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Publication numberCN100338616 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 02812479
PCT numberPCT/US2002/014361
Publication date19 Sep 2007
Filing date7 May 2002
Priority date10 May 2001
Also published asCA2446814A1, CA2446814C, CN1636225A, EP1444636A2, EP1444636A4, US7536553, US7966267, US20030005303, US20100117350, WO2002093456A2, WO2002093456A3
Publication number02812479.0, CN 02812479, CN 100338616 C, CN 100338616C, CN-C-100338616, CN02812479, CN02812479.0, CN100338616 C, CN100338616C, PCT/2002/14361, PCT/US/2/014361, PCT/US/2/14361, PCT/US/2002/014361, PCT/US/2002/14361, PCT/US2/014361, PCT/US2/14361, PCT/US2002/014361, PCT/US2002/14361, PCT/US2002014361, PCT/US200214361, PCT/US2014361, PCT/US214361
InventorsJD奥斯兰德, RA科德里, C齐勒
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Method and system for validating a security marking
CN 100338616 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
一种适用于通过安全标志来确认物件的方法和系统。 A suitable method and system to identify objects by safety signs. 在物件上所提供的该安全标志是采用一种OVD墨水,该墨水能够吸收在可见波长范围内的光,以产生视觉上的黑色,并且在紫外光激发下产生一种红色荧光发射。 On the article provided the use of an OVD security flag is ink, the ink can be absorbed in the visible wavelength range of light, to produce a black visual, and produces a red fluorescence emission under UV excitation. 在可见光的照明和紫外光的照明下,可以使用图像扫描仪从安全标志获得一个可见图像和一个一个图像。 Under visible light and ultraviolet light, you can use an image scanner to obtain an image and a visible image from a safety flag. 比较图像,从而发现相互间的基本匹配。 Compare images to find basic match each other. 该安全标志可以是一个邮票的邮戳、一个条形码、一个符号、一个信息和一个图像。 The safety signs can be a stamp postmark, a bar code, a symbol, a message and a picture. 要确认的物件可以是一个邮件、一张支票、一个标签、一个票据、一个文件、一个身份证,或者类似的。 To confirm that the object may be a mail, a check, a label, a ticket, a document, an ID card, or similar.
Claims(39)  translated from Chinese
1.一种适用于确认具有所提供的安全标志的表面的物件的方法,其特征在于,安全标志是由能够吸收在可见波长范围内的光以呈现出黑色的媒介来提供,所述媒介在激发的照明下产生荧光发射,并且其中,所述荧光发射具有一个第一波长,而所述激发发射具有比所述第一波长短的第二波长,该方法所包括的步骤:采集在可见光的照明下安全标志在可见波长范围内的第一图像;采集在激发照明下安全标志由荧光发射的第二图像;以及,通过将所述第一图像和所述第二图像进行比较以确定在所述第一图像和所述第二图像之间的基本匹配来验证物件的真实性。 1. A method used to confirm the object surface with the provided safety signs, characterized in that the security mark is light in the visible wavelength range can be absorbed by the medium to exhibit black be provided in the medium fluorescence emission under excitation illumination, and wherein said phosphor emits light having a first wavelength, whereas the stimulated emission having the first wave length than said second wavelength, the method comprising the steps of: collecting in visible light Under illumination safety signs first image in the visible wavelength range; capture a second image at the excitation light emitted from the fluorescent security mark; and, by the first image and the second image are compared to determine the substantially matching said first image and the second image to verify the authenticity of the article.
2.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述验证真实性的步骤包括确认所述第一图像和所述第二图像在物理上的一致性。 2. The method of claim 1, wherein the step of including the recognition of the authenticity of the first image and the second image on the physical consistency verification.
3.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述比较的步骤是以视觉方式进行的。 The method according to claim, wherein said step of comparing is performed visually.
4.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述比较的步骤还包括的步骤有:获得表示在所述第一图像和所述第二图像之间相关性的数值;以及,将该数值与一个预先确定的阈值相比较。 4. The method according to claim 1, wherein said comparing step further comprises the steps are: obtaining indicates correlation values between the first image and the second image; and, the This value is compared with a predetermined threshold value.
5.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述媒介包括墨水。 5. The method of claim 1, wherein said medium comprises an ink.
6.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述媒介包括一种能够用于提供所述的安全标志的喷墨打印机使用的墨水。 6. The method of claim 1, wherein said medium comprises an ink that can be used to provide the security mark of the ink jet printer.
7.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述激发照明是紫外线激发。 7. The method of claim 1, wherein said excitation light is ultraviolet excitation.
8.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述荧光发射是一种红色的荧光发射。 8. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the fluorescence emission as a red fluorescence emission.
9.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述物件包括一个邮件,而所述的安全标志包括一个邮资邮戳。 9. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that said article comprises a message, and said security label comprising a postage indicia.
10.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述物件是一张支票。 10. The method of claim 1, wherein said object is a check.
11.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述物件是一个文件。 11. The method of claim 1, wherein said object is a file.
12.一种适用于确认具有所提供的安全标志的表面的物件的系统,其特征在于,安全标志是由能够在可见光的照明下吸收在可见波长范围内的光的媒介来提供,所述媒介在激发的照明下产生荧光发射,并且其中,所述荧光发射具有一个第一波长,而所述激发发射具有比所述第一波长短的第二波长,该系统包括:一个第一部件,它响应可见光,用于采集安全标志的一个第一图像,以提供表示所述第一图像的第一信号;一个第二部件,它响应荧光发射,用于采集安全标志的第二图像,以提供表示第二图像的第二信号;以及,一个第三部件,它响应所述第一信号和所述第二信号,用于通过将所述第一图像和所述第二图像进行比较以确定在所述第一图像和所述第二图像之间的基本匹配来验证物件的真实性。 12. A method used to confirm the object surface with the provided safety signs, characterized in that the security mark is provided by visible light can be absorbed in the visible light wavelength range of media, the media generating excitation illumination in the fluorescence emission, and wherein said phosphor emits light having a first wavelength, and said second excitation emission wavelength having a shorter wavelength than the first wave, the system comprising: a first member, which response to visible light, a first image acquisition for safety signs, to provide a first signal indicative of said first image; a second member, responsive to the fluorescent emission, safety signs for acquiring a second image, to provide a representation a second image of the second signal; and, a third member, responsive to said first signal and said second signal for comparison by the first image and the second image to determine the substantially matching said first image and the second image to verify the authenticity of the article.
13.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第三部件确定所述第一和所述第二图像物理上是一致的。 13. The system of claim 12, wherein said third means determines said first and said second images are physically identical.
14.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第三部件包括一个相关性部件,它用于获得表示在所述第一图像和所述第二图像之间匹配的数值,并且所述数值用于根据预先确定的阈值来确定匹配。 14. The system of claim 12, wherein said third means comprises a correlation means, which is used to obtain a representation between the first image and the second image matching value, and The value is used according to a predetermined threshold value to determine a match.
15.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第一部件包括一个图像扫描仪。 15. The system of claim 12, wherein said first means comprises an image scanner.
16.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第一部件包括一个数字摄像机。 16. The system of claim 12, wherein said first means comprises a digital camera.
17.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第一部件包括一个视频摄像机。 17. The system of claim 12, wherein said first means comprises a video camera.
18.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第二部件包括一个图像扫描仪。 18. The system of claim 12, wherein said second means comprises an image scanner.
19.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第二部件包括一个数字摄像机。 19. The system of claim 12, wherein said second means comprises a digital camera.
20.如权利要求12所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第二部件包括一个视频摄像机。 20. The system of claim 12, wherein said second means comprises a video camera.
21.如权利要求12所述的系统,还包括一台用于打印所述的安全标志的打印机。 12 21. A system according to claim, further comprising a printer for printing the safety mark.
22.如权利要求12所述的系统,还包括一台用于打印所述的安全标志的喷墨打印机。 22. The system of claim 12, further comprising an ink-jet printer for printing said safety signs.
23.如权利要求12所述的系统,还包括一个用于照明安全标志的可见光源。 12 23. A system according to claim, further comprising a visible light source for illuminating the security mark.
24.如权利要求12所述的系统,还包括一个用于提供对安全标志紫外激发的紫外线光源。 12 24. A system according to claim, further comprising a security mark for providing ultraviolet light ultraviolet excitation.
25.如权利要求24所述的系统,其特征在于,所述荧光发射是在一个第一波长范围内的,并且所述紫外线光源提供了比所述第一波长范围短的第二波长范围内的光。 25. The system of claim 24, wherein said fluorescence emission is within a first wavelength range, and the ultraviolet light source provides a first wavelength range shorter than the second wavelength within the range light.
26.如权利要求25所述的系统,其特征在于,所述第一波长的范围是在400和1100纳米之间。 26. The system of claim 25, wherein said first wavelength range is between 400 and 1100 nm.
27.一种具有安全标志的物件,所述安全标志用于确认该物件,其特征在于:所述安全标志是由能够在可见光的照明下吸收在可见波长范围内的光以呈现出黑色的媒介来制成的,并且在激发的照明下产生荧光发射,并且其中,所述的安全标志是通过比较所述可见图像和所述荧光图像来确认的。 27. An article having a safety signs, safety signs for the confirmation of the article, wherein: said security flag is capable of lighting in the visible light absorption in the visible wavelength range of light to present a black medium be made, and the fluorescence emission under excitation illumination, and wherein said security marker is a visible image and the fluorescence image by comparing said to confirm.
28.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,比较所述可见图像和所述荧光图像,来确认图像物理上的一致性。 28. The article of claim 27, characterized in that the fluorescent image and the visible image comparison, to confirm the consistency of the image physically.
29.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,所述荧光照明是红色的。 29. The article of claim 27, wherein said fluorescent light is red.
30.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,所述激发照明是紫外光。 27 30. The article according to claim, wherein said excitation light is ultraviolet light.
31.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,所述荧光发射是在400和1100纳米之间的波长范围内。 27 31. The article according to claim, characterized in that the fluorescent emission within the wavelength range between 400 and 1100 nm.
32.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,所述可见光是在330纳米和800纳米之间的波长范围内。 27 32. The article according to claim, characterized in that, within the visible light between 330 nm and 800 nm wavelength range.
33.如权利要求27所述的物件,其特征在于,所述媒介是一种能够用于产生所述的安全标志的喷墨打印机的墨水。 33. The article of claim 27, wherein said medium is capable of generating said safety mark for an inkjet printer ink.
34.一种用于在物件上印制安全标志的方法,所述方法包括:使用能够在可见波长范围内吸收光以呈现出黑色的媒介来印制所述安全标志,所述媒介在激发的照明下也产生荧光发射,并且其中,所述荧光发射具有一个第一波长,而所述激发发射具有比所述第一波长短的第二波长。 34. A method for printing security label on an object, the method comprising: using capable of absorbing light to exhibit black printing media to the security mark in the visible wavelength range, the excitation of the medium also produce fluorescence emission under illumination, and wherein the fluorescent emission having a first wavelength, whereas the second excitation wavelength to emit light having a shorter wavelength than the first wave.
35.如权利要求34所述的方法,其特征在于,通过采集在可见光的照明下安全标志在可见波长范围内的第一图像、采集在激发照明下安全标志由荧光发射的第二图像以及通过将所述第一图像和所述第二图像进行比较以确定在所述第一图像和所述第二图像之间的基本匹配来验证物件的真实性。 35. The method of claim 34, wherein, by collecting in visible light illumination safety signs in the visible wavelength range of the first image, the second image acquisition in the fluorescence excitation light emitted by the security mark and by the first image and the second image are compared to determine substantially match the first image and the second image to verify the authenticity of the object.
36.如权利要求34所述的方法,其特征在于,所述媒介包括一种能够用于提供所述的安全标志的喷墨打印机使用的墨水。 34 36. The method according to claim, characterized in that said medium comprises an ink that can be used to provide the security mark of the ink jet printer.
37.如权利要求34所述的方法,其特征在于,所述第一图像和所述第二图像在物理上的一致性。 37. The method of claim 34, wherein the first image and the second image consistency in physical.
38.如权利要求34所述的方法,其特征在于,所述荧光发射是红色的。 38. The method of claim 34, wherein said fluorescence emission is red.
39.如权利要求34所述的方法,其特征在于,所述激发照明是紫外线。 34 39. The method according to claim, wherein said excitation light is ultraviolet light.
Description  translated from Chinese
适用于确认一个安全标志的方法和系统 Methods and systems used to confirm a safety signs

