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Publication numberCN101254129 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200710067395
Publication date26 May 2010
Filing date27 Feb 2007
Priority date27 Feb 2007
Also published asCN101254129A
Publication number200710067395.7, CN 101254129 B, CN 101254129B, CN 200710067395, CN-B-101254129, CN101254129 B, CN101254129B, CN200710067395, CN200710067395.7
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Multi-azimuth no-steam leakage uterus lifting machine
CN 101254129 B
The invention relates to a multi-aspect gas-proof uterine elevator, which is applied to various gynecological laparoscopic operations. The existing uterine elevator cannot ensure satisfied pneumoperitoneum and all directions of a uterus cannot be well exposed, thereby bring difficulties to the operation of a patient. The invention provides the multi-aspect gas-proof uterine elevator, cervical cupsand vaginal cups in different sizes are selected according to the sizes of cervixes and vaginas of human bodies, the leakage of the pneumoperitoneum is avoided, different age stages can be satisfied,the requirements of patients with different vaginal sizes and different uterine sizes can be suited, and damages such as uterine perforation, etc. can be avoided. The structure and the design of theuterine elevator is full of humanness, the operation is convenient, the safety factor is high, the pneumoperitoneum leakage is avoided, the range can be controlled easily, and a novel uterine elevatoris provided for the medical industry.
Claims(3)  translated from Chinese
  1. 多方位免漏气举宫器,包括手柄(1),手柄(1)上设计成凹面,手柄(1)前端设有手控平面(9),手控平面(9)前端连接导入杆(2),导入杆(2)呈30度弧形角度,顶端呈导入弧形头(8),导入杆(2)外围包有推杆(5),推杆(5)前端连接阴道杯(6),阴道杯(6)前端连接宫颈杯(7),推杆(5)后端连接调节器(3)、调节器(3)上设有调节螺丝(4)。 For multi-directional leak-free house, comprising a handle (1), the handle is designed to (1) a concave surface, the handle (1) front-end with a hand control plane (9), manual control plane (9) Front connecting rods imported (2 ), introducing the rod (2) a 30-degree arc angle, was the top import arc head (8), introducing the rod (2) Peripheral coated with pusher (5), the pusher (5) connecting the front vaginal cup (6) , vaginal cup (6) connected to the front end of the cervix cup (7), the push rod (5) connected to the rear end of the regulator (3), with the regulator (3) on the adjusting screw (4).
  2. 2. 根据权利要求l所述多方位免漏气举宫器,其特征是手柄(1)的上部设有所述的手控平面(9),可确认导入杆(2)的方位。 2. The claim l leak the multi-faceted Free uterine manipulator, wherein the upper handle (1) is provided with a manual control plane (9), confirmed the import bar (2) position.
  3. 3. 根据权利要求1所述多方位免漏气举宫器,其特征是宫颈杯(7)和阴道杯(6)在推杆(5)及调节器(3)、调节螺丝(4)的固定下,紧扣人体阴道穹隆,并充分暴露宫旁组织,防止术中损伤输尿管,可更好的辨认阴道穹隆,以便于直视下更好的环切阴道。 The bearing according to claim 1 Multi leak-free move house, characterized cervical cup (7) and vaginal cup (6) in the plunger (5) and regulator (3), the adjustment screw (4) fixed under, closely human vaginal vault, and fully exposed the uterine tissue, to prevent damage to the ureter surgery, can better identify the vaginal vault, in order to better look at circumcision vagina.
Description  translated from Chinese

多方位免漏气举宫器 Free multi-faceted leak uterine manipulator

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及一种手术用的举宫器,具体的说是一种多方位免漏气举宫器,适用于 [0001] The present invention relates to a surgical uterine manipulator used, specifically, it is a multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator for

各种妇科腹腔镜手术。 Various gynecological laparoscopic surgery. 背景技术 Background

[0002] 在妇科腹腔镜手术中,需要在气腹满意的状态下,才能充分暴露手术视野,而在阴道切开的情况下,现有的技术往往不能保证满意的气腹,而且子宫各个方位也不能满意的暴露,因而给术者的手术带来困难,这是多年来困扰医术界的技术难题。 [0002] In laparoscopic surgery, required under pneumoperitoneum in satisfactory condition, in order to fully expose the surgical field, and in the case of vaginal incision, the prior art often can not guarantee satisfactory pneumoperitoneum, and uterus in all directions We can not be satisfied with the exposure, and thus difficult to surgeon's surgery, which is plagued by years of medicine industry technical problems.


