group; and according to the type of the CD to the group participants, selectively transferring medium, wherein , media traffic by data representing one or more media information frame assembly is encapsulated in a load, including media payload format descriptors.
2. 如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述类型是视频摄像机且所述媒体包括视频。 2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that said video camera and the type of media, including video.
3. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其特征在于,所述类型是静止摄像机且所述媒体包括静止图像。 L The method according to claim, characterized in that said type is still camera and said media includes still image.
4. 如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,还包括:在将数据帧封装在媒体话务中之前,确认授权支付所述CD的类型。 4. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that, further comprising: a data frame is encapsulated in the media before traffic, authorize the payment confirmation of the type of the CD.
5. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其特征在于,还包括:根据所述CD所授权的传输成本,确定被降低的媒体话务传输速率。 5. The method according to claim l, characterized in that, further comprising: based on the CD authorized transmission costs, determining to reduce transmission rate media traffic.
6. —种计算机可读媒体,其包括至少一条指令,当被机器执行时,所述指令使得所述机器进行操作,所述指令包括:用于在通信管理器CM处从通信设备CD接收类型的一组指令; 用于响应于所述CD发出的参与选定组的邀请请求,提供媒体话务和信令参数的描述的一组指令;用于确认所述CD被授权参与选定组的一组指令;以及用于根据提供给组参与者的所述CD的类型,选择性地传送媒体,其中,用一组指令封装媒体话务,从而将一个或多个表示媒体信息的数据帧组合在负载内,包括媒体负载格式描述符。 6. - kind of computer readable medium including at least one instruction, when executed by a machine, the instructions cause the machine to operate, the instructions comprising: means for communication manager CM at the CD received from the communication device type A set of instructions; for CD issued in response to the participation of a group of selected invitation request, provide a description of the media traffic and signaling parameters of a set of instructions; for confirming that the CD is authorized to participate in the selected group a set of instructions; and means according to the type of the CD to the group participants, selectively transferring medium, wherein the set of instructions with a package media traffic, so that the combination of one or more frames of data represent media information in the load, including the media payload format descriptors.
7. 如权利要求6所述的计算机可读媒体,其特征在于,所述类型是视频摄像机且所述媒体包括视频。 6 7. The computer-readable medium as claimed in claim wherein said type is a video camera and said media includes video.
8. 如权利要求6所述的计算机可读媒体,其特征在于,所述类型是静止摄像机且所述媒体包括静止图像。 6 8. The computer-readable medium of claim, wherein said type still camera and said media includes still image.
9. 如权利要求6所述的计算机可读媒体,其特征在于,还包括一组指令,用于在将数据帧封装在媒体话务中之前,确认授权支付所述CD的类型。 6 9. The computer-readable medium according to claim, characterized by further comprising a set of instructions for the data frame is encapsulated in the media before traffic, the type of the CD to confirm payment authorization.
10. 如权利要求6所述的计算机可读媒体,其特征在于,还包括一组指令,用于根据所述CD所授权的传输成本,确定被降低的媒体话务传输速率。 6 10. The computer-readable medium according to claim, characterized by further comprising a set of instructions, according to the CD for the authorized transmission costs, determining to reduce transmission rate media traffic.
11. 一种在组通信网络内操作的用于进行多媒体通信的设备,其特征在于, 所述设备包括:用于在通信管理器CM处从通信设备CD接收类型的装置;用于响应于所述CD发出的参与选定组的邀请请求,提供媒体话务和信令参数的描述的装置;用于确认所述CD被授权参与选定组的装置;以及用于根据提供给组参与者的所述CD的类型,选择性地传送媒体的装置, 其中,媒体话务通过将一个或多个表示媒体信息的数据帧组合在负载内而被封装,包括媒体负载格式描述符。 11. A method of operating a communications network in the group for performing multimedia communication apparatus, characterized in that said apparatus comprising: means for communication manager CM from the communication device at the receiving CD type; means for in response to the said CD issued an invitation to participate in a selected group request, provide media traffic and signaling parameters described; means for confirming that the CD has been authorized to participate in a selected device group; and according to the group of participants the type of the CD, the media selectively transferring means, wherein, the media traffic by data representing one or more media information frame assembly is encapsulated in a load, including media payload format descriptors.
12. 如权利要求ll所述的设备,其特征在于,所述类型是视频摄像机且所述媒体包括视频。 12. The apparatus according to claim ll, characterized in that said video camera, and the type of media, including video.
13. 如权利要求ll所述的设备,其特征在于,所述类型是静止摄像机且所述媒体包括静止图像。 13. The apparatus according to claim ll, wherein said type still camera and said media includes still image.
14. 如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,还包括:用于在将数据帧封装在媒体话务中之前,确认授权支付所述CD的类型的装置。 14. The apparatus according to claim 11, characterized by further comprising: means for encapsulating the data frame before the media traffic in the confirmation of the type of CD means authorize the payment.
15. 如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,还包括:用于根据所述CD所授权的传输成本,确定被降低的媒体话务传输速率的装置。 15. The apparatus according to claim 11, characterized by further comprising: means for CD in accordance with the authorized transmission costs, determining to reduce transmission rate media traffic means.
16. —种通信管理器,其特征在于,包括: 接收机;发射机;以及处理器,所述处理器经编程以实现一种在组通信网络内操作的与通信设备CD 进行多媒体通信的方法,所述方法包括: 从通信设备CD接收类型;响应于所述CD发出的参与选定组的邀请请求,提供媒体话务和信令参数的描述;确认所述CD被授权参与选定组;以及根据提供给组参与者的所述CD的类型,选择性地传送媒体, 其中,媒体话务通过将一个或多个表示媒体信息的数据帧组合在负载内而被封装,包括媒体负载格式描述符。 16. - species communication manager, characterized by comprising: a receiver; a transmitter; and a processor, said processor is programmed to implement a method and a communication device CD for multimedia communication in a communication network operating within the group , the method comprising: receiving from the communication device type CD; CD issued in response to the participation of a selected group invitation request, provide a description of the media traffic and signaling parameters; confirmation of the CD is authorized to participate in the selected group; and according to the type of the CD to the group participants, selectively transferring media, wherein the media traffic data frame by the combination of one or more representations of the media information is encapsulated in the load, including the media payload format description character.
17. 如权利要求61所述的通信管理器,其特征在于,所述类型是视频摄像机且所述媒体包括视频。 17. The communication manager according to claim 61, characterized in that said video camera and the type of media including video.
18. 如权利要求16所述的通信管理器,其特征在于,所述类型是静止摄像机且所述媒体包括静止图像。 18. The communication manager of claim 16, wherein said type still camera and said media includes still image.
19. 如权利要求16所述的通信管理器,其特征在于,还包括:在将数据帧封装在媒体话务中之前,确认授权支付所述CD的类型。 19. The communication manager according to claim 16, characterized in that, further comprising: a data frame is encapsulated in the media before traffic, authorize payment to confirm the type of CD.
20. 如权利要求16所述的通信管理器,其特征在于,还包括:根据所述CD 所授权的传输成本,确定被降低的媒体话务传输速率。 20. The communication manager according to claim 16, characterized in that, further comprising: based on the CD authorized transmission costs, determining to reduce transmission rate media traffic.
Description  translated from Chinese

在组通信网络内提供多媒体的通信设备 Within a group communication network provides multimedia communication equipment

本申请是申请号为03825128.0,国际申请日为2003年9月19日,发明名称为"在组通信网络内提供多媒体的通信设备"的发明专利申请的分案申请。 This application is Application No. 03825128.0, the international filing date of September 19, 2003, a divisional application titled "In the group communication network provides multimedia communication device," the patent application.

技术领域 Technical Field

提供组通信服务的系统和方法一般涉及点到多点通信系统,尤其涉及用于在组通信网络内提供视频、音频、图像和/或数据的方法和装置。 System and method for providing group communication services are generally directed to multipoint communications systems, and more particularly for the group to provide video communications network, a method and apparatus for audio, image and / or data.

背景技术 Background

点到多点通信系统一般提供系统的中央位置和多个用户间的通信。 Multipoint communication systems typically provide a central location and communication system between multiple users. 例如使用陆地移动无线电(LMR)的调度系统用于卡车、出租车、公共汽车和其他车辆 Such as the use of land mobile radio (LMR) scheduling system for trucks, taxis, buses and other vehicles

以传递中央调度中心和一个或多个对应车辆间的调度信息。 To pass the central dispatch center and one or more corresponding scheduling information between vehicles. 通信可以指向车队内的特定车辆或同时指向所有车辆。 Communication within the team can point to a specific vehicle or while pointing to all vehicles.

用于快速、有效、 一对一或一对多(组)通信的一类无线服务以半双工通信方式操作,每次使用前向或反向链路。 For fast, efficient, one-one wireless service or to-many (group) communication to half-duplex communication operations, each using a forward or reverse link. 用户在电话/无线电上按下"按下通话" (PTT)按钮以开始组通信。 The user presses the "Press Talk" (PTT) button on the phone / radio on to start group communication. 如果被授予发言权(floor),则用户在短时段内提供媒体。 If the right to speak (floor), the user provides the media in a short period of time. 在用户释放PTT按钮之后,其他用户可以请求发送权。 After the user releases the PTT button, other users can request the right to send. 这些服务一般用于以下应用: 一个人即一个"调度者"需要与一组人通信,诸如现场服务人员或出租车司机。 These services are generally used for the following applications: a person is a "dispatcher," needs to communicate with a group of people, such as field service personnel or taxi drivers. 在因特网上也有类似服务,且一般被称为"语音聊天"。 On the Internet has a similar service, and generally known as "voice chat."

这些服务的关键特征在于通信是快速且瞬时的, 一般通过按下PTT按钮而被起始,而不需要通过一般的拨号和响铃顺序。 The key feature of these services is that communication is quick and instantaneous, usually by pressing the PTT button is the start, without going through the normal dialing and ringing sequence. 在这种类型服务内的通信一般非常短暂,单个介质"突发" 一般是几秒量级,且"通信"可能持续一分钟或更少。 Communication in this type of service is generally very short, a single media "burst" is generally the order of several seconds, and "communication" may last a minute or less. 用户请求发言权和用户从通信管理器接收到肯定或否定确认间的时延被称为PTT等待时间,所述确认指示用户有发言权且可以开始提供介质。 User requests the floor and the user receives from the communication manager to confirm a positive or negative time delay between PTT latency is called, the acknowledgment indicating that the user have a voice and can begin to provide the media.

PTT半双工通信提供了多种好处,诸如改善的带宽效率、减少的对等待时间的敏感度以及简化的回声对消。 PTT duplex communication offers a variety of benefits, such as improved bandwidth efficiency, reduced sensitivity to latency and simplified echo cancellation.

因此需要为半双工模式下迸发的多媒体通信例如音频、视频、图像和/或数据提供PTT组通信服务的优势。 Thus multimedia communications needs for the next burst of half-duplex mode, such as audio, video, image and / or data provided advantages PTT group communication services.

5发明内容 5 SUMMARY

揭示的实施例提供了从组通信网络内操作的通信管理器(CM)接收多媒体的方法和装置。 Method and apparatus for receiving multimedia disclosed embodiment provides a group communication network from a communication operation manager (CM). 所述方法和装置提供将通信设备(CD)的类型提供给CM,所述类型指示CD能接收的媒体类型并基于CD类型选择性地接收媒体。 The method and apparatus for providing the type of communication device (CD) is provided to the CM, indicating the type of media types can receive CD and CD type selectively receiving the media based. 在一方面,所述类型指示视频摄像机且所述媒体包括视频。 In one aspect, the type indicates that the video cameras and the media, including video. 在另一方面,所述类型指示静止摄像机且所述媒体包括静止图像。 On the other hand, the type indicates a still camera and the media, including still images.

在另一方面,方法和装置用于向CM提供请求,所述请求指明用户希望接收的媒体并基于请求选择性地接收媒体。 In another aspect, a method and apparatus for providing a request to the CM, the request indicates that the user wishes to receive media and selectively receiving the media based on the request. 在一方面,所述请求包括接收视频。 In one aspect, the request includes receiving video. 在另一方面,所述请求包括接收一个或多个静止图像。 In another aspect, the request includes receiving one or more still images.

附图说明 Brief Description

通过下面提出的结合附图的详细描述,本发明的特征、性质和优点将变得更加明显,附图中相同的符号具有相同的标识,其中: 图1是一般当前技术的无线通信系统说明; By the detailed description set forth below with the accompanying drawings, the features of the invention, the nature and advantages will become more apparent from the accompanying drawings the same reference numerals have the same identity, in which: Figure 1 is a wireless communication system generally described this art;

图2以功能框图格式说明用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的实施例组通信系统; Figure 2 illustrates an embodiment of a functional block diagram format systems group communication system and method for providing group communication services used;

图3说明用于图2的组通信系统内的操作协议; 图4说明图2的组通信内使用的通信设备; 图5说明组通信; Figure 3 illustrates a group communication protocol for operating the system of Figure 2 therein; Figure 4 illustrates a communication device group communication used in Figure 2; Figure 5 illustrates a group communication;

图6是用于图2的组通信系统内的通信管理器功能框图;以及图7是第一通信管理器和第二通信管理器集成的功能框图。 FIG 6 is a functional block diagram of a communication manager for the group communication system of FIG. 2 therein; and FIG. 7 is a functional block diagram of a first communications manager and a second communications manager integrated.

最优实施例的详细描述 Detailed description of the preferred embodiment

用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法使用一通信设备(CD),所述通信设备能 System and method for providing group communication services uses a communication device (CD), the communication device can

生成适于在诸如互联网的数据网络上发送的数据分组。 Generating suitable data packets on the network such as the Internet to send data. 数据分组被发送到数据网络,然后被提供给连接到数据网络的通信管理器(CM)。 Data packets are sent to a data network, then the data is provided to connect to the network communications manager (CM). CM处理它从第一CD 接收到的数据分组并实时将数据分组分配到至少一个是相同组成员的其他CD 处。 CM treatment it receives from the first CD to data packets and real-time data packet will be assigned to at least one other CD of the same members of the group. CM作为可配置的开关,它能将通信从任何组成员路由到由组定义的其他组成员。 CM can be configured as a switch, it will communicate with other group members from any group member is routed to the group definition.

虽然用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法原理是关于无线CDMA通信系统而描述的,可以理解用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法可以与任何无线通信系统 Although the system and method of the principles of the system and method for providing group communication services is on the CDMA wireless communication system described, it will be understood for providing a group communication service with any wireless communication system

一起使用,所述通信系统包括GSM系统、AMPS系统、TDMA系统和卫星通信系统以及其他通信系统。 Used together, the communication system including GSM systems, AMPS systems, TDMA systems, and satellite communication systems and other communications systems. 另外,用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法不限于无线通信系统。 Further, the system and method for providing group communication services is not limited to a wireless communication system. 它可以与有线电话、寻呼设备、可携带或台式计算机、数字摄像机、 视频摄像机等一起使用。 It works with wired telephones, paging devices, portable or used with a desktop computer, a digital camera, a video camera and the like. 另外,可以理解用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法可应用于实时数据,诸如音频和视频数据和独立于时间的数据,诸如计算机文件、 电子邮件等。 In addition, we can understand a system and method for providing group communication services can be applied to real-time data, such as audio and video data and is independent of the time of data, such as computer files, e-mail.

