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Publication numberCA2259406 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2259406
PCT numberPCT/US1997/010997
Publication date15 Jan 1998
Filing date24 Jun 1997
Priority date9 Jul 1996
Also published asCA2259406C, CN1148579C, CN1255197A, EP0920624A1, EP0920624A4, US5965452, US6258606, US6682936, US6867048, US7045097, US7101717, US7150997, US7601301, US20020029971, US20020127733, US20020131899, US20040149582, US20050155863, US20070095671, WO1998001758A1
Publication numberCA 2259406, CA 2259406 A1, CA 2259406A1, CA-A1-2259406, CA2259406 A1, CA2259406A1, PCT/1997/10997, PCT/US/1997/010997, PCT/US/1997/10997, PCT/US/97/010997, PCT/US/97/10997, PCT/US1997/010997, PCT/US1997/10997, PCT/US1997010997, PCT/US199710997, PCT/US97/010997, PCT/US97/10997, PCT/US97010997, PCT/US9710997
InventorsGregory T.A. Kovacs
ApplicantGregory T.A. Kovacs, Nanogen, Inc.
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Multiplexed active biologic array
CA 2259406 A1
An improved biologic electrode array (12) and methods for using the same. Each electrode (30) in the array (12) is coupled to a respective sample-and-hold circuit (26). The electrodes (30) and sample-and-hold circuits (26) are integral and form an array (12) within a single semiconductor chip, such that each sample-and-hold circuit (26) may be loaded (37) with a predefined voltage provided by a single, time-shared digital-to-analog converter (DAC) (22). All of the sample-and-hold circuits (26) may be accessed through a multiplexer which may scan through some or all of the electrode locations (30). Each sample-and-hold circuit (26) may comprise a capacitor (32) and one or more transistor switches (34, 36), the switches (34, 36), when closed providing electrical communication between the capacitor (32) and a source line (37) formed in the matrix (12).
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Legal Events
30 Apr 1999EEERExamination request
26 Jun 2007MKLALapsed