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Publication numberCN101161460 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200710180195
Publication date4 May 2011
Filing date11 Oct 2007
Priority date11 Oct 2006
Also published asCN101161460A, US7682010, US20080088685
Publication number200710180195.2, CN 101161460 B, CN 101161460B, CN 200710180195, CN-B-101161460, CN101161460 B, CN101161460B, CN200710180195, CN200710180195.2
InventorsBR琼斯, HE格雷尔曼, PC卢卡斯
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Ink stick for phase change ink printer and its supplying method and supplying system
CN 101161460 B
The invention relates to an ink stick used in a phase change ink imaging device. The phase change ink device comprises a solid ink main body which has an exterior surface and a light responsive overcoat that overlays at least a portion of the exterior surface of the ink stick body. The invention also relates to a method for supplying the ink stick arranged inside an ink loader of the phase changeink imaging device. The method comprises the steps as follow: the ink stick is inserted into the ink loader of the phase change ink imaging device, and the ink stick has an exterior surface and a light responsive overcoat that overlays at least a portion of the exterior surface of the ink stick; a ray is pointed to the overcoat; and the light signal reflected from the overcoat is detected. The invention relates to a supplying system for a phase change ink imaging device. The supplying system comprises an ink loader which is used for receiving the solid ink main body which has a light responsive coat; an emitter which is used for emitting the ray into the light responsive coat arranged on the ink stick of the ink loader and which is arranged inside the ink loader, and a controller which isused for determining the changeable information relative to the ink stick according to the detected light signal.
Claims(4)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种用于相变墨打印机的墨棒,墨棒包括: 具有外表面的固体墨主体;以及外涂层,外涂层包括至少一种固体墨合成物材料和至少一种颜料,该颜料吸收第一波长的光线并发射不同于第一波长的第二波长的光线,外涂层覆盖墨棒主体的外表面的至少一部分。 A phase change ink printer ink stick, ink stick comprising: a body having a solid ink outer surface; and an outer coating, the outer coating comprises at least one solid ink composite material and at least one pigment, the pigments absorb light of a first wavelength and a second emission wavelength different from the first wavelength light, the outer coating covering the outer surface of the ink stick body at least a part.
2.如权利要求1所述的墨棒,其特征在于,外涂层包括反射不同于涂层下面的墨棒主体的外表面的部分的光的涂层。 2. The ink stick according to claim 1, characterized in that the outer coating comprises a coating layer different from the light-reflective coating portion of the ink stick body below the outer surface.
3. 一种供应相变墨成像装置的墨装载器内的墨棒的方法,该方法包括:将墨棒插入相变墨成像装置的墨装载器内,墨棒具有外表面,以及外涂层,外涂层包括至少一种固体墨合成物材料和至少一种颜料,该颜料吸收第一波长的光线并发射不同于第一波长的第二波长的光线,外涂层覆盖墨棒主体的外表面的至少一部分; 将第一波长的光线指向外涂层;以及检测从外涂层发射的第二波长的光线。 3. A method of phase change ink supply ink stick loader within the ink imaging device, the method comprising: an ink stick into the phase change ink imaging device within the ink loader, ink stick having an outer surface, and an outer coating , overcoat ink composition comprising at least one solid material and at least one pigment, said pigment absorbing light of the first wavelength and a second emission wavelength different from the first wavelength light, the outer coating of the outer covering of the ink stick body At least a portion of the surface; the first wavelength of light towards the outer coating; and detecting a second wavelength of light emitted from the outer coating.
4. 一种用于相变墨成像装置的供应系统,该供应系统包括:用于接收具有涂层的固体墨棒的墨装载器,该涂层包括至少一种固体墨合成物材料和至少一种颜料,该颜料吸收第一波长的光线并发射不同于第一波长的第二波长的光线,外涂层覆盖墨棒主体的外表面的至少一部分;墨装载器内的发射器,用于将第一波长的光线发射到墨装载器内的墨棒的涂层上; 用于检测第二波长的光线的检测器,第二波长的光线由涂层响应于该涂层吸收的第一波长的光线而发射;以及控制器,该控制器配置成根据所检测的第二波长的光线来识别有关墨棒的信息。 An ink supply system for a phase change imaging device, the supply system comprising: means for receiving solid ink sticks having a coating an ink loader, the coating comprises at least one solid material and at least one ink composition pigments, the pigment absorbing light of the first wavelength and a second emission wavelength different from the first wavelength light, the outer coating covering at least a portion of the outer surface of the ink stick body; a transmitter within the ink loader for The first wavelength of light emitted to the ink in the ink loader stick coating; for detecting the second wavelength light detector, a second wavelength of light from the coating in response to the first wavelength absorbed by the coating emit light; and a controller configured according to the detected second wavelength of light to identify the information about the ink stick.
Description  translated from Chinese

用于相变墨打印机的墨棒及其供应方法和供应系统技术领域 Field of ink sticks for phase change ink printer and supply method and supply systems

[0001] 本发明总体涉及一种相变喷墨打印机、一种用于这种喷墨打印机的固体墨棒以及用来制造这种墨棒的方法。 [0001] The present invention generally relates to a phase change ink jet printer, a method for ink jet printers and the solid ink stick to a method of manufacturing such an ink stick. 背景技术 Background

[0002] 固体墨或相变喷墨打印机传统上接收固体形式的墨,例如颗粒或墨棒的形式。 [0002] Solid ink or phase change ink jet printers have traditionally received ink in solid form, for example in the form of particles or ink stick. 固体墨颗粒或墨棒放置在供应滑槽内,并且供应机构将固体墨供应到加热器组件。 The solid ink pellets or ink sticks placed in the supply chute, and the solid ink supply mechanism is supplied to the heater assembly. 固体墨棒可以在加热器组件内通过重力供应或通过弹簧朝着加热器板压迫通过供应滑槽。 The solid ink sticks can be supplied by gravity in the assembly or by a spring towards the heater plate oppression through the supply chute. 加热器板将冲击在板上的固体墨熔化成液体,液体输送到打印头以便喷射在记录介质或中间转移表面上。 The impact plate heater plate melts the solid ink liquid, liquid to the print head for jetting onto a recording medium or intermediate transfer surface.

[0003] 用于彩色打印的相变墨通常包括与相变墨匹配着色剂组合的相变墨载体合成物。 Phase change ink [0003] for color printing typically comprise a phase change ink to match the phase change ink carrier composition colorant combinations. 彩色打印机通常使用四种颜色的墨(黄色、青色、洋红色和黑色)。 Color printers generally use four colors of ink (yellow, cyan, magenta and black). 这些彩色墨可通过使用单种颜料或颜料的混合物来形成。 These colored inks can be formed by using a single pigment or a mixture of pigments. 例如,洋红色可以通过使用Solvent Red Dye的混合物来获得,或者合成黑色可以通过混合多种颜料来获得。 For example, by using a mixture of magenta Solvent Red Dye to obtain, or composite black can be obtained by mixing a plurality of pigments. 适当的载体材料可包括石蜡、微晶蜡、 聚乙烯蜡、酯蜡、脂肪酸和其它蜡类材料、含有脂肪酰胺的材料、磺酰胺材料、由不同天然材料(例如塔罗油松香和松香脂)制成的树脂材料以及许多合成树脂、低聚物、聚合物和共聚物。 Suitable carrier materials can include paraffins, microcrystalline waxes, polyethylene waxes, ester waxes, fatty acids, waxes, and other materials, fatty amide containing materials, sulfonamide materials, different natural materials (e.g., tall oil rosins and rosin esters) resin material and many synthetic resins, oligomers, polymers and copolymers.

