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Publication numberCN100424166 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200380106521
PCT numberPCT/US2003/040518
Publication date8 Oct 2008
Filing date19 Dec 2003
Priority date20 Dec 2002
Also published asCA2507960A1, CA2507960C, CA2508000A1, CA2508001A1, CA2508070A1, CA2508113A1, CA2508113C, CA2508323A1, CA2508323C, CA2508370A1, CA2511032A1, CA2974221A1, CN1726275A, CN1726386A, CN1955711A, CN100472197C, EP1572979A1, EP1572979A4, EP1573297A1, EP1573311A2, EP1573311A4, EP1573312A2, EP1573312A4, EP1573408A2, EP1573408A4, EP1576376A2, EP1576376A4, EP1579190A1, EP1579190A4, EP1579194A2, EP1579194A4, US7400983, US7648678, US7758809, US7937228, US7960178, US8216512, US8257968, US8298815, US8386195, US8394635, US8529836, US8663978, US8673642, US8784735, US8788217, US8969086, US9040284, US9229016, US9599630, US9778273, US20040266015, US20050064535, US20060045806, US20060046298, US20060063265, US20060085140, US20060088928, US20060088940, US20060172426, US20080241876, US20100081167, US20110167930, US20110269238, US20120310422, US20130029409, US20130084567, US20130203103, US20130217108, US20130330252, US20140038232, US20140186218, US20140234170, US20140286838, US20140356935, US20160084862, WO2004057307A1, WO2004058404A2, WO2004058404A3, WO2004058950A1, WO2004059284A2, WO2004059284A3, WO2004059287A2, WO2004059287A3, WO2004059288A2, WO2004059288A3, WO2004059297A1, WO2004059441A2, WO2004059441A3
Publication number200380106521.5, CN 100424166 C, CN 100424166C, CN 200380106521, CN-C-100424166, CN100424166 C, CN100424166C, CN200380106521, CN200380106521.5, PCT/2003/40518, PCT/US/2003/040518, PCT/US/2003/40518, PCT/US/3/040518, PCT/US/3/40518, PCT/US2003/040518, PCT/US2003/40518, PCT/US2003040518, PCT/US200340518, PCT/US3/040518, PCT/US3/40518, PCT/US3040518, PCT/US340518
Inventors克里斯托弗·布坎南, 戈登·法因格尔德, 约翰·法武齐, 道格·斯威特, 马克·基, 鲍勃·莱思罗普
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Method and apparatus for auto-dyeing of tissue slides
CN 100424166 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明涉及一种组织样品染色装置(1)。 The present invention relates to a tissue sample dyeing device (1). 所述装置(1)包括试剂区域(2)或试剂容器(3);至少一个染色区域或组织样品;可将试剂移到预定组织样品中的机器人头(22)或机器人部件(20),所述机器人部件(20)可以在试剂和染色区域的上方移动;可以管理染色过程的控制部件(85);用来检测相关特性的二维图像数据并将所捕获的图像数据馈送到控制部件(85)的2-D光学传感器。 The device (1) comprises a reagent zone (2) or the reagent container (3); at least one dye area or tissue sample; reagent can be moved to a predetermined tissue sample robot head (22) or robot member (20), the said robot member (20) can be moved over the stained area and the reagent; dyeing process can manage control means (85); correlation characteristics for detecting two-dimensional image data and captured image data supplied to the control means (85 ) a 2-D optical sensor. 通过提供具有2-D光学传感器(86)的机器人部件(20),可提供具有多功能的公共图像处理器。 By providing the robot member (20) having a 2-D optical sensor (86), Public multifunctional image processor. 通过采用2-D光学图像处理系统,装置的控制系统可容易地适合读取多种类型的数据表达形式,从而可以识别装置部分的实际图像,以便估计装置的状况。 By using 2-D optical image processing system, the control system of the apparatus can be readily adapted to read data in the form of various types of expression, which can identify the portion of the actual image device, in order to estimate the device status. 光学传感器用来自动识别装置中存在的载玻片和试剂容器,因此光学传感器可用于检查载玻片是否从载玻片位置错位或缺失等。 The optical sensor is used to automatically identify the slides and reagent present in the container means so the optical sensor can be used to check whether the slides from the slide glass misplaced or missing location.
Claims(32)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种自动染色装置(1),包括: 一个工作区,用于接收至少一个试剂容器(3)和至少一个样品; 适合在所述的工作区内活动的机器人部件(20);和所述机器人部件响应的控制部件;其特征在于: 为了对所述自动染色装置(1)中的至少一个部件进行二维成像而配置的图像捕获二维光学传感器(86)。 An automatic staining apparatus (1), comprising: a working area for receiving at least one reagent container (3) and at least one sample; means suitable for the robot workspace activity (20); and the said robot control means responsive member; wherein: the image automatic staining apparatus to said at least one component (1) is configured to capture two-dimensional imaging two-dimensional optical sensor (86).
2. 根据权利要求1所述的装置,其特征在于:戶皿的机器人部件(20)适用于吸取一部分在试剂容器(3)中的试剂,转移该部佩剂并将其施加至脾品上,其中戶舰的试剂容器(3)和戶;M的样品被安s瞎戶;M的工作区内。 2. An apparatus according to claim 1, wherein, wherein: the robot dish household member (20) is applied to absorb a portion of the reagent container (3) reagents, transferring the unit wear agent applied to the spleen and goods where families reagent container ship (3) and households; M samples are safe s blind users; M workspace.
3. 根据权利要求1或2所述的装置,其特征在于:戶皿的光学传感器(86)用于装置的自校正,即通ilffi获在装置中的部件的图像并将所捕获的图像与部件的参考图像比较以确定所捕获的图像中的部件是否偏离了它们在参考图像中的预定位置。 3. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein: the household dish optical sensor (86) for self-correction means, i.e. through ilffi eligible member in the apparatus of the image and the captured image and a reference image comparison means to determine the captured image member has deviated from their predetermined positions in the reference image.
4. 根据权利要求1或2所述的装置,其特征在于,戶;M光学传自(86)适合定位予M的用于自校正所述机器人部件的参比特征。 4. The apparatus of claim 1 or 2, characterized in that household; M optical transmission from (86) adapted to be positioned to M for self-correction of the robot part of the reference feature.
5. 根据权利要求1或2所述的装置,其特征在于,戶皿的光学传感器(86)被定位在臓的机器人部件(20)上。 5. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, characterized in that the optical sensor household dish (86) is positioned on 臓 robot member (20).
6. 根据权利要求i或2戶脱的装置,辦征在于,戶脱光学传繊适合在戶;f^样品经受染色方案之后记^终的样品图像。 6. i or removal of the device according to claim 2, do characterized in that the optical transmission 繊 off households fit in households; f ^ samples were subjected to after staining protocol remember ^ final sample image.
7. 根据权利要求1或2所述的装置,其特征在于,0M至少一个部件包括从由以下部分构成的组合中选择的要素:二维高^H率符号码、«矩阵码、条形码、粘附銜己、二维符号区和人可读的文本区。 7. The apparatus of claim 1 or 2, characterized in that, 0M at least one component comprises elements selected from the group consisting of the following parts: two-dimensional high rate ^ H symbol number, «matrix codes, bar codes, stick title has been attached to the two-dimensional symbol regions and human-readable text area.
8. 根据权利要求1或2戶皿的装置,其特征在于,戶皿光学传自(86)被构造成會辦识别从以下特征构成的组合中选择的特征:样品的纹理、样品的轮廓、样品的可视特性、以及样品的个体识别特征。 8. 1 or 2 dish of apparatus according to claim, wherein the optical transmission from household dish (86) is configured to be run to identify characteristics selected from the group consisting of the following characteristics: texture profile of the sample, the sample, visual properties of the sample, and the characteristics of the individual sample identification.
9. 根据权利要求1或2戶脱的装置,其特征在于:戶腿的工作区包括一報剂部分(2),其设置以容纳至少一^剂容器(3),和至少一个与戶;fi^试剂部分(2)相邻的载玻片部分(5),其中所述的载玻片部分(5)被设置^W纳包含在载玻片(7)上的至少一个样品。 9. The removal of 1 or claim 2, wherein: the user leg work area includes a newspaper agent portion (2), which is set to receive at least one container ^ (3), and at least one door; fi ^ reagent portion (2) adjacent to the slide glass portion (5), wherein said glass slide portion (5) is provided with at least one sample contained in the slides satisfied ^ W (7).
10、 根据权利要求1或2戶脱的装置,其特征在于:戶腿至少一个部件包括光学识别部件。 10, removal apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein: the at least one leg member comprises a user identification optical member.
11、 根据权利要求10戶脱的装置,其特征在于:戶腿的光学识别部件具有重复信息。 11, removal apparatus according to claim 10, characterized in that: the optical recognition user leg member having duplicate information.
12、 根据权利要求ll戶腿的装置,其特征在于,戶腿重复信息包括多重复信息。 12. The apparatus of claim ll indoor leg, characterized in that the user information comprises a plurality of legs and repeat duplicate information.
13、 根据权利要求ii戶腿的装置,其特征在于,戶;f^n复信息包括冗余信息。 13. The apparatus of claim ii households leg, characterized in that the door; f ^ n multiplexing information includes redundant information.
14、 根据权利要求io戶腿的装置,其特征在于,戶;M光学识别部件包括二维高彌率符号码。 14. The right leg io household apparatus, characterized in that household; M optical recognition component comprises a two-dimensional high indemnity rate sign code.
15、 根据权利要求io戶皿的装置,»征在于,戶;M光学识别部件包括im矩阵码。 15. Process according to claim io household dish means, »characterized in that household; M optical recognition component comprises im matrix code.
16、 根据权利要求io戶皿的装置,其特征在于,戶;M光学识别部件包括条形码。 16. The apparatus of claim io household dish claims, characterized in that the door; M optical recognition means comprises a bar code.
17、 根据权利要求io所述的装置,其特征在于,还包括:计^i几图像生物分析部件。 17. The apparatus according to claim io, characterized in that, further comprising: an image several meters ^ i bioanalytical member.
18、 根据权利要求10戶脱的装置,其特征在于,戶腿光学传« (86)包括照相机。 18, removal apparatus according to claim 10, characterized in that the legs of the user of the optical transmission «(86) comprises a camera.
19、 根据权利要求18 0M的装置,其特征在于,戶;MM相机包括CCD部件。 19. The apparatus according to claim 18 0M claims, characterized in that the door; MM member comprises a CCD camera.
20、 根据权利要求io所述的装置,其特征在于,戶;f^样品是容纳在载玻片(7)上的生物样品。 20. The apparatus according to claim io, characterized in that the door; f ^ sample is a biological sample accommodated in the slides (7).
21、 根据权利要求10照悉的装置,其特征在于,还包括用于存储有关组织样品染色过程的图像的,。 21, note apparatus according to claim 10, characterized in that, further comprising storing image related tissue sample for the dyeing process.
22、 一种在自动染«置中染色样品的方法,包括以下步骤: 在工作区内提供至少一个样品;在工作区内,至少一1^剂容器;,适合在戶;Mx作区内g的机器人部件;衝娥制部件,戶脱机器人部件响应该控制部件;和衝共适合探测戶;M自动染色装置中的至少一个部件的二维图像的光学传感器。 22. An automatic dye «set in stained samples, comprising the steps of: providing at least one sample work area; in the work area, at least a 1 ^ container; for the household; Mx make the region g The robot parts; punching E system components, household robot components off in response to the control unit; and a punch adapted to detect a total households; two-dimensional image of the optical sensor M automatic dyeing device at least one member.
23、 根据权利要求22戶腿的方法,其特征在于,还包船己录相关图像«的步骤。 23. The method of claim 22 legs, characterized in that step further charter has been recorded related to image «of.
24、 根据权利要求22或23所述的方法,其特征在于,还包括以下步骤:吸取一部分在试剂容器(3)内的试剂;转移该部假剂;将试剂施加在样品上;其中戶膽的试剂容器(3)和所述的样品被设置在所述的工作区内。 24. The method according to claim 22 or claim 23, characterized in that, further comprising the steps of: a portion of the reagent container to draw the reagent (3); and wherein the door bladder; false transferring the portion agent; reagent applied to the sample The reagent container (3) and said sample is provided in the work area.
25、 根据权利要求22或23所述的方法,其特征在于:还包括如下步骤:用所述的光学传感器(86)进行装置的自校正,ilil捕获在装置中的部件的图像并将所捕获的图像与部件的参考图微饭以确定所捕获的图像中的部件是否偏离了它们在参考图像中的预定位置。 25. The method according to claim 22 or 23, characterized in that: further comprising the step of: self-calibration of the apparatus with an optical sensor (86), ilil captured in the device and the captured image member The image and the reference member meal FIG micro the captured image to determine the component which has deviated from the predetermined position in the reference image.
26、 根据权利要求22或23所述的方法,其特征在于,包括以下步骤:记录戶;M^ 置中的机器人部件的校正参比点;以及将戶«图像«输入到戶皿机器人部件响应的控制部件。 26. The method according to claim 22 or 23, characterized in that it comprises the following steps: Record households; calibration reference point M ^ set of robot parts; and household «image« home dish robot component input response The control components.
27、 根据权利要求26所述的方法,其特征在于,所述的记录0M装置中的机器人部件的校正参比点的步骤包括以下步骤:记录用于包括带有样品的载玻片的至少一个fiit的机器人部件校正参考位置。 27. The method according to claim 26 or claim, wherein the step of correcting the reference point in the recording apparatus 0M robot member comprising the steps of: recording with a sample for slides comprises at least one Robot member fiit correction reference position.
28、 根据权利要求22或23戶腿的方法,包括以下步骤:用计#|鹏0^少一个样品的图像«进行生物分析。 28, 22 or 23 according to the method of claim legs, comprising the steps of: the count # | 0 ^ Peng least one sample image «biological analysis.
29、 根据权利要求22或23 0M的方法,其特征在于,所述J^共至少一个样品的步骤包括采用载玻片的步骤。 29, according to claim 22 or 23 0M method claims, characterized in that said at least a total of J ^ step comprises the step of using a sample slide.
30、 根据权利要求22或23所述的方法,其特征在于,戶;M皿光学传自的步骤, 包括采用照相机的步骤。 30. The method according to claim 22 or 23, characterized in that household; step M of optical transmission from the dish, including the step of using the camera.
31、 根据权利要求22或23戶皿的方法,其特征在于,戶皿,光学传«的步骤, 包括采用CCD部件的步骤。 31, according to claim 22 or claim 23 pan method, wherein the step of household dish, the optical transmission «, comprising the step of using the CCD member.
32、 根据权利要求22或23所述的方法,其特征在于,还包括储存有关组织样品染feii程的图像的步骤。 32. The method according to claim 22 or 23, characterized in that it further comprises the step of storing the image related to tissue samples of infected feii process.
Description  translated from Chinese