交叉参考的相关申请本申请涉及美国临时专利申请号60/290,117题为“异类的视觉可变的水性墨水的成分”和申请号60/289,989题为“适用于喷墨打印机的同类感光性视觉可变墨水的成分”,并已委托予本发明的受让人,已于2001年5月10申请。 CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is related to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60 / 290,117, entitled "optically variable component heterogeneous aqueous ink" and Application No. 60 / 289,989, entitled "applies to an ink jet printer like photosensitive visually change ink ingredients "and has entrusted to the assignee of the present invention, an application in May 2001 was 10

发明领域本发明主要涉及一种物件的鉴定,例如,钞票、证书和邮资、特别涉及通过确认上述物件所提供的安全标志来鉴定该物件。 Field of the Invention The present invention generally relates to identifying an object, for example, banknotes, certificates and postage, particularly to confirm that the above object provided by the security mark to identify the object.

技术背景众所周知,通常是采用对在可视光谱内具有高反射对比度的图像敏感的自动检测仪,用于机器处理各种类型携带信息的票据,标签,商标,邮资及类似安全标志。 Technical background is well known, usually by an image with high contrast reflection in the visible spectrum-sensitive automatic detector for processing all types of portable machine notes, Labels, Postage and safety signs similar information. 另外,众所周知,也可以采用对能产生较短波长的激发(例如,紫外(UV)激发)的安全标志的荧光发射敏感的自动检测仪。 Further, it is known, may be used to produce shorter wavelengths of excitation (e.g., ultraviolet (UV) excitation) of the security label of the fluorescent emission sensitive automatic detector. 例如,在邮资计量的领域中,邮件携带采用荧光墨水印刷的邮资邮戳可增加邮件的机器处理。 For example, in the field of postage metering, the message carrying the fluorescent ink printed postage indicium increase the mail processing machine. 在美国和加拿大,自动设备可通过检测黏附在邮件上的邮资邮戳的红色荧光来适当地面对着或确定各个邮件的方向。 In the United States and Canada, automated equipment can adhesion mail postage indicia on the face of the red fluorescent or appropriately determined by detecting the direction of individual messages. 邮资服务面对设备采用简单的检测仪来定位荧光。 Postage service face a simple device to locate the fluorescence detector. 该检测仪不能确定荧光和邮戳的图像是物理相一致的,于是就限制了检测仪确定安全标志的鉴定能力。 The detector can not determine fluorescence and postmark image is consistent with the physical, so they limit the detector to determine the ability to identify safety signs. 正如本文所使用的,术语“红色荧光”并不是指墨水的可见颜色,而使之在光谱的红色区域中的荧光。 As used herein, the term "red fluorescence" does not refer to the visible color of the ink, leaving the fluorescence in the red region of the spectrum.