[0004] 每种颜色的墨棒经由相应的供应通道递送到熔化板。 [0004] Each color ink stick delivered to the melt plate via a corresponding supply channel. 键合板具有键合开口以有助于打印机的使用者确保只有具有适当形式和颜色的墨棒可以插入每个供应通道。 Bonded plate having an opening to facilitate user bonded printer ink sticks to ensure that only with appropriate forms and colors can be inserted into each of the supply channel. 键合板的每个键合开口具有独特形状。 Each bond plywood synthetic aperture has a unique shape. 具有对应于该供应通道的颜色的墨棒具有与接合开口的形状相对应的形状。 Corresponding to the color of the ink stick supply passage having a shape corresponding to the engaging opening shape. 除了具有用于该供应通道的适当颜色的墨棒之外,键合开口和相应的墨棒形状将从每个墨供应通道排除所有颜色的墨棒。 In addition to the color of the ink stick for adequate supply passage outside, bonding openings and corresponding ink stick shapes exclude from each ink supply channel ink sticks of all colors. 用于其它因素的独特键合形状也可用来防止不希望的墨棒不正确插入,包括形式和市场或地区价格差别。 For other factors unique bond shape can also be used to prevent unwanted ink stick is not inserted correctly, including price differences between forms and market or region.

[0005] 当前使用的墨棒通常使用成形容器和流动填充工艺来制造。 [0005] The current ink sticks typically use either molded container and flow to make the filling process. 在此方法中,合成颜料和载体合成物首先混合,并且接着被加热到液体状态并注入具有与所需成品墨棒形状相对应的内部形状的容器中。 In this method, the synthesis of the pigment and the carrier composition are first mixed, and is then heated to a liquid state and injected into the desired finished ink stick having a shape corresponding to the inner shape of the container. 结果是在室温下通常是具有蜡的密实性的固体或者半固体的墨棒。 The result is usually at room temperature, the density of wax having a solid or semi-solid ink sticks. 添加到墨合成物内的着色剂可以是颜料或染料或其组合,为了简单起见,将使用术语颜料。 Added to the colorant within the ink composition may be a pigment or a dye, or combinations thereof, for simplicity, will use the term pigment.

[0006] 但是即使具有键合结构,不正确的识别以及将墨棒装入不适当的供应通道可以造成问题。 [0006] However, even with the bond structure, incorrect identification, and the ink stick into the inadequate supply passage can cause problems. 例如,墨棒的不正确装载通常以两种方式之一出现,即将不正确颜色和形状的墨棒插入不正确的键合板内,或者将正确颜色的墨棒不正确地插入正确容座内。 For example, the ink stick incorrect loading typically occurs in one of two ways, will not correct the color and shape of the ink stick is inserted into the incorrect bonded board, or the right color ink sticks improperly inserted in the correct receptacle. 这种情况的一个原因在于墨棒浸满彩色颜料,打印机的使用者难以区分颜色。 One reason for this is that soaked color pigment ink stick, printer user difficult to distinguish colors. 特别是根据颜色或其它外观,难以区分青色、洋红色和黑色墨棒。 Especially in light of the color or other appearance, it is difficult to distinguish between cyan, magenta, and black ink sticks.

[0007] 此外,如果墨棒无意插入键合板的错误开口,或者如果正确墨棒在插入过程中不正确定向,墨棒可被损坏,并且小的墨碎片或颗粒可从墨棒主体上掉落。 [0007] In addition, if the ink stick inadvertently inserted bonded panels error opening, or if the correct ink stick in the insertion process is not properly oriented ink stick may be damaged and small pieces or particles of ink from the ink stick body falling . 因此,虽然墨棒的键合结构可以用来防止错误颜色的墨棒插入供应通道,墨棒的柔软外表面会被损坏,使得整个墨棒因此不能使用。 Thus, while the bonding structure of the ink sticks can be used to prevent false color ink stick into the supply channel, a soft outer surface of the ink sticks it can be damaged, making the ink sticks can not be used. 发明内容 DISCLOSURE

[0008] 提供一种用于相变墨成像装置的墨棒,相变墨装置具有墨棒供应系统。 [0008] to provide a phase change ink imaging device ink stick, ink device having a phase change ink stick supply system. 墨棒包括具有外表面的固体墨主体以及覆盖墨棒主体的外表面的至少一部分的感光外涂层。 Including solid ink ink stick body having an outer surface and an outer surface of the ink stick body covering sensitive outer coating on at least part of it.

[0009] 在另一方面,将墨棒供应到相变墨成像装置的墨装载器内的方法包括将墨棒插入相变墨成像装置的墨装载器。 [0009] In another aspect, the method of the ink supplied to the ink stick loader phase change ink imaging device comprises an ink stick in the insertion phase change ink loader ink imaging device. 墨棒具有外表面和覆盖外表面的至少一部分的感光外涂层。 The ink stick having an outer surface and an outer surface of the photosensitive covering at least a portion of the outer coating. 该方法包括将光线引导到外涂层上;以及将从外涂层反射的光信号。 The method includes directing light onto the overcoat; and an optical signal reflected from the outer coating.

[0010] 在另一方面,用于相变墨成像装置的供应系统,该供应系统包括用于接收具有感光涂层的固体墨棒的墨装载器。 [0010] In another aspect, an ink supply system for a phase change imaging device, the supply system includes means for receiving solid ink sticks having a photosensitive coating of an ink loader. 该系统包括位于墨装载器内并用于将光线发射到墨装载器内的墨棒的感光涂层上的发射器;以及用于检测从感光涂层反射的光信号的检测器。 The system includes an ink loader located within and for the light emitter to the emitter of the ink in the ink stick loader photosensitive coating; and means for detecting light reflected from the photosensitive coating signal detector. 控制器可以根据检测光信号操作以便确定与墨棒有关的可变控制信息。 The controller can be in order to determine the ink stick control information related to the variable operation based on the detection of the optical signal. 附图说明 Brief Description

[0011] 图1是相变打印机的透视图,其中打印机顶盖闭合; [0011] FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a phase change printer, wherein the printer cover is closed;

[0012] 图2是相变打印机的放大局部顶部透视图,其中墨进出盖开启,表示固体墨棒处于将被装载到供应通道的位置上; [0012] FIG. 2 is a phase change printer enlarged partial top perspective view of the ink out of the cover is open, showing a solid ink stick in the channel will be loaded into the supply position;

[0013] 图3是沿着图2的线3-3截取的固体墨供应系统的供应通道的侧视截面图; [0013] FIG. 3 along line in FIG. 2 is a side sectional view 3-3 of the solid ink supply path supply system;

[0014] 图4是固体墨棒的一个实施例的透视图; [0014] FIG. 4 is a perspective view of an embodiment of a solid ink stick;

[0015] 图5是固体墨棒的另一实施例的透视图; [0015] FIG. 5 is a perspective view of another solid ink stick embodiment;

[0016] 图6是图4的固体墨棒的顶部立视图; [0016] FIG. 6 is a top elevational view of FIG. 4, solid ink sticks;

[0017] 图7是另一固体墨棒的顶部立视图; [0017] FIG. 7 is another top elevation view of a solid ink stick;

[0018] 图8是另一固体墨棒的顶部立视图; [0018] FIG. 8 is a top elevational view of another solid ink sticks;

[0019] 图9是另一固体墨棒的顶部立视图; [0019] FIG. 9 is a top elevational view of another solid ink sticks;

[0020] 图10是用于检测感光涂层的荧光发射的荧光检测设备的示意图; [0020] FIG. 10 is a schematic view of a photosensitive coating for detecting fluorescence emitted fluorescence detection apparatus;

[0021] 图11是固体墨棒的另一实施例的透视图; [0021] FIG. 11 is a perspective view of another solid ink stick embodiment;

[0022] 图12是将外涂层施加在墨棒上的涂覆站的示意图; [0022] FIG. 12 is a schematic diagram of the applied coating station in the ink stick outer coating;

[0023] 图13是制造具有涂层的固体墨棒的方法的示例性实施例的流程图。 [0023] FIG. 13 is a flowchart of an exemplary embodiment of the manufacturing method of solid ink stick having a coating. 具体实施方式 DETAILED DESCRIPTION

[0024] 为了总体理解当前实施例,对于附图进行参考。 [0024] In order to understand this general embodiment, with reference to the accompanying drawings. 在附图中,类似的参考标号用来表示类似元件。 In the drawings, like reference numerals are used to denote like elements.