组织样品自动染色方法和装置技术领域本发明涉及一种组织样品自动染色的装置和方法。 Automatic staining tissue samples and Technical Field The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for automatically staining tissue samples. 本发明进一步涉及用于样品处理以及样品处理的«收集、数据维护和数据检索的系统。 The present invention further relates to methods for sample preparation and sample handling of «collection, data maintenance and data retrieval systems. 本发明特别涉及的应用领域包括免疫组织化学、原位杂交、荧光原位杂交、特异性染色和细胞学,以及潜在的其它化学和生物学应用。 The present invention particularly relates to the application include chemical, in situ hybridization, fluorescence in situ hybridization, specific staining and cytology, as well as other potential chemical and biological applications of immunohistochemistry. 背景技术免疫组织化学(mc)应用和其它化学和生物学分析(例如原位杂交、特异性染色和细胞学)中的组织样品处理,要求一个或多个处理^W或规程作为一个或多个样品分析的一部分。 BACKGROUND immunohistochemistry (mc) applications and other chemical and biological analysis (eg in situ hybridization, specific staining and cytological) of tissue sample handling, require one or more processing ^ W or the statutes as one or more part of the sample to be analyzed. 这些样品处理次序或规程是由要求分析的个体或组织(例如医院的病理学家和组织学家)规定的,或者由待实施的特定分析指令(例如由组织规定的标准方案)来规定。 These samples were processed by order or regulation requires an individual or organization to analyze (such as a hospital pathologist and histologist) regulations, or to be implemented by a specific analysis instructions (such as a standard protocol defined by the organization) to specify. 在样品分析的制备中,生物样品可以通过公知的样品获取技术来取得,并且可以包括在一些应用中甚至是一个或多个分离的细胞的组织。 In the preparation of the samples analyzed, the biological sample can be obtained by a known technique to obtain samples and may be included in some applications even one or more cells of the tissue separation. 组织样品可承载在样品载体(例如载玻片、或者也许是显微镜载玻片)上。 Tissue samples can be carried in the sample carrier (such as a slide, or perhaps a microscope slide) on. 例如,免疫应用需要包括i者如脱蜡、靶回收和染色这些步骤的处理次序離见程。 For example, immunity application i need to include those such as dewaxing, the target recovery and dyeing processing order of these steps away from the see. 以前,在一些应用中,这些步骤由人工来实施,因此潜在地导致这是一,时的规程并且需要人员主动参与到样品处理中。 Previously, in some applications, the steps implemented by hand, and therefore this is a potentially cause, when the procedures and requires personnel to actively participate in the sample. 尤其是关于^fe过程,多种组织载玻片的自动染色设备是公知的,因为为了满M有利样品处理以及几乎不用人工烦琐操作的需求,己会规样品处理的自动化作了一些尝试。 Particularly with regard to ^ fe process, a variety of tissues automated staining device slides are known as M favorable to full sample preparation and almost no manual operation cumbersome requirements, automated sample handling regulations would have made some attempts. 本发明的各个方面尤其可应用于具有一个或多个处理步骤的样品处理中,所述处理步骤是在一个样品、 一部分或全部样品上进行的,这些规程在一些情况下是由呈现样品的各个载体来识别的。 In particular, various aspects of the present invention may be applied to one or more sample processing steps, the processing step is a sample, a part or all of the samples, in some cases these procedures are presented by the respective sample to identify the carrier. 本发明的各个方面尤其可应用于免疫组织化学(IHC)技术、以及原位杂交(ISH)和荧光原位杂交(FISH),特别是包括样品染色的技术。 Various aspects of the invention are particularly applicable to immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques, and in situ hybridization (ISH) and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), especially including sample staining technique. 本发明的实施例进一步涉及样品处理的自动控制系统。 Embodiments of the present invention further relates to a sample of the automatic control system. 这些实施例还涉及样品处理的«收集、麵维护、数据检索,特别是处理规程和处理状态的信息分享, 例如各个样品或多批处理、样品诊断特性、以及多批处理的实时或适应能力。 These examples are also directed to «collect samples treated surface maintenance, data retrieval, especially handling procedures and processing status of information sharing, such as individual or batch samples, sample diagnostic features, and more real-time or batch adaptability. US5,839,091公开了一种组织自动染色的装置,其中将显微镜载玻片排列成许多行,而将试剂瓶储存在B比邻此载玻片部分的部分中。 US5,839,091 discloses an automatic tissue staining apparatus wherein the microscope slide arranged in a plurality of rows, and the reagent bottle slides stored in this section B next section. 机器人头按照控制禾旨从瓶中拾取预定量的试剂,将这些量的试剂沉积在预定的载玻片上,并吹散载玻片上的液体。 He aims to control the robot head from the bottle in accordance with a predetermined amount of an agent picked up, the amount of these reagents is deposited on a predetermined slides and disperse the liquid on the slide. 此禾,在与染色^fi连接的计^^几上运行。 This bluegrass, run a few dollars on dyeing ^^ ^ fi connection. M装置装载有许多载玻片,每个载玻片及其位置都登记在计算机中,并选择染色次序。 M device loaded with a lot of slides, each slide and its location are registered in the computer, and select the dyeing sequence. 该程序还接收有关试剂及雜试齐嘟分上的位置的数据。 The program also receives data about the location of points on the test reagents and miscellaneous Qi beep. 基于这些载玻片和试剂位置翻,该禾骄计算染色运行,制机器人在染色装置中的运动。 Based on these slides and reagents location turn, the Wo arrogance computing staining run robot system in the dyeing apparatus. US6,352,861公开了一种转盘型自动染色装置,其中将载玻片布置在可旋转的转盘式载玻片支持体上,将试剂同样布置在载玻片支持体上方的可旋转的转盘式试剂支持体上。 US6,352,861 discloses a rotary-type automatic staining apparatus in which the slides are arranged on a rotatable carousel slides support, the reagent is also arranged above the slides support a rotatable reagent carousel Support body. 然后将特定载玻片旋转到输送区,将特定的试剂瓶也旋转到该位置, 分配试剂到载玻片上。 The slides were then rotated to convey a specific area, a specific reagent bottles are rotated to the position assigned agents to the slide. 载玻片和试剂ME有条形码,且^f共相关的条形码读取器来分别识别载玻片和试剂。 ME slides and reagent barcode, and ^ f common associated bar code reader to identify the slides and reagent, respectively. 吹散区和识别区也配备在载玻片转盘的四周。 Disperse zone and the identification zone is also equipped with slides around the turntable. 载玻片条形码识另幟玻片样品及其特定样品所需的特定免疫组织化学过程。 Another flag slides barcode recognition process specific immunohistochemistry slides and samples required for a particular sample. 定位试剂条形码读取器,以扫描试剂瓶上的试剂条形码。 Location reagent barcode reader to scan the reagent bottle on the reagent barcode. 来自载玻片条形码读取器和试剂条形码读取器的扫描信息被麟到计^m内,并分别与载玻片和试齐啭盘的索引位置相关。 Scan information from slides and reagent barcode reader barcode reader is Lin to count ^ within m, respectively associated with the index position slides and try Qi warble disc. 此信息用来旋转载玻片转盘和试剂转盘,以便为每M玻片的^^玻片处理步骤将正确的试剂瓶定位在分配区中。 This information is used to rotate the turntable and reagent carousel slides for each processing step slide to ^^ M slides the correct reagent bottle positioned in the distribution area. ,091中描述的自动^fe装置的缺陷是,载玻片部分和试剂部分的旨组织载玻片和每^剂瓶的位置,必须分别人工输入到计算机中,因为控制禾聘不能检Sf寺定载玻片和试剂瓶的部位。 Defective automatic ^ fe unit 091 described is intended to organize the slides and reagents portion position portion slides and each ^ bottle, and must be manually inputted into the computer, because the control can not be detected Wo hire Sf Temple predetermined portion slides and reagent bottles. 这样就带来一些风险:用错误的染色规程处理错位的载玻片,并且使染色装置在使用中非常不灵活。 This brings some risks: the wrong procedure dyeing process misplaced slides, and the staining device in use is very inflexible. 虽然'861专利采用了载玻片和试剂的条形码识别,但是这种转盘型^S在运行染色规程时赚时的,因为这涉及至树于规程中的齡步骤,要用全部试剂存货旋转转盘,并用所有的载玻片旋转载玻片转盘。 Although the '861 patent uses a bar code identification slides and reagents, but this time ^ S staining procedures to make when you run the dial-type, because it involves to a tree in the statutes of age step, use all reagents inventory rotating turntable and rotating the turntable slides with all the slides. 这些旋转是耗时的,并使得这种类型的装置不适饭行大量的载玻片。 These rotations are time-consuming, and makes this type of device does not apply to a large number of slides rice row. 而且,条形5驰能携带少量数据, 一般是简单的识别码,这意n賴控制计對几必须配有有关识另鹏的相应数据。 Moreover, Chi strip 5 can carry a small amount of data, generally simple identification code, which is intended to control the count n depends on a few other must be equipped with relevant knowledge Peng corresponding data. 发明的公开内容本发明的一个目的是,提供一种开始提到的那种组织样品的自动处a^g,这种,能够自动识别机器中存在的试剂和载玻片存货。 An object of the present invention, the disclosure of the invention is to provide the kind of tissue samples mentioned at the beginning of an automatic place a ^ g, this, the machine can automatically identify the presence of reagents and slides stock. 另一个目的是,JI^对^S 相关特性的识别,以便在新装载的载玻片的皿过程启动之前,进行自动制备检査。 Another object is, JI ^ ^ S the identification of the relevant characteristics of the process so that the dish before starting a new load of slides, prepared for automatic checking. 在一个实施例中,这些目的魏过开始提到糊附體实现的,其中机器人部件(也许具有机器人头)配有光学传繊(或者也许是2-D光学传繊體),所述传感器用于检査相关恃性的二维图象数据并具有将所捕获的图象数,送到控制装置的能力。 