图1是一般当前技术通信系统100的说明,所述系统100不能实现组通信, 该组通信又被称为点到多点通信或按下通话通信。 Figure 1 is a general description of the current technology communication system 100, the group communication system 100 can not be achieved, which is also known as group communication multipoint communication or press the call communication. CD 102、 104、 106表示在散布在通信系统IOO服务的小地理区域内大量无线电话中的三个。 CD 102, 104, 106 is three in the spread in the communication system serving a small geographic area IOO large number of wireless phones. CD 102、 104、 106发送并从基站108、 IIO接收通信信号,这一般取决于其与基站的相邻性。 CD 102, 104, 106 and transmitted from the base station 108, IIO receiving communication signals, which generally depends on its adjacency with the base station. 在一般无线通信系统内,有许多用于支持在通信系统100内活动的大量CD的许多基站。 In the general wireless communication system, there are many in a large number of CD to support activities in the communication system 100 of the plurality of base stations.

基站108、 110被连接到移动交换中心(MSC)112。 The base station 108, 110 is connected to a mobile switching center (MSC) 112. MSC 112向无线通信系统提供各种功能,诸如向基站108和110提供系统控制。 MSC 112 provides various functionality to the wireless communication system, the base stations 108 and 110 to provide a control system, such as. 另外,MSC 112提供基站108和110和公共交换电话网络(PSTN) 114之间的交换和接口电路。 In addition, MSC 112 provides the base stations 108 and 110 and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the exchange between the interface circuit 114.

在图1的通信系统内,如果在MSC 112内使用特定电路以允许进行会议呼叫,则可以实现无线通信系统内的多个用户间的会议。 Within the communication system of Figure 1, if used in the particular circuit MSC 112 to allow a conference call, the conference can be realized within a plurality of users of the wireless communication system between. 例如,无线电话116可能能以全双工会议方式同时与CD 102和104传递视频和/或音频。 For example, a wireless telephone 116 may be able to simultaneously deliver full-duplex conferencing video and / or audio and CD 102 and 104.

一般概述 General Overview

用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法一实施例在图2内以功能框图格式说明。 System and method for providing group communication services in one embodiment of the FIG. 2 illustrates in functional block diagram format. 示出的是组通信系统200,它支持按下通话系统、组广播系统、调度系统、 点到多点通信系统或视频会议服务。 Shows a group communication system 200, which supports press the call system, group broadcasting systems, scheduling systems, multipoint communication system or video conferencing services. 该种通信系统的定义特性如下: 一般在任何给定时间只有一个用户以半双工方式向其他用户发送信息。 Characteristics of this type of communication system is defined as follows: General at any given time in half-duplex mode only one user to send information to other users. 在组通信系统200内,单独地被称为组成员的通信设备用户组使用分配给每个组成员的通信设备相互间进行通信。 In the group communication system 200, individually it referred to as a communication device user groups members of the group assigned to the communication device of each group member to communicate with each other.

在一实施例中,组通信系统200支持组通信服务的聊天室和特别模式。 In one embodiment, the chat group communication system 200 support group communication services and special models. 在聊天室模式中,组被预定义,这可以被存储在通信管理器上。 In the chat-room model, groups are predefined, which can be stored on the communication manager. 预定义的组或网可以是公共的,这预示这组具有开放的成员列表。 Predefined groups or networks can be public, which indicates that this group has an open membership list. 在该情况下,每个组成员是组内潜在的参与者。 In this case, each group member is in the group of potential participants. 组通信在组的第一成员初始组通信时开始。 Group communication in the first group of members of the initial group communication start. 通信保持运行预定时间段,这可以由服务提供商配置。 Communication keeps running predetermined period of time, which can be configured by the service provider. 在组通信期间,组成员可以特别请求加入或离开组。 During a group communication, group members can request to join or leave the group in particular. 在组不活动时段期间,组可以被带入组休眠状态直到组成员请求传送媒体的允许。 During periods of inactivity in the group, the group can be brought into the group dormant state until the group members requesting permission to transmit media. 当操作在聊天室模式时,组成员(又被称为网成员)相互间使用被分配给每个组成员的通信设备通信。 When operating in the chat-room model, group members (also known as network members) to communicate with each other using a communication device assigned to each group member. "网" 一词表示被授权相互间通信的成员组。 The term "network" means a member of the group is authorized to communicate with each other.

在组通信服务的特别模式内,组可以被实时定义,且有与每个组相关联的封闭成员列表。 Within a particular mode of group communication services, the group may be defined in real-time, and there is a list of the closure member associated with each group. 封闭成员列表可以特别规定哪些成员被允许参与组通信。 Closed member list may specify which particular members are allowed to participate in group communication. 成员列表可能对于封闭成员列表之外的其他人不可用,且可能只存在于当前通信期间。 Members list may be closed for a list of members other than the person is not available, and may only exist during the current communication. 特别组定义可能不被存储在通信管理器内。 Special group definitions may not be stored in the communication manager. 定义可以被用于建立组通信并在通信结束后被释放。 Definitions can be used to establish group communication and released after the end of the communication. 特别组可以在用户选择一个或多个目标成员并生成组通信请求时生成,该请求被发送到通信管理器以开始通信。 Special groups can select one or more target members and generates a group communication generate user request, the request is sent to the communication manager to start communication. 通信管理器可以将通知发送到目标组成员,通知它们已经被包括在组内。 Communications Manager can send notifications to the target group members, informing them that have been included in the group. 通信管理器可以自动地将目标成员加入组,即目标成员不需要采取任何行动。 Communication Manager can automatically target members to join the group, which target members need to take any action. 当特别组成为不活动时, 通信管理器可以"拆除"该组并释放分配给组的资源,包括用于开始组通信的组定义。 When the special composition of inactivity, the communication manager may "dismantle" the group and release the resources allocated to the group, including the group definition used to start group communication.

组成员使用分配的通信设备相互间通信,所述通信设备(CD)被示出为202、 204、 206、 208和210。 Group members using a communication device assigned to communicate with each other, said communication device (CD) is shown as 202, 204, 206, 208 and 210. 在当前示例中,CD 202、 204和206是无线电话,CD 208 是备有按下通话能力的无线电话,CD 210是还备有按下通话功能的卫星电话。 In the current example, CD 202, 204 and 206 is a wireless telephone, CD 208 is equipped with the ability to press the call wireless phones, CD 210 is also equipped with a satellite telephone calls pressed. 在其他实施例中,各个CD还可能包括无线视频摄像机、静止摄像机、诸如音乐录制器或播放器的音频设备、手提或台式电脑或寻呼设备。 In other embodiments, each CD may also include wireless video cameras, still cameras, such as music recorders or players, audio equipment, portable or desktop computer or paging device. 在另一实施例中, 至少一个CD包括上述实施例的组合。 In another embodiment, the at least one CD comprises a combination of the above-described embodiments. 例如,CD 202可以包括备有视频摄像机和显示的无线陆地电话。 For example, CD 202 may include a video camera and a display with a wireless terrestrial telephone. 另外,每个CD可以能以安全模式或非安全(明码)模式发送和接收信息。 In addition, each CD may be able to send and receive information in secure mode or non-secure (clearly) mode. 以下讨论中,单个CD可被表示为CD 202。 In the following discussion, individual CD may be expressed as CD 202. 然而,可以理解CD 202不是为了将讨论限制在陆地无线电话内。 However, it will be appreciated that CD 202 is not intended to limit the discussion terrestrial radiotelephone. 一般,关于CD 202的讨论也可以相等地应用于其他类型的CD。 In general, discussions CD 202 may also be equally applied to other types of CD.

在图2的组通信系统内,特定介质的传输特权使得在任何给定时刻只允许单个组成员向其他组成员发送特定介质。 In the group communication system of FIG. 2, the transmission medium is so special privilege at any given time only allows a single group member to send a specific medium to the other group members. 特定介质的传输特权取决于特定介质的传输特权在当前接收到请求时是否被分配给另一组成员而被授予或否决。 Transmission privilege particular medium depends on the transmission privilege specific media upon receiving the request is to be assigned to another group member which is granted or rejected in the current. 授予和否决传输请求的过程被称为仲裁。 Award process and rejected transfer requests are referred to arbitration. 当请求组成员对相同介质请求传输特权时,例如每个请求组成员请求视频,仲裁可以是对单个介质进行。 When requested members of the same media group, requesting the transmission privilege, for example, group members each request request video, arbitration may be a single medium. 当请求组成员对多于一个介质请求传输特权时,例如每个请求组成员请求音频和视频传输特权,则仲裁还可以是对多于一个介质进行。 When requested group members if more than one media request transmission privilege, for example, each request group member requests audio and video transmission privilege, the arbitration may also be carried out on more than one medium. 仲裁方案评估因子,诸如分配给每个CD的优先级、从用户接收到的请求数以及当前用户有特别通信特权的时间长度,以确定请求组成员是否被授予传输特权。 The length of time the arbitration program to assess factors such as priority assigned to each CD, and received from the user's requests and have special communication privileges of the current user to determine whether to request group member is granted the transmission privilege.

为了参与组通信,CD 202、 204、 206、 208和210每个配有从通信管理器(CM)218请求传输特权的装置,如以下将详细解释的。 In order to participate in group communications, CD 202, 204, 206, 208 and 210 each equipped with a device 218 requests the transmission privilege from communication manager (CM), as will be explained in detail. CM 218管理组的实时和管理操作,包括PTT请求仲裁、维持和组成员和注册列表的分配、呼叫建立和必要的系统和网络资源的拆除以及组状态总体控制。 Real-time and management operations CM 218 management group, including PTT request arbitration, maintenance and distribution group membership and registration lists, call setup and teardown, and group status overall control necessary system and network resources.

CM218可以维持定义组的列表,被定义为明码或安全,而且在明码和安全间的转换一般是不允许的。 CM218 can maintain a list of defined groups, defined as plain or safety, and convert between codes and safety in general is not allowed. 安全组依靠CD提供的加密以提供验证并防止窃听。 Security Group rely on the supplied CD to provide authentication and encryption to prevent eavesdropping. 安全组的加密是在端到端的基础上实现的,这意味着加密和解密在每个CD内发生。 Encryption security group in the end, based on the realization, which means that the encryption and decryption take place within each CD. CM 218可以在不知道加密算法、密钥或政策的情况下操作。 CM 218 can operate without knowing the encryption algorithms, keys, or policies of the case.

CM218可以远程地由通信系统服务提供商、组成员或两者管理,假设由服务提供商提供授权。 CM218 can remotely by the communication system service provider, or both members of the management group, assuming that provides authorized by the service provider. CM 218可以通过外部管理接口226或从任何参与CD接收组定义。 CM 218 can interface 226 or received from any of the participating CD set is defined by the external management. 组成员可以通过其服务提供商请求管理行动或通过定义的系统请求管理组功能,所述定义的系统诸如符合管理接口的成员操作安全管理器(SM)228。 Group members can request through its ISP management actions or by defining the system request management group functions, the system in line with the definition of a member of the management interface, such as operational safety manager (SM) 228. CM 218可以以高级商业标准鉴别任何尝试建立或修改组的人员。 CM 218 can be advanced commercial standards to identify any attempt to establish or modify a group of people.

SM 228是系统200的可任选组件,所述系统实现密钥管理(即将加密密钥分配给组成员)、用户验证以及支持安全组的相关任务。 SM 228 is optional component of the system 200, the system to perform key management (ie encryption key assigned to the group members), user authentication, and related tasks to support security group. 单个组通信系统可以与一个或多个SM交互。 Single group communication system may interact with one or more SM. SM 228可以由与CM 218接口兼容的管理能力以使得管理功能是自动的。 SM 228 may be formed of an interface compatible with CM 218's ability to manage such administrative functions are automatic. SM218还能够作为用于参与组的数据端点以广播组密钥或简单地监视组话务。 SM218 can also be used as a data endpoint participating in the group's broadcast group key or simply monitor the group traffic.

在一实施例中,请求传输特权的装置包括按下通话(PTT)密钥或开关。 In one embodiment, the apparatus, requesting the transmission privilege comprises a press talk (PTT) key or switch. 当通信系统200内的用户期望将信息发送到其他组成员时,所述信息诸如音频、 视频和/或数据,在其CD上的按下通话开关被按下,发送从通信管理器218获得传输特权的请求。 When the user of the communication system within the expected 200 to send information to other group members, said information such as audio, video and / or data on CD pressing its call switch is pressed, sending 218 to get transferred from the communications manager request privileges. 如果没有其他组成员当前被分配以传输特权,则请求用户被授予传输特权并通过CD由可听见、可见或可触知的通告被通知。 If there are no other group members are currently assigned to the transmission privilege, the requesting user is granted the transmission privilege and by CD from the audible, visible or tactile notification is notified. 在请求用户被授予传输特权后,介质可以从该用户发送到其他组成员。 After the requesting user is granted the transmission privilege, the media can be sent from the user to the other group members.

在用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法一实施例中,每个无线组成员建立与一个或多个基站216或卫星网关212的前向链路和反向链路,如可能的情况。 System and method for providing group communication services in for one embodiment, each wireless group members to establish one or more base stations 216 or satellite gateway 212 to the front and reverse link, as possible. 前者用于描述从基站216或卫星网关212到CD的通信信道,后者用于描述从CD到基站216或网关212的通信信道。 The former is used to describe a communication channel from the base station or satellite gateway 212 to 216 CD's, which is used to describe from a CD to a base station 216 or a gateway communication channel 212. 语音、视频和/或数据使用CD被转换成数据分组,所述数据分组适用于特定数据网络214,到其他用户的通信通过该 Voice, video and / or data using the CD are converted into data packets, the data packets for a particular data network 214 to communicate with other users through the

网络发生。 Network occur. 在一实施例中,数据网络214是因特网。 In one embodiment, the data network 214 is the Internet. 在另一实施例中,在每个 In another embodiment, each

通信系统内建立专用前向信道(即陆地通信系统和卫星通信系统)用于从每个组成员将信息广播到其他组成员。 Before creating a dedicated internal communication system to a channel (ie terrestrial communications systems and satellite communication systems) is used from each group member will broadcast information to other group members. 每个组成员在专用信道上从其他组成员接收通信。 Each team member receives communications from the other group members in a dedicated channel. 在另一实施例中,在每个通信系统内建立专用反向链路用于将信息发送 In another embodiment, a dedicated reverse link is established for transmitting information in each communication system

到CM 218。 The CM 218. 最终,可能使用上述方案的组合,例如建立专用前向广播信道,但要求在分配给每个CD的单个反向链路上将信息发送到CM 218。 In the end, it may use a combination of the above programs, such as the establishment of the dedicated to the broadcast channel, but requires a single reverse link assigned to each CD will send information to the CM 218.

