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Publication numberCA2319884 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2319884
Publication date23 Dec 1993
Filing date15 Jun 1993
Priority date15 Jun 1992
Also published asCA2136967A1, CA2136967C, CA2319865A1, CA2319865C, CA2319870A1, CA2319870C, CA2319881A1, CA2319881C, CA2319884C, DE69326241D1, DE69326241T2, DE69326241T3, DE69333862D1, DE69333862T2, DE69334123D1, DE69334123T2, DE69334200D1, DE69334200T2, EP0645976A1, EP0645976A4, EP0645976B1, EP0645976B2, EP0856269A2, EP0856269A3, EP0856269B1, EP0856270A2, EP0856270A3, EP0857443A2, EP0857443A3, EP0857443B1, EP0857444A2, EP0857444A3, EP0885575A2, EP0885575A3, EP1486142A1, EP1491117A1, EP1491117B1, US5765804, US5772282, US6035901, US6059368, US6125521, US6386634, US6588842, US6702390, US6722741, US6726286, US6733080, US6966604, US7594700, US20010028188, US20010030453, US20030020310, US20030034680, US20030034681, US20030034682, US20040155503, US20060071523, WO1993025121A1
Publication numberCA 2319884, CA 2319884 A1, CA 2319884A1, CA-A1-2319884, CA2319884 A1, CA2319884A1
InventorsWilliam E. Stumpf, Rodney C. Schoenfelder, Donald Chadwick, George A. Miles
ApplicantHerman Miller, Inc., William E. Stumpf, Rodney C. Schoenfelder, Donald Chadwick, George A. Miles, Coffield, Timothy P., Keller, Carolyn, Sayers, Randy J., Crossman, Philip, Cammenga, Eric
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Pneumatic support column for a chair
CA 2319884 A1
A tiltable chair including a base member (44), a seat (32), a back (34), and a linkage assembly (40) adapted to allow the seat and back to tilt downwardly and rearwardly and to allow pivotal movement of the seat about a pivot axis (52) in substantial alignment with the hip joints of a user. Other aspects of the invention are to provide a vertically adjustable column (42) for supporting the seat of the chair, a support assembly including a frame member (33) having a central opening therethrough and a receptacle formed around the perimeter thereof, a carrier member adapted to fit inside the receptacle, and a membrane of elastic material (210) covering the central opening, and a pair of armrests (36) adapted to be mounted to the chair to allow pivotal movement thereof.
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Referenced by
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Legal Events
3 Oct 2000EEERExamination request
29 Jul 2013MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20130617
9 Oct 2013MKECExpiry (correction)
Effective date: 20131009