In one embodiment, these objects possessed paste Wei had mentioned at the beginning to achieve, where the robot parts (perhaps with a robot head) equipped with optical transmission Xian (or perhaps 2-D optical transmission Xian body), the sensor to check the relevant dependable of the two-dimensional image data and has a number of the captured image, to the ability to control the device. 本发明还提供了一种识别自动染色装置中的至少一,性的方法,戶,染色装置也i袍括至少一铺玻片阵列和试剂阵列,以及也用试剂实施载玻片她的机器人部件(或者也许是机器人装置);戶,方法在一个实施例中包括以下步骤:在机器人装置的机器人头上配备光学传繊装置,将所述+几器人头上的光学传感器装置移动到预定位置,记录所述位置的相关图象数据,以及将戶腿图象数^t到控制系统,以便根据戶脱图象«操纵染舰程。 The present invention also provides at least one, of the method, the user, the automatic staining apparatus for staining identification means also comprises at least one shop i robe slide arrays and arrays reagents, and reagent embodiment also slides her robot part (or perhaps a robot apparatus); households, in one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of embodiment: the head of the robot in the robot apparatus is provided with an optical transmission 繊 means, said means for moving the optical sensor + person's head several devices to a predetermined position, recording the position of the relevant image data, and the number of households leg image ^ t to the control system, so that an image based on the user off «manipulate dye ship away. 而且,本发明涉及一种在自动染色装置中染色组织样品的方法,戶皿染色装置也许包括至少一,玻片阵列和试剂阵列,以及按照组织样品的特异性^fe规程也用试剂实施载玻片染色的机器人部件(或者也许是机器人装置);所述方法在一个实施例中包括以下步骤:在机器人装置的机器人头上配备光学传麟體,将戶,机器人头上的光学传«装置移动到预定位置,用所述光学传自^a记录戶;M位置的相关图象数据;将所述图象数^t到控制系统,以便根据戶腿图象«操纵染色过程;以及也利用来自试剂容器的试剂给组织样品染色。 Further, the present invention relates to a method for the automatic staining apparatus for staining a tissue sample, household dish dyeing apparatus may include at least one, and slide array reagents array, and in accordance with specific tissue samples ^ fe procedures are implemented with a reagent contained in glass Robot member piece dyed (or perhaps robot apparatus); In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of: a robot head robot apparatus provided with an optical transmission Lin body, the door, the robot head optical transmission «moving means to a predetermined position, with the optical transmission records from ^ a household; the associated image data M position; ^ t the image data to the control system in order to «manipulate the dyeing process according to households leg image; and also used from Reagents for tissue sample staining reagent containers. 在实施例中,自动M装置1 (是用至少一些自动操作染色的任何装置)可包括试剂容器3。 In an embodiment, the automatic device M 1 (with at least some of any automated staining apparatus) may comprise a reagent container 3. 一个或多4i^剂容器3可位于自动染色装置1的试剂区域2。 One or more container 4i ^ 3 can be located reagent zone automatic dyeing device 1 2. 自动染色装置还可包括在此处可位于载玻片上的组织样品74。 Automatic staining apparatus may further include a tissue sample can be located here on the slide 74. 其上具有组织样品的多, 玻片也可位于自动染色装置l的载玻片区域5。 On having multiple tissue samples, slides can also be located l automatic dyeing device slides region 5. 本发明在实施例中还可包括机器人部件20、 一些类型的控制部件、甚至光学传感器(86),也许是图象捕获2-D光学传繊。 In an embodiment of the present invention may also include a robot part 20, some types of control means, even an optical sensor (86), may be 2-D image capture optical transmission Xian. 正如所容易理解的,控制部件85可以是计,、软件禾骄、或者仅仅辦定的可编程的处理器功能。 As can be readily appreciated, the control unit 85 can be counted ,, software Wo arrogance, or just do a given programmable processor function. 如上戶脱,本发明倉,光学探测二维图象。 As households off, Kuramoto invention, the optical detection of two-dimensional images. 这可舰图像捕获2-D传繊来实现,戶脱传感器在自动她装置l中可掛共部件的二维图象。 This 2-D image capture ships pass 繊 achieved her family off the sensor device l automatic two-dimensional image can be linked to common parts. 通过提供具有2-D光学传繊或装置的机器人部件(也许是机器人头),正如在一个实施例中,公共图象处理装置能够具有多个功能。 By providing the robot member having a 2-D or optical transmission apparatus 繊 (perhaps robot head), as in one embodiment, the common image processing apparatus capable of having a plurality of functions. 通过利用2-D光学图象处理系统,染色體的控制系统可容易地适^ii取多种数据表示形式,由此部件或者,置部分的实际图象一样,从而能够评估装置的状况。 By using 2-D optical image processing system, control system chromosomes can be easily adapted ^ ii fetch more data representation, whereby part or parts of the home as the actual image, which can assess the status of the device. 光学传自或光学传«,可用来自动识别装置中存在的载玻片和试剂容器,由此光学传,或光学传«装置可用来检査载玻片是否在某一载玻片位置错位或缺失等。 Optical transmission from or optical transmission «, can be used to automatically identify slides and reagent container means exist whereby the optical transmission, or optical transmission« device used to check whether the slides in a slide glass position or dislocation Lack like. 光学传感器使按照本发明的染色装置具有迄今不可预见的灵活性并且能够使染色装置中的识别功能自动化。 The optical sensor having flexibility hitherto unforeseen dyeing device according to the present invention and the dyeing apparatus enables automatic identification function. 通过也许在机器人头、甚至是机器人部件上采用CCD-照相机等,可以不再需要用于針识别任务的各个识别装置。 Perhaps in the head by a robot, and even use CCD- camera on the robot components, etc., you can no longer required for each identification device pin recognition task. 这意赠,对装置的控制和维修容易进行。 This means gifts, control and maintenance of the device easier. 控制染色體的软件适合包驟置的多种特性和状况(包括载玻片和试齐瞻息)的自动识别。 A variety of features and behavior control chromosomes software package for setting procedure (including slides and try Qi-looking information) are automatically recognized. 通过利用识别鹏驢中相刘言息的方法和实施按照本发明的染色过程的方法,自动^fe过程耗时更少且包括更多的定性检査, 而在载玻片的染色操作中不会怎么降低速度。 Method by using the identification and implementation phase Liu Yan Peng donkey interest in accordance with the method of dyeing process of the present invention, the automatic ^ fe process less time consuming and include more qualitative examination, but not in the slides stained operations It will be how to reduce speed. 在本发明的一个实施例中,试剂区域容纳多^剂容器,这些容器固定布置成多行。 In one embodiment of the present invention, the reagent area to accommodate more ^ agent containers, which are arranged into a plurality of fixed lines. 同样,组织样品容纳在载玻片上,这些载玻片在染色过程中在至少一个染色区域或在玻片部分固定布置成多行。 Similarly, tissue samples on glass slides to accommodate, at least one of these slides stained area in the dyeing process or in the slide portion arranged in a plurality of fixed lines. 这些区域的布局使得其代表机器人头的基本上平坦的平台工作区,此工作区可以在X-轴和Y-轴上移动。 Layout such that these areas representative of the head of the robot platform substantially planar workspace, the workspace is movable in the X- and Y- axes. 在一,别tt^的实施例中, 一行载玻片和/或试剂被移去或更换,而不会干扰染色过程。 In one embodiment of another tt ^, the line slides and / or reagents are removed or replaced without disturbing the dyeing process. 在另一个雌实施例中,染色装置包括至少两个被试剂区域分开的鹏区域, 即它们布置成使至少一些组织样品誕至少一些试剂容器。 In another embodiment the female, the staining apparatus comprising at least two separate reagent regions Peng region, i.e., they are arranged so that at least some of the at least some of the tissue sample birth reagent container. 借此,可以显著限制机器人头为了到达所有载玻片而需要的运动,并借此增大^fe装置的容量,由此可减少运行染色规程的时间或得到其它优点。 In this way, it can significantly limit the movement of the robot head in order to reach all the slides and needs, and to increase the capacity of ^ fe device, thereby reducing run time staining procedures or obtain other advantages. 进一步意识到,禾,这种载玻片和试剂部分的布局还可达到更短的处理时间或其它优点,而无需可视系统例如光学传感器。 More aware, bluegrass, slides and layout of this reagent section can also achieve shorter processing time or other advantages, but without the visual system, such as an optical sensor. 在本发明的其它实施例中,光学传繊可以是照相机,或者也许包括CCD部件。 In other embodiments of the present invention, the optical transmission 繊 may be a camera, CCD, or may include means. 通过词汇"照相机",应该理解,可以采用任何图象捕获装置,而无论是薄膜、 板、存储器,还是任何类型的电子介质,而无论其麟的是光、可视电磁辐射,或者甚至是诸如现在公知的不可视的电磁辐射。 By the term "camera" should be understood, any image capture device, and whether it is a film, sheet, memory, or any type of electronic media, regardless of lin is light, visible electromagnetic radiation, or even as now known invisible electromagnetic radiation. 舰记录相关图象、相关图象«、 甚至记录数字图象«,禾,公知的已经可用的图象处理能力,可以快速的方式在控制系统中完成该«的计^^几处理。 Ship records related images related image «, even recording a digital image«, bluegrass, known image processing capabilities already available, can be quickly accomplished the «^^ count in several process control systems. 而且,通过禾,该数字技术,育,用高^Df率记录相对复杂的图象,由此在机器人头连续穿过载玻片标记时,可实5M几个识别(例如一整行载玻片上的iH己)的快速记录,于是可避免每铺玻片识另啲终止时间和开始时间。 