正如本文所使用的,“荧光安全标志”是指在光谱的定义区域中可暴露于较短波长激发光(例如,UV光)的荧光的安全标志。 As used herein, "fluorescent security mark" means a defined area of the spectrum can be exposed to a shorter wavelength excitation light (e.g., UV light) of the fluorescent security mark. 在入射激发光和荧光发射之间波长中的变化可以清晰地区分荧光和直接反射。 Between the incident excitation light and the fluorescence emission wavelength of the fluorescence changes can be clearly distinguished and direct reflection. 荧光安全标志可有效地应用于伪造票据,有价证券,身份证,证券纸等等的检测。 Fluorescent safety signs can be effectively applied to counterfeit bills, securities, identity cards, bond paper, etc. testing. 复制安全标志的荧光的困难阻止了复制并且提供了赝品的法律证据。 Hard copy fluorescent safety signs to prevent duplication and legal evidence provided fake. 在这些应用中,安全标志是条款的检测,产生的标志,以及自动条款的识别。 In these applications, the security mark is detected terms, and the automatic item identification sign produced. 对这些应用来说,荧光的亮度是重要的。 For these applications, the brightness of the fluorescence is important.

伪造者没有采用具有机读荧光墨水的打印机,而是通过在荧光的背景上复制标记或者在复制的标记上涂覆荧光材料的方法,就能够产生可发出荧光并可机读的安全标志。 Forger does not use having machine-readable fluorescent ink printer, but by copying the marking on the fluorescent background or in the method of coating a fluorescent material marked on the copy, it is possible to produce a machine-readable fluoresce and safety signs. 在这两种情况下,原始的和复制的标记是可识别的。 In both cases, the original and the copy of the tag is recognizable. 一个法律验证系统可以产生这样的识别,正如本文所讨论的。 A legal authentication system can generate such recognition, as discussed herein.

手动的法律检测系统可以简单的是一个可视光源和一个紫外光源,还具有一个可在这两种光源之间切换的开关。 Manually law detection system may simply be a visual light source and a ultraviolet light source, also has a switch between the two source switches. 操作者可以观察在这两种光源下的标记,并且在紫外光的照明下验证图像的荧光和背景的没有荧光。 The operator can observe the mark in both the light source and under UV illumination verify that no fluorescence image and background fluorescence.

当采用可视光源来照明一个原始的安全标志时,与纸张的发亮背景相比照,图像是发暗的。 When visible light to illuminate an original safety signs, compared with the paper's shiny background photos, the image is dark. 当采用紫外光源来照明原始的安全标志的图像时,则与纸张的低荧光背景相比照,图像是发亮的。 When using an ultraviolet light source to illuminate the image of the original safety signs, the paper compared to low fluorescence background photo, image is shiny. 同样,采用可视光来照明一个复制的安全标志相对于发亮的背景显得较暗。 Similarly, the use of visible light to illuminate a copy of the safety mark relative to the background of shiny dark. 与在紫外光照明下的原始安全标志的图像性能相比较,印刷在荧光背景上的复制安全标志或采用荧光材料覆盖印刷的并采用紫外光照明与发亮的荧光背景相比照就显出暗的图像。 In the performance of the original image with the security label under UV illumination compared to printing on a fluorescent background copy security label or fluorescent material covering the printing and illuminated by UV light and compared according to the background fluorescence show dark images.

旋转的和其它凸版印刷机的邮资计量采用浸渍泡沫海绵或其它多孔媒介中的墨水的滚筒在信封上留下邮戳。 Postage metering and other letterpress rotary printing press by impregnation foam sponge or other porous media in the drum ink left postmark on the envelope. 适用于凸版印刷机计量的红色荧光复制的墨水包括工色、蓝色、绿色和黑色的墨水。 Red fluorescence copied apply letterpress printing ink metering, including workers, blue, green and black ink. 例如,美国专利号2,681,317;2,763,785;3,230,221;3560,238;3,928,226和4,015,131披露了适用于该目的的红色墨水。 For example, US Patent No. 2,681,317; discloses suitable for the purpose of red ink 3,928,226 and 4,015,131; 2,763,785; 3,230,221; 3560,238. 一般来说,这些墨水含有低蒸发压力的非水性的基于溶剂的媒介物体系,并具有高的固体浓度、高的粘性、高的沸腾温度和低的表面张力。 In general, these inks contain a low vapor pressure of the non-aqueous solvent-based vehicle systems, and has a high solids concentration, high viscosity, high boiling temperatures and low surface tension. 凸版印刷技术缺乏印刷可变信息的数字印刷的能力。 Toppan Printing variable digital printing technologies lack the ability to print information. 因此,这些凸版印刷机的墨水就不能用于喷墨打印机,因为这些墨水需要稳定的溶解度或随小颗粒的稳定流动性,低的粘性和特殊的表面张力。 Therefore, these can not be letterpress printing ink for an inkjet printer, since these inks require a stable solubility or with a steady flow of small particles, low viscosity and specific surface tension. 在目前的压电式喷墨打印机中,液体墨水的粘性可以从大约1.5到15厘泊(cps),而在热敏喷墨打印机中则为从1至5cps。 In the current piezoelectric ink jet printer, viscous liquid ink may range from about 1.5 to 15 centipoise (cps), while in the thermal inkjet printer was from 1 to 5cps. 喷墨打印机墨水的表面张力希望是在30至50dynes/cm之间。 Surface tension of the ink-jet printer hope is between 30 to 50dynes / cm. 在美国专利号5,681,381中披露了一种红色水性红色荧光墨水的例子,所披露的墨水符合适用于邮资的USPS的需要,同时还兼容于在喷墨打印机中的使用。 Discloses an example of a red aqueous ink of red fluorescence in U.S. Patent No. 5,681,381, the ink disclosed in compliance with the applicable USPS postage required, is also compatible for use in an ink jet printer. 这些墨水在有效期间是稳定的。 These inks are stable in the effective period. 这些墨水的主要成分是基于说,辅助溶剂以及水溶性荧光调色剂的渗透性溶液。 The main components of these inks are based on said auxiliary solvent solution permeability and water-soluble fluorescent toner. 这些墨水可设计成通过限制光学的限制来获得所需的荧光强度,使之光学强度低于机器阅读所需的正常强度。 These inks may be designed to limit by limiting optical intensity of the fluorescence to obtain the desired, so that the optical intensity lower than the intensity required for normal reading machine.

已经开发了邮资邮戳和邮资机器,这些设备采用了数字打印特别是喷墨打印。 Has developed a postage postmark and postage machines, these devices especially using digital printing ink jet printing. 一个实例是由美国Pitney Bowes公司(Stamford,Connecticut,USA)所制造的个人PostTM邮资计量设备。 One example is the US Pitney Bowes Company (Stamford, Connecticut, USA) manufactured personal PostTM postage metering equipment. 众所周知,在业内,常常是使用数字打印机来打印具有有效日期的红色及红色荧光的邮戳。 It is well known in the industry, often using a digital printer to print in red and red fluorescence with a valid postmark date. 数字打印邮戳提供了明显超越凸版印刷邮戳的优点。 Digital Print postmark provides significant advantages beyond the letterpress printing postmark. 喷墨打印提供了一种打印具有高密度可变信息邮戳的手段。 Inkjet printing provides a high-density print variable information postmark means. Pitney Bowes'PostPerfect计量通过热传移打印的方式来产生具有有效日期的红色、红色荧光邮戳,而个人邮件办公装置可通过喷墨打印来产生红色及红色荧光邮戳。 Pitney Bowes'PostPerfect shift measurement by means of heat transfer printing to produce red, red fluorescence with a valid postmark date, office equipment and personal messages can be generated and red fluorescent red postmark by inkjet printing. USPS IBIP程序可允许使用黑色、可机读的邮戳。 USPS IBIP program may allow the use of black, machine-readable postmark. 邮局办公设备一般都是使用面对可识别标志或通过附加在邮戳上的荧光标签来调整携带着IBIP邮戳的邮件方向。 Office equipment is generally used in the post office could face identification or postmarked by attached fluorescent labels to adjust the direction of carrying the mail IBIP postmark. 邮资服务器可采用适用于增值服务、适用于邮戳的密码鉴别和适用于获得标志信息的各种可机读变化信息。 Postage server can be applied to value-added services, passwords and identification of suitable machine-readable indicia change information for a variety of signs to get information. 与凸版印刷技术相比较,数字印刷机可以在不减少印刷次数的条件下提供印刷的质量和对比度。 Compared with the letterpress printing technology, digital printers can provide print quality and contrast without reducing the number of printing conditions. 该图像可以采用直接非接触的打印头以高的精度、高的质量和高的速度的方式来打印。 The image can be used directly in non-contact printing head with high accuracy, high quality and high speed manner to print. 这些墨水还具有适用于安全标志的其它优点,因为它们可以含有渗透性溶液使得荧光的成分可以有选择性地渗透到纸张中。 These inks also have other advantages applicable to safety signs, because they may contain a solution such that the permeability of the fluorescent component can selectively penetrate into the paper. 该选择性的渗透对安全标志的荧光成分提供了摹拓和伪造支票的抵制。 The selective permeation of fluorescent ingredient safety signs provide rubbings and forged checks to resist.

