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Publication numberCA2320016 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2320016
Publication date7 Feb 2002
Filing date18 Sep 2000
Priority date7 Aug 2000
Also published asCA2320016C, US6450564, US6578902, US20020180238
Publication numberCA 2320016, CA 2320016 A1, CA 2320016A1, CA-A1-2320016, CA2320016 A1, CA2320016A1
InventorsGerald Allen Sill
ApplicantStoughton Trailers, Inc., Gerald Allen Sill
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Wall joint configuration
CA 2320016 A1
The wall joint of the present invention is configured to reduce or eliminate protrusions into the interior of the trailer or container, but does not require coining or stamping of the edges of consecutive sidewall panels. According to some embodiments of the present invention, the wall joint includes two consecutive sidewall panels, each bent to form a main plateau, a spliced plateau and a jogged portion serving as a transition therebetween, with the thickness of the sidewall panel most preferably remaining substantially constant throughout. When two consecutive sidewall panels are positioned next to each other, the spliced plateaus of the two consecutive sidewall panels abut each other and lie in a first plane, while the main plateaus of the two panels preferably lie in another parallel plane. Thus, a region recessed from the main plateaus and surrounding the seam between the two panels is created.
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International ClassificationB62D33/04, B62D27/02, B62D29/04, B62D25/02
Cooperative ClassificationB62D29/045, B62D33/046, B62D25/02, B62D27/02
European ClassificationB62D29/04B1, B62D25/02, B62D27/02, B62D33/04D
Legal Events
15 Aug 2005EEERExamination request