当第一组成员希望将介质发送到组其他成员时,第一组成员通过按下其CD 上的按下通话按钮请求传输特权,这生成了经格式化用于在数据网络214上传送的请求。 When the first group members want to send media to other members of the group, the first group of its members by pressing the call button is pressed on CD requests the transmission privilege, which generates a request formatted for transmission over a data network 214 . 在CD 202、 204、 206情况下,请求经空中被发送到一个或多个基站216。 In the CD 202, 204, 206, the request is sent over the air to one or more base stations 216. MSC 220包括已知的互通功能(IWF)(未示出)用于处理数据分组,包括MSC 220和数据网络214之间的请求。 MSC 220 include known interworking function (IWF) (not shown) for processing data packets, including the request 214 between the MSC 220 and data network. 对于CD 2】0,请求通过卫星被发送到卫星网关230。 For CD 2] 0, the request is sent to the satellite gateway 230 via satellite. 对于CD 208,请求被发送到公共交换电话网络(PSTN) 222,然后到调制解调器池224。 For CD 208, the request is sent to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) 222, then to modem pool 224. 调制解调器池224接收请求并将其提供给数据网络214。 Modem pool 224 receives the request and provides it to data network 214.

如果没有其他成员当前持有传输特权,当CM 218接收到传输特权请求时, CM218将一消息发送到请求组成员,通知其被授予传输特权。 If no other member currently holds the transmission privilege, when the CM 218 receives a transmission privilege request, CM218 sends a request message to the group members, which was granted the transmission privilege notice. 来自第一组成员的音频、视频或其他信息然后可以使用上述的传输路径之一,通过将选定信息发送到CM 218而被选择性地发送到其他组成员。 Audio from the first group of members, video or other information can then use one of the transmission path as described above, by the selected information is sent to CM 218 is selectively transmitted to the other group members. 在一实施例中,CM 218然后通过选择性地复制信息并选择性地将复制本发送到组成员而将信息提供给组成员。 In one embodiment, CM 218 and then copy the information by selectively and selectively copies sent to team members and provide information to group members. 如果使用单个广播信道,则信息只需要在每次使用广播信息时被复制一次。 If a single broadcast channel, the information is only required each time you use the broadcast information is copied once.

在另一实施例中,CM218被包括在MSC 220内,使得来自支持基站的数据分组被直接路由到CM218,而不被路由到数据网络214。 In another embodiment, CM218 is included in the MSC 220, such that the data packets from the support base is directly routed to CM218, without being routed to the data network 214. 在该实施例中,CM218 仍连接到数据网络214,使得其他通信系统和设备可以参与组通信。 In this embodiment, CM218 is still connected to data network 214 so that other communication systems and devices can participate in a group communication.

在一实施例中,CM 218为管理属于单个组成员以及每个被定义的组的信息维持一个或多个数据库。 In one embodiment, CM 218 for managing information pertaining to individual group members, and each group is defined to maintain one or more databases. 例如,对于每个组成员, 一个数据库可以包括用户名、 账号、电话号码或拨号,它们与以下所述相关:成员的CD、分配给CD的移动标识号、当前成员在组内的状态,诸如成员是否活动地参与组、用于确定如何分配传输优先级的优先级代码、与CD相关联的数据电话号码、与CD相关联的IP地址以及哪个组成员被授权通信的指示。 For example, for each group member, a database may include a user name, account number, phone number, or dial-up, they said related to the following: CD members, mobile identification number assigned to the CD, and current members of the group in the state, such as whether actively participating in the group members for determining how to allocate a priority transmission priority code, data associated with the CD phone number, and IP address, and CD which group members are authorized indication associated communication. 其他相关类型的信息诸如CD是否有视频和/或显示能力也可以由数据库相关于每个组成员存储。 Other related types of information, such as whether the CD has video and / or display capabilities may also be made in relation to each group member database storage. 组成员可以选择它希望发送或从其他组成员处接收到的信息类型,例如音 Group members can choose the type of information it wishes to send or received from other members of the group to which, for example, sound

频、视频、静止图像和/或数据。 Frequency, video, still images and / or data. 媒体选择可以基于该组成员使用的CD的类型。 CD media selection can be based on the type of group members. 例如,如果CD有视频能力,则组成员可以将视频连同或独立于音频和/或数据发送到CM 218或从其接收。 For example, if the CD has video capability, the group members together with or independently of the video audio and / or data sent to and received from the CM 218. 媒体选择还可以基于组成员是否希望支付与使用CD的视频能力相关联的额外费用。 Media selection may also be based on whether group members are willing to pay to use CD video capabilities associated with additional costs. 组成员可以选择以降低的传输速率来发送视频或一系列静止图像,例如每一定时段发送一定数量的静止图像,而不是发送全视频。 Group members can choose to reduce the transmission rate to send video or a series of still images, for example, every certain period of time to send a certain number of still images, rather than sending full video.

CM218可以存储每个组成员希望发送或接收的信息,诸如信息类型,例如音频、视频和/或数据,以及存储组成员正在使用的CD类型。 CM218 can be stored for each group member wishes to send or receive information, such as the type of information, such as audio, video and / or data, as well as the type of CD storage group member is using. 例如,如果目标组成员已经选择接收视频,或者如果目标CD有视频能力,则CM 218可以独立于或连同音频和/或数据来将视频发送到目标CD。 For example, if the target group members have been selected to receive a video, or if the target CD with video capability, the CM 218 can be independent of or in conjunction with audio and / or video data to be sent to the target CD. 否则,如果目标组成员已经选择了不接收视频或目标CD没有视频能力,则CM 218可以不将视频发送到目标组成员。 Otherwise, if the target group members have chosen not to receive video or no video capability target CD, the CM 218 can not send the video to the target group members. 如果目标CD有显示器以及/或者目标组成员已经请求只接收静止图像而不是全视频,则CM 218可以将静止图像发送到目标CD。 If the target CD has a display and / or the target group members have requested to receive only still images but not the whole video, then CM 218 still images can be sent to the target CD.

详细描述 Detailed Description

系统的接口被分成功能和物理接口。 Interface system is divided into functional and physical interfaces. 物理接口对于组通信系统200不是唯一的,且包括现存无线空中接口、无线服务选项以及商业数据网络标准。 Physical interface for a group communication system 200 is not unique, and includes an existing wireless air interface, wireless service options, and commercial data networking standards. 更高层的功能接口尤其在应用层对于组通信服务是唯一的。 More high-level functional interface at the application layer, especially for group communication services is unique.

在应用层,用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法在三个基于互联网协议之上操作,如图3示出。 At the application layer, system and method for providing group communication services based on the Internet protocol operations in three, is shown in Figure 3. 当然还可以使用其他协议或不同数量的协议。 Of course you can also use other protocols or a different number of protocols. CM 218和CD 202、 208和210间的通信发生在这些协议内。 CM 218 and CD 202, 208 and 210 of the communication occurs within these agreements. CD可以使用第一协议找到、 加入、离开并获知各个组,所述第一协议诸如会话初始协议(SIP),这是在电信工业内使用的众知信令协议。 CD protocol can be used to find the first, was added, and informed each leaving group, the first protocol such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is well known signaling protocol used in the telecommunications industry. 图3内使用的第二协议为NBS媒体信令,可以用于管理实时组仲裁和休眠。 Figure 3 is a second protocol NBS media signaling, can be used to manage real-time group arbitration and dormancy. 音频、语音、视频和/或数据(一起在此被称为媒体),通过第三协议被分配,在图3内被示出为媒体话务。 Audio, voice, video and / or data (collectively referred to herein as media), was assigned by the third protocol, in Figure 3 it is shown to the media traffic. 在图3的示例中, CD 202当前"有发送权(floor)",即传输特权,或者称为将媒体发送到组的许可。 In the example of FIG. 3, CD 202 currently "has the right to send (floor)", i.e., the transmission privilege, otherwise known as the media is sent to the group license. "发送权控制"请求是对传输特权的请求。 "Send the right to control" request is a request for transmission privilege. 当CD 202持有传输特权时, 剩余组成员被指定为听众,且对应地不具有将媒体发送到组的许可。 When the CD 202 holds the transmission privilege, the remaining group members are designated as listeners and correspondingly do not have the media is sent to the group's permission. 一般,任何CD可以在任何时刻发送媒体信令或SIP信令话务,而不管它是否持有传输特权。 Generally, any CD can send media signaling or SIP signaling traffic at any time, regardless of whether it holds the transmission privilege. 在一实施例中,CM 218包括调制解调器池224,它与PSTN 222接口。 In one embodiment, CM 218 includes modem pool 224, which interfaces with the PSTN 222. 在另一实施例中,调制解调器池224位于与CM 218分离之处。 In another embodiment, a modem pool 224 and CM 218 is located in isolated place. 通过该接口与CM 218 接口的CD使用众知的点到点协议(PPP)建立到CM 218的IP连接,或可任选地使用其他在几个可用标准拨号调制解调器协议的一个上运行的等价链路层协议。 Establish through the interface with the CM 218 interface to use all known CD-Point Protocol (PPP) CM 218 IP connection, or optionally using other equivalent running in a several available standard dial-up modem protocols on link layer protocol.

在一实施例中,CD 202、 204和206每个根据IS-707. 5 IP分组数据服务选项提供到CM 218的数据分组连接。 In one embodiment, CD 202, 204 and 206 each provide according to IS-707. 5 IP packet data service option to the CM 218 data packet connection. IS — 707.5是众知的临时标准,描述在C腿A通信系统内分组数据服务。 IS - 707.5 interim standard is known, is described in the C leg A packet data communication systems and services. 可能对该接口进行改变以最优化组通信性能。 The interface may be varied to optimize group communication performance. 不期望对该接口的基础设施侧的改变,除了基站内对RTP/UDP/IP头部压縮的隐式要求以支持使用RTP(实时协议)的媒体广播。 Do not expect the infrastructure side of the interface changes, except in the base station RTP / UDP / IP header compression implicit requirements to support the use of RTP (Real Time Protocol) broadcast media. 或者,CD 202、 204和206 可以使用快速网络连接(QNC)和IS-707.4支持大多数组通信活动,如下将描述。 Alternatively, CD 202, 204 and 206 can use a fast network connection (QNC) and IS-707.4 support most group communication activities, as will be described.

CM 218通过传输和组通信应用层协议与参与组通信的CD通信。 CM 218 CD application layer protocol to communicate by transmitting and group communication and participation in group communication. 这些通信包括应用信令(PTT传输特权请求、组注册等)以及CM 218分配的实时媒体分组流。 These communications include application signaling (PTT transmission privilege requests, group registration, etc.) and real-time media distribution CM 218 packet stream. 所有实时媒体通过CM 218和CD上的动态RTP/UDP/IP接口而被分配。 All real-time media through dynamic RTP CM 218 and the CD / UDP / IP interfaces are assigned. 如果CRTP头部压縮不可用(众知的头部压縮技术),实时介质直接在UDP/IP分组或数据报内被封装。 If CRTP header compression is unavailable (well known header compression technology), real-time media directly within a packet or datagram is encapsulated in UDP / IP. 所有实时信令通过CM 218和CD上的动态UDP/IP接口发生。 All real-time signaling via dynamic UDP CM 218 and the CD / IP interfaces occur. 其他信令可以通过在CM 218和CD上动态UDP/IP接口发生。 Other signaling may be dynamic UDP / IP interface to take place in the CM 218 and the CD through. 其他信令可能使用众知的会话初始协议(SIP)通过CM 218和CD间的预定数据协议接口发生,所述协议诸如TCP/IP,所述会话初始协议(SIP)是设计用于支持例如因特网电话的应用层呼叫信令协议。 Other well known signaling may use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interface goes through a predetermined data protocol between the CM 218 and CD, the protocol such as TCP / IP, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is designed to support such as the Internet telephone call application layer signaling protocol.

CM 218提供外部用户接口,以使用与用于和CD 208交互的相同传输和组通信应用层接口与外部用户通信,除了这些协议在IP/PPP和拨号调制解调器连接上操作。 CM 218 provides an external user interface to use the application layer interface for communicating with external users interact with the CD 208 and the same transport and group communication, in addition to these protocols in IP / PPP and dial-up modem connection on operations.

CM 218提供管理接口,所述接口可以是使用超文本标记语言(HTML)语义提供CM用户、组和管理数据库以及相关联的参数的管理访问的应用层协议。 CM 218 provides management interface, the interface may be using HTML (HTML) semantics provide CM user, group, and manage the database and the application layer protocol to manage access associated parameters. 在一实施例中,接口在TCP/IP上操作。 In one embodiment, the interface operations over TCP / IP. 还可以存在支持管理功能的第二网络接口。 There may also support the management functions of the second network interface. 该第二管理接口支持到客户管理应用程序的管理信息的大量实时传输,包括成员列表和网络状态报告。 The second management interface support to a large number of real-time transmission of customer management application management information, including a list of members and network status reports. SM228使用在TCP/IP上操作的重新键控协议与CD通信。 SM228 re-keying protocol to communicate using TCP / IP on the operation with CD.

用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法一实施例在标准空中接口IP分组数据服务上操作,例如如在IS-707内以及常规IP内被定义的。 System and method for providing group communication services operating on an example of a standard air interface IP packet data services implemented, e.g., as described in the IS-707 and defined within conventional IP. 在组活动时,每个注册的CD被分配以一个话务信道,所谓活动即指媒体在成员间被发送。 When the group activities, each registered CD is assigned to a traffic channel, referring to the so-called media activity is transmitted among members. 每个组被定义且被用其名字标识,当与主机系统地址组合时它定义目的地地址,该 Each group is defined and is identified by its name, when in combination with the host system address that defines the destination address, the

地址可以以SIP URL形式被表示。 The address can be represented in the form of SIP URL. 如前所述,SIP(会话初始协议)是用于控制在CD和CM 218间建立和控制信令的经良好定义的信令协议。 As previously mentioned, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used to control the CD and CM 218 and control signaling is established between well-defined in the signaling protocol.