Furthermore, when by bluegrass, the digital technology, education, high ^ Df rate recorded relatively complex image, which continue through the slides in the robot head mark, it may be implemented 5M several identification (for example, an entire row on the slide The iH f) fast recording, so avoid laying slide know each other GOD termination time and start time. 然而,通过本发明,意识到,根据图象解析的需要,还可采用其它图象传繊例如固态传麟,或者也许是CMOS传麟。 However, with the present invention, it realized that, if necessary, image analysis, and can be applied to other image transfer 繊 such as solid state mass-lin, or maybe CMOS Lin Chuan. 如上所述,光学传自适合记皿置中存在的各^剂容器或试剂瓶以及载玻片。 As described above, the optical transmission from the dish set for record exists in each ^ container or vial and slide. 虽然其可给更大的区域、甚至齡设备成像,但是它可以构造成以电子、光学或定位的方式^^t行成象。 While it may be to a larger area, and even age imaging device, but it can be configured to electronic, optical or targeted way ^^ t line imaging. 无论如何,作为成象能力的结果,无需装载到自动染色装置内的载玻片或试剂容器或试剂瓶的预定位置,因为载玻片和试剂瓶一旦装载到装置内,装置就适合自动识另噺的载玻片和试剂瓶。 In any case, as a result of imaging capabilities, without loading the slide or a predetermined position of reagent containers or reagent bottle automatic staining apparatus, since the slides and reagent bottle once loaded into the device, the device will automatically recognize other suitable Xin slides and reagent bottles. 在一个实施例中,试剂容器和载玻片配有光学识别部件。 In one embodiment, the reagent container and slides with optical recognition component. 例如,试剂容器可配有试剂光学识别部件,载玻片可配有载玻片光学识别部件。 For example, the reagent container can be equipped with optical recognition component reagents, slides can be equipped with optical recognition component slides. 这些光学识别部件可包含有关试剂种类的机器可读的数据以及有关瓶内试剂的其它相关数据,载玻片识别部件可含有有关组织样品的数据,例如病人的识别、染色规程等。 Other relevant data which may contain information about the optical component recognition reagent type machine-readable data and relevant reagent bottle, slides may contain data identifying component related tissue sample, such as identification, staining and other patient procedures. 光学识别部件可包括重申信息、甚至冗余信息。 Optical recognition means may include reiterated information, even redundant information. 这可包括重复、甚至部分重复的信息,并且甚至包括可以是或者可以不是有关类似信息的不同译本的信息。 This may include repeated, and even some duplicate information, and even different versions may or may not information about a similar message. 光学识别部件或者替换型光学识别装置可以在或安装在试剂容器上或在载玻片上,这样光学识别部件可以被光学传繊读取。 Optical recognition components or replacement optical recognition device can be installed in or on the reagent container or on a slide, so parts can be read by optical recognition optical transmission 繊. Mil位于"之上(on)",预计任何相关的方式都能够包括;由此应该理解,无需单独的固定或表面安装。 Mil located "above (on)", is expected to be able in any way related comprises; should thus be appreciated that no separate fixed or surface mounting. 同样,通过在"上方(above)",应该理解,这不仅存在于诸如有关重力的定义中,而且还存在于诸如大致垂直地在表面等上方的象形定义中。 Similarly, by "above (above)", it should be understood that this is not only present in such definition of gravity, but also present in the pictogram defined above, such as a surface substantially perpendicular to the. 在一个实施例中,光学识别部件可以从上方由光学传自或替换型装置来读取。 In one embodiment, the optical recognition component can be from above or from the optical transmission device to read replaceable. 而且,光学识别装置可配置在标记上, 标己也许粘附地固定至鹏定载玻片或试剂瓶上。 Moreover, optical recognition device may be configured on the mark, had perhaps marked adhesively secured to Peng set on the slide or reagent bottle. 借此,断己、也许是粘附标记可呈I见给载玻片和试剂瓶上方的^l器人头上的光学传自装置,从而容易进行光学识别装置的读取。 In this way, broken already, maybe I see adhesion markers can be presented to the slides and reagent bottle over the optical transmission device from device ^ l person's head, so easy to read optical recognition device. 通过在固定至幟玻片上的印刷标记上配备光学识别装置,试剂瓶、各个标记可在现场分别制备,并且可以将相关数据输入到计算机内,而携带戶;M相关数据的相应^i己可在相关的1fi己印刷机JJS行印刷。 Through the slide fixed to the flag with a printed optical mark recognition apparatus, reagent bottles, each marker may be prepared in the field, respectively, and the relevant data can be entered into the computer, and carries the user; corresponding M ^ i may have relevant data In a related press 1fi has JJS line printing. 在本发明的一个实施例中, 一种类型的光学识别部件是,诸如所谓的"Mbglyph™"型的二维高分辩率符号码。 In one embodiment of the present invention, a type of optical recognition component is a high-resolution two-dimensional, such as so-called "Mbglyph ™" type of symbol number. 光学识别还可以是更通用的二维符号。 Optical identification may also be more common two-dimensional symbols. 二维符号可以是以下数据的表示形式,包括(但不限于):组织样品相i^据、病人识别数据、染色规程数据、试剂相关«、试剂种类«、试剂体积相关数据、试剂有效期相关数据、以及类似数据。 A two-dimensional representation of the symbol may be of the following data, including (but not limited to): i ^ tissue sample phase data, patient identification data, protocol data staining, reagents related «, reagent type« reagent volume data, valid data reagent , and similar data. 通过将相关信息编码成众多微小的各个图表元素(一般是象0.02mm (1/100英寸)另卩么短的45、斗线的短线),可获得具有高对比度编蹄言息标记的高分辩率,所述标记可以在印刷禾;Lh印刷,由高分辩率照相机读取。 By encoding the relevant information into many tiny individual chart elements (typically as 0.02mm (1/100 inch) short of what other Jie 45, bucket line of dashes), having a high-contrast information compiled hoof statement labeled high resolution rate, the label can be printed Wo; Lh printed and read by the high-resolution camera. 可以用不同的颜色和各种材料来提供这种类型的2-D符号标记。 You can use different colors and a variety of materials to provide this type of a 2-D symbols. 或者是,光学识别装置或替换型光学识别部件可以是数据矩阵码、甚至一维条形码,即具有垂直条图案的识另鹏,戶诚条的宽度和间隔识别所标记的项目。 Alternatively, the optical recognition optical recognition device, or replace parts may be a data matrix code, or even a one-dimensional bar codes, which have a vertical stripe pattern recognition other Peng Cheng width and spacing of the family to identify the mark. ^f顿能够读取2-D符号的光学传麟的优点是,装置能够读取任何种类的光学标识符, 因为仅需要对处理所捕获的也许是数字图象的软fH故些改动即可。 ^ F Dayton can read 2-D symbol advantages of optical transmission lin, the device can read any kind of optical identifier, because of the need to deal with only the captured digital image may be soft fH of some changes to it . 在一个实施例中,光学识别部件标记可包括二维(2-D)符号区以及甚至至少一个人可读取的文本区,每个如图5中所示意性表示的。 In one embodiment, the optical mark recognition component may comprise a two-dimensional (2-D) symbol area, and even the text area at least one person can read each Fig. 5 schematically represented. 借此,可由操作者对标记进行额外的目视检査,以便斷正印刷^i己。 In this way, by the operator to mark additional visual inspection, in order to break the positive print ^ i had. 在2-D图象捕获能力的更先进的用途中,图象处理能力或图象处理器部件适合识别由光学传KI捕获的组织样品自身的纹理或轮廓,并且可以用所述的图象捕获组织特性作为组织样品的个体标示。 In the 2-D image capturing ability of more advanced applications, the image processing capability or the image processor means for identifying by the optical transmission KI captured tissue sample texture or contour itself, and may be used to capture the image organizational characteristics of individual tissue samples as marked. 光学传«可以构造成能够识别组织样品的所需特性,例如(但不限于)组织样品的纹理、轮廓、目视特性、甚至个体待征。 The optical transmission «can be configured to be able to identify the required characteristics of a tissue sample, such as (but not limited to) the texture of tissue samples, profile, visual characteristics, and even individuals to be characterized. 当然,多个不同的特征或特性都可按需来识别,以便检测、或许识别包括tti可属性、 特征等的特性。 Of course, a number of different features or characteristics can be identified as needed in order to detect, identify and perhaps including tti can attribute features like characteristics. 该实施例利用作废的载玻片标己作为自身的组织纹理,或者它的至少一个预定部分(有或者没有放大)用作控制软件中的«表的标识。 It's at least one predetermined portion (with or without amplification) used to control the identified software «table will have the use of obsolete slide marked the implementation of the organization as its own texture, either. 在本发明的一个«实施例中,光学传^是可移动的光学传,,其可沿染色及试剂部分上方的区域移动,所述光学传,适合确定载玻片在至少一个染色部分的存在和位置。 In an «embodiment of the present invention, the optical transmission ^ is movable along an optical transmission area ,, which can move staining and reagent section above, the optical transmission, for determining the slides in the presence of at least one part of the dye and location. 通过拥有响应或也许在机器人部件上移动的光学传感器,可容易地实现这一点。 Or perhaps by having the robot in response to movement of the optical sensor unit can easily accomplish this. 一旦将一组新的载玻片装载到装置内,此特性就使得按照本发明该实施例的她装置自动确定载玻片的位置,以便计算处理步骤的最佳进度。 Once a new set of slides were loaded into the device, this feature makes the slides automatically determined in accordance with her means to the embodiment of the invention the position in order to calculate the optimal schedule of processing steps. 光学传 Optical transmission