[0003] 针对上述现有不足,本发明提供一种多方位免漏气举宫器,具备了结构设计合理, 更具人性化,可随意调节,使用方便,手术安全,避免漏气等优点。 [0003] In response to these existing shortcomings, the present invention provides a multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, with a reasonable structure design, more humane, adjustable, easy to use, safe operation, to avoid leaks and so on.

[0004] 本发明的上述技术问题主要是通过下述技术方案得以解决的:多方位免漏气举宫器,包括手柄1、导入杆2、调节器3、调节螺丝4、推杆5、阴道杯6、宫颈杯7、导入弧形头8、 手控平面9、30度弧形角度10、凹面11 (如图)。 [0004] The above-mentioned technical problem of the invention is mainly solved by the following technical solutions: the multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, includes a handle 1, into the bar 2, the regulator 3, adjusting screw 4, the plunger 5, vagina cups 6, 7 cervical cups, import curved head 8, manual arc angle of 10 degrees plane 9,30 concave 11 (pictured).

[0005] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器,设有不同类型的宫颈杯7和阴道杯6,其特征是可根据人体宫颈及阴道大小,选择不同型号的宫颈杯7和阴道杯6,以防止气腹泄漏,并满足不同年龄段适合不同阴道大小和不同子宫大小患者的需要。 [0005] The multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator with different types of cervical and vaginal cup cup 7 6, wherein the human cervix and vagina according to size, choose different types of cervical and vaginal cup cup 7 6 in order to prevent leakage of pneumoperitoneum and suitable to meet the different needs of different age groups and different size of the vagina in patients with uterine size.

[0006] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器,可根据不同子宫的位置,置入本举宫器,根据手术需要和施术者的要求,最大限度的摆动子宫位置,尤其适合各方位子宫肌瘤剥出术、广泛性子宫切除术、分离子宫后壁较严重粘连等不同难度的多类手术。 [0006] The multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, according to the different position of the uterus, into this uterine manipulator, according to surgical needs and requirements of the performer, the maximum swing position of the uterus, especially for the parties to the uterus fibroids enucleation, radical hysterectomy, uterine wall separating the more serious surgical adhesions and other types of varying degrees of difficulty.

[0007] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器,手柄1更趋于人性化设计,其特征是按术者手所把持的方位及手指部位设有凹面ll,使术者使用更为舒适;手柄1的上部设有手控平面9,其特征是可确认导入杆2的方位,以防止导入杆2过度或方位错误所导致子宫穿孔等损伤的发生。 [0007] The multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, the handle 1 tends to be more user-friendly design, which is characterized by the surgeon hands and fingers gripping orientation has a concave portion ll, make patients more comfortable to use; upper handle 1, a hand control plane 9, characterized in that the rod can confirm the import bearing 2 to prevent uterine perforation injury to import bar 2 errors caused by excessive or orientation.

[0008] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器,宫颈杯7和阴道杯6在推杆5及调节器3、调节螺丝4 的固定下,紧扣人体阴道穹窿,并充分暴露宫旁组织,防止术中损伤输尿管,可更好的辨认阴道穹窿,以便于直视下更好的环切阴道。 [0008] The multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, cervical and vaginal cup cup 7 6 5 and the push rod actuator 3, adjust the screws 4 under, closely linked to human vaginal vault, and fully exposed the uterine tissue, prevent damage ureter surgery, can better identify the vaginal vault, in order to better under direct vaginal circumcision.