用于邮票邮资所使用的喷墨打印的另一问题是现在由于缺乏同时适用于邮资和机读的喷墨技术的墨水功能而受限于某些范围。 Another issue postage stamps used for ink jet printing ink is now due to lack of features also apply to postage and machine-readable ink jet technology and limited to certain areas.

邮资服务采用在邮戳中印刷信息,以用于安全和标志目的的以及处理邮件。 Postal service postmark printed using the information for the purpose of security and sign and mail handling. 特别是,USPS的基于信息的邮戳以一个两维条形码的形式包含着高密度、可变化、加密保护的信息。 In particular, USPS Information Based Indicia information in the form of a two-dimensional bar code contains a high density, can be varied, cryptographically protected. 为了能采集这个信息,邮资扫描设备必须有效检测和读取基于信息的邮戳,在各种基底上所印刷的邮资邮戳必须在反射方面具有足够的对比度,从而使邮戳能够机读。 In order to collect this information, postage scanning equipment must effectively detect and read the information on the postmark on various substrates printed postage postmark must have sufficient contrast in terms of reflection, so that the machine can read the postmark. 例如,在暗的基底上,如反射比在0.45至0.6之间的牛皮纸信封,采用红色墨水就很难获得所需要的对比度。 For example, on a dark substrate, such as a reflectance ratio is between from 0.45 to 0.6 of manila envelope, using red ink is difficult to obtain desired contrast. 因此,就非常需要能印刷呈现出高对比度的安全标志,最好是黑色以及同时具有红色的荧光。 Therefore, we need to be able to print exhibit very high contrast safety signs, preferably black, and also has a red fluorescence. 然而,红色荧光墨水通常并不具有光学特性识别(OCR)设备、条形码阅读机和其它类型的机器视觉技术能可靠阅读的足够对比度。 However, the red fluorescent inks generally do not have optical characteristics recognition (OCR) equipment, bar code readers and other types of machine vision technology to reliably read a sufficient contrast. 这些系统一般在频谱的红色区域中具有照明和检测系统。 These systems typically have lighting and detection systems in the red region of the spectrum.

荧光安全性能的一个缺点是很多类的商品化有机发光化合物。 One disadvantage of fluorescent security performance organic light-emitting compounds are commercially available in many types. 普通的例子是发光的和商品化颜料荧光的材料和墨水。 Common examples are glowing fluorescent pigment and commercialization of materials and inks. 邮戳的伪造复制就只能希望所采用的正是材料的基底具有能发射出类似颜色光的发光物质。 Postmark forged copy can only hope that it is used in the base material has a light-emitting substance can emit light of a similar color. 于是,这就有利于提供具有独特光学特性并不能采用简单的商品材料来模仿的发光墨水。 So, which is conducive to providing a unique optical properties and can not be used to simulate a simple commodity materials emitting ink. 本发明提供了具有这类独特光学特性的墨水。 The present invention provides an ink having such unique optical characteristics.

此外,在基于数字邮戳的邮件安全系统中,如果在多个邮件上复制和产生邮资邮戳,就很难使得邮资服务器可以知道在具有相同邮戳的邮件中那一个具有最初的邮戳。 In addition, e-mail security system based on digital postmark, if the replication and produce postage indicia on multiple e-mail, it is difficult to make postage mail server can know that the same one with a postmark of the original postmark.

于是,提供一种在邮件上附加一个安全且该安全随后可以用于在正当付费的邮件和没有付费的邮件之间识别的方法和系统是有利的也是需要的。 Thus, to provide a secure and that an additional safety can then be used in a method and system identification between legitimate mail and paying no paid mail is advantageous also needed on the message.


本发明的主要目的是使用一种难以复制的安全标志来鉴定一种物件,例如,邮件。 The main object of the present invention is the use of a hard copy of the security label to identify an object, for example, mail. 该安全标志可以是邮票和邮戳和其它印刷图像。 The safety signs can be printed stamps and postmarks and other images. 这一目的可以通过使用能够吸收可见光以及在紫外激发下产生荧光发射的墨水提供安全标志来获得。 This object is achieved by the use of visible light and can absorb ink to generate fluorescence emission in the UV excitation to provide safety signs obtained.

这种不是通常有效的墨水性能是同时存在着视觉上不同于荧光颜色的暗色(较佳的是黑色)和荧光。 This is not usually an effective performance is the simultaneous existence of ink is different from the color of dark visual fluorescence (preferably black) and fluorescence. 这类性能属于不闪光的、光敏感的光学可变器件(OVD)类别,这是难以伪造的。 Such properties are not flash, the light sensitive optical variable device (OVD) category, which is difficult to counterfeit. 当采用可见光照明时,OVD类别产生正常的发黑的现象,而在UV光的照明时,则产生红色的荧光。 When using visible light, OVD category produce normal black phenomenon, and when the illumination of UV light, then a red fluorescence. 在确定好的条件下,这种差异是可以预测的、可逆的和重新产生的。 In determining a good condition, this difference can be predicted, reversible and regenerated. 主题发明提供了一种墨水,该墨水可以发出红色荧光并且也在整个可见光谱中具有高的光学密度通量,使得它即可由操作人员来读取也可由机器视觉系统来读取。 The subject invention provides an ink, the ink can emit red fluorescence and also the entire visible spectrum with high optical flux density, so that it can be read by a human operator also be read by a machine vision system. 由黑色颜色所提供的高对比度允许采用商用扫描仪来扫描采用这种墨水印刷的图像文件和邮戳,即使是在诸如牛皮纸信封的这类暗色的信封上。 High contrast black color provided by allowing the use of a commercial scanner to scan a printed using this ink and the indicium image file, even in the dark such as kraft paper envelopes envelope. 所有波长的吸收使得在普遍存在的牛皮纸、棕色的信封上的形成在红色滤波器和红色照明下能获得所需的对比度。 Absorb all wavelengths so ubiquitous kraft paper, brown envelope formed under the red filter and red light to obtain the desired contrast. 这类OVD性能能够集成在文件中,因为它们呈现出正常的黑色。 Such OVD performance can be integrated in the document, as they exhibit the normal black. 因此,该OVD可以是隐蔽的安全标志,似乎从普遍存在的黑色印刷中难以区别,但是隐含着荧光的特性。 Thus, the OVD can be hidden safety signs, it seems difficult to distinguish from the ubiquitous black printing, but implies a characteristic fluorescence. 制造和提供这些光敏光学可变墨水的控制提供难以检测复制的一个明显的障碍。 Manufacture and provide these photosensitive optically variable ink is controlled to provide a significant obstacle difficult to detect replication.