图4说明CD 202,如在用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法一实施例内使用的。 Figure 4 illustrates CD 202, as in the system and method for providing group communication services are provided with an embodiment example. CD 202的进一步细节可以在所附的美国专利申请号09/518776内定义,题为"METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PARTICIPATING IN A GROUP COMMUNICATION SERVICE IN AN EXISTING COMMUNICATION SYSTEM",提交于2000年3月3日, 在此被转让给相同的受让人,并在此被引入作为参考。 CD 202 may apply for further details in the attached within the definition of U.S. Patent No. 09/518776 entitled "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PARTICIPATING IN A GROUP COMMUNICATION SERVICE IN AN EXISTING COMMUNICATION SYSTEM", filed on March 3, 2000, in This is assigned to the same assignee and is incorporated herein by reference. 在该实施例中,CD 202 是能将例如视频和/或语音的媒体转换成适于在数据网络214上传输的数据分组,所述网络诸如因特网。 In this embodiment, CD 202 is capable of such as video and / or voice media is converted into data packets suitable for transmission in a data network 214, a network such as the Internet. 可以理解包括在CD 202内的许多特性(如图4示出) 还可以在任何通信设备内实现,且CD 202不是为了限于如图4示出的无线电话。 To be understood that within the CD 202 include many of the features (shown in FIG. 4) can also be realized in any communication device, and is not intended to be limited to CD 202 shown in FIG. 4 radiotelephone. CD 202 —般包括天线400、显示410、按键420、扬声器430、耳机440和可选按下通话(PTT)开关450。 CD 202 - generally includes an antenna 400, display 410, keypad 420, speaker 430, earphone 440, and optionally pressing talk (PTT) switch 450. 显示410可以用于显示视频、静止图像或文本。 Display 410 can be used to display video, still images or text. 在另一实施例内,当处于通信的按下通话模式时,CD 202可以现有的按键420 之一作为按下通话开关,而不是使用专用按下通话开关450。 In another embodiment, when in the press the call mode of communication, one of the existing CD 202 can press the call button 420 as a switch, instead of using a dedicated press the call switch 450.

CD 202还可以通过与任何媒体处理设备集成而用于发送和接收媒体,所述设备诸如可携带或固定计算机系统、位置报告系统、里程读取系统、视频摄像机或静止摄像机。 CD 202 can also be integrated with any media-processing equipment used for sending and receiving media, the device such as a portable or fixed computer system, position reporting system, mileage reading system, a video camera or a still camera. CD 292可以使用接口电缆接口到该种媒体发生设备,其中接口电缆的一端连接到媒体处理设备,且另一端连接到CD 202上的通信端口(未示出)。 CD 292 may use the interface cable connector to the kind of media generating device, wherein one end of the interface cable to the media processing device and the other end connected to a communication port (not shown) CD 202 on. 或者,CD必要的内部组件可以被集成到媒体处理设备内以形成适于在集成分组内发送和接收媒体的单个单元。 Alternatively, CD necessary internal components may be integrated into the media processing device is formed in a single unit is adapted to send and receive media packets in the integration. 在任何一种情况下,CD 202可以用于将媒体从媒体发生设备发送到一个或多个组成员或发送到一个或多个非组成员,或其组合。 In either case, CD 202 may be used to send media from the media generating device to one or more group members, or to one or more non-group members, or a combination thereof.

CD 202 —般能使用一个或多个操作模式或"服务选项"通信。 CD 202 - can be used as one or more operating mode or a "service option" Communication. 然而,可以理解没有一个提供组通信服务的系统和方法实施例依赖带有多通信模式的通信设备。 However, it will be appreciated that the system and method for providing group communication services without an embodiment of the communication device with a multi-dependent communication mode. 第一服务选项用于进行从CD 202到基站216的标准音频呼叫。 The first service option is used for CD 202 to the base station 216 from a standard audio call. 语音服务模式用于使用相关的通信系统的给定技术进行一般的点到点电话呼叫。 Voice service mode using the associated communication system for a given technology for general-point telephone calls. 例如,CD 202的语音服务选项指使用IS — 95A的点到点音频通信,所述IS-95A 是由电信工业协会颁布的众知CDMA电信标准。 For example, CD 202 refers to the use of voice service option IS - Focus point audio communications, the IS-95A is promulgated by the Telecommunications Industry Association, 95A of known CDMA telecommunications standard. CD 208的语音服务选项指使用PSTN 222以连接到另一无线或有线电话的标准点到点电话呼叫。 CD 208 refers to the use of voice service option to connect to a standard PSTN 222-point wireless or wired telephone call to another phone. 第二服务选项被定义为数据服务选项,这进一步可以被分成至少三种数据服务类型:分组数据服务、异步数据服务和同步数据服务。 The second service option is defined as a data service option, which further can be divided into at least three types of data services: packet data service, asynchronous data service, and synchronous data service. 在CDMA通信系统, In CDMA communication systems,

异步数据服务由IS — 707. 5描述,而同步数据服务由IS — 707.4描述。 Asynchronous data service by the IS - description 707.5, and synchronous data service by the IS - description 707.4. 各种数据服务选项或者使用可应用于其他类型通信系统的技术实现,所述系统诸如GSM系统以及诸如IS856中描述的高数据率分组服务。 Or using various data service options applicable to other types of communication systems technology, systems such as the GSM system, and such a high data rate packet services as described in IS856.

任何一种类型的数据服务允许CD 202与MSC 220使用数据协议通信,而不是使用常规的语音服务模式发送信息。 Any type of data service allows CD 202 and MSC 220 using a data protocol for communication, rather than using the conventional voice service mode message. 如先前解释的,MSC 220包含IWF, 它将数据分组在CD 202和CM 218间路由。 As previously explained, MSC 220 contains the IWF, which will in CD 202 and the data packet routing between the CM 218. CD 202包含接受诸如音频、视频和数据的信息的电路,并将该信息根据诸如众知的TCP/IP协议的数据网络协议转换成数据分组。 CD 202 contains accepted such as audio, video circuit information and data, and converts the information in accordance with such well known in the TCP / IP protocol data network protocol into data packets.

当用于语音服务模式时,组成员使用键盘420将数据输入CD 202,所述数据一般包括用户希望与其通信的用户所属的第二通信设备的标识号,诸如电话号码。 When used in the voice service mode, group members using the keyboard 420 to enter data into CD 202, the data typically comprising an identification number of the second communication device user wishes to communicate with a user belongs, such as telephone numbers. 键盘420还连同显示器410—起被用于选择各个通信选择。 Keyboard, display, along with 410 from 420 is used to select various communication options. 例如,如果成员希望进入分组数据服务选项以加入特定组,键盘420可以被用于使用来自显示器410可见的选项菜单选择几个可能组中的一个。 For example, if members wish to enter the packet data service option to join a particular group, the keyboard 420 may be used to monitor the use of 410 visible from the Options menu to select one of several possible groups. CD 202维持一组列表, 该列表表示CD 202可参与的已知组集合。 CD 202 maintains a set list that represents the known group set CD 202 can participate. 或者,CD 202维持一个所有可能组的列表,而不管CD 202是否能参加。 Alternatively, CD 202 maintains a list of all possible groups, regardless of whether CD 202 can participate. 列表可以在与CM 218交互时按必要而更新。 When listing can interact with the CM 218 is updated according to need. CD 202维持的列表功能上与电话簿特性类似,是一般在标准无线电话内维持的名字和拨号列表。 The CD 202 to maintain the list of features like a telephone book feature is a list of names and dial in the standard general radiotelephone maintained. 组列表可以集成有电话簿特征,使得从组列表中选择组的行动指示CD 202尝试加入选定的组。 Group List feature can be integrated with a phone book, make a list of groups selected from a group of actions indicates CD 202 attempts to join the selected group.

组可以被指定为安全或明码组。 Group can be specified as safe or plain group. 明码组是不使用空中窃听安全保证的组, 所述保证包括加密,而安全组则有提供加密的条款。 Clearly the group is not the use of air eavesdropping security assurances group, the guarantee includes encryption, and security groups, there are provisions to provide encryption. 安全组在此后将被描述。 Security group will be described hereinafter.

为了参与特定组,CD 202开始时对期望组请求CM 218将CD 202加入连接的组参与者列表。 In order to participate in a specific group, CD 202 at the beginning of the desired set of requests CM 218 CD 202 will join the list of group participants connected. "连接" 一词指已经与CM 218注册的用户,且正在至少接收组内发生的通信。 "Connection" refers to has been with the CM 218 registered users, and the communication is received at least take place within the group. 因此,CD 202开始时会知道或能知道它希望参加的任何组的组地址。 Accordingly, CD 202 will know or be able to know the group address of any group wishing to participate in it at the beginning. 另外,CD 202将在开始时知道或能备有顶层服务器的地址,SIP请求可以被发送到该服务器。 In addition, CD 202 will know or be able to address the top-level server with at the beginning, SIP requests can be sent to the server.

在一实施例中,CD 202用已知或缺省的顶层SIP服务器地址经编程,所述服务器提供CD 202被准许参加的组的当前列表。 In one embodiment, CD 202 with known or default top-level SIP server address is programmed, the server provides the current list of CD 202 is permitted to participate in the group. 或者,CD 202可以用组列表编程,该列表至少定义了一个CD 202是其成员的组地址。 Alternatively, CD 202 may be programmed list, the list of at least define a CD 202 is a group address its members. CD 202之后可以将请求发送到顶层SIP服务器以更新其组列表。 After the CD 202 can send the request to the top of SIP server to update their list. 在另一实施例中,CD 202不包含经预编程的SIP地址或组列表信息。 In another embodiment, CD 202 does not contain preprogrammed SIP addresses or group list information. 在该实施例中,用户被提供以顶层SIP服 In this embodiment, the user is provided with the top-level SIP server

务器以及组地址以交互地使用键盘420将该信息输入CD202。 Server and group address to interactively using the keyboard 420 to enter this information CD202. 用户还可以将附加组地址输入到组列表,该列表已用目录经编程。 Users can also enter an additional group address to the group list, which has been programmed with a directory. 该实施例类似于将个人名字和拨号号码输入常规无线电话电话簿。 This embodiment is similar to personal names and dial numbers input conventional wireless telephone phone book.

在一实施例中,CD 202还用主域名服务(DNS)服务器的IP网络地址经编程, CD 202可以向该服务器发送DNS査询。 In one embodiment, CD 202 also with primary Domain Name Service (DNS) server IP network addresses programmed, CD 202 can send DNS queries to the server. 一般,会对CDMA蜂窝电信公司操作的DNS服务器的地址编程。 In general, will address programming CDMA cellular telecommunications company operating DNS server. CD 202还可以用另一DNS服务器的IP网络地址预编程。 CD 202 can also use another DNS server IP network address pre-programmed.

为了支持鉴定,CD 202可以使用诸如相当好隐秘(Pretty Good Privacy) (PGP)的安全措施。 To support authentication, CD 202 may be used, such as quite good secret (Pretty Good Privacy) (PGP) security measures. CD 202用唯一的PGP用户ID和机密密钥经预编程, 密钥可以用来在CM 218请求时对SIP事务处理签名。 PGP CD 202 with a unique user ID and secret key pre-programmed keys can be used at the request of the CM 218 SIP transaction signature. PGP用户ID还可以用作CD 202同类事务处理的用户地址,所述处理诸如INVITE(邀请)消息。 PGP user ID may also be used as a CD 202 user address similar transactions, such as the processing INVITE (Invite) message.

找到并加入组 Locate and join the group

CD 202可以例如通过使用会话初始协议(SIP)定义的呼叫信令加入或离开组。 CD 202 can, for example by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call signaling defined join or leave the group. 每个CD 202被提供以一组地址列表以及一个或多个顶层SIP地址。 Each CD 202 is provided with a set of address lists and one or more top-level SIP addresses. 如果组列表为空,则用户可能交互地规定现存组地址。 If the list is empty, the user may interactively provisions of the existing group address. 如果没有定义顶层SIP服务器,则用户可以交互地规定顶层SIP服务器地址。 If no top-level SIP server, the user can interactively top-level SIP server address specified.

一旦已知顶层SIP服务器地址,CD 202可以通过使用SIP "INVITE"命令进行到预定义的SIP目的地的呼叫而请求对其可用的组更新列表。 Once the top-level SIP server address is known, CD 202 may be predefined by using the SIP "INVITE" command SIP call and request an updated list of destinations available to its group. 顶层SIP服务器可以将请求重定向到内部目的地或对其直接响应。 Top-level SIP server may redirect the request to an internal destination or respond to them directly. 对该呼叫的INVITE响应包括CD 202可用的当前组列表。 INVITE response to this call include CD 202 list is currently available. CD 202使用该列表以更新其内部组列表。 CD 202 uses this list to update its internal list.

在选择了组后,CD 202尝试通过SIP INVITE方法通过将组地址规定为邀请目的地并将请求发送到顶层SIP服务器而加入组。 After selecting the group, CD 202 attempts SIP INVITE method prescribed by the group to invite destination address and send the request to the top-level SIP server and join the group. 顶层服务器尝试将组地址映射到已知目的地,且如果成功,重定向CD 202到对应的SIP用户代理服务器目的地,所述目的地与组的当前被分配多点控制单元(MCU)相关联,该单元是负责管理组话务的CM 218部分。 Top server tries to group address is mapped to a known destination, and if successful, redirect the CD 202 to the corresponding SIP user agent server destination, the destination and the group currently assigned multipoint control unit (MCU) is associated The unit is responsible for managing the group's CM 218 traffic section. 如果没有映射可供使用,则邀请失败。 If no map is available, the invitation fails.

一般,目的地SIP用户代理服务器确认CD 202被授权参与选定的组并响应邀请,其中将用于参与所述组的媒体话务和信令参数的描述嵌入其响应的内容中。 Usually, the destination SIP user agent server to confirm CD 202 is authorized to participate in the selected group and responds to the invitation, which will be used to describe the media traffic and signaling parameters of the group involved in the response of embedded content. 如果CM 218不能将CD 202确认为组内合法成员或如果产生一些其他错误条件(诸如在正常组操作前发生失败),则CM 218还可能以出错误作答复。 If CD 202 CM 218 can not be recognized as legitimate members of the group, or if you have some other error conditions (such as the failure occurs before normal operation), the CM 218 may also reply with an error. 如果接受邀请,则CD 202通过SIP "ACK"指令确认响应。 If you accept the invitation, the CD 202 acknowledgment by SIP "ACK" command. 值得注意的是,在处理邀请时,其他指示呼叫进程的瞬态响应代码也可能被CD 202接收。 It is noteworthy that, in dealing with the invitation, other transient response code indicating that the call process may also be receiving 202 CD.

CD 202将其组列表更新为它可能参与的组集合。 CD 202 will update its list of groups may be involved in the group for its collection. 即使在没有选择组地址时, 用户可能命令CD 202查询CM 218,以将更新接收到其组列表。 Even when not selected group address, the user may command CD 202 inquiries CM 218, to receive updates to their lists. 如果CD 202确定它已经被加入或从组中移去,它会简单地显示合适消息给用户(例如"加入组WELDERS")和/或能提示用户交互。 If CD 202 determines that it has been added or removed from the group, it will simply display the appropriate message to the user (for example, "to join the group WELDERS") and / or can prompt the user interaction. 如果CD 202确认不是任何组成员,它也会类似地通知用户。 CD 202 confirms that if any group members, it will similarly inform the user. CD 202可以自动地将新组地址包括在其组列表内,但可能在将它已经失去成员资格的组地址从组列表中删除前提示用户。 CD 202 can be automatically included within the new group address their lists, but may address it before the group has lost its membership is deleted from the group list prompt the user.