ii^i至确定组织样品的大致部位和大致区域。 ii ^ i to determine the approximate location and the approximate area of the tissue sample. 而且,此能力还可向,Jim制软件,警告载玻片是否正确定位,或者在装载载玻片的过程中是否出现其它不规则定位。 Furthermore, this capability also to, Jim system software, warning the slides is positioned correctly, or whether other irregular positioning in the loading process of the slide.

在本发明的另一个实施例中,光学传感器适合定位预先选择的参比部位,以便对控制机器人头运动的机器人控制系统或机器人部件进行自校正。 In another embodiment of the present invention, an optical sensor adapted to be positioned pre-selected reference sites in order to control the movement of the robot head robot control system or robot components self-correction. 照相机用来指出校正系统所需的机器人臂的临界部位,从而使装置将机器人头定位到平台工作区内所有要求的位置和部位。 The camera is used to indicate the critical parts of the system for the correction of the robot arm, so that means the robot head is positioned to the platform work area location and position of all requirements. 如果由于诸如维修等,装置已经移动或损害,那么此特性 If such maintenance, the device has been moved or damage, so this feature

就可使按照本发明的染色装置具有自动校正机器Aig动控制系统的能力,诸如,通 It can make the machine has the ability to automatically correct motion control system Aig dyeing device according to the present invention, such as through

过检査滑轨是否正确装配在装置的接收部件内,和/或通过确定装置的预定参比部件的位置,来确定载玻片是否被安s瞎轨道内(预计宽泛地包含任何局部捆绑集合)。 By checking whether the correct slide assembly in the receiving components of the device, and / or by means of pre-determining the position of the reference part, to determine whether the slides are within s blind track security (broadly expected to contain any local bundled collection ).

在本发明的另一个实施例中,光学传感器可以是照相机,用来记录|»纵的组织样品的图象,该照相机可在所述组织样品经过一^规禾呈后记^t终组织样品的图象。 In another embodiment of the present invention, the optical sensor may be a camera to record | image tissue samples »vertical of the camera in the tissue sample through a regulation Wo ^ ^ t was a postscript final tissue sample images. 在组织样品接受用于记录所操纵的组织样品的图^后适合记^s终组织样 In tissue samples of FIG tissue samples were subjected to manipulation for recording ^ ^ s after the final note for tissue samples

品图象的照相机。 Camera product image. 借此,可以im地以高分辨率记录已染色的组织样品的图面或数 This makes it possible to im in drawing high-resolution recording the stained tissue sample or number

字图象,以便随后检査或将该数字化图面发送到远程的检査场所。 Digital image for subsequent examination or send the digitized drawing to a remote test site. 据此,在实施例中,本发明可以储存有关组织样品染色过程的图象。 Accordingly, in an embodiment, the present invention can store the image related to tissue sample dyeing process. 这当然可包括染色或一些其它操作之前和之后的图象。 This of course may include image dye or some other operation before and after. 而且,本发明的此特性可以将要染色或已经染色的组织样 Furthermore, this feature of the present invention can be dyed or stained tissue samples have been

品图象存档,以便随后^i正组织样品分析或标示是否是所需的。 Product image archive for subsequent ^ i n a tissue sample analysis or indicate whether it is needed. 这样,本发明可以自动地使使用者的行为(例如上述那些)容易进行。 Thus, the present invention can automatically make the behavior of the user (e.g., those described above) easily. 为了弄懂多种可能性,自动容 In order to understand a variety of possibilities, automatic content

易进行的行为是,躯样的行为,包括(但不限于):随后存取已染色的组织样品的组 Easy to carry out acts that, the trunk-like behavior, including (but not limited to): subsequent access to the stained tissue sample group

织图象、远程存取已她的组织样品的图象、将已染色的组织样品的图象存档、随后存取未染色的组织样品的组织图象、远程存取未^fe的组织样品的图象、将未染色的组织样品的图象存档、以及其它行为。 Woven image, remote access has her image tissue sample, which has been stained image archive tissue samples, followed by access unstained tissue images of tissue samples, tissue samples remote access is not ^ fe the image, the unstained tissue sample image filing, and other behavior.

在可以从一个或多铺玻片或试剂容器中自动识别信息的一些实施例中,配备传麟。 In some embodiments, can automatically identify the information from one or more slides or shop in the reagent container with Lin Chuan. 在一些实施例中,可以由适应性样品处理控制系棘麟方案信息。 In some embodiments, the control system spines Lin scheme information can be processed by adaptive samples. 样品处理系统潜在地按照由具有样品的载玻片提供或由适应性样品处理控制系统麟的方案信息,同时、依次或以任何其它临时方式处理一个或多1^玻片,或一批或多批载玻片。 Sample handling system in accordance with potentially provided by the slides have samples or sample processing by the adaptive control system lin program information, simultaneously, sequentially or in any other way to deal with a temporary or a ^ slide, or a group or Batch slide. 通舰应性样品处理控制系统完成的控制和监测,在处理方案步骤中可插入或除去成批样品或各个样品。 Through the ship should be controls and monitoring sample handling control system to complete, in the processing step in the program can be inserted or removed in bulk samples or individual samples.

可以达到本发明的前述或其它目的的本发明的另一实施例包括: 一种样品处理 Another can achieve the foregoing and other objects of the present invention embodiments of the present invention includes: a sample

方法,该方^a括以下步骤:接近多个中的至少一个抽屉(drawer);使至少一个样品载体止动组件具有至少一个样品载体;使至少一个抽屉具有至少一个样品载体止动组件;以及适当处理样品载体。 Method, which comprises the steps of square ^ a: at least one of the plurality of close drawer (drawer); at least one sample carrier stopper assembly having at least one sample carrier; at least one sample carrier having at least one drawer stop assembly; and appropriate treatment of the sample carrier. 适当处理步骤可自动处理样品并且可以连续或批处理载玻片,而且可以提供多个单独的载玻片处理,并且在一些实施例中可以提供丰余的载玻片处理,以便^^虫处理每^玻片。 Appropriate processing steps can be processed automatically and continuously or batch sample slides, and slides may be processed to provide a plurality of individual, and in some embodiments may provide redundancy slides treated for worms ^^ Processing ^ per slide.

本发明的实施例还包括一种自动样品处理方法,该方^^括以下步骤:收集方案信息;将方案信息传送给至少一个样品处理系统;适当处理样品;以及从适当处理步骤中收集样品处理信息。 Embodiments of the present invention also includes an automatic sample processing method comprising the steps of that party ^^: collection program information; transmitting scheme information to at least one sample processing system; appropriate treatment sample; and to collect samples from the appropriate treatment step process information. 而且,实施例可麟:维护方案信息、维护样品处理信息、方案信息的信息共享以及样品处理信息。 Information sharing and sample processing information program information maintenance program information, maintain the sample processing information: Furthermore, embodiments may Lin. 这些或其它方法步骤可,各个样品或多批处理、样品诊断特性、以及多批处理的实时或适应性能力。 These or other method steps may, or each sample batch, a sample diagnostic features, as well as multi-batch, real-time or adaptive capacity.

本发明的许多方面可应用于免疫组织化学(IHC)技术,以及样品的原位杂交(ISH)和荧光原位杂交(FISH)特异性染色,还有微阵列,特别是包括样品的靶挽回(targetretrieval)或染色的技术。 Many aspects of the present invention may be applied to immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques, and in situ hybridization of the sample (ISH) and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) staining specificity, as well as microarrays, especially to restore a sample comprising a target ( targetretrieval) or dyeing techniques.

支持应该理解为是为本发明的以下方面和实施例而存在的: Support should be understood that the following aspects and embodiments of the present invention exist:

一种自动M装置,包括: An automatic M apparatus, comprising:

至少一个i式剂容器; 至少一个样品; At least one i-type container; at least one sample;

适合影响所述试剂容器和0M样品的机器人部件; 控制部件,繊几器人部件响应该控制部件;以及 Robot parts fit of the reagent container and 0M sample; control means 繊 several people part is responsive to the control unit; and

为了对0M自动^fe装置中的至少一个部件进行二维成像,而构造的图象捕获2-D光学传繊。 In order to 0M ^ fe automatic means of at least one component two-dimensional imaging, and image capture 2-D structure of an optical transmission 繊.

一种识别自动^装置中的至少一个特性的方法,包括以下步骤:提供至少一个样品; ^ An automatic method of identifying at least one characteristic of the device, comprising the steps of: providing at least one sample;

樹共至少一4H式剂容器; A total of at least one type 4H tree container;

iil共适合影响所述试剂容器和戶;M样品的机器人部件; iil total fit of the reagent container and households; robot components M samples;

光学探测所述自动她驢中的至少一个部件的二维图象; 记录相关图象数据;以及 The automatic optical detection of the two-dimensional image of her ass at least one component; recording relevant image data; and

将戶,图象数据馈送到所述机器人部件响应的控制部件。 The feeding households, the image data to the control unit of the robot part response.

一种在自动染色装置中染色样品的方法,包括以下步骤: A method for the automatic staining apparatus for staining a sample, comprising the steps of:

提供至少一个样品; 提供至少,式剂容器; Providing at least one sample; at least, container type;

提供适合影响所述试剂容器和所述样品的机器人部件; Providing robot parts fit of the sample container and the reagent;

提供响应所述机器人部件并适合探测所述自动染色装置中的至少一个部件的二维图象的光学传感器; Providing in response to said robot member and said optical sensor adapted to detect two-dimensional image of the automatic staining apparatus of at least one component;

记录相关图象数据;以及 Record relevant image data; and

将所述图象«,到所述机器人部件响应的控制部件。 The image «, to the control unit in response to the robot parts.

一种自动染色装置,包括: An automatic staining apparatus, comprising:

至少一4H式剂容器; 至少一个样品; At least one sample; at least one type 4H container;

适合影响所述试剂容器和所述样品的机器人部件; 控制部件,戶,机器人部件响应该控制部件;以及 Robot parts fit of the sample container and the reagent; a control unit, households, robot component in response to the control unit; and

为了探测戶,自动染色装置中的至少一个部件而构造的多功能光学传,。 In order to detect the user, automatic dyeing device at least one component constructed multifunction optical transmission.