根据本发明的第一发明,适用于确认具有在其提供安全标志的表面的物件的方法,其中,采用一种能够吸收在可见波长范围内的光的墨水来提供一种安全标志,它可呈现出可见的黑色,并且在具有第二波长比第一波长短的激发照明的条件下,产生具有第一波长的荧光发射,该方法包括步骤:采集在可见光的照明下安全标志在可见波长范围内的第一图像; According to the first invention of the present invention, used to confirm the object having at its surface to provide safety signs, wherein, one which would absorb in the visible light wavelength range of the ink to provide a security mark, which may be presented a visible black, and having the second wavelength than the first wave length of excitation under illumination, to generate a first fluorescence emission wavelength, the method comprising the steps of: collecting the illumination in visible light within a wavelength range of safety signs visible a first image;

采集在激发照明下安全标志由荧光发射的第二图像;以及,使用第一图像和第二图像来确认物件的真实性。 Capture a second image at the excitation light emitted from the fluorescent security mark; and, using the first image and the second image to confirm the authenticity of the object.

较佳的是,确认步骤包括确认第一和第二图像物理上是完全一致的。 Preferably, the validation step, including confirmation of the first and second images are physically exactly the same.

较佳的是,确认步骤包括比较第一和第二图像,以确认在第一图像和第二图像之间的匹配。 Preferably, the confirmation step includes comparing the first and second images, to confirm that the matching between the first image and the second image.

较佳的是,荧光发射是一种红色的荧光发射。 Preferably, the fluorescence emission as a red fluorescence emission.

较佳的是,激发照明是紫外激发。 Preferably, the excitation light is ultraviolet excitation.

鉴定方法可以采用视觉方法来进行,该方法是采用肉眼来比较第一和第二图像。 Identification methods can be employed to carry out a visual method, the method is to use the naked eye to compare the first and second images.

较佳的是,当鉴定的方法是采用一个装置来进行时,该比较的步骤包括获得表示在第一图像和第二图像之间相关性的数值,以及将该数值与存储于装置中的预定数值进行比较的步骤。 Preferably, when the method is to use a device identification is performed when the step of comparing includes obtaining values expressed in a predetermined correlation between the first image and the second image, and the value stored in the device step to compare values.

较佳的是,该墨水可以用于提供安全标志的喷墨打印机。 Preferably, the ink can be used to provide safety signs inkjet printer.

较佳的是,可见光吸收的波长范围约为390纳米和680纳米之间,并且第一图像呈现黑色、深灰色或深蓝色,或上述组合。 Preferably, the wavelength range of visible light absorption of between about 390 nm and 680 nm, and the first image is black, dark gray, or dark blue, or a combination.

较佳的是,荧光发射所具有的波长范围大于580纳米。 Preferably, the fluorescence emission wavelength range has greater than 580 nm.

较佳的是,当物件包括邮件时,安全标志包括邮票或邮戳。 Preferably, when the object including mail, safety signs including stamp or postmark. 安全标志也可能包括宣传信息、返回地址或邮件地址。 Safety signs may also include promotional information, return address, or e-mail address.

较佳的是,当物件是支票、文件、证书、标签身份证或证章,或票据时,安全标志可以包括一个图形设计,一个或多个文字符号,一个条形码,或者其它图像。 Preferably, when the object is checks, documents, certificates, labels, ID card or badge, or notes, the safety signs can include a graphic design, one or more text symbols, a bar code, or other images.

根据本发明的第二方面,用于鉴定具有在其提供安全标志的表面的物件的系统,其中,采用一种能够吸收在可见波长范围内的光的媒介来提供一种安全标志,它可在可见光的照明下呈现出可见的黑色,并且在短波长的激发照明下产生荧光发射,该系统包括:一个第一部件,它响应可见光,用于采集安全标志的第一图像,以提供表示所述第一图像的第一信号;一个第二部件,它响应荧光发射,用于采集安全标志的第二图像,以提供表示第二图像的第二信号;一个第三部件,它响应第一信号和第二信号,用于比较第一信号和第二信号来确定在第一图像和第二图像之间的匹配。 According to a second aspect of the invention, having to provide security for the identification mark on the surface of the object system, wherein, one which would absorb in the visible light wavelength range of medium to provide a security label, it may be under visible light illumination showing visible black, and generates fluorescent emission at a short wavelength of the excitation light, the system comprising: a first member, responsive to visible light, a first image acquisition safety signs to provide representation of the a first signal of the first image; a second member, responsive to the fluorescent emission, safety signs for acquiring a second image, to provide a second signal indicative of a second image; a third means, responsive to the first signal and a second signal, for comparing the first and second signals to determine a match between the first image and the second image.

较佳的是,第三部件包括一个校正器件,它用于获得表示在第一图像和第二图像匹配的数值,并且该数值用于根据一个预定的数值来确定匹配。 Preferably, the third component comprises a correction device, which is used to obtain a numerical value in the first image and the second image matching, and this value is used in accordance with a predetermined value to determine a match.

较佳的是,第一部件包括一个图像扫描仪,或者一个数字摄像机。 Preferably, the first member comprises an image scanner, or a digital video camera.

有可能,第一部件包括一个影片摄像机,或者一个视频摄像机。 Possible, the first member comprising a movie camera, or a video camera.

较佳的是,第二部件包括一个图像扫描仪,或者一个数字摄像机。 Preferably, the second member comprises an image scanner, or a digital video camera.

有可能,第二部件包括一个影片摄像机,或者一个视频摄像机。 Possible, the second member comprises a video camera, or a video camera.

根据本发明的第三方面,在物件上所提供用于确认物件的安全标志,它由能够吸收可见光波长范围内的光以呈现出可见光照明下的视觉暗色,并能在紫外光激发下产生红色的荧光发射的媒介所制成的,该安全标志可具有在可见光照明下提供可见的图像以及在激发照明下提供荧光图像的特征。 According to a third aspect of the invention, the object is provided for confirming the object safety signs, which can absorb light in the wavelength range of visible light to exhibit a visible light illumination under dark vision, and can produce a red under UV excitation media made of fluorescence emission, the security mark may have to provide a visible image and the fluorescence image provides illumination at the excitation characteristics in the visible light illumination.

提供结合图1至图4的阅读和讨论将使本发明变得更加清晰。 Provided in connection with Fig. 1 to Fig. 4 of reading and discussion the present invention will become more apparent.

附图简要说明图1a是说明具有一个或多个安全标志的邮件的示意图。 Brief Description of the Figure 1a is a schematic diagram illustrating having one or more safety signs messages.

图1b是说明具有一个或多个安全标志的非邮件的示意图。 Figure 1b is a schematic diagram illustrating having one or more non-secure flag message.

图2a是说明在紫外光激发的条件下安全标志的荧光图像的示意图。 Figure 2a is a schematic diagram illustrating the conditions under UV excitation of the fluorescence image of the security mark.

图2b是说明在可见光的条件下安全标志的可见光图像的示意图。 Figure 2b is a schematic diagram illustrating a visible image under visible light conditions safety signs.

图3是说明用于根据本发明在物件上所提供的安全标志来确认该物件的系统的示意图。 3 is to confirm that the object of the system according to the present invention on the article provided a schematic diagram for safety signs.

图4是说明用于确认邮件的系统的示意图。 Figure 4 is a schematic diagram illustrating a system for confirmation.

图5是白纸和各种不同墨水所印刷图像的反射图形。 Figure 5 is a white and a variety of different inks printed image reflection pattern.

图6是白纸和各种不同墨水所印刷图像的荧光发射图形。 Figure 6 is a white paper, and various inks printed image fluorescence emission pattern.

