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Publication numberCA2283809 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2283809
PCT numberPCT/EP1998/001418
Publication date8 Oct 1998
Filing date10 Mar 1998
Priority date27 Mar 1997
Also published asCA2283809C, DE69809570D1, DE69809570T2, US6182865
Publication numberCA 2283809, CA 2283809 A1, CA 2283809A1, CA-A1-2283809, CA2283809 A1, CA2283809A1, PCT/1998/1418, PCT/EP/1998/001418, PCT/EP/1998/01418, PCT/EP/98/001418, PCT/EP/98/01418, PCT/EP1998/001418, PCT/EP1998/01418, PCT/EP1998001418, PCT/EP199801418, PCT/EP98/001418, PCT/EP98/01418, PCT/EP98001418, PCT/EP9801418
InventorsGerrit Klaas Bunschoten, Norman Jason Pritchard, Fredi Widmer
ApplicantUnilever Plc, Gerrit Klaas Bunschoten, Norman Jason Pritchard, Fredi Widmer, Unilever Nv, Johnsondiversey, Inc., Diversey, Inc.
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Device for storing a liquid, particularly a dilutable concentrate, co-operable with a spray dispenser
CA 2283809 A1
The invention relates to a device for storing a liquid, particularly a dilutable concentrate such as a detergent concentrate or the like, said device being co-operable with a spray dispenser bottle (2) and a spray dispenser head which together form a spray dispenser, the device comprising: a top wall (12) and a bottom wall (24), said top wall (12) and bottom wall (24) being separated by one or more side walls, the top and bottom wall (12, 24) each having an opening continuous with a channel (20) running through the device from the top wall opening (14) to the bottom wall opening (22), whereby the top, bottom and sidewalls together with the channel (20), define at least one reservoir area of the device wherein liquid (32) is storable, said device further comprising exit creating means for creating an exit (42) in said device by relative displacement of parts thereof, whereby liquid is releasable from the reservoir area.
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International ClassificationB65D83/14, B05B11/00, B65D83/44, B65D81/32
Cooperative ClassificationB05B11/0078, B05B11/3057
European ClassificationB05B11/00B11
Legal Events
18 Feb 2003EEERExamination request