[0025] 图1表示包括具有顶表面12和侧表面14的外壳体的固体墨或相变墨打印机10。 [0025] Figure 1 shows a solid ink comprising a top surface 12 and side surfaces 14 of the outer housing or phase change ink printer 10. 例如前面板显示屏16的用户界面显示有关打印机状态以及用户指令的信息。 For example, the user interface front panel display 16 to display information about the printer status and user instructions. 按钮18或用于控制打印机操作的其它控制元件靠近用户界面窗口或者可以位于打印机上的其它位置处。 Button 18 or other control elements for controlling operation of the printer closer to the user interface window or may be located at other locations on the printer. 喷墨打印机构(未示出)容纳在壳体内。 Inkjet printing mechanism (not shown) housed in the housing. 墨供应系统将墨递送到打印机壳体。 Ink supply system ink delivered to the printer housing. 壳体的顶表面包括如图2所示的铰接的墨进出盖20,以便使得使用者接近墨供应系统。 The top surface of the housing comprises a hinge shown in FIG. 2, the ink access cover 20, so that the user close to the ink supply system.

[0026] 在所示的特定打印机中,墨进出盖20连接在墨装载连杆元件22上,使得在打印机进出盖20升高时,墨装载连杆22滑动并枢转到墨装载位置。 [0026] In the particular printer shown, the ink access cover 20 is connected to the ink load linkage element 22 so that the cap 20 rises out of the printer, the ink load linkage 22 slides and pivots to an ink load position. 如图2所示,开启墨进出盖露出具有键合开口24A-D的键合板26。 2, the ink access cover open to expose an opening having bonded 24A-D of the plate 26 is bonded. 每个键合开口24A、24B、24C、24D使得可以接近固体墨供应系统的多个单独供应通道^AJ8BJ8C、28D之一的插入端(见图2和3)。 Each bonding openings 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D such that a plurality of solid ink supply system may be close to a separate supply passage ^ AJ8BJ8C, 28D of the insertion end (see Figures 2 and 3).

[0027] 每个中心供应通道28A-D将具有特定颜色的墨棒30递送到相应熔化板32。 [0027] Each central supply channel 28A-D will have a particular color ink stick 30 delivered to the corresponding melt plate 32. 每个供应通道具有从供应通道的插入端到供应通道的熔化端的纵向供应方向。 Each supply channel having a longitudinal supply direction from the insertion end of the supply passage of the molten end of the supply channel. 供应通道的熔化端靠近熔化板。 The molten end of the supply channel near the melting plate. 熔化板将固体墨棒熔化成液体形式。 The solid ink stick melt plate melted liquid form. 熔化的墨经由供应通道的熔化端和熔化板之间的间隙33滴落,并进入液体墨储槽(未示出)。 Melted ink drips through a gap 33 the molten end of the supply channel and the melt plate and into a liquid ink reservoir (not shown).

[0028] 彩色打印机通常使用四种颜色的墨(黄色、青色、洋红色和黑色)。 [0028] The color printer typically uses four colors of ink (yellow, cyan, magenta and black). 每种颜色的墨棒30经由相应的一个供应通道28递送。 Each color ink stick 30 delivered via a corresponding one of the supply channel 28. 键合板的每个键合开口24A、24B、24C、24D具有独特形状。 Each bond plywood synthetic aperture 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D has a unique shape. 具有用于该供应通道的颜色的墨棒30具有与键合开口相对应的形状。 Have used the color of the ink stick supply passage 30 has a shape corresponding to the opening bond. 除了具有用于该供应通道的适当颜色的墨棒之外,键合开口和相应的墨棒形状将从每个墨供应通道排除所有颜色的墨棒。 In addition to the color of the ink stick for adequate supply passage outside, bonding openings and corresponding ink stick shapes exclude from each ink supply channel ink sticks of all colors.

[0029] 用于供应系统的示例性固体墨棒30表示在图4中。 [0029] Examples of solid ink sticks for the supply system 30 is shown in Figure 4. 所示的墨棒具有底表面52和顶表面54。 Ink stick shown having a bottom surface 52 and top surface 54. 所示的底表面和顶表面大致相互平行。 Bottom and top surfaces substantially parallel to each other as shown. 但是,墨棒主体表面不需要是平的,它们也不需要相互垂直或平行。 However, the surface of the ink stick body need not be flat, and they do not need to perpendicular or parallel to each other. 所示的实施例包括四个侧表面,包括两个端表面61、62和两个横向侧表面56。 The illustrated embodiment includes four side surfaces, including two lateral side surfaces 61, 62 and two end surfaces 56. 横向侧表面56大致相互平行,并且大致垂直于顶表面和底表面52、54。 Lateral side surface 56 substantially parallel to each other, and substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces 52, 54. 端表面61、62也基本上相互平行,或者大致垂直于顶表面和底表面,以及垂直于横向侧表面。 End surfaces 61, 62 are substantially parallel to each other, or substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces, and perpendicular to the lateral side surfaces. 墨棒构造成安装在供应通道的供应通道内,其中墨棒主体的两个横向侧表面56沿着供应通道的纵向供应方向定向。 Ink stick configured to be mounted within the supply passage supply passage, wherein the two lateral side surfaces 56 of the ink stick body oriented along the longitudinal direction of the supply of the supply passage.

[0030] 除了形成在固体墨棒内有助于键合和定向的结构之外,固体墨棒还包括施加在墨棒外表面的至少一部分上的外涂层或层,以便将所需性能赋予墨棒表面。 [0030] In addition to the formation and orientation contribute to bonding structure in the solid ink sticks outside, solid ink sticks also include applying an outer coating or layer on at least part of the outer surface of the ink stick, in order to impart the desired properties the ink stick surface. 涂层合成物可以是任何适用于处理墨棒表面并能够长于瞬时时间周期地保持在表面上的任何合成物。 The coating composition may be any composition suitable for the treatment of any of the ink stick surface and longer than the instantaneous time period can be maintained on the surface. 涂层还应该不与下面的相变墨材料反应,并且不应该与所使用的相变墨打印机不相容。 Coating also should not be below a phase change ink material response, and should not be incompatible with the phase change ink used in the printer. 用于施加涂层的适当方法包括浸渍、涂抹、滚压、喷射、冲压、包覆模制或一同挤压成形(下面更加详细描述)。 Suitable methods for applying coatings include dipping, painting, rolling, spraying, stamping, overmolding or extruded together (described in more detail below).

[0031] 在一个实施例中,外涂层是用于将耐用性和耐粘接、防水和防潮性能赋予墨棒的外表面的保护涂层。 [0031] In one embodiment, the outer coating is a protective coating for durability and resistance to adhesion, water and moisture resistant giving the outer surface of the ink stick. 保护涂层可以包括一层或多层的蜡。 Protective coating may comprise one or more layers of wax. 蜡可选自天然和合成蜡。 Wax selected from natural and synthetic waxes. 通常,这些蜡在环境温度下是固体的。 Typically, these waxes are solid at ambient temperature for. 蜡通常作为纯净固体供应或者以水状乳液或分散剂供应,或者可以是例如聚烯烃蜡、乙烯丙烯酸蜡的氧化高密度聚乙烯蜡;聚烯烃乙二醇蜡;硬脂酸盐蜡;酰胺蜡;例如石蜡和微晶的矿脂蜡;硅酮蜡;例如蒙旦蜡、聚丙烯蜡的矿蜡;棕榈蜡; 以及聚四氟乙烯蜡的碳氟化合物蜡。 Solid wax is typically supplied as a pure form or in a water supply emulsion or dispersing agents, or may be, for example a polyolefin wax, ethylene acrylic acid wax oxidized high density polyethylene waxes; polyolefin glycol waxes; stearate waxes; amide waxes ; such as paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax, petrolatum; silicone waxes; such as montan wax, polypropylene wax, mineral wax; carnauba wax; and polytetrafluoroethylene wax fluorocarbon wax. 蜡有利地在熔化状态下施加,以有助于施加和粘接的一致性,但是也可以作为粉末施加,并被加压和任选地加热,以便熔化蜡。 The wax is advantageously applied in the molten state, and the adhesive is applied to facilitate consistency, but may also be applied as a powder, and pressing and optionally heating, so as to melt the wax.