发明详述图1a说明了邮件1具有邮票或邮戳12,宣传信息14,邮件地址18和退回地址16。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Fig. 1a illustrates a mail with a stamp or postmark 12, 14 promotional information, e-mail address and return address 18 16. 为了能确认邮票或邮戳12是有效的还是非法制造的复制品,较佳的是邮票或邮戳是采用特殊的墨水来印刷。 In order to confirm the stamp or postmark 12 is valid or illegal manufacture of copies, preferably stamp or postmark is using a special ink to print. 特别是,该墨水是能够吸收可见光并且一旦紫外光激发时会产生荧光发射。 In particular, the ink is capable of absorbing visible light and generates fluorescence emission when excited by UV light once. 在以下的表1和表2中列出了两例特殊墨水。 Two cases are listed in the following special ink Tables 1 and 2 below. 因为该墨水能够吸收可见光,所以可以在邮局采用图像扫描仪来采集可见光的图像,该图像扫描仪通常是用于采集以常规墨水所制成的邮戳图像。 Since the ink is capable of absorbing visible light, it is possible to use the image scanner in the post office to capture visible light image, the image scanner typically used to collect indicium image made of a conventional ink. 此外,USPS也使用可以检测红色荧光的邮资机器。 In addition, USPS also be detected using the red fluorescent postage machine. 于是,可以在不改动现有的有效设备的条件下,USPS能够处理采用包括OVD性能的墨水(称之为OVD墨水)来印刷邮戳。 Thus, changes may be made without the conditions existing valid device, USPS OVD performance capable of processing using an ink comprising (called OVD ink) to print indicium. 邮资的邮戳和邮资机器都已经开发成功,并能够采用数字印刷特别是喷墨印刷。 Postmark postage and postage machines have been developed, and in particular to adopt digital printing inkjet printing. 于是,较佳的是,OVD墨水可以用于包括喷墨打印机的数字打印机。 Thus, preferably, OVD ink jet printer may be used include a digital printer.

图1b说明了非邮件的物件30,例如,票据、标签、流动券、支票、证书、身份证章或证书、文件或其他相类似的。 Figure 1b shows the non-mail items 30, for example, notes, labels, mobile coupons, checks, certificates, identification badges or certificates, or other similar document. 例如,安全标志可以在非邮件物件30提供安全标志,如,一个或多文字数字符号34,一个图形设计32,一个目标36的相似形,一个条形码38。 For example, safety signs safety signs can provide 30 non-mail items, such as one or more alphanumeric symbols 34, a graphic design 32, a target 36 similar figures, a bar code 38. 可以采用类似于在邮件上的安全标志的方法进行比较安全标志所产生的可见光图像和荧光图像来确认在非邮件物件30上的安全标志。 Can be confirmed in the non-mail items were similar to 30 safety signs visible and fluorescence images generated by comparing safety signs safety signs in the mail on the approach to take.

本文所使用的术语“光敏光学可变(POV)安全标志”是指印刷的视觉上黑色或深灰色的携带着可机读信息且当采用较短波长的光激发时以特殊的波长范围发出荧光的标志。 As used herein, the term "photosensitive optically variable (POV) security flag" means a printed visually black or dark gray machine-readable information carrying and when using the shorter wavelength excitation light wavelength range in particular to fluoresce sign. POV安全标志在整个可见光谱范围内呈现出可见光谱的吸收,且该光谱范围包括了可见光谱中的红色区域,但对典型的自动扫描系统来说,红色的墨水是不可见的。 POV security mark in the entire visible spectrum exhibits absorption in the visible spectrum, and the spectral range of the visible spectrum including the red region, but for the typical automatic scanning systems, the red ink is invisible. 这些墨水就可以在诸如牛皮纸或马尼拉纸的深色纸上获得可接受的PCS(印刷的对比信号)。 These inks can be obtained in an acceptable dark paper such as kraft paper or the manila the PCS (print contrast signal).

图2a和2b显示了包括数据阵列条形码的POV安全标志的机器扫描图像22和24。 Figures 2a and 2b show the machine comprises a scanned image of the bar code data array POV safety signs 22 and 24. 在POV安全标志中可以使用诸如一维条形码、其它类型的两维条形码、可印刷的水印,或OCR特性的任何其它符号。 In POV security flag may be used such as a one-dimensional bar code, other types of two-dimensional bar code, any other printable watermark symbol or OCR features. 反射扫描的图像22是采用可见光来照明该标志所获得的。 Reflection image 22 is scanned using visible light to illuminate the sign obtained. 黑色模式的低反射率使得扫描图像的深色区域对应于安全标志的印刷区域。 Low reflectance black pattern makes a scanned image of dark areas correspond to the printed area of safety signs. 以荧光扫描的图像24是通过观察在紫外(UV)照明下可见红色荧光的发射而获得的。 Fluorescence image 24 is scanned by observation under ultraviolet (UV) illumination visible red fluorescence emission obtained. 扫描的图像24显示了当采用UV光照明时安全标志发射可见光并且使得在扫描图像中的发光区域对应于所印刷的区域。 24 shows a scanned image when illuminated with UV light and emit visible light such that the security mark in the scanned image of the light emitting region corresponding to the printed area. 比较图像22和24显示了荧光图像时发射图像的负像,即,在两个图像之间存在着较强的负相关性。 Comparison image 22 and 24 show the emission fluorescence image as a negative image, i.e., between two images exist a strong negative correlation.

荧光图像22可以在紫外光的激发下由邮票或邮戳12或者其它安全标志14、16、18、32、34、36产生。 22 fluorescence images can 14,16,18,32,34,36 produced by stamp or postmark 12 or other safety signs at UV excitation. 图2b说明了当采用可见光照明安全标志时由相同安全标志所产生的可见图像24。 Figure 2b shows the visible image 24 when using visible light by the same safety signs safety signs produced. 图2a和2b只是作为范例,因为采用OVD墨水印刷的邮票和邮戳12或者其它安全标志14、16、18、32、34、36都可以具有吸收可见光以及在紫外光的激发下产生荧光发射的功能,并且荧光图像22和可见图像24是相互相关的。 Figures 2a and 2b only as an example, because the use of OVD ink stamp and postmark printing or other security flag 14,16,18,32,34,36 12 can have a visible light absorption and fluorescence emission upon excitation by ultraviolet light functions , and the fluorescence image 22 and a visible image 24 is associated with each other. 如果邮票和邮戳12或者其它安全标志14、16、18、32、34、36采用复制设备(例如,影印机)被非法复制时,通常是难以获得荧光图像的。 If the stamp and postmark 12 or other safety signs 14,16,18,32,34,36 using reproduction apparatus (e.g., copy machine) from being illegally copied, is usually difficult to obtain a fluorescence image. 为了能确认邮票和邮戳12或者其它安全标志14、16、18、32、34、36的有效性,就有可能通过荧光图像22和可见图像24的视觉比较来发现它们之间的匹配。 In order to confirm the 12 stamps and postmarks or other safety signs 14,16,18,32,34,36 effectiveness, it is possible to find a matching comparison between them visible by fluorescence image 22 and 24 of the visual image. 然而,较佳的是,采用比较的设备来比较图像22和24,正如图3所示。 However, preferably, using an image comparison device to compare 22 and 24, as shown in Figure 3.

对于诸如邮资付费的数值计量的应用和其它安全应用来说,其法律特征是很重要的。 For applications and other security applications, such as postage-paid value measured in terms of its legal characteristics is very important. 荧光墨水的其它安全应用包括安全纸和文件。 Fluorescent ink other security applications, including security paper and documents. 于是,即使去除了可见的深色颜色之后,所保存的荧光图像104依然可以提供印刷内容的法律证据。 Thus, even after removing the visible dark color, the stored fluorescence image 104 can still provide legal proof print content. 在本发明中,在荧光和非荧光部分之间渗透上的差异提供在已经去除了可见部分之后依然存在着标志的法律证据。 In the present invention, between the fluorescent and non-fluorescent portion provided on the differences in penetration has been removed after the visible portion there are still legal evidence signs.