CM 218的SIP用户代理服务器对加入组的INVITE请求的响应包括:作为嵌入内容的组媒体和实时媒体信令目的地地址以及其他组参数(诸如媒体有效负载格式描述符)。 CM 218's SIP user agent server response to INVITE request to join a group comprising: a set of media content embedded and real-time media signaling destination addresses and other set of parameters (such as media payload format descriptors). 一旦确认,CD 202简单地将反馈向用户显示,指明用户是否有只听特权,并启用组服务功能。 Once confirmed, CD 202 briefly displays feedback to the user, indicating whether the user has just listen to the privileges and enable the group services. 如果CM 218确认CD 202不是选定组成员或发生出错或其他异常情况,CM218用对应的出错响应应答。 If the CM 218 CD 202 not confirm the selected group members or the occurrence of an error or other exceptional circumstances, CM218 response to the response with the corresponding error. 当该种注册被拒绝时,CD 202简单地显示对应的出错消息,且组服务功能保持空闲。 When this kind of registration is rejected, CD 202 briefly displays the corresponding error message and group service functions remain idle.

组媒体通信 Group Media Communications

图5根据一实施例说明媒体通信各个模式。 Figure 5 illustrates the various modes of media communication, according to an embodiment. 当然其他配置也是可能的。 Of course, other configurations are possible. 可以理解图5示出的模式被应用于任何CD类型。 It is appreciated that FIG. 5 shows the pattern is applied to any type of CD.

CD 202、 204、 206、 208和210可以是预定(聊天室)或实时被定义(特别) 组成员。 CD 202, 204, 206, 208 and 210 may be predetermined (chat room) or real-time is defined as (especially) group members. 例如CD 202有音频通信的发送权,将音频信号将转换成分组数据, 并在反向话务信道上以半双工通信方式将其发送到CM 218。 E.g., CD 202 has the right to transmit audio communication, the audio signal is converted into packets of data, and the reverse traffic channel to send a half-duplex communication to the CM 218. CM 218从CD 202 接收音频信息,并将接收到的音频信息发送到目标CD218,如由建立的组定义的。 CM 218 receives the audio information from CD 202, and sends the received audio information to target CD218, as defined by the established group. 例如,CM 218在前向话务信道上以半双工通信方式将音频发送到CD 204、 206、 208和210。 For example, CM 218 on the forward traffic channel in half-duplex communication mode to send audio to CD 204, 206, 208 and 210.

CD 206有独立于音频发送权的视频发送权,例如它将视频信号转换成分组, 并在反向话务信道上以半双工通信方式将其发送到CM 218。 CD 206 with separate audio transmission right video transmission right, for example, it will convert the video signal into packets and reverse traffic channel half-duplex communication mode sends it to the CM 218. CM 218从CD 206 接收视频信息,并选择性地在前向话务信道上以半双工通信方式将接收到的视频信息发送到目标CD,所述目标CD由建立的组定义。 Send CM 218 receive video information from the CD 206, and selectively forward traffic channel in half-duplex communication received video information to target CD, the CD is defined by a set of goals established. 例如,CM 218将接收到的视频发送到CD 202和204,所述CD有视频能力且其相应用户选择接收视频。 For example, CM 218 transmits the received video to the CD 202 and 204, the CD has video capability and their respective users to select a video receiver. CM 218不发送视频到CD 208和210,它们或是没有视频能力或是其用户选择不接收视频。 CM 218 does not send video to CD 208 and 210, they are either no video capability or its users to choose not to receive video. CM 218向CD 210发送一个或多个静止图像,所述CD 210可能只有一个显示,或其用户选择接收静止图像而不是全视频以节省接收全视频的费用。 CM 218 sends one or more still images to CD 210, the CD 210 may be a display, or the user selects a still image instead of receiving full video to save cost of receiving full video. 静止图像可以是预存图像或从在组内通信的实时视频捕获的。 Still images can be stored in real-time video image or from within the communications group captured. 有利的是, 带有音频发送权的用户可以与带有视频发送权的用户交互,例如给出关于如何操作、指向和/或拍摄视频的指令。 Advantageously, the user can with audio transmission right user interaction with video transmission right and, for example, is given on how to operate, pointing and / or shoot video instructions.

当用户迸发地通过相同CD接收视频并发送音频时,每个介质以半双工模式被发送,例如CD在前向链路上接收视频,但在反向链路上接收音频。 When a user receives a video by the same burst and sending audio CD, each media is sent in half-duplex mode, for example, receives a video to the CD forward link, but the receiver audio on the reverse link. 然而, However,

当用户迸发地通过相同CD接收或发送视频和音频时,视频和音频在相同链路上以半双工模式被发送,例如在前向链路上接收音频和视频或CD在反向链路上发送音频和视频。 When a user is concurrently receiving or transmitting video and audio through the same CD, video and audio on the same link is sent in half-duplex mode, for example, receive audio and video or CD on the forward link on the reverse link send audio and video.

在一实施例中,同一CD有音频和视频发送权。 In one embodiment, the same CD with audio and video transmission right. 在一实施例中,有多于音频和/或视频发送权。 In one embodiment, there are more than audio and / or video transmission right. 例如,可能有覆盖更多的会议室的多个视频和/或覆盖语音和背景音乐、立体声音响和环绕音响的多个音频。 For example, there may be more of a plurality of video coverage of meeting rooms and / or cover the speech and background music, stereo and multiple audio surround sound.

短数据脉冲呼叫信令消息 Short data pulses call signaling messages

在一实施例中,PTT等待时间的大大减少可以通过使用短数据突发(SDB) 消息而实现,如在"TIA/EIA/IS-2000 Standards for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems",此后被称为"cdma2000标准"。 In one embodiment significantly reduced in, PTT latency by using a short data burst (SDB) message is achieved, as described in "TIA / EIA / IS-2000 Standards for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems", hereinafter referred to as "cdma2000 standard. " 在一实施例中,SDB消息可以在专用活动信道上被发送,诸如前向基本信道(FCH)或前向专用公共控制信道(F-DCCH)。 In one embodiment, SDB messages may be sent on a dedicated channel activity, such as the forward fundamental channel (FCH) or forward dedicated common control channel (F-DCCH). SDB消息还可以在公共活动信道上被发送,诸如反向接入信道(R-ACH)、反向增强接入信道(R-EACH)、前向公共控制信道(F-CCCH)或寻呼信道(PCH)。 SDB messages may also be sent in channel public events, such as the reverse access channel (R-ACH), reverse enhanced access channel (R-EACH), forward common control channel (F-CCCH), or paging channel (PCH). SDB消息可以通过无线电突发协议(RBP)被传送,该协议将消息映射到合适且可用的活动层信道。 SDB messages may be transmitted by radio burst protocol (RBP), which maps the message to the appropriate protocol and available active layer channel. 由于SDB消息可以携带任意IP话务且可以在公共活动信道上被发送,因此SDB消息提供了一种机制,即在参与CD没有可用专用话务信道时交换组呼叫信令的机制。 Because SDB messages may carry arbitrary IP traffic and may be sent at public events channel, so SDB messages provide a mechanism that is not available when participating in CD dedicated traffic channel mechanism exchange group call signaling.

与点到点服务的交互 Interact with point services

CD 202允许用户发起并接收常规PSTN点到点呼叫并参与组通信。 CD 202 allows users to initiate and receive conventional PSTN point call and participate in group communications. CD 202 支持至少一个组通信应用以及一个或多个点到点应用。 CD 202 supports at least one group communication application and one or more point applications. 因此,用于提供组通信' 服务的系统和方法的一实施例允许点到点媒体通信的无缝接收和发起,而同时启用并激活组服务。 Therefore, for providing group communication 'system and method of service of an embodiment allows seamless communication with the media point to receive and launch, while enabled and activated groups.

无论组服务是否为活动,只要CD 202不是同时进行两者,CD 202可以用于在任何时刻进行点到点媒体通信服务或安全点到点媒体通信。 Regardless of whether the group service activities are not at the same time as long as both the CD 202, CD 202 may be used at any time point to point media communication service or security point media communication. 如果CD 202 被注册为组成员,CD 202可以在进行点到点媒体通信时从组中去注册。 To register from a group if the CD 202 is registered as a group member, CD 202 may be making a point to point communications media. 一旦完成点到点通信,CD 202可以透明地重新注册为当前选定组的成员。 Once the point to point communications, CD 202 may transparently re-register as a member of the group currently selected.

在特定空中接口蜂窝基础设施限制范围内,CD 202可以在启用组服务时用于接收PSTN或安全点到点媒体通信。 Within a particular air interface cellular infrastructure limits, CD 202 may be used to service when you enable the group to receive PSTN or secure point-media communication. 如果CD 202已经加入了组,且选定组是活动的,CD 202对进入PSTN呼叫显示为忙碌,且呼叫由空中接口蜂窝基础设施给予合适的忙碌处理。 If CD 202 has joined the group, and the selected group is active, CD 202 incoming PSTN call appears busy, busy and a call to give the appropriate treatment by the air-interface cellular infrastructure. 如果选定组安静但组的挂起时间(hang — time)没有超时,则呼叫会由空中接口蜂窝基础设施给予正常忙碌处理。 If the selected group, but the group of quiet time to hang (hang - time) no time-out, the call will be given the normal busy treatment by the air-interface cellular infrastructure. 然而,如果选定组的挂起时间没有超时,且组被置于休眠模式,且CD 202释放了其空中资源, 则呼叫可能不能由基础设施给予忙碌处理,且可能寻呼CD 202以初始进入呼叫的接收。 However, if the selected group hang time is not timed out, and the group is in sleep mode, and the CD 202 release its air resources, the call may not be given busy treatment by the infrastructure and CD 202 may be paged to initial entry call reception. 在选定组且CD 202被注册为成员时,用户可以任选地配置CD 202 以禁用进入点到点呼叫的接收。 When the selected group and the CD 202 is registered as a member, you can optionally configure CD 202 to disable the reception of a call into the point.

通信管理器 Communications manager

图6根据一实施例说明CM 218的功能模块图。 According to an embodiment of FIG. 6 illustrates a functional block diagram of CM 218. CM 218的进一步细节可以在所附的美国专利申请号09/518622内找到,题为"METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENABLING GROUP COMMUNICATION SERVICE IN AN EXISTING COMMUNICATION SYSTEM",提交于2000年3月3日,在此被转让给相同受让人并在此引入作为参考。 CM 218 can apply further details in the attached within U.S. Patent No. 09/518622 find, entitled "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENABLING GROUP COMMUNICATION SERVICE IN AN EXISTING COMMUNICATION SYSTEM", filed on March 3, 2000, where it is assigned to the same assignee and incorporated herein by reference. CM 218支持至少三个逻辑外部接口,这在一实施例中所有都基于IP, 且可能所有都有多个同时操作的实例。 CM 218 supports at least three logical external interfaces, which in all cases are based on IP, and may all have simultaneously multiple instances of an implementation. SIP接口由SIP用户代理服务器600提供。 SIP interface to the SIP user agent server 600 provides. 实时媒体信令和控制由CLI和HTTP服务器的组合支持,在图6内示出为管理接口604。 Real-time media signaling and control supported by a combination of CLI and HTTP servers, shown in FIG. 6 within the management interface 604.

内部地,MCU 602可以由控制功能管理,它将MCU 602分配给组并将SIP 邀请分配给MCU。 Internally, MCU 602 can be managed by the control function, MCU 602 will be assigned to groups and assign SIP invite MCU. 本地存储器606存储与单个组成员相关的信息(在此被称为用户数据库)以及与各个组相关的信息(在此被称为组数据库)。 Local memory 606 stores information related to individual group members (referred to herein as a user database) and information associated with each group (herein referred to as group database). 对本地存储器606 的外部访问通过管理接口604受到控制。 External access to local memory 606 is controlled via the management interface 604.

对于CM 218是否被实现为单个物理实体、或通过高速内部通信路径而连接的几个实体并不作任何假设。 For the CM 218 is to be implemented as a single physical entity, or through high-speed internal communication path connecting several entities do not make any assumptions. 例如可能被认为必须将专用硬件用于处理实时媒体交换负载或使用物理分离的数据库引擎以主宿本地存储器606。 For example, it might be considered necessary to dedicated hardware for processing real-time media switching loads or using physically separate database engine to the main places of local memory 606. 类似地, 顶层SIP重定向服务器610且全局数据库612可以从媒体或管理功能中被分离并被实现为分离实体。 Similarly, the top SIP redirect server 610 and global database 612 may be separated from the media or administrative functions and implemented as a separate entity.

18顶层SIP重定向服务器610且与MCU相关联的SIP用户代理服务器600要求访问系统内被定义的用户和组信息。 SIP user agent server 18 top-level SIP redirect server 610 and 600 associated with the MCU requires user and group information within the access system is defined. 尤其是,顶部SIP重定向服务器610可以或是查询全局数据库612或被给予显式SIP注册以使其将进入的IMVITE请求重定向到对应的合适目的地(在大多数情况下,用户代理服务器600)。 In particular, the top of the SIP redirect server 610 may either query global database 612 or is given explicit SIP register to the incoming IMVITE it redirects the request to the appropriate corresponding destination (in most cases, the user agent server 600 ). 同样地,SIP用户代理服务器600要求接入本地存储器606以鉴别用户、确认用户接入到组,并定义组的对话描述。 Similarly, SIP user agent server 600 requires access to the local memory 606 to authenticate users, make sure the user access to the group, and dialogue to define the group's description.

当由重定向服务器610将MCU分配给组时,本地存储器606从全局数据库612接收用户和组信息。 When the redirect server 610 MCU assigned to a group, a local memory 606 receives user and group information from global database 612. 在已经向本地存储器606提供信息之后,该信息可以按需要被提供给管理接口604、用户代理服务器600和/或MCU控制608。 After the information has been provided to local memory 606, the information may be provided as required to the management interface 604, user agent server 600 and / or MCU control 608.

MCU控制608监视单个MCU操作,诸如控制开始和/或关闭、将组分配给MCU 602并共享本地存储器606和各个CD和/或管理接口604间的状态信息。 MCU control 608 to monitor a single MCU operations, such as controlling the start and / or closed, the group assigned to the MCU 602 and shared memory 606 and the local state information for each CD and / or management interface 604 of. MCU 602 —般是数字信号处理设备,它能执行存储在诸如ROM的存储器内的程序指令集合。 MCU 602 - is generally a digital signal processing apparatus, which can execute program instructions stored in a memory such as a ROM within the set.

