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Publication numberCA2448808 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2448808
PCT numberPCT/US2002/008503
Publication date3 Oct 2002
Filing date21 Mar 2002
Priority date21 Mar 2001
Also published asCA2448808C, DE60228058D1, EP1370321A1, EP1370321B1, US6623444, US6723064, US20020138036, US20030229304, WO2002076547A1
Publication numberCA 2448808, CA 2448808 A1, CA 2448808A1, CA-A1-2448808, CA2448808 A1, CA2448808A1, PCT/2002/8503, PCT/US/2/008503, PCT/US/2/08503, PCT/US/2002/008503, PCT/US/2002/08503, PCT/US2/008503, PCT/US2/08503, PCT/US2002/008503, PCT/US2002/08503, PCT/US2002008503, PCT/US200208503, PCT/US2008503, PCT/US208503
InventorsEilaz Babaev
ApplicantAdvanced Medical Applications, Inc., Eilaz Babaev, Celleration, Inc., Alliqua Biomedical, Inc.
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Ultrasonic catheter drug delivery method and device
CA 2448808 A1
An ultrasonic catheter drug delivery device comprises an ultrasound transducer to produce ultrasonic waves, which transducer is mechanically attached to a catheter body or chamber. The ultrasonic transducer has a distal tip with a distal radiation surface, and when a therapeutic agent from a fluid source is directed to the catheter body or chamber, the radiation surface creates ultrasonic pressure and delivers liquid and simultaneously ultrasonic energy to a patient's vascularity or a selected body lumen. The method applies therapeutic agent and ultrasonic waves to the vascular area, lung or any body lumen without requiring direct contact between ultrasound transducer and body, dissolves blood clots, and stimulates tissue cells.
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International ClassificationA61M25/00, A61M31/00, A61B17/22, A61M37/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2017/2253, A61M37/0092, A61B2017/22015, A61B2017/22084, A61B2017/22014, A61B17/22, A61B17/32037
European ClassificationA61B17/22, A61M37/00U
Legal Events
22 Sep 2003EEERExamination request