[0032] 涂层具有实现所需性能的任何所需厚度。 [0032] The coating of any desired thickness to achieve the desired performance. 被施加的涂层量可根据涂层薄膜的所需硬度、涂层材料的所需粘度、其它添加剂存在与否以及类似情况来变化。 The coating amount applied may vary depending on the hardness, the desired viscosity of the coating material desired coating film, the presence or absence of other additives, and the like to change. 另外,较厚和/或较硬的涂层可施加在固体墨棒的接收最大应力和磨损的表面区域上,例如墨棒的与供应通道的内表面接触的底表面和侧表面。 In addition, the thicker and / or hard coatings can be applied on receiving the maximum stress and wear of the surface area of solid ink sticks, such as bottom and side surfaces of the inner surface of the ink stick in contact with the supply channel. 在墨棒插入供应通道之后,进一步有助于保护墨棒,供应通道可涂覆相容的耐磨擦或耐磨损合成物。 After the ink stick into the supply channel, and further contribute to the protection of the ink stick, supply channel can be coated with compatible abrasion or wear-resistant composition.

[0033] 在固体墨棒上使用保护蜡涂层的优点在于墨棒的外表面或特定结构的改进刚度或强度,使得处理操作不太容易造成例如裂纹或碎片的损坏。 Advantages [0033] the use of protective wax coating on a solid ink stick is to improve the rigidity or strength of the outer surface of the ink stick or a specific structure, so that the processing operation is not likely to cause damage such as cracks or chips. 因此,将一种颜色的墨棒无意装载或试图装载到另一种颜色的供应通道或键合板内不太容易损坏墨棒。 Therefore, a color ink stick inadvertently loaded or attempting to load into another color is not easy in the supply channel or bonding plate damage the ink stick. 供应通道内的摩擦降低,并且因此墨棒在插入之后具有减小的卡住或堵塞的趋势。 Friction within the supply passage is reduced, and thus after inserting the ink stick stuck or clogged with a reduced tendency. 由于墨棒的表面更加刚性或刚硬,突出部和凹入部不太容易受到碎裂或裂纹的影响。 Since the surface of the ink stick more rigid or stiff, protruding portions and concave portion less susceptible to chipping or cracking. 此外,一旦产品离开工厂,墨棒的较硬外表面可保护墨棒不受到例如不正常的高湿度或温度的非典型环境条件的影响。 In addition, once the product leaves the factory, the outer surface of the ink stick harder to protect ink sticks such as the effects are not subject to abnormally high humidity or temperature atypical environmental conditions.

[0034] 其它的添加剂可存在于保护外涂层内以便改善墨棒的外表面的其它性能,例如彩色品质或色调。 [0034] Other additives may be present in the protective overcoat in order to improve other properties of the ink stick outer surface, such as a color or tone quality. 例如,在另一实施例中,外涂层可包括例如颜料增亮剂的添加剂,以便提供墨棒的外表面的活跃性和色调。 For example, in another embodiment, the outer coating may comprise additives such as a pigment brightening agents in order to provide active ink stick and the outer surface of the hue. 如上所述,青色、洋红色和黑色墨合成物会难以在固体形式下视觉区分。 As described above, cyan, magenta, and black ink composition in the solid form may be difficult to distinguish visually. 通过在固体形式下增强墨棒的外表面的颜色活跃性或色调,改善打印机使用者区分墨棒颜色的能力,从而不太容易不正确装载墨棒。 By color or hue enhanced activity in the solid ink stick form an outer surface, improving the color printer users the ability to differentiate ink sticks, which is not easy to not properly loaded ink stick. 颜料增亮剂和颜色增强合成物在本领域是公知的,并且可以使用与相变墨合成物和相变墨打印机相容的任何适当的颜料增亮剂或颜色增强添加剂。 Color brighteners and color enhancement compositions are well known in the art, and can be used with any suitable phase change brightening agents or color ink pigment composition and phase change ink printer compatible enhancing additives. 作为选择,颜色增强涂层可以作为分开的层施加在保护涂层的顶部或下侧。 Alternatively, the color-enhancing coating may be applied as a separate layer on top of the protective coating or lower side.

[0035] 作为提供包括不包括在相变墨合成物内的合成物的涂层的选择,外涂层可以包括从相变墨合成物本身选取的材料。 [0035] As provided include a phase change ink composition is not included within the composition of the coating of choice, the outer coating may comprise a phase change ink composition itself from the selected material. 在此实施例中,墨棒由相变墨合成物的材料的不完全混合物形成,使得在供应到墨装载器的熔化板之后在加热的液体状态下出现合成物的最终正确平衡地混合。 Example, ink stick is formed from a mixture of incomplete phase change ink composition of the material in this embodiment, so that after the ink is supplied to the melt plate loader appear correctly balanced mix final composition in a heated liquid state. 外涂层包括具有显示所需性能的相变墨合成物的至少一种材料。 The outer coating comprises at least one material having a phase change ink composition of the desired properties. 例如,外涂层可以包括例如蜡的具有硬度或低摩擦系数的性能的相变墨合成物的材料。 For example, the outer coating may comprise, for example having a low coefficient of friction properties or hardness of the material of the phase change ink composition of wax. 另外,用于相变墨合成物的任何着色剂可以结合到涂层内,使得外表面的颜色的色调或活跃性相对于完全混合的墨棒的外表面增强。 Further, for a phase change ink composition of any colorant may be incorporated into the coating, so that the color tone or the outer surface of the active phase for complete mixing of the outer surface of the ink stick enhanced.

[0036] 所选材料作为外涂层施加在包括其它墨棒合成物材料的墨棒上。 [0036] The selected material as the outer coating is applied to the composite material including other ink sticks ink stick. 因此,相变墨合成物的所有材料存在于墨棒中。 Thus, all materials phase change ink composition is present in the ink stick. 这种墨棒可以使用一同挤压成形或一同模制工艺或其它方法制造,包括前面列出的方法。 This ink sticks can be used in conjunction with extrusion or molding process or other methods of manufacturing, including the methods listed above. 分离或部分混合的墨棒材料的最终受控混合在墨棒供应到打印机的熔化板之后出现,并且外部和内部合成物熔化。 After the final separation of controlled or partially mixed mixing ink stick material supplied to the printer in ink stick melt plate appear, and external and internal composition melted. 熔化过程使得外涂层和墨棒的内部以及其它分层构造随后混合,使得在喷射在打印机鼓或打印衬底上形成适当的相变墨合成物。 Melting process so that the internal and external coatings and other hierarchical structure of the ink sticks are then mixed so that the jet on the printer drum, or print substrate is formed of a suitable phase change ink composition. 控制构成部分的混合和分离的优点在于可以增加被压入粘接或结合在一起的较大形式或较大块内的单独墨球或颗粒的粘接性。 Hybrid control components and advantages of the separation is that you can increase the adhesive is pressed into the adhesive or bound together in the form of large or larger individual ink pellets or granules within the block.

[0037] 所述的示例性涂层有利于提供具有如下所示的外表面的墨棒,该外表面具有增加耐用性、有助于在供应通道内运动的较低的摩擦和/或有助于打印机使用者视觉识别的增强的活跃性。 [0037] The exemplary coating in favor of providing the outer surface of the ink stick having shown below, the outer surface has increased durability, it helps lower friction movement within the supply channel and / or help printer user enhanced visual identification activity. 在另一实施例中,外涂层可以包括施加在墨棒的表面上的一种或多种颜色或染料。 In another embodiment, the outer coating may comprise applying one or more colors or dyes on the surface of the ink stick. 颜色或染料可以是任何公知的类型。 Colors or dyes may be of any known type. 特别是,颜色或染料适用于与所施加的相变墨合成物相容。 In particular, it applies to color or dye the applied phase change ink composition compatible. 传感器或光学涂层可以高度集中或者是可读取标记的形式,并且可以比例如喷涂物厚,以确保通过传感器视觉区分和识别。 Sensor or an optical coating may be highly concentrated form or tag can be read, and may be thicker than, for example spraying thereof, in order to ensure visually distinguishing and recognition by the sensor.

