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Publication numberCA2251816 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2251816
PCT numberPCT/US1997/006816
Publication date23 Oct 1997
Filing date18 Apr 1997
Priority date18 Apr 1996
Also published asCA2251816C, EP0912627A1, EP0912627A4, US5773025, US6048548, US6245356, US6709677, US20010046516, US20040241233, WO1997039050A1
Publication numberCA 2251816, CA 2251816 A1, CA 2251816A1, CA-A1-2251816, CA2251816 A1, CA2251816A1, PCT/1997/6816, PCT/US/1997/006816, PCT/US/1997/06816, PCT/US/97/006816, PCT/US/97/06816, PCT/US1997/006816, PCT/US1997/06816, PCT/US1997006816, PCT/US199706816, PCT/US97/006816, PCT/US97/06816, PCT/US97006816, PCT/US9706816
InventorsAnand R. Baichwal
ApplicantEdward Mendell Co., Inc., Anand R. Baichwal, Penwest Pharmaceutical Co.
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Sustained release heterodisperse hydrogel systems - amorphous drugs
CA 2251816 A1
Sustained release oral solid dosage forms comprising agglomerated particles of a therapeutically active medicament in amorphous form, a gelling agent, an ionizable gel strength enhancing agent and an inert diluent, as well as processes for preparing and using the same are disclosed. The sustained release oral solid dosage forms are useful in the treatment of hypertension in human patients.
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International ClassificationA61K9/30, A61K9/28, A61K47/36, A61K9/26, A61K9/22, A61K47/42, C08J3/20, A61K9/20, C08J3/075
Cooperative ClassificationA61K9/205, A61K9/2009, A61K9/2054, A61K9/2018, C08J3/075, A61K9/2866
European ClassificationA61K9/28H6F2, A61K9/20H4B, A61K9/20H6F, A61K9/20H6F2, C08J3/075, A61K9/20H2
Legal Events
13 Oct 1998EEERExamination request
1 Jun 2015MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20150420