MCU 602负责从发射CD接收进入数据分组并用于将接收到的数据分组的复制副本发送到组内其他成员处,所述发射CD属于该组。 MCU 602 is responsible for receiving incoming data packets from a transmitting CD and for the replica of the received data packet is sent to the other members of the group at the transmitting CD belongs to this group. 在MCU 602接收到每个数据分组时,它被存储在存储器内(未示出)。 When the MCU 602 of each data packet is received, it is stored in a memory (not shown). 发射CD可以通过査询数据分组而被标识。 Transmitting CD may be identified by querying the data packets. 在一实施例中,表示发射CD的IP地址被包括在每个数据分组内, 作为一种实现标识的方式。 In an embodiment, showing the transmitting CD is included in the IP address of each data packet, as a way to achieve identification.

在己经标识了发射CD之后,MCU控制608从本地存储器606检索属于与特定MCU 602相关联的组的组成员列表。 After already identified emission CD, MCU control 608 retrieves from local memory 606 belongs to the group member list associated with a particular MCU 602 group. (每个MCU只被分配给一个组)。 (Each MCU is assigned to only one group). 目的地地址与在本地存储器606内的每个活动组成员相关联,即当前向MCU 602注册的组成员。 Group members and a destination address associated with each activity group member in the local memory 606 to the MCU 602 that is currently registered. 在一实施例中,目的地地址是IP地址。 In one embodiment, the destination address is the IP address. MCU控制608然后建立原始数据分组的复制本,除了在数据分组内被标识的目的地地址经修改以反映第一组成员的目的地地址。 MCU control 608 then build a reproduction of the original data packets, in addition to the data in the packet destination address identified destination address modified to reflect the first group of members. 接着,MCU控制608建立第二复制数据分组,该分组被定址到第二组成员。 Next, MCU control 608 establishes a second copy of data packets, the packet is addressed to a member of the second group. 该过程继续直到原始数据分组已经被复制且被选择性地发送到本地存储器606内被标识的活动组成员。 This process continues until the original data packet has been copied and is selectively sent to the active group member in the local memory 606 to be identified.

PSTN用户接口 PSTN user interface

如前所述,在一实施例中,CD 202包括无线电话。 As described above, in one embodiment, CD 202 comprises a wireless telephone. 然而,由于用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的许多实施例使用扩展的IP和IP传输协议,任何连接到CM 218的IP平台可以潜在地作为CD。 However, since the system and method for providing group communication services for a number of cases the use of extended IP and IP transport protocols embodiment, any connection to the CM 218 can potentially IP platform as CD. 因此,拨号用户(即操作主要通过PSTN通信的设备的用户)可以通过现存 Thus, dial-up users (that operate primarily through PSTN communications device users) can be extant

的因特网服务提供商(ISP)操作的IP终端-服务器连接到CM 218。 IP terminal, an Internet service provider (ISP) operations - servers connected to the CM 218. IP终端一服务器作为PSTN和支持IP的本地局域网(LAN)间的桥梁。 IP terminal-server support as PSTN and IP local area network bridge (LAN) between. 它包括调制解调器池, 它为PSTN调制解调器、服务器和一个或多个网络接口提供连接点。 It includes a modem pool, which offers connection point for PSTN modems, servers, and one or more network interfaces. 该服务器能主宿多个独立PPP会话,每个连接的调制解调器用户一个。 The server can be the main lodge multiple independent PPP sessions, each connected to a modem user. 服务器还作为路由器,在单个PPP接口的每个和任何活动LAN接口间路由IP分组。 The server also acts as a router, routing IP packets between each and any active LAN interfaces single PPP interface. 在一实施例中,使用集成的IP终端一服务器,在另一实施例中使用外部IP终端服务器。 In one embodiment, the use of integrated IP terminal-server, in another embodiment, the use of an external IP terminal server. 但两种服务器类型都可商用。 But both types are available commercially.

拨号终端服务器理想地支持在PPP对话上协商CRTP头部压縮的能力。 Dial-up terminal server ideally support capability negotiation CRTP header compression on the PPP conversation. 同样地,拨号客户使用的PPP栈应包括并尝试使用CRTP。 Similarly, PPP dial-up customers to use the stack should include and try to use CRTP. 然而,由于在高速调制解调器上可用的附加带宽,基于拨号的用户不具有协商CRTP头部压縮的能力可以不必强迫组避免使用基于RTP的有效负载规定。 However, due to the additional bandwidth available over high-speed modems, dial-based users do not have the ability to negotiate CRTP header compression can not force the group to avoid using RTP based payload of provisions.

如果终端一服务器位于蜂窝服务提供商的内部LAN上,且因此在网络拓扑意义上,如果ISP的终端一服务器和CM 218通过因特网的一部分,则对于服务提供商CM218,拨号用户可以避免导致高的端到端等待延时的服务质量问题。 If the terminal is a server located on the internal cellular service provider LAN, and therefore the network topology sense, if the ISP's terminal-server and CM 218 through a portion of the Internet, the service provider for CM218, dial-up users can be avoided resulting in high end latency of quality of service issues.

基于PSTN的组参与者进行如为无线用户所述的类似SIP注册过程,基于组的会话描述并根据先前描述的有效负载规范以类似的方式加入组,遵从类似的媒体信令协议并将分组封装在RTP或UDP。 PSTN-based group participants to be as similar SIP registration process of the wireless subscriber based on the group session description and according to the payload specifications described previously in a similar way to join the group, to comply with a similar media signaling protocol and packet encapsulation In RTP or UDP.

由于基于PSTN的调制解调器一般不支持类似上述的休眠概念,基于拨号的组参与者一般忽略从CM 218接收到的任何休眠消息。 Since PSTN based modems generally do not support the concept of dormancy similar to the above, based on the group of participants dial typically received from the CM 218 to ignore any dormant message.

组管理一CM管理接口 CM Group Management a management interface

在用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的一实施例内,CM 218包括分离的管理接口604, CM 218可以通过该接口被管理并获得关于CM操作的实时状态报告。 In one embodiment, the system and method for providing group communication services used, CM 218 comprises a separate management interface 604, CM 218 may be managed and real-time status reports regarding CM operation via the interface. 其他变体也是可能的。 Other variations are possible. 管理接口604包括两个网络端口:基于TCP/IP的超文本传输协议(HTTP)接口,它支持通过网络浏览器的管理访问;以及基于TCP/IP的组通信特定指令线接口(CLI)。 Management interface 604 includes two network ports: TCP / IP based Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) interface, which supports management access via a web browser; and a TCP / IP based group communication specific command line interface (CLI).

通过基于TCP/IP的CLI支持管理功能。 -Based TCP / IP in the CLI to support management functions. 在被授予访问CLI之前,会使用众知的技术鉴别连接到CM 218的CLI接口的潜在管理器。 Before being granted access to CLI, using well known techniques to identify potential managers connected to the CM 218 CLI interface.

CLI能在众知的、固定的、TCP端口地址上被联系且能同时管理多个GLI 会话。 CLI can is known, fixed, TCP port address to be contacted and can simultaneously manage multiple GLI sessions. CLI能支持几个管理功能,诸如在用户数据库内建立新用户记录、删除现存用户记录并修改现存用户记录。 CLI can support several management functions, such as the establishment of a new user record in the user database, delete existing users and modify existing records the user record. 其他功能可以包括在用户数据库内建立新组、删除现存组以及修改现存组的能力。 Other features may include the establishment of a new group within the user database, remove the existing group and the ability to modify existing group. 其他功能可以包括管理者由用户名、 拨号、用户标识符以及其他准则列出所有用户的能力;由组地址和组标识符列表组数据库内所有组的能力;管理者示出特定用户记录的所有字段的能力;以及管理者示出组的组标识符或组地址标识的特定组所有字段能力。 Other features may include managers lists the user name, dial-up, user ID, and other guidelines for all users the ability; the ability of all groups in the list of groups and group address database by a group identifier; manager shows a specific user record all Capability field; and the manager shows a group identifier identifies the group or groups that address specific groups of all field capacity. CLI还可能包括管理者査询特定组或单个组成员的统计状态报告。 CLI may also include managers query statistics state a particular group or individual group members report. 该功能还可以允许管理者查询实时(被更新的)报告且特别是允许管理者标识组参与者、当前对话者的当前列表、媒体话务的存在或不存在,并标识CM 218发送或接收的任何媒体信令消息。 This feature can also allow managers to check real-time (updated) reports and in particular to allow managers to identify the group of participants, the current list of currently existing interlocutors, media presence or absence of traffic and identifies CM 218 sent or received any media signaling messages.

在一实施例中,CM 218使得管理功能通过HTTP网页服务器接口对于一般的Web浏览器可用,所述接口带有一个或多个使用超文本标记语言(HTML)语法格式化的页面。 In one embodiment, CM 218 makes management capabilities through the grammar pages formatted HTTP web server interface for general Web browser available, with one or more of the interfaces using HTML (HTML). 至少一个管理页面可以包括对嵌入的Java小应用程序的引用。 At least one management pages can include embedded Java applets reference.

CM 218管理并且是属于组管理的所有管理功能焦点,包括组建立和删除、 定义新组并删除现存用户、将用户加入作为组成员或将其去除;并在用户、组或CM宽度的基础上调整各个操作参数。 CM 218 management and is the focus of all management functions belonging to the group management, including creating and deleting groups, define a new group and delete existing users, the user is added as a group member or be removed; and based on user, group, or the width of the CM adjusting the individual operational parameters.

在发送到蜂窝或其他服务提供商后,CM218在其可以被用于支持组通信活动之前使用基本管理配置。 After sending to the cellular or other service providers, CM218 in before it can be used to support group communication activities using basic management configuration. 被要求的初始配置涉及基本系统配置;为根层系统管理将密码分配给操作系统层账户,并为在本地无线基础设施网络上的合适操作配置CM 218网络接口。 The initial configuration is required involves basic system configuration; root level system administration password assigned to the operating system level account, and configure the CM 218 network interface to the appropriate operation on the local wireless infrastructure network.

一旦配置了CM218,可以发生一般的组管理。 Once you have configured CM218, can occur general group management. 在一实施例中,组管理功能通过HTML或其他在TCP/IP上建立的网络接口发生。 In one embodiment, the group management features in HTML or other network TCP / IP interface occurs via established. 管理者使用常规万维网(WWW)浏览器与CM 218交互。 Managers using conventional World Wide Web (WWW) browser to interact with the CM 218. 管理的发生可以是本地或远程的(因特网上任何一处或通过拨号)。 Management occurrence can be local or remote (anywhere on the Internet or via dial-up). 在一实施例中,然而管理访问的基层传输路径是TCP/IP。 In one embodiment, however, the grass-roots administrative access transmission path is TCP / IP. 允许多个(两个或多个)同时管理连接。 Allows multiple (two or more) simultaneously manage connections.

在为了组管理目的连接到CM 218之后,管理者一般会鉴别其本身以保证只接收授权的管理行动。 For management purposes the group is connected to the CM 218 after general managers will authenticate itself to ensure that only authorized management actions received. 允许不同的访问级别:例如授权的组成员可以直接连接到CM 218的管理接口以修改特定组成员列表,但可以为特定管理账户保留更一般的管理特权。 Allow different levels of access: for example authorized group members can connect directly to CM 218's management interface to modify specific list of group members, but can keep more general administrative privileges for specific management accounts. 为了清楚,管理行动可以被分成两类:特别处理与用户定义相关和与定义组相关的。 For clarity, management actions can be divided into two categories: special treatment-related and user-defined group of related definitions. 用户定义可以包括用户名、唯一CD蜂窝系统标识符、CD电话号和用户电子邮件地址。 It can include user-defined user name, unique CD cellular system identifier, CD phone number and user e-mail address. CM 218还会内部地定义唯一用户标识符,它可以被传递到CD 202并用于唯一地在信令消息内标识用户。 CM 218 will also internally define a unique user identifier, which can be passed to CD 202 and used within a signaling message which uniquely identifies the user. 组定义可以包括组地址、组挂起时间、私有调度超时和成员列表。 Group definition can include a group address, group hang time, private dispatch timeout, and member lists. 组的成员列表包括成员记录列表,这单独地包含用户标识符和优先等级。 A list of members of the group including members of the list of records, which individually contain a user identifier and priority. 带有最低优先级等级的成员有只听特权。 Members with the lowest priority level has just listen privileges.

CM管理者可以监视它们有管理特权的组当前状态。 CM administrators can monitor their current status group have administrative privileges. 特别是,管理者可以确定组参与者的当前列表并监视组状态(活动、不活动、休眠、唤醒等)。 In particular, managers can determine the current list of group participants and monitor group status (active, inactive, dormant, wake-up, etc.). 无论何时组是活动的,管理者还可以监视当前对话者的身份。 Whenever a group is active, the administrator can also monitor the current status of the interlocutors. 附加统计量和状态,诸如当前会话长度、单个用户和组的总对话时间、特定组成员持有传输特权的最后一次时间、注册者的均值等,也可以通过管理接口604对于管理者可用。 Additional statistics and status, such as the length of the current session, the total time for a single user and group dialogue, the particular group member holds the transmission privilege last time, registrants mean, etc., may also be available through the management interface 604 for managers.

CD 202还可以支持"私有呼叫"概念一呼叫者按下按下通话按钮引发的半双工点到点呼叫,这可以不需使得目标CD响铃而被接受,如同在常规的全双工点到点呼叫内发生的。 CD 202 can also support "private call" the concept of a caller pressed the talk button is pressed half-duplex point-initiated call, which can make the target CD rings without being accepted, as in a conventional full-duplex point point in the call occurred.

网络协议 Network protocol

用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的一实施例操作可以在两层被描述且被定义,这两层一般相互独立操作。 One embodiment of the operating system and method for providing group communication services can be described and defined in two layers, these layers generally operate independently of each other. 较低层,包括物理、链路、网络和传输层在此描述。 Lower layers, including the physical, link, network and transport layers of this description. 更高层包括组通信和相关的应用层协议在之后描述。 More high-level group comprising telecommunications and related application-layer protocol described later.

用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法实施例在标准互联网和相关协议栈上操作,诸如在CDMA通信系统内的IS-707. 5分组数据服务选项提供的。 System and method for providing group communication services Example operations on standard Internet and related protocol stack, such as in the CDMA communication system IS-707. 5 packet data service options available. 当然, Of course,

其他实施例或者可以使用数据服务,所述服务可被应用于正在被使用的通信系统特定类型,所述通信系统诸如GSM通信系统。 Other embodiments may be used or the data service, the communication system serving a particular type, such as the GSM communication system, a communication system can be applied being used. 用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的各个实施例还可以在V. 32bis、 V. 90或类似的PSTN调制解调器标准上操作,或可以完全在公共互联网内使用,这独立于任何IS. 707.5分段。 Various embodiments of a system and method for providing group communication services can also be used in V. 32bis, V. 90 similar standard PSTN modem on or operate, or can be fully used within the public Internet, which is independent of any IS. 707.5 points section.