以下参照附图来描述本发明,其中: Drawings to describe the present invention, in which the following reference:

图1是按照本发明«实施例的染色装置的示意性透视图; 图2是图1所示染色装置中的工作区域的附视图;图3是按照本发明一些实施例的染色装置中的申几器人部f牛的细节图; 图4是具有光学识别装置的试剂瓶的附视图; 图5是其上具有光学识别标记的显微镜载玻片; According to the present invention Figure 1 is «a schematic perspective view of an embodiment of the dyeing apparatus; FIG. 2 is a dyeing device shown in Figure 1 of the attached view of the work area; Figure 3 is a dyeing device according to some embodiments of the present invention in the application several people section is f cow detail; Figure 4 is a view of a reagent bottle attached optical recognition device; Figure 5 is an optical identification mark on a microscope slide;

图6 ^t:iH己布局的一个实例;以及 6 ^ t Figure: An example of iH own layout; and

图7-图10是载玻片上多种光学识别装置的实例。 Figure 7 - FIG. 10 is an example of the glass slide more optical recognition device.

本发明的,方式 The present invention, methods

图1和图2中表示出按照本发明的自动染色装置1。 Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows the automatic staining apparatus according to the present invention. 自动染色装置1包括围绕 Automatic staining apparatus 1 comprises about

试剂站或试剂区域2的矩形框架4,以及第一和第二载玻片区域5。 Reagent or reagent station area 4 of a rectangular frame 2, and first and second slides 5 region. 试剂站或试剂区域2包括试剂瓶或容器室,其中每个室内放置有试剂瓶或试剂容器3,许多分离的轨道6放置在第一和第二区域5上,每个轨道6包^i午多并排安装在轨道6内的显微镜载玻片7。 Reagent station or agent region 2 includes reagent bottle or container chamber, wherein each reagent bottle placed indoors or reagent container 3, a number of discrete track 6 is placed on the first and second regions 5, 6 each track package ^ i Meridian Multi microscope mounted side by side inside the rail 6 slides 7. 多1H式剂容器、甚至载玻片以tti可所需的"酵(例如阵列)来放置。 在图示的实施例中,齡轨道可容纳8愧玻片,但是轨道可设计成能够容纳任何适当数目的载玻片。由于,滩置有8个轨道,因此图示实施例可容纳64个载玻片7,每个在载玻片的上面都固定有样品例如组织样品,因此试剂可从上方施加到每个载玻片上的样品中。所处理的样品可以是任何材料,但是最可能是生物材料例如生物样品或生物物种,也许是诸如组织样品例如组织或细胞物种、细胞、细胞集合或组织样品,定义包括细胞系、蛋白质及合i^l太、组织、细胞前体、细胞制备品、血液、体液、骨髓、细胞学物种、血液涂片、薄层制备品和微阵列。还应该理解,包括载玻片基生物样品。 Multi-1H-style container, even tti slides to be desired "leaven (such as arrays) to place. In the illustrated embodiment, the age of the slide rail can accommodate 8 shame, but the track can be designed to accommodate any appropriate number of slides. Because, beach home has eight tracks, so the illustrated embodiment can accommodate 64 slides 7, each on top slides are fixed samples such as tissue sample, and therefore reagents from applied to the top of the sample on each slide in. The treated sample may be any material, but most likely biological samples such as biological material or biological species, such as may be tissue samples such as tissue or cell species, cells, cell collection or Tissue samples, including cell lines defined, protein and Closing i ^ l too, tissue, cell precursors, prepared goods cells, blood, body fluids, bone marrow, cytology species, blood smear, thin layer preparation and microarray products should also be understanding, including slides based biological samples.

如上所述,本发明可包括在某种程度上影响试剂容器和组织样品的机器人部件。 As described above, the present invention may include a member in some way affect the robot reagent containers and tissue samples. 这样,对试剂容器或组织样品实施的fti可类行为、由试剂容器或组织样品产生的行为或只是来自试剂容器或组织样品的信息,都可通过机器人部件容易地进行。 This type of behavior can fti reagent containers or tissue sample implementation, or tissue sample from the reagent container any behavior or just from the reagent container or tissue sample information can easily by a robot components. 机器人部件在实施例中,适合对施加有试剂等(包括作为结果或结合有)的载玻片进行染色。 In an embodiment, robot parts, suitable for applied reagents (including as a result of or in combination with) the slides were stained. 机器人臂或机器人部件20还可将试剂从试剂容器转移到预定的组织样品上。 Robot arm or robot part 20 can also transfer reagent from the reagent container to a predetermined tissue samples. 例如,用于沿X和Y (以及Z)方向(如箭头X和Y所示)移动探头10的机器人部件20,被安置在染色装置的框架4上方。 For example, a robot member (as indicated by arrows X and Y shown) for moving the probe along the X and Y (and Z) in the direction of 10 20, is arranged in the frame 4 above the dyeing apparatus. 机器人臂可以纟鄉头10定位在所有试剂瓶3以及所有载玻片7的上方,并且进一步操纵探头IO,以吸取任一瓶3中包含的部^H式剂,从而将那部^齐U传送并施加到任一载玻片7上,以旨每^; 玻片7上的样品有选择iikiS行染色和处理。 The robotic arm can Si township head 10 is positioned on top of all reagent bottles 3 and all slides 7, and further manipulate the probe IO, in order to draw any section contained a bottle of 3 ^ H is the formula agent, so that the Department will flush U ^ transferred and applied to any slides 7 to every purpose ^; sample on the slide 7 is selectively dyeing and processing iikiS row. 控制部件M控制染色过程的全部、甚至倒可部分,来管理染色过程。 M control unit controls all the dyeing process, even down partly to manage the dyeing process. 禾佣统的控制部件或等同型控制装置(例如具有用于此目的的合适软件和输入数据的计算机(未示出)内的功能),该染色装置1 會,对需要不同染色或处理试齐诉口过程的样品进行^fe或处理。 Wo commission system control unit or equivalent type control device (such as a computer with the right software and the input data used for this purpose (not shown function) within), the dyeing device 1 will, the need for staining or treating different test Qi v opening process samples were ^ fe or processing.

如图1和3所示,探头10容纳在机器人头22中并由机器人部件20来操纵。 1 and 3, the probe 10 is accommodated in the robot head 22 in member 20 by a robot to manipulate. 探头10上升到上部位置(在Z方向),在此处清楚地看到,瓶3在探头10的下面, 但是机器人可包括机器人头22中用于降低探头10的装置或部件,以便«头尖浸 Probe 10 rises to the upper position (in the Z direction), clearly seen here, the bottle 3 below probe 10, but the robot may include a robotic probe head 22 for reducing means or member 10, in order to «head tip soak

到所选择的试剂瓶3的内容物中并吸取选定量的用于戶;?^择的染色或处理过程的试 To the selected reagent bottle contents 3 and drawing a selected amount for families;? ^ Test selection process for dyeing or

剂。 Agent. 在一个实施例中,本发明包括在机器人部件上配备光学传麟86,或许还包括通过机器人部件的动作将光学传麟移动至滪定位置。 In one embodiment, the present invention includes the robot is equipped with an optical transmission member 86 Lin, perhaps including through the operation of the robot part of the optical transmission 滪 Lin moved to a predetermined position. 作为一个实例,机器人头22 配有光学传感器86、甚至是指向下方的CCD照相机25。 As an example, the first robot 22 is equipped with an optical sensor 86, even below the CCD camera 25 point. 光学传自位于机器人部件上、或许更广泛地响应机器人部件。 Since the optical transmission member of the robot, and perhaps more broadly response robot parts. 在光学传^l定位之后,就在配置光学传感器的部位记录图象数据。 After the optical transmission ^ l positioning, image data is recorded in the configuration of the optical sensor site.

在一些实滩例中,机器人部件20、甚至机器人头22可包括各种元件,包括(但不限于):可与汽缸39相连的推动工具38、可响应甚至与弹簧泵37相连的探头移动部件36的探头10、以及光学传感器86 (如图3所示)。 In some embodiments the beach, the robot member 20, even the robot head 22 can include various elements, including (but not limited to): pushing tool 39 can be connected with the cylinder 38, in response to the probe can be moved even with the spring member 37 connected to the pump 36 of the probe 10, and an optical sensor 86 (Figure 3). 在实施例中,光学传繊可检观湘斜寺性的二维图象«0它腿合在总体上探测部件的二维图象。 In an embodiment, the optical transmission 繊 detectable Gordon oblique view of the temple of the two-dimensional image «0 it legs together two-dimensional image sensing section in general. 禾U用照相机确定载玻片和试剂瓶以及装置在工作区域内的其它牛寺性的状^^言息,例如阅读配置在试剂容器上的代码,以确定系统内的试剂种类和试剂部位。 Wo U determined by the camera slides and reagent bottles and other Bull Temple of like device in the working area of interest ^^ word, such as reading the configuration code on the reagent container to determine the reagent type and reagent site system. 照相机还可确定组织样品载体的状态,例如特定玻片的部位、指示有关呈现在载玻片上的组织样品或待实施的处理方案的信息的信息索弓l例如代码。 The camera can also determine the status of a tissue sample carrier, e.g., a particular slide parts, the relevant tissue samples indicating presented on the slide or to be implemented in the information processing program index information such as code bow l. 照相机可用于诊断目的。 The camera can be used for diagnostic purposes. 在一些实施例中,潜在地用计Ml扫描样品,以便进一, 行分析。 In some embodiments, the potential to use the meter Ml scans the sample in order to advance one line analysis. 本发明在实施例中可包括计算机图象生物分析部件、或许甚至是用计算机对样品的图象«进行生物分析。 In an embodiment of the present invention may include a computer image analysis of biological components, perhaps even with a computer image of the sample «biological analysis.

如上所述,本发明可包船己录各种相关图象数据。 As described above, the present invention can charter a variety of related image data has been recorded. 当然,可记录各种相关图象数据。 Of course, you can record all relevant image data. 重要的是,这包船己录部件的校正参比点、或许甚至是装置上或装置内的机器人部件的校正参比位置。 Importantly, this charter calibration reference point has been recorded in parts, perhaps even correct the reference position of the robot part of the device or apparatus. 正如所提到的,本发明还可记录载玻片识别图象数据和试剂识另幅象数据。 As mentioned, the present invention may further record the image data to identify slides and reagents other identifying image data pieces. 一个实施例的显著方面是,可记雜定载玻片的光学识别部件、或iW又仅记录有关部件的信息。 A significant aspect of an embodiment, the slides can be credited miscellaneous fixed optical recognition component, or iW and only record information about the components. 这样的信息当然可以包括有关组织样品的信息。 Such information may include information about the course, the tissue sample. With

样,包括有关试剂容器内含有的试剂的信息的光学^i只可记录在试剂容器上。 Samples, including some related to the reagent container containing the reagent of the optical information recording ^ i only on a reagent container. 它可 It can

将二维符号记录在载玻片上、甚至试剂容器上。 The two-dimensional symbol recorded on a slide, or even on the reagent container. 记录在载玻片上的二维符号所代表的麵包括(但不限于):试齐湘关翻、试剂种类繊、试剂体积相关繊、试剂有效期相关数据等。 Dimensional symbol recorded on a glass slide surface represented include (but are not limited to): Try Xiang Qi Guan turn, 繊 reagent type, reagent volume related 繊, expiration dates of reagents and other relevant data. 它还可提供连接部件,所捕获的图象数据通过连接部fM专送给控制部件。 It also provides connection means, the captured image data through the connection portion to the control member designed fM. 它包括将图象«卞,到控制部件,以便机器人部件可以响应。 It includes the image «Bian, to the control unit, so that the robot can respond components. 在记录 Recording

相关图象«之后、或许作为数ig^到控制部件的结果,本发明可按照相关图象 Related images «After that, perhaps as a result of several ig ^ to the control unit of the present invention may be in accordance with relevant picture

«来操纵染色或其它过程。 «To manipulate dyeing or other processes. 这样,本发明可按照组织特异性方案皿行载玻片的染色。 Thus, the present invention may be tissue-specific programs in accordance with the line slides staining dish.