采用通用黑墨水印刷的安全标志是容易复制和改动的。 Black ink is printed using a common safety signs are easy to copy and changes. 数据的真实性的确认,例如,通过确认在条形码的数据中所包括的加密数字签名就能够检测数据的改动,而不能检测复制的数据。 Confirmation of the authenticity of the data, e.g., by confirming the encrypted digital data in the barcode included in the signature data changes can be detected, the copied data can not be detected. 本文所披露的可机读荧光墨水提供了防止不可检测的复制的屏障。 Disclosed herein may provide a machine-readable fluorescent ink barrier preventing replication undetectable. 通常,荧光是附加在有色的墨水中,以增加其亮度。 Typically, fluorescence is added to colored inks to increase the brightness. 现在还没有普遍的商业动机来制造用于一般用途视觉深色的荧光墨水,从而使得机读的荧光墨水可以成为用于特殊用途的唯一可控制的供应物件。 There is no universal commercial incentive to manufacture for general use visual dark fluorescent inks, making the machine-readable fluorescent ink supply may become objects for special purposes only controllable.

这些POV安全标志可以采用数字打印、热传递或电子摄影术的方法来产生。 These POV safety signs can be used digital printing, heat transfer, or electronic photography method to generate. 特别是,可以采用本文所披露的水性墨水通过喷墨打印来制成。 In particular, aqueous ink may be used as disclosed herein is made by ink jet printing.

图3说明了适用于确认安全标志12的系统。 Figure 3 illustrates the system used to confirm the safety mark 12. 正如图3所示,可见光源50可以用于提供在安全标志12上的照明光60。 As shown in Figure 3, the visible light source 50 may be used to provide illumination light 60 in the security label 12 on. 采用来自安全标志12的反射光70,反射图像扫描仪80可以采集可见光图像24。 Using reflection of light from the safety signs 12 70 80 reflected image scanner can capture the visible image 24. 类似,紫外光源52可以用于提供在安全标志12上的照明光62。 Similarly, the ultraviolet light source 52 may be used to provide the safety mark 12 of the illumination light 62. 采用来自安全标志12的荧光发射72,荧光图像扫描仪82就能够采集荧光图像22。 Fluorescence emission from safety signs 12 72 82 fluorescence image scanner will be able to collect the fluorescence image 22. 较佳的是,控制机制54可用于调整照明源50和52的照明以及图像扫描仪80和82所扫描的图像。 Preferably, the control mechanism 54 may be used to adjust illumination source illumination and image scanners 50 and 52 80 and 82 the scanned image. 反射图像扫描仪80和荧光图像扫描仪82可以分别和连续采集各自的图像。 Reflection fluorescence image scanner 80 and 82 image scanner can capture continuous images of each separately. 然而,当采用适当的滤波器和光学部件将反射光70和荧光发射72直接引导到各自的图像扫描仪时,也有可能同时采集到可见光图像24和荧光图像22。 However, when using an appropriate filter and the optical member 70 and the reflected light fluorescence 72 directly into the respective emission image scanner, it is possible to simultaneously capture the visible image 24 and fluorescent image 22. 较佳的是,将荧光图像22和可见图像24存储与一个图像存储部件84,从而能处理和比较这些图像。 Preferably, the fluorescence image 22 and a visible image 24 is stored with an image storage section 84, so that it can handle and compare these images. 正如所示,表示荧光图像22的信号和图像数据86和表示可见图像24的信号和图像数据88都可以发送到图像处理和相关设备90。 As indicated, represents the fluorescence image signal and the image data 86 and 22 represent a visible image signal and image data 24 of 88 can be sent to the image processing apparatus 90 and associated. 因为荧光图像22是可见图像24的“负”像,并且这两个图像是不同颜色的,较佳的是,在比较图像数据86和88之前,先处理图像数据86和88。 Because the fluorescence image 22 is visible image 24 of "negative" image, and the two images are of different colors, preferably, in a comparison image data 86 before and 88, the first processed image data 86 and 88. 例如,软件程序92可以用于计算表示在荧光图像22和可见图像24之间相关性的数值94。 For example, the software program 92 may be used to calculate the correlation values represent between 24 and fluorescent image 22 visible image 94. 该相关性数值94随后与预先设定的数值96相比较,以确定荧光图像22和可见图像24是否是采用印刷安全标志12的OVD墨水的结果。 The correlation value of 94 followed by 96 as compared with a preset value to determine the fluorescence image 22 and image 24 is visible is the use of safety signs results OVD printing ink 12. 例如,只有如果相关性数值94是等于或大于预定的数值96,才能假定安全标志12是采用OVD墨水合法产生的。 For example, if only the correlation value 94 is equal to or greater than the predetermined value 96, 12 can be assumed that the security mark is generated using OVD ink legitimate. 应该注意的是,因为OVD墨水的荧光发射可以限制于一定的波长范围,所以就有可能使用带通滤波器,只允许在波长范围内的荧光发射72能够到达荧光图像扫描仪82。 It should be noted that because the fluorescence emission OVD ink can be limited to a certain range of wavelengths, it is possible to use a band pass filter, allowing only fluorescence in the wavelength range of the fluorescence emission 72 can reach the image scanner 82. 正是如此,非法复制所产生的荧光发射就能被滤波去掉。 Is the case, the fluorescent emission generated by the illegal copy can be filtered to remove. 应该注意的是,以上结合图2a和3所进行的讨论只是涉及来自邮票或邮戳12所获得的荧光图像和可见图像。 It should be noted that the above discussion in connection with Fig. 2a and 3, carried out involving only the fluorescence image from a stamp or meter 12, and the obtained visible image. 应该理解的是,荧光图像和可见图像也能从任意安全标志中获得。 It should be understood that the fluorescence image and the visible image are also obtained from any safety signs. 此外,较佳的是,在使用图像扫描仪进行扫描获得安全标志的图像时,有可能使用数字摄像机或视频摄像机来获得图像。 In addition, preferably, when using an image scanner for scanning an image to obtain safety signs, it is possible to use a digital camera or a video camera to obtain an image. 也有可能使用胶片摄像机来获得图像,以及使用转换设备将胶片图像转换成数字图像,以便于处理。 Also possible to use a film camera to acquire images, and using a conversion device film images into a digital image, in order to deal with.

图4说明了使用OVD墨水制成的安全标志的物件确认的整个系统。 Figure 4 illustrates the overall system security flag OVD ink objects made of confirmation. 例如,该系统可以与现有的邮资确认系统组合在一起。 For example, the system can be combined with existing postage validation system. 正如图4所示,该系统1包括邮资计量仪,它具有用于在邮件10上印刷邮资邮戳和其它邮件或非邮件相关信息的打印头102。 As shown in Figure 4, the system 1 comprises a postage meter having a printhead for printing postage indicia on mail 10 and other mail or e-mail-related information 102. 替代邮资计量仪100,打印机112可以与个人计算机110相连接,以用于打印信息或图像。 Alternatively postage meter 100, the printer 112 can be connected to a personal computer 110, for printing information or images. 当数据中心200接受到邮件时,加密信息确认系统210可以用于从其包含的加密信息中确认邮资邮戳12。 When the data center received 200 e-mail, encrypted information system 210 can be used to confirm the postage indicia 12 to confirm the information contained in its encrypted. 此外,安全标志确认系统200可以用于从其所获得的荧光图像和可见图像来确认安全标志。 In addition, safety signs confirm that the system 200 may be used fluorescence images and visible images obtained from it to confirm the safety signs. 较佳的是,打印头102是一个喷墨打印头,并且打印机112是以喷墨打印机,使得它们可以使用如表I和表II所示的OVD墨水来打印安全标志。 Preferably, the print head 102 is an ink jet print head, and the printer 112 is an ink jet printer, the ink OVD so that they can be used as shown in Tables I and II to print the security mark.