大多数组通信网络话务可以描述为信令或媒体话务。 Most group communication network traffic can be described as signaling or media traffic. 信令话务还可以进一步被分成两个不同范畴:呼叫建立和控制信令,这主要包括SIP邀请请求和确认;媒体信令,这主要包括实时发送权控制请求和相关的异步消息。 Signaling traffic may be further divided into two different areas: call setup and control signaling, which includes SIP INVITE request and confirmation; media signaling, which includes the right to transmit real-time control requests and related asynchronous messages. 介质话务包括实时点到多点语音或数据广播。 Media traffic including real-time multipoint voice or data broadcasts.

信令协议 Signaling protocol

虽然可以使用任何信令协议,但组通信呼叫建立和呼叫控制信令可以根据众知的会话初始协议(SIP)实现。 Although you can use any signaling protocol, but the group communication call setup and call control signaling can be implemented according to well known Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). 虽然SIP可以使用用户数据报协议(UDP)或传输控制协议(TCP)而被传送,在一实施例中CD 202使用UDP实现所有基于SIP 的信令功能,且CM 218期望通过UDP接收所有SIP信令请求。 Although SIP can use the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is transmitted at all SIP signaling an embodiment CD 202 using UDP achieve all SIP-based signaling functions, and CM 218 expects to receive by UDP make the request.

在一实施例中,CM218实现SIP用户代理服务器和SIP重定向服务器。 In one embodiment, CM218 achieve SIP user agent server and SIP redirect server. 为了支持组通信,CD 202实现SIP用户代理客户机。 To support group communications, CD 202 of SIP user agent client. CM 218通过在广告的端口上监听进入SIP连接而操作,在一实施例中所述端口为UDP端口5060。 CM 218 by listening into the SIP connection and operation of ports on advertising, in one embodiment, the port is UDP port 5060. 当发生连接时,SIP服务器根据SIP呼叫信令规范接收并处理请求。 When the connection occurs, SIP server receives and processes the request based on standardized SIP call signaling. 服务器能并行处理多个呼叫信令连接。 The server can handle multiple concurrent call signaling connection.

为了保存网络资源,在它成功地(或不成功地)加入组之后,CD 202可以释放其与SIP服务器的UDP连接。 To conserve network resources, after it has successfully (or unsuccessfully) to join the group, CD 202 may release its connection with UDP SIP server. IDP连接可以在此后被重新建立以发送附加的SIP呼叫信令请求(例如,为了离开组或切换到另一组)。 IDP can be re-established connection to send additional SIP call signaling request thereafter (for example, to leave the group or switch to another group).

由于UDP提供不可靠、无连接的传输,必须有应用层可靠性保证以保证鲁棒的通信。 Because UDP provides unreliable, connectionless transport, application level reliability must be guaranteed in order to ensure robust communications. 这些保证由符合SIP的端点实现,即通信系统200内的CD。 These assurances by the endpoint SIP-compliant implementation, namely CD 200 within a communication system. SIP呼叫信令UDP流被封装在数据网络协议内,诸如IP。 SIP call signaling UDP streams are encapsulated within a data network protocol, such as IP. 不需要特定格式化。 No specific formatting. 基于无线的CD或基于拨号PSTN的CD 208间的SIP呼叫信令IP分组被封装在PPP内。 Wireless-based CD or a dial-up PSTN-based CD SIP call signaling 208 IP packets are encapsulated within PPP. 同样,不需要特殊格式化。 Likewise, no special formatting.

在一实施例内,在基于蜂窝的CD 202和基站216之间交换的SIP呼叫信令PPP帧被封装在无线电链路协议(RLP)中,所述协议是用于经空中发送数据的众知无线协议。 In one embodiment, SIP-based call signaling exchanged between the CD 202 and 216 cellular base station PPP frames are encapsulated in a radio link protocol (RLP), the protocol for transmitting data via the public to know the sky wireless protocol. 对于基于拨号PSTN的CD,诸如V. 32bis或V. 90的适合调制解调器标准替换RLP。 For dial-up PSTN based on the CD, such as V. 32bis modem standard for replacement or V. 90. RLP. 在任何一种情况下,不需要任何特殊处理,且不需要无差错物理链路。 In either case, it does not require any special handling, and error-free physical link is not required.

在一实施例中,组通信媒体信令以及语音和数据话务使用UDP/IP数据报被传送。 In one embodiment, the group communication media signaling and voice and data traffic using UDP / IP datagrams are transmitted. 当CRTP头部压縮是可用的,介质话务还可以在应用层使用RTP而被封装,且根据合适情况对IDP/IP进出UDP/IP话务应用头部压縮技术。 When CRTP header compression is available, media RTP traffic can also be used in the application layer is encapsulated, and in accordance with appropriate conditions for IDP / IP access to UDP / IP header compression technology application traffic.

媒体信令请求和响应被封装在UDP数据报内。 Media signaling requests and responses are encapsulated within UDP datagrams. 当可用时,CRTP头部压縮可以被重新应用以减少发送未经压縮的UDP/IP头部的影响。 When available, CRTP header compression can be re-applied in order to reduce the impact of sending uncompressed UDP / IP headers.

每个CD动态地选择用来监听组通信媒体信令请求的UDP端口,并在尝试加入组时,将端口号作为它发送的SIP邀请的部分传递到CM 218。 Each CD dynamically select UDP port used to listen for group communication media signaling requests and attempt to join the group, will be invited to transfer part of the SIP port number as it sends to the CM 218.

组的CM媒体信令目的地地址(包括UDP端口号)在作为成功SIP INVITE请求响应的部分而发送的组对话描述内描述。 Group CM media signaling destination address (including the UDP port number) described in the group described the dialogue as a successful SIP INVITE request response portion sent. 不同于SIP信令地址,媒体信令目的地地址是组特定的,且可以在CD 202加入组的实例间交换。 Unlike SIP signaling addresses, media signaling destination address is group-specific, and can be exchanged between instances of CD 202 to join the group.

在一实施例中,同一CM主宿的多个组独立地操作且不共享媒体信令或介质话务端口。 In one embodiment, a plurality of groups of the same CM operate independently of the main places not share media signaling or media traffic ports. 媒体话务 Media traffic

来自CD 202的媒体话务通过将一个或多个表示媒体信息的数据帧组合在RTP/UDP或UDP负载内而经封装的。 Media traffic from CD 202 by the data representing one or more frames of media information in combination RTP / UDP or UDP payload and an encapsulated. 在一实施例中,数据帧包括由CD 202内的声码器生成的帧。 In one embodiment, the data frame includes a frame generated by vocoder inside CD 202. 推荐使用带有启用的CRTP的RTP以最小化端到端媒体等待延时并提供与将来IP电话应用和服务的交互操作。 Recommended RTP with CRTP enabled to minimize end media latency and provides for future IP telephony applications and services to interoperate. 在两种情况下,CD 202动态地选择UDP端口,在其上它期望接收媒体话务,并在试图加入组时将该端口号作为其发送的SIP邀请的部分传递到CM 218。 In both cases, CD 202 dynamically select UDP port on which it expects to receive media traffic, and in trying to join the port number when the group passed to the CM 218 as part of the SIP invitation it sends.

CM 218描述组声码器并在对成功SIP邀请请求的会话描述响应内传输封装协议以及其媒体话务目的地地址(包括UDP端口号)。 CM 218 Description Group vocoder and the successful SIP invitation request within the session description response transmission encapsulation protocol as well as its media traffic destination address (including the UDP port number). 如同组的媒体信令地址, 媒体话务目的地地址是组特定的且可以在加入组的CD 202实例间改变。 As the group media signaling addresses, media traffic destination addresses are group-specific and may change between instances of CD 202 to join the group.

媒体话务在CD 202处使用RTP被封装,它将每个UDP数据报分段成RTP 头部和负载。 Use RTP media traffic is encapsulated in CD 202 at it each UDP datagram is segmented into RTP header and the load. 一般当CRTP头部压缩不可用或组成员不支持时,媒体话务可选地完全使用UDP被封装而不带RTP封装。 Usually when CRTP header compression is unavailable or does not support group members, media traffic optionally fully encapsulated using UDP WITHOUT RTP package. UDP有效负载的结构符合为没有RTP 头部字段的对应RTP有效负载给出的定义。 Structure UDP payload does not meet the definition of RTP header fields corresponding to RTP payload given.

将介质直接封装在UDP内的决定一般由组管理者配置并由组的会话宣布而经广告。 The media decided directly encapsulated within UDP is generally configured by a group of managers from the group sessions and announced through advertisements.

除了视频和/或音频,组还可以支持任意数据广播,诸如安全组重新键控、 电子邮件、数据文件等。 In addition to video and / or audio, the group can also support arbitrary data broadcasting, security groups, such as re-keying, e-mail, data files, and so on. 如果组支持数据广播信道,则当CD 202证实加入组时,CM218会在组的SIP会话描述内广告媒体类型。 If the group supports data broadcast channel, when CD 202 confirmed joining the group, CM218 will be set in the SIP session description of advertising media types. 类似于常规媒体广播,在一实施例中一般数据广播在RLP上操作(或对应物理层)。 Similar to conventional media broadcasts, for example, general data broadcast RLP operation (or a corresponding physical layer) in one embodiment.

在一实施例中,CD 202包括使用域名服务器(DNS)协议将因特网域名转换成因特网地址的能力,如在RFC 1034内定义。 In one embodiment, CD 202 including the use of the domain name server (DNS) protocol to Internet domain names into Internet addresses capability, as defined in RFC 1034 inside. 或者,CD 202只作为DNS客户机或解析器操作,如RFC 1035内描述的。 Alternatively, CD 202 only operated as a DNS client or resolver, as described in RFC 1035 within.

为了使得CD 202解析DNS主机名,CD 202用DNS服务器的IP网络地址经预编程。 To make the CD 202 to resolve DNS host names, CD 202 with a DNS server's IP network address pre-programmed. DNS地址还应由CD 202服务提供商以及可选地由用户配置。 And optionally DNS address should also be configurable by CD 202 service provider by the user.

CM 218还可以任选地用于作为DNS服务器,如在RFC 1035内描述的。 CM 218 can also optionally be used as a DNS server, as described in RFC 1035. 虽然它可以响应来自外部实体使用TCP作为传输协议的DNS请求,CM 218还使用UDP封装DNS消息。 Although it may respond to DNS from external entities using TCP as the transport protocol request, CM 218 also encapsulates DNS messages using UDP.

24扩展到蜂窝多播信道 24 extend to the cellular multicast channel

已经设计用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法各个实施例以利用蜂窝多播信道的发展(如果可用)。 Systems and methods have been designed to provide group communication services to take advantage of various embodiments of the development of a cellular multicast channel (if available). 该种信道一般允许一个发射站直接定址多个监听站或CD,而不需要发送数据的多次分开的重播。 Usually this kind of channel allows a plurality of transmitting station listening stations directly addressed or CD, without the need for multiple separate reproducing transmission data.

为了利用蜂窝多播信道提供的效率,组的媒体信令和话务目的地地址会成为常规的IP多播信道,且所有CM始发的媒体信令和话务广播会成为多播广播。 To take advantage of the efficiency of a cellular multicast channel provided by the group's media signaling and traffic destination address will be the regular IP multicast channel, and the broadcast media signaling and traffic will become all CM originated multicast broadcast. CD始发的媒体信令、话务广播和SIP信令可能保持为点到点通信。 CD originated media signaling, traffic broadcasts, and SIP signaling may remain as a point to point communication.

基础设施支持 Infrastructure Support

当在蜂窝CDMA基础设施上操作时,用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的一实施例要求数据服务的存在,诸如在IS-707. 5内列出的分组数据服务选项, 用于传输信令和媒体话务。 When operating over cellular CDMA infrastructure, an embodiment provides for group communication service system and method requires the presence of data services, such as packet data service option in the IS-707. 5 lists for a transport channel Order and media traffic. 另外,用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的一实施例使用休眠模式以允许在扩展组广播不活动期间接收点到点服务呼叫。 In addition, one embodiment of a system and method for providing group communication services for the use of the sleep mode to allow point to point service to receive calls during the extended group of broadcasting is not active. 如果is 一707.5分组数据服务选项不可用,另一实施例允许使用被称为快速网络连接(QNC)和IS-707. 4的服务实现。 If 707.5 is a packet data service option is unavailable, another embodiment allows use is called a fast network connection (QNC) and IS-707. 4 of the service implementation.

QNC提供与IS-707. 5提供相同的协议栈。 QNC provides the IS-707. 5 provides the same protocol stack. CD 202可以用于使用QNC而不是IS-707. 5协商分组连接,且如果QNC服务可用,将连接作为分组数据服务选项连接处理。 CD 202 may be used to using QNC rather than IS-707. 5 negotiate a packet connection, and if the QNC service is available, the connection as a packet data service option connection process.

动态IP(注册) Dynamic IP (Registration)

在一实施例中,CD 202能检测到其IP网络地址已经或将要改变的事实。 In one embodiment, CD 202 can detect its IP network address has or will change the fact. 如果在地址发生改变时,CD 202正在参与组,则CD 202再此通过调用SIP INVITE 指令加入组,如以下描述。 If a change occurs in the address, CD 202 is participating in the group, the CD 202 again this by invoking the SIP INVITE command to join the group, as described below.

CD 202的IP网络地址可能因为至少两个原因而改变。 IP network address of CD 202 may change due to at least two reasons. 漫游CD可以切换蜂窝系统或蜂窝网络,并被要求协商新IP网络地址。 Roaming CD may switch cellular systems or cellular networks, and asked to negotiate a new IP network address. 或者,CD 202可能经历服务中断或由于其他原因丢失数据服务选项呼叫,并在重新建立服务时被分配以新的IP网络地址。 Alternatively, CD 202 may experience service interruptions or loss of data and services for other reasons call option and re-establish the service are assigned a new IP network address. 如果CD 202在地址改变时正在参加组,且不及时的方式重新加入选定的组,则CM 218会使其成员资格超时并将CD 202从选定组的列表中移去。 If CD 202 is participating in a group when the address changes, and untimely way to re-join the selected group, the CM 218 will make membership of the timeout and CD 202 is removed from the list of selected group. 如果它不响应一系列媒体信令请求消息,则CD 202从活动组参与者列表中被移去。 If it does not respond to a series of media signaling request message, the CD 202 is removed from the active list of participants. IP移动性支持 IP Mobility Support

RFC 2002描述IETF标准跟踪协议, 一般被称为移动IP,它使得能将IP 数据报透明地路由到移动互联网节点。 RFC 2002 IETF standards track protocol described, generally known as Mobile IP, which allows IP datagrams can transparently routed to the mobile Internet node. 用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的一实施例允许在移动IP上的透明操作,而几乎不对应用或与其相关联的协议栈作修改或作很小修改。 One embodiment of the system and method for providing group communication services allows transparent operation over Mobile IP, and almost not associated with the application or protocol stack modified or make small changes. 类似于SIP,移动IP包括注册机制以定位在网络内各处的移动主机。 Like SIP, Mobile IP includes a registration mechanism to locate mobile hosts within the network to offer. 不同于SIP,移动IP注册机制在网络层操作,且直接与IP层定址方案相联系。 Unlike SIP, Mobile IP registration mechanism operating at the network layer, and directly linked to the IP layer addressing scheme. SIP注册发生在应用层,且独立于网络层定址的细节而被定义。 SIP registration occurs at the application layer and network layer addressing is independent of the details of which are defined.

