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Publication numberCA2474980 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2474980
PCT numberPCT/US2003/000066
Publication date7 Aug 2003
Filing date2 Jan 2003
Priority date31 Jan 2002
Also published asCA2474858A1, CA2474858C, CA2474980C, CN1278757C, CN1280001C, CN1625428A, CN1625434A, DE60319810D1, DE60320542D1, DE60320542T2, EP1483028A2, EP1483028A4, EP1483028B1, EP1483039A1, EP1483039A4, EP1483039B1, US6835311, US6913154, US6953604, US6959820, US6998058, US7008537, US7011753, US7144533, US20030168401, US20030196963, US20030196964, US20030201231, US20030205529, US20030205530, US20030205531, US20030213750, WO2003063996A2, WO2003063996A3, WO2003064013A1
Publication numberCA 2474980, CA 2474980 A1, CA 2474980A1, CA-A1-2474980, CA2474980 A1, CA2474980A1, PCT/2003/66, PCT/US/2003/000066, PCT/US/2003/00066, PCT/US/3/000066, PCT/US/3/00066, PCT/US2003/000066, PCT/US2003/00066, PCT/US2003000066, PCT/US200300066, PCT/US3/000066, PCT/US3/00066, PCT/US3000066, PCT/US300066
InventorsEvan E. Koslow
ApplicantKoslow Technologies Corporation, Evan E. Koslow, Kx Industries, L.P., Kx Technologies Llc
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Precoat filtration media and methods of making and using
CA 2474980 A1
The invention is directed to a precoat or body feed composition comprising a microbiological interception enhanced filter aid. Preferably, the microbiological interception enhanced filter aid comprises fibrillated lyocell nanofibers having coated on at least a portion of a surface thereof, a microbiological interception enhancing agent. The microbiological interception enhanced agent comprises a cationic material in combination with a biologically active metal. At least about 4 log reduction in bacterial interception is achieved with the microbiological interception enhanced filter aid alone or in combination with a bulk, untreated filter aid. A precoat composition including the microbiological interception enhanced filter aid can be used for one-step cold sterilisation of beverages.
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International ClassificationC02F1/28, C02F1/00, C02F1/76, B01D39/20, B01D39/04, B01J20/26, B01J20/24, B01D39/06, B01D71/06, B01D39/16, F24F3/16, A01N25/26, C02F1/50, A61L2/00, C02F1/42, B01J20/32, C12H1/044, C12H1/056, B01J20/28, B01D39/18, A61L2/02, C02F1/44, A61L9/16, B01D29/15, B01D37/02
Cooperative ClassificationB01J20/3293, B01J20/3236, B01J20/3212, B01J20/3204, A61L9/16, B01J20/28014, Y10T428/249978, C02F1/505, C02F2307/04, C12H1/0408, B01J20/28007, Y10T428/249967, C02F1/004, C02F1/76, C02F1/003, C02F1/444, B01J2220/42, C02F2303/04, C02F1/001, B82Y30/00, A61L2/0017, Y10T428/249982, B01D2201/34, B01D37/02, A61L2/022, B01D39/18, C12H1/0424, C02F1/281, B01J20/28023, B01D39/1623, A61L2/0082, B01D29/15, B01D39/2017, C02F1/283, C02F1/42
European ClassificationB01J20/28B4D, B01J20/28D8, B01J20/28D, B01D29/15, C02F1/00D6, B01J20/32D4D, B82Y30/00, A61L9/16, B01D39/18, B01D39/20B4, C12H1/04B, B01D39/16B4, A61L2/02F, A61L2/00P4, A61L2/00P2A, C02F1/00D4, C12H1/04C4, B01D37/02, C02F1/44D, B01J20/32, C02F1/50B
Legal Events
29 Dec 2005EEERExamination request
14 Feb 2017MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20170103