本发明的染色装置1还包括探头清洗站8和试剂混合器9,机器人部件20 « 一步被设置成會,纟鄉头皿到清洗站8以及试剂混合器9。 Dyeing apparatus of the present invention further comprises a probe cleaning station 8 and reagent mixer 9, 20 «Previous robot part is set to be, Si township head dish to wash station 8 and a reagent mixer 9.

如图4所示,试剂瓶3在安装有光学识别部件的表面上配有区域30。 4, the reagent bottle 3 on the mounting surface of the optical member with a recognition area 30. 此光学标识可以是携带有关瓶3的内容物的信息(例如试剂种类、制造«、有效期限等) 的粘附标记31。 This identification may be carried Optical information about the contents of the bottle 3 (e.g., the reagent type, manufacturing «, expiration date, etc.) adhesion numeral 31. 戶満码的信息是麵矩阵码形式、Moglyph码形式或2-D码的任何其它类型,也可能主要是简单的lD码即条形码。 Man is the user code information plane form a matrix code, any other form or type Moglyph code 2-D code, it may be mainly lD code that is simple barcode. 此外,f斜己31还配有人可读的文本,以便诸如在将试剂瓶装载到染色装置内的过程中有助于操作者操纵试剂瓶。 In addition, f ramp had 31 comes with a human-readable text, so as in the reagent bottle is loaded into the process of dyeing apparatus helps the operator manipulates the reagent bottle.

图5表示出其上安装有Si己71的载玻片7。 Figure 5 shows a slide glass on which are mounted has 71 Si 7. 图6中表示出标记71的一个布局。 Figure 6 shows a layout marker 71. 丰射己71可以是粘附的光学标识,是为特定载玻片制备的并在标己印刷机(未示出) 或倒可其它誠的印刷设备上进行印刷。 Feng had shot 71 may be adhered to the optical identification, is prepared for a particular slide and had labeled the press (not shown) or the reverse can be printed on the other Prudential printing equipment. 甚至在特定瞎形,如果一批载玻片接受相同的处理,贝iJ为这些载玻片Jlf共一组相同的标记。 Even in a particular blind shape, if a group of slides received the same treatment, shellfish iJ these slides Jlf total a set of identical markers. iH己71包括用于有关载玻片7 上组织样品的编码信息(例如病人«、 «和文件号码、染色方案和/或处理步骤) 的区域72。 iH has 71 slides including relevant organizations on 7 encoded information of the sample (such as patient «,« and the file number, staining protocol and / or processing steps) area for 72. 而且,^i己71配有一行或多行人可读的文本和减空白空间,以便制备载玻片的实验室人员在载玻片标记上进行书写。 Moreover, ^ i had 71 with one or more pedestrian readable text and reduce white space, laboratory staff to prepare slides markers to write on a slide.

在图7-9中,表示出标记71的多种数据编码符号(如图所示的旨标记71, 或者仅用于iH己区域72 (参见图6)。 In Figures 7-9, there is shown a plurality of data marks 71 coded symbols (as shown in purpose marker 71, or only for iH hexyl area 72 (see FIG. 6).

在图7中,表示出Mbglyph,型的2-D符号。 In Figure 7, showing Mbglyph, type a 2-D symbol. 这包括或许甚至是信息型地毪型(carpet)符号。 This includes perhaps even informative to Mu type (carpet) symbol. 这种2-D符号是有益处的,因为它肯,携带大量的光学机器可读信息。 This 2-D symbol are beneficial, because it is willing to carry a large number of optical machine-readable information. 利用高分辨率照相机,这种类型的符号可以高,率来读取,并且大量信息编码在其中。 High resolution camera, this type of notation can be higher, the rate of read, and a lot of information encoded therein. 将此符号用不同方向、或许甚至不同颜色的微小斜线来印刷,并且能够用CCD照相机等容易地读取。 This symbol in different directions, and perhaps even different colors to print small slash, and can be easily read by a CCD camera or the like.

图8表示出用作Infoglyph符号替换形式的M矩阵码。 Figure 8 shows an alternative form of symbols used Infoglyph M matrix code. 数据矩阵同样用CCD 照相机来读取,但是可能不会象Infoglyph那職编码中携带那么多的«。 The same data matrix CCD camera to read, but may not be as functional coding Infoglyph that carried so much «. 然而, 如果载玻片和试剂瓶上需要的识别数据较少,则其就更容易印刷,因为它可具有不高的分辨率,从而是一种简单经济有效的解决方案。 However, if the slides and reagent bottles require less identification data, it is easier to print, because it may not have a high resolution, which is a simple and cost-effective solution. 另一种更简单的解决方案在图9中示出,其中符号是老的条形码。 Another, more simple solution is shown in Figure 9, which is the old bar code symbol. 在原理上这意歸,为了读取载玻片和试剂瓶的信息仅需要一个条形码扫描器,但^1过使用2-D传感器,自校正和监测载玻片的安装和在染色装置中的试齐啲可能性就可以增强。 In principle this means go, in order to read the information slides and reagent bottle requires only a bar code scanner, but ^ 1 by using 2-D sensor installed self-tuning and monitoring and slides in staining apparatus Qi GOD test can enhance the possibility.

在一个实施例中,载玻片上和试剂iLt的光学标示是同一类型。 In one embodiment, the slides and reagents iLt optical mark is the same type. 这可容易i舰^fe装置中的识别过禾St行图象处理。 This can be easily i ship ^ fe device identification Wo St row over image processing.

一种识别各个载玻片的不同途径,或者是作为实施证实识别或储存证实信息的新能力的一种方式,可记录组织样品74本身的轮廓和/或纹理,例如如图10所示。 A different way to identify each slide, or as a way to identify or confirm embodiment of the new authentication information storage capacity, a tissue sample can be recorded contour 74 itself and / or texture, for example, as shown in FIG. 通过采用照相机能够记录的图象的高分辨率,组织样品本身的独特性质可用作载玻片的图表标示。 By using high-resolution camera capable of recording images of tissue samples themselves may be used as the unique nature of the chart labeled slides. 而且,會^够记录已染色的组织样品的图象,从而产生组织样品的数字表示形式。 Further, the image will be recorded ^ stained tissue sample, thereby generating a digital representation of the tissue sample. 该数字图M过电子传送到用于立即检査的远程地方和减为随后检査存档。 The digital map M through electronic transmission to remote places to immediately inspect and check the archives for subsequent reduction. 这可使染色装置在使用上具有独特的灵活性,且可以引入新颖有益的组织样品分析方法。 This allows dyeing device has a unique flexibility of use, and can introduce new ways of organizing useful sample analysis. . .

除了识别染色装置中的显微镜玻片和试剂)fCt外,2-D光学传«还能够用于装置的自校正,诸如在,维修之后,如果装置已经拆卸或远送到另一个地方的话。 In addition to identifying the microscope slide staining apparatus and reagents) fCt outside, 2-D optical transmission «self-correcting device can also be used, such as when, after repair, if the device has been removed or away to another place of words. 通过用照相机捕获图象来识别装置内部的临界部位,图象处理软件可以将所捕获的图象与参比图^it行比较,以确定装置内的某些临界元件是否偏离创门的预定位置, 诸如滑轨或玻片是否稍稍偏离,如果偏离,就计t^几器Aii动控制系统的一组校正数据,并将这组«用于校正装置。 Capturing the image by the camera to identify the critical parts of the interior of the device, image processing software can be captured with the reference image than the comparison line in FIG ^ it, in order to determine certain critical elements of the apparatus has deviated from a predetermined record position of the door such as a slide or slide is slightly shifted, if deviation, t ^ on account of a set of correction data of several devices Aii motion control system, and this group of «for correcting devices. 如果所需的校正皿某一尺寸,就向操作者自动发出警告,从而确蝶置在载玻片处理过程中不发生故障。 If the correction of a dish size required, automatically issue a warning to the operator, thereby ensuring butterfly failure does not occur in the slides set processing. 而且,此图象分析系统还用于确定载玻片是存在于轨道上还是脱离轨道,以产生警告信号。 Moreover, the image analysis system is also used to determine the slides are present on the track or off track, in order to generate a warning signal.

通过本发明,应该意识到,在不脱离如权利要求书限定的本发明范围的前提下, 可以对本发明一^M实施例的上述描述作出各种改变。 By the present invention, it should be realized that, without departing from the scope as defined in the claims scope of the present invention, the premise can be a ^ M above described embodiments of the present invention, various changes. 正如所容易理解的,本发明的基:«念可以各种方式来实施。 As can be readily appreciated, the base of the present invention: «concept can be implemented in various ways. 它包括染色技术以及用于完成染色和其它功能的多种系统、组件和设备。 It includes staining techniques and a variety of systems, components, and equipment for the dyeing and other functions. 在该申请中,染色技术也是作为用所述的多种系统、组件和设备来完成的所示部分结果以及作为固有采用的步骤来公开的。 In this application, the staining technique is shown in part as a result of a variety of systems, components, and equipment to complete the well as a natural step to open adoption. 它们应该被理解为,采用预计和描述的设备的自然结果。 They should be understood as a natural consequence of the use of the equipment is expected and described. 此外,虽然公开了一些设备,但是应该理解,这些不仅完成了一些方法,而且还能够用其它变换的方式来实施。 Further, although some devices are disclosed, it should be understood that these methods not only complete, but also can use other ways to implement the transformation. 重要的是, 对于上述所有内容,所有这些方面都应该理解为包括在本发明的公开文本中。 It is important for all of the above, all of which should be understood to include the disclosure of the present invention.