[0038] 在一个实施例中,包括颜料和/或染料的外涂层可通过线条、点或符号的编码图案(例如条形码)的形式施加在墨棒的外表面上。 [0038] In one embodiment, includes a pigment and / or dye can be prepared by coating the outer lines, dots or symbols coding pattern (e.g., a bar code) is applied to form the outer surface of the ink stick. 编码图案可以用来表示与特定墨棒相关的识别、授权和/或控制信息。 Coding pattern can be used to represent a particular ink stick relevant identification, authorization and / or control information. 编码图案或条形码可以通过使得光束扫过编码图案、读取线条、点和/或符号并将图案转换成识别、授权和/或控制信息的适当光学扫描器、或者通过墨在装载或供应过程中经过的固定光束或通过固定和运动光束的组合读取。 Coding pattern or bar code may be such that the beam sweeps coding pattern, read lines, points and / or symbols and converted into an appropriate optical scanner pattern identification, authorization and / or control information, or through the ink supply during the loading or After a fixed beam or read by a combination of fixed and motion of the beam.

[0039] 涂层可包括例如磁性墨或染料的磁性组分。 [0039] The coating may comprise magnetic components such as magnetic ink or dye. 磁性墨组分可包括任何适当的磁性墨材料,例如磁铁或磁性氧化铁。 Magnetic Ink components may include any suitable magnetic ink material, such as a magnet or a magnetic iron oxide. 磁性墨可用来对于特定墨棒相关的识别、授权和/或控制信息进行编码。 Magnetic ink can be used for a particular ink stick relevant identification, authorization and / or control information is encoded. 包括磁性编码信息的涂层施加在墨棒的外表面上,并且可以通过磁性墨读取器读取和解读,例如用来读取印刷在支票上的磁性墨。 Magnetically encoded information comprising a coating applied to the outer surface of the ink stick, and can be read by a magnetic read and interpret the ink, e.g., for reading printed in magnetic ink on the check.

[0040] 在另一实施例中,外涂层包括能够反射或发射可检测光信号的感光涂层。 [0040] In another embodiment, the outer coating comprises capable of reflecting or emitting a detectable signal is light sensitive coating. 例如,感光涂层可包括用于荧光、反射和/或吸收不同波长的光线以响应暴露于具有离散波长的光线的至少一种材料。 For example, the photosensitive coating may comprise fluorescence, reflection and / or absorption of different wavelengths of light in response to exposure to the material having at least one discrete wavelength of light. 如这里使用那样,离散波长可包括一个或多个不同的波长,以及一个或多个波长范围。 As used herein as discrete wavelengths may comprise one or more different wavelengths, and one or more wavelength ranges. 光信号可以多种方式通过适当装备的相变墨打印机使用,例如墨棒的识别和/或授权,或者在打印引擎内启动特定功能。 The optical signal can be a variety of ways by suitably equipped phase change ink printer uses, such as identifying the ink stick and / or authorized, or start a specific function within the print engine. 包括在感光/光敏涂层内的识别、授权或控制信息使用适当加密技术或编码而施加在墨棒的外表面上。 Including recognition in the sensitive / photosensitive coating, authorization or control information using appropriate encryption or coding is applied to the outer surface of the ink stick. 简单起见,术语发射、正在发射、被发射等可结合感光、光敏、交互作用、反射、发射、荧光或能够影响任何类型的光检测器的涂层或沉积物来使用。 For simplicity, the term transmitting, is transmitting, and so on can be combined to be transmitted sensitive, photosensitive, interaction, reflection, emission, fluorescence, or deposits or coatings can affect any type of photodetector used. 反射、吸收或这些术语的任何适当变型或类似术语可以类似方式使用。 Any suitable modification reflected, absorbed or these terms, or similar terms may be used in a similar manner.

[0041] 感光涂层可以设置成包括荧光或光吸收颜料和溶剂的涂层合成物。 [0041] The photosensitive coating can be set to include a fluorescent or light-absorbing pigment and a solvent coating composition. 如这里说明那样,“荧光颜料”指的是在第一波长下吸收光线并在第二波长下发射光线的颜料。 As described herein above, "fluorescent pigment" refers to absorption of light at a first wavelength and emit light at a second wavelength pigment. 荧光颜料包括一种或多种化学剂,这些化学剂不容易通过肉眼看见或看到,但是根据所使用的特定化学剂,在暴露于例如红外线或紫外线的适当刺激物时发出荧光。 Fluorescent pigment comprising one or more chemical agents, these chemical agents are not easily seen by the naked eye, or visible, but depending on the particular chemical employed, fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet light, such as infrared or appropriate stimulus. 可以使用任何适当的溶剂。 You can use any suitable solvent. 合成物可另外包括添加剂、稳定剂和包括墨、色粉和类似物的其它传统成分。 Composition may additionally include additives, stabilizers and other conventional ingredients including ink, toner and the like. 在某些实施例中,例如聚乙烯醇的多种漆或添加剂可添加到感光涂层合成物中,以便减小颜料吸收到墨棒内,并且确保颜料保持在墨棒的表面上。 In certain embodiments, e.g., polyvinyl alcohol or various paint additives may be added to the photosensitive coating composition in order to reduce the absorption of the pigment into the ink stick, and ensure that the pigment remains on the surface of the ink stick. 包括在感光涂层内的荧光颜料和溶剂的数量应该足以在溶剂完全从中蒸发之后在墨棒表面上留下颜料的细微残留物。 Including the number of fluorescent pigments and solvents in the photosensitive coating should be sufficient to complete after which the solvent evaporated to leave fine pigment residue on the surface of the ink stick. 合成物最初最为薄膜施加。 The most original film composition is applied. 足够的颜料可存在于表面上,使得感光涂层的荧光响应容易在通过例如红外线或紫外线的适当刺激物照射时容易看到,而不与可见光谱内再现的颜色干涉。 Sufficient pigment may be present on the surface, so that the fluorescence response of the photosensitive coating readily when a suitable stimulus e.g., by infrared rays or ultraviolet rays easily see, without the visible spectrum and the interference color reproduction.

[0042] 感光涂层可以包括在离散波长下发出荧光的一种或多种荧光颜料或者在一定波长或波长范围下吸收光线的光吸收颜料,并且可以包括用作结合剂和/或稀释剂的墨合成物元素或其它材料。 [0042] The photosensitive coating may comprise one or more fluoresces under fluorescent pigment dispersion wavelength or at a certain wavelength or wavelength range of light absorbed by the light absorbing pigment, and may include use as binding agent and / or diluent ink composition elements or other material. 在一个或多个标记发出荧光、在公知或离散波长下反射或吸收光线时, 每个标记的输出光可以被检测,并且标记的存在与否通过检测特定波长的光的传感器确定。 In one or more markers fluoresce when under known or discrete wavelengths of light reflected or absorbed, marking each output light can be detected, and marked by detecting the presence or absence of a specific wavelength of light sensor OK. 这种用于检测光线波长的传感器是公知的。 This sensor is used to detect the wavelength of light is well known.

