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Publication numberCA2470906 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2470906
Publication date26 Jun 2005
Filing date15 Jun 2004
Priority date23 Apr 2002
Also published asCA2470906C, US6494056, US6584800, US7082784, US7997099, US8051674, US20030196448, US20070175237, US20080178630
Publication numberCA 2470906, CA 2470906 A1, CA 2470906A1, CA-A1-2470906, CA2470906 A1, CA2470906A1
InventorsDonna Roth, Henry Roth
ApplicantDonna Roth, Henry Roth, Cool Gear International, Llc
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Method and system for use with a consumable beverage
CA 2470906 A1
The present invention is directed to a system for use with a consumable beverage adapted to cool and/or heat consumable beverages. The system comprises a container, a lid, a collar that filters the consumable beverage, a thermal energy storing member and at least one liquid passageway between the inside of the container and the mouth. The thermal energy storage member is capable of heating or cooling the beverage. The system of the present invention is simple and easy to use.
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International ClassificationB65D77/30, B65D47/28, A47G19/22, B65D51/28, A47J41/00, F25D3/08, F25D31/00, B65D81/18, B65D77/24
Cooperative ClassificationF25D2331/803, A47G19/2266, F25D3/08, F25D31/007, A45F3/16, F25D2303/0822, A47G19/2288
European ClassificationF25D3/08, A47G19/22Q, A47G19/22B12, A45F3/16
Legal Events
21 Jan 2005EEERExamination request