在移动IP下,移动主机(S卩CD 202)通过外部代理连接到网络,该代理分配给CD 202 —个"转交"地址。 In Mobile IP, the mobile host (S Jie CD 202) is connected to the network through a foreign agent, the agent is assigned to CD 202 - a "care-of" address. 转交地址是暂时的,但是合法地址,IP数据报可以从因特网上的任何一处被定址到该地址。 Care-of address is temporary, but legal address, IP datagrams can be addressed from any one place on the Internet to this address. CD 202使用转交地址以联系其本地代理并通知它CD 202的当前转交地址。 CD 202 using the care-of address in order to contact their local agent and inform it of the current CD 202 care-of address. 在确认CD 202身份之后,本地代理然后使用CD 202的转交地址将定址到CD 202的永久本地地址的分组通过隧道(tunnel)发送到CD 202 (正常因特网路由机制会直接将永久本地地址发送到本地代理或到本地代理网络)。 After confirming the identity of CD 202, the home agent care-of address and then use the CD 202 CD packet addressed to the permanent local address 202 is sent to CD 202 through the tunnel (tunnel) (normal Internet routing mechanism will be directly sent to the local permanent local address agents or local agency networks).

在一实施例中虽然用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法在移动IP上操作, 如果CD 202使用其永久地址加入组且本地代理从网络拓扑意义上位于远离CM 218和CD 202之处,移动IP可能负面影响端到端的等待延时以及可察觉的媒体话务和信令语音质量。 System and method for providing group communication services in a mobile IP operation, although on one embodiment, if the CD 202 uses its permanent address to join the group and local agents located remote from CM 218 and CD 202, the move from a network topology sense IP may negatively affect the end of the latency and media traffic and signaling perceived voice quality. 在该情况下,媒体话务可能需要在公共互联网上或其他可变质量服务网络上经路由,如果没有使用移动IP,这可能不需要。 In this case, the media traffic may need to be routed through the public Internet or other variable quality service networks, without the use of mobile IP, this may not be needed. 为了避免这点,在大多数情况下,对于CD 202而言,最好使用其转交地址接入组广播服务并在其转交地址改变时重新加入组。 To avoid this, in most cases, the CD 202, the best use of its care-of address access and broadcast services group in its care-of address change to re-join the group.

多个组通信系统 A plurality of group communication system

以上描述假设在至少一个实施例中,用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法被用作隔离的服务,而且一个CM 218完全独立地在特定地理区域或服务区域内操作。 The above description assumes that in at least one embodiment, a system and method for providing group communication services is used as the isolation of services, and a CM 218 operating completely independently within a specific geographic area or service area. 然而,可以理解用于提供组通信服务的系统和方法的至少一个实施例还能将组通信服务扩展到在本地地理区域之外。 However, it is understood that at least one embodiment of a system and method for providing group communication services can be used for group communication service extends beyond the local geographic area. 这可以通过在多个通信网络、卫星通信系统以及使用本地局域网或广域网的企业内部网内部署CM完成,其中所述通信网络包括GSM、 TDMA和CDMA蜂窝网络,所述卫星通信系统诸如Globalsta,和Iridium™,以及使用本地局域网或广域网的企业内部组。 This can be through the deployment of CM in the plurality of communication networks, satellite communications systems, and use the local LAN or WAN intranet is completed, wherein the communication network includes GSM, TDMA and CDMA cellular networks, the satellite communication system such as a Globalsta, and Iridium ™, and the use of local area network or wide area network within the enterprise group.

不同系统的CM间通信使用SIP服务器重定向、用户数据库和组数据库记录交换以及CM之间的附加消息而发生,以方便集成NBS服务。 CM communication between different systems using SIP server redirects the user database and set of database records as well as additional message exchange occurs between CM to facilitate integrated NBS service.

在集成组通信服务内,可能最好允许任何CM获得组拥有权,因此不是将组的操作很紧密地与特定CM 218或MCU 602捆绑在一起。 In the integrated group communication service, it may be preferable to allow any CM to obtain ownership group, which is not the action group is very closely tied to a specific CM 218 or MCU 602. CM的选择可能被动态地确定,这基于到组大部分参与者的临近性(使用可用位置定位技术确定)、 服务提供商的系统间网络上的可用服务质量以及其他因子。 CM selection may be dynamically determined that most of the participants to the group based on proximity (determined using available position location technology), between the service provider's system is available on the network quality of service and other factors. 同样地,任何CM 的SIP重定向服务器应能重定向任何CD到合适的MCU的SIP用户代理服务器以及/或如果必要将CD转发到另一SIP重定向服务器。 Likewise, any CM's SIP redirect server should be able to redirect any CD to the appropriate MCU's SIP user agent server and / or if necessary to CD forwarded to another SIP redirect server.

在集成系统内,组的组地址在组通信系统内有意义。 Within an integrated system, the group address group in the group communication system makes sense. 因此, 一个或多个顶层SIP服务器负责重定向INVITE请求并将组参与者分配给MCU。 Thus, one or more top-level SIP redirect server is responsible for INVITE request and group participants assigned to MCU. 这些顶层SIP 服务器应共享公共用户和组数据库,提供在不同网络约会点处相同的功能和重定向决定。 These top-level SIP servers should share a common user and group database to provide at the same point at different online dating features and redirection decisions. 因此,CD始发邀请的重定向提供了重要和关键的抽象层,使得多个CM安装能集成到单个同构组通信服务内。 Thus, CD originated invitations provides an important and critical to redirect layer of abstraction that allows multiple CM installation can be integrated into a single homogeneous group communication service.

集成组通信系统在图7内示出。 Integrated group communication system shown in Figure 7. 在该示例中,CM 700支持陆地蜂窝通信网络,且CM 702支持卫星通信网络。 In this example, CM 700 supports the terrestrial cellular communication network and CM 702 supports a satellite communication network. 在集成组通信服务内,系统通过复制MCU 控制器612、其相关联的MCU 602集合(被称为MCU 704)以及相关联的SIP用户代理服务器提供的功能而实现縮放。 In the integrated group communication service, the system by copying the MCU controller 612, its associated set of MCU 602 (referred to as MCU 704) and the SIP user agent server function provided by the associated scaling achieved. 单个数据库706和管理接口708由系统内的多个CM共享。 A single database management interface 706 and CM 708 is shared by multiple systems. 未示出功能实体间的通信。 Not shown communication between the entities.

CD 加入该种集成系统的过程类似于在包括单个CM安装的系统内使用的过程。 CD join this kind of integrated system process is similar to the process in a single CM installation system includes use. CD 202开始时将SIP请求发送到顶层(现在是全局)SIP重定向服务器710。 CD 202 at the start of the SIP request to the top-level (now global) SIP redirect server 710. SIP重定向服务器710通过诸如SIP的信令机制将请求CD重定向到合适目的地。 SIP redirect server 710 via signaling mechanisms such as SIP request CD will be redirected to the appropriate destination. 在加入组的INVITE请求情况下,目的地是与MCU相关联的SIP用户代理服务器600, 它对所述组负有责任。 In the INVITE request to join a group, the destination is associated with the MCU associated SIP user agent server 600, the group responsible for it. 在IMVITE请求对CD202可用的组当前列表情况下,目的地一般可以是任何能响应请求的用户代理。 In IMVITE request for CD202 available under the current set list, the destination may generally be able to respond to any user request agent.

分离地,重定向服务器710可以使用己知的实现特定协议和/或消息规范与MCU簇704通过应用间消息交换附加消息。 Separately, redirect server 710 may be used to achieve a particular protocol known and / or message codes and MCU cluster 704 additional messages by message exchange between applications.

如在非集成情况下,必须有特定开始行动以保证重定向服务器710可以确定它接收到的INVITE请求的目的地。 As in the case of non-integrated, there must be a specific start action to ensure that redirect server 710 may determine that it received INVITE request destination. 一种可能的实现会要求在重定向服务器710处存在SIP注册。 One possible implementation would require the presence of SIP redirect server 710 registered. 还可能要求重定向服务器710查询全局数据库706并试图将每个邀请请求映射到在此包含的组定义。 It may also require the redirection server 710 queries the global database 706 and attempt to map each invitation request to a group definition contained herein.

提供先前各个实施例的描述以使得领域内的任何技术人员能使用系统和方法提供组通信服务。 The previous description of the embodiments of each so that any person skilled in the field can use the system and method for providing group communication services. 这些实施例的各种修改对于领域内的技术人员很明显,且在此定义的原理可以应用到其他实施例而不使用本发明的原理。 The various embodiments of the modifications to technical personnel in the field is clear, and the principles defined herein may be applied to other embodiments without the use of the principles of the present invention. 因此提供组通信服务的系统和方法不是为了限制在在此示出的实施例,而是为了提供与在此揭示的原理和新颖特征相符合的最广范围。 Thus the system and method for providing group communication services is not intended to be limited to this illustrated embodiment, but to provide the widest range of principles and novel features disclosed herein consistent.

本领域内的技术人员可以理解信息和信号可能使用各种不同的科技和技术表示。 Those skilled in the art will appreciate that information and signals may be using a variety of techniques and technologies represent. 例如,上述说明中可能涉及的数据、指令、命令、信息、信号、比特、 码元和码片最好由电压、电路、电磁波、磁场或其粒子、光场或其粒子、或它们的任意组合来表示。 For example, preferable voltage, circuit, electromagnetic waves, magnetic fields or particles, optical fields or particles, or any combination of data may be involved in the above description, instructions, commands, information, signals, bits, symbols, and chips by their to represent.

本领域的技术人员还可以理解,这里揭示的结合这里描述的实施例所描述的各种说明性的逻辑框、模块、电路和算法步骤可以用电子硬件、计算机软件或两者的组合来实现。 Those skilled in the art will also appreciate that the herein disclosed embodiments described herein combine the various illustrative logical blocks described embodiment, modules, circuits, and algorithm steps can be used as electronic hardware, computer software, or combinations of both to achieve. 为清楚地说明硬件和软件的可互换性,各种说明性的组件、方框、模块、电路和步骤一般按照其功能性进行阐述。 To clearly illustrate this interchangeability of hardware and software, various illustrative components, blocks, modules, circuits, and steps generally in terms of their functionality will be explained. 这些功能性究竟作 Whether such functionality as

为硬件或软件来实现取决于整个系统所采用的特定的应用和设计约束。 Hardware or software depends upon the particular application and design constraints of the overall system. 技术人员可以以多种方式对每个特定的应用实现描述的功能,但该种实现决定不应引起任何从本发明范围的偏离。 Art can be described in many ways functions for each particular application, but this kind of implementation decisions should not cause any deviation from the scope of the invention.

各种用在此的说明性实施例揭示的逻辑框、模块和电路的实现或执行可以用:通用处理器、数字信号处理器(DSP)或其它处理器、应用专用集成电路 Logical blocks with a variety of illustrative embodiments herein disclosed, to realize or execute modules, and circuits can be used: a general purpose processor, a digital signal processor (DSP), or other processor, application specific integrated circuits

(ASIC)、现场可编程门阵列(FPGA)或其它可编程逻辑器件、离散门或晶体管逻辑、离散硬件组件或任何以上的组合以实现在此描述的功能。 (ASIC), a field programmable gate array (FPGA) or other programmable logic device, discrete gate or transistor logic, discrete hardware components, or any combination of the above in order to realize the function described herein. 通用处理器最好是微处理器,然而或者,处理器可以是任何常规的处理器、控制器、微控制器或状态机。 A general purpose processor is preferably a microprocessor, but in the alternative, the processor may be any conventional processor, controller, microcontroller, or state machine. 处理器可以实现为计算设备的组合,例如DSP和微处理器的组合、 多个微处理器、 一个或多个结合DSP内核的微处理器或任何该种配置。 The processor may be implemented as a combination of computing devices, e.g., a combination of a DSP and a microprocessor, a plurality of microprocessors, one or more microprocessors in conjunction with a DSP core, or any of the configurations.

在此用实施例揭示的方法步骤或算法可能直接在硬件内、处理器执行的软件模块或两者的组合内执行。 The method steps or algorithms disclosed in this embodiment may be used in the hardware implementation of the combination of a software module executed by a processor or directly both. 软件模块可以驻留于RAM存储器、快闪(flash) 存储器、R0M存储器、EPROM存储器、EEPROM存储器、寄存器、硬盘、移动盘、 CD-R0M、或本领域中已知的其它任意形式的存储媒体中。 A software module may reside in RAM memory, flash (flash) memory, R0M memory, EPROM memory, EEPROM memory, registers, hard disk, removable disk, CD-R0M, known in the art or any other form of storage medium . 一示范处理器最好耦合到处理器使处理器能够从存储介质读取写入信息。 A demonstration of the best processor coupled to the processor so that the processor can read from and write information storage medium. 或者,存储介质可能整合到处理器。 Alternatively, the storage medium may be integral to the processor. 处理器和存储介质可驻留于专用集成电路ASIC中。 Processor and the storage medium may reside in an ASIC ASIC. ASIC可以驻留于用户终端内。 The ASIC may reside in a user terminal within. 或者,处理器和存储介质可以驻留于用户终端的离散元件中。 Alternatively discrete elements, the processor and the storage medium may reside in a user terminal.

上述优选实施例的描述使本领域的技术人员能制造或使用本发明。 The foregoing description of preferred embodiments enable those skilled in the art to make or use the invention. 这些实施例的各种修改对于本领域的技术人员来说是显而易见的,这里定义的一般原理可以被应用于其它实施例中而不使用创造能力。 These modifications to the various embodiments of skill in the art is apparent, the generic principles defined herein may be applied to other embodiments without the use of creativity. 因此,本发明并不限于这里示出的实施例,而要符合与这里揭示的原理和新颖特征一致的最宽泛的范围。 Accordingly, the present invention is not limited to the embodiments shown herein, and to comply with the same principles and novel features disclosed herein and the widest scope.

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