[0043] 参考图10,荧光的检测或类似波长设备150可包括用于将一个或多个刺激射线或激光射束158发射到感光涂层(未示出)上的一个或多个激光二极管或阵列154以及用于在通过激光射束158激励时检测从感光涂层内的荧光颜料中释放的荧光发射物164的一个或多个光电检测器或阵列160。 [0043] Referring to Figure 10, fluorescence wavelength detection device 150 or the like may include one or more stimulating rays or laser beam 158 emitted to the photosensitive coating (not shown) on one or more laser diodes or array 154, and for detecting fluorescence released from the fluorescent pigment in the photosensitive coating within the excitation laser beam 158 emitted was 164, one or more photodetectors or an array 160. 控制器168控制激光二极管输出IM并且接收包括通过光电检测器阵列160检测的荧光发射物的波长的输入。 The controller 168 controls the output of the laser diode and IM received by the photodetector array comprises 160 detects fluorescent emission wavelength was input. 一旦墨棒插入打印机,激光二极管巧4 和光电检测器160可沿着墨棒30所跟随的供应路径位于任何地方。 Once the ink stick into the printer, laser diodes and photodetectors clever 4 160 may be located anywhere along the ink supply rod 30 to follow the path. 例如,如图10所示,激光二极管1和光电检测器160可在靠近插入端的区域内位于打印机的供应通道观内,以便能够在墨棒30到达熔化板32和间隙33之前检测荧光发射物。 For example, as shown in FIG. 10, in the laser diode 1 and photodetector 160 may be located near the insertion end of the printer in the area of the supply channel concept to be able to reach 30 in the ink stick melt plate 32 and the gap detecting fluorescence emission was 33 before. 如果需要,设备150可包括用于消除或减小不希望的辐射的光学纤维以及适用于被记录特定编码图案的任何图案识别回路。 If desired, device 150 may comprise for eliminating or reducing the undesirable radiation optical fiber and adapted to be recorded on a particular coding circuit pattern is any pattern recognition.

[0044] 再次参考图10,作为荧光检测设备的操作实例,墨棒30包括指示墨棒30是青色墨棒的感光涂层(未示出)。 [0044] Referring again to FIG. 10, as an operational example fluorescence detection equipment, ink stick 30 includes an indication of the cyan ink stick 30 is a photosensitive ink stick coating (not shown). 一旦插入供应通道观,用于特定供应通道的控制器荧光检测设备150造成激光二极管阵列巧4将激励射线158发射到感光涂层上,造成标记内的一种或多种荧光颜料发出荧光。 Once inserted into the supply channel concept, a controller for a particular supply channel fluorescence detection device 150 causes the laser diode array 4 will inspire clever ray 158 emitted onto the photosensitive coating, resulting in one or more fluorescent pigments tags fluoresce. 光电检测器阵列160检测颜料的荧光发射物的波长。 The photodetector array 160 pigments fluorescence emission was detected wavelength. 控制168从光电检测器160接收波长信息,并且将波长信息与参考波长表相比较,以便收集有关墨棒30的另外信息。 Wavelength 160 receives control information 168 from the photodetector, and the wavelength information is compared with the reference wavelength appearances, to gather additional information about the ink stick 30. 例如,被收集的信息可指出墨棒的颜色(在此实例中是青色),或者指出墨棒所用的打印机的模式。 For example, the collected information can indicate the color of the ink stick (in this example, cyan), or indicate the use of printer ink stick model. 如果荧光检测设备位于用于黑色墨的供应通道,并且从发射光线确定当前的墨棒是青色墨棒,控制器168可接着将指示打印操作应该停止或暂停的信号发送到打印机控制器(未示出)。 If the fluorescence detection device is located for the black ink supply path, and the emitted light is determined from the current ink sticks cyan ink sticks, the controller 168 may then instruct the printing operation should be stopped or suspended signal is sent to the printer controller (not shown out). 另外,在打印机的界面上为使用者显示指示不正确颜色的墨棒插入黑色墨供应通道的讯息。 In addition, the user interface on the printer display indicates an incorrect message color ink stick into the black ink supply passage. 此外,如果荧光检测设备150确定墨棒30针对打印机的不同型号来制造,控制器168再次发送指示打印操作应该停止或暂停的信号,并且在打印机的用户界面上为使用者显示指示不正确型号的墨棒插入供应通道的讯息。 In addition, the fluorescence detection device 150 to determine if the ink stick 30 different models of printers manufactured, the controller 168 sends an instruction to print the operation again should stop or pause the signal and display indicator is incorrect model for the user on the user interface of the printer ink stick into the feed channel message.

[0045] 可以使用光激励的多个波长,包括红外线、可见光和紫外线或其组合的多个波长。 [0045] You can use multiple excitation wavelengths, including infrared, visible and ultraviolet light, or a combination of a plurality of wavelengths. 可以使用单种荧光颜料或者吸收并发射不同波长的颜料的组合。 You can use a single fluorescent pigment or a combination of absorption and emission wavelengths of different pigments. 在两种或多种颜料的情况下,不同颜料可在墨棒上施加在不同位置上。 In the case of two or more pigments, different pigments can be applied to the ink stick at a different location. 不同波长的颜料以及颜料的位置形成传感器输出信号的图案,从而收集有关墨棒的另外的信息。 Patterns of different wavelengths forming a pigment and a pigment position sensor output signal, to collect additional information about the ink stick. 此信息可接着通过控制器168进一步处理。 This information may then be further processed by the controller 168. 例如,控制器可将光电检测器160检测的荧光波长与存储在例如表格的数据结构内的数据比较。 For example, the controller may compare the data detected by the photodetector 160 and the fluorescence wavelength, for example a table stored in the data structure. 存储在数据结构内的数据可与具有相关信息的多个波长相对应。 The data stored in the data structure may correspond to a plurality of wavelengths having associated information. “相关信息” 可包括墨棒识别和授权信息。 "Related Information" may include an ink stick identification and authorization information. 可以包括用于打印机的多种类型的指令信息。 It may include a plurality of types of instruction information of the printer. 这些功能可以通过所得的信息来启动或控制。 These functions can be obtained information to the start or control.

[0046] 在一个实施例中,感光涂层可以均勻隔开的图案施加在墨棒的外表面上。 [0046] In one embodiment, the photosensitive coating may be applied in a pattern of uniformly spaced on the outer surface of the ink stick. 以阵列或其它图案的形式间断施加标记的一个优点在于通过将经过传感器的墨质量的速度与成像期间消耗的理论墨质量比较,可以确定墨消耗。 One advantage in the form of an array or other pattern of intermittent marking is applied by the mass of the ink through the ink theoretical mass consumed during the imaging speed sensor comparison, it can determine ink consumption. 不是针对整个墨棒记录墨消耗,标记可以检测墨棒的一部分。 Not recording ink consumption for the entire ink stick, ink stick markers can detect part of. 例如,如图11所示,沿着墨棒的侧表面从导前端到拖尾端放置的均勻隔开的标记170(为了清楚起见可以看见)可以用作墨消耗的指示器。 E.g., 11, along the side surfaces of the ink sticks from the leading end to the trailing end placed evenly spaced markers 170 (visible for clarity) can be used as an indicator of the consumption of the ink. 位于供应通道内的传感器在其经过时检测标记,并且此信息可被打印机利用,以便确定已经消耗的墨棒的大致数量。 Located within the supply passage detection sensor marks when it passes the printer and this information can be utilized to determine the approximate number of ink sticks have been consumed. 例如,打印机可以确定消耗的墨数量,或者对于沿着侧面具有10个均勻隔开的标记的墨棒来说,确定该数量保持在0. 1墨单位内。 For example, you can determine the number of printer ink consumption, or along the sides of the ink stick has 10 evenly spaced markers, it is determined that the amount of ink remains within 0.1 units.

[0047] 将不可见的颜料施加在形成为墨棒表面上的键合结构的一个或多个凹口内有助于在墨棒表面内限定标记的位置。 [0047] will not be visible in the form of paint applied to a bonding structure on the surface of the ink stick or more notches help define markers in the ink stick surface location. 凹口可用作边界,以便在溶剂蒸发时防止颜料不希望地蔓延到凹口以外的区域。 The recess may be used as the border, in order to prevent the pigment undesirably spread to the area outside the recess when the solvent was evaporated. 另外,将颜料施加在墨棒上的凹入区域内可保护颜料在处理过程中不被摩擦或刮掉。 In addition, the pigment can be applied within the recessed area to protect the pigment ink stick being rubbed or scraped off during processing.