[0009] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器,导入杆2形成30度弧形角度10,导入杆2的顶端呈导入弧形头8,更适合于不同方位子宫的手术操作,并最大限度的暴露子宫后壁,防止子宫损伤,顺利完成手术。 [0009] The multi-faceted Free leaks uterine manipulator, introducing rod 2 forms an arc of 30 degrees angle of 10 import 2 was introduced into the rod tip curved head 8, is more suitable for different orientations of the uterine surgical procedures, and maximize exposure to the uterine wall, to prevent damage to the uterus, the successful completion of the surgery.

[0010] 采用上述技术方案,给本发明带来的有益效果是:结构设计人性化,操作方便,安全系数高,避免漏气,范围易于控制等特点,为医疗行业提供了一款新型举宫器。 [0010] By adopting the technical scheme, to the beneficial effects of the present invention are: structural design user-friendly, easy to operate, high safety factor to prevent leakage, the range is easy to control and so, for the medical profession to provide a new type of move house device.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0011 ] 说明书附图是本发明的一种结构示意图。 [0011] The accompanying drawings is a schematic structural view of the present invention.


[0012] 下面通过实施例,并结合说明书附图,对本发明的技术方案作进一步具体的说明。 [0012] The following examples, in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, the technical aspect of the present invention will be more specifically described. [0013] 所述多方位免漏气举宫器设有手柄l,手柄1上设计成凹面ll,手柄1前端设有手控平面9,手控平面9前端连接导入杆2,导入杆2呈30度弧形角度10,导入杆2顶端呈导入弧形头8,导入杆2外围包有推杆5,推杆5前端连接阴道杯6,阴道杯6前端连接宫颈杯7,推杆5后端连接调节器3、调节器3上设有调节螺丝4。 [0013] For the multi-faceted house is provided with leak-free handle l, ll concave surface designed to handle 1, the front end of the handle 1 with a hand control plane 9, 9 front-end control plane connection to import hand lever 2, was introduced into the rod 2 After the 30-degree arc angle of 10, was the top import import lever 2 arc head 8, import bar 2 peripheral package has the plunger 5, the front end of the plunger 5 is connected vaginal cup 6, the front-end connection cervical vaginal cup 6 cups 7, plunger 5 end regulator 3, the regulator has a regulating screw 4 3. 实施手术时,手握手柄l,调节好手控平面9将举宫器导入杆2上的导入弧形头8导入人体阴道进入子宫,宫颈杯7便套入人体子宫口,阴道杯6套入阴道,推动推杆5,到达进入人体子宫的深度后,扭动调节螺丝4 将其固定。 When the surgery, holding the handle l, adjusted to give players control plane 9 palace Import Import curved rod head 2 8 on the import into the human vagina into the uterus, cervix cup 7 will be set into the body of the uterus, vagina cup six sets into the vagina After pushing the plunger 5 reaches deep into the body of the uterus, twist adjusting screw 4 will be fixed. 根据其工作原理,在腹腔镜的配合下,可以实施手术治疗。 In accordance with its principles of cooperation in the laparoscopic, surgery can be implemented.

[0014] 本发明多方位免漏气举宫器操作简单、结构设计人性化,安全系数高,避免漏气, 具有广阔的使用推广前景。 [0014] The present invention is leak-free multi-faceted uterine manipulator simple, user-friendly design, high safety factor to prevent leakage, and has broad prospects for the use of the promotion.

[0015] 最后,应当指出,以上实施例仅是本发明较有代表性的例子。 [0015] Finally, it should be noted that the above embodiments of the present invention are merely more representative examples. 显然,本发明不限于上述实施例,还可以有许多变形。 Obviously, the present invention is not limited to the above-described embodiments, it can also have many variations. 凡是依据本发明的技术实质对以上实施例所作的任何简单修改、等同变化与修饰,均应认为属于本发明的保护范围。 All based on technical essence of the invention is simple to modify any of the above embodiments when taken in equivalent changes and modifications should be considered to belong to the scope of the invention.

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