表I表I所示同类水性OVD墨水的成分,该成分可以吸收可见光并且在紫外激发下产生荧光发射。 Components shown in Table I Table I OVD similar aqueous ink, the composition may absorb visible light and fluorescence emission in the UV excitation. 该墨水的基本成分包含蓝色着色剂、胺、荧光溶解性染料、荧光增强剂、表面活性剂、聚合物树脂、水溶性有机溶剂和水。 The basic components of the ink containing a blue colorant, an amine, a fluorescent dye solubility, fluorescence intensity enhancing agent, a surfactant, a polymer resin, a water-soluble organic solvent and water. 在表1中,Millijet Blue 28是由Milliken & Company公司(Spartanburg,South Carolina,USA)生产的蓝色染料的商标。 In Table 1, Millijet Blue 28 by Milliken & amp; Company, trademark (Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA) producing a blue dye. 表1中的同类墨水可在白色的信封上产生图像,该图像的荧光强度为USPS所定义的22个磷计量单位(PMU)。 Table 1 kind of ink can generate an image on a white envelope, the fluorescence intensity of the image is 22 phosphorus units of measurement USPS defined (PMU). 图像的光学密度为0.7,并且采用白光照明的打印对比度(PCR)为60%,而采用红光照明的打印对比度为72%。 The optical density of the image is 0.7, and the use of white light illumination of print contrast (PCR) was 60%, while the use of red light illuminated print contrast to 72%.

表II表II显示了异类基于水的OVD墨水成分,该墨水成分可以吸收可见光并能在紫外光的激发下产生荧光发射。 Table II Table II shows the composition of OVD heterogeneous water-based ink, the ink composition may absorb visible light and can produce fluorescent emission under UV excitation. 该墨水的成分基本上包括蓝色着色剂、水溶性有机溶剂、散布在水中的荧光颜料。 The ink composition consisting essentially of the blue coloring agent, a water-soluble organic solvent, a fluorescent pigment dispersed in water. Lumikol消散剂可从联合Mineral&Chemical公司(Lynhurst,New Jersey,USA)和Nippon Keiko Kagaku(日本)发行商那里获得。 Lumikol agent may dissipate from the United Mineral & amp; Chemical Company (Lynhurst, New Jersey, USA) and Nippon Keiko Kagaku (Japan) publishers get there. Hostafine蓝色B2G(蓝色颜料)是由Clariant(Coventry,Rhode Island,USA)有限公司制造。 Hostafine blue B2G (blue pigment) is manufactured by Clariant (Coventry, Rhode Island, USA) Limited. 在表II中的异类墨水在白色的信封上产生荧光强度为37PMU的图像。 In Table II heterogeneous fluorescence intensity 37PMU ink image on a white envelope. 图像的光学密度为0.86,并且白光照明的PCR为64%,而红光照明的PCR为85%。 The optical density of the image was 0.86, and the white light illumination of PCR was 64%, while red lighting of PCR was 85%.

较佳的是,墨水吸收的可见光基本上是在390纳米和680纳米之间的波长范围内的,并且墨水成现出黑色、深灰色或深蓝色。 Preferably, the ink absorbing visible light in the wavelength range of substantially 390 nm and 680 nanometers, and the ink to exhibit black, dark gray, or dark blue. 图5是以波长为函数的反射图形。 Figure 5 is a function of wavelength for the reflection pattern. 在整个波长的范围内,白纸502的反射率是高的。 The whole range of wavelengths, the reflectance of white paper 502 is high. 直至550纳米处,红色邮资计量墨水504的反射率是低的,并且在大约600纳米处转变成高的反射。 Up to 550 nm, red postage metering ink reflectance 504 is low, and is converted to a high reflectivity at about 600 nm. 仅仅只对光谱的红色区域敏感的图像扫描仪在纸张502的反射率和红色墨水504的反射率之间只能显示出非常低的对比度。 Only the red region of the spectrum is only sensitive to the image scanner between the paper reflectance 502 and ink reflectance 504 red only shows a very low contrast. 表I所示的同类墨水成分可产生具有反射率506的图像,它吸收了基本上在390纳米和680纳米之间的推荐波长范围内的可见光。 Shown in Table I-grade ink composition can produce an image having reflectivity 506, which absorbs substantially in the visible wavelength range of the recommended 680 nm and 390 nm of the. 表II所显示的异类墨水成分产生具有反射率508的图像,它直至750纳米都对纸张显示出良好的对比度。 Heterogeneous ink composition shown in Table II to produce an image having a reflectance of 508, which are on the paper until 750 nanometers exhibit good contrast.

较佳的是,该墨水所产生的荧光发射峰值的波长大于580纳米,并且当采用紫外光激发时墨水呈现出红色或暗橙色。 Preferably, the fluorescence wavelength generated by the ink emission peak is greater than 580 nm, and when excitation by UV ink exhibits a red or dark orange. 图6是在紫外光照明下图像的荧光发射区域的图形。 Figure 6 is a graphical fluorescence emission region under UV illumination of the image. 白纸的荧光强度一般认为是低于500纳米。 White fluorescence intensity is generally considered to be less than 500 nanometers. 红色邮资计量墨水所具有的荧光强度604高峰值集中于580纳米。 604 peak fluorescence intensity value for the red ink has the postage metering centered on 580 nm. 同类OVD墨水的荧光强度608和异类OVD墨水的荧光强度606所具有的峰值集中于580纳米,具有邮件面对设备检测所需的足够强度。 The fluorescence intensity of the same ink having the OVD 608 and OVD heterogeneous fluorescence intensity peak centered on the ink 606 and 580 nanometers, having a mail face detection equipment required sufficient strength.

根据本发明的较佳实施例,确认的物件具有一个或多个安全标志,其中,安全标志是采用墨水打印的,只要该墨水能够吸收可见波长范围内的光以呈现出黑色并且能在紫外光激发下产生红色荧光发射。 According to the preferred embodiment of the object, the present invention has confirmed one or more security mark, wherein the security mark is printed using ink, as long as the ink is able to absorb light in the visible wavelength range to be able to exhibit black and UV a red fluorescence emission excitation. 应该注意的是,安全标志可以采用任何媒介来产生,只要该媒介能够吸收可见波长范围内的光以呈现出黑色并且在任何较短波长的激发下产生荧光发射。 It should be noted that the security flag may be generated by any medium, as long as the medium is capable of absorbing light in the visible wavelength range to exhibit black and fluorescence excitation at any wavelength shorter emission. 例如,该媒介可以是涂层。 For example, the medium may be a coating. 它可以是相似的墨水,例如,适用于偏色打印、人工添色、丝网印刷和苯胺印刷。 It may be similar to ink, for example, suitable for printing color cast, artificial add color, screen printing and flexographic printing. 媒介也可以是适用于使用热传递技术、电子摄影技术和喷墨打印的数字打印的媒介。 Medium may also be applied to the use of heat transfer media technology, digital electronic photography printing and inkjet printing.

因此,本发明并不限制与在紫外激发下产生红色的荧光发射。 Accordingly, the present invention is not limited and a red fluorescence under UV excitation emission. 本发明包括使用媒介,该媒介可以包括吸收基本在330纳米和800纳米之间的波长范围中的可见关,并且可以产生基本在400纳米和1100纳米之间的荧光发射。 The present invention includes the use of media, the media may comprise substantially absorbed in the wavelength range between 330 nm and 800 nm in the visible off, and may generate substantially 400 nm and fluorescence emission at 1100 nanometers.

尽管已经参照较佳实施例讨论了本发明,但是业内的熟练技术人士应该意识到:前述的以及上述各种形式和细节上的其它变化、省略和引申都没有不脱离本发明的精神和范围。 While preferred embodiments have been discussed with reference to the present invention, but the skilled person should be aware of the industry: the foregoing and other changes in form and the above-described various details are omitted and are not extended without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

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