[0048] 感光涂层可以和键合、定向和对准结构结合使用。 [0048] sensitive coating can be combined and bonded, orientation and alignment structures. 这些光学和机械键合信息的组合提供识别墨棒的多种机构。 The combination of optical and mechanical bonding mechanism offers a variety of information identifying the ink stick. 作为选择,用于识别和/或授权目的的感光涂层可用作键合结构的选择。 Alternatively, a photosensitive coating for identification and / or authorization purposes as a selection bonded structure. 形成没有键合结构或具有不太复杂结构的墨棒简化制造过程,这是由于基本上所有墨棒可形成一致的形状,而不考虑颜色和/或打印机类型,不需要特殊的设备在墨棒内形成识别结构。 No bond is formed or an ink stick structure to simplify the manufacturing process less complex structure, which is due to substantially all of the ink stick uniform shape can be formed, regardless of color and / or printer type, without special equipment and ink stick Recognition in the form structure.

[0049] 在另一实施例中,感光涂层可包括施加在墨棒表面上并能够反射独特的光信号的材料。 [0049] In another embodiment, the photosensitive coating may include applied on the surface of the ink stick and can reflect the unique material embodiment of the optical signal. 该材料以薄、大致不可见的涂层形式施加。 The material is thin, the coating is applied in the form of a substantially invisible. 适当的材料是例如金、银、铝、钼、镍的金属或能够反射光线的合金。 Suitable materials are, for example gold, silver, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel metal or alloy capable of reflecting light. 被施加的材料可以有利地用于具有吸收表面的墨棒上。 Material is applied can be advantageously used for the ink stick with the absorption surface. 荧光颜料和一种或多种材料的组合可用来对一系列反射和荧光标记进行编码,该标记可以被检测和解码,以便识别有关墨棒的另外信息。 A combination of a fluorescent pigment and one or more materials may be used to mark a series of reflectance and fluorescence encode the tag can be detected and decoded to identify additional information about the ink stick.

[0050] 所述的保护、增强彩色以及感光的涂层可以组合到单个涂层内。 Protection of [0050], wherein the light-sensitive coating and to enhance the color may be combined into a single layer. 作为选择,每个涂层可单独作为单个涂层使用,或者与多层的保护、增强彩色以及感光的涂层内的其它涂层结合使用。 Alternatively, each may be used alone as a single coating using a coating, or the multi-layer protective, color enhancement and other coatings within the photosensitive coating used in combination. 多个涂层是施加在涂层可用来为墨棒的外表面提供不同于内部合成物的性能的地方。 Multiple coatings are applied to the coating can be used to provide the outer surface of the ink stick is different from the internal composition of the performance of the place. 具有在施加感光涂层之前施加的保护涂层的固体墨棒提供稳定的非吸收表面,以便感光涂层的施加。 Before applying a protective coating is applied to the photosensitive coating of solid ink sticks provide stable non-absorbent surface, so that the photosensitive coating is applied. 作为选择,感光涂层可在施加保护涂层之前施加,使得感光涂层的不可见颜料或材料以及墨棒主体通过保护涂层保护。 Alternatively, the light-sensitive coating can be applied before applying a protective coating, so that the photosensitive coating of paint or material and invisible ink stick body is protected by a protective coating.

[0051] 现在参考图12,表示可以操作以便将涂层施加在固体墨棒30上的涂覆系统100的顶视图的示例性示意图。 [0051] Referring now to FIG. 12, the operation that can be applied to an exemplary schematic on the solid ink stick coating system 30 100 Top view of a coating. 在示例性实施例中,涂覆系统100包括涂覆站104和传送器108。 In an exemplary embodiment, the coating system 100 includes a coating station 104 and transmitter 108. 传送器108包括用于将一个或多个墨棒运动通过站104的一个或多个传送器带。 Transmitter 108 comprises one or more of the ink stick moves through a station 104 or more conveyor belt. 任何适当的装置或方法可用来将墨棒运动通过喷涂站。 Any suitable device or method may be used to move through the ink stick spray station. 传送器108可以是包括以下分开的传送器带的传送系统(未示出)的一部分,从而在墨棒制造过程中形成从站到站的连续路径。 Transmitter 108 may include the following separate conveyor belt transport system (not shown) as part of a continuous path from station to station so that the formation of the ink stick manufacturing process.

[0052] 在一个实施例中,涂覆站104包括喷涂站。 [0052] In one embodiment, the coating station 104 comprises a spray station. 喷涂站104包括具有经由供应导管118 连接到含有所需涂层合成物124的涂覆储槽120上的至少一个喷嘴114的喷涂腔室110。 Spray station 104 comprises a coating composition containing the desired connection 124 to the coating reservoir 120. The at least one nozzle 118 via conduit 114 is supply chamber 110 spray. 喷涂站104还包括用于在喷涂腔室110内从喷嘴114喷射的涂层合成物124的流动和喷射图案。 Further comprising means for spraying station 104 within the spray chamber 110 from the injection nozzle 114 and flow of the coating composition spray pattern 124. 控制器1可以是进行编程以便供应一致数量和/或特殊图案的涂层合成物1从而喷射到墨棒30上的计算机或微型处理器。 1 controller can be programmed to supply match the quantity and / or the coating composition in a specific pattern of 1 to eject to a computer or microprocessor 30 on the ink stick.

[0053] 表示出两个喷射喷嘴114,但是可以使用喷嘴的任何适当数量和配置。 [0053] shows two injection nozzles 114, but you can use any suitable number of nozzles and configuration. 可以使用能够喷射涂层合成物124的任何类型的喷射喷嘴。 Spray coating can be used for any type of composition 124 of the injection nozzle. 在使用蜡涂层时,涂层有利地在熔化状态下施加,以有助于施加和粘接的一致性。 When using wax coating, the coating is advantageously applied in the molten state, and the adhesive is applied to facilitate consistency. 因此,在施加熔化蜡涂层的实施例中,喷射喷嘴可以与熔化蜡相容。 Accordingly, in the embodiment is applied to melt the wax coating, spray nozzles may be compatible with the melted wax. 涂覆储槽120可包括热元件(未示出),以便控制涂层合成物在储槽内时的温度。 Coating reservoir 120 may include a heating element (not shown), in order to control the temperature at the time the coating composition sump. 例如,如果涂层合成物是例如蜡的热熔合成物,储槽120的热元件将涂层合成物124保持在熔化或液体状态下,以便热喷涂在墨棒30上。 For example, if the coating composition is an example of a hot melt wax composition, tank heating element 120. The coating composition 124 maintained in a molten or liquid state for thermal spraying on the ink stick 30.

[0054] 在图12的实施例中,喷涂腔室110内的喷嘴114配置成在墨棒30经过腔室110 时朝着位于传送器108上的墨棒喷射涂层合成物124。 [0054] In an embodiment of FIG. 12, the nozzle spray chamber 110 within 114 arranged in the ink stick 30 passes through the chamber 110 on the conveyor 108 is located toward the ink stick spray coating composition 124. 喷嘴114可以在喷射腔室内位于固定位置上。 Spray nozzles 114 may be located in a fixed position in the chamber. 作为选择,喷嘴114可包括位置控制器、机器人臂和/或致动器(未示出),以便相对于喷射腔室的内部运动。 Alternatively, the nozzle 114 may include a position controller, the robotic arm and / or actuator (not shown), so that with respect to the injection chamber internal motion. 从喷嘴114到喷射腔室内的传送器带上的墨棒30的距离可以是通过非限制性因素确定的任何适当的距离,例如所使用涂层的类型、涂层合成物的温度以及喷射喷嘴的类型。 Any suitable distance from the injection nozzle 114 to the conveyor belt chamber 30 from the ink stick may be determined by way of non-limiting factors, such as the type of coating used, the temperature of the coating composition and the injection nozzle type. 喷嘴相对于传送器以及相对于传送器108上的墨棒的高度位置可以调节。 Nozzle with respect to the conveyor and with respect to the height of the ink stick transmitter 108 can be adjusted. 涂层施加可以按照与所使用的特定涂层相关的要求优化。 Coatings may be applied in accordance with the particular coating used to optimize the requirements associated. 通常,喷射喷嘴114可以在墨棒的外表面之上的大约一英寸的位置上,以便确保蜡保持熔化,直到接触表面为止。 Typically, the injection nozzle 114 may be about one inch above the outer surface of the position of the ink stick, in order to ensure holding melted wax until surface contact.