读者应该意识到,具体论述可能不会非常清楚地描^M有可能的实施例;许多可以选择的例子都是示意的。 The reader should be aware that the specific discussion may not be very well described ^ M possible embodiment; many examples are illustrative of the option. 它还不能充分解释本发明的总的性质,不能明白地表^Hf性或部件是如何实际代表更广泛功能或各种替换型或等同部件的。 It can not fully explain the general nature of the invention, can not understand the surface ^ Hf or how parts actually represent a wider variety of functions or replace type or equivalent parts. 再者, 这些都明显包括在此公开文本中。 Again, these are obviously included in this disclosure. 当本发明使用一些术语重点来描述设备时,设备的每个部件都明显行使一个功能。 When the focus of some of the terms used herein to describe the device when, for each piece of equipment are obviously a function of the exercise. 对于所述设备不4又包括装置权利要求,而且为了实现本发明和每个部件实施的功能,还包括方法或工艺权禾腰求。 For the device does not turn comprising apparatus according to claim 4, and in order to implement the present invention and the functions implemented in each member, further comprising a method or process seeking waist weight Wo. 无论是说明书还就语都无獻蹄体公开文本的范围。 Whether specification also on offer shoe body language are not the scope of disclosure.

还应该理解,在不脱离本发明本意的前提下可以做出各种变化。 It should also be understood that the present invention without departing from the intended premise that various changes may be made. 这«化也都明显包括在本说明书中。 This «technology also significantly included in this specification. 它们还落在本发明的范围内。 They also fall within the scope of the invention. 包括图示的示范性实施例、 各种含蓄替换型实施例以及广泛的方法或工艺等的泛泛公开内容都包含在本公开文本中,并且据此用以支持本专利申请或随后专利申请的附加权利要求。 Including the exemplary embodiments illustrated, various subtle and widespread replacement of the embodiment of a method or process, etc. are included in the general disclosure of this disclosure, and accordingly to support this patent application or a subsequent additional patent applications claims.

而且,本发明及权利要求的每个部件还可用各种方式来实现。 Also, each member and the claims of the present invention may also be required to use a variety of ways. 本公开文本应理解为包?,个这样的变型,即任何装置实施例、方法或工艺实施例、或者仅仅是其中任何部件的变型。 This disclosure should be understood to?, Of such modifications, i.e. cases, the method or process embodiment any apparatus embodiment, wherein the variant or simply any component. 尤其是,应该理解为,当本公开文本涉及本发明的部件时,每个部件的词汇可以由等同的装置词汇或方法词汇来表达,即使仅仅功能或结果是一样的。 In particular, it should be understood that when the present disclosure relates to a part of the present invention, each vocabulary component can be expressed by the words or equivalent means method vocabulary, even if only the function or result is the same. 这样的等同、延伸、甚至更多派生词应该认为是包括在每个部件或行为的描述中。 Such equivalent, extending, or more derivatives should be considered included in the description of each member or the behavior. 当期望解释本发明所涉及的广泛范围时,这样的词汇是可替代的,其中需要解释授予本发明的隐含宽泛范围。 When the desired interpretation broad scope of the invention, such a word is an alternative, which implied the need to explain the broad scope of the present invention is granted. 但是作为实例,应该理解,所有的行为都可表达为实施该行为的方式或产生该行为的部件。 But as an example, it should be understood that all behavior can be expressed as a way to implement the act or produce parts of the act. 同样,所公开的每,理部件应该理解为包括物理部件所实施的行为的公开内容。 Similarly, every, processing means disclosed should be understood to include physical components implemented behavior disclosure. 关于最后这方面,作为一个实例,"传感器"的公开应该理解为包括"探测"行为的公开,而无论是否是明显论述,反之, 如果有"探测"行为的有效公开,这样的公开就应该理解为包括"传感器"、甚至"探测方式"的公开。 Concerning this last aspect, as an example, "sensor" should be understood to include disclosure "probe" behavior public, regardless of whether it is clearly discussed, on the contrary, if there is a valid public "probe" behavior, it should be understood that such disclosure include "sensor" and even "detection methods" in public. 还应该理解,在具体语言可直译为P艮定作用的权限中,作为美国的一个实例,其中对部件"装置(means for)"的一些解释被限制窄了,而更宽泛的等同语言(例如"部件"等)可用来避免窄的解释,并且应该理解为被本说明书所包含。 It should also be understood that, in the specific language can be literally translated as Burgundy permissions for a given role of P in the United States as an example, where some interpret "means (means for)" is limited to a narrow part, while the broader equivalent language (for example, "Parts", etc.) can be used to avoid a narrow interpretation, and should be understood to be included in the present specification. 这样的变化和等同词汇应该理解为明显包括在此描述中。 Such variations and equivalents should be understood to significantly vocabulary included in this description.

本专利申请中提到的任何专利、专利申请、公开出版物或其它参考文献在此处 Any patents mentioned in this patent application, patent applications, publications, or other references in here

都作为参考并A^文。 A ^ are incorporated by reference and text. 此外,对于所用的每个词汇,应该理解,除3鹏本申请中的使用与这些解释不符,否则通用的词典定义都应该理解为是针对每个词汇的,并且诸如the Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (第二版)中包含的所有定义、等同词汇和同义词,在此都作为参考并A^:文。 In addition, for each of the terms used, it should be understood that the use of this application in addition to three Peng inconsistent with these explanations, otherwise common dictionary definitions should be understood to be for every word, and as the Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary ( The second edition all definitions) contained in the equivalent words and synonyms, are incorporated by reference herein and A ^: the text. 最后,任何本申请的以前案件都附属在此并且作为参考并入本文。 Finally, before any of this application in this case they are affiliated and incorporated herein by reference.

这样,这些申请应该理解为对至少以下权利要求是支持的:i)正如本文所公开和描述的,每个样品处理系统和子系统,ii)所公开和描述的相关方法,iii)每个这些系统、组件、设备和方法的类似、等同、甚至是隐含的变型,iv)正如所公开和描述的,完成所示每个功能的那些替换型设计,v)完成所示每个功能的那些替换型设计和方法,vi)作为^^虫和3拉发明示出的每错征、元件和步骤,vii)由所公开的多种系统或元件增强的应用,viii)由这样的系统或元件产生的最终产品,以及ix)基本上作为此前描述的以及参照任何附带实例的方法和系统、组件、设备及装置,x)所公开的每个部件的多种组合及变换,xi)正如附加在所表现的齡独立权禾腰求和概念上的,每个潜在的从属权利要求,xii)如上戶腿的,借助于计^m实施的方法,xiii) 如上所述的,可编程的系统,xiv)如上所述的,用数据编码的计算机可读存储器, 戶,数据用于指导包括行使功能的装置或部件的计算机,xv)m^文所公开和描述的那样构造的计算机,xvi)如本文所公开和描述的,单个或组合压规程和程序,xvii) 所公开和描述的相关的方法,xviii)这,个系统和方法的相似、等同、甚至是明显的变型,xix)正如所公开和描述的,完成所^个功能的那些替换型设计,XX)完成所示每个功能的那些替换型设计和方法,xxi)作为单独和独立发明示出的每个特征、元件和步骤,xxii)以上每个发明的多种组合及变换。 Thus, these applications should be understood as at least the following claims are supported by: i) As disclosed and described herein, each sample handling systems and subsystems, ii) related methods disclosed and described, iii) each of these systems Those Alternatively, similar components, devices and methods, equivalent, and even implicit variations, iv) as disclosed and described herein, each function as those shown complete replacement design, v) is completed as shown in each function design and methods, vi) as worms and 3 ^^ pull invention shows every sign wrong, elements or steps, vii) from a variety of systems or components to enhance the application of the disclosed, viii) generated by such a system or component a variety of combinations and transformations of the final product, and ix) substantially as well as reference to any incidental instance methods and systems, components, equipment and apparatus described previously, x) as disclosed in each component, xi) as attached to the Wo age performance independence waist summing conceptual, each potential dependent claims, xii) above households leg with the aid of the count m ^ method implemented, xiii) as described above, a programmable system, xiv ) As described above, with the data encoded in a computer readable memory, households, including data used to guide the exercise of the function of the device or part of a computer, xv) m ^ hereinbefore described as open and computer configuration, xvi) as described Similar disclosed and described herein, singly or in combination pressure protocols and procedures, xvii) related methods disclosed and described, xviii) that, a system and method, equivalent, or even a significant variation, xix) as disclosed and described ^ completion design that replaces a function, XX) that replace complete design and method shown in each function, xxi) as a separate and independent invention shows each feature, elements or steps, xxii) over a variety of combinations and transform each invention.

另外,如果4顿或在i柳时,按照传统的权利要求解释,逝度词"包括"等的使用,在本文是用来维持"开放式"权利要求的。 In addition, if 4 or i Ryu Dayton, according to traditional claim interpretation death of the word "includes" and used in this paper is used to maintain the "open" claims. 这样,除非上下文有其它要求, Thus, unless the context other requirements,

否则应该理解,词汇"包括(comprise)"或诸如"包括(comprises)"或"包括(comprising)" 等的变型,都意指暗示包括规定部件或步骤或部件或步骤的组合,但不排除任何其它部件或步骤或部件或步骤的组合。 Otherwise it should be understood that the word "include (comprise)" or as "includes (comprises)" or "including (comprising)" and other modifications are meant imply the inclusion of a predetermined combination of elements or steps or components or steps, but not excluding any Other combinations of elements or steps or components or steps. 这样的词汇用其最广泛的形式来解释,以便为本申请提供最宽泛的法律许可的范围。 Such vocabulary with its broadest form to explain to the present application provides the broadest extent permitted by law. 所提出的任何权利要求必然作为本发明描述的一部分以参考文献的形式并A^ 发明,并且申请人清楚地保留用这些权禾腰求的所有或一部分组合内容作为额外说明书描述的权利,以便支^tf何或全部权利要求或其任何部件或元件,申请人还清楚地保留将这些权利要求的任何部分或全部组合内容或其任何部件航件从说明书的描述中移到权禾腰求内的权利,或者反之亦然,以便规定本申请或其扭可随后连续申请、分案申请或部分连续申请所寻求的保护主题,或者以便在itS宗或符合l封可国家或条约的专利法、规则或规章的费用方面得到减少的好处,并且以参考文献的形式并入的这些内容应该在本申请的齡待审过程中有效,包括其任何随后该案的连续申请、分案申请或部分连续案的申请或任何再公告或基于其上的延伸申请。 Any right that the claim is inevitable as part of the present invention will be described in the form of references and A ^ invention, and the applicant clearly retain all or part of a combined content Wo waist seek these rights as the right to an additional specification describes in order to support ^ tf He or all claims or any part or component, the applicant has clearly retained all combinations of any part of the contents of these claims, or any part or right to move aircraft parts from the description of the specification requirements within the waist Wo right, or vice versa, so that the provisions of this application or continuation application can then twist, a divisional application or part of the continuous application sought protection theme, or so itS cases or in compliance with the country or l can seal the Patent Law Treaty rules regulations or costs get reduced benefits, and are incorporated by reference in the form of these elements should be effective in this age-pending application process, including any subsequent application for a continuous case of a divisional application or part of the continuous case application or extension application on any further announcement or on.

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