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Publication numberCA2332982 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2332982
PCT numberPCT/IB1999/000997
Publication date16 Dec 1999
Filing date1 Jun 1999
Priority date9 Jun 1998
Also published asCA2332982C, CA2333714A1, CN1305389A, DE69929190D1, DE69929190T2, EP0963760A1, EP1085911A1, EP1085911B1, EP1144017A2, EP1144017A3, US6534561, WO1999064077A1, WO1999064078A2, WO1999064078A3
Publication numberCA 2332982, CA 2332982 A1, CA 2332982A1, CA-A1-2332982, CA2332982 A1, CA2332982A1, PCT/1999/997, PCT/IB/1999/000997, PCT/IB/1999/00997, PCT/IB/99/000997, PCT/IB/99/00997, PCT/IB1999/000997, PCT/IB1999/00997, PCT/IB1999000997, PCT/IB199900997, PCT/IB99/000997, PCT/IB99/00997, PCT/IB99000997, PCT/IB9900997
InventorsItalo Corzani, Gianfranco Palumbo
ApplicantThe Procter & Gamble Company, Italo Corzani, Gianfranco Palumbo
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Low viscosity thermoplastic compositions for moisture vapour permeable structures and the utilisation thereof in absorbent articles
CA 2332982 A1
The present invention relates to thermoplastic compositions for making a liquid impermeable moisture vapour permeable layer by coating the composition onto a substrate. The thermoplastic compositions comprise preferred thermoplastic polymers and suitable plasticisers to adjust the viscosity of the composition at the process conditions. The layers made from the thermoplastic compositions of the present invention can find a variety of applications wherein moisture vapour permeability is desirable, such as within absorbent articles for example diapers, sanitary napkins, panty liners and incontinence products, and also protective bedding covers, protective clothing and the like.
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International ClassificationC08K5/134, C08K5/00, A41D31/00, A61L15/42, A61L15/26, A61F6/14, A41D1/00, A61B19/04, A61F6/04, A41D19/00, A61L15/22, C08L101/00, C08J5/00, A61F13/10, C08K5/11, A61L15/24, A61L15/00
Cooperative ClassificationC08K5/11, A61L15/225, C08K5/1345, A61L15/26, A61L15/24, A61L15/42
European ClassificationC08K5/134B, C08K5/11, A61L15/22M, A61L15/24, A61L15/42, A61L15/26
Legal Events
22 Nov 2000EEERExamination request
15 Jul 2014MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20140603