[0055] 在使用中,墨棒30在箭头P的方向上被传送到喷射腔室110内,其中它们紧密邻接地通过喷射喷嘴114。 [0055] In use, ink stick 30 in the direction of arrow P conveyed to the ejection chamber 110, where they are immediately adjacent to the injection nozzle 114 through. 涂层合成物IM经由喷嘴114喷射,使其在经过腔室110时冲击每个墨棒30的外表面,适当每个墨棒30的外表面的至少一部分覆盖湿的涂层。 Coating compositions IM injection via the nozzle 114, so that the outer surface 30 of each ink stick passes the impact chamber 110, each ink stick appropriate wet coating covering at least a portion of the outer surface 30. 在一个实施例中,喷射腔室110可连接在沿着传送器108运动的支承件上,使得喷嘴114在涂覆过程中跟随墨棒的运动。 In one embodiment, the injection chamber 110 can be connected to the support member 108 along the conveyor movement, so that the nozzle 114 to follow the movement of the ink stick during the coating process. 作为选择,喷嘴114可以随着墨棒的运动而运动,同时位于喷射腔室110内。 Alternatively, the nozzle 114 can with the movement of the ink stick and movement, while located within the injection chamber 110. 在任何情况下,一旦一定量的涂层合成物喷射在墨棒上,停止墨棒的涂覆。 In any case, once a certain amount of coating composition sprayed on the ink stick, ink stick coating stops. 喷射腔室110或喷嘴114接着返回到其初始位置,等待随后的一个或多个墨棒在喷射腔室114内运动就位。 The injection nozzle chamber 110 or 114 then returns to its initial position, waiting for the next one or a plurality of ink ejection rod movement within the chamber 114 in place. 作为选择,墨棒在传送器108上的连续运动可以在喷射操作过程中临时停止,在这种情况下不需要喷射腔室或喷嘴的运动。 Alternatively, the ink stick continuous movement on a conveyor 108 may be temporarily stopped during the spraying operation, in which case no ejection chamber or nozzle movement.

[0056] 来自于喷嘴114的喷射可以至少部分通过喷嘴排出孔口(未示出)的几何形状来构造或成形。 [0056] from the nozzle 114 may be at least partially through the nozzle discharge orifice (not shown) is constructed or shaped geometry. 因此,垂直和/或水平窄小射流可以通过具有小垂直和/或水平尺寸的喷嘴形成,并且相反,垂直和/或水平宽大射流可以通过具有大垂直和/或水平尺寸的喷嘴形成。 Therefore, the vertical and / or horizontal narrow jet by a nozzle with a small vertical and / or horizontal dimension of the formation, and contrast, vertical and / or horizontal large jet by a nozzle having a large vertical and / or horizontal dimensions of formation. 因此,通过控制一个或多个喷嘴的运动以及喷嘴排出孔口的几何形状,涂层可以例如条形码的图案施加。 Thus, by controlling the movement of one or more nozzles and a nozzle discharge orifice geometry, the coating may be applied such as a bar code pattern.

[0057] 已经强调了喷射涂层过程,但是将一层、多层或涂层或外部涂层施加在固体墨棒的至少一个表面的至少一部分上可以通过任何适当方法来实现,包括浸渍、滚压、溅射、冲压、液滴、一同挤压成形和类似方法。 [0057] the spray coating process has been emphasized, it will be one, or a multi-layer coating or external coating is applied on at least a portion of at least one surface of the solid ink stick may be achieved by any suitable method, including dipping, roller pressure, sputtering, stamping, droplets, with extrusion and the like. 例如,在一个实施例中,涂层合成物可通过使用任何适当设备抓握墨棒并将衬底浸入涂层合成物池中来施加。 For example, in one embodiment, the coating composition can be grasped by an ink stick coating composition and the substrate is immersed in the pool to be applied using any suitable device. 作为选择,涂层可以通过将其一个表面上载有涂层合成物的冲压元件或涂层施加器受压与墨棒的外表面接触来施加。 Alternatively, the coating can be obtained by carrying element coating composition or coating of the press under pressure and the ink applicator rod is applied on the outer surface thereof contacting one surface.

[0058] 在某些实施例中,根据所使用的涂层材料,涂层材料不需要在涂层施加之后固化或干燥。 [0058] In certain embodiments, depending on the coating material used, does not require curing or drying the coating material after the coating is applied. 因此,在墨棒30从喷射腔室110取出之后,传送器系统108可将墨棒30传送到干燥站130以便干燥或固化涂层材料。 Therefore, after the ink stick 30 is removed from the injection chamber 110, the conveyor system 108 can be transferred to the ink sticks 30 drying station 130 to dry or cure the coating material. 如本领域普通技术人员理解那样,干燥器130被选择成与涂层材料以及将其施加其上的相变墨材料的热量和湿度要求相对应。 As one of ordinary skill in understanding that the dryer 130 is selected to the coating material, and its phase change ink material which is applied on the heat and humidity requirements, respectively. 辐射热量、强力热空气、微波干燥器及其组合是可以得到的类型。 Radiant heat, strong hot air, microwave dryers and combinations thereof are types can be obtained. 根据所选择的干燥器130的类型,一个或多个传送器和其它设备需要将墨棒传送到干燥器130内或离开干燥器130。 Depending on the type of dryer 130 chosen, one or more conveyors and other equipment needed to transfer ink sticks into the dryer 130 or 130 leaving the dryer.

[0059] 另外,预热站(未示出)可放置在涂覆站之前,以便将墨棒预热到环境温度以上的温度,但是在墨材料的熔化温度以下。 [0059] In addition, the preheating station (not shown) can be placed before the coating station, so that the ink stick is preheated to a temperature above ambient temperature, but below the melting temperature of the ink material. 在某些实施例中,在涂覆之前预热墨棒的外表面有利于涂覆材料粘接到墨棒上。 In some embodiments, preheating before coating the outer surface of the ink stick in favor of the coating material is bonded to the ink stick.

[0060] 图13是说明制造具有涂层的固体墨的方法的示例性的实施例的流程图。 [0060] FIG. 13 is a flowchart illustrating an exemplary embodiment of the coated solid ink manufacturing method. 该方法包括将固体墨棒传送到涂覆站(方框400)。 The method includes transferring solid ink sticks to the coating station (block 400). 涂层接着在涂覆站(方框404)施加在墨棒主体的外表面的至少一部分上。 Followed by coating the coating station (block 404) is applied on at least a portion of the outer surface of the ink stick body. 该方法还包括在施加外涂层之前,选择外涂层,使得外涂层包括能够发射独特光信号的感光涂层(方框408)。 The method further includes prior to applying the overcoat, the overcoat selection, so that the outer coating includes a unique optical signal capable of transmitting a photosensitive coating (block 408). 同样选择将被覆盖的一个或多个区域或图案。 The same selection will be covered by one or more regions or pattern. 感光涂层可被选择成使得涂层的光信号包括用于固体墨棒的识别信息(方框410)。 Photosensitive coating may be selected such that the coating of the optical signal includes a solid ink stick for identification information (block 410). 在某些实施例中,保护涂层可接着施加在感光涂层上,以便保护感光涂层不在处理过程中被摩擦或刮掉。 In some embodiments, the protective coating may then be applied to the photosensitive coating to protect sensitive coating process not be rubbed or scraped off.

[0061] 在某些实施例中,施加外涂层包括将外涂层施加在墨棒的外表面的部分上(方框414)。 [0061] In certain embodiments, the overcoat layer comprises applying an outer coating applied on (block 414) portion of the outer surface of the ink stick. 作为选择,施加外涂层包括抓握墨棒(方框418)并且将墨棒的外表面的至少一部分浸入涂层合成物池中(方框420)。 Alternatively, the outer coating comprises applying an ink stick grip (block 418) and at least a portion of the outer surface of the pool immersed in the coating composition of the ink stick (block 420). 在又一实施例中,施加外涂层包括使用冲压元件将外涂层冲压在墨棒的外表面的至少一部分上(方框424)。 In yet another embodiment, the outer coating is applied using the press comprises a pressing element in at least a portion of the outer coating of the outer surface